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tv   9 News Now at 11pm  CBS  April 22, 2012 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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good evening. i'm matt jablow in for bruce johnson. the much needed rain is still falling across the washington area. there are no reports of flooding at this hour. the ground is so dry and soaking up all the moisture. it's one of the biggest storms we've had this year. anny, how much more rain are you expecting? >> not a whole lot more. most of this storm has gone up to the north of us, and we're
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seeing now just some chilly temperatures right now, and still a little bit of light rain falling here on the weather terrace. let's get right to doppler to show you where we still have some rain falling in the area. most of it is still fairly light but if you go farther out to the west you see some of the white-out there. we've even got some snow in the potomac highlands. we'll talk about that but first, let's zoom in. the green is rain, the yellow moderate to heavy. look closer to the mason dixon line, up to pennsylvania. you can see some pretty big storm system is impacting much of the area. we call this a nor'easter. closer to us we're talking about a winter storm advisory in the purple. two to four inches of wet snow possible. farther out west a winter storm
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warning. four to eight inches possible. this goes through tuesday morning. we're talking wet snow where we can see some downed power lines and those trees, if the wet snow gets ton trees, limbs could fall. right now temperatures in the 40s, but when you factor in windchill it feels like 30s. speaking of the rain, our reporter -- ken molestina is joining us now. >> reporter: everybody was expecting this rain and happy to see it at first, but after awhile people said they simply just want to the go away. a soggy sunday in washington. 44 degree temperatures and wet streets all day long in late april. what, are you kidding me this. >> does it suck actually. but you just make the best of it. >> it's like boiling hot last week, and thought's storm.
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>> reporter: you got room under there for a third person? what do you think of this weather? >> well, we're from england so we're used to the rain. >> reporter: these visitors may not have a problem with the rain but others didn't fair so well. with a 90% chance of rain and lows in the 40s the sun barely made an appearance this sunday. some caps fans even blaming the weather for washing out their hopes in the play have i don't have game. >> just crazy, then immediate devastation. >> reporter: the caps will have another chance for a w on wednesday, but tonight these wet washingtonians are just having to make the best of it. >> it's been getting colder and colder, but i have to say, look on the bright side of things. >> reporter: you know what they say. when life gives you raindrops, you grab an umbrella. in other news, animal control is looking for two dogs in northeast washington that attacked several children and
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mauled a man. it happened friday night in the 1200 block of queens street. the man would was mauled is being called a hero for trying to protect the children by turning the dog on himself. >> i was bleeding everyone. >> reporter: andre hawthorne is recovering from his injuries after using his body as a human shield. >> i threw my left arm up so he could grip this, and i was using my right hand to punch on him. >> two big dogs. they wasn't going for nothing. >> reporter: two dogs pinned hawthorne. one clamped down on each arm. >> i was shaking him like he was a rag. >> reporter: surveillance video shows the dogs. one of the dogs follows right after this 11-year-old. >> i just kept running. >> reporter: when you saw the dogs jump on the car after him, what were you thinking? >> i was thinking i was
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literally about to lose my son. i opened our building door and let him run in and the dog came running in behind him. >> i just automatically reacted. >> reporter: hawthorne had a knife and was able to injure the dog, but they wouldn't let go until a neighbor came after them with a ba. >> i'm glad i'm still alive. i talked with animal control, and they say while the neighbors know who the dogs belong to, they have been unsuccessful in tracking them down. they are doing a 10-day surveillance on the neighborhood, and residents would like an apology from the dog owners and want the dogs to be put down. i'm surae chinn for 9news now. >> elsewhere tonight, a so i think boom heard across much of nevada and california was likely caused by a meteor. that's according to the national weather service. the sound of the explosion was strong enough to rattle windows and shake houses.
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it prompted a flood of calls to law enforcement agencies on both sides of the sierra nevada mountains. some beam reported seeing a fireball streak across the sky. >> across the sky, it just disappeared all of a sudden. >> another person said it sounded like they were in the middle of an earthquake. president obama is about to kick off a college tour this week to discuss student debt. the first stop is colorado university's boulder campus where today students lined up to get tickets to see the president. >> it feels like we mean a little bit to his constituency. >> it makes me feel like we are important. once we graduate, we have ridiculous amounts of loans,
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and it's hard to pay them off because a lot of times you end up getting a job as a waitress or in retail because it's hard to find professional work. >> students at north carolina- chapel hill stood in the rain for hours to get ticket to the president's speech at unc on tuesday. mitt romney spend the day campaigning in greencastle, pennsylvania. romney addressed republicans at the lincoln day dinner. tomorrow romney will continue to campaign in pennsylvania, ahead of the state's primary election on tuesday. there could soon be more fallout over the secret service prostitution scandal. so far six agents have lost their jobs. five are now on administrative leave, and 11 members of the military are under investigation. they were all part of an advance team setting up security for president obama's trip to cartagena, colombia.
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congress now wants to know if anything like this has ever happened before. >> reporter: more secret service agents involved in the colombia prostitution scandal could soon be out of a job. >> i would expect in the very near future to have several members of the secret service leaving. >> reporter: so far, six agent have lost their jobs. five are on administrative leave. and 11 members of the military. they were part of an advanced team setting up security for the president's trip. some are accused of hiring prostitutes and bringing them back to the hotel could caribe. >> now you're into the hotel where the president of the
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united states was going to stay, and it just gets more troubling. >> reporter: senator joe lieberman says congress plans to launch hearings and will try to determine if this type of topped. one former secret service director doesn't think lawmakers will find anything. >> i don't think in the past these things have happened. they certainly didn't happen on my watch. >> reporter: authorities are in colombia investigating the scandal. at? time was the -- at no tame was the president's security compromised. the trial of the man accused of murdering three of jennifer hudson's family members starts this week. the actress' mother, brother, and seven-year-old nephew were killed more than three years ago. hudson's former brother-in-law, william balfour, faces three.
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a place of worship turns violent this sunday. police say a colorado pastor's mother and a suspect are dead after both were shot outside a denver church. an off-duty officer was in the congregation when the shooting happened in the parking lot. police say there was an argument between people in two cars. the pastor's mother came out of the church to see what was happening when she was. coming up on 9news now, trading bullets for the ballet. >> do we feel that they've not only, but they've also taught us so much. >> a soldier swaps his guns for the chance to help. and the weather may not have been perfect but that didn't stop the earth day celebrations this weekend. we're back in a moment. stay with us.
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thousands of people braved the rainy weather to take part in earth day events today. on the national mall, umbrellas went up as earth day celebrants showed up. there were a number of speakers on the topic of ensuring a sustainable future and a wide variety of music groups including cheap trick and dave mason. also, a march of remembrance. holocaust survivors direct descendants of nazi war criminals took center steak. they talked about surviving inconcentration camps, anti- semitism, and reconciling with the past.
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>> imagine black and white because my mother met a black soldier, and i have black sisters, and coming to the united states, standing on a train south of georgia ch as soon as we step out of the train, there was the kkk waiting for us. i couldn't go to black school, i couldn't go to white school. here i am almost 18 years of age, and i don't know how to read and write. i had to start learning from beginning. >> if we believe in this god we have to go back to god and come together, work together, say no more of this hate and anger that we have toward one another. >> those that took part marched carrying signs that read "we must never forget." a former u.s. soldiers has traded bullets for ballet. he partnered with the new york based nonprofit to help train young iraqis.
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they say the goal was not necessarily to learn how to dance but to learn how to express themselves through the arts. >> being here with no body armor, no weapon, and bringing art has claingdz people's expressions, and the hugging and touching and hand shakes. >> some of the students are actors, directors, and performance teachers. he said he originally wanted to hold classes in kirkuk, but the government said it wasn't safe. the average gas price is down 5 cents in the past two weeks. that's according to the lundberg survey. it puts the price at $'.9 1. the first to climb in the u.s.
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average, chicago has the highest. "the hunger games" four- week run as the biggest draw at the box office over. two date night movies pushed it down to third. "think like a man" based on steve harvey's dating advice best seller debuted at number one. "the lucky one" starring zac efron opened at number two. "the hunger games" has to settle at third place taking in $14.5 million. to date, the film has grossed nearly, get this, $360 million. screw bee gees fans will be glad to know that robin gibbs' health is improving. doctors say gibbs is now out of a coma and able to speak. coming up on 9news now, the mystery of the missing pilot.
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>> if you were in dissfrerks your landing gear wasn't coming down, why you wouldn't notify the control tower, get emergency vehicles out here in case the landing didn't go well would be something that any normal pilot would do. >> a plane goes down, but who was flying it? and now that we've had a good soaking, when will the blue skies return? anny is back with an update. stay with us.
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today is gonna be an important day for us. you ready? we wanna be our brother's keeper. what's number two we wanna do? bring it up to 90 decatherms. how bout ya, joe? let's go ahead and bring it online. attention on site, attention on site. now starting unit nine. some of the world's cleanest gas turbines are now powering some of america's biggest cities. siemens. answers.
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investigators in tennessee are baffled after a plane went down in nashville. a 1961 beechcraft crash-landed in an abandoned air park. now police and faa officials are trying to figure out who was flying it. the plane was found but there's no sign of a pilot. >> it would seem that whoever was on board this plane purposely wanted to put it down
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at an inconspicuous airfield with no one around in the middle of the night. no one has come around to claim a 1961 twin engine beechcraft airplane. and that's rather suspicious. >> investigators say there was no faa flight plan made out for the plane, and they're wondering why a pilot in distress would not have september out a call for help. strange indeed. >> very strange, yeah. >> weather strange, too. >> yeah, definitely a change from what we've been seeing. we were talking 80s yesterday, then we drop to the 50s today, and we did see pretty big rains come through the area. a washout for your sunday as expected. getting just over an inch of rain around the d.c. area so far. here's a look at doppler. we may have a chance to dry out between another system with scattered showers overnight. we'll zoom in. you can see the light rain here. most of the area the district
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drying out, even southern maryland drying out. some places getting two inches of rain. when you look out to the far west we are also looking at some snow falling. frederick, hagerstown all looking at some light rain as well. most of this storm has now moved up to the north of us, around the northeast. now called a nor'easter. right now temperatures 47 in downtown. dew point 43. we've got some light rain falling. the wind, it is blustery out there. we're seeing gusts around 30 miles per hour. right now temperatures generally in the 40s. 46 in college park, 45 ingreat falls. here's a look at the satellite and radar picture. look at that storm that just formed south of us and then came all the way up the mid at lap particular and now heading over to new york and the new england area. you can see on the west side of
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the storm. so we're expecting a wet and windy condition overnight. some showers are possible monday. more scattered in nature. grab the umbrella and the coat. our futurecast shows you hour by hour where the showers can be and. generally we're looking at light rain for the overnight hours. tomorrow morning at 9:00 a.m. a couple of showers possible leesburg out to culpeper, but then you look at the snow. look at this. points farther west into oakland. this is where we have continued. so the amount of snow isn't the big concern but it's the wet, heavy snow that could bring down power lines and tree limbs. in the afternoon, a couple of
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scattered showers possible for tomorrow evening's commute potentially, and generally a very cloudy day and windy day. it could feel like we're still in the 40s. tuesday we'll get a better chance. overnight cloudy. breezy and cold with rain, temperatures in the 40s. west winds 15 to 20. the afternoon, we stay cloudy, windy, and chilly. highs for monday, we're going to. 52 in college park. annapolis upper 40s. we do have a small. oakland, only 31 degrees. that's your high for monday with the snow falling out in the higher elevations.
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49 in winchester, ma. we should be close to 70 this time of year. also andrews air force base looking at 50. here's how your e -- upper 40s to lower 50s. next seven days. milder but still windy. inspect. another collapse for some scattered showers, a couple of isolated thunderstorms possibly. then we dry out, it. the weekend looking dry, too. back tmp. >> anny, thanks very much j. when we come back, a sports plus preview with kristen berset.
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kristen joins us with a look at the day in sports. a tough day in sports for caps fans. >> what a tough day. they trailed the entire game but they thought maybe coming off that big win got some momentum behind them, but you could see, two games, 24 hours, took its toll, especially when this one went to overtime. the capitals really needed this win. they had boston on the brink of early elimination, plus the home crowd behind them, but playing two games in 24 hours
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took its toll. just like the first two games this one went to overtime, and the caps looked a little bit lazier than they did all game. here's the game winner. the bruins never trailed in this game. they win game six 4-3. for the first time in nhl playoff history, every game of the six so far has been decided by just one goal. we'll have more plus other action. penguins-flyers, the pennsylvania rivalry, and the flyers oust the penguins. the washington redskins have seven picks, including the all-important number two. nfl beat writer jered bell will join me in studio to break down who besides r g 3 the skins
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should target and how important this. >> i did a little research on my own. the caps outshot the bruins 39- 31. they seemed like they were dominating the whole game. >> so many times they were in front of the net and couldn't get it to go. i think they had a lot more missed opportunities than the bruins did. >> one more shot at it on wednesday. thanks, kristen. a little snow in the mountains, or a lot of snow. >> anywhere from two to four inches, four to eight, but you will need your umbrellas. >> thanks, anny. and thank you for watching. have a great week.
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