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tv   9 News Now at Noon  CBS  February 9, 2012 12:00pm-12:30pm EST

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hello, i'm j.c. hayward. thanks for being be us. well, this morning -- with us. well, this morning the police officer who found yeardley love in her apartment testified in the murder trial of george huguely. and lawyers from both sides have been arguing on this first full day of testimony. our 9news now reporter bruce leshan is outside the
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courthouse with more details, bruce? >> reporter: yeah, j. c., the prosecutor is really trying to paint a picture for this jurors to give them a moment by moment narrative of the response to yeardley love's death. hours after george huguely left her apartment, her roommate discovered yeardley love unresponsive. her mouth taped with dried -- caked with dried blood, her right eye bruised. purple and swollen shut. the first police officer responded told jurors this morning he knew right away this was not an alcohol overdose. he saw yeardley love's battered face and he knew something far more sinister and violent had happened to her. one of the medic who arrived says he tried for more than 24 minutes to breathe life back into her. pulmoening hard on -- pumping hard on her chest about 100 times a minute to no affect. huguely's lawyer asked that medic if all that cpr might
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have bruised her body and caused her to bleed more. but the medic said while he thought it was possible for cpr to bruise someone, he had never seen it and he did not see it open yeardley love. -- on yeardley love. j. c.? >> bruce leshan reporting live, we'll have the latest information on the website. an alexandria paramedic remains in critical condition now after falling off a bridge last night. delia goncalves has the latest. >> reporter: joshua weissman has been a part of the expect for seven years now and -- department for seven years now. just a few miles away from the accident scene is where he was stationed to. fire crews are back on the road this morning as their colleague, 33-year-old joshua weissman of bristow lies in a hospital bed fighting for his life. wiseman was -- weissman was the first to a scene of a car fire
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on 395 near glebe road just before 6:30 p.m. yesterday. he pulled over across over to the burning vehicle on the southbound lanes when he fell through this gap in-between the guardrails separating the two spans of the bridge. >> whether he -- he responded to that exact location before i can't really say but it's not uncommon for us to run that stretch of roadway especially during rush hour. >> reporter: weissman is a decorated paramedic, served as a field trainer, and even helped develop the training program. chief rodriguez goes on to say counseling will be offered to weissman's colleagues here at the fire house and as always after an accident like this, they'll reevaluate and take a second look at their training practices. in alexandria, delia goncalves, 9news now. police are looking for one more suspect after a carjacking and chase that occurred this morning in southeast washington. officers chased a silver mercedes which had been carjacked on g street southwest.
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police arrested one suspect near a home on e street southeast. however, a second suspect got away. no one was injured in the carjacking or the police pursuit. prince george's county police are investigating a murder in river dale park. the victim was found late last night on 61st place near sheridan street. police discovered the victim inside a home. he had been shot. he later died at a hospital. witnesses tell police that the man was sittings on the front steps of the home when two masked when approach -- men approached. at least one of the men shot the victim and the victim's name has not been released. in morning, is d. c. judge sentenced two men for a pair of robberies including one that ended in murder. the second robbery in june of 2010 happened at a check cashing store on benning road northeast. a worker at the store, 30-year- old rob jotsing was shot to
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death and his father was badly beaten. the defendant, gregory trotter and earnest tee were found guilty of murder. trotter got 58 years in prison and tee got 47 years. youngsters and alcohol just don't mix. why is drinking underage so dangerous? here are some stark examples. each year, approximately 5,000 young people under the age of 21 die as a result of alcohol use. and this is according to the cdc. people who start drinking before the age of 15 are four times more likely to become alcohol dependent at some point in their lives and the younger children are when they start to drink the more likely they will become victims of physical and sexual say -- assault. they are also at a higher risk for suicide and homicide. 9 wants you to know we're doing our part to help combat the problem and we also want to
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help parents. tonight, on 9news now at 11:00, derek mcginty gets only advice from -- some advice from a mom and dad whose daughter almost died from alcohol poisoning. she was a straight a. student. her parents were oblivious to her drinking, they aren't anymore and they have some very strong words for other parents. wake up. [ sirens ] >> it's like if your child privacy is crap because the privacy is killing them. >> in retro spect the couple would have been tougher parents. >> i wish i would have read through the text messages while asleep because these kids are texting each other constantly about where they're going to drop the alcohol off or the drugs off. your parents home? >> it's all uniforming in one of the -- unfolding in one of the nation's wealthiest areas. >> in these days thehearted part snot going -- hard part is
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not going to a party. >> you can see the riveting interview, wake up call, tonight on 9news now at 11:00. a bizarre accident in bethesda leaves a contractor dead. montgomery county police say 66- year-old conception divala of northwest washington was working at a home on albamar street yesterday afternoon, divala's chevy silverado started rolling down the street. he got pinned while trying to stop the truck from rolling into a stone wall. he died at the scene. this morning, in federal court in alexandria, a manmaded guilty to posting -- pleaded guilty to posting online threat against the creators of the television show "south park." jesse curtis morton changed his name after converting to islam. he faces up to 15 years in prison when sentenced in may. another operator of the
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revolution muslim website has been sentenced already to 25 years in prison. occupy d.c. protestors say they plan to cover mcpherson square once again according to the "washington examiner." protestors say that they will reclaim tents confiscated by park police last weekend and they will set up a new tent city. park police have said ohm city tents are -- empty tents are permitted but they cannot have sleeping materials inside. well, despite yesterday's snow in our area, winter is shaping up to be a relief for our heating bill. we'll have that story coming up ahead. plus, white house rules on contraceptives are causing a split with the strong local supporter of the president. we'll be back.
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an event that's taking place right here in washington is drawing some of the campaign 2012 candidates, the conservative political action conference begins today at the marriott wardman park. former candidates michele
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bachmann, herman cain and rick perry will speak today and also speaking virginia attorney general ken cuccinelli who's receiving an awards. rick santorum and mitt romney will be there tomorrow. meanwhile, former virginia governor and current senate candidate tim cain is breaking from president obama. the democrat is criticizing new white house rules which require some religious groups to provide coverage for contraceptives. cain is catholic. republicans and some democrats on the hill are fighting back. they want the white house to allow an opt out clause for groups which say this violates their beliefs. among the opponents speaking out, the roman catholic archdiocese of baltimore. >> this isn't something we can compromise on because it's fundamental to our teachings and we have to be consistent. >> the archdiocese of baltimore
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covers catholic churches in several counties as well as the western part of maryland. a maryland state senator from our area wants to ban teenagers from using indoor tanning beds. jamie raski in takoma park will spent his bill to the senate -- present his bill to the senate finance committee this afternoon. it would eliminate loopholes which allow minors to tan with parental commission. an online effort now to educate more people about past and current political issues. coming up. the foundation's ceo is going to join me with details on a special event next week. plus, today's petline features a mature dog who wants to be your valentine. howard? yeah, that's a cute one. i've been visiting with that cocker spaniel. you're going to l him -- or her excuse me. nice right now but we could have some issues as we head in toward the weekend.
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look at these temperatures going to break. already into the low 40s in town and still few upper 30s. full seven day forecast and petline thursday when 9news now at noon returns.
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the winter weather has been a gift to our bank accounts. baltimore gas and electric estimates that customers will save $100 to $200 on heating costs this winter. that's a 16% reduction. bge says in addition to warmer weather, falling commodity prices for natural gas and electricity are also helping to lower billings. >> and remember that when we get a shot of cold air this weekend. >> okay. >> you may be needing to run -- you'll be definitely needing to
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run the furnaces but overall a mild, immediate winter. now a little bit of a chill in the air and a little bit of abelias but question recovers nicely from the morning lows. the rest of the afternoon though, lots of sunshine can that little bit of obelize which is going to be waning as we get later into the afternoon. 43 degrees or so here next hour. we'll see highs getting into the mid, maybe even upper 40s south and west of town. that northwest winds becoming westerly and really kind of getting light tonight. by 7:00 down 42 under clear skies. and by 9:00, upper 30s with mostly clear skies. lighter winds. i think they're going to go calm overnight. that means many areas especially away from water, temperatures drop into the low to mid-20s. cold again tonight. tomorrow is going to be mild. am up to near -- warm up to near 50 ahead of a strong conference with the pocket of snow -- cold front with the possibility of snow friday night into saturday. this time we can actually get
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the dusting make it down to the metro and a much colder weekend. highs saturday and sunday, i think stay in the 30s with a lot of change probably saturday night. this morning we had 20s and frederick mid- to upper 20s to gaithersburg to manassas and leesburg and a lot of slick spots. even 22 in hagerstown but we didn't get below freezing at reagan national or annapolis or pax river because the bay kept the areas warmer. the river kept reagan warmer. 43 in newland and tappahannock. only 35 for gaithersburg and still just a little bit of snow up here. we're melting off what fell yesterday and some of the totals well north of town like damascus about an inch. even frederick. 2 inches in car roll county, the bright sunshine on the michael & son weather camera at the white house there. a good-looking thursday afternoon. 42 degrees. but a little bit of a breeze. making the windchill feel like it's in the 30s still with that
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north northwesterly winds at 13. the energy here gathering into texas and drawing some moisture from south texas and mexico. browns vim seeing the rain today -- brownsville seeing the rain today. that's going to be moving east and at the same time we've got on arctic boundary that's going to be dropping toward us late tomorrow. a decent snowstorm off the east coast and hit new england on saturday getting close to us and that's the key. how close does it get saturday? do we get a little bit or more than that? maybe a patch or two of clouds tonight. they'll build tomorrow afternoon and then comes the threat for snow into friday night and into saturday. saturday 2:00 a.m. some snow in spot especially north and west and an additional minor accumulation at this point. 46 today. tonight we're dropping into the 20s and some low 30s. 50 tomorrow with increasing clouds. and some nighttime rain and snow showers. into saturday, and saturday, at least snow showers if not a little bit more than that. win dirk 38. and as we id -- windy. 38. and as we head to sunday, only 32 and we're back in the 40s by
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monday. it's thursday at noon, this is angela robinson from the old guys but goodie cocker spaniel rescue. >> this is harley mo. >> really a mellow dog. >> she is. she was rescued from a missouri puppy mill and basically they're kept pregnant and in cages. >> that's kind of cruel. >> it is and her feet are kind of wide and she's uses to standing on chicken wire in the cages. she's being socialized and learning how to pretty much be a dog. >> anywhere from 4 to 6 years olds? >> yes, she's learning to walk well on a leash and she's good in the car. she really enjoys the company of another dog and i'm looking to place in her a home with an experienced dog owner that actually has a dog. i gives -- another dog gives her confidence and actually teaching her to be more like a dog. >> all right, so this is a dog that needs some tlc but oh, just a sweet, sweet girl. you guys have a show i
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understand coming up. or showing of some of the animals. >> we have an adoption show the saturday at the petsmart in springfield and we have over adoption events and you can find the rescue website from the pet line 9 link. and you can find out about all of the other dogs and our adoption events that are coming up. >> this is a sweet girl. please help us out. get her a loam and if you missed any of the info, go to the website. click on petline and all the information angela was just talking about a right there. hey, don't go anywhere. we're not done. 9news now at noon returns in just a moment.
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don't forget to go to because there's a contest going on the and if you -- on and if you enter you could possibly win four tickets to see "you're a good man charlie brown." it's coming to the olney theater center to march 18th and go to and enter and you can get four free tickets, have a wonderful night out for the whole family. all right, next week, this is important because i'm one-on- one today with dr. l. c. scott but next week the congressional black caucus foundation will be hosting a very specialer vent as part of its black history month event. it's called a voice heritage celebration wednesday night at eatonville restaurant. one of my favorite places in northwest washington. my colleague andrea roane is going to be there hosting it but i have the foundation president with me. dr. l. c. scott to talk about a voice and how it's helping to
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preserve history. what is this program about? >> oak, a voice -- okay, a voice is an online digital library we created in 2005 to capture the history of african- americans serving in congress. and to date we've been able to place several exhibits including exhibits on the making of the martin luther king jr. deal. if antiapartheid movement, civil rights and environmental justice. each year we try to add another exhibit and put up original documents, letters from members, letters from people to members, pictures, et cetera. the captions behind the scene and i guess the best example is the making of the martin luther king jr. deal. it took 13 years to get that deal passed and so we've captured that history there including some of the advocacy for people outside of congress.
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>> this is a wonderful programming the shunts to go to -- for students to go to. they can go online and get information they would not be able to otherwise. it's a great tool. >> absolutely. it was primarily geared to college students but now we have an educator section which is designed for high school students, we have lesson plans on apartheid and civil rights and last year we took students from the washington metro area and they went through the apartheid lesson plan. and we've had a representative from the south african embassy there was to talk to them about what it was like to live in apartheid. >> how do you get to the website? >> you can go to our website. and look for the your voice icon and it's african-american voices in congress. >> i think it's great idea. its time has come. >> it is wonderful. we can network with people around the world so they can
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learn about the african- americans' involvement in legislation. >> thank youer for being with us. >> thank you for having me. >> come back and visit us at 5:00. have a great day. [ captions by: caption colorado, llc 800-775-7838 email: ] i just had it with cable. it just got more frustrating and frustrating. a lot of times, the picture would break up. for the amount of money that i am paying, my cable company should take care of me. [ male announcer ] stop paying for second best. move up to verizon fios tv, internet and phone for our best price online -- just $89.99 a month guaranteed for two years. first time we saw tv on fios was amazing! i was just in a trance watching it. i'm discovering new channels every day. [ male announcer ] and here's a special bonus: sign up now and get $300 back with a two-year contract.
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