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tv   9 News Now at 430am  CBS  February 9, 2012 4:30am-5:00am EST

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week. he is charged with second degree child sex abuse. the first witnesses took the stand wednesday in the yeardley love murder trial. george huguely is charged with killing love in 2010. a drunk huguely broke down her bedroom door and beat her and left her to die. one of the first witnesses on the stand yesterday, love's mother. city hall has fired the chief and the deputy chief of the district's protective services police department. the "washington post" reports chief lewis cannon and his deputy pietra were let go. no reason was given for the firings. they handle the building security and law enforcement of d. c. government property. prosecutors may not wind up charging current or former d. c. employees who collected unemployment benefits while they were actually employed by the city. that is, if they collected less than $20,000 in the sort of
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scheme. "washington examiner" says that means most of the 130 people under investigation would avoid criminal charges. d.c. attorney general nathan did say anyone who received more than $20,000 could still face prosecution. that comes after 90 employees were suspended after a probe they allegedly committed unemployment insurance fraud. 4:31. privacy advocates are concerned now that congress has authorized the increased use of unmanned aerial drones here in the u.s. >> these are the eyes in the sky that have been instrumental in fighting terrorists abroad. gary nurenberg examines the future of policing in america. >> reporter: they can look really little. essentially invisible. >> the fourth amendment allows observation by the government of people in public places but this is to a new degree, unprecedented. >> reporter: the bigger ones,
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predators and global hawks have tracked and helped kill terrorists abroad. following suspects say in an illegal gun case, seeing who's illegally crossing the border and where or taking over the duties normally filled by more expensive helicopters and their pilots. >> you can give law enforcement the ability to have aerial assets cheaper. >> reporter: fighting wildfires or any type of fire for that malter. >> give situational awareness to the firefighters on the ground where the hot spots are, where people might be trapped. >> reporter: but some see dangers. >> we have this really weird inconsistency with people not knowing when the government is going to be watching them. and opposition to our very -- our very beloved constitutional right not to be observed by the government unless there's a
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want and unless there's probable cause for them to observe us. >> reporter: the industry says essentially relax. >> they have been using cameras on helicopters and others for decades. so i think there's an ability to have unmanned aircraft you know follow some of those guidelines that already exist. >> reporter: gary nuremberg, 9news now. >> privacy advocates want more regulations which specify when and why a drone can be used. they will happen despite objections. congress directed the faa to make it happen. a seven year projection on the drone flights estimates as many as 30,000 could happen every year. republicans say they are going to reverse a new federal policy which would require faith based employers to provide birth control in their life insurance plans. house majority leader john boehner denounced that rule wednesday calling it an attack on religious freedom. the white house says president obama is sensitive to the objections and he's looking for a way to address them. women in the military may
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soon be able to serve in roles which would move them closer to the front lines. the pentagon is expected to propose a new policy today to allow women to serve at the battalion level. the new rules would still ban female troops from actual combat duty and it prevents women from serving in infantry and special operation forces. the general assembly is taking steps to change the law. the house of delegates has passed a bill easing requirements for candidates in the commonwealth. under the bill, statewide candidates would still have to get the said number of signatures but more people including the candidates themselves would be allowed to collect them. the bill now his to the state senate. pretty big endorsement in a race for the democratic nomination in the sixth congressional district. steady hoyer is going to back
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rob garagiola. he said he's a fighter who will seek practical solutions and common ground if selected. here's a look at other things making news now at 4:35. washington state lawmakers have passed legislation which would legalize same sex marriages. governor chris gregoire will sign the message if passed. if the bill becomes law, washington would join seven other states in giving gay and lesbian couples the right to marry. a georgia man is in custody accused of trying to abduct a 7- year-old girl from wal-mart. police say he grabbed her but eventually let go when she started screaming can yelling. the 7-year-old says stranger danger training from her parents is what came in han day. a german man won the race for a record seventh straight
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time. during the race, contestants start in the lobby and they climb 86 flights of stairs or 1,576 steps before finishing on the observation deck. that's stairs, not steps. thomas stole completed the run in just ten minutes, 28 seconds. >> amazing. >> wouldn't go to the gym for a whole week after that. 4:36 right now. we're glad you're with us, taxi rates and fees in the district could be going up soon. at will:49. a new simpler passenger screening program is coming to all three airports in the washington, d.c. area. and we are back with your weather first in about two minutes. stay with us.
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4:38. and we've got 35 degrees in town. some areas no, sir and west are below freezing so -- north and west are below freezing so we could have a few slick spots after the rain and snow yesterday. 1:00 43 and the mid and even upper 40s after sunshine. i'll be back looking to the weekend in about five minutes. right now over to monika with timesaver traffic. a look at the beltway east side of town at route 5. branch avenue. no problems to report coming up from southern maryland on route 4 or 5 or route 301 and oxon hill to the wilson bridge. more on virginia roadways next time around at 4:47. time for the first your money segment this thursday morning. >> and jessica doyle is here with the headlines, a little bit of a bounce yesterday morning. a small one. >> wall street still having a trouble getting out from under the shadows of the greece debt problems. investors are waiting for greek leaders to seal the deal which
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would prevent the country from defaulting on its debt. they are going to meet in brussells today to discuss the bailout for greece and checking the numbers -- the nation is still waiting for a multibillion dollar dial other deceptive foreclosure practices. that could get some americans checks or breaks on the monthly mortgage payments and a source close to the negotiations says new york and california have agreed to sign the deal. bank of america, jp morgan chase, wells fargo and citibank and allied financial have agreed to the settlement. it would help refinancing and reserve account and checks to homeowners. the settlement grants immunity from civil lawsuits broughts by state's attorneys general.
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you know about checked bags on planes but you're paying 50 cents for every bag a d.c. cabbie puts in his trunk. you will keep paying that fee in addition to paying higher per molerats. the plan eliminates almost all extra surcharges but raises rates from $1.50 per mile to $2.16. that fare increase also comes with a bag fee and a fee for extra passengers if the cab is a van. the plan will become law in 30 days unless the commission alters it again. very expensive to take a cab. >> sounds like the shell gate. you're not paying -- game. you're not paying it here but you will pay it here instead. >> thanks jess. there's always a way. thank you for joining us this morning, caffeine is part of the morning ritual and i drink enough for you if you don't drink it. there's a new way to get a caffeine boost simply by just taking a breath of air. >> we'll explain that story and have your weather first when we return in just two minutes.
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good morning, welcome back to 9news now. 4:44. it's buddy check 9 day. call your buddy and find out if they had any snow as well in their neighborhood. none? mine but -- >> we had an inch in damascus, some places 1 to 2 inches and even out as you get to washington. western loudoun, percyville for example. >> what about fauquier? how did they end up? >> what about alexandria? >> it starts, i'm sorry, why did you guys close? i don't get it. >> you never really said it was going to be you know on a scale of 1 to 5. >> roads wet, roads wet and
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that's generally what we had. we didn't get the snow as much but we had the wet roads. i mean -- all right, you got a snow day. make up later in the year i suppose. let's get moving. let's get moving here with the bus stop forecast. page county is on a delay this morning from what i understand in the shenandoah valley. two hour delay for them. the rest of us we're looking pretty good. partly to mostly sunny. upper 20s to lower 30s and sun setting at 5:38 this afternoon and today -- i didn't change the bandaged. the snow is gone and we're looking at sunshine and temperatures will make it to the mid- and upper 40s. low 40s at lunchtime and about 43, 44 for the drive home. 35 right now in washington. we've got 32 in winchester and cumberland. luray 31 and hagerstown at 27 because these are the areas in parts of loudoun, prince william, montgomery county. howard county. you're going to have to watch out for a few slick spots because we had the wet roads and some areas picked up a
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little bit up on the side of the road. this morning on the michael & son weather camera, all is well. skies partly cloudy out there. good visibility. 35 degrees. but a little bit of breeze. look at this. at national, out of the north- northwest at 16 miles an hour and that's giving us a windchill of only 25. bundle up this morning and the barometer 30.19 and it's going up. want to point out the temperatures not so much across the country. it's a little cold here in bismarck. can you see the white and pink in canada? that arctic air is going to be coming south to the u.s. and it's going to have a big influence on the weekend. little system out of the rockies here drawing in some gulf moisture. these are going to give us the chance for a little bit of rain or snow shower activity friday night and then some snow showers i think on saturday. with the arctic front. now the storm that went through us, you can see it. gave a little bit of snow to parts of new england. that thing is pulling away quickly. behind it skies partly cloudy. as we put the futurecast in
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motion, lots of sunshine today. temperatures mid- to upper 40s and might even flirt with 50 well south and west of d.c.. clear skies tonight. now tomorrow we start with sunshine and snow showers here in western pennsylvania. so the ski areas are looking for that. but look at the clouds increased in the mid to late afternoon. so we'll watch all of that move toward us by friday night, some rain and snow showers. and even on saturday with that colder air moving in, some flurries or snow showers especially in the morning. not out of the question. we've got highs today mid- to upper 40s. culpeper down tappahannock and fredericksburg, might get the 50 degrees and tonight we're going to be cool and actually kind of cold once again with light winds and clear skies. mid 20s in the northern suburbs, frederick, martinsburg, leesburg. 26. but even in fredericksburg tonight 26 and andrews 28. cold again for the weekend. looking at the forecast. temperatures today will be in the mid- to upper 40s. lots of sunshine. tonight, back in the 20s to low 30s. tomorrow, 50. increasing clouds in the
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afternoon. and rain and snow showers possible friday night with the arctic boundary. we dip into the low 30s and we don't recover much on saturday. upper 30s with winds and snow showers. sunday probably one of the coldest day west seen in a while. only 32. and by monday, back into the mid 40s. on tuesday a high around 45. right now 35 degrees, 4:48. let's find out about the timesaver traffic. i understand a lot of construction projects didn't happen because of the weather yesterday. they didn't happen because of the weather and that's good news for drivers who generally set out early if the morning. you don't have to worry about that clean-up either. and generally speaking things are looking good in virginia on the dulles toll rod from leesburg, 66 in from gainesville. we'll take a look live outside right now and here's what it looks like from centreville at route 29. nice and light all the way to the beltway and inside the beltway to the roosevelt bridge as well. the time head south over to 395 going at 65 inside the beltway at duke street, no problems
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here. all the way up to the 14th streit bridge. a live look into springfield. northbound 95 incident-free from the occoquan river and a live look at duke street as well on the northbound side of 395 as i said about 65 here all the way into downtown. into maryland next time arnold at 4:55. not many people like going through airport security. botanist necessity though. be -- but it's a necessity though. but there could be an alternative to the bare feet and belt removal. >> kristin fisher reports on the new tsa program that's coming to all three washington area airports by the end of the year. >> i travel 140,000 miles year and anything that will make it go smoother and be less obtrusive would be great. >> reporter: he would be the perfect candidate for tsa's new precheck program. he's a u.s. citizen and part of the frequent flier program but precheck would not help these
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women who were strip searched late last year. >> she says well you pull your pants down please and then she pulled my underwear down. >> please remove your pants, that's what i did. >> reporter: they're not eligible because they're not frequent fliers but their stories helped spark the changes announced today at reagan national. >> tsa precheck is about more than just speeding up travel. it's part of a fundamental shift in how we approach aviation security. >> reporter: secretary guanyl napolitano announced the prechecks to 28 of the nation's busiest payments. the program is currently being tested at seven other airports. you simply sign up for the program online before you fly. >> so when the person rides they will have in their -- on their boarding pass embedded in the bar code the fact they are part of the tsa precheck program. >> reporter: if they're low risk they'll be directed to their own hassle free security line where they won't have to
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do this. a luxury for frequent fliers but not all passengers think it's a good idea. >> it's sending a signal to the wackoings out there that okay, we're loosening it down so i don't know -- i think i'd rather keep it the way it is. >> reporter: it should be up and running here at reagan national by the end of march but dulles and bwi, they won't get it until the end of 2012. at reagan national, i'm kristin fisher, 9news now. >> get this -- most doctors say they're not always honest with their patients. a new survey in the journal of health affairs finds more than half admit to making a patient's prognosis sound better than it actually is. one out of five doctors also didn't fully disclose a medical mistake for fear of being sued. one in ten admits they've lied to a patient in the past year. a new study suggests many fathers are passing on heart disease to their sons. british researchers found a mutated y. chromosome from fathers can double a son's risk
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of coronary disease. this may explain why men tend to develop heart problems sooner than women. you tend to throw back maybe two, three, five ten cups of coffee. ten for me. just to stay awake. well, harvard university professor says there's a new way and it's as easy as taking a deep breath. something called the arrow shot. a tube of inhalable caffeine. it sells for $2.99 in massachusetts and france. it contains the same amount of caffeine as a large cup of coffee. the product maker insists it's safe but some in congress are calling for the fda to review arrow shot. 4:52. time for the question of the morning -- log on to the wusa9 facebook
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welcome back. 4:55. your wear first and we could have a few slick spots this morning. anything that was untreated. i know highway departments were all over this but a few areas could be slick this morning. otherwise a lot of sunshine and temperatures will get into 40s even by noon low 40s with highs to the mid- and upper 40s and we're driving home at 44 just a bit of a breeze early. monika? traffic is moving well. here's a live look at the american legion bridge. inner or outer loop between bethesda and tyson and annandale you will be just fine. look at northern corridors at 5:01. thank you monika. a five cent bag tax proposal in prince george's county has been killed. the proposal died in the maryland general assembly committee just one day after it won unanimous support from the prince george's county council.
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a bill which could impose a five cent bag tax in maryland is still pending. d.c. and montgomery county already have the taxes. you can get a $2,250 fine from now on if you pass a stopped school bus in frederick county, maryland. the county's board of commissioners voted unanimously to increase the fine. a police officer can ticket you but you can also be ticketed if you're caught on school bus cameras. on a single day last year, is statewide survey identified 7200 violations. a new museum and education center is just about to open in downtown on lincoln's birthday. it will be located across there ford theater which is where of course president lincoln was assassinated. the museum's goal is to explore his life and legacy. the organizer wanted $60 million project to become a destination for learning about the 16th president. the museum plans free open house on president's day, formal tours start february 21st.
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in 2008, sean anderson went on a journey to the center of the earth. in 2012 a remote island on the south pacific. >> teri okita sat down with the stars of "the journey of the mysterious island." >> i give you the -- >> mysterious island. >> reporter: it's a place of stunning beauty. >> this is amazing. >> reporter: and threatening life forms. >> back, back! sean, get behind me. >> reporter: in journey 2, 19- year-old josh hutcherson reprises his role as sean and says doing a sequel adds pressure. >> in this movie we stepped it up kind of in all departments. we have a bigger cast which is great. >> reporter: dwayne the rock johnson plays sean's stepdad. he's famous for both action and comedy but to do another family movie, he wanted it to be epic. >> all the variables made it very easy for me to say yes to no and on top of all that i look amazing in 3d. >> you do look amazing in 3d.
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>> i mean, there's three of me. >> i can attest to that. >> coming out. >> so we need to get to these coordinates. >> not on this helicopter. >> reporter: sean falls for vanessa hungens' character but while filming, from the paparazzi -- >> unfortunately it's like something that comes with the territory and usually there's not much you can do without getting in a fight and i'm a lover, not a fighter. >> reporter: they used clues to get on the island. getting off though? not so easy. in honolulu, teri okita for cbs news. >> "journey 2 -- the mysterious island" opens tomorrow. >> she used to be a reporter on 9news now and good morning, thank you for watching 9news now at 5:00 a.m. i'm andrea roane. it is buddy check 9 day. you know what you have to do. >> that's right. thursday too. almost there. i'm mike


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