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tv   9 News Now at 5pm  CBS  April 23, 2012 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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>> it can happen. thank goodness there are no leaves on the trees. >> reporter: like to remind the rest of us because of the high altitude, a half mile up here, the climate is more like michigan than maryland. contractors are ready and able to plow snow instead of mowing grass. and everyone got a rare glimpse of one of the prettiest sights around. it continues until 2:00 tuesday morning, but never fear, spring is predicted to return with temperatures near 60 degrees by thursday and some april showers. at deep creek lake in western maryland, scott broom, 9news now. >> and this winter storm is bringing snow all along the appalachian divide. the bulls eye, a town called johnstown, pennsylvania, that's 65 miles east of pittsburgh. the snow there wet and heavy. making the roads treacherous and perhaps knocking out the power in some of those places. up to a foot expected and after the mild winter, a will the of
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folks aren't ready for it. >> a lot of people have their winter tires off and then you know, this is like the first snow of the season again. people will be crazy. >> yeah, that means they are all running through the drugstore to get the milk and toilet paper. one of their trucks got into an accident while working to clear the roads. we're told the driver actually got a few minor injuries. i'm here with topper shutt in our weather center. how much snow is coming? why is it so late and when will you be done with this? >> it's part of the weird season we had. we had the october snow. a lot of folks had the biggest snow in october. we'll take a look at the graphics. bill wolf sends us great stuff. he had 10 inches on halloween. he had 2 inches today and this is a little town northeast of hagerstown and notice how it is laying on the branches and on the ever greens. that's what we are concerned about. so far, so good. have not had reports of
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widespread power outages. here's a radar picture. you can see the circulation, we're going to see more showers roll through the metro area. yes, more snow. west of the divide in garrett county. close view of live doppler. a heavy little area of rain just to the southern section of prince georges county. everything is moving off to the south and east. we'll come back and talk about whether or not you're going to have a wet commute going tomorrow and snow flakes are closer than you think. we'll talk about that too, coming up. >> wow, topper. chaos caught on camera as a pair of dogs attacked three children and maul a man. people stood on cars and hit the dogs with bats to try and help and now neighbors want to know why those dogs are still out there. kristin fisher is here with a story that, i mean, that's got to be nerve racking for anybody. >> i have been out in the trinidad neighborhood all day long and people there are truly furious. and part of the reason is
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because they say they know who the dogs belong to. but that d.c. police, animal control, and the department of health so far have done nothing. watch as three children climb on top of a car to get away from two huge dogs. >> they were wowed. they were basically trained to attack. >> this woman wants to remain unanimous. she watched it all happen. in fact, watch here as her husband took on those two dogs with nothing but bare hands. >> going to get hurt. i automatically just said, allow the dogs take my left arm. >> and recovers from severe bites, his neighbors want to know why the person in charge of the dogs did nothing during the attack. so when these dogs started attacking your husband, essentially, the owner just went inside and shut the door? >> uh-huh. the only reason he came back out is because the dogs were
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coming back down the street. >> reporter: and he wanted to let them back in? >> that was the last we saw of the dogs. >> reporter: they last saw those two dogs going inside this apartment building. we tried contacting the people that live here, but so far, no luck. but look, when you open up their door, the front door to the main entry way, you can see the carpet is covered in blood and there are bloody paw prints leading up to the second floor. neighbors say they know where the dogs live and who the owners are, but all police and animal control will say is that they are still investigating. not very reassuring, especially with a daycare center just across the street. >> i honestly feel like the police not doing their job. the dogs should be euthanized and the owner should be arrested. >> reporter: no arrests have been made, but keep in mind this investigation is on going. now lesli, as for the hero in this story, the guy who essentially uses his body as a human shield, he had to go back
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to the hospital today because all of those bites have now gotten infected. so you can imagine all of those hospital bills that are now just piling up. >> that's a crazy story. let's hope they find out where these dogs are so this neighborhood can be at peace. thanks so much. so how can you avoid being bitten by a dog? you want to always assume that any dog will bite. never approach a dog unless the owner says it's okay. if a strange dog approaches you, standstill, avoid eye contact, don't run or scream at that dog. put something between you and the animal like a backpack or a jacket. you can learn more at >> they spent three decades in prison. and seven d.c. men are getting an unusual chance to argue they are innocent. live at d.c. superior court where the hearing has been going on all day and likely continue for the next three weeks, bruce.
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>> yeah, anita. attorneys for the men point to an avalanche, what they call an avalanche of new information that calls into question these guilty verdicts. four witnesses have recanted and several other witnesses have pointed to other people who may have murdered katherine fuller. >> as far as i'm concerned, in eight ways, justice was done. >> victim katherine fuller's sister celebrated the guilty verdicts in 1985, more than a quarter century later, the defendants are back in d.c. superior court, arguing the verdicts were anything but justice. >> i'm happy to see my brother. being incarcerated and i'm feeling for something he didn't do. >> katherine fuller was a mother of six, beaten, robbed, and sot sodomized.
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police focused almost immediately on a group of young men that hung out in a nearby park and called themselves the crew. >> i see. >> then 16-year-old clifton confessed in a video taped police interrogation. >> it was a little hard stick. >> but he is now recanting and he is the leadoff witness as the defendants seek to convince a judge to grant them a new trial or declare them not guilty. did you kill katherine fuller, his lawyer asked? no, i didn't. did you participate in the murder of katherine fuller? no, i didn't. why did you give a statement? because i was scared. police beat the confession out of him. >> i'm proud of him. he's telling the truth and it's not hard to tell the truth. i'm very proud. he's doing well on the stand.
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>> now several witnesses pointed to another guy, a guy named james mcmillan that they saw in the alley and several years later, mcmillan actually murdered another woman in a startlingly similar fashion. another witness pointed to a guy named james blue, but james blue actually killed that witness five days before the crew went on trial. and all those witnesses were apparently withheld by the prosecutors from the defense attorneys. anita. >> okay, bruce leshan, thank you. the man accused of killing an unarmed florida teenager is out of jail tonight. on the same day that george zimmerman was let go, the police chief allowed him to go free resigned himself. randall with the latest on this from sanford, florida. >> sanford police chief is
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quitting. lee had been under pressure to quit since his department allowed george zimmerman to walk free after shooting and killing trayvon martin. lee temporarily stepped aside. >> this as a leader of this agency has become a distraction. >> now lee says he is giving up the position entirely. state investigators took over the case and eventually charged zimmerman with second-degree murder. the neighborhood watch volunteer was released from jail late sunday after posting bail. his attorney is not revealing where his client is staying over fears of his safety. >> the concern is that there is such a ground swelling of opposition to resume position, or what they believe his position to be that we're concerned about. >> there are reports zimmerman was allowed to leave the state of florida. authorities say he is wearing a gps monitoring device and they can track his every move. zimmerman has yet to officially plead in court, but nearly
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released documents show his attorney filed a written plea of not guilty days ago. the documents also reveal that prosecutors wanted zimmerman to wear prison clothes, not a suit during his bond hearing on friday. >> i am sorry. >> during that hearing, zimmerman apologized to martin's parents. family attorney says the apology was not sincere. >> they would rather the killer be in jail than accept the rule of law. >> if convicted of second- degree murder, zimmerman could face life in prison. cbs news, sanford, florida. >> and zimmerman's formal arraignment is scheduled for may 8. president obama marked the holocaust days of remembrance with a visit to the holocaust museum. survivor and author joined the president in lighting candles at the museum. the candles were lit in honor of the 6 million jews and others that were killed during the holocaust. during the visit, president obama vowed to never allow genocide to happen again.
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>> the killings in cambodia, the killings in bosnia. they shock our conscious, but the awful extreme of a spectrum of ignorance and intolerance that we see every day. >> president obama said this country will not let the siege of hate took root in our heart. a commuter alert that has more to do about your health. a bus along the 14 street line out of service after a driver was diagnosed with viral meningitis. that driver was last behind the wheel friday morning. so this operator drove the route 52 bus from 14th and buchanan street at 7:13 a.m. the route 54 bus from lafont bus to colorado. and the route 52 back to lafont plaza at 9:00 a.m. that particular bus will be sanitized, but metro says it is
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planning to disinfect all 164 buses in the fleet as a precaution tonight. so let's talk about viral meningitis. it's usually not as severe as the bacterial form and resolves itself in 7 to 10 days. it's more of a serious risk to people with a weakened immune system. symptoms include nausea, vomiting, altered mental status, fever, and sensitivity to light. police are trying to find the cause of a deadly crash that shut down part of the beltway today. it happened in the middle of the night on the outer loop between the georgia visit. three vehicles in total involved. one of them a tractor trailer. one person was killed, another was taken to the hospital with what are believed to be nonlife threatening injuries. the names of the victims haven't been released. some people in clinton, maryland, got an unexpected visit earlier this morning. a car came crashing through their yard and into the house around 7:00 a.m. investigators say the driver was heading north on old branch
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avenue when he drove into the front of the house. no one inside was hurt, but shaken up. the driver suffered minor injuries. they are trying to figure out what caused that to happen. i'm danielle nottingham in washington. coming up, the defense witness who could shake things up in the roger clemens perjury trial. then a little later, a shift in just how long the money for social security and medicare should last. but first, opening statements get underway in the john edwards trial. a closer look at that case coming your way up next.
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former presidential candidate, john edwards' trial began today in north carolina. he's accused of using campaign contributions to cover up his affair with rielle hunter. edwards claims he did nothing illegal. we'll have more on today's proceedings coming up at 6:00. and today also marked the opening arguments in roger clemens perjury trial. and as danielle nottingham tells us, he's accused of lying do congress during the 2008 steroid hearings. >> reporter: roger clemens walked into a washington courthouse with his wife, debbie, at his side. the prosecution is using its opening statement to lay out its case that clemens lied under oath in 2008 when he testified to congress that he did not use steroids. >> i have never taken steroids
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or hgh. >> ten women and six men are serving as jurors and alternates. >> it's a mix of men and women, black and white. people who seemed pretty knowledgeable about baseball and people that didn't have any idea about it at all. >> reporter: brian, clemen's former trainer is the government's key witness. >> i injected those drugs into the body of roger clemens at his direction. >> he told the congressional committee in 2008 that he saved the used needles as evidence. >> debbie clemens was in court monday quietly working on needle point. the defense plans to call her as a witness. >> i think debbie clemens testimony is going to be one of the bigamistlies the big mysteries of the trial. >> wants to keep andy petit's testimony as condensed as possible. the government wants to open it up to as much information as
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possible. >> this is clemens' second time going to trial. the government's first shot at the case ended last july with a mistrial after prosecutors show jurors evidence the judge declared inadmissible. danielle nottingham, cbs news, washington. >> first witness is expected to take the stand tomorrow. anita. the 2012 presidential campaign stopped in pennsylvania tomorrow. likely republican nominee, mitt romney, blasted president obama's energy policies during a visit to the pittsburgh energy research facility. romney also made one last push to win the state's primary. he said an aide is starting to deal with the vetting process for vice president. >> the process for selecting a vice presidential running mate is just beginning. beth myers has begun to put together a number of the names and criteria and so forth that would be associated with that process. we haven't had a discussion yet
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of putting together a list. >> romney is also campaigning in pennsylvania with florida senator, marco rubio. the first term senator is considered a top prospect for a vice presidential running mate. some areas are expecting as much as a foot and a half of snow. in some spots, may get more snow than they saw all winter long. before the storm, julie snapped this picture of a rainbow over cumberland, maryland. taken saturday night when she posted it on our wusa9 facebook page, julie wrote, just think, it's going to snow monday. something is really wrong with that. >> i expected to see more glee in your face today. >> i'm gleeful. that was the rainbow with the thunderstorms we had saturday night. but i'm gleeful, just haven't seen flakes here. >> close though, within about 20 miles. but out to the west, a different story. in fact, we have another picture for you.
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this is pretty good stuff. also a bunch of stuff on our website. check this out, april snow. this is actually in canane valley. this is where you are in west virginia. it is sticking on the roads there. it's simply snowing faster than it can melt and at one point, temperature got down to 29 degrees. that's pretty crazy. ed sent this to us from snow shoe, we appreciate it. all right, let's talk about temperatures right now. this is a live shot brought to you by michael and son. shower activity still. 45 degrees. dew point is 39 and winds still west, northwest at 10. look how low the pressure is. that's still a bottom out another few hours. we'll widen out the view. you can see the huge circulation with this storm system. rain along much of the new england coast, but snow into western new york state and
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western pa. in fact, all the way down to snow shoe. now we'll zoom in a little bit and around the immediate metro area, just some showers, but again, we've had reports of flakes. so you could see a wet snow flake even though temperatures are in the low 40s in some cases and upper 30s north and west of town. live doppler 9,000. got to zoom in on this a little bit. pretty heavy activity. this into southern sections of prince georges county. northeast of brandy wine and put this into motion. where it's going to go in the next hour? everything is going to move essentially southeastward and weaken a little bit in intensity. i would not be surprised it see a snow flake. if you're going down 5 tonight or 3, you're going to have some wet roads, no doubt. look at the temperatures, 42 in bethesda. don't know if i believe in that one. generally in the low to mid 40s across the area. drying out gradually. breezy and cold tonight.
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showers, maybe a wet snow flake tonight. mountain snows continue west of the divide and more sun tuesday, a little better tomorrow. brighter day. so tonight, mostly cloudy, breezy and cold. showers, maybe a wet flake. low temperatures. winds south, southwest 10 to 20 and on the gusty side. next seven days, we go in the right direction. temperatures start going up. more sunshine, 65. then we're in the low 70s on thursday. shower or thunderstorm. that sounds more like april. nice on friday, seasonal. upper 60s. and we have maryland day on saturday. i'll be out there in the afternoon. 75, maybe a shower. a couple showers and thunderstorms on sunday. got to point middleberg. and then 65 on monday. >> so some improvement there on the weekend. >> a little bit. no snow. >> i'm sorry, i had to do it. all right folks, the search is on for whomever, threw a
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cocktail at a building. some good news at the gas pump for a change. [ glass clinks ] i just wanted to say a few words.
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thank you for the lovely meal, jane. mom. and maybe this is just the cake talking but let's celebrate! [ male announcer ] buy any kfc 10 pc meal or larger and get a free double chocolate chip cake. we are teaming up with the
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university of maryland to give you a new ipad. just log on to facebook and like the wusa9 page. that will give youor chance to win. you can get a university of maryland survival kit. it's all filled up with all sorts of stuff from that school. we will announce the winner in mid may. cyber hackers appeared to keep up their attack on the d.c. government's website over the weekend. a group calling itself the underground nazi hacker collective is claiming responsibility for the attacks on d.c. as well as new york city and the state of washington. now the group says it is protesting government policies concerning the internet. a nice drop in the prices at the pump over the last week. according to aaa, the average price for a gallon of regular unleaded gas is $3.86 nationwide. that's down from $3.91 a week ago. in the greater washington area, the average is $3.98. you can always find the best prices in our area at
5:26 pm just click on pump patrol. politics is getting in the way of thousands of jobs. that is the word from transportation secretary, ray lahood. the senate passed a long-term $109 billion measure earlier today while the house opted to pass just another short-term bill last week. >> the senate bipartisan bill is a jobs bill. the house should pass that bill, send it to the president, he'll sign it. right at the beginning of construction season. this is not a time to have another extension. >> different bills means leaders from both houses will have to conference to come up with a compromise. one big difference, the house bill includes construction of the keystone excel pipeline, a plan the president said he will veto. the current extension goes through september 30 and secretary lahood says he is not optimistic a new plan will be approved.
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still to come, you hear the political rhetoric all the time, but how long do we have before the money for social security and medicare really runs out? a look at one answer coming up. then, a little later on, the god father of gogo is in the hospital. we'll tell you what is happening with chuck brown. three little girls accused of powerful and well known men in falls church of molesting them. coming up, i'll tell you what's been happening on the first day of michael gardner's trial.
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we have breaking news now out after stanford, florida, where the city commission rejected the police chief's resignation. we just told you a few minutes ago that bill lee had submitted his resignation. he stepped aside last month at the height of the investigation into the trayvon martin shooting. lee had been under pressure to resign after his department let george zimmerman go after that shooting. now, zimmerman is facing second- degree murder charges. there is no word from the county commission yet about the basis for its decision. the trial of michael gardner. the husband of the former mayor is charged with sexually abusing three girls who were attending a sleep over with his own daughter. peggy fox joins us live from the arlington county courthouse. peggy. >> that's right, jury selection has been going on all
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day and it is still going on. they brought in 80 people from arlington county and falls church. three women jurors have already been dismissed. they are mothers who have children or grandchildren the same ages as the alleged victims. they said they didn't know if they could be impartial towards michael gardner. facing disturbing child molestation charges, michael gardner continues to have the support of his wife, falls church city councilwoman, and former mayor, robyn gardner. the charges stem from two sleep overs for the gardner's daughter at their house on two separate nights last june. three girls who were 10 and 9 at the time say michael gardner reached into their sleeping bags or bed and fondled their genitals and breasts. >> how are you going to explain your dna? >> gardner's dna was found on two of the girls clothing, including a pair of underpants,
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but sperm was found on her pa pajama pants. >> this is what the experts will testify, it's transferred. it was done in the wash. it was isolated sperm, probably all over the pajamas. that's what happens when you wash your clothes. it gets distributed, not very much, just isolated spots here and there and that's what they found. >> so jury selection still underway. they expect to have a jury in place this everyoning and we expect opening arguments tomorrow morning. i'm peggy fox reporting live in arlington, back to you. >> it will be a tough case to listen to, peggy, thank you. now to another tough case. jennifer hudson broke down on the stand today. it is the first day of the trial for a man accused of killing her mother, brother, nephew in chicago. he was married to hudson's
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sister at the time of the murders. prosecutors say he was in a jealous rage over his estranged wife's new boyfriend. he says he's not guilty. >> authorities in new york city have come away empty handed in the search for a six- year-old boy. a search for aton at a site in lower manhattan had been expected to continue for a few more days. the "new york times" reports that the fbi has found no obvious sign of human remains. the search started after an fbi dog turned up the scent of possible human remains in the basement of a building in soho. in arizona, the search is on tonight for another six-year- old. isabel selic. she disappeared in tucson late friday night. police say they have decided to keep her family away from their homes after fbi dogs searched the house this morning. there's no word yet on what it found, but dozens of police officers from several agencies searched for the first grader through the weekend.
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derek. >> france, lesli, is headed for a runoff. socialist candidate is headed into the may 6 runoff with the edge tonight. he came out ahead of the incumbent. if he wins the second round, he would become the first socialist president in france since 1995. high energy prices and a weakened economy are translating into bad news for social security. today, the government announced the program will run out of money in the year 2033 and that's three years earlier than previous estimates. the trustees who oversee the social security and medicare funds also say that the insurance fund will run out of money in 2024. medicare, that is. there is some good news. this year's cost of living adjustment is 3.6%. that's higher than was expected. federal investigators are out to catch the man who threw an explosive device at a st. louis federal building. it happened in the middle of the night. the device similar to a
5:35 pm
cocktail landed on the sidewalk and exploded outside a building that houses several government agencies. the suspect got into a car with illinois plates and took off. it happened 400 miles from tokyo. one worker was killed and at least 22 others ended up getting hurt. hundreds of buildings are damaged. investigators are trying to find the cause of the blast. all right, you ever open up your cell phone bill and just want to scream? the fcc is teaming up with most major cellular carriers to help you avoid bill shock. that's what happens when you find an unexpected rate increase. now a new website tracks how the companies will alert you if you're at risk of going over your voice, data, or text limits and by october of this year, the carriers are going to have to send you a series of free alerts to keep you within
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bound. for more ways to beat shock, go to our website, still ahead, stopping the pain before it starts. we'll take a look at new guidelines for people with migraines. still feels like march out here. a couple showers here and there. we'll take you out with live doppler 9,000. a wet commute home. nothing heavy across the metro area, but showers up 270 and out toward annapolis. we'll come back and talk about when the showers go away and more about the snow west of town and when it starts to feel like april again. >> but first, remember when they shut down that major freeway in l.a. last year for some repairs? well, find out what some california hospitals think that may have led to. i think those pictures give you a hint. >> a little bit of idle time. nowhere to go. >> always wanted, stay with us, we'll be right back.
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it could be one for the record books that some virginia and california parents say this record stinks. salem, virginia parents and a bakersfield, california, woman took part as the great cloth diaper change this weekend. in salem, parents change 49 babies simultaneously in an
5:40 pm
attempt to set a diaper changing record. the official world record according to guiness was 5,026 diapers in last year's earth day event. oh my. no word how this year's compared. lots of diapers to be changed out in california tonight. >> okay, so remember last year when the city of l.a. essentially shut down the busy 405 freeway for an entire weekend? >> yeah, they did that and at the same time, they begged people, stay home, avoid driving because it was going to make a big traffic mess. nine months later, people didn't just stay home and twiddle their thumbs. it appears there was a minibaby boom. >> we just hold up in the house and you know, kind of sat by the fire and hung out with each other. >> the rest, i don't have to say. >> i have done eight deliveries in the last two weeks. >> she usually delivers 8 to
5:41 pm
10 babies a month. they will not know how much of a boom we're talking about in another three or four weeks. >> still to come, a local legend in the hospital. we're going to tell you what's going on with chuck brown. chucky. >> up next, why information your dermatologist may have given you is wrong. we'll talk about that in our health alert. ♪
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[ male announcer ] for our families... our neighbors... and our communities...
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america's beverage companies have created a wide range of new choices. developing smaller portion sizes and more low- & no-calorie beverages... adding clear calorie labels so you know exactly what you're choosing... and in schools, replacing full-calorie soft drinks with lower-calorie options. with more choices and fewer calories, america's beverage companies are delivering. in tonight's health alert, it turns out that cholesterol reducing statins don't increase skin cancer. some of the same properties that protect against heart disease may work against melanoma. a new journal shows the drugs have nothing to do with preventing skin cancer. >> as a dermatologist, i never felt that being on a statin or cholesterol lowering drug could
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help fight melanoma. >> this is important information to get out. there are so many people on stat irk ns and statins. >> the study used data from 120,000 u.s. women. they were tracked for over a decade. migraine sufferers know how debilitating these headaches can be. out with a new list of medications and treatments that can prevent the pain before it starts. >> running right through you. it's really bad. >> jessica rodriguez used to get migraines about five times a month. but as a mother of twin four- year-old boys, she couldn't afford to let the painful headaches slow her down. >> i used to shut down for a couple of days. now i can't. >> jessica's doctors put her on a daily dose of topamax. it's part of new preventative guidelines. >> when patients go on these
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medications, it decreases the severity by about 50%. >> along with topomax, other antiseizure medications can be used to prevent migraines. so can certain beta blockers, herbal blockers and ib profin. >> they dampen down the brain's ability to generate the headache. >> an estimated 36 million americans get these migraine headaches. prevented measures would help 40% of them feel better, but very few currently use that approach. however, even over the counter remedies can have side effects. so consult your doctor before you start any new preventive treatment. jessica says it changed her life. >> it really did calm my headaches a lot. >> here's another reason to take action. doctors say if you have chronic migraines, they can continue to become more frequent. until they are happening almost
5:47 pm
every day. at that point, these headaches are tougher to treat. >> the god father of gogo, chuck brown in the hospital tonight. the 75-year-old musician had to cancel a hospital at the howard theater over the weekend because he's receiving treatment for what's being described as joint pain and inflammation. the show has been rescheduled. on his facebook page, he is looking forward to partying with his fans again and there is no love like d.c. love. >> a lot of little monsters in northwest d.c. fans of lady gaga. they got in for free and the fans with the top five lady gaga inspired looks got a free ipod and a gift card. for that, i'll dress up like lady gaga. you might want to get down there and take a look. >> i want you to remember. we're going to remember. all right, here's a good story. a japanese team who lost practically everything in last
5:48 pm
year's tsunami is getting one thing back. it's his soccer ball. it drifted to the middleton island. with some help, identified the name of the school, which was stenciled on the ball. it is believed to be the first item washed away from japan. you don't get your life back, but a little something back. that makes you remember what you had. >> that helps a little bit. 5 inches of snow above 33,000 feet. and some wet snow flakes north of town. >> they could reopen ski resorts. >> we are looking at temperatures slowly but surely going up and also going to see dryer conditions. let's start with a live look outside. it's brought to you by michael and son. it's kind of like march. well, indeed. 45 right now. some light showers.
5:49 pm
pressure actually falling. 29.47. dew points are still in the upper 30s. humidity way up there as well. winds are west, northwest at 10. they are breezy and breezy tonight, tomorrow, and through wednesday. here's the massive storm. some big snow still in western new york, western p.a., and down into garrett county, into western maryland and also down into the valley all the way down into snow shoe. you see the heavy rains. the drought monitor we've been showing you about our drought in parts of our eastern viewing area has not come out. has not been outdated. we are in much better shape and improved in the del morva. here's a look at the showers rolling through. most of them are rolling from northwest to southeast and that's going to be the case for the next couple of days. waves of showers. each day will be better. here's a look at live doppler 9,000. we'll zoom into the south and east. everything is light, but it's going to be wet and going down
5:50 pm
route 3 and 5, it will be wet. fortunately, nothing super heavy. just enough to dampen the roads. okay, temperatures 42, bethesda. 42 in rockville. this is interesting. our high last monday was 89. our high today was 50. the average. sometimes stadts are misleading. 42 in reston and 44 down in springfield. all right, we'll be drying out slowly. breezy and cold tonight. showers, maybe a wet snow flake. mountain snows continue and more sun tomorrow. in fact, each day that goes by will be brighter. for tonight, mostly cloudy, breezy, cold. showers. 36 to 42. winds west, southwest 10 to 20. windchill wills be in the 20s. variable clouds, breezy, maybe a shower or flurry. 30s and 40s. you'll fight the kids. by afternoon, variable clouds, breezy and chilly. more showers possible 55 to 60. all right, next seven days.
5:51 pm
temperatures go up. 65 on wednesday. showers still possible. then thursday, a shower or storm possible. nice on friday. dry, upper 60s and over the weekend, not a washout. mid 70s for maryland. we'll see you out there on saturday and a shower or thunderstorm on sunday, but at least temperatures in the mid to upper 70s. >> thank you, topper. >> it was a nail biter. i mean, it was a serious down to the wire nail biter. caps fans left all disappointed. and now, there's one more chance to beat the defending champs and it's in boston. >> not so great. >> kristen berset is here with the game seven of this series. >> this series against boston is playing out just like the rest of their season. the caps make things hard on themselves. remember, they didn't clinch a playoff spot until one of the final games of the season. now as they prep for game seven, they have their work cut
5:52 pm
out for them. >> game seven, it all comes down to this. >> it's going to be the biggest game of the year. >> this is what you play for. you have a problem. >> you're always prepared for this. you're prepared for a long series and we're ready for it. >> records go out the window. game seven is about heart. >> it's how you play the game. it's fun to play those games and you know, it's been a great series. >> our backs against the wall. we know how to face that now and score goals and play good hockey. >> series returns to boston. they are 4-1 this season, success they hope continues. >> we played good road games in boston, so i think we have to take the positives from it. >> we won there in the regular season and the full season and you know, we're a good team. we know what we have to do. >> if you're looking for a star to emerge, don't count on alex ovechkin.
5:53 pm
he scored sunday, he has been just okay this series. the caps season rests on the back of their young minder, and they have confidence in him. >> he always works hard in practice and you see that in his game. you see him battling. he wants to win and he shows them that and you know, he's had some great success. >> wednesday night, we'll find out what these caps are made of. >> i know they are going to battle and play hard both teams and it's going to be a great game to watch for the fans, for everybody. >> and we'll find out tonight what time the caps will play wednesday night. for now, they took today off. will get back to work on the ice tomorrow. anita. >> thanks, kristen. testimony begins in the trial that could send former presidential candidate, john edwards, up to prison for 30 years. another arrest for a tourist in baltimore that went viral on the web. we'll take you to the rainbow community development
5:54 pm
center in this week's hero central report.
5:55 pm
5:56 pm
a food pantry in silver spring, maryland, giving people in our area a way to eat healthier. the focus of today's hero central. and as j.c. hayward tells us, the center provides to those in need to help young volunteers. >> this may look like a pr deuce produce section of a store, but it's the food pantry. spring brook high school drops off food donations at least once a week. >> at first when i started it,
5:57 pm
i did it for the school work. i realized how much i was impacting other people and it just like, it's a warm feeling. i can't describe it. >> availability of fresh fruit and vegetables provides essential nutrition, especially to children and seniors, according to executive director, patricia drumming. >> they are grateful we have fresh produce. a lot of clients, because of health needs, they don't eat the can food items. they are grateful to get fresh produce. >> there are approximately 50,000 people living in poverty. that's 5.7%. and with healthy and nutritious food becoming so expensive, it's the least likely to be purchased. that's why the rainbow community development center is so important. especially to the food bank. anita says she's grateful to have the help from the pantry
5:58 pm
for her children and herself. >> it helps me when i run out of food at home. i know that i can always come here. so i pray to god today that they do not shut her down. >> kent griffin is one of 100 families the pantry serves each week. >> it's wonderful to know that you can help people that really need the help. that you can make a difference in their life. >> you sleep much better at night, don't you? >> yes. every day. much better. >> although she told me about her passion for volunteering at the food bank, she says her friends really don't know about it. well today, her secret is out. i'm j.c. hayward, 9news now. >> all right, sherel. the 16-year-old helps out with one big part, but like the colors of the rainbow, there are other layers to this nonprofit, such as offering
5:59 pm
literacy skills and providing job readiness training. for more details on the rainbow community development center, go to this is 9news now. >> i never remember it being like this, not at all. >> i know you're checking the calendar. but for much of the east coast, even though it says april, the weather looks like january or february. winter storm warnings are posted from west virginia to upstate new york, up to a foot of snow could fall in the higher elevations. while buffalo, new york, could add another half foot to that total. now here in our area, snow started falling early this morning and it has not stopped. topper, it is april 23, can you believe it? can you believe we're talking about snow? >> it's weird. it's going to snow all night there in western maryland and most of tomorrow. let me show you a picture. this is an


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