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tv   9 News Now at 11pm  CBS  April 11, 2012 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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second-degree murder charges. that's what everybody is talking about tonight. 9news now has your reaction. plus, we're asking, can george zimmerman get a fair trial? plus a rude return to chilly weather. topper is tracking when it will warm back up. a quantum leap in the case that is polarized and galvanized the nation for the past six weeks. >> charges against george zimmerman, the neighborhood watch captain who says he shot
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and killed trayvon martin in self-defense. we've got team coverage beginning with matt jablow who joins us from the satellite center. >> reporter: derek, few cases in recent years have provoked as much emotion, and today was perhaps the most emotional of all. for six weeks now trayvon martin's family, friends, and supporters across the country have been calling for george zimmerman to be charged with murder. today they got their wish. >> it feels good to know that he's off the street. >> reporter: speaking at that time washington convention center tonight martin's parents said their prayers had finally been answered. >> we wanted nothing more, nothing less, just an arrest, and we got it, and i say thank you. thank you lord, thank you jesus. >> this is just the beginning. we've got a long way to go, and we have faith. >> reporter: it was 45 days ago that trayvon martin was shot and killed while carrying
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nothing more than a bag of skittles. today prosecutors filed second- degree murder charges against zimmerman, the neighborhood watch volunteer who claims that he shot only after martin attacked him. >> i will confirm that mr. zimmerman is in deed in custody. >> reporter: special prosecutor angela corey who was tapped to investigate the case three weeks ago declined to talk about any of the evidence. >> he is troubled by everything that has happened. >> reporter: zimmerman's new attorney, who took the case only earlier today, also declined to talk about any specifics regarding evidence or legal strategy. >> it needs to be tried in a courtroom which is the only place it is going to be tried. >> reporter: though did he say the 28-year-old zimmerman is troubled by the charges against him and scared. >> i think anyone who would be charged with second-degree murder would be scared, so yes. >> reporter: if convicted of second-degree murder george zimmerman would face anywhere from 16 years to life in
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prison. a bond hearing is expected to be held sometime tomorrow. thank you, matt. as you might imagine the news out of florida has a lot of folks here sounding off from students to gun owners. many have this -- many have their own thoughts. >> reporter: a handful of students from howard university's naacp chapter gathered to watch the news that has captivated the nation. special prosecutor angela corey announcing that zimmerman is now charged with second-degree murder. >> based on my review of the law i agree, i think it's second-degree murder. >> reporter: she says the furor surrounding the shooting is so great that zimmerman's arrest may do little to calm the anger. >> i don't know so much that the tension will die down. at least it's my hope because this is just the beginning. he's just been charged. >> reporter: gun owners
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inchantilly weren't as quick to react. many of these folks carry firearms. some didn't want to give their thoughts on camera, while others say there isn't enough information to pick a side. >> i don't know all the fact. i don't think anybody knows all the facts yet, so i'm going to hold my opinions until i hear more. >> it's kind of hard to rush to judgment. i think this has been a mistake for people to rush to judgment with this case. >> while people here at this gun range were rather reserved about their opinions on this case, folks over on our facebook paling were not. tell us what you think. a lively discussion is already taking place. we're in chantilly, ken molestina, 9news now. >> we've already gotten hundreds of posts with some fans saying today's charges just aren't right. one viewer posted, how come the first prosecutor says there wasn't enough evidence, but now there is? i can tell you why, it's just to keep the public happy.
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change it now. a black va has the case. what's sad, they're caving to public pressure. the evidence hasn't changed. now you've seen the emotion on both sides. >> reaction to the intense national spotlight for the case, and gary nurenberg explores what may be the most important question as this case goes forward. >> reporter: it's a question zimmerman has already raised with his attorney. >> he's concerned about getting a fair trial. >> reporter: well, cane? >> the answer is yes but it is not going to be easy. >> reporter: barry pollock, national association of criminal defense lawyers. >> they are going to have to carefully screen jurors. >> reporter: so easy or hard to find a jury? >> you never know. that's the biggest question mark. is the juror beg truthful that they can be fair even though they know about the case? you never know if a juror is saying they can be fair because they'd be embarrassed to say they can't be fair. the key in a case like this is
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to have an excellent judge. they've got to get a presiding judge that has the temperment, the insight and the experience that has dealt with thousands of jurors, so at the very least he can try and siphon off those that he feels are not being candid. >> reporter: all that emotion. will jurors feel pressured to make the public happy? >> that is absolutely a risk and certainly one thing that needs to be considered is whether this case ought to take place in florida. people are going to have opinions everywhere but they might not have the depth of feelings elsewhere, and they might not have the same concerns about what their friends what their neighbors, their colleagues are going to think as if they were living in the eye of the storm. let's all reserve judgment. let's see what the facts are. at the end of the day if the facts warrant a conviction, then he ought to be con vic. but conversely, if they don't, then he ought to be acquitted. hopefully all of us will learn something from the process.
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>> reporter: obviously picking a jury is key. long questionnaires. due live in a gated community? do you have a son trayvon's age? do young black men make you nervous? "i never knew in 40 years of practice, did you have a fair jury, and you will never know. you can't go into a juror's mind. it's the best system but it's not perfect." >> thank you. let's take a look at the time line. it on march 9th his family made first demands for the release of 911 tapes or an arrest. those tapes were released march 16th. the family called for a federal investigation two days later. on march 22nd the sanford police chief and local prosecutor both stepped down and the governor appointed a state attorney to handle the investigation. on march 26th reports started to surface that martin had beaten zimmerman and slammed
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his head against the ground. then on march 28th zimmerman's father claimed that trayvon martin threatened to kill his son. just this week zimmerman's lawyers say they lost contact with him, and now he has new representation. a california man is trying to karen. according to the smoking, a man submitted an on- line application to trademark the phrase i believe you zimmerman. the businessman wants to place that slogan on beer mugs, bumper stickers, even other items. log on to, look under top story. late breaking news out of the district where police and firefighters have con verged on an apartment complex in northwest for a possible meth
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lab bust. ken molestina, you just got there. what's going on? >> reporter: anita, very active scene on the 100 block of summit avenue. this is the building in question, a seven-story building. police were serving a warrant for a possible meth lab. they brought the firefighters with them as precaution consider black could have possibly been inside. we do know that one person was put inhandcuffs. we are going to try and zoom in so you can see that person sitting in the lobby. we do not though would that person is or what their involvement with this investigation woornt. we do know that person has been sitting in handcuffs on that seat as you're watching for at least 30 minute. neighbors here telling us they saw a lot of activity on the third and fourth floors. now, things are beginning to wrap up here. police aren't saying whole lot but we do understand that a possible meth lab bust took place here just a little bit more than an hour ago. we'll let you know what happens. >> thanks, ken. a woman was walking along a trail in prince george's county
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when a man attacked her with a knife and sexually assaulted her. police have released this sketch. the attack happened on march 27th along the northwest branch trail behind the west hyattville metro station. officers say the suspect is hispanic and believed to be from el salvador. if you have any information the police want to hear from you. lawmakers on capitol hill are reportedly investigate an alleged case of discrimination at the library of congress. a man who worked there as anne arundel lift has filed a complaint with the equal employment opportunity commission. he claims he was discriminated against and eventually fired after his boss learned that he was gay. he reportedly submitted copies of e-mails from his former boss andy claims that one e-mail had a text that read, diverse tee, let's celebrate it, but then included a picture of an assault rifle. an update on the general services administration so- called lavish spending is habits. the inspector general says the agency spent as much as
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$330,000 just to move one employee from denver to hawaii. a gsa employee who handles transfers says the move was an example of millions of dollars wasted in relocation costs. the gsa is under scrutiny after miller reported the agency spent more than $800,000 on a conference at a vegas report back in 20 10. scaled back, that's the message from the food and drug administration to drug companies and farmers tonight. they're asking the makers to help limit the use of antibiotics given to farm animals. a practice scientists say has contributed to the surge in drug-resistants bacteria. antibiotics are mixed with animal feed to help animals stay healthy. the agency wants to require a vet to prescribe the drug. right now those antibiotics can be purchased over the counter by the farmer. we've got good news to report on our colleague jc hayward and her fight against breast cancer.
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she had a lump equity tomorrow this afternoon and we -- a lumpectomy, and we're pleased to say everything went well. the doctor said they found no surprises around a second benign mass. her first words after the surgery, does anyone have any lip stick. we wish her a speedy recovery. come back soon. topper. with temperatures about 10 degrees below after, here's your wake-up weather. cold tomorrow morning, 36 to 44 at 5:00. mid-30s to low 40s at 7:00. only in the 40s at 9:00. so jacket and sunglasses, good idea. please give the kids a jack at the bus stop. we'll tell you when it's dog to start feeling like may, and a look at the nats home opener forecast. still ahead, crazy tax deductions from lingerie to your pet. you may be surprised what you can deduct. also, a tsunami watch follows big earthquakes in indonesia. that's coming up next.
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earthquakes from the coast of the united states all the way to indonesia but no reports of widespread casualties. one hit off the coast of oregon
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but it was very deep, eight miles below the surface. another hit in the mountains of western mexico. folks in mexico city high-rises say they could feel it but no major damage. and tonight the all-clear has been sounded along the coast of indonesia, and a tsunami watch has been lifted following two big earthquakes that spread panic across the region. again, no serious damage but the fear of a possible tsunami sent folks racing for higher ground. back in 2004 a devastating quake and tsunami hit that same area. 230,000 people died. one man who experienced today's quake says the ground shook for several minutes. >> the office people were running out, everybody screaming that there was some earthquake happening. >> even now indonesia remains on high alert. residents have been told to expect aftershocks. >> convicted killer charles
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manson has missed his chance for freedom again. a panel has denied him patrol for the 12th time. inmates can be denied the chance for up to 15 years so manson could be 92 before he's eligible for another hearing. his notoriety stems from one of the most gruesome mass murders in history, the 1969 slayings of actress sharon tate and six others. the deadline for filing your taxes, april 17th. when it comes to tax deductions some people get creative. one rockville cpa says she's seen it all, clients who tried to deduct everything from vet bills to ladies lingerie, but sometimes those can be legit deductions. if the family pet is a guard dog for a small business, you're good to go. as for the ladies lingerie, it depends on your profession. >> we could call her an entertainer. however, she does most of her
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entertaining at very private parties. >> according to npr's planet money, the most common questionable tax deductions are gym memberships, country club dues and cosmetic surgery. talk about an interesting day for 134 young stores in pennsylvania after a giant purple panda decided to make a stop in their classroom. >> this was the reaction from most of the kids when they saw the giant stuffed animal. purple panda is a character from the tv show mr. rogers neighborhood. anita is far too young to remember. that he was visiting mr. mcfeely. the only problem is the kids were not feeling big mr. purple. so we thought we'd have some fun and have our viewers caption this photo. >> mandy says, i thought you meant santa, not panda. and our favorite comes from jonathan, when animals attack.
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-- when stuffed animals attack. >> my nephew's second birthday, my brother dressed up as big bird, all the kids cried except my nephew. >> there you go. >> all right, 56 today. felt like march. it's going to sort of feel like late march tomorrow. we're back to average weather by friday. let's have a live look outside with the live weather cam brought to you by michael & son. it we are looking at winds to continue all night. that will keep us from having a frost or freeze. here's the deism breezy and cool on thursday so still a little bit below average but not the biting winds we had today, nor are we going to have any snow flurries. grab a jacket and shades. please give a jacket to the kids at the bus stop. cold thursday night. in fact, with winds dying out, maybe the coldest night so far inside the beltway this week,
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anyway. just spectacular on friday. temperatures bounce back up to average levels, which means mid- 60s. pretty much no wind on friday. overnight clear skies and cold. one to two blanket night, 32 to 4 2. winds northwest at 10 to 15. tomorrow morning mostly sunny, breezy, and chilly, grab a jack, 30s and 40s, winds northwest 10 to 15. so that's going to generate a windchill early in the morning of 20s and 30s. keep that in the back of your mind. by afternoon, it's dog to be perfect for the game. a little cool as we host the reds. 55 degrees for first pitch, winds northwest 1 1, 12, 13 miles per hour so i do remember bringing a jacket or sweat shirt is especially if your seat ends up out of the sun. if it's out of the sun and the wind, you are going to thank me. breezy and cool but nice, highs around 60, winds northwest 10 to 15. so high temperatures on thursday, will you flirt with
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60s. up to the north probably 59, down to arlington 61. college park maybe 61. 59 or so in bowie. out to the west 60 in reston, 59 in sterling, and rate around 59 in manassas. so let's break it down. grab a coat in the morning, 34 to 44, generally clear, sunny at noon but breezy, mid to upper 50s. it sunny by evening, 57 to 6 2. now, the next three days, it's going up very nicely. mid six friday, milder, and then low 70s on saturday. we've got a drop here. don't change your tee time. next seven day, in fact, by sunday, may, early june. temperatures around 80 on sunday, slight chance of an isolated shower. better chance monday, mid-70s right back up to i didn't tell on tuesday, more showers and storms on wednesday, cooler, too, with the front, high temperatures only near 70. so fire danger remains high. keep that in mind.
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we used to poke fun at the nats, but now they're pretty good. >> they're coming home winners taking the first two series. stephen strasburg was back on the mound. plus the nhl playoffs have started. caps hit the ice tomorrow. the latest on their preps for bane town. sports is next. [ male announcer ] this was how my day began.
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the nationals have made it clear they want to take it easy with stephen strasburg, make sure he's 100% better after tommy john surgery. today they seemed to loosen up the reigns. strasburg in his second start of the season looking good. he threw over 100 pitches for the first time ever in his career today. six shutout innings for the almighty righty, striking out nine batters. good depth. the mets pitching on the other hand not so good. they started deteriorating, and the nats took advantage of a
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wild pitch here, bases loaded walk there. they beat new york 4-0. >> it feels great. going home 4-2, playing every game close, we were in every ball game. we definitely could have won every ball game so i look forward to the home opener. >> nats closer drew storen recovering after doctors removed bone fragments from his elbow. tune in to 9 news tomorrow for full live coverage of the home opener. pregame starts around 5:00 a.m. post-game with me, derek mcgeneral tee and dave owens at 5:00. o's, look at the first base coach having a little fun. these baseball games are long. taking on the yankees, extra innings, and for the second straight nights the yank come out on to. yankees beat the birds 6-4. the capitals will start
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third string goalie braden holtby tomorrow night. as the caps prepare for the bruins there seems to be a different attitude headed into this post season. usually the caps are penned as the ones to beat and they haven't gotten very far. this time around they're embracing that underdog roll. >> you always want to play it. it's been three or four days. tonight the playoffs start. until you get in the mood of it, it's playoffs. everybody is excited. >> like hunter said, playoffs underway, flyers and penguins in the battle of pennsylvania. what a game. the flyers came back to force overtime. and the flyers win game one, 4- 3. redskins defensive end jarvis jenkins has been cleared
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to start getting ready for the season. jenkins tore his. a c. l. in the third preseason game. he will be able to practice with the team. >> looking forward to tomorrow. >> we'll be out there tomorrow. >> we're going to be out there. >> get your jacket. >> we'll be right back.
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you know, some burglars leave behind fingerprints. >> but you don't find many burglars thoughtful enough to leave behind their wallet. yeah, that's exactly what
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happened. alan mcclelland climbed into his car in albuquerque realizing that someone had broken in. then he spotted a wallet with photo id. not his wallet. probably the burglar's. allen calls police, they track down the owner. it wasn't hard. he was already behind bars arrested on outstanding warrants. he was not the brightest bulb, as they say. >> even among criminals. >> even among the crooks. >> that's 9news now. >> oh, no, you take it. >> thanks for sticking around. >> letterman is next.
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