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tv   9 News Now at 11pm  CBS  April 1, 2012 1:35am-2:05am EDT

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uh, no. actually, the analysis described a very curious player, traversing the network to uncover information, but in collaboration with rafiq and jamali, and his name is benjamin rajar. sinclair, i need a surveillance team for one benjamin rajar. drivers license f549n649. he's a lawyer with dvy associates, 626 wilshire. downtown. if you were able to connect this guy to the two dead men, i'm betting the terrorists will as well. david: jamali was abducted off a busy street. all right, that's one hell of a risk. if they're well-trained, they'll like all the movement. it's easy to peel one person out of the crowd without attracting attention. agent (over radio): b-team one, target's moving. prepare to exit. all right, we got him.
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wh-where is he? who's got him? anyone got eyes on him? agent #2 (over radio): a-team three, he's at the southeast corner of wilshire and hope. there. someone's grabbing him! we're going in! fbi! (gunshot) (sirens blaring) (brakes screeching) fbi! get those hands up where i can see them! get them up! (rapid gunfire) (glass shattering) (tires squealing) (honking)
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i'm going after david. get out of the way! hey! hey, stop! are you all right?! i'm okay. it's all right. we lost the other guy. and this one is dead. who is that? i don't know. doesn't much look like a pakistani.
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they've recruited domestic operatives, making them more capable and dangerous. that's the only explanation? we shouldn't be looking at other possibilities? put it together with what we know-- two murders and another attempt, the weapons, the school plans. the pif's phone records have calls to new york, boston and san francisco-- none connect to islamic causes. we have to penetrate this group, find out who's calling the shots. if we can't, what, then? get a judge to issue arrest orders for as many members as we can. initiate deportation proceedings. hit them with everything we got. that's just going to ruin a lot of innocent people's lives. so could a rocket attack on a school. so why do you think somebody tried to kill you? i have no idea. i was kind of hoping you guys are on top of it. well, two days before he was killed, kaleem rafiq called your law office. yes, he wanted me to look over the pif's financials. he said the group donated to certain charities. some of them had called to ask why the money had stopped. okay. who's in charge of the pif's funds?
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supposed to be a committee, but in recent months, it's been... it's been who? i don't want to give you any names, not with the way the fbi's been handling this. innocent people are being accused of terrible stuff. to fix that, we need more information, not less. all right. hamad mazari's been handling the funds. has anybody talked to mazari about this? rafiq said he and jamali did. how'd they say he responded? mazari said he was working with new charities. kaleem called pakistan to look into them, but nobody had ever heard of them. didn't anybody suspect mazari of mishandling the funds? we figured it was just a mix-up, and then the murders happened. everybody's too upset to worry about the money right now. okay. what do you know about these? i don't even know what i'm looking at.
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larry: it's hard to believe this city started out as this tiny, little spanish settlement, supporting a mission in san gabriel. i wonder if there are any angels left in the city of angels? oh, a few, i'd like to think. and i sense we're about to lose one. am i making a mistake? well, you're answering something that's been calling out to you for some time now. how can that be a mistake? phil, how are you doing? they questioned me for 30 hours. they told me i had a visitor, i thought it was finally a lawyer. well, do you have an attorney? it doesn't matter. they've made up their minds about me. they said that when you were in college, you had a roommate who's now a member of al-qaeda.
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that's a mistake. he has the same name as a member of al-qaeda. he's been trying for years to get that confusion cleared up. and then last year, you visited pakistan... to visit family, meet with the researchers that i work with. the feds make it sound like i went to a jihadist training camp. what do you think is going on in the pif? why were these two men killed? i have no idea. are you asking for the fbi, or for yourself? for myself. i know your work; i know its value. they got some fbi scientist to review my work and say it's applicable to human pathogens. i'll find that report, then i'll review it. the hardest part for me is, i was only able to send part of the work before i was arrested. my work could save tens of thousands from starvation, but now, it'll do nothing. phil, i am trying...
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i'm trying to get the fbi to reconsider your case. i doubt that's possible. but i would appreciate it if you could talk to my wife... parents. tell them, i am not what they say i am. hey, don. hey. who's this guy with all the orange? i don't remember him. that one? that's tombrello. he's an old fish. he likes to hide a lot. yeah? i went over the fbi's analysis of phil sanjrani's work. the findings aren't scientifically valid. all right. well, so what is that supposed to mean? for one, it's a political document. it's not even a scientific one. charlie, no matter how you cut it, the guy shouldn't have sent his stuff to pakistan. insects and crop disease are serious problems in pakistan. his work's going to help farmers feed starving people. i don't think we should horde that kind of knowledge. i don't think we have the right to.
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well, we have a right to protect our country, don't we? on any given day, you know, i'm in contact with scientists in moscow and china and india. are you going to arrest me? colby: so we've got nothing on the dead guy shot trying to abduct the attorney. you're looking at domestic lists, right? you don't think he's american? i've been tracking down a lot of calls between the pif and u.s. cities. and... i know this is going to sound really weird, but a lot of them lead to people and groups that are linked to the irish republican army. the ira is defunct. but when it was active in the u.s., it was a network that raised money and smuggled guns. so are you saying, you've found the last active ira cell? i'm not saying it's an active cell. but what happened to all those operatives? what are they doing? they're all working at starbucks? all right. well, i mean, we could talk to old, uh, ex-ira contacts. i could look at the pif leadership. i just got some phone records
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that might give me something on mazari. you got anything else maybe, uh, you know, you want to talk to us about? colby: yeah, maybe it has something to do with your little trip to dc that none of us were supposed to know anything about? yeah, 'cause we're thinking you're up for a big promotion. maybe a job at quantico? or maybe i'm just going to leave the bureau... and counsel women in prison, and finish my doctorate. oh. that's a pretty big career change. you know, i love working with you guys. but i feel like it's become very clear this year that i'm not going to make it here as a lifer. did you, uh... you talk to don? he knows already. charlie: the fbi is wrong. i don't think i can keep working on this case. they're working from a theory different from yours, true. but that doesn't make either of you wrong. you don't know what's going on with the pif either,
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but something is. you're not serving the fbi; you're serving the truth. (sports broadcast plays on tv) max flaherty. (irish accent): what could two feds possibly want with me? we heard some of your old cohorts might be back in business. i don't have cohorts. try sullivan's on 6th. as a former convicted member of the ira, if the fbi considers you uncooperative, it would be very easy to have you deported. what do you want to know? illegal weapons. any of your old associates working the market? some of the boys still in it, i've heard. new york, boston. not here. do you know this man? yeah, john austin. dead, is he? killed by federal agents during an attempted abduction.
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what an end. but then, he was never headed for a good one. what was he doing in los angeles? don't know. he didn't come around here. he ran with a fellow who wasn't liked in los angeles-- one shane o'hanahan. why wasn't o'hanahan liked? he was a nasty piece of work. ireland be damned, he was only in it for money and guns. would o'hananan find himself mixed up with pakistani militants who want to attack the u.s.? when he was ira, he worked with libyans, syrians. hell, shane o'hanahan would work with the devil himself if he thought he could get a dollar out of it. thank you. thanks. mr. mazari? hamad mazari? yes. how can i help you? same social security number, same identity documents. so the man we know as mazari stole his identity.
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our guy could be saudi or syrian. who the hell knows. could be al-qaeda. we id'd the man killed in the shootout. his name is john austin, ira, out of belfast. one of austin's partners-- known gunrunner, shane o'hanahan. actually, that might fit your call thing, right? what was it, new york...? boston... san francisco. uh-huh. definitely ira centers. started six months ago. and mazari joined the pif six months ago, and that's when the group changed how it disperses funds. so these ex-ira guys are supplying the pif's weapons. all right. so we got to find this mazari. i checked his office; it was cleaned up. but i have a residential address for him. fbi! clear. clear. clear. he's gone. colby: you guys, come around to the garage. (garage door whirring)
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we do know: he's an extremist, he's got rocket launchers, he's linked to plans for an attack on area schools. i've run an analysis on our so-called mazari as a known covert operator. he is not the center of a terror group, he has been working alone. all patterns show isolated activity. well, yeah, he killed his coconspirators. uh, no. my analysis shows that he's always been isolated within this group. remember the analogy where we thought that rafiq and jamali were the oarsmen working against the rest of the team? yeah, all right. it was mazari, hijacking the boat. fraley: we don't have a terror cell. we've got a lone terrorist? are you a hundred percent positive that mazari's a terrorist? how else to explain the weapons, the plans for attacks on schools? well, to be fair we really got blueprints, right? they weren't attack plans. we're looking at angels and devils. excuse me? m.c. escher's print of angels and devils, is a classic example of the figure-ground effect in perceptual organization. how we look at things is determined
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by our predisposition. in escher's angels and devils, one either can either see black devils or white angels. our perception is influenced by our thinking. we found the school plans at ronald jamali's house. his wife says his construction company was gonna make a bid on a school roofing project. that'd explain why the blueprints were there. and the firing pin we found at the murder scene could have been left there by mazari. so, no conspiracy, no terrorist. maybe something else entirely? megan: you're not gonna believe this. i found photos of shane o'hanahan, you know, the ira associate of john austin. check this out. facial recognition software identified them as the same person. mazari's not... pakistani? no, he's a former ira gunrunner. he faked being pakistani to get the pif's funds, which he used to finance his old business of selling black market arms. that's why we heard about weapons being for sale in the area. he killed rafiq and jamali because they got suspicious.
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then he tried to grab rajar. and now he has to be on the run. lapd has an all points. tsa's on alert at lax, uh, long beach, burbank, ontario. david we have undercover agents at union station and the bus terminal. this guy's not taking any obvious routes, people. we're checking banks and credit card companies for any activity under o'hanahan's aliases. fraley: i've got the faa monitoring all private plane flight plans. hi, i'd like to reserve a car, please. last name, kerrigan. hey, i just got a guy in burbank who used a credit card to rent a rental car under the name "jackson kerrigan," one of o'hanahan's aliases.
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everyone's out and we're clear, don. okay, we're going in. we're moving. shane o'hanahan. fbi. freeze! my name's jack kerrigan, boys. put the bag down. just relax, okay. it's going down. charlie: just a classic logic error. you make the evidence fit your theory, not the other way around. colby: the pif was pakistani muslims, so we assumed a terror cell.
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so, uh... why is phil sanjrani still in custody? what do you mean? he-he e-mailed restricted documents overseas. but we-we now know that there was no terrorist action, so... he still broke federal law. yeah, but you guys only arrested him because he was a member of the pif, right? doesn't matter; he did what he did. yeah, it matters. it matters. your analysis of his work rests on the assumption that he's a terrorist does not.. can't you see that an objective evaluation comes to an entirely different conclusion he's innocent? well, charlie, i promise you, he will get his day in court. you guys might want to leave. i don't want you to be accessories. we'll take the risk. think i'm making a mistake? you need to do what you believe is right.
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there. it's done. megan resigned. was it about this case? no. i think it's been building up for a while. she's moving to washington, going back to school, looking for a line of work closer to her heart. you okay? you know, last year i was 217 miles above the earth. (sighs) yeah, our relationship has never depended on geographic proximity. so, it looks like you're all packed up.
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uh, yeah, i'm ready. you want some help with this stuff? yeah. ♪ well, let's go. before i get silly. dr. eppes, you ready? hey, dad, your car needs a bath. charlie: so, um... this is my attorney, and he's negotiated my surrender to federal authorities. dr. eppes, i'll have to handcuff you. don: ah, charlie. what did you do? i e-mailed the rest of sanjrani's work to scientists at four universities in pakistan. why? i felt i had to.
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as phil's colleague... a scientist. charlie: i have a strong defense. that research can't be used as a weapon. we know that now. we couldn't know it then. is this true, what i just heard? you lost your security clearance? yeah, it's true. do something, fix this. it doesn't work that way. you know what this means? that he cannot work at this college or any classified project. and second that, how can you be... keep working for the fbi without your clearance? i don't think i can. neither one of you want to talk about it? well, it's a hell of a big elephant in a relatively small yard. right. (clears throat) it's kind of amazing that we worked together as long as we did. you know, this is not the first time this house has been divided by a fundamental disagreement.
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that year that charlie spent at mit, remember when he came home? that was a shocker. yes. so i'm a celtics fan. it happens, even in good families. actually, not really. not in l.a. (chuckles) (phone rings) eppes. okay, i'm on my way. all right. see you guys later, huh? don. just watch yourself. you, too. (engine starts) this is gonna be harder than i thought. i think it's... to be continued.
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