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tv   9 News Now at 11pm  CBS  April 20, 2012 1:35am-2:05am EDT

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[ female announcer ] nature valley granola bars, nature at its most delicious. . new at 11:00, a local murder mystery solved. see how an estranged wife helped to crack the case. and a metro project may get torn down. and first tonight, 9 wants to know why a defibrillator failed to save the life of a
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rider on metro. this is 9news now. they are the life saving devices designed to save somebody if they're having a heart attack, but this week a person died on the metro when the defibrillator failed. a major flaw in metro's ability to respond to an emergency. >> a battery that wasn't charged. metro officials now have a giant project on their hands. >> reporter: automated external defibrillatoe of the most advanced machines during a cardiac emergency. according to the american heart association, a rescue attempt using an aed improves a person's survival rate up to 40%. but if it isn't charged properly, it doesn't do any good. >> it's unfortunate it was not in a working condition. >> reporter: it was on monday that a 51-year-old suffered a heart attack at the pentagon station. crews tried using the aed but the battery was drained. the 51-year-old was rushed to
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the hospital where he was pronounced dead. >> would this man's life been saved. >> it's a question i don't know we're going to answer. the aeds are designed when you need them. >> reporter: it has prompted metro officials to check each of the 46 defibrillators installed across the stations. despite those efforts, some metro riders believe the move is too little too late. at least in the case of the 51-year-old victim. >> they keep on telling us about it, but it takes too long. i am just hoping they stick to their word and fix it before we lose another life. >> reporter: metro officials say they expect to have all of the old defibrillators out and the new ones in by the end of the month. i'm ken molestina, 9news now. >> not too long ago, we did some demos right here on 9 news now explaining exactly how to use a
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defibrillator. and you can watch that video by heading to our website new at 11:00, we are learning a lot more about the secret service prostitution scandal. now we know the names of two of the three ousted agents. supervisor david cheney was allowed to retire. another officer resigned and another 8 remain under investigation. the chairman of the house homeland security committee says more resignations are expected soon, maybe even tomorrow. 11 agents in all are accused of bringing hookers to their hotel in columbia just ahead of last week's visit by president obama. poll graph tests have been -- polygraph tests have been conducted all week long and they have the names of all of the women involved and none of them is under age. the youngest is 20 years old. 9news now has learned that toxicology reports show that three young passengers all who died in a car crash last year in maryland were all legally drunk
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at the time. prosecutors say the driver of the car, kevin coffee, left his three friends to die in the wreckage. he eventually pled guilty to vehicular manslaughter. his lawyer called the charge excessive. a gruesome discovery that may close the books on a murder investigation in howard county that started more than 20 years ago. reporter matt jablow is live in elkridge, maryland tonight with more on this mystery. matt. >> reporter: anita, neighbors describe christine jarrett as a loving woman and wonderful mother. the details of her death have been extremely disturbing. >> that instinct told us she was under that shed. >> reporter: for 21 years, cindy frier says she thought her next door neighbor was a murderer. >> i've had a difficult relationship with him. >> reporter: today according to
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police, her suspiciouses were concerned. 57-year-old robert jarrett is behind bars tonight charged with killing his wife christine back in 1991 and then burying her body in concrete under the floorboards of a back yard tool shed. >> to actually see them bring the body bag out, i knew it was her. i knew they were bringing her out and that was very difficult. >> reporter: in january 1991, robert jarrett reported his wife missing. >> what was she like? >> she was a lot of fun. she was very vivacious. full of life. >> reporter: cindy frier says from the very beginning, she was sure that jarrett had killed christine. >> for a lot of different reasons. >> reporter: police say they too suspect ed jarrett all along, but never had enough evidence to charge him. and he would not allow them on the property. >> why it took the howard county 21 years to come and look under the shed, i don't know. >> reporter: but his second wife recently gave them permission to search the house after he moved out. and last night after 21 years,
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christine jarrett's body was finally found. robert jarrett has now been charged with first degree murder and is being held without bond. anita and derek. >> thank you, matt. their family was ripped apart six years ago. now a young girl and her dad will soon be reunited. back in 2006, the 6-year-old was reported missing by her father in los angeles. detectives believed that the girl and her mother had level the country. acting on a tip earlier this week, they found cano and her daughter now 12 living in sterling. cano was arrested and the little girl will be returned to her father. he's accused of sexually abusing a young boy at a church day care. randolph king was arrested earlier today in hyattsville. the alleged abuse happened last week at the zion baptist church. the day care at the church has dozens of kids enrolled.
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it is at the heart of a controversial murder case and now it's at the center of a task force review. we're talking about florida's stand your ground law. did it give george zimmerman the legal right to shoot trayvon martin. the governor of florida is asking a panel to look into the stand your law ground altogether. that how allows somebody to use deadly force any time and any place they feel they are under threat of being seriously hurt or killed. >> we look forward to hearing from the citizens of our state about their concerns and recommendations for keeping our state safe. >> that task force includes representatives from neighborhood watch groups, defense attorneys and state lawmakers. it will hold hearings and recommend changes, if any, to the governor. and speaking of changes, this is roughly $1 million transit center under construction in silver spring. now, it was supposed to open last year. but as you can see, that hasn't happened. you see, the contractors screwed
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up. they poord too little concrete in -- poured too little concrete in some cases and too much in others. >> one remedy, and we're not kidding, tear it all down and start over. what goes up may really have to come down story. >> reporter: anita, this thing was the biggest concrete construction project on the east coast when they started building it a couple years ago, meant to be a big hub for taxis and buses and kiss off riders who then would jump on metro trains. the concrete didn't meet specks and found more trouble after investigating. lots of room here for mistakes. >> it's very large and very complex concrete structure. >> reporter: with demanding specifications ae thickness of that concrete that the contractor missed. >> and we have thin areas in some spaces, thick areas in others. >> reporter: they say the issue really isn't safety.
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>> will it last long it's supposed to last. >> reporter: one solution tear it down and start over. >> that's ridiculous. they have been spending a lot of money on it. it has to be millions of dollars to tear it all down. that seems like a lot of taxpayer money going away. >> reporter: the county says no extra cost to taxpayer, the contractor has to pay. the contractor says, wait a minute, there's a cheaper way to fix this and the county is now looking at the company's alternatives. >> obviously the apocalyptic solution, as i've said, of tearing it down would be a very dramatic and create tremendous delay. >> i think that's really a bad possibility. but i guess if it can't be fixed, it's better than taking a chance on somebody being hurt. >> reporter: the county executive says maybe the company's solution will work. >> i think there's sufficient evidence now that you can provide mediation without having to tear it completely down. >> reporter: well, if leggett is right and the county accepts the company's changes and metro
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accepts the company's changes and if this thing could be opened in august or september. unless, of course, the whole building gets thrown under the bus. derek and anita. >> a lot of ifs there, gary. thank you. game four is in the books. and caps fans have a lot to celebrate. the capitals won the game 2-1 to even the series at 2 games apiece. >> dave owens live at verizon center. hey, dave, even without the stars, the caps were starring to night. >> reporter: i'll tell you what, if you're a caps fan, take a deep breath and exhale. it was a great win tonight. i told you that this crowd out here would have to help the caps. the sellout crowd. they were electric. let's look at the video. it started quickly for the caps. less than two minutes in, johanson hits a one timer and gets a goal. 1-0 caps. second period tied at 1 on the power play. simmons hits. 2-1 washington. from there turn it over to braydon hultey. the caps tie the series with a
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win 2-1. all right. so we're joined now by kristen. i tell you what, wow, what a game. let's jump right into it. how big was this win? how good was braydon here tonight. >> he's amazing. 44 saves tonight. in three of his four playoff games, he has only allowed one goal. he did have some help. the caps had 26 blocked shots tonight. they also had 44 hits. but he was electric, as you said, and terrific. he stole this one for the capitals. how big was it? he shouldn't go down 3-1 to the boston bruins. they had to win this one. they did it. they evened the season up. now they have back-to-back games on saturday and sunday with a chance they could close it out here. >> reporter: and the best news they get backstrom back on saturday. that's going to do it. much more come up later. for now we are live. dave owens at the verizon center for 9news now. still ahead tonight on 9
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news now, starbucks responds to public pressure over the use of dead insects in their coffee. >> plus 9 wants you to know which local restaurants are so filthy it's illegal. that's coming up next. >> i'm 9news now meter gist topper shutt. 72 today. pretty nice. here is your wakeup weather. grab your sunglasses. 48-58. a little cool to start. 46-57 by 7:00. 46-57 by 7:00. we bounce back into the 50s by [ female announcer ] the laughing cow. rich and creamy cheese in indulgent, mouthwatering flavors you just can't resist. and at 35 tiny calories per wedge, you're free to indulge in every last bit. the laughing cow cheese. have you laughed today?
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you know, you just may want to put down your late night snack for this one. tonight we are launching our 9 wants to know restaurant report exposing shut downs because of risky violations. >> and here with that is investigator reporter russ. >> reporter: you're absolutely right. and every week we're going to be exposing food establishments that fail health inspects.
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we found shut downs in fairfax, prince george's, montgomery county and this in the district of columbia. just look. wait for it. it's behind 14th street mid city deli. inspectors shut it down last week. >> don't do that. >> no. >> reporter: no one would talk about the inspection report showing dirty food services, hazardous food temperatures and insects, rodents and other pests. the restaurant's front door is right there. residents blame it on what we can see right there. besides that live rat, we saw a tail and other less active fur, neighbors say it's been a problem for year. but one defended the place. >> it's filthy but i heard the food is good. >> reporter: mid city deli passed a reinspection and is now open to the public. we found a total of 9 recent
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closures, most serving food without any hot cleaning water, including king chevron store and a market at check cash plus on minnesota avenue. red corner, cool on cafi. in prince george's county, in pecktors shut down three -- inspectors shut down three outlaw barbecue. they shut down a marino pizza for no license. they mistakenly brought that license home but they have decided not to reopen that establishment. we're not just looking for violations. we're looking for rats in public office too. and government waste. if you've got a tip, 9 wants to know. reach us at tips at you can also follow me on twitter, and that is how you can reach me to tell us about your rats, whether it's in a restaurant or at the state house or the capital.
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>> the big live two legged kind. >> oh, my. thanks a lot, russ. >> bon appetit. forget the marriage. show me the money. 2-thirds of 18-34-year-old women who were polled say being successful in a high paying career is one of the most important things. compare that with men who say 59% of the men surveyed say that having a high paying gig is utmost importance. so women seem to be very, very motivated. so if you prefer your coffee without bugs, starbucks will phase out the bug. the bug in question is the beetle. the company will soon use tomato extract for its food coloring needs, especially when it's pink. well, you may not know him by name, but he has had a hand in writing some of the country's
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most beloved songs. drum er levon helm passed away today. in addition to drumming, he was a singer as well and you can hear his voice in bands like the wake. 71 years old. well, from space invader to museum artifact, nasa has turned over the shuttle discovery to the smithsonian institution. it will go on display right near dulles airport. the shuttle's prototype known as enterprise has been on display there and will be shipped out to a museum in new york. if in case you missed today's big moving in ceremony, all you have to do is log on to we have got the video. >> for all of this shuffling of shuttles, we had really good weather. >> a little dreary. we recovered. >> quickly. >> and the model is going to be fantastic. and we do have some changes on the weekend. some good, some not so good. but we need the rain. let's start with live look
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outside. so live weather cam brought to you by michael and son. very mild. it's still 60. generally clear. winds are light out of the south at 5. and the pressure steady over the past hour at 30.6 -- a little average for this time of year and this time of day. satellite picture radar combined, big thunderstorms in much of wisconsin, minnesota and also north eastern iowa. now, this is a frontal boundary that's going to eventually roll through the metro area on saturday. and ironically, we have a frontal system on saturday, an area of low pressure on sunday. it's that area of low pressure we've been pinning a lot of hopes on for a good soaking rain. ironically the frontal boundary may bring more rain and showers saturday into saturday night and a second storm on sunday. right now clear skies and we'll start out with sunshine tomorrow and just a rapid warmup. overnight we'll stay clear to partly cloudy. comfortably cool. low temperatures 36-46. winds light out of the south at
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o 10. we're look -- south at 10. we're looking at a fabulous friday. temperatures will be in the 60s if you're headed out. warm saturday. we raised the temps a little on saturday with some showers. maybe a thunderstorm with the showers. and we think the window is going to be about 11:00 p.m. and 3:00 p.m. with the first batch. may see a second batch of rain and showers saturday night. so we'll keep you posted on that. friday morning mostly sunny and pleasant. grab your shades. 50s and 60s. by afternoon, fabulous, fantastic. pick your adjective. warmer too. highs around 75 and winds out of the south, southwest -- south, southeast rather at about 10. so let's break it down for you then. 46-56 to start. and then 67-72 by noon. gorgeous by evening. 72-76. bring out the old sunglasses. next three days, bumped temperatures up on saturday to 76. there is your shower and thunderstorm. and then on sunday cooler. that hasn't changed. i think we're going to end up with morning rain on sunday and
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then clear out. maybe some lingering rain east of 95. that's good news. that means the storm will hit the coast and hit the delmarva and that's where the drought is severe. so early morning rain or showers on sunday. 60s. i haven't thrown it out yet. it's trending eastward. monday and tuesday behind the storm, that hasn't changed either. it's going to get cold. upper 50s on monday and tuesday with some showers. we bounce back into about 70 on wednesday with some showers. maybe a thunderstorm and then upper 60s on thursday. so we'll keep you posted. it's going to be a coastal storm actually. >> all right. >> good for the folks on the eastern shore. >> yes, indeed. we'll talk about a big night for the caps at the verizon center. let's go back out to dave owens at the verizon. hey. >> reporter: yes, anita, it was a night when one of the least experienced washington capitals standing tall. they say a hot goalie can take you a long way. well, braydon folte third degree performance.
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caps are headed t
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tonight, folks, elimination game. no. but it was a must win game. if the caps would have lost here, it would have meant they were down 3 games to 1. in other words, start making vacation plans. let's take a look at the game and see how it went tonight. hey, if you got here late, i feel bad for you. early fireworks. sweet music. nice one timer, too. caps go up 1-0. it was a gritty second period. dennis wideman will be seeing this one in his sleep for a while. he missed high on the open net. later in the period alex simmons doesn't miss the power play. with that his second of the post season. 2-1 caps. this game decided between the metal pipes. braydon under duress. call him bulletproof. they got it.
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they take it 2-1. >> the way we played i think we deserved to win, maybe they did a good job too. i think we played really strong and worked with each other and that's when you come out with a win. >> we tied the series. i think the series continuing as it is very tight. and we're going to have play a very solid road game. >> reporter: back to braydon. the 22-year-old goalie who started only six games in the regular season. pressed in the service because of injuries. the guy's pulse never wavered tonight. cool, calm, collected. he was the difference. >> i threw a lot of the ring to my fore pad and one guy just kind of floated on my blocker and i didn't know where to put it. i put it in the guy's body and that's an nhl play. and my job is to deal with those rebounds. >> reporter: all right. let's talk some basel now. edwin jackson could not have had a better debut for the nats. he goes the distance.
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strikes out 9. he does it to the reds. tonight he was trying to help his team complete a four-game sweep of the astros. success didn't carry over tonight. the as stroh's unleeching back -- astro's unleashing back-to-back scores on him. they were on wondering if the astros could produce more. houston saying enough is enough. we're going crazy tonight. 17 hits. 11 runs. they win 11-4. redskins fan rejoice. it looks like rg3 is going to be yours. the colts want andrew muck meaning washington can officially rename redskins park rg3 park. draft next thursday. it looks like they're going to pick him second. time to announce the winner of our high school game of the week. 13,000 of you voting on
2:04 am fairfax at thomas jefferson. highlights coming up tomorrow at 11:00. all right. so the caps win it tonight. 2-1. tie the series up at 2. they head to boston. and there will be back-to-back games here on sunday. that's going to do it from here, guys. back to you now. >> all right. >> reporter: in the studio. >> let's go


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