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tv   9 News Now at 430am  CBS  February 24, 2012 4:30am-5:00am EST

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they won't be going to get marriage licenses anytime soon. they have provisions that grant a delay until challenges have time to go through the legal system. gary nuremberg, nouses news. in virginia, what's being called the personhood bill is dead for now. yesterday, the general assembly voted to send the bill back to committee until next year. it would define life as starting at conception. the committee did approve a bill requiring preabortion external ultrasound exams. it was eliminate to not require the invasive probe. still happy for a chance of the her say. sandra fluke testified yesterday in front of members of congress about the obama administration's policy that requires employees of religious institutions to have insurance that requires access to birth control. last week no women were allowed
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to testify at the government reform and oversight committee. fluke was the only witness sponsored by a handful of democrats. >> without insurance coverage, contraception as you know can cost a women over $3,000 during law school. far lot of students who like me are on public interest scholarships that's an entire summer's salary. >> the speech was met by applause from young women. republicans are pushing legislation to allow insurance plans to opt out of any mandate on contraception coverage if they have moral objections. young girls being forced to have sex for money if and now one of the men is going to prison. in falls church, virginia and the budget inn on leeline highway were two of the places and they believe it also took place in cars on 7/11 on
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patrick henry drive. the federal jury convicted rances amaya of conspiring to commit sex trafficking of a child and three counts of sex trafficking three girls. u.s. attorneys' office says the 23-year-old was an ms 13 gang member who exploited young girls, the victims needed to have sex somewhere eight to ten customers a day. an appeal could be in the works for george huguely. he was convicted of second degree murder of his ex- girlfriend yeardley love and this was very difficult evidence for jurors to see. ian was one of the panel meers and he eing the pictures of love's battered body was especially difficult as was seeing the pain on her family's faces dealing with their loss. a jury recommended 26 year prison sentence for huguely. he'll be formally sentenced in
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april coming up. one top female student arrested after disrupting classes yesterday at laurel high school. police say the student falsely reported another girl had pulled a gun on her. after investigating police found there was no gun. the classes resumed. louisa county high school will get $19 million from the federal emergency management agency. they're going to repair from the earthquake back in august. the virginia governor bob mcdonnell said rebuilding the school is going to cost $43 million. fema already awarded $3.2 million to louisa county to help rebuild thomas jefferson school. making news now at 4:33. army private accused of leaking classified information deferred his plea. >> private first class bradley manning was arraigned yesterday at fort meade. he faces 22 counts including
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aiding the enemy. his attorney says his client is clubbed and never should have been -- troubled and never should have been given access to the files. he deferred a choice to be tried by military judge or military jury. as violence continues to escalate in syria the united states, europe and arab nations are crafting an ultimatum for syrian president bashar al- assad demanding access for humanitarian relief to areas hardest hit by government forces. susan mcginnis has more from syria. >> reporter: government forces have been bombing the syrian city of holmes for more than two weeks. they are reportedly blocking food and medical supplies from reaching the rebel stronghold. secretary of state hillary clinton and leaders of about 70 countries including much of the arab world are expected to demand a cease fire so humanitarian aid can reach holmes. in tunisia today, it includes
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ways to pressure the president, bashar al-assad to step down. >> we must never lose sight of what this is about. >> reporter: the united nations estimates more than 5400 people have died in the prodemocracy uprising in the past year. u. n. investigators say al- assad's regime is committing serious crimes against humanity. one will return to syria to fight if he has to. >> we will not lift our people in holmes. we don't -- we will not let them -- we will go there and die there. >> reporter: the white house has said it wants a diplomatic edge to the crisis in syria but in recent days the administration signaled it may consider other options including supporting opposition forces. >> it is clear to me that there will be a breaking point. >> reporter: sources tell cbs news some arab countries are
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now supplying rebels with reps. syrian -- weapons. syrian opposition groups are expected to attend the conference in tunisia to talk about a conversion to democracy. penn state received a federal subpoena related to former assistant football coach jerry sandusky. he is accused of molesting ten boys, charges the former coach denies. prosecutors are looking for certain information about sandusky. his charity, the university, and thre administrators. a spokeswoman for penn state said the school is cooperating with the request. in campaign 2012 when you are the front runner you get the most scrutiny and it's rick santorum's turn now. mitt romney attacking santorum for his stance on no child left behind. nancy courts has more. >> reporter: rick santorum and his fiscally conservative creditables came under -- yes
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deppables came under -- credentials came under heavy scrutiny. >> you were fighting to save the bridge to nowhere. >> reporter: to his vote in favor of bush's no child left behind education law. >> you voted for it but now running on the et to get rid of it. >> reporter: santorum's response was candid but didn't bolster the tough outsider image. >> i have to admit i voted for that. it was against the principles i believed in but you know, when you're part of the team sometimes you take one for the team for the leader and i made mistake. >> reporter: santorum came to congress as a crusader. a 32-year-old warrior from pittsburgh, pennsylvania who joined ranks with six other ambitious new house republicans to root out corruption. in congress. >> rick came in, in 1990 and he was one of the quote unquote gang of seven. >> reporter: republican congressman dan burton of indiana was one of santorum's
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closest colleagues. >> we had an awful lot of members of congress that were overdrawing their accounts. and it became a huge scandal. and so those seven made their reputation collectively by going after the bank scandal. >> reporter: that reputation helped propel santorum into the senate after just four years in the house. he quickly became an outspoken voice on social issues. >> 4,000 children a day die of abortion. >> reporter: he pushed for intelligent design to be naught schools alongside evolution and introduced a bill to ban late term abortions. >> that is not a blob of tissues ladies and gentlemen. that is a living, human being. >> reporter: but his social positions put him out of step with his more moderate state as he ran for re-election in 2006. >> this is not a standard 12 point race, this is a very close race. >> reporter: it wasn't and he lost to democrat bob casey by 18 points. as of today, only three members
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of congress have endorsed santorum compared to 78 members for mitt romney. it's a sign that many of his former colleagues are still skeptical that santorum can defeat romney going forward. despite what the national polls say. nancy cortez, cbs news, capitol hill. it is 4:39. another investigation was opened by an australian coroner into the 1980 case where a woman claimed is dinghy ate her baby. 9 we'll disappeared from the ---week-old disappeared from the tent in the outback. her mother always insisted a dingo took her baby and there may be some truth to her statement. all right, he has been the hot story in the sports world for weeks now but jeremy lin hit a bump in his road to stardom and we're not talking about the performance on the court. the rules of the road apply to cars but what about
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cyclists? why some drivers are taking issue with peddlers who ignore red lights. we'll be right back.
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welcome back, 4:42. howard with you, the severe weather alert day, we've got a high wind warning and a wind advisory closer in and potential for some strongest severe storms also so today windy. the winds west 20 at 3:00. that doesn't tell the story of the gusts which could be near 50 in town and also the threat for a few showers and maybe a few thunderstorms, the 70s today and turning colder over the weekend and full details in just a minute. right now monika with timesaver traffic. in fair oaks on 66,
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eastbound, westbound there had been overnight construction here at route 50. it looks like everything's been picked up and you're good to go through the area. more on virginia roadways in a few minutes. andrea and mike? it's time for the first your money segment of the morning. >> here we go, the dow made another run at 13,000 today but fell a smidge short adding 46 points and ending the day at 12985. got as high as 12,996 at one point. s&p gained six and the nasdaq finished up 24. we've been talking about this for days, the rising gas prices, well now there's concern the rapidly rising prices at the pump will cut into household budgets and slow the economic recovery. gas prices are up 10%soever this year. triple a says the national average for a gallon of unleaded is $3.66 but in places like new york city and
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california they're being hit with $4 a gallon gas. the prices stopped after iran stopped exporting oil to france and britain. pepsi hoping the win back customers who don't want the calories but hate the taste of diet pop. the second largest cola company announced plans to roll out a compromise they're calling pepsi next. it has half the calories of regular pepsi and it's expected to hit shelves next month. nba break-out star jeremy lin has filed to trademark the term linsanity but he's not the only one. so far, seven applications have been filed with the u.s. patent and trademark office. the term was coined after lin's meteoric rise to basketball stardom. it would give the knicks' point guard exclusive rights to put linsanity on a variety of products including clothes mugs and even action figures. the nba says right now lin jerseys are the hottest selling jerseys online. it is one of the hardst things to do.
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welcome back to 9news now. 4:48 on this friday morning. warmer today than yesterday, but the winds are going to be the real subject. >> the winds are going to be a problem and potentially strong to severe storms could be a problem as well. two issues that have really caused me the pull the trigger on the severe weather alert day. as far as the winds what you can do to, don't put the garbage out. you got lawn furniture out. try to secure that. basketball hoop still standing maybe just lower that because we're talking about gusts in the yellower areas at 50 miles per hour. the orange areas that's the wind warning. when you get up towards frederick and carroll and lou down and northern fauquier and points west the areas could see gusts potentially 50 to 60 miles an hour. that could cause problems knocking down some tree branches and maybe a tree here or there. certainly some power outages as
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well. cans will be flying away if you put them out. we have a couple of showers for the bus stop forecast. we're dealing that. windy and mild, 40s and 50s sunrise 6:48 and it sets about 6:4524 afternoon. i think a decent amount of sunshine and the winds are really going to pick up and the sustained winds out of the southwest at 11, 16, it's going to be the gusts to 30, 40, 50 miles an hour especially during the midday and afternoon that you're definitely going to have the issues with and occasionally showers and even strong thunderstorms will be possible. best chance of the storms will be south and east of washington where we're actually under a slight risk from the storm prediction center. the live look at the radars with the lightning. you'll notice the lightning earlier northern virginia, that's diminished. and down here southwestern virginia, they've actually issued a tornado warning for one of those cells and we'll be watching all this activity as it moves off to the east and on live doppler 9000 hd, i'm in toward the winchester area. we've seen heavier showers pull out of west virginia now just
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about to winchester. also papa's crossing 522 there in eastern west virginia but the heaviest stuff just south of winchester and just north of steven city. about to cross interstate 81. so it's coming through winchester headed toward oh berryville, and again even openerville you have to watch out. this could be headed your way in about 20 to 30 minutes. temperatures low to mid-40s north. upper 40s in fredericksburg but look we have 63 already in tappahannock, they could be upper 70s down there before the day is out. michael & son weather camera looking good. that barometer really low 29.49. storm system bringing a lot of rain and even snow well to the north. that's the first line of showers this morning that we'll be dealing with but that front is not going to be coming through until later so we could have another line of showers and storms. when that happens the severe weather could be an issue. well the severe risk is right
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there. i'll get the right stuff for you generally south and east of 95 and you can see the storms that will be happening. some of the showers this morning especially north through 9:00 a.m. will get through middle of the day, not too bad and then in the afternoon with the second line of showers, you see that western richmond here at 3:00? you might be up toward fredericksburg, these areas are going to have to watch for those strong to severe thunderstorms by 5:00. the winds will start to kick out of the northwest later on this afternoon and the evening. the colder air moves in, the mountain snow showers will start to fly and the cold will return to the region in a big way. back toward normal which is in the upper 40s for the eastbound. today 74 very windy. couple of showers and storms. maybe severe ones south and east. sunday also in the upper 40s after being near freezing saturday night so going a feel a lot more like winter. monday low 50s and then back in the 60s by tuesday with maybe more rain and thunder on wednesday. looks like spring is springing
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a little early monika. like a roller coaster ride weather-wise and you know what though? otherwise friday morning light on the beltway and all around town. there are no big issues to report. i'm happy so say. i'm going to start off with the northbound side of i-95. it's nice and light crossing the occoquan river. you can see all that green trying to get up into springfield. we'll take a live look at the franconia springfield parkway at the traffic lam camera. very light. this that's the northbound side heading for the beltway. further north and take a look on a map and -- actually we'll take a look at 395 and shirlington. no problems here as well. very, very light and moving well this morning to the 14th street bridge. over into downtown, no problems the report at the pentagon at the 14th street bridge here. the northwest corridor looks great. in fact a live look downtown at pennsylvania avenue near the willard hotel and you can see it's just that traffic light slowing things down. coming coming up in my next report, we'll go into maryland at 4:55. thank you monika.
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it's a pretty well-known fact that a red light means stop. >> but for tom cyclists a red light seems to be just another pretty color. ken molestina explains. >> reporter: the district is infamously known to have some of the worst drivers and most congested streets in the country. now you can add disobedient city bike listst to the list. -- boilists to the list. >> reporter: that's what we saw in dupont circle over and over again. this psychist seemed to be more interested in showing off for the camera than in obeying the red light. james hash strapped on a helmet cam to get a closer look but check out what we saw from another camera. james is stopped at the light and gets passed by a daring cyclist who never stops. this guy speeds through a red light and darts in front of a metrobus that narrowly misses him. so by now you get @ point. this happens all the time. but what's just as interesting is the reason some of these
4:54 am
bicyclists give as to why. we're doing a story on bicyclists that disobey red lights. >> i do it all the time. >> i'm a newspaper carrier. >> do you do that a lot? >> i don't want to talk about it on camera. >> i definitely know the rules and it's miraculous that i'm thankful to jesus that i haven't had an vent. >> reporter: but not all cyclists are as unapologetic about ignoring the rules. in fact this rider says he makes it a point to be responsible. >> i want to be respected by motorists when they're out driving because you know, they -- can easily you no harm can kill me if they don't respect me as a cyclist. >> reporter: they're constantly having near misses with road cyclists. >> there's a sense of self- importance like the universe revolves around them but traffic safety is a community
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activity. >> great statement there. that's true. ken molestina reporting. just a reminder it is illegal to run red lights in virginia and in maryland and the district you can get hit with a $25 ticket. question of the morning now. >> all right. still with that -- helmets on and they run stop signs, wow. time to take a look at the question of the morning -- >> what do you think the answer is? leave your guess on our facebook page and we'll share some of your comments in the next half hour and the answer at 6:00 this morning. we'll be right back.
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good morning, welcome back
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to 9news now, here's howard with weather. >> yeah, lots going on. we already have some heavier showers showing up towards winchester and areas north and west of town. we've got a severe weather alert day here at wusa9 due to the wind warnings and advisories that are in effect. and the threat of severe weather later this afternoon as the front approaches. first things first that wind advisory covering the washington and baltimore metros up and down i-95 here with gusts potentially to 50 miles an hour. later on and that's going to be a real problem 60 north and west. let's go over to monika samtani now. she's got your timesaver traffic. we're going to take a look at the american legion bridge on the west side of town. no problems to report across the potomac river here. more on maryland roadways in a couple of minutes. back to you guys. its is the new year, are you having trouble losing that spare tire? we have five changes in fact. according to men's health, you should eat eggs for breakfast. yeah. nutritious research found that people who eat eggs in the morning consume fewer total calories for the rest of the
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day. number two, stand up whenever you're reeding or taking a phone call at work. standing burns one and a half times more calories than sitting on your big old butt. three, do not eat in front of the tv. university of massachusetts study says people who did took in nearly more than 300- calories more per day. four, weigh yourself each week. three or four successful die -- three out of four successful dieters do this and number five, try to have an apple for lunch. chewing triggers satiating. >> what's that word? >> you feel fuller. >> right. >> you're done. >> you're done. >> okay. >> there you have it. >> i like the producer for throwing that one at you. >> i also heard you should sit down and eat because it will slow you down and slowing you down will help you feel fuller for a


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