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tv   CBS This Morning  CBS  February 13, 2012 7:00am-9:00am EST

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captioning funded by cbs ♪ and i will always love you ♪ i will always love you good morning. it is monday, february 13, 2012. welcome to studio 57 at the cbs broadcast center. i'm charlie rose and that, of course, was jennifer hudson as heartfelt tribute to whitney houston at last night's grammy awards. the music world is still reeling from her sud death but her colleagues are remembering her golden voice and brilliant career. >> i'm erica hill. we have new details on her final days and april look back at the
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highs and the lows of her troubled private life. i'm gayle king in los angeles. i'll have all the behind the scenes action from last night's grammys and we'll speak with music legend quincy jones about the loss of his close friend. first, we begin with a very different eye-opener. ♪ if i -- there is no way around this. we've had a death in our family. >> there's late word tonight that singer whitney houston has died. >> completely devastated. i don't know what to say. >> she's the greatest voice of all-time. >> whitney would have wanted the music to go on. and her family asks that we
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carry on. >> the beautiful miss whitney houston. dance with us. come on, y'all. ♪ >> this is the place to be. >> we love you all so much. thank you. >> it's about what goes on in here and it's about what goes on in here. >> are we excite today hear adele's beautiful voice tonight? >> adele! ♪ >> adele. >> adele. >> thank you so much. thank you. oh, thank you. >> my homie, sir paul mccartney. >> truly great artists leave us. their legacy lives on.
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>> we all love you, whitney houston. ♪ welcome to "cbs this morning." music lovers around the globe are mourning the loss of one of this industry's most beautiful voices. >> this morning, we are remembering whitney houston's life and her music after last night's emotional tribute at the grammy awards. gayle king is in los angeles this morning and begins your grammy coverage. gayle, good morning. >> good morning, erica. you too charlie. it was such a weekend of conflicting emotions. because whitney houston was certainly on everybody's mind here over the weekend. as the industry's movers and shakers gathered for music's biggest night. while there was certainly plenty to celebrate the stars took time to pay their respect. >> there is no way around this.
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we've had a death in our family. >> the sudden passing of superstar whitney houston cast a large shadow on music's biggest night. >> heavenly father, we thank you for sharing our sister whitney with us. >> ll cool j host of the grammy awards led the star studded audience in prayer. >> we remain truly blessed to have been touched by her beautiful spirit. >> you guys are wonderful. i love you. >> houston was no stranger to the grammy stage. collecting six trophies over the course of her career. performing eight different times. ♪ and i will -- >> one of those performances was played on the big screen at the staples center. bringing the crowd of 20,000 to its feet. >> throughout the night, performers and presenters -- >> we all love you whitney houston. >> played homage to the fallen icon. perhaps the most heartfelt tribute came when jennifer hudson who considered houston a
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friend and a mentor performed one of her signature songs. ♪ and i will always love you >> houston's fellow artists reflected on the balance between the celebratory and solemn moods of the night. >> everybody is aware of the shock of it and the bittersweet nature of it. it adds a lot more emotion to the evening. >> emotions of a different kind were running high for the biggest winner, adele. she took to the stage for the first time since throat surgery. ♪ >> the newly crowned queen of pop soul. >> adele! >> swept the six cat dpor is for which she was nominated including album of the year.
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>> and good vibrations were felt last night courtesy of the beach boys who reunited for the first time in 20 years. ♪ >> former beatle paul mccartney closed the show with a little help from bruce springsteen and dave grohl with a song fittingly titled. the end. it was really a daunting task for grammy producers. imagine, they had the show all planned out, all set to go. you get this terrible news late in the afternoon. they have to totally regroup. jennifer hudson was immediately flown in. she was not scheduled to perform. so you have the cross between wanting to celebrate and wanting to grieve. i think they figured out a way to really do it beautifully. >> it must have been an extraordinarily emotion -- gayle, how did you learn as you were getting ready for the parties and the celebration of
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music? >> well, this is the thing. charlie, i was in the hotel room right in the hair and makeup process getting ready to go to clive davis' legendary party that he has every year. i got this breaking news alert. the producer came in and said that whitney had passed away. on the wires, they said no it's not true she's at home in new jersey. of course, that turned out not to be the case. then there was speculation is clive going to have the party, not have the party. then the party was officiallily on. it was interesting, when i went to the hotel, it was almost eerie. while you're downstairs paying tribute to whitney and the grammy weekend, her body is still upstairs in the hotel room. i think everybody in the room was very, very mindful of that. at one point, i thought jimmy jams said it best. he told me, listen, clive davis introduced us to whitney. it's only fitting that clive davis would lead us as we say
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goodbye. somebody said it was a game changer in the music business. that we will all remember where we were and all want to figure out a way to celebrate and pay homage to her life. >> gayle, what was it like the mood inside that party? did people feel that they could celebrate the grammys? as you mentioned, her body is there. they're mourning the loss of this incredible talent. >> i think -- erica, i think that's such a good question. because some people said to me, i wasn't going to come. it didn't feel right celebrating. then on the other hand, they said i don't want to be anywhere else. i want to be with people who understand what this is like. in the end, i think everybody was glad that they came and everybody came together because everybody in that room had a connection to whitney houston. you felt that in the room. in the end, i think people were glad that clive went ahead with the party. when you're in the music business, the show must go on as l.a. reed said to me.
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>> whitney houston was planning to come to that very party. >> it's one of the few grammy event she was planning to do. she and clive together, it's sort of a legend in the grammy industry. that was the one thing she was planning to do this weekend. >> whitney houston's death is not considered suspicious, but investigators are still trying to figure out exactly what happened. the l.a. coroner's office held a news conference yesterday but released very little information. >> john blackstone is at the beverly hilton hotel where the singer died. john, good morning. >> good morning. well, whitney houston was staying here in beverly hills at the beverly hilton hotel for that big party that clive davis was holding here at the hotel. but then in mid afternoon saturday, a 911 call from the hotel brought an ambulance racing here. paramedics found whitney houston unresponsive in her hotel room bathtub. the hotel was already busy fans and photographers looking to see recording stars arriving for one of the big gatherings of the grammy weekend.
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instead, they were there as the van from the coroner's office carried away the body of whitney houston. houston had been in a room on the hotel's fourth floor at 3:43 p.m. someone in her group asked the front desk to call 911. paramedics arrived quickly. but at 3:55, houston was declared dead. there was an autopsy on sunday. >> there was no visible signs of trauma. and foul play is not suspected at this time. >> but what killed her remains a mystery. >> there will be no cause of death at this time because it is pending toxicology. and that could take up to six to eight weeks. >> law enforcement sources tell cbs news there were prescription drugs but no illegal substances found in houston's hotel room. houston struggled with alcohol and drugs over the years and it was well-known. those who saw her in the days just before her death say they saw no signs of trouble. >> we still were waiting for that great comeback.
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>> singer kenny latimer was host of a pre-grammy party thursday night when houston surprised kelly price on stage. ♪ >> it felt like it was a private moment where she was singing yes, jesus loves me. but she was singing it to kelly. but she wasn't doing it in a way that was particularly for the audience. >> pictures tab en of houston suggest she was disheveled, sweating, her hair soaking wet. the photos show spots of blood on her leg. but latimer has only good memories of the last time houston sang in public. >> the night of her last performance. i was look at a woman who was in good spirits. her natural warm self. i felt like she was happy. >> on sunday, a day after her death, an ambulance was again called to the beverly hilton hotel here. this time to pick up her
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18-year-old daughter bobbi kristina. reportedly she was suffering from stress and anxiety. she was taken to a los angeles hotel and released -- a los angeles hospital and released later in the day. law enforcement sources here tell cbs news that the most likely theories for houston's death is that she died of a heart attack or a prescription drug overdose. but, again, the exact cause of death won't be known until those toxicology come back, perhaps as many as six or waet weeks. john, thank you. whitney houston sat down with oprah winfrey for one of her final in-depth interviews. >> she hadn't talked about herself in public for several years. but in this interview, houston opened up about the drug abuse that had had controlled her life for so long. >> the very first time i had you on my show, however many years ago, i thought you are the voice, you are the definitive -- you are the voice. that was my name for you. >> you probably are the first
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person that really called me that. >> you are the voice. >> overwhelming title. >> the voice. >> yeah. >> there was a time i read where you were actually thinking in this past seven years, because you haven't done an album since 2002, that you were thinking of, i read, going to an island and having a fruit stand. >> yep. selling fruit drinks to some people and going -- >> nice organic fruit. >> me and my daughter living on an island with a beach. living the simple life. you have to understand i have been all around the world. you know. >> yeah. >> i've done it all. at that point this time, or i thought. >> yeah. >> however, i wasn't remembering the gift that god had given me. i had totally kind of put all that aside. my daughter was growing up before my eyes. and i just wanted to grab hold of that. >> it's amazing how fast that happens. >> it goes by so fast. >> uh-huh. >> i wanted to just watch her, i
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wanted to be the parent at that point in time i was a single parent. and watch her go to school and when she got home, be there. in the morning, say honey it's time to get up and when she come home, hi. i wanted that moment. >> so we were talking about how light drugs before "the bodyguard" and then after bodyguard got heavy. >> heavy. >> after that, i knew then we were trying to hide pain. >> you knew then you were trying to hide pain. >> i knew then i was trying to hide the pain. >> "the bodyguard" which to the world was this -- one of the biggest moments ever in the history of cd's, albums and catapulted you to a level of stardom. >> right. remember, i did preacher's wife after that. >> the preacher's wife was an
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everyday thing. i would do my work. but after i did the work, for a whole year or two, it was every day. >> drugs? >> yeah. >> every day. your drug of choice was weed combined with cocaine. >> rock cocaine:, yes. >> and so the weed would sort of calm down the speed. >> level off you had to have alcohol too. which i didn't do. i didn't drink. he drank. >> and you would do, what, volumes of that? >> oh, my god. i can't even -- had me a lot of money. yeah. >> and so during that time obviously when you're in middle of taking the drug you're not thinking about the voice. you're just thinking about the -- >> i had forgotten about that life. >> that was another life. >> i had so much money by that point, it was like -- i didn't
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think -- i wasn't thinking about any of that remember, now we were flying all over the country in jets x going to paris for a day or two, renting yachts. >> didn't the drugs give you any sense of relief? >> at times. don't forget, there were some times we laugh our tail off. we would have a ball. sometimes you do have a good time. but when it gets to the point when you're sitting in your home and just trying to cover what you don't want people to know, you know what i'm saying? it's painful. and then you want more. just so that you don't let anybody see you cry or let anybody see that you're unhappy. it's not working. something is wrong. what are you doing? what's happening? why aren't you talking to me? why aren't you talking to me? why are we just looking at each other and just watching the tv? >> that interview with oprah winfrey in 2009. gayle king is with us again from
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los angeles. gayle, what can you add to that interview? >> charlie, i have to say i remember it well. as it turns out, i was there. i didn't realize how painful it would be to look at it again. they had the interview at new york's town hall. it lasted about three to four hours. it ended up being a two-part interview. one hour each. it's just very difficult and almo almost poignant to see them together. she said she never felt a stronger connection. whitney, i know, was very, very comfortable and pleased with the interview at the end because they went over some very uncomfortable subjects. in the end, the two of them had a great conversation. looking at it again, it's difficult. special thanks to oprah and sherri so lat a who agreed to let us see that interview. you won't see it anywhere else
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other than cbs. i'm grateful that they shared it with us. >> thanks. >> that is powerful stuff. in fact, that entire interview can be seen thursday at 9:00 p.m. eastern time. remembering whitney, the oprah interview. you can catch it on the o network. catch you up on the headlines. a massive cleanup effort in greece after a night of riots there. at least 45 buildings were burned in athens. they were triggered by budget cut. it was demanded by greece's bailout of creditors. people are injured in the protest. in the press depgs race back here in the u.s., mitt romney won on saturday beating ron paul. later today, president obama releases his budget outline for next year calling for cuts and new taxes in order to shrink the deficit. >> time now to show you some of the headlines from around the globe. in london, the telegraph reports on a call for the u.n. to send peacekeeping troops to syria for
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a civil war threatens to break out. the arab league nations agreed to cut off diplomatic relations with syria. >> they have finished pumping out water of the -- bad weather has hampered recovery efforts aboard the costa concordia where 17 people died, 15 others are still missing. here in this country, usa today reports on a major medical study. it finds that older people who eat a lot have a greater chance of memory loss. the new york times headlines a come from behind win by phil mickelson at pebble beach. he shot an 8 under par 64 to win by two strokes. tiger woods fell from
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this national weather report sponsored by kay jewelers. every kiss begins with kay. after the grammys honored whitney houston last night, it was time to honor adele. she tied a record winning six
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trophies. we'll show you part of her "60 minutes" interview that you did not get to see before the big show last night. many fans say whitney houston's star began to fade when she married bobby brown. we'll take a look at their long, difficult marriage and the drug problems that plagued her later years. you're watching "cbs this morning." [ woman ] my boyfriend and i were going on vacation, so i used my citi thank you card to pick up some accessories. a new belt. some nylons. and what girl wouldn't need new shoes? we talked about getting a diamond. but with all the thank you points i've been earning... ♪ ...i flew us to the rock i really had in mind. ♪ [ male announcer ] the citi thank you card. earn points you can use for travel on any airline, with no blackout dates.
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chase scene, netflix coming soon extra butter tickets, swoon penguin journey junior mints moviefone evil prince bollywood 3-d shark attack ned the head 5% cashback right now, get 5% cashback on movies. it pays to discover. ♪ we could have had it all ♪ you had my heart and soul ♪ >> adele is back. wowing the audience at the grammys with her first performance since throat surgery. she went on to tie a record by
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winning a six awards. >> we
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the only thing that feels right is to begin with a prayer for a woman who we loved, for our fallen sister, whitney houston. heavenly father, we thank you for sharing our sister whitney with us. today our thoughts are with her mother, her daughter and all of her loved ones. and although she is gone too soon, we remain truly blessed to have been touched by her beautiful spirit and to have her lasting legacy of music to cherish and share forever. amen. >> the host of the grammys, ll cool j remembering whitney houston before last night's award. we'll talk with her good friend quincy jones in just a few minutes. welcome back to "cbs this
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morning." >> nearly everyone expected adele to go home from the grammys with a whole lot of hardware and she didn't disappoint. her six awards tied beyonce's one-night record for female artist. >> adele warmed up for her big night with a revealing "60 minutes" interview with anderson cooper. want to show you some of that conversation that you didn't get to see last night but did become part of "60 minutes" overtime. >> adele is one of the biggest pop stars on the planet right now. but she did it the old-fashioned way, with the power of her voice and her songs. when i interviewed her recently bs we talked about her image as an anti-pop star and the message that the modern media sends to young girl. for "60 minutes"over time, here's an except of my conversation with adele. >> one of the things that people remark on you is that you don't really fit the mold of the other stars who are out there right now performing. rihanna, beyonce.
7:32 am
even your appearance is not fitting the mold. >> totally. >> do you think about that? >> no. never. i've never let on my plus size so much bigger than others out there. i've never really thought about it at all. it becomes more attention if i was to read something about it. i think everyone else makes a bigger deal out of it. that's kind of their job really. >> does it bother you? >> not at all. not at all. >> do you ever feel pressure to, i got to look a certain way? >> never. i've never seen magazine covers and seen music videos and be like i need to look like that to be a success. i've never seen pictures of hot men and -- like if i want to be with them. to sell more records, i don't need to. exactly. it's not stopping me from doing anything. i don't find that attractive. i think even if i did that, you know, sports illustrated body, i
7:33 am
still couldn't wear elegant clothes. i wouldn't do it. i don't appreciate stuff like that. i just appreciate the music. people that dress like them, i love their music. i'm not going to -- i listen to the music. i don't watch it and get confused about who i'm listening to. >> if anything, you seem to be sending a positive message to a lot of young women about being comfortable -- >> yeah. no matter what you look like, the key is to first of all, you have to love yourself. you can improve things you don't like yourself, do them after you appreciate yourself. come and -- exploiting yourself sexually is not a good look, i don't think. i don't find it encouraging. >> when you see other people in magazines, you don't feel like, i wish i looked like them? >> not at all. i don't even look like that magazines. i've seen them up close. they don't look like that. >> gayle is with us again from los angeles. i guess, gayle as you look at
7:34 am
that, you have to say as the grammys remembered and appreciated whitney houston, they also celebrated adele. >> they really did, charlie. i mean, we have to say that adele was the belle of the ball yesterday. listen, i didn't get a chance to see the "60 minutes" piece because, of course, i was here. after hearing what you just showed, i love her even more. a girl who is comfortable in her own skin. hooray, hooray. >> i will tell you this. the backstage became totally quiet on to occasions. when jennifer hudson went to sing and when adele opened her mouth for the first time and the notes came out. when she came backstage to take the official grammy photo, it was a sight to see. her people said she's not doing any interviews tonight, doesn't want to talk tonight. we're saying please, we want to congratulate her and say job well done. they said no adele, wants to get the grammys and likes to remain mysterious. everybody loves her. and without exception.
7:35 am
she was clearly the hit of the night. everybody was pulling for her. every time the category was announced and adele as in the category and when she won, you got a standing ovation from people who were just watching. here at the four seasons hotel people standing around the bar stood up and cheered for adele. owe adele is really the new "it" girl in the music business. >> part that of is she came back from the throat surgery. there was much anticipation how well she could sing. >> she came back from the throat surgery and didn't you have a moment before she opened her mouth, you were thinking i hope you sound good and then she started with no music, no instruments, just adele and that voice. it just shows, again, that song that it's only adele and her voice, adele and the piano. it shows again that she really rocks. >> and talent rocks. >> i was going to say, there is no substitute ever, mr. rose, as you know, for talent and she's
7:36 am
got that in spades. >> i also heard she said she wants to change the type of music that she does. that hit song that she sang that is been played over and over and over again, she called it yesterday a song of relationship rubbish. you've all been there, you've had love gone bad. she said i don't want to do that anymore. i want to sing a different kind of song. by the way, she appears to have love in her life. >> which is maybe why she wants to sing a different song. she can celebrate the new love. >> we can hope this is a good person. >> yeah. you guys, we all know out of heartbreak comes great stuff. great stuff. >> indeed. >> there are times you want to say spare me. but out of heartbreak, you get some really wonderful music. >> but is it worth it? >> not to me. not to me. no thanks, charlie. >> trying to find out where you were going with that. >> yes.
7:37 am
>> nowhere but right here. >> a reminder, you can check out "60 minutes" over time at cbs gayle we'll check in with you in a minute. quincy jones listened to whit whitney houston all her life. we'll ask him about her music, her family. you're watching "cbs this morning." when it comes to paint... ...there's one brand that always tops the charts. so let's grab a few of those gallons- at a price that's now even lower. 'cause when we mix behr ultra paint and primer in one... ...with a few hours... ...we get more than just color... ...we get top-rated coverage. the kind wakes up walls, and reinvents rooms. more saving. more doing. that's the power of the home depot. behr ultra paint and primer in one now starts at just $29.38, it's lowest price ever. but to take care of him, you need to take care of yourself first. one a day women's helps provide key nutritional support we need
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♪ because the greatest love of all ♪ many of whitney houston's fans have long blamed bobby brown for troubles. they were married for 15 stormy years until their 2007 divorce. >> brown took the stage with his band just hours after houston's death and broke down several times during the performance. national correspondent ben tracy has more on their story of love, addiction and abuse. >> when whitney houston met bobby brown in 1989, it was the good girl who grew up singing in the gospel choir falling for the bad boy singer. >> yes, bobby is the man in my
7:42 am
life. i'm very much in love and i'm very happy. >> after the two married in 1992 at houston's lavish new jersey estate, she told rolling stone magazine, when you love, you love. i mean, do you stop loving somebody because you have different images? i am nobody's angel. houston's career was on the rise. the year she married brown, she also starred in "the bodyguard" and recorded the blockbuster soundtrack. ♪ and i will always love you ♪ >> in 1993, she gave birth to their own child, bobbi kristina. by the late 1990s, they were constant tabloid fodder dubbed the new ike and tina turner. their relationship was riddled with drugs and alcohol. in 2000, airport security guards in hawaii found marijuana in their luggage. that same year, houston started
7:43 am
canceling concerts at the last minute. in an interview in 2002, she admitted to struggling with alcohol and drugs. but defiantly denied using crack cocaine. >> crack is cheap. i make too much money to ever smoke crack. let's get that straight, okay? we don't do crack. we don't do that. crack is whack. >> you just whack. >> in 2003, bobby brown was charged with battery. houston says he hit her during a dispute but she stood by him in court. >> i need to -- >> the couple took their tumultuous relationship public in being bobby brown, creating more tabloid headlines. whitney houston filed for divorce a year later. during her recent attempt at a comeback, those years of hard living had finally confined houston's once limitless voice. >> before i put on my makeup ♪
7:44 am
>> she admitted that ultimately, bobby brown was her drug. an addiction to a love she couldn't quite break. for "cbs this morning," ben tracy, los angeles. >> bobby brown has now left his music tour. he returned to los angeles on sunday and is asking for
7:45 am
whitney houston works with some of the greatest songwriters in the business. we'll ask one of them, diane warren, about the moment when she first got the news. you're watching "cbs this morning." eggland's best eggs.
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she could sing gospel, she could sing, i will always love you, and make you cry. and she was the most beautiful woman i think i've ever seen. >> wow. elton john dedicating a song to whitney houston at his concert in las vegas saturday night as a celebrities are paying tribute. >> barbra streisand said "she had everything. beauty, magnificent voice, how sad her gift could not bring her the same happiness they brought us." beyonce said so many of life's memories are a tashd to her songs she is our queen and provided a blueprint for all of us. god bless her. dolly parton who wrote i will always love you said "mine is only one of the millions of hearts broken over the death of whitney houston. i will always be grateful and in awe of the wonderful performance she did on my song and i can truly say from the bottom of my heart, whitney, i will always love you. you will be missed." we now go back to gayle in los angeles.
7:50 am
gayle? >> thank you both. the neighborhood at the four seasons hotel in los angeles at 5:00 a.m. nancy o'dell. e.t.'s nancy o'dell. thank you so much. >> i would like to say i was out enjoying myself still from the celebration from the grammy celebrations. no. >> e.t. does have a lot ex clues sifs as it pertains to whitney houston. i don't know about you, nancy. all night long where i go to different places, people i still can't believe this has happened. >> everybody has been talking about it. we have video that's quite telling of the day that she passed away and then also of her relatives on that particular day and then talking to everybody at the grammys. i was surprised. we are just talking about this. how many people she influenced to become music artists. it was amazing them talking about them dancing to her songs. hearing that. >> everybody has a story of used to dance in the in ir roar with a hairbrush or blow dryer
7:51 am
singing to a whitney houston song. last night when i was backstage, i would say what's your favorite song, would you hum a couple of bars and everybody had something. >> fergie was saying that she -- fergie of the black-eyed peas said she was in a child's show and sang, i want to dance with somebody. everybody had a story like that. kelly roland said they felt they could do so well because whitney wrote them letters of encouragement saying how incredible they were. she wanted to be whitney houston when she was little. >> i sew understand that. in this particular case, people say ex clues sifs and you see it. when you say exclusive, you real doi have them. we'll talk to you in the next hour. thanks nancy for being here at 5:00 a.m. you're watching "cbs this morning." we'll be right back. ugh, my sinus congestion, and it's your fault. instead of blaming me, try advil congestion relief. often the real problem is swelling, not mucus. advil congestion relief reduces swelling due to nasal inflammation.
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♪ ♪ this is whitney houston's last performance. entertainment tonight found her singing a duet with kelly price at a party on thursday night. less than 48 hours later, whitney houston died. it is 8:00. welcome back to "cbs this morning." i'm charlie rose with erica hill in new york. >> gayle king is in los angeles. >> i'm gayle king.
8:01 am
>> i'll leave that to you. more on the grammys an the tributes of course to whitney houston. good morning, again. >> sorry, erica. i didn't mean to step on your toes. i'm so excited to talk to my two next guests. i'm sitting with two people who were everywhere last night from the red carpet to backstage who were also watching whitney houston during her final days and month. nancy o'dell and kevin frazier is host of the insider. this is what's so interesting. when i was looking at the video of kelly price. you talked to kelly price about that party. they were saying oh, she looked terrible, she was out of it. what does kelly say? >> she said whitney was there, had a great time and she was in a corner next to the stage a group of people dancing, having a fantastic time. she danced so much, she was sweaty and she -- kelly even joked. she almost danced her hair extensions out. but that was it was a great moment for her. as they stood toe to toe and they were singing, it was
8:02 am
whitney as her moentor and big sister, not some kind of whitney that was out of control sthiemt anybody who is at a great dance party, in the end you can look like a hot mess sometimes. >> yes you can. >> you actually see, you have the video that people haven't seen. they've seen her do that performance inside the club. on e.t., we have the video of her coming out of the club. you can see where the fans mob her. she looks totally together. unlike the reports of her being a hot mess. the hot mess is from dancing in the chair and being with her friends. an r&b party with her friends. in defense of her, sounds like she was having a great time. you can see that, looking at the video coming out, she was in control, hugging friends that she sees. signing autographs for fans and taking pictures before she gets into the car. >> that's part of the problem. when you have a troubled past x people instantly think the worst. they don't think maybe she was dancing. they think uh-oh, there must be a problem.
8:03 am
ricky minor also had stuff to say. >> he was with her for more than 30 years. ricky said he was there at all the rehearsals for the clive davis party. she sat next to him. and she tried to sing-along with all the songs while monica and brand ee were rehearsing. she talked about, i'm getting fit, i'm swimming, look at my arms, ricky. she wanted to surprise monica and brandee. that was the big deal. >> this is what i heard at the clive days, sheet gone to rehearsal and brand ee and monica decided not to sing. it was brand ee's birthday on saturday and whitney surprised a birthday dinner for her. brandee looked so distraught and so upset and rightfully so. but it just goes to show you that one day you're at rehearsals, singing, having a great time and the next day -- there's a change. >> ricky was saying too, she was also talking about -- ricky is
8:04 am
the one to describe how much of a relationship he had. he produced the infamous national anthem. he put together the arrangement for jennifer hudson last night. he was talking about how she was talking about her future. really gotten it all together. so excited about the future and a movie coming out. that's what makes it more of a tragedy. >> that's what i keep hearing. the people that know her and loved her, say she was great. the movie coming out would be sparkle. i actually saw that interview where you talked to her. >> it was great seeing her in detroit. you know, it was almost like whitney was going through a rebirth. she was there with jordin sparks and the other actors. what is an iconic movie. the remake of the irene cara. >> please. could we see the clip of the interview. >> will we see more movies from you, more music from you? honestly, people get salty sometimes. they feel you're not giving them
8:05 am
any more music. >> you know what, i am 30 years into this business. oh, my god. >> i know. you don't have to be stingy with it. share with us. >> you know what, listen, i'm not 25 and -- i feel 35 i'm good. let's leave it right there. i'm at a good pace. you know what i'm saying? i'm at a good pace. i want healthy projects. >> what's that like for you, kevin? i got a little jolt when i saw oprah talking to whitney in that interview from 2009. what's it like for you who saw her very recently? >> it's very bizarre because you look at someone and listen, you go to detroit and you're wondering, what is her state? is she okay? and you know what, she was fine. so it's very, very bizarre to watch her now. i wait for whitney to pop up someplace to be honest with you. you're waiting for her to show up. >> we still should say don't know the exact cause of death. the toxicology reports are not
8:06 am
ready. thank you, both. >> thank you, gayle. there will be more coverage of the grammys and the latest on the death of whitney houston on entertainment tonight and the insider this evening. you can check there was a lot of fun and april few surprises at the grammys from a springsteen, mccartney jam session. yowzah to an exorcism on stage. yikes.
8:07 am
other memorable moments from last night. you're watching "cbs this morning." so we made ocean spray cranberry juice cocktail with a splash of lime. it's so refreshing, your taste buds will thank you. mm... oh, you're welcome. what? my taste buds -- they're thanking me. uh-huh. honestly, i'm having a little trouble with the eyes. find eye popping savings at the sears president's day event starting thursday, get up to 30% off all kenmore appliances and up to 15% off all other appliance brands
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he's my success story. [ laughs ]
8:10 am
he's my success story. ♪ ♪ that is jason aldean and
8:11 am
kelly clarkson at the 54th grammy awards. there was plenty to celebrate, of course. adele won six grammys. tying beyonce's record for most wins in one year by a female artist. foo fighters, chris brown and lady antebellum were also big, big winners. what would a grammy night be out outrageous and controversial moments. here's a look. ♪ it was an emotional might for adele. >> mom ease girl did good. >> won in all topcat gore is, including song of the year, record of the year and album of the year. she won a standing ovation, too for her first on stage performance since vocal cord surgery late last year.
8:12 am
adele proved she still has those golden tone and few voices have stood the test of time better than fellow winner, tony bennett. what is this 17 grammys for you? >> yes. >> it never gets old, does it? >> not at all. wonderful things are happening at my age right now. i have no desire to retire. i love what i do. to try to make people good. when they feel good, i feel so content. >> could it be they're kinder to you or you're a nice guy. >> i am a nice guy. >> i know you are. >> thank you very much. >> i know you are. >> chew me up and spit me out ♪ >> in a not so subtle dig at her ex, russell brand, katy perry wowed the crowd with this revenge song. >> now look at me. >> arguably the most controversial performance, nicki min minaj's over the top, exorcism.
8:13 am
viewers instantly tweeted their outrage. in sharp contrast, it was the simplicity of their sound that brought foo fighters five grammys. including best rock performance one recorded in front man dave grohl's garage. >> singing into a microphone and learning to play an instrument and learning to do your craft, that's the most important thing. it's about what goes on in here and it's about what goes on in here. >> a heartfelt tribute to glen campbell. the biggest names in the business clearly moved. he went public with his diagnosis of alzheimer's led them all in a sing-along of his song, rhinestone cowboy. >> and what better way to end music's biggest night than a yam session with grammy legend, who joins paul mccartney for a trip down abbey road. ♪ >> every moment as you might expect of the grammys had been planned for weeks down to the
8:14 am
second. and then the terrible news broke about whitney houston and suddenly, they really had to find a way to honor her on music's biggest night. the man who made that happen is the executive producer of the grammys. kenner lick. thank you so much. i was thinking backstage everybody was singing your praises. we were wondering how in the world is he going to pull this off. while we deal with the grief of whitney houston and celebrate music's biggest night and its stars. >> what we needed to do was find a balance. we didn't want -- o i had worked with whitney any number of times and so basically had a lot of people that work on the show. we work these kind of shows. we work specials and music shows. so it was devastating basically to most of our staff. but we realized that while we really needed to do something and needed to do something appropriate, we felt that we didn't -- we couldn't lose sight of what the grammys are all about. celebrating great music and so
8:15 am
many other acts had worked so hard to get to that night and had these years that brought them to us that we really didn't want to let this one thing overtab the whole show. >> before it started, you said we're here to celebrate the power of music. i can only imagine what it must have been like for you when you got the news. here's whitney houston a friend of yours, you're the producer of this amazing show. did you instantly think we've got to start from scratch, this has to go, this comes in. i know jennifer hudson was flown in at the last minute. what was your thought process. >> interestingly enough, i didn't think we had to start over. what i thought was we needed to find spots to do something. we needed to respond scriptwise to what ll would say when he came out. >> was the prayer his idea in. >> that was definitely his idea. >> i thought it was a lovely touch. >> it was pretty wonderful. from the beginning, if you set a tone, you can carry that tone through. with jennifer, i don't think it
8:16 am
was a half hour, 45 minutes after we learned what had happened that i called damian smith, jennifer's manager and said we'd love to have you as a part of this. is jennifer up for it? he said absolutely. i called ricky minor who you know was whitney's first musical director and is a long time friend of ours and i said rick, i need you to help. >> was it always the intention to have bruce springsteen open the show? i think everything is better when bruce springsteen and the e street band are involved. let's show a clip of that. that set such a tone when bruce and the band opened the show. i thought it was a celebratory tone from the beginning. ♪ >> even the title of that song, his new hit song, we take care of our own. wow. >> it's endemic.
8:17 am
>> unbelievable. as ll said in his opening after that, you know, bruce is one of the few people in our business who is the conscience of our business. starting with born to run and born in the usa and the rising and devil's and dust and the ghost of tom jones. he's always been this kind of -- he speaks for us. >> i heard him describe -- >> that was why i wanted him to open with that. >> i thought telephone a genius choice. he's america's poet people say. i would like the explanation of nicki minaj. everywhere i went with, people went what? what was she doing or trying to do? that just totally went by me. >> look, one of the things that it's always very important. we don't like to restrict artists creative freedom. she came to us with the idea. often the ideas are ours, sometime the acts that we work with. >> you looked at the idea and said great? >> at that one? >> yeah.
8:18 am
>> i didn't say great. i looked at it and said okay. i knew about her alter ego. aware of what that was. i have some -- i definitely had questions about that. >> certainly something people are talking about along with chris brown's big win. was that a surprise to you? >> it was a shock -- it wasn't a surprise. i was kind of rooting for him. i know how controversial he is. was and still is. if anyone has a reason to maybe be a little questionable about chris, you know, it was on our show three years ago that all of that happened. i believe people deserve a second chance. the year that he's had this year really brought him back into the public. i think he really deserved the second chance. >> a lot of people feel that way and still other people say, well, we'll see. in the end, mr. producer, were you pleased? oh, god, you know the show -- from what i heard afterward. basically, we knew as that show was going along how well it was
8:19 am
going. what a vibe it had. the right tone of whitney. everything really worked together. >> i thought so. thank you so much for coming. i really appreciate it. in her prime, whitney can turn any song into gold. ask diane warren about that. she wrote half a dozen songs for her. we're talking to diane just ahead. you're watching "cbs this morning." junior mints moviefone evil prince bollywood 3-d shark attack ned the head 5% cashback right now, get 5% cashback on movies. it pays to discover. chili's lunch break combos are full of delicious choices, starting at just 6 bucks. choose from savory favorites or our new philly cheesesteak sandwich. layers of shaved steak and grilled peppers served with fries and a tasty soup or salad. chili's lunch break combos. honestly, i'm having a little trouble with the eyes. find eye popping savings at the sears president's day event starting thursday, get up to 30% off all kenmore appliances and up to 15% off all other
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♪ ♪ there's a boy i know he's the one i dream of ♪ looks into my eyes ♪ takes me to the clouds above ♪ ooh, i lose control, can't seem to get enough, uh-huh ♪ when i wake from dreaming ♪
8:31 am
tell me, is it really love ♪ >> welcome back to "cbs this morning." that, of course, whitney houston by herself. just singing to effects, no musicians. just that pure, powerful voice. composer quincy jones is himself a true music legend. he's the career since she was a teenager and he's at his home in los angeles to tell us about this morning. we just have lost him. extraordinary thing about this relationship between whitney houston and the great quincy jones is that he met her when she was only 16. and she had come out of a great royalty, in fact, of music. her mother, cissy houston was a great singer. dionne warwick and the a rooet a frnk lynn. the great quincy meets the great
8:32 am
whitney at 16. quincy, can you hear me? >> yes. >> how are you? >> pardon? >> quincy, we had a little transmission difficulty right there. i was just telling people about you coming from the music legend that you did and having worked with sinatra and so many great people. in new jersey, there was this young 16-year-old singer who had come out of the gospel tradition. when did you meet her and what did you see and hear? >> well, what happened, i met -- it's ironic met valerie and simpson about the same year that whitney was born, 163, when i was vice president of mercury. later on had we were working on the wiz, they told me about this little 16-year-old girl that was -- wrote some songs together for the wiz. they told me about this little girl. she was working on a reading on some broadway show.
8:33 am
they kept raving about how great she was. i heard her and it blew my mind. at the age of 79, these memories stick with you. somehow we will always kind of put together by some kind of divine base i guess. it never went away. when michael jackson -- >> go ahead. go ahead, quincy. >> hello in. >> continue, my friend. we can hear you. >> when michael was doing the album "bad" he had a song called i'm just going to stop loving you, the first person he asked for was whitney or barbra streisand. we eventually used garrett on the same song. that was another reach out there. whitney presented me with the songwriter's hall of fame at the radio city music hall a few years later, i guess that was '87. >> quincy, let me interrupt you.
8:34 am
i want to talk about voice and gift. you were as i said, worked with frank sinatra, you've worked with some of the greats in the history of music. what did she have? tell me about her voice. >> she has -- i guess it's in the dna. because dionne warwick her aunt and her mother cissy, we used to work together all the time. therapy both great singers. what we call "it." >> can you define it? just the voice? >> i'm hearing voices in the back. >> so am i. >>ist just the voice. talk more about the voice and what you do with a gift like that when you have it. >> when you have it, it's like god left his hand on your shoulder longer than anybody else. you have something that comes from deep down and it's a combination of amazing emotion,
8:35 am
but also the instrument that can deliver that emotion. because it has to be the transportation for the emotion. whitney had that at a very young age. i met michael at 12, i met aretha at 12. i met stevie wonder at 12. they had it then at 12 years owed. whitney, i think, she had the same. >> why is it that so many people or notable ones have this gift and also it becomes in a way a burden for them? living up to this remarkable gift that she had that michael had, that amy had. it becomes almost impossible to bear. >> well, it's -- serious battle between what the gift is that god gave you and in most cases, they know that and so to give back to god is the training of that voice and doing the homework and a lot of hard work to make sure that they can
8:36 am
realrea really express themselves. if you don't have all of it together, success is very difficult to work with now. because the bottom line, you have to have humility with the creativity and grace with your success. i've seen thousands of artists literally and those elements, when you get up there and you go from a person nobody knows and they say, there goes michael jackson, there goes whitney houston. you have to be very prepared spiritually with how to take it in the right way. not think it's normal. realize that you're still a terminal for a higher power. you have to have that attitude. i think sinatra's and ray charles all of those people got that attitude going. that's why they stay around so long. >> she sang about love in a stunning way. it was always certainly when she made the transition from gospel
8:37 am
singer to pop diva. the songs that we remember were about love. >> exactly. but all the great singers started in gospel, aretha, dionne warwick, that's how they started. that was a tradition. when they come out, they understand what pure deep downey motion is about. they understand that. that's the transition is easy. that's not difficult. you're dealing -- a song is the vehicle and the lyrics and melody are already preconceived when it's laid out for you. a great song can make a terrible singer sound good but a good singer -- a great song on top of that, you're really in great shape. a great singer cannot make a bad song work. never. i've learned that -- 45 years ago. you cannot save a song. i'm sorry. >> my friend shall you have stayed up all night in california to have this moment with us here and so i am deeply in your gratitude.
8:38 am
>> do i sound like it? do i sound like it, charlie? >> you sound fine. thank you so much. see you soon. >> god bless you, man. bye. >> bye. great observation especially approximate that voice. like god left his hand on her shoulder a little longer. diane warren is one of the best. she'll tell us about working
8:39 am
8:40 am
♪ ♪ some of the warmest tributes to whitney houston have come from other artists who work with her. diane wa warren has been named songwriter of the year. she wrote sen songs for whitney houston including the one you just heard. could i have this kiss forever. diane warren joins us at the
8:41 am
four seasons, our set here. thank you, diane. hello. >> thank you, gayle. >> i know you were up all night too. >> believe me, i understand. >> i wish i was up having fun. i was up not being able to sleep. >> i heard a sentence that stopped me cold for the first time. the body of whitney houston is in the los angeles morgue. they may perform the autopsy later today. just when i hear the body of whitney houston. >> i know. >> how are you processing it as someone who knew her? >> i don't think i've processed it yet. yesterday morning when the picture of the coroner the truck driving away, that's when i started crying, that's when it was real. i was like wow. you know what i mean? it's so surreal. the whole thing is really -- on this weekend. >> it really is. and the timing of it. i remember when her comeback album was coming out and you wrote the song, i didn't know my own strength. the first time i heard it, and it's raw form. it made the hairs on the back of my neck, it gave me goose bumps,
8:42 am
because i thought the lyrics were perfect for her. we'll run a clip of that and i want to know what you were thinking when you wrote this for whitney. okay. i'm sorry. i thought we had the clip of it. >> don't have the clip. >> you can sing it. >> i won't do that to you. >> what were you thinking when you wrote that song? say a couple of the lyric. >> i crashed down and i tumbled. but i did not crumble. i got through all the pain, i didn't know own strength. survived my dashest hour. my faith kept me alive. is that it? i was not built to break. i mean, i really wrote that song for her. a lot of times i write a song, not for a particular artist. that song i really wanted to write her comeback statement. her come back song. >> did you believe that she was coming back and she was okay. we're still waiting for the results. we don't know the official cause of death.
8:43 am
there's a lot of speculation. >> did you really think she was done? >> i did. from what i heard. i thought she got through it all. got to the other side of it. that's what i wrote the song about. i really -- i had had that title first. i didn't write the song. when i knew she was making her comeback record and she was okay, okay, i'm going to write that. i didn't know my own strength. i was so careful with it. i heard her in my head. i'm singing it sounding horrible and hearing her and singing it and hitting those notes and wondering, because she damaged her voice a bit. i was wondering like, will she be able to do it. >> tv jake said something interesting, a bishop from atlanta. said people for whitney houston loved her and supported her for her music and misery. we cheered her on because we so wanted her to be okay. what can you say about both, her music and her misery? >> a lot of great artists are
8:44 am
troubled souls, aren't they? musically her legacy and her work speaks for self-. it will stand the test of time forever. she influenced every singer that we know, modern singer has been influenced by whitney houston, whether it's christina aguilera. >> they will say that. >> mariah. >> they all say it. >> they all got it from whitney. i mean, her music will live on forever. no one will -- i saw when i was staying awake not sleeping, i was watching her perform the national anthem. come on. >> everybody has a favorite whitney houston song. we're all playing them today. diane, thank you for extending the night. i know it's been a long night. i really appreciate it. >> my pleasure, thank you. as diane pointed out, she's been part of our lives for a quarter century. when they come back, what they hear when they sing. goose bumps for me. you're watching "cbs this morning."
8:45 am
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biggest songs and how much they still mean to us. lee, all weekend everybody has a story about a whitney houston song and how it affected them. >> there's a lot of people reminiscing. they will continue to do so over the next days. songs put back in rotation for various tributes. like any good song, they have stories. the stories relates to people's lives and it's hard for people to forget what the stories are and where they were when they heard the songs. >>. ♪ say what you will about that 1980s. but whitney houston made music for moments and you will never
8:48 am
forget. maybe it was your first love your first kiss, but most have a whitney memory. >> saving all my love for you. >> ha does that bring back? >> the first time i met my boyfriend. >> for some, it wasn't even that. it may have been the first time you cranked up the volume. >> walking around the bedroom with the hairbrush singing the song. got to love it. >> right away, put me back to my sophomore year of college in an aerobics class of all things and everybody thinking i want to grow up and sound like her. it was pretty amazing. >> her songs were stories that her fans related to and whether it was 20 years ago or 20 minutes ago, whitney lingers. ♪ and i -- sniej
8:49 am
>> it takes you back to past relationship. you're going to have a love for your ex or whoever it is. >> i will always love you, was a song performed with an honesty few could replicate. her fans weren't shy to admit, it hit pretty close to home. >> it reminded me it explained who you wanted to be with but couldn't be. >> somebody you wanted but couldn't have. >> truly. >> really? >> did you just unveil something here? >> it wasn't him. >> i'm every woman. ♪ if you think whitney was confined to those old enough to remember parachute pants, think again. >> all i remember with that is my mom belting it out in our living room. that was it. >> at just 22 chelsea knew her songs and her friend michelle was actually named at whitney.
8:50 am
much to her surprise. >> kids would make fun of me in middle school. michelle whitney like whitney houston. i said this to my mom one time. she's like oh, no, you're really named after whitney houston. i said what. she was a great singer at the time that you were born in 1989. >> if that makes you feel old, don't worry. in some ways that's the value in what whitney did. her music stands the test of time. and there can be no greater tribute to an artist than that. >> whitney, you did. you give good love. in the introduction, lee, we said the songs of the '80s and 90s. when you listen to the music it does seem so relevant to me today. >> that's the one thing that the
8:51 am
critics have been talking about over the last couple of days. with few exceptions most of her songs didn't really sound '80s or '90s. they don't sound dated. so many people compared her to people like frank sinatra, was able to sell a song that doesn't sound lieb it's dated. they are time less. performances are timeless. that's what people remember the most. you can still play them and not feel too dork i about it. >> sometimes dorky is good. her greatest hits album is now number one. charlie and erica, back to you in new york. >> gayle, thank you very much for the yoe mans work you did out there in los angeles at the grammys and remembering houston. at the end of these two hours, we're focusing on whitney houston because of talent and tragedy. i think most of talent this morning. many of us when asked what we wish we had, what talent. we say the ability to sing, whitney houston had one of the great voices. we never know how to answer the question, what is your responsibility to a gift like that. how do you nourish it?
8:52 am
how do you cherish? how did you give it wings to fly? perhaps only those with the gift can answer those questions. whitney houston had it. in thinking about her dream and her death, i am reminded of what ernest hemingway said of his friend scott fitzgerald. he said talent was as natural as the pen made by the dust on a butterfly's wings. at one time he understood it no more than the butterfly understood it and he did not know it was brushed or marred. later he became conscious of damaged wings and learned to think and could not fly anymore. the love of flight was gone and could only remember when it had been effortless. whitney houston, dead at 48. that does it for us, for erica and me here and for gayle in los angeles. thank you. your local news coming up. we'll see you tomorrow here on your local news coming up. we'll see you tomorrow here on "cbs this morning."
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