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tv   CBS This Morning  CBS  February 29, 2012 7:00am-9:00am EST

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good morning. it is wednesday, february 29, 2012, leap day. welcome to studio 57 at the cbs broadcast center. i am charlie rose. two big wins for mitt romney as he beats rick santorum in both arizona and michigan. we'll talk with our bob schieffer about what it all means. also, wild weather strikes the nation's heartland. deadly tornadoes across kansas and missouri, while a major blizzard heads east. i'm gayle king. there are new questions over what prompted an ohio teenager to kill three other students. we'll talk with the parents of one of the victims. i'm erica hill. many eyes following a debris field floating across the pacific heading towards the u.s. plus, actor don cheadle
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stops by studio 57. first, we begin with a look at today's eye-opener. your world in 90 seconds. thank you, michigan. what a win. this is a big night. thank you, guys. >> mitt romney regains republican momentum winning primaries in arizona and michigan. >> we didn't win by a lot but we won by enough and that's all that counts. >> the new romney winning closely in his home state, like charlie sheen barely winning a primary in a hooters. may have to use the backup plan for mormons to posthumously name him president. >> they know who we are now. >> a tornado outbreak in the plains kills at least one and levels a small kansas town. >> the extent of the damage and i'm sure you'll be surprised also that more people weren't hurt. i was right by the shooter when he pulled the gun. >> okay.
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who was the shooter? >> his name is thomas lane. >> the accused ohio school gunman admits pulling the trigger. as three families mourn children lost. >> don't go, daniel, don't go. >> a coast guard helicopter that has crashed in mobile bay. >> four people were on board. they're still out there looking for three. >> blizzard warnings remain in effect for portions of minnesota and the dakotas as well. >> the dow settling above 13,000. >> it hadn't closed above 13,000 since 2008. >> all that. >> we could be getting your first look at the new ipad a week from today. >> being rescued from quicksand-like mud. >> all that matters. >> people got together in new orleans to form human dominos. >> on "cbs this morning." >> leap day, you guys. [ applause ] >> this is something that only happens once every four years.
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or as newt gingrich calls that, happens once every four years. or as newt gingrich calls that, a situp. captioning funded by cbs welcome to "cbs this morning" am in this up and down republican race, mitt romney is up again at a crucial time. romney won the arizona and michigan primaries on tuesday. he beat rick santorum by three points in michigan after a bruising campaign. >> that gives romney a big boost going into next week's super tuesday contest. national correspondent chip reid is in detroit to begin our coverage this morning. chip, good morning. >> reporter: well, good morning, erica and charlie. it certainly is a tremendous relief for mitt romney that he won here in michigan, the state where he was born and raised. but the fact that the race was so close and so fiercely fought suggests that the republican party is still deeply divided about mitt romney. >> we didn't win by a lot but we won by enough and that's all that counts. >> it sounded like a big sigh of relief from mitt romney who held
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off rick santorum for a badly needed win in michigan the state where romney was born and raised. he never mentioned santorum, turning all of his fire on president obama. >> these days when he's not spending our money or infringing on our rights, he's busy running for reelection. >> in arizona, romney has expected won big beating santorum. >> in michigan it was a nailbiter to the end. >> we came bo the backyard of one of my opponents in a race that everyone said, well, just ignore, you have no chance here x and the people of michigan looked into the hearts of the candidates and all i have to say is i love you back. >> santorum made the race close by targeting blue collar voters and keying in on social issues dear to the hearts of evangelical christians, including birth control and religious freedom. now the fight moves to
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washington state, then to the ten states of super tuesday where more than 400 delegates are up for grabs. 66 of them in ohio. a new poll in that crucial swing state shows rick santorum with the advantage. 11 points ahead of romney. despite the uncertain republican race, the white house is keeping its focus squarely on romney. yesterday in a speech to the united auto workers union, president obama praised the 2009 federal bailout of the car industry and took a swipe at romney who strongly opposed the president's plan. >> the other option was to do absolutely nothing. and let these companies fail and you will recall there were some politicians who said we should do that. >> romney is not wasting any time today. he heads straight for ohio where he's expected to wage another tough battle with rick santorum and if santorum has his way, the questions and the doubts about
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mitt romney will begin all over again. erica and charlie sm. >> chip, thanks. with us now is bob schieffer. or as we call him, chief. >> chief. >> face the nation correspondent. >> chief chief. >> did romney win this or did santorum lose it? >> you know, that is a very, very difficult question. i mean, when you think about was it the fact that romney was bragging about how many cadillacs his wife had and at the same time rick santorum is deciding to run against john kennedy in the speech he made back in 1960. i tell you, charlie, this is not going to be a chapter in the great profiles of really smart political strategy. i don't think. >> this is a divided party? >> it is a very divided party. the numbers really kind of told us that last night when you look at them. about 30% of the people who voted last night told us that the most important thing to them was who can beat barack obama. now, romney just crushed santorum, he got about
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60-something percent of the vote there. you go a little further down to the people who said what is the most important thing to me, it is good strong character. in that category, santorum crushes romney. so i mean, this is a party that's still trying to think about what it really wants here. >> so there's no momentum coming out of michigan or very little? >> well, i tell you this. romney won and that means he doesn't have to spend this week talking about why he lost in his home state. he can go on and move on. but now you've got polls showing that rick santorum looks very strong out there in ohio. >> maybe 11 points up in ohio. the big issue, especially in ohio, the economy, jobs. as we saw in michigan at least when that was the most important issue for voters, they tended to go for romney. does rick santorum have the economic message he needs to hoeltd on to that lead? >> we'll find out. i'm not sure we've seen that so far.
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we keep saying he's not basing his campaign on social issues and then he makes speeches about social issues. can he broaden that out? i think that's the question. >> what does romney have to do? >> i guess just keep hanging in there. he just keeps on keeping on. he still owe is there anything -- i guess in nevada he got 50% of the vote out there. >> he won all the delegates in arizona. >> last night in arizona. he can't seem to get up to 50% of his own party. in nearly every one of these primaries, more people have voted against mitt romney or voted for somebody else than voted for him. he's still got a selling job do. >> it's on to super tuesday. when you look at romney, why does he commit all these gaffs. you've been around politics for a while. >> it's kind of hard to understand this. i read this book "the real romney". >> written by the guys at the
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boss to be globe. >> what you come away understanding is that this is truly a man of faith. his faith is mormonism. he was a missionary. he's been a leader in his church, given tremendous amounts of money to his church. he's reluctant to talk about that because people, his consultants don't do that. people will think mormonism is a cult. he was a pretty good governor of massachusetts. he didn't raise taxes. people seemed to like him. he doesn't want to talk about that. people accused him of being a moderate. he was a very successful businessman, but if he talks about that, people say but you only paid 15% in income taxes. so there's about three quarters of him that he can't seem comfortable talking about. i think that's part of his problem. >> as it was said, let reagan be reagan and someone said which reagan. >> but there was a reagan there. and republicans are not
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convinced yet -- there's a big part of this party that he really is a conservative. that seems to be where his selling job is. >> glad to have you back. >> proud to be here. >> thanks, chief. we have a lot of severe weather across the country this morning. rescue efforts are under way after tornadoes caused heavy damage in kansas and missouri. at least one person is dead, many more hurt. a state of emergency has been dee layered in harveyville, kansas, south of topeka. dozens of buildings were destroyed, two people critically injured. a dozen injuries in brandon, missouri. a major tourist destination. klor, we're in branson. >> good morning, erica and charlie. as you see around me, the devastation is vast from kansas to missouri to right here in branson. debris scattered as far as the eye can see and buildings completely wiped out. as of right now, one person reported dead in southwest missouri. here in branson, thankfully,
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only minor injuries. as you can see, entire buildings completed gutted, power outages and lots and lots of debris. bringing you more details throughout this morning. for now, reporting in branson, i'm mike corcoran, "cbs this morning." that line of storms is now pushing into western kentucky, tennessee and arkansas. it is expected to bring heavy downpours, hail and severe winds throughout the day. now, the upper midwest, where a major blizzard warning is causing big trouble. freezing temperatures and up to a foot of snow are expected from the dakotas to wisconsin. now, the storm is said to head east after that. jamie yuccas of wcco tv is watching the storm in brainerd, minnesota. >> good morning, erica and charlie. this is the worst snowstorm of the season, which is really saying something this late in the year in brainerd, minnesota. it's lightly snowing right now as you can see. but later today, we could get 3 inches to a foot of snow.
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the snowstorm covering a huge amount of the united states right now. from the dakotas here in minnesota to wisconsin. snowplow drivers have been out all night working on the roads. the snow system started as rain causing many slick spots out on the roadways. we'll continue to do -- it will continue to do so throughout the day. while the system wraps up here, it will head east and could be in new york by thursday. for "cbs this morning," i'm jamie yuccas in brainerd, minnesota. in morning, officials in chardon, ohio, say there was no reason why a 17-year-old shot five other students on monday. the suspect, tj lane, did not even know them. >> three of the wounded students have died. one other victim is still in serious condition. michelle miller is in chardon this morning. michelle, good morning. >> good morning. well, prosecutors have begun to unravel what up until now has been a miss industry. why? why did this shooting happen here? they have until tomorrow to bring charges against their
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suspect. >> accused gunman tj lana riefd for his first court appearance shielded by a bulletproof vest. inside the 17-year-old sat out of camera range with his grandfather and two aunts. prosecutors say they'll likely charge lane as an adult with three counts of aggravated murder in monday's deadly rampage. >> 911, where is your emergency? >> we just had a shooting at our school. we need to get out of here. >> okay. ma'am, we got -- a school shooting. ma'am, what school? >> chardon, high school. >> knewly released 911 tapes capture the terrifying scene as it unfolded. >> yes. i'm a student, i was right by the shooter when he pulled the gun. >> who was the shooter? >> his name is thomas lane. >> prosecutor david joyce says lane has admitted to taking a knife and a .22 caliber pistol into the school, pulling the trigger ten times. >> he chose victims at random.
7:14 am
this is not about bullying, this is not about drugs. >> three victims, russell king, junior, demetrius hewlin and danny parmertor died. who others were injured, including 18-year-old joy rickers who was released from the hospital tuesday. assistant football coach frank hall is being credited with saving lives after he chased lane out of the school. >> chardon has always been great, it's going to be great. i thank everybody for their thought and prayers. >> last night thousands of residents in the tight knit community gathered once again to remember the victims. >> just coming together as a group, coming together in the same spirit. what better way is there than that to begin the healing. >> school will be open today for students and staff to seek grief counseling. classes resume tomorrow. i had the chance to speak to the parents of 16-year-old daniel parmertor. bob and dina parmertor and their
7:15 am
eldest son dominick wanted people to know that danny was a good boy, that he enjoyed laughing and making other people laugh. that he dreamed of going to ohio state university to study computer science. they say he deserved -- he didn't deserve this. >> it was a call and had danny's picture on it on my cell phone. i said, oh, he's calling me. it's okay. and i answered. and it was commotion and it was kirk land fire chief or something. i don't know. he says danny is being life flighted to the hospital right now. you have to go to metro. i said i want to talk to him. let me talk to him. >> they were still doing cpr on him.
7:16 am
bloody. fight, fight. he tried. >> he did. he did. we said don't go, danny, don't go. >> don't go, danny. >> he fought. he just didn't have no brainwaves left. >> in the space of 24 hours, life has turned upside down. how do you deal with that? >> it's terrible. no parent wants to think about this, picking out a casket. what is that? picking out a casket for your son? i don't want to do it. we're supposed to go and pick out colleges and supposed to visit ohio state next month.
7:17 am
i'm mad now. i'm mad. just want my little boy. that's just it, he was so little. just 16. he was 16 years old. he didn't get to live his life. it was taken. he didn't do anything to anybody. he just didn't deserve that. i want him back. i want him back. i can't think about that. i just want him back. my heart is broken. >> as far as my emotions, tumbling down february 27th. i know my life will never be the same again. i will get better. but right now, i'll never be -- there will always be something
7:18 am
missing. >> charlie, erica, two other families are now sharing that grief. >> michelle, thank you. as you watch that, i've never seen such a powerful testimony to what it means to lose your child and as people watch that, they will know that many hearts are broken. we want to turn now and show you some of this morning's headlines from around the globe. the boston globe says reported daniel paerl was posthumously baptized in twin falls, idaho. he was kidnapped and beheaded after the 9/11 attack. his wife says it says a lack of respect for pearl and his parents. the terrorist attention center at guantanamo has a new soccer field. the miami herald said it cost 3 quarters of a million dollars. only those cooperate will be allowed to use it. hank haney claimed that a few years ago woods thought about becoming a a navy seal.
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the houston chronicle reports on a new plan to keep drunks out of jail. houston police arrest 19,000 people a year for public intoxication. now the city is opening a sobering center where alcohol abusers who committed no other crime can just this national weather report sponsored by starbucks. introducing starbucks blond
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roast, the lighter roast perfected. >> a fas sif massive field of debris is getting close to hawaii. what's being done to prepare the west coast. more than a thousand people aboard a crippled italian cruise ship won't reach port until tomorrow. we'll see what congress is doing to investigate cruise ship safety both here and abroad. you're watching "cbs this morning."
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18 years old. stuck in the mud near melbourne, australia, his owner never left him as rescuers dug them out and yes, we have good news. astro is okay. >> good for astro. >> very calm, too. >> good for astro. some islands about to be hit by debris from a japanese tsunami. bits of houses, boats, clothes, cars all heading towards the united states as we approach the one-year anniversary of that
7:26 am
disaster. >> we'll ask philippe cousteau what's most disturbing about this mitt romney had some trouble
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winning his home state. for a politician, losing your home state is unthinkable. you imagine being rejected from the place you call home. that would be like bill clinton getting thrown out of a strip club. welcome back to "cbs this morning." the floating trash from the tsunami a year ago is halfway across the pacific ocean. scientists expect some of it to reach hawaii in the next couple of weeks. the west coast of the u.s. will see it after that. eventually, we're told as much as 100,000 tons of debris could wash up on u.s. shores. john blackstone takes a look at what happens when it does. >> from automobiles to fishing boats, the japanese tsunami
7:31 am
swept an estimated 4 to 8 million tons of debris into the pacific. much of it sank close to the japanese coast, but oceanographer 1 to 2 million tons was aushd out to sea. it's enough trash to cover 500 football fields six feet deep. now it's at the mercy of the ocean current. >> it's not a floating mass of trash or debris, i should say, but rather, it is dispersed over a large region of the pacific ocean. >> a computer generated model shows the widening area where the debris is now likely to be found. spread along a path a thousand miles wide and 2,000 miles long and headed toward the united states. >> what we do not know is when exactly that debris will make landfall, how much will make landfall and largely, what is the composition of that debris that will make landfall. >> so within a couple of years, beach combers on the west coast may be able to find remnants of
7:32 am
the tsunami carried all the way from japan. but only about 5% of everything that's floating out there is expected to make it to shore. in hawaii, oceanographer nikolai maximenko said it could arrive there this year and by next year reach the coast of washington and oregon. >> good news is that amount of debris that is actually going to impact the coastline is only a small fraction. >> what doesn't wash ashore will become trapped in the middle of the ocean. it is there that the remnants of the tragedy in japan are destined to remain floating far out at sea for years. for "cbs this morning," john blackstone in san francisco. >> with us now is an environmental advocate, philippe cousteau. good morning. >> good morning. >> what is the impact of all of this and especially the impact on the ecosystem?
7:33 am
>> you know, what's first and foremost important to remember, charlie, is that this was an unpreventible disaster. the tsunami and it's still affecting the lives and livelihoods of people in japan. it's still a disaster. marine debris as a whole is preventible. this is a stark reminder of a bigger problem. it's polluting and trashing our oceans all over the world. >> as you look at that philippe, the debris around the world. let's focus on this field. what within this massive amount of debris concerns you the most? >> well, the unpredictable nature of it. what you heard in the report with the scientists, we just don't know exactly what exists out there that makes this unique. parts of houses, lumber, cars, even refrigerators could be floating out there. exactly where it's going and how those dynamics work with ocean current is still relatively a young science.
7:34 am
we don't know a lot about where it's going to show up, how much will show up. as you heard, we think that some of it will start showing up in the outer hawaiian islands, midway island this march and continue you on for the next year to year and a half. >> realistically, how much can be done before that? i mean, is there any way to get in there and take some of this debris out, especially the items you're most concerned about? >> you know, there could be hazardous waste, certainly dangerous materials that are floating in that debris field. it's very, very difficult because of the nature of the way the oceans work and how spread out over thousands of miles that debris is. it's really difficult to go in and remove any of that debris effectively. a lot of it right now is just a wait and see game and it's kind of scary. it reminds us of this bigger issue of ocean pollution. >> gps allows us to track it all, does it not in. >> well, unfortunately, it's so spread out. initially, when the debris was concentrated off the coast of
7:35 am
japan, satellites were able to track it. but now that a few million tons of debris has spread out over thousands of miles, some of it is suspended just below the ocean. so it's very, very difficult to track it with any kind of gps. it's really a relatively new unpredictable science. a lot of people forget that the oceans are a dynamic place and there are so many different current and eddies and wind patterns can affect them. it's almost impossible to predict with any extreme accuracy where the different dee brees will end up. >> philippe cousteau, good to see you. thank for joining us. >> thanks for having me. a new couple who survived the costa concordia wreck will share their terrifying story today with congress. we'll hear about their ordeal. and tomorrow, rebecca jarvis looks at a new trend. shoe clubs. this is not just for me and gayle. charlie is interested too.
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you snow the german chancellor, angela merkel. you know about her. angela merkel. she was at a thing and a waiter dmped a tray of beer on angela merkel. >> what's worse, angela merkel? a, a waiter spilling five beers all over your shoulders? or b, george w. bush giving you an unsolicited shoulder rub. if you guessed b, you are correct? see you next week on what's worse, angela merkel? >> angela merkel. >> oh, my. >> there's a disabled italian cruise liner still a day away from safety in pirate infested waters. helicopters are dropping food to more than 1,000 passengers and crew on the costa allegra. >> one passenger has a brother who survived the costa concordia disaster. their mother is understandably
7:41 am
worried sick. >> it was a nightmare that we didn't have we'd have to relive. especially within six weeks. we've count ourselves as very unfortunate. >> the issue of cruise ship safety has made it to capitol hill this morning where a house committee will hear more from survivors of last month's tragedy. whit johnson is on capitol hill this morning. whit, good morning. >> erica, good morning to you. that disaster aboard the costa concordia last month has put cruise ship safety in the worldwide spotlight. with 12 million americans traveling on cruise ships each year, lawmakers want to make sure something like that does not happen again. >> emily lau and benji smith just two weeks before the boston couple boarded the costa concordia. a honeymoon cruise that turned into a nightmare on january 13th. >> we felt like we were going to die. >> when the ship grounded, then capsized after veering too close to the italian shore, the couple says safety and order were lost in the panic.
7:42 am
>> we don't know where our life jackets are. we know to go the fourth deck where the lifeboats are but we didn't know where on the fourth deck to go. it was really scary. >> our survivors, maritime experts and cruise line representatives are all expected to testify today in the first of two congressional hearings. the costa concordia is owned by carnival cruise lines, but was under italian jurisdiction. a common dilemma. florida congressman john micah hopes to address it. >> the united states can only control ships leaving from its port. we're also subject to international conventions and regulations. some of those we may need to lobby to get updated. >> but the cruise industry is already making changes. all ships must now go over safety with passengers before they leave port. something that wasn't previously still, many are asking questions about the sheer size of these floating cities and whether they're too big to evacuate in a true emergency. >> that's an issue that we need
7:43 am
to be looking at. >> but the cruise industry insists, bigger ships are actually better. >> the technology that you can apply to address safety issues is much greater on a bigger vessel. >> some survivors remain unconvinced and hope the hearings on capitol hill will lead to real solutions. >> i'd like to hear them say that they're going to fix their mistakes rather than making excuses. >> the cruise lines say, despite the recent incident, their ships are still safe. one industry expert pointed out to us that in the nine years leading up to the costa concordia disaster, there were only six passenger deaths that could be defined as marine casualties. >> whit johnson in washington
7:44 am
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courtesy of chase freedom. [ whirring ] oh, boy. [ male announcer ] earn 5% cash back at gas stations this quarter. activate your 5% cash back at ♪ freedom watch this. you are about to see a world record shattered. paper airplanes that you're watching traveled 226 feet, 10 inches inside a hangar in mcclel an air force base outside of sacramento. broke the record by nearly 10 feet. the guy used to play quarterback for cal. >> that's longer than a football field almost. >> impressive. to make it go that far, color me impressed. it is leap year as you know and today is leap dayment do you know why we need this extra day every four years? >> turns out, charlie, there's a very good reason for it.
7:49 am
we're going to have everything you need to know about leap day and leap year including why it's a good day for women to pop the question. ladies. >> first, though, time for "healthwatch." here's dr. holly phillips. >> good morning. in today's "healthwatch," sleep and your memory. it turns out the amount and quality of sleep you get at night may affect your memory later in life. a new study tested sleep patterns of people between the ages of 45 and 80 who did not have any memory problems. those who slept less than 6 and a half hours or had tiny wakenings throughout the night were more likely to develop plaque in their brains. the plaque is a hallmark of alzheimer's disease and usually shows up years before memory loss begins. although it's too soon to be sure, researchers think lack of sleep could be a risk factor for alzheimer's. improving sleep could pry prevent or slow the illness. it's important for memories
7:50 am
throughout our lives, especially in childhood. sleep deprived kids don't learn as efficiently and sleep plays a role in turning short term memories into long-term ones. that's essential for learning new information. ultimately, the research is more evidence of how important sleep it to our physical and mental health and another reminder to try to get enough shut eye every night. i am dr. holly phillips. >> cbs "healthwatch" sponsored by alka seltzer plus. available in a liquid gel. un-stuff your nose. really? , nyqt [ male announcer ] alka-seltzer plus liquid gels fights your worst cold symptoms, plus it relieves your stuffy nose. [ deep breath ] thank you! that's the cold truth! thank you! ♪ pop goes the world ♪ it goes something like this ♪ everybody here is a friend of mine ♪ ♪ everybody, tell me, have you heard? ♪ ♪ pop goes the world
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7:54 am
gayle is hanging out in the green room. she now has a look at what's coming up in our next hour. >> i do. thank you, charlie. it's leap day. have you ever thought about what it's like to have a birthday that comes once every four years. beth dolan will tell us about that. it can be scary day for men with commitment phobia. we'll tell you why. mitt romney had a big win last night. some are still wondering what this campaign is doing to the republican party as a whole. bab schieffer is in the green room he hung around. don cheadle is in the green room too. congratulations, you were picked up for a second season. >> why they make you sit on the table? they don't have a chair for you? >> it's a low budget show, don.
7:55 am
we do the best we can. i think you're staying in character with marty. because he's a bit of a -- >> easy. careful. >> careful. well, see, you made the comment about no chair. i had to say something about marty kan. how do you describe him? >> he's a delectable human being. he says delectable. i say despicable. but who is paying attention. the ipad 3 is coming out. >> i heard i was getting one as a gift. >> do you have an ipad 2. >> i'm looking forward to the 3. >> you're not getting one today either. don't forget to check us out on facebook.
7:56 am
7:57 am
7:58 am
7:59 am
8:00 am
santorum got to the point where he released a robo call telling democratic voters to vote for him. since michigan's republican primary is to voters of all party. mitt romney did not care for this tactic. >> it's outrageous and disgusting. >> you have a clip of romney perhaps from his past, not only admitting to this practice of voting in someone else's primary but admitting it in, say, a 12-year-old glee full girlie voice. >> when you register as an independent, you can vote in the democratic primary and vote against bill clinton. i used to vote against ted kennedy. >> i used to vote against ted kennedy. look at romney. still got an adrenaline rush from doing it. who needs coffee or cursing when
8:01 am
you've got cross-party voting. i am going to be up all night. >> is a girlie voice bad in a man? thank you, jon stewart. mitt romney has the momentum back after a big win in arizona and a narrow victory over rick santorum in michigan. with super tuesday next week, the race of the republican campaign, the pace of the republican campaign is what she's trying to say is not about to let up. it is 8:00, welcome back to "cbs this morning." i'm gayle king. >> i'm charlie rose. this morning, we want to look closer at how the campaign is affecting the republican party as a whole. chief washington correspondent, we call him chief, host of "face the nation" is with usment and andy card, former white house chief of staff of president bush. welcome andy card to the broadcast. you're there home of the aggies and the bush library and the bush museum. >> and happy leap day to you. i want to say happy leap birthday to my hometown of
8:02 am
holbrook, massachusetts incorporated had 1872 on leap year day. >> all right. goor for them. let start with politics. how badly divided is your party sm. >> you know, it's not as badly divided as everybody thinks it is. i think the party is going to start coming together pretty quickly. mitt romney had a big night last night. not only did he win in arizona, he actually had a pretty good victory in michigan especially when you consider the mischievous tricks played by the democrats. i think his margin of victory is more than it looks on paper because of democrats voting in the republican party. i think he had a great night. >> some are arguing that if santorum had run a better campaign, it would have been a much better result for him. but santorum ran a bad campaign, got tied down by social issues and did not talk about the bread and butter economic issues that most in michigan care most about. >> i think that all of the candidates, first of all, they've been running a terrific
8:03 am
campaign. from a political science point of view, this is exciting times. we're learning about the process of winning a nomination and then we'll learn about the process of electing a president. i hope the republican party comes together and focus on the mission and that is to make sure that the white house is not going to be held by the democrats for a long time. >> andy, i just heard you say that republicans really don't have to worry. but the other day, john mccain did an interview and said it's like looking at a greek tragedy. if you're a republican and you've supported the party for many years, when should you start worrying if now is not the time? >> well, i think we're starting to see that the voters are starting to coalesce around a likely candidate and it's still a process where mitt romney has to earn the victory. he can't coast to victory. he has to earn the victory. the super tuesday states are going to be very interesting to watch. this is an uncharted territory for the republican party. we don't have winner take all primaries in every state the way we used to. this process was designed to play out for a longer period of time and it will. i think mitt romney has the
8:04 am
momentum and it likely to be the republican nominee. >> bob schieffer is with us also. >> hey, andy, how are you? i haven't talked to you in a long time. i was very interested to hear you say how this is really helping things. i mean, why is this helping? here these guys are tearing each other apart. i mean, they're getting into things that weren't even on a lot of people's minds. i mean, rick santorum talking about people ought not to go to college or whatever it was he said. why is that good? >> i'm not saying that every tactic has not been good. i think the process has been very inviting to a lot of people. a lot people are paying attention, the media is and the people are paying a teng. they'll learn more and more about our nominee and they will also learn more about the -- >> what about the nominee is not so good, like all the gaffes that mitt romney is committing. if you learn some things, it's not necessarily the interest of the party or the candidate. >> well, i agree that we are giving fodder to the democrats
8:05 am
for use in ads in the fall. but i actually think our candidates are going to be better tested through this process and stronger because of it. this election is going to be about the changes necessary to put america back on the frontlines of the worlds of economic affairs and diplomacy and protection. and i think that's what the voters will come to recognizement we have a very late convention for both republicans and the democrats. but there are at least three campaign seasons before we get to the general election between now and november. i think we're going to have a process that plays out pretty well. i am on the fence, i'm not supporting any candidate in the republican primary nomination process. it's the first time in my adult life that i've been on the sidelines. but i've enjoyed watching it. i enjoy thinking about collecting the votes to win the nomination. i don't think it's going to be a broken convention, but it could be. >> andy, are you sago owe are you saying if it's between mitt
8:06 am
romney, newt gingrich and rick santorum and ron paul, you're undecided? >> i am on the fence. it's not that i'm undecided. i'm respectful of the position i hold. >> what's the difference of being on the fence and undecided? >> no. i will cast my vote and i know how i will vote. but i am not endorsing a particular candidate during this primary process. i will be for the republican nominee and i will be enthusiastically for the republican nominee once we have one. >> andy, when do you think that they'll have a nominee? you said you don't think it's going to be a brokered convention. but do you think republicans may actually get to the convention without somebody having the delegates they need for the nomination? in other words, you think it could be contested? >> well, in 1976 was the last republican convention where the nominee of the party was not known when we got to the convention. >> i was there. >> i was there as well. >> that 1976 in kansas city and
8:07 am
gerald ford ended up getting the nomination of the party. it was a very, very interesting convention. ronald reagan gave a great speech after he didn't get the nomination. but i actually feel that this time will likely to find that the republican party wants to win november and we'll start coalescing around the likely victor for our party. i think before we get to the convention. we could have a convention where we don't know the real winner when we get there, but i think when the delegates show up and get on the floor, they'll start to recognize, winning the presidency is more important than fighting over who is going to be the nominee. >> if you had to guess, who do you think they'll pick? just a guess. >> i think mitt romney has the infrastructure in place and the momentum going for him right now. he's certainly been tested. i like to see our candidates really, really tested. mitt romney is being tested. >> all right. but at least you're saying one of these men will be the nominee? you do believe that? >> well, you don't get to pick the perfect nominee in a primary
8:08 am
process. you end up picking the candidate who will best represent the party. and there's a big difference between perfection and best. i happen to have a perfect candidate for president whose name is john ellis bush, jeb bush, but he's not running. i think that let the process work and i think we'll get a candidate, we'll do a great job for our party and a better job for america when he takes the office in 2013. >> you think jeb bush regrets that he didn't run? >> oh, i don't think anybody really looks back and regrets decisions they made in good faith. i love jeb bush. he'd be a great president of the united states. but he's also a terrific party leader for our party. >> thank you very much. >> part of the solution. >> thank you
8:09 am
we only see leap day every four years. so imagine if today was your birthday. millions of people were born on february 29th. we'll show you why we even have leap days and look at big news from the apple, big apple coming next week. no, from apple computer. could it be a brand new ipad? i'm thinking yes. you're watching "cbs this morning" ♪that special something that will carry you through...♪ ♪that little reward for all the things you do.♪ luscious, creamy filling, perfectly combined
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and the crisp, clean taste of our cranberries. i cannot tell a lie. 'tis tasty. okay, george washington, did you take my truck out last night? 'tis tasty.
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8:13 am
we looked around the web this morning and found a few reasons to make a long story short. an irish custom, february 29th is when it's okay for women to ask men to marry them. guys, if you've been dodging that question, you have been warned. >> ladies, have at it. has an asteroid that scientists are worried about. it won't approach earth until 2040. it's almost 500 feet wide. >> one week from today apple is
8:14 am
holding an event to introduce something big. we'll get our first look at the ipad 3. didn't ipad 2 just come out? it shows a picture of the ipad. the health blog at says a broken heart hurts just as much as a broken bone as far as your brain is concerned. a part of the brain that recognizes physical and emotional pain. i think a lot of people would agree with those findings. >> yes. have you met me? true. reports that ben affleck and jennifer garner are parents for the third time. she gave birth to a boy. he has two older sisters. congratulations to them. that's long story short. i love the stories when people have two of the same kind of child and then they have another one. erica hill owe. >> i'm not having another one. >> i'm not having another one. >> i would like it to be a girl. >> you would still love it if it was a boy. >> yes, i would love it. >> do you have any news to
8:15 am
break? >> you don't have to worry about it. you can love my two boys. >> i love them too. gayle is a good name for a girl. just saying. >> i'll pass that on to my friends having girls. >> this day is huge for 5 million people. they get to celebrate their birthday for the first time since 2008. that's no fair. we'll look at leap day and why it rolls around every four years. you're watching "cbs this morning." >> this portion of "cbs this morning" sponsored by prudential. there are no obstacles. only challenges. prudential. bring your challenges. [ male announcer ] new starbucks blonde roast
8:16 am
is another way to look at the bean. another way that reveals the lighter, mellower side of our roast. introducing delicious new starbucks blonde roast. the lighter roast perfected. ♪
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the lighter roast perfected. jim wilson? here is the chase freedom 5% cash back you get on purchases. wow! and your kindle fire. thank you. do you have any bubble wrap? activate your 5% cash back at in a tough economy, we're always looking for new ways to earn money. the one of the most interesting things out there. peer to peer services.
8:19 am
>> that can be run renting out an extra bedroom for a night. financial contributor carmen wong you will rick is here to talk about it. i never heard of this peer to peer. >> p to p. >> what is it? >> it's part of the sharing economy now. this is community, collaborative consumption where people are going online and basically putting up items that they own or services that they have and putting them up for sale. you have people selling and making transactions with other people as opposed to retailers. >> sort of like a new way of a classified ad. >> the contemporary version of the flyer you put up in your neighborhood for dog walking. here's the thing, because you have the web, easy access to putting your skills out there, what you have out there and the ease of the financial transaction, which is all the credit cards now. you don't have to wait for checks to clear. >> there are a lot of options, personal ones. you can rent out your home. >> you can. this is one that's been tried and true. one of the biggest site for this is air b and b.
8:20 am
it's international. so it's thousands of cities across the world. in this nation, there's plenty, millions of homes booked. here's the thing, you go and put in for example i put in my zip code to see how much could i get if i rented out an extra room in my neighborhood. 75 bucks a day. >> i get that. you sort of lost me when i heard about a community loo. i don't like that. >> i'm with you on that one. >> this is an app. >> the community loo is claude claa. it's a mart phone app launching in the spring. basically with your friend network, your social network, through facebook and twitter, links your friends together to let you put up for sale the use of your bathroom. if you're in an urban area, a city and looking for starbucks and your friend needs to go. they go on to the app and you get paid a little bit of money, couple buck. but they have corporate sponsorships that will stock
8:21 am
your bathroom with paper product. >> you know what's wrong about that? >> it's your friend. don't charge them. let them use your bathroom. >> what about safety issues. i'm thinking there's really -- is there a way to vet people? >> there is. this is a thing that a lot of the sites realize, they have to make sure there's protection in hand. when you're dealing with strangers using your merchandise, that's something you have to take care of. they have background checks if it's about your services. also, air b and b has an extra $50,000 policy should anything happen to your home. you need to make sure your renters or homeowners insurance is up to date. some policies won't cover you if someone is using something that you own. >> which brings up cars. there are now people who are renting out time with their car. i would think insurance is an issue there. >> it is an issue. get and relay ride. here's how they work. they'll put a security system on
8:22 am
your car in a way that someone can go to your car. that's a $500 up front fee. >> like a different car. >> turn your car into a zip car. >> they get a third of the hourly rate. their numbers are this. ten hours a week you rent out a car, that's about $3,000 a year. it's something. it's additional. but you have to make sure, there is extra insurance on some of the site. but in many states, you will not be covered under your auto policy, liability if somebody takes your car, rents it and hurts somebody else. >> be very careful. >> i'm not sold on the bathroom. but something to think about. thank you, carmen. >> if you need mine, you can use it. carmen you too always. >> don cheadle is also with us this morning. he's the man everyone loves to hate in "house of lies." you're watching "cbs this morning." your local news is next.
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poke your eyes, pull your hair, you forgot what clothes to wear. >> you're not wearing yellow and blue on leap day. >> so what? >> leap day -- ♪ will he bring his bucket of sweet for mom and pop and me. >> what is going on in here? >> leap day william is visiting. >> leap day william? >> did you not grow up with leap
8:31 am
day william he emerges every four years to trade children's tears for candy. >> never heard of leap day william either. you charlie? >> no. >> we do not know this character. welcome back to "cbs this morning." we do know, though, that it's a very confusing day because yesterday was february 28th, so today should be march 1st, right? but no, it's actually february 29th. which only comes once every four years. >> and then this begs the question that if today is your birthday, are you one-year-older, four years older, maybe a personal preference. we've been talking to people who are celebrating today. good morning. >> good morning, erica. it seems very confusing. they're called leapers. those born on this day, share a special bond joined by shifting birthday celebrations and always having to explain this rather peculiar day. >> 30 days hath september. >> april june and november. >> what's wrong with february anyway?
8:32 am
>> all the rest have 31. >> messing up a perfectly good poem with its weird number of days. >> say february with 28 days clear and 29 in each leap year. >> the month isn't all that. there's valentine's day for lovebirds, two of our greatest presidents were born in february. abraham lincoln and the father of our country, george washington. plus, february is black history month. the shortest month of all trying to squeeze in one more day every four years. what's that all about in. >> leap day is the result of a simple fact. that the time it takes earth to go around the sun is not evenly divisible by what we call a day. >> astro fiscal vis neil degrasse tyson explains while the calendar says it takes 365 days for the earth to orbit the sun, in fact, it takes slightly longer than that.
8:33 am
almost six hours longer. or one quarter of a day. >> you can't stick a quarter of a day on a calendar. it doesn't work. you pocket that fraction of a day and you wait how many years, four years. for four of the quarters to add up you got a whole day. put it back in the calendar. >> leap day was created by none other than emperor julius cesar who realized that the calendar was slipping. but he added too many leap days. so 1500 years later, pope gregory xiii corrected the error. the modern gregorian calendar was born. >> if you don't have the leap days correcting things, the first day of spring could show up in the summer and in the winter. >> so with the seasons aligned and calendar correct, a new category of people was created. >> i'm ar yell and i'm six. >> i'm randy and i'm going to be 13. >> i'm sherri and i'm 11.
8:34 am
>> i'm jana and i'm 12. >> i'm brianna, i'm going to be seven. >> we brought together a group of leapers. >> i'm going to be 13. but i'm losing my hair. >> those born on february 28th whose birthdays come only once every four years. a nearly one in 1500 chance. >> my parents actually started a tradition, they used to wake me up at a minute to midnight and sap happy birthday really quickly and give me a bite of ice cream cake and then i'd go back to sleep. >> there's a kinship among you leap year babies. you just met today. >> yeah. >> you think you had known each other forever. >> we have that special connection already. even far away. >> we have a unique personality. we're very naenergetic, out goi, fun-loving. we love to party. >> who feels special because they were born on leap day? >> so happy birthday leapers. all 5 million of you.
8:35 am
>> i have to say that they do seem to have a unique connection. i like it. >> they had just met on that day. in fact, we put out the call for leap year day babies and they're still saying we want to be a part of this piece. they're really proud of this day and do share this bond. >> i think it's kind of a fun thing. it's easy for me to say i'm not a leap day baby. is it ever tough for them, when they're getting a drivers license shall a form. do thet get a hard time. >> the toughest thing is they have to answer the same question, when do you celebrate your birthday? there's always -- >> what is the answer to that? >> some celebrate at the end of february and some say they wait until march 1st. right before midnight, the last day of february, she celebrates. >> i love the ice cream cake. you know what else was interesting, neil degrasse is such a rock star in the world of science. who would have thought that leap year was tied to science? i thought that was interesting. >> in figuring out the math,
8:36 am
it's actually quite confusing. century years do not have leap days unless they're divisible by 100 -- by 400. it's confusing me. >> very confusing. >> for instance, we did not have a leap day in 1900 but we did have a leap day in 2000. >> they're not divisible by 400. >> right. >> we're going to have -- >> happy birthday to the leapers. nicely done. >> seth, thanks. as always, if you missed the eye-opener this more than, you are in luck. you can access it from your smartphone. star star 26. you can also find it on our website. don cheadle was part of oceans 11. now he's making waves. we'll talk about his series call this one'lawnsmiths.s
8:37 am
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the incredible don cheadle is funny and very scary in the hit show called "house of lies"ment he plays a consultant schmoozes his way into companies. >> it's been renewed for a second season. don cheadle, welcome. >> thank you very much. >> who is this character you play? >> he's mean, charlie. he's despicable. >> you called him delectable. >> in a mean way. >> i play a management consultant who goes into companies and tells them how to fix and streamline. i'm sure you've dealt with these creatures before. >> gayle you have. >> charlie, he lies, he cheats. he is so -- it's almost like he has no moral compass when it comes to the job. you would agree with that. >> win at all costs. >> a lot of very good actors like you are finding places to
8:40 am
play characters they want to do on television. >> yeah. >> and also on subscription television like hbo. >> a lot of the great writing is now on television. you can do more than in features nowadays. especially mainstream studio pictures. they are tending to sort of trend more toward hitting the largest base that they can. a lot of the specifics and fun stuff you want to do you can't do any more in movies. it's fun to come to a place like show time and do this. >> were you reluctant for tv. i would never do tv after movies? >> i started on tv. i was on a show, picket fences for years. i don't have anything about it. to me,ist where the material is. >> i heard your first break was on golden girls as a hotel clerk. >> golden palace. >> there's a difference between those. >> i know, charlie. but the copy said golden girls. i said i watched it. i don't remember you.
8:41 am
>> no, i was not on golden girls. i was on gold n palace. >> did you play a hotel clerk? >> i did. cheech ma rin played the chef on there. that's where i met cheech. betty white and -- >> it was a spinoff, then? >> it was a spinoff. it's not totally off the mark. >> not totally off the mark. >> beyond television, beyond this series, suppose somebody came to you, a studio head and said tell us the movie you want to make. what o it be? >> it would have to be a movie where i've had a back in. i would have to make an astronomical amount, ten, 11 figures at least. no, i don't have a specific -- >> you said that with a straight face. i'm trying to go, one, two, three -- >> a lot of zeros. >> seven figures is a million. >> i want 11. i want to be a precedent setter. the movie that i'm still trying -- we're putting together is a miles davis movie.
8:42 am
>> why that? >> it's just a very rich story. it's a life that i've been interested in a long time. been into jazz since i was ten, 11 years old. >> would you play him? >> yeah. >> direct and produce. >> no. producing it. we'd have a director. >> i can see this already. >> do you play jazz yourself sm. >> yes. >> do you have musical talent? >> i've played jazz for many years and trumpet for the last couple years. the new ax. >> you're one of the most interesting and kind of different characters you ever know. >> if that doesn't work, i'm going to develop a lot of apps. i hear that's the new thing. >> that's lucrative. >> i remember you from oceans 11. george clooney, i love george clooney. >> he's a known prankster. have you ever been the victim or subject of a george clooney prank? he's well-known for that. >> the last one that he pulled, i got a note that was from the
8:43 am
desk of brad pitt and it was a note that brad was going to be doing the -- >> producing the miles davis movie and jamie foxx was going to star. >> don cheadle, but jamie foxx. >> was i interested in playing charlie parker in the film. it smelled a little clooney. it was. >> a house across from the house where you've been, it was run down or something. they're making it into a big apartment or something. you went over there with a sleeping bag to spend the night. >> he's on medication. he shouldn't tell this story. >> brad was there too. >> brad, myself and eddie we all went there. we just wanted to explore and see if it was really -- it's an old abandoned villa across the lake. it was a dare. we all took the dare. he did not. he chickened out. george chickened out. >> grown men still take dares. >> today is february 29th. leap day. it's the day that women can
8:44 am
propose to men. don says why are you looking at me in. >> bring it. >> i'm going there, don. you have been with your significant other for 20 years. >> that's right. >> two children. >> that's right. >> are you just opposed to marriage or waiting for her to propose or should i call her up and say today is the day. >> yeah. she keeps missing the opportunity. i'm waiting. >> it's her fault. >> of course it is. >> it's either that or she says i've got a good thing going. if it ain't broke, don't fix it. >> i think that's it. >> i just think -- i like marriage, marriage. you're saying, it works for us. >> we're not going anywhere. she's not going anywhere. i have so many secrets on her. she could never leave. >> she may have a few herself. >> she does. we're 20 years in. 21 years in. >> you look in great health. what do you do? >> there's an app for that actually. >> speaking of apps. >> you do look great. >> wouldn't it be nice as a gift on leap day to have somebody give us an ipad 3? >> wouldn't it. >> it would be a nice thing to
8:45 am
have. >> where does that come from? >> no, i love gifts. >> it would be thoughtful. >> i always -- not a proposal. how about a gift? >> charlie, you know people. call somebody and get don cheadle. he didn't have an ipad 2. call somebody. >> he wanted to leap over to 3. >> can i say one thing about "house of lies" before you go. i love the character who plays your son. he's a cross dressing little boy. i don't know if he's gay, i don't know if he wants to be a girl. i'm not quite sure what he is. what i like is that he's so sweet and lovable and so kind. you all try to keep it murky about what he is or what do you want us to take away from this character? he's fantastic. >> i think it's the source of consternation for marty as well. he doesn't know what's trying to do. he doesn't know -- there's a scene where he says what do you do if you like a girl and you like a boy? he says, i don't know. he doesn't know. so it's something that i think
8:46 am
over the course of the series is going to develop. we're going to figure out what it is what roscoe wants. i don't know if roscoe knows what he wants. >> i think it's great fun. you despicable you. >> thank you. >> thank you, don cheadle. does anybody has someone who writes them a letter and put it in the mail. we're talking to a man trying to bring those days back with forever stamps and a dream. i like that idea. you're watching "cbs this morning."
8:47 am
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world record day at "cbs this morning." you saw the paper airplane if you were with us earlier. how about the human dominos, 850 people stacking mattresses
8:49 am
falling down in a row yesterday. it happened in new orleans. the old record was 550 people. we don't know if it's an official guinness world record, but it's pretty impressive nonetheless. >> inl thinking that looks like fun. welcome back to "cbs this morning." thousands of post offices are in danger and tens of thousands of postal workers lost their jobs. one reason is believed to be the internet, that it's made letter writing almost
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that does it for us.
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