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tv   9 News Now at 5pm  CBS  February 6, 2012 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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carried when he shared the uva lacrosse field with love. love's mother softly cried as she watched. the entire love family is wearing pink scarfs in her memory. it took four hours for attorneys just to ask three jurors if they had heard about the case and had made up their minds. it has been nearly two years since a roommate found love in her off campus apartment clad only in her panties face down on her pillow in a pool of blood. george huguely, v, scion of a wealthy old chevy chase family later admitted to detectives that morning that he had kicked down his ex-girl friend's door and beat her head against the wall until blood flowed from her nose, but huguely's high powered charlottesville lawyers insist it was an accident with a tragic outcome. their medical expert has hinted that love died not in the attack, but from a seizure
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brought on by a fatal combination of adderall and alcohol. the horrible bruising on her body, that they've suggested was caused by paramedics trying to resuscitate her. the judge was hoping to seat a jury today by the end of tomorrow here at this courthouse, but at the pace things are going today that seems terribly optimistic. lesli? >> hey, bruce, all the talk around here has been the people who allegedly knew about huguely's sort of drunken outbursts of before and even some alleged threats toward love. has anything come of that? >> reporter: well, a couple things really have come of that. uva has begun this kind of intensive training program for students, for faculty and staff where they are supposed to recognize and figure out how to react when they suspect somebody else is being abused or suffering from alcohol or
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from mental illness and virginia, the commonwealth, has actually responded by expanding laws, so it is easier now for people who are in an abusive relationship but not living together, easier for them to get restraining orders, so there are a couple of good things that perhaps came out of this tragedy. >> we'll be seeing more of you for sure. did you know it's a crime in virginia if your child is repeatedly late to school? a loudon county mother faces that possibility and another couple could face a hefty fine after a judge today ordered them to stand trial for their children's chronic tardiness. peggy fox joins us live from leesburg to explain. peggy? >> reporter: well, a few weeks ago a sheriff's deputy knocked on the door of mark and amy denicorr in waterford, handed them a summons to appear in court for a class 3 misdemeanor. this morning they were here answering that charge, all because their children have been late to school.
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>> every parent knows how tough it can be to get their children to school on time, but should they be summoned to court when kids are tardy? >> the issue that we have is making it criminal. >> reporter: mark and his wife were both charged with a class 3 misdemeanor for their children's excessive tardiness at loudoun county's waterford elementary school. the parents could face a $3,000 fine. >> i don't think it's appropriate for the county to basically make up laws and then try to enforce them in order to intimidate or bully parents into compliance. >> when the bell rings, people are in their desks ready to work. so if you're coming in at the bell, you're disrupting the day that's already begun. >> reporter: club school spokesman wade baird says tardiness sun fair to other students and they first -- is unfair to other students and they first try to work with the parents. >> the last thing we want to do is punish children.
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we want to work out with the parent how can we alleviate this problem because obviously if you're late 30 times in half a year, that's a problem. >> reporter: the denicorr children have been tardy 30 times so far this year. last year one was tardy 68 times and ab 7015, but mark, a lawyer -- absent 15, but mark, a lawyer, says the statute doesn't apply to them for tardiness. >> the statute is for truancy and kids skipping out of school without their parents' knowledge and that's not our situation. we're trying to get them to school. they're in our car. >> reporter: now they've got a trial coming up next month. i'm peggy fox, back to you from leesburg. prince george's county police announced the third and perhaps most important arrest today connected to the murder of an alexandria activist. the suspect identified as 26- year-old tyrone lewis and police say he is the man who
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was photographed using lenny harris' atm card just hours after harris disappeared last year. the suspect was already behind bars in virginia on an unrelated car theft charge. police say robbery was the motive for harris' murder and lewis was the mastermind behind the plot. >> so i'm announcing today a warrant that has been obtained for the arrest of tyrone lewis. while this investigation continues all the men responsible for the kidnapping, robbery and murder of lenny harris are now in custody. >> the announcement of this third arrest comes on the same day as harris' funeral. police are still looking for the person who made at nonmusical that led them to harris' body -- the anonymous call that led them to harris' body in the well. a medical examer in washington state will perform autopsies on josh powell and his two sons. they died yesterday in a house explosion police say was not an
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accident. paul was a person of interest in the disappear -- powell was a person interest of in the disappearance of his way. >> reporter: cell phone video shows flames raging through a home after it blew up in graham, washington. inside police found the husband and miss two sons of a missing utah woman. police say powell may have used accelerant to start the flames. >> the action of josh and how fast this fire has burnt, we believe it was intentional. >> reporter: the home exploded moments after the two boys were brought for a supervised visit with their father. powell is a person of interest in the 2009 disappearance of his wife susan from their utah home. the children lived with susan's parents who say the boys didn't want to visit their father sunday. >> they seemed to be losing interest in going to see him. >> reporter: a judge denied josh powell custody of his sons on wednesday. powell sent his lawyer an e- mail before the explosion saying, "i'm sorry.
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good-bye." >> it's just senseless, just senseless, you know, slaughter two innocent children. >> reporter: an attorney for the grandparents says the children were starting to remember what happened the night their mother vanished. >> they had gone camping. their mother had been in the trunk and that later their mom and dad walked out into the desert and mommy got lost. >> reporter: fire investigators will sift through the charred rubble of the home to try to piece together what caused the fire and the final moments of the young boys' lives. >> the washington department of social and health services says the social worker who dropped those boys off is suffering from emotional trauma after the horrific event. now that u.s. park police are enforcing the no sleeping rules it is a much different scene at the occupy d.c. camp sights. this what is mcpherson square looked like -- campsites. this is what mcpherson square looked like saturday morning
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when officers began confiscating sleeping and bedding gear from the priers. this morning -- protestors. this is what it looked like this morning. this morning there were only two people manning an information tent in mcpherson square and about a half a dozen were walking around the freedom plaza encampment. the demonstrators we spoke with say this weekend's police action hasn't deterred them. >> ever since i got back from miami five days ago i've been awake doing our 24 hour vigil and i plan on continuing to do that until the police decide that we can continue doing what we're doing and sleep. >> 11 protestors were arrested during saturday's morning raid in mcpherson square. one of those arrested is accused of hitting an officer in the face with a brick. the trial is now underway for a political operative accused of trying to suppress the black vote during maryland's 2010 gubernatorial election. julius hanson was campaign
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consultant for the former republican governor robert ehrlich. the robo calls told that martin o'malley supporters could relax before the polls were closed because he'd already won. henson said he did not believe those calls were illegal at the time and were not meant to suppress the vote. another ehrlich supporter has been found guilty in a related case. >> if you like today's weather, you'll really like tomorrow. topper, it's still feeling more like march than february. >> the winter without a winter and you know what today is, of course, the snowmageddon anniversary of 2010, our no. 1 snow on record at dulles where over 30 inches fell. well, not today. it's clear. let's start with temperatures because it's still 50 downtown and in gaithersburg and frederick and leesburg and manassas, 50 in hagerstown and cumberland. have to jump the divide to get temperatures in the 30s at oakland. satellite picture radar combined, generally clear skies, a few high clouds to the south. they'll stay south of us tonight and work their way up into central sections of west
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virginia, but that's about it. for tonight wow, clear and not as cold, a full snow moon. they call it that because statistically this is when you have the deepest snowpack. we have grass pack now. lows 28 to 38, winds becoming northwesterly at 10. we'll come back and talk about a milder tuesday and also a turn to winter on wednesday. coming up republican presidential candidates turn their attention to tomorrow's races in colorado and minnesota. we'll have the latest from the campaign trail. also ahead see why a consumer group says this popular baby stroller could pose a potential safety risk, more on that. >> reporter: i'm scott broom at the university of maryland with a bagful of stink bugs. when i come back, i've got some good news and some not so good news about them. [ male announcer ] this was how my day began.
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republicans who want to be president are turning their attention to tomorrow's caucuses. newt gingrich continues to take aim at mitt romney. the former house speaker needs a strong showing in colorado and minnesota. romney continues to fire at president obama insisting he can handle the economy better than the president is doing now.
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>> i'm afraid based upon the president's own standard he has failed. he does not deserve a second term. >> he's not a bad person, but he's also not a person that goes in there with force and will and fundamentally changes things. >> romney won 50% of this weekend's vote in nevada and 14 more delegates. today a prominent tea party leader says gingrich's campaign is sinking fast and he needs to shake up his staff before it's too late. bishop eddie long is apologizing to the anti defamation league over an incident where he was wrapped in a torah scroll and crowned king. video of the ceremony at the new baptist church in atlanta went viral. bishop long says the ceremony was not his suggestion and he did not intend to participate in any ritual that is offensive to the jewish community. he also denounced any action that depicted him as a king. the anti-defamation league says it is grateful for the apology. a warning tonight if you
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drive through bowie, some new speed cameras are now in place near benjamin tasker middle school located on ken hill drive near the intersection of fair lane and drivers who go more than 12 miles over the speed limit will get a ticket. the national park service is banding together with some healthcare providers to get people up and moving. the agency is spending $85,000 to launch the d.c. park prescription program. this calls for restoring or improving trails and also promoting healthy lifestyles. the project involves the c & o canal, historical park and other national parks in the district and the suburbs. ocean city leaders say it's too noisy around the boardwalk. the town council was expected to vote tonight for a noise reduction measure. one of particular concern was one that the mayor calls unreasonably lloyd or vulgar music blasting from store fronts. the measure wean sure those sounds are directed away from the -- would make sure those sounds are directed away from
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the beaches and boardwalk. initially you'll get tacket and you could get arrested if you -- a ticket and you could get arrested if you do it too many times. >> the weather makes us think about beach weather. >> just a few years ago literally it was this high. >> keep living in the past. >> that's all i got. what can i say? we have a full moon tonight called the full snow moon because the snow is supposed to be deep. just a gorgeous shot last night, a little color from the sun and it was crystal clear, a gorgeous night. i think we'll see another nice night tonight. good news is not quite as chilly tonight. go out and check out the snow moon. don't need boots. just walk on your grass. that's it. let's talk about a little closer to earth, live shot. this is our weather cam brought to you by michael and son, live shot of white house, very pleasant. winds are not much of a factor. the 50 degrees feels pretty nice, clear skies, winds south, southwest at 9, dew point 29,
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air mass not as dry as yesterday, so consequently not quite as cold tonight. 49 in bethesda, 49 arlington, some areas slipping under 50, 51 in rockville, gaithersburg and leesburg, 52 college park, 50 beltsville and 49 down toward andrews. here's the deal, milder, then cooling down. we'll have a generally downward trend after tomorrow in terms of temperatures, not as cold tonight, sunny for the morning commute, grab the sunglasses and milder tomorrow in the mid- 50s. we had 52 today and maybe 54 tomorrow. clear skies, not as cold, a full snow moon, lows 28 to 38. we had a heavy frost this morning, not quite as heavy tomorrow morning, might want to allow a little time to scrape the windshield. mostly sunny, breezy and chilly in the morning, 30s and 40s, winds northwest at 10 to 15. by afternoon a great day, mostly sunny and pleasant, highs near 55 and winds light out of the northwest at about 5 to 10. so let's go ahead and break it
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down. early 28 to 38, clear skies, 46 to 51 with sunshine at noon, really gorgeous and by evening sunshine, 52 to 56 with all light winds. the next three days we're looking at temps going down a bit. on wednesday chilly. we've got light rain or snow coming our way, temps in the low to mid-40s. for the skiers it will lay down a couple inches west of the divide. for us, we'll watch it but the surface temperatures much like over the weekend were above freezing, not a big deal on the roads. chilly on thursday with temperatures in the mid-40s. next seven days after we get through thursday we're kind of stuck on 46 or so friday. then we go into the weekend, another system heading our way, low 40s on saturday, some clouds coming in saturday night, could see a snow shower or flurry late saturday night early sunday and temps again kind of go down slowly, nothing crazy. we'll fall into the 30s for highs sunday and also monday of next week, but no big storms,
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no storms coming out of the gulf of mexico or reforming off the north carolina coast. still kind of a snooze fest. there you have it. >> snooze fest is okay. >> we're riding it. still ahead great britain celebrates the 60, yes, 60 year reign of queen elizabeth. up next a designer known for his sleek timeless dresses debuts a new fashion live for target.
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fashionistas across country swarmed target stores to swoop up items by clothing designer jason wu, the limited edition line created specially for the big box retailer includes pieces priced from 20 to $60 most of the items, a good number of them on target's website, were sold out early yesterday morning. >> part of what makes this kind of a collaboration safe for a designer is that they are operating on the scarcity principle. if the collaboration doesn't sell out, if nobody likes the merchandise, if there's too much merchandise left on the shelves, then it doesn't look special. >> here's the other thing that makes it so special. wu's items regularly start ad
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$3,000. the 29-year-old designer gained global notoriety for first lady michelle obama's 2009 inaugural gown. the bumble ride stroller claims it gives your child the ride of its life, but a recent test by a consumer group revealed certain models of this popular baby buggy carry a potential safety risk and it could pose a harm to infants and toddlers. jeannie dean does not know what she would do without her double stroller. >> it allows me to leave the house every day. it can carry more than i ever, could so both kids, groceries, diaper bags, everything. nothing else can do that. >> reporter: consumer reports tested 12 double strollers to see how they handle real life challenges and whether they meet voluntary safety standards. the $700 bumble ride indy twin stroller can be used with an infant seat. when children sit in it, you're supposed to raise this bumper bar. in the upper position the stroller passed an important safety test. a ball which has the same
5:23 pm
dimensions as a child's head slides easily under the bar, as it should, but when the bar is in the lower position, a child's head can get trapped. >> our fear is that hurried parents may not raise the bar and if their child isn't strapped in, the youngster could slide under the bar, but their head could get stuck. in fact, at least 10 infants have strangled this way in other strollers over the years of. >> reporter: the instruction manual warns about the bar's positioning and that the child could slide forward and strangle, but consumer experts are afraid parents won't necessarily read the instructions and miss the small warning tag on a cover for the bar. there are no reports of deaths or injuries associated with the stroller, but consumer reports is rating the bumble ride twin a safety risk because of the potential danger. none of the other strollers tested had serious safety issues. some proved tough to maneuver like this safety first two-way tandem stroller.
5:24 pm
this $20,065 mclaren twin triumph -- $265 mclaren twin triumph stroller was far easier to maneuver. >> the bumble ride single stroller has the same problem as the bumble ride double stroller. the maker of all the strollers has recalled about 28 throughout single and double strollers for a problem with the front wheels. bumble ride believes it has removed all the affected models where the kid could potentially strangle from the market. they are also now removing the bar from all new strollers. so if you order avon wheel retrofit kit, you want to be careful to position the bar correctly. coming up the u.s. puts more pressure on syria's president to step down. plus the white house threatens to withhold aid from egypt after that country charges a dozen americans with funding violent protesting.
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>> reporter: britain begins celebration for 60 years of queen elizabeth on the throne. up next we'll meet a young maryland man minutes before he goes into surgery for injuries he suffered in a drunk driving crash. we'll be right back.
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tonight 9 wants you to know dillon's story, a maryland man grateful for his second chance at life after getting drunk and then getting behind the wheel. tonight at 11:00 andrea
5:28 pm
mccarren takes us to the university of maryland shock trauma center in baltimore where she met a young man named dillon lewis minutes before he was going into the o.r. andrea. >> it's just so hard to imagine that whole interaction. >> it was amazing and i have to say it's been one of my favorite interviews ever and you said his name is dillon. he admits he was driving drunk and ail remembers is waking up outside his -- all he remembers is waking up outside his mangled truck shaking, bleeding and thinking his short life was about to end. >> i wanted to fight and i wanted to live and i want to stay here and i did that. >> reporter: driving drunk on a cold january night dillon lost control of his truck. he hit a telephone pole and flipped over. >> for some people they don't get this lucky. they don't get this second chance that i got. they don't get to wake up after their drunken car accident. >> reporter: we met the 21- year-old at university of
5:29 pm
maryland shock trauma in baltimore hours after he was brought in by ambulance, minutes before he went into surgery. i have to say what i really appreciate about dillon and his talking to us is that he's young and although he's 21, the legal drinking age, i really believe that his message and his candor will help get through to some of the teenagers that have been watching our reports. >> hopefully even more than hearing it from adults, hearing it from someone much closer to their age. >> we continue to get an overwhelming response, calls, e- mails, tips through our facebook page as well as our website and i want all the teenages are out there to know we are listening to your suggestions and all of your story ideas and after dillon's story tonight we will host a live web chat at 11:00. as parents we know that's kind of late for kids to be up, but if you are not up and have questions for him, please forward them and we will get them to dillon and answer them
5:30 pm
for you tomorrow. >> so we have dillon's story tonight at 11:00 and a live web chat where he'll be answering kids' questions. >> right after and if he gets a big response, he'll be back tomorrow at 5:00. >> thank you. back to you in the studio. a federal judge has just ruled jared loughner must spend four more months in a psychiatric hospital. loughner is the accused gunman in the arizona shooting that killed six pool and wounded several others including -- people and wounded several others including former congresswoman gabrielle giffords. loughner is being forcibly medicated in a bid to make him competent to stand trial. saying it has become too dangerous the white house closed the embassy in damascus and recalled all its diplomats from syria today, the most dramatic move by the united states so far as it protests the violent crackdown on dissent by the regime of president bashar assad. more than 5,400 people have been killed there since the uprising began 11 months ago.
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a high stakes diplomatic confrontation tonight between egypt and the united states this, after egyptian authorities said they will prosecute 19 americans including the son of transportation secretary ray lahood. sam lahood heads the egypt office for the international republican institute and he is among 43 people accused in an investigation of the funding of pro democracy groups. >> these americans have done absolutely nothing wrong. they do what american and international and geo workers do in various parts of the world, which is to support democratic development and civil society. >> the united states is now warning the billion 1/2 dollars in aid earmarked for egypt could be withheld if this investigation isn't resolved quickly. tributes are pouring in across britain as queen elizabeth, ii marks 60 years on the throne. tina crouse reports from london. >> reporter: crowds cheered for queen elizabeth on the 60th anniversary of her reign.
5:32 pm
well wishers gave flowers and gifts and shared a brief personal moment with her majesty. the anniversary of the queen's succession is usually remembered privately since it's the day her father, king george, vi, died, but this year the queen seemed delighted to mark the milestone publicly. she visited schoolchildren and in one class they even set up a royal laundry operation for the queen. students performed a show about the monarch's six decades on the throne. the royal calvary put on a much bigger show with a 41, then a 62 gun salute. we're still four months away from the more lavish celebrations to mark the queen's diamond jubilee. parades, pageants and a concert at the palace are planned for june when the weather will be warmer. queen elizabeth was 25 years
5:33 pm
old when she became queen. she is britain's second longer serving monarch behind queen victoria who sat on the throne for 63 years. queen elizabeth called this a special year and vowed to continue serving the british people for years to come. tina crouse, cbs news, london. >> to put this in perspective queen elizabeth's reign has spanned 12 american presidents, and six poems. >> we've got a good news/-- six popes. we've got a good news/bad news story regarding stink bugs. they're out of asia ya and nothing here can or -- asia and nothing here can or wishes to eat them. that's part of the big problem we have. scott broom now with what scientists are thinking will happen this year, in part because of the nice weather we've had. >> right. how many are we going to have. remember the hurricane last fall? might have wiped out the stink
5:34 pm
bugs they thought, but a warm winter is back and look what the university of maryland gave me today, stink bugs already out and about. >> no! >> yes. >> unfortunately my house has become an experiment. >> reporter: nobody wants to see stink bugs back less than doug inkle of rockville. >> they're still alive. >> reporter: or polly lowe of urban. both have been plagued in seasons past by overwhelming numbers of stink bugs. >> stink bug patee. >> yum. >> reporter: it was so bad last year bruce leshan found a guy with a stink bug recipe. >> this whole idea of eating bugs might be gross to us, but people all over the world eat infects and other creepy crawlies of. >> reporter: so bad that topper -- crawlies of. >> reporter: so bad that topper shutt actually got talked into eating a bug burrito. >> oh, he took the bite and -- [ laughter ]
5:35 pm
>> reporter: and now the bad news, the bugs are out early according to university of maryland entomologist mike routt. >> when we have very mild winters or above average temperatures, these guys will become active much defector. so what we're expecting and what i'm see -- more quicker. so what we're expecting and what i'm seeing at my house is we'll have many more. >> reporter: the bugs appeared to have been badly beaten out by tropical storm lee last september. some scientists speculated that may mean less bugs in 2012 perhaps. others speculating the warm winter is giving them a head start towards an epic comeback. >> if our winter stays warm, i think what we're going to see is stink bugs earlier and perhaps larger numbers than we've seen let's say in 2011. >> reporter: live now with the bugs mic gave me. he recovered these in the last few -- mike gave me.
5:36 pm
he recovered these in the last few days. mike is a scientist. he knows the bugs are new to north america, it's an invasive species and that the climate is changing. he knows he can't predict exactly what's going to happen. we're just going to have to wait and see how many come out. >> never thought i'd be wishing for a tropical storm. back to you in the studio. coming up the unique saving device being credited for helping to spare the life of a snowboarder caught in an avalanche. don't forget these super bowl ads are what everyone is talking about. we'll show you which ones are most popular and why some are consider toad sexy. i'm annie -- considered too sexy. i'm anny hong with that story. >> don't forget we're always on stay with us. we'll be right back. [ female announcer ] there's surprising news about whole grain
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caught on tape a pawn shop burglary that puts more dangerous guns on the street. look at this surveillance video which show says two men wearing hoodies and facemasks smashing gun cases in colorado springs. nine weapons were stolen. it's believed the same burglars broke in the same shop and stole guns last may. in colorado a mother's gift may have saved the life of her
5:40 pm
snowboarding daughter. >> mis heightner was suddenly caught in an avalanche with the ground literally movinged unher feet. they deployed an -- moving under her feet. she deployed an air bag which allowed her to cascade down the mountain. >> it was really unsettling to see the ground ripple. it was like the earth was breathing. there's nothing you can do in that situation. once an avalanche has you, you're not going anywhere. >> nowhere but down. the safety devices cost about 800 bucks and as you can imagine, most snowboarders don't use them. heightner says she didn't either until the day of that avalanche, wow. >> glad she's got that for sure. >> her mom gave it to her. and police get the runaround from an elusive goat in australia. officers spent hours chasing the avenue in the suburbs of melbourne today. the goat nicknamed hoody any darted in and out of traffic and -- hoodini darted in and
5:41 pm
out of traffic and really frustrated folks. police finally caught it. they think it was the same goat spotted near the airport last week. still to come we'll break down the way the super bowl ended. that's coming up. but first a health alert about smoking in the car, what tunes need to know and that is next.
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5:44 pm
in tonight's health alert the effect of secondhand smoke of kids in cars. the center for disease control says more than one in five high school and middle school students ride in cars while others are smoking. researchers say even minimal exposure can lead to respiratory infections, delay lung growth and spa. the cdc advises -- and asthma. the cdc advises parents not to allow smoking in their car. addictions can be tough to break and tonight something new is being added to the list of
5:45 pm
things more addictive than cigarettes or alcohol. social networking. the university of chicago studied 205 people for a week and found sites like twitter or facebook were more of a compulsion than alcohol, cigarettes, coffee or sex. last night we saw some proof of this with an average of 10,000 people tweeting per second in the last three minutes of the super bowl. >> turns out commercials are one of the big things folks are tweeting about during the game and so far that one did i doritos is leading the pack -- by doritos is leading the pack. >> but your favorite ads aren't the only big topic around the water cooler today. our anny hong is here with a look at all the conversations. >> here's a look at the usa today's online poll owned by our parent company gannett. the top 5 are the dow receipt
5:46 pm
owe sling baby, kia, bud light with the -- doritos sling baby, kia, bud light with the dog, doritos and they're also talking about which ads did not work so with. doritos is topping the buzz with both of its ads including the sling baby. >> the raw humor. i love humor and comedy. they always hit a spot and make me laugh. >> the ones that were memorable to me was the dodge one about detroit with clint eastwood. it was just so heart warming. >> reporter: these ads are some of the most expensive highly anticipated and even sexiest commercials on tv. a 30 second spot costs nearly $3.5 million. with more than 110 million people watching, it's an advertisers biggest stage but also biggest gamble. >> a good super bowl commercial must be universal in its message because so many people watch the game from all walks of life. >> reporter: the other talked
5:47 pm
about as are the bud light commercials. here's one featuring this cute dog named wego. >> here we go. >> reporter: chrysler featuring clint eastwood and detroit. >> it's halftime in america, too. >> reporter: ad executive david dorogusti says sex can sell but not everyone. godaddy offended some, while teleflora's commercial may have come off as cheap and too suggested. >> it's not that complicated. give and you shall receive. >> i think it's not a sophisticated message. i think both the male or the female really identify themself with such a low to the ground message. >> the danica patrick commercial was just too much. it was too much. she was like naked -- or not naked but brat and underwear and she was just like -- the bra and underwear and she was just like -- and what were they selling? >> the theme this year was the animals. people like dogs.
5:48 pm
they have universal appeal. some letdowns, pepsi and coca- cola. with coca-cola a lot of people didn't understand the polar bears including myself. i was like what? i don't get it. you guys get it? >> i'm thinking if it's possible the polar bears have jumped the ship. don't think there's anything left to do with them. >> i really loved the doritos ad, but to me the most powerful one had toen the chrysler ad. -- had to be the chrysler ad. >> what was your favorite super bowl ad? >> you can still cast your vote in the ad meter. log onto -- to usa today's rather website or their facebook page. links to both are on >> no one is talking about the one i liked. i laughed the hardest, the dog couldn't get through the doggie door. >> oh, right. >> he chased the vox waggen. >> that was early on. that -- the volkswagen.
5:49 pm
that was early on. that was funny. >> we are looking at temperatures in the upper 40s to around 50 and it bears repeating two years ago literally the snow was about that high. let's start with live look outside the white house, a live weather cam brought to you by michael and son, temperatures still very nice. it's not windy which makes the 50s feel like 50, dew point 29, pressure steady at 30.10 inches of mercury and relative humidity 44%. satellite picture radar combined, look carefully. you'll see cloud cover hire and moisture in the texas pan -- here and moisture in the texas panhandle. with surface temperatures above freezing much like saturday night we don't anticipate any problems. we have a few high clouds pushing south, a little moisture in wilmington and south carolina is about it. temps, 50 in college park, 48 in bethesda and arlington, 49 great falls, 50 zeller, 46 in leesburg and we're look -- 50 sterling, 46 in leesburg and 48
5:50 pm
in laurel. milder tomorrow, cooling down slowly but surely, not as cold tonight, sunny tomorrow for the morning commute. a bit milder tomorrow. we hit 52 today, could be 54, 55 tomorrow. tonight clear skies, not as cold. we have the full snow moon, temperatures 28 to 38, winds southwest at 10 initially, then becoming northwest after midnight. by morning, mostly sunny, a bit breezy and chilly, grab a jacket in the morning. primarily 30s and 40s, winds northwesterly 10 to 15 briefly and by afternoon the winds die down, mostly sunny, pleasant, high temperatures near 55 and winds light northwesterly at 5 to 10. that's a pretty good deal for february. let's break it down. 28 to 38 with clear skies to start and sunshine at noon, 46 to 51 and then sunshine in the evening 52 to 56. that's pretty nice for early february. the next three days, we're looking at temps going down a little, wednesday chilly, light
5:51 pm
rain or snow possible, temperatures in the mid-40s, returning mostly sunny thursday, temperatures also in the mid-40s which is a shade above average. next seven days we'll make it 46 friday, kind of be consistent, then lower into the low 40s saturday. clouds come in saturday night, maybe a flurry or snow shower early sunday and then colder, 36 sunday and sunshine returning next monday with highs in the upper 30s, but as we spoke earlier, there's no big storms in sight. >> thanks a lot. the new york giants are back in the big apple with the lombardi trophy tonight and our dave owens sits down with johnny allwell who works for wjfk radio here in d.c. to break down the thrilling game. >> we're breaking down super bowl xlvi, johnny and one of the plays that everybody is talking about because it always comes down to a couple plays, 4th quarter, patriots with the ball. they're trying to put this thing on ice, wes welker, tom
5:52 pm
brady can't make the connection. how difficult was it? how much blame do you place on welker? >> it's a somewhat difficult catch over his head. he's kind of spinning away from the ball and has to make a play on the ball. wes welker says my height. he said it's a catch i've made a thousand times. it's a catch i have to make to get my team in position to corps and tom brady had to put some -- score and tom brady had to put some lob on it, but i think more of the blame goes to weller there. >> they call it trying to throw --er there. >> they call it trying to throw the receiver open. eli manning, people around here hate to hear his name. the giants quarterback playing awfully well. is necessity that elite status now because it sure look -- is he in that elite status now because it sure looked like it yesterday. >> i think it she noted his role towards the hall of fame.
5:53 pm
-- i think it denoted his role towards the hall of fame. he's vanquished tom brady and bill belichick in their quest to the super bowl. >> let's talk about tom brady on the other side do. you feel any differently about him now losing his last two super bowls? >> he's gotten three. he's made multiple trips where he hasn't won, but i don't think you take anything away from tom brady for losing the super bowl. he gets his team there. he was in a position to win it towards the end, couldn't make the final plays. tom brady got three, lost two. he's got a great life outside the super bowl. he makes a ton of money in the nfl and is married to gisele who makes more money than he does. still pretty good to be tom brady. >> johnny, you do a great job on the fan in the morning. thanks for stopping by. >> back to you guys.
5:54 pm
still ahead tonight after a big win in nevada mitt romney now hoping to keep momentum going in two more states tomorrow. plus over 100 d.c. employees caught stealing unemployment benefits while on the job. up next helping the homeless. we'll introduce you to local heros making a difference in people's lives when they need it most.
5:55 pm
5:56 pm
in tonight's hero central helping the approximately 400,000 homeless people living in northern virginia. for the past 10 years homemade northern virginia has been partnering with organizations to try and erase this problem. >> j.c. hayward introduces us to that
5:57 pm
nonprofit tonight. >> reporter: homemade northern virginia is building hope in the community. they provide the necessary resources to help homeless people get back on their feet. today at carpenter shelter in alexandria major improvements have been made to the facility. >> we've added a lot of storage so we can take in donations in our pantry, store the mats where we do our winter shelter, have space to put office supplies. it has made a huge difference and n all the services as well as the environment -- in all the services as well as the environment for our clients. this space was not here before the renovation of. >> reporter: when homemade northern virginia steps in, some renovations are small. some are major, but they all impact people's lives and aid them in rebuilding their future. >> people say you're going to a homeless shelter and you have one idea in your mind, but coming in they were helpful and friendly and the place was clean.
5:58 pm
surprisingly they made us feel very comfortable even though we're in a hard situation. they don't make us feel like we're, you know, in that situation. >> reporter: home aid is a beacon of light for local organizations who need help. homeless shelters, transitional housing units, food banks, medical clinics and others find maintaining their properties can be a daunting task. that's where home aid northern virginia comes to the rescue. >> our goal is to save these shelters much needed funds so that they can support the services and the programs for the people and that they don't have to worry about the renovations or the upkeep of some of their shelters and their facilities because that can be a drain on resource says and we want to save them money -- resources and we want to save them money. >> reporter: homemade has relationships with builders, subcontractors and suppliers who want to give back to the community. their generosity is keeping families together glued by love and attention. >> for me it's a great win win
5:59 pm
win collaborative partnership between carpenters shelter, the builders and home aid. >> home aid has completed more than 45 projects valued at more than $10 million. if you want to see this story and find out how to contact this organization, go to j.c. select the hero central tab. this is 9 news now. >> the latest numbers from the department of labor show 12.8 million people in this country are unemployed, but tonight we're learning more than 100 people working in the d.c. government were collecting unemployment despite having jobs. bruce johnson has the details. >> are you serious? stealing unemployment checks? >> reporter: an internal review by the d.c. employment services office has found that 130 current or former city employees have been ripping off the system. >> where are they? what agencies do they work for? >> they're in a variety of agencies. we're still going through the list. there are


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