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tv   9 News Now at 430am  CBS  April 10, 2012 4:30am-5:00am EDT

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the video theme did more than target holder. >> we take you inside the nation's capital on primary day to show ballots belonging to political celebrities being offered to total strange glers when our office of general council is conducting an investigation and we're going to identify whether there were any laws broken in this case and any information we gather we'll refer to the appropriate law enforcement authorities. >> reporter: gary nurenberg, 9news now. >> producers of the video say they are going to release more election night footage showing just how easily fraud could have been committed by their actor. the new york times reports 86 people were convicted of voter fraud. the cell phone industry will take steps to try and outsmart phone thieves. they plan to announce a new nationwide database aimed at preventing the use of stolen cell phones. last year 38% of the robberies
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in washington, d.c. involved smartphones. the database will prevent stolen smartphones from being used. it's scheduled to be up and running within 18 months. the maryland general session may reconvene for a special session after they failed to pass a revenue plan which would have avoided severe budget cuts. the budget lawmakers approved just before the midnight deadline calls for as much as $250 million in statewide cuts. one of the hardest hit areas would be to education. lawmakers also failed to approve a measure which would have allowed table games at five casinos around the state. a prince george's county police officer is now on administrative leave after he shot and killed a person. sky 9 was over the scene on sheriff road in landover. the officer spotted three suspicious men when he got out of his cruiser to speak with them. the three ran off so the officer caught up with one of the suspects on fight. then fired the taser, tried to stop him. police say the man pulled the
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taser barb out and reached for his gun. that forced the officer to open fire first and kill the suspect. no word on whether or not the two men at the scene have been located since that time. police in clinton, maryland are considering charging a 20- year-old man with not properly securing a loaded gun. this comes after a day after 56- year-old boy found that gun inside a backpack and then shot and killed himself by accident. police say the child was playing inside the family home around 3:00 yesterday afternoon when the gun went off. the child was taken to the hospital where he was pronounced dead. the 20-year-old was a family friend who was just staying at the home. the special prosecutor looking into the shooting death of an unarmed florida teenager will decide on her own if the shooter will face charges. florida state attorney angela corey says the case will not be sent to a grand jury. she alone will make the decision about whether to seek state charges against george zimmerman. zimmerman, a neighborhood watchman claims he shot trayvon martin in self-defense. zimmerman was never arrested
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prompting protest around the country. the deadline for syrian troops to pull out of major cities has come and gone and the violence is just getting worse in some areas. >> activists say syrian forces have already attacked two towns. we have more. >> reporter: government forces are supposed to withdraw in syrian cities today. but activists claim this video of burning buildings and homes show syrian forces were still engaged in battles monday, hours before the deadline. >> not only has the violence not abated, it has been worse in recent days. >> reporter: yesterday the violence spilled over the border into lebanon and turkey. people were scene running from the border as a gun battle broke out near a refugee camp. at least two people died in the attack. this man lives in turkey and showed bullet holes in the walls of his home. he says, our house was also hit. we are not safe here. according to the peace plan,
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united nations special envoy, today the regime must pull troops out of cities and begin a cease-fire within 48 hours. >> it's done some moving around of its tanks and artillery but only so that it can use them in other places. >> reporter: president obama is watching today's developments closely. a white house spokesman says the international community will meet to discuss what the next move will be if today's deadline is not met. >> we certainly have seen no signs yet of the assad regime abiding by its commitments which is obviously quite unfortunate. >> reporter: the peace plan appeared to break down over the weekend when president assad demanding rebels agree in writing that they would lay down their weapons. opposition groups say they will obey the cease-fire as long as government forces stop fighting. cbs news, washington. south korea says it appears north korea is getting ready for another nuclear weapons test. north korea has a long range missile launch scheduled for later this week, and the white house is concerned that launch
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may actually be a cover for north korea to test some new technology that could be used to launch a missile at the united states. the u.s. and britain and other nations are now urging north korea to cancel this week's launch. >> the only path to a better future for that country and its people is to take the actions necessary to demonstrate that the country is willing to live up to its international obligations. >> japan is placing military equipment along the coast as a safeguard and the japanese prime minister has given the green light to shoot down a long-range rocket if it poses a threat to japan's territory. at 4:35, here are some other things making news now. jury selection resumes today in the trial of the man accused of murdering jennifer hudson's mother, brother and 7-year-old nephew. if found guilty, 30-year-old bomb balfour of chicago could be sentenced to life in prison. illinois recently abolished the
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death penalty. jury section is expected to take several days. the oscar winner is expected to attend the trial every day once testimony begins later this month. police say the two suspects arrested in connection with friday's deadly shooting spree have confessed. court documents reveal the 19- year-old shot two people and the other admitted to two of the shootings. authorities are investigating whether or not this was a hate crime. all the victims are black. the shooters are white. to people were killed in northwest oklahoma. the national weather service an firms at least two tornadoes -- confirms at least two tornadoes touched down and. at least two people claim they go have the winning ticket. now maryland lottery says they
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have proof. the person who bought it in the baltimore area 7-eleven has decided to remain anonpows. >> smart move. lot -- anonymous. >> smart move. the other winner in kansas came forward anonymously as well. the third winner from illinois has yet to be heard from. >> time now is 4:37. at 4:41, facebook makes its largest acquisition to date. at 4:48, weekend track work suspended for the cherry blossom festival is about to begin on metro. we're back with your weather two minutes which is 120 seconds. we'll be right back.
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good morning.
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time is 4:39. we have mostly clear skies. sunshine through the first half of the day. we're calling it mostly sunny to start. temperatures in the 40s. we'll peak near 60 degrees later this afternoon and back down into the 40s later tonight. here's a live look at 66 inside the beltway at route 7. no problems to report as you head for the bridges this morning, downtown and all the potomac and anacostia crossings are incident free. in my next report a look at maryland roads at 4:47. back to you. time for your first money segment of the morning. what happened yesterday? >> jobs report from friday. a little bit of a hangover if that because we were off because of good friday. >> they should have gotten over it. >> an extra time to relax. >> it was a bad report and it was a bad market reaction yesterday. investors really going to try to get out of the hole today. the dow stands back below 13,000. wall street sold off following last week's disappointing
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unemployment report. the dow lost 130 points. nasdaq was off by 33 points. and the s&p 500 was down by 16. a blockbuster deal was announced for facebook. it will buy the photo sharing service instagram for a billion dollars in cash and stock. this is facebook's largest acquisition ever and comes just months before the social networking site becomes public. it allows users to add filters. shares of a.o.l. rallied nearly 50% aft company agreed to sell -- after the company agreed to sell 800 of its patents to mike so. it's worth over a billion dollars as well. the company will also give microsoft the license for its remaining patents. a.o.l. is trying to make up for the lost revenue, falling ad collars and lower subscriptions. they're basically trying to bring money in any way it can at this point. >> like bailing water the last
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second. there's a new study out that suggests women who are obese during pregnancy are at greater risk of their child developing autism. we're back in two minutes with more on that story. plus, your weather first. hey guys, breakfast! ♪ [ female announcer ] if whole grain isn't the first ingredient in your breakfast cereal, what is? now, in every box of general mills big g cereal, there's more whole grain than any other ingredient.
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good morning. welcome back to 9news now. it is 4:44. it's tuesday. >> that's what i hear. >> howard is off today. olga is here. i noticed this morning it's not as breezy as yesterday. >> we'll get some gusts later this afternoon. we tend to hold off in the morning. if you're making that early start, it's not so bad. i even think about midday we should be all right but we're going to get closer to 15, 20 mile per hour later today and see some more of those gusts in the late afternoon for right now if you're just getting up and stepping out the door, we
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have a pretty good day planner for you. we cleared out most all of those overnight clouds so with the clearing skies, temperatures dropping off a couple of degrees. we'll be mostly sunny to start. you'll want the sunglasses from now till noon before we start to build a little more cloud cover. we should peek right around 06 degrees. that should happen fairly early on in the afternoon before the winds start to crank up. notice the day planner here. we get to 16 mile per hour sustained winds by 11:00 a.m. we hold on to that to the late afternoon and then things start to increase as we head toward 3:00 and 4:00. so overall today is going to feel a little bit cooler, although temperatures should make it into the upper 50s to near 60 degrees. it's going to feel a couple of degrees cooler than that all day long. currently, though, we are expecting some windy conditions. for the afternoon, we will pull in some more of that drier air. we've had these high winds, dry terrain and low dew points. very little moisture out there
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so there's a red flag warning that pops up at noon. cooler through the mid week. we'll drop down a couple of degrees as we head into tomorrow and thursday. a few showers are possible in our extended forecast. for the short term what you need to prepare for are temperatures mainly in the middle to upper 40s as you step out this morning. we are looking at our michael & son weather camera. we're about 4 degrees right now at reagan national airport and temperatures, dew points are very, very low as well. the forecast overall is going to feature as i mentioned before some more of that drier air coming on through and in although, it should be a pretty good afternoon. i think you will enjoy it if you can hang on with those breezes coming our way. satellite and radar, had a few those showers pass through very early on in the overnight. again the cloud cover for most of us is going to stay away for the first half of the day and as future cast moves on in interest the afternoon hours, -- into the afternoon hours, that's when we'll start to see some of that moisture move on
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in. that means we have a slight possibility of a stray shower late in the day. then as we head into tomorrow, we begin with some of that moisture. by thursday we look fine and great for the nats game in the afternoon. our highs today right around 60. from gaithersburg to d.c. we should see warmer temperatures down toward the south and that seven-day forecast, well, not too bad. overall windy for today and tomorrow. we'll slip out of the 60s into the 50s by wednesday and thursday. and then we rebound nicely by friday. our forecast takes us back into the 70s. we even warm up to 80 degrees by sunday. monika? good morning, everybody. if you're planning to head outside right now, everything is looking fine except for one spot that i need to let you know about. pepco emergency going on between fox hall road and
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university terrace. just be aware of that if you're heading outside you might want to take arizona avenue to mccar thursday boulevard no problems to report as you travel through annandale. all that construction should be cleared out. same story in the tysons area and on the westbound side of the dulles toll road. if you're planning to head over to the beltway in new carrollton, no problems really the entire prince george's county stretch of the beltway looks fine between 95 and all the way down to the wilson bridge. we'll go over to the other side of town on the west side and take a live look as well as the american legion bridge. also looking great. traffic moving at speeds between 270 and tysons corner on the west side this morning. coming up in my next report, we'll take a look at virginia but first, next week metro's moratorium on weekend traffic work -- track work for the cherry blossom festival will end. riders can expect lots of delays for the rest of the year. the fran sit agency released its weekend track work schedule. for 30 of the next 38 weekends,
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metro will close stations in sections of track on certain lines. buses will replace trains during these times. work will start april 21 and that weekend metro will close the brooklyn and takoma park stations on the redline and arlington cemetery station on the blue. if a mom is obese and has diabetes during pregnancy, there seems to be some sort of connection with autism in her child. >> at least that's what the first of its kind study seems to suggest. anita brikman has more. >> reporter: this latest research looked at about 1,000 mothers in california and their children. women who were obese during pregnancy were about 67% more likely to have autistic children than women of normal weight. they also had double the risk of having a child with another developmental disorder. >> there's a general feeling that some of the origins of autism are probably in the prenatal period when the brain is developing at a very rapid
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rate. >> reporter: diabetic mothers were more than twice as likely to have a child with developmental delays and their children also scored lower on language and communication tests. >> doctors stress the study doesn't prove maternal obesity or diabetes cause autism by researchers say it does raise serious concerns because more than a third of u.s. women of child bearing age are now seriously overweight. >> there are actions people can actually take and that's the point is we're trying to find modifiable factors which by and large genetics is not. >> reporter: anita brikman, 9news now. >> the centers for disease control now estimates one in 88 children have autism in the united states. scientists are predicting one out of every five american children will be obese by the year 2020. columbia researchers say the trend can be avoided if average kids reduced their diet by 64 calories per day. doctors say kids have a choice about how to do that. you can eat less or have them
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exercise more. a new study finds patients who have dental x-rays may increase their risk of brain cancer. yale researchers followed 1400 people over their lifetimes and found those who had dental x- rays at least once a year had twice the risk of developing brain tumors. patients are exposed to lower doses of radiation now than in the past but the american dental association says children and adults should only get x-rays about every two years. global warming concerns could possibly lead to more deaths in the elderly. harvard researchers say hot weather can lead to thousands of deaths every year among the elderly. a new study found even a 2- degree increase in the summer temperature can have an adverse effect on seniors with chronic conditions like heart disease and diabetes. temperatures in the united states have steadily increased and the first three months of the year are the warmest on record so far. 4:51. time for the question of the morning. >> 25% of you didn't do one of these things last year. is it a, file your taxes, b,
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read a book, or c, cook a single meal? >> log on to the wusa9 facebook fan page, leave your response. we'll reveal your answer during the 6:00 hour.
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our forecast for today is looking fairly sunny, at least for the morning as we head through midday and late afternoon. current temperatures are in the 40s. we'll make it up into the 60s. the feels like temperature much cooler than that. 30s inside and outside the beltway. good morning. if you're planning to head on the northbound side of i-95, here's what it looks like at lorton road no problems to report into springfield and 395. i'll have details on this and 66 coming up at 5:01.
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it helped launch the careers of some of the most famous performers in the world, and after decades in the dark, the stage at a d.c. landmark is filled with lights and performance once again. district mayor vincent gray and d.c. dell got eleanor holmes norton cut the ribbon on the newly renovated howard theater. it originally opened as a showcase for black artists back in 1910. >> somebody mo grew up in this city -- as somebody who grow up in this city, it didn't matter what high school you went to. if you went to cardoza, armstrong, you went to dunbar, everybody came to the howard theater in order to be able to see the shows. >> boy, does he sound proud. the restoration project cost $29 million. the cherry blossoms around the tidal basin might be gone but you still have a chance to get a close-up look at some
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cherry trees. the cultural center on 18th street is holding a special exhibit of significant artwork. visitors can learn about many varieties of the trees. this week marks the 100th anniversary of the titanic's first and last voyage. a memorial cruise is now following the ship's intended route across the north atlantic. it's headed for new york. many of the passengers are direct descendants of passenger and crew who were aboard the titanic like this man's grandfather. >> he was in lifeboat 13. he said we got 35 women and children. we shouted for more but none were forthcoming. >> on its maiden voyage, the titanic sank after hitting an iceberg april 14, 1912. about 1500 passengers and crew were killed. what would you choose if you could redesign parts of the national mall? how about some new restaurants
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or maybe more bathrooms or underground pa soilian. >> all -- pa villain. >> all proposals. kristin fisher shows us some of the designs. >> reporter: these are decisions for new locations on the national mall that have really been neglected over the past few decades. one of them right over here at the base of the washington uponment. the other constitution gardens. constitution gardens has been around since 1976. it was always intended to have a restaurant by a beautiful pond but funds ran out. today it's more after swampy pool surrounded by a crumbling sidewalk. but what if constitution gardens looks more like this. >> what people are seeing today are really the top designers in the country who want a design for the national mall. >> reporter: caroline cunningham with the trust for the national mall has overseen this year long competition. it started with 32 entries. now the eight finalists are on
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display at the museum of american history. designs for constitution gardens include restaurant, skating rinks, a stage in the middle of the pond, even places to go fishing. >> i don't like the idea of having like fishing because when you're fishing and you're -- you can catch people and get pollution from that, it's really dangerous. >> reporter: rachel smith is visiting d.c. from new york. she's opinionated but here her comments are welcome. >> the national mall is really the people's park and so having people get involved and envision the future of the national mall and hear their views is hugely important. >> i'm a big fan of this one around the washington monument. i like the idea of the building being integrated into the ground. >> the interesting thing to me was that so many of the solutions were actually underground so it didn't change the physical space. >> the amp theater is really neat. it's not just plain and boring, just a place to sit down. it really has an eye catch feel to it.
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>> reporter: just imagine the amphitheater at the base of the monument. you have until this sunday to get your comments in. the winning designs will be announced mid may and then construction will start on one of those designs in 2014. on the national mall, i'm kristin fisher, 9news now. good morning. thank you for watching 9news now at 5:00 a.m. couldn't they get that started a little sooner after they pick the design? i'm andrea roane. i'm mike hydeck. restaurant and bathrooms. that's what i would love down there. here's monika santami who will have traffic momentarily. olga breese is in for howard. we could see 20 mile per hour sustained winds but not till this afternoon. day planner for today, well, it is on the breezy side. as i click on through this, you'll see the wind spread as we go through the day. we're starting off kind of mild today. 15


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