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tv   9 News Now at 11pm  CBS  April 24, 2012 1:35am-2:05am EDT

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craig: do you know what i learned on the show tonight, geoff? geoff: what's that, pal? craig: i learned that michael wants me to go over with the timing of this show so that he can cut himself out of that interview with joel mchale because he hates being on camera. here is the thing. there is only 14 seconds, 13 seconds, 12 seconds left and if i get out on time, then he'll definitely be on the show. [laughter] say good night, geoff! geoff: good night, geoff! craig: good night, everybody.
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>> meningitis on the metro. has your sigh ti been compromised? also snow in springtime. when the crazy weather gets back to normal. plus, new at 11:00. >> can't even get up to go to the bathroom for fear of pain.
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>> dozens of local patients left in pain he their doctor suddenly can't write prescriptions. the former chief psychiatrist for the fbi now banned in d.c. for writing prescriptions for the pain relief his patients say they need. the pan was imposed by the d.c. health department 18 hours after the dea extended its stamp of approval another three years. >> some pain patients are suffering and they tell 9 news now they don't know what they're going to do. gary nurenberg stoke with some of them this evening. >> reporter: he's suing the city to get his decision overturned, but even if he wins, that could take months. in the meantime, the pain doctor's patients are in pain. >> i just want to live a normal life, like everybody else. and shame on you if you want to deny me of that. name on you. >> i'm in big trouble. big trouble. >> they're all patients of
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wisconsin avenue dr. celernium who is stopped for writing prescriptions presumably deciding he writes too many. the department of health took action in the best interests of all parties involved, they say, and for now the legal process has to run its course. he's suing the city to have the prescription rights restored and is under instructions not to speak on camera with 9 news now. his patients are running out of their painkillers. >> with me, i'm not going to be able to work again. i'm not going to be able to finish. i'm going to have to go back on service. i'm going to be poor again. i'm not going to be able to support my daughter the way i need to be. i'm not going to be there for my daughter the way i need to be. >> without painkillers, scott dixon says he can't function. >> there's no describing it. it will bring tears to a grope man's eyes. and can't even get up to go to the bathroom for fear of pain.
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maybe urinating in a sprite bottle for fear of feeling that pain. it's absolutely debilitating. >> rico coats runs out of medicine tuesday. >> just like i look, all right? just like i look. all right? and the bad part is, it's taken away my quality of life with my family. i have my medicine and tomorrow will have nothing. so you tell me, anybody tell me, what am i supposed to do? >> you can see how hard it is for mr. coats to breathe, but he wanted to come to our studios to tell that story. so why don't the patients go to another doctor? the patients we talked to tonight are convinced if
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another doctor were to write them the prescriptions they say they need, that doctor would fear having his rights taken away as well. the city government just won't talk. anita and derek? >> thank you, gary. tonight, new information in the case of one marine charged with murdering another. according to the new court documents, the defendant says he acted in self-defense. 20-year-old michael policy is charged with second degree murder in the death of fellow marine, phillip bushong. police say the men got into an argument, then a fight in southeast. police say he stabbed bushong with a knife. according to police, he said he was defending himself after bushong punched him in the head. tonight we caught up with his attorney. >> we're looking forward to all the facts coming out. the whole story has not been told. >> he's being held behind bars and has a preliminary hearing may 15th. a health alert to tell you about tonight. more than 160 metro buses are
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being fully sanitized tonight after a metro driver was diagnosed with viral meningitis. doctors say viral meningitis is normally not that serious, but metro isn't taking any chances. >> metro says the bus driver in question was driving the 52 route and the 54 route in northwest washington last friday between 7:00 in the morning and 10:00 in the morning. before friday, metro says the driver had been on vacation, and they don't believe he exposed any bus other than the one he was driving, with the meningitis virus. according to metro, the bus in question will be out of service until it's completely sanitized and all 164 buses at the northern division will be disinfected tonight. >> it can generally cause fever, headaches, confusion, sometimes light sensitivity. >> reporter: he's a medicines room doctor. he says viral meningitis
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doesn't cause major complications unless contracted with somebody with an already- compromised immune system. >> is it contagious? >> like the cold is or a flu is, but if you come into contact with fluids you can get some of the similar symptoms. >> reporter: riders didn't sound overly concerned but seemed relieved to hear metro will be disinfecting their buses. >> i'm glad hear disinfecting the buses and reacting kind of massively and come prehencively to it. >> i cannot drive. >> so you have to ride the buses? >> yes. >> will you be concerned? >> no. >> route 52 and route 54, if you don't know them by numbers, they go from 14th and colorado to lafont plaza and back. >> viral meningitis can be caused by several different viruses in a family called the intero viruses. it's not as bad as bacterial
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meningitis and typically resolves itself in 7-10 days. it is more than a risk to people with already weakened immune symptoms and babies under age 1. the symptoms, nausea, fever, a stiff neck and sensitivity to light. on wednesday, the state of arizona will defend the immigration laws in the supreme court. lawyers with the justice department will dry to get the law declared unconstitutional saying it's an invasion of the federal government's domain. opponents of the law say it encourages racial profiling. just when you were sure winter was done, this happened. mother nature dumped buckets of know from maryland up to upstate new york and reporter scott broom picked up the video for us at deep creek lake in western maryland with the folks who run the ski resort up there. they've seen this snow about a month ago, but they didn't. >> about six inches up there. it's still 32 degrees. a little more snow is possible tonight. as far as we're concerned, it gave us great rain. we needed the rain, and we got
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the rain. >> the rain is pretty much history. it's a new picture we got in from the valley. see the ski resorts? there's your runs on the left side. about 3,300 feet. they had about five inches in the valley, about exactly due south of garrett county in maryland where we showed you the video a minute ago. the satellite picture radar combined, a few showers. the storm is winding down and pushing slowly off to the north. clouds tonight, i kind of rearranged the forecast with a little sprinkle or flurry possible. in western maryland, we're okay in terms of any more accumulating snow. 44 downtown, 43 in gaithersburg. 41 in leesburg. we will come back and talk about how cold it will be for the kids in the morning and when we're going to see april- like temperatures return. >> thank you, topp. the trial against john edwards resumes tomorrow.
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edwards is accuse of using campaign funds to hide his pregnant mistress during his run for the white house in 2008. rial hunter later gave birth to edwards' child. edwards accepted more than a million dollars in illegal donations, say the prosecutors, that paid for hunter's travel, hotel and medical care when she got pregnant. edwards claims he didn't even know about the money and that it was his campaign aid, andrew young, who handled the funds. and the first witness in the roger clemens perjury retrial may be testifying tomorrow morning. the former pitcher is accused of lying to congress in 2008 when he testified that he did not use steroids. clemens former trainer claims he gave clemens the steroids and he's expected to be the government's star witness. today, the judge ruled clemens former teammate, andy pettite, will not be allowed to testify that he got his human growth forms, because that would be prejudicial to clemens.
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earlier today at the holocaust, president obama promised that the united states would never allow the atrocities that happened in nazi germany again. with that, president obama said joseph coney stays. u.s. advisors will help uganda bring the african warlord to justice. you may remember coney from this viral video. he's accused of abducting children in a campaign of rape and murder. on to the presidential campaign of 2012. the gop primary elections tomorrow. mitt romney is sure of his party's nomination. he campaigned in pennsylvania today, one of the five states holding primaries tomorrow. romney is trying to quash rumors that romnio is the v.p. >> several of these are being talked about on the screen.
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now, in addition to pennsylvania, connecticut, delaware, new york and rhode island will all be holding nominating contests tomorrow. >> it may be months before romney announces his running mate. earlier today, former vice- president dick cheney weighed in on why that decision is so critical. >> it gives the public a chance to watch you operate and see what you think is important, what kind of individual you choose to serve as your running mate. what are the cree tear rah? -- criteria. i think the single most criteria has to be the capacity to be president. >> cheney is the last republican to act as the country second in command serving two terms with then president george w. bush. the florida man accused in the shooting death of an unarmed teenager is out of jail tonight. >> as reporter teresa garcia explains the police chief who headed up the initial investigation into the death of trayvon martin still has his job. >> reporter: sanford, florida,
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embattled police chief will have to keep his job. city commissioners voted 3-2 to reject his resignation. >> chief lee deserves a better shake than this. >> reporter: the rejection comes a month after the commissioners gave lee a vote of no confidence for his handling of the trayvon martin shooting. the next day lee said he would temporarily step aside. >> i do this in the hopes of restoring some semblance of calm to the city, which has been in turmoil for several weeks. >> reporter: lee will remain on administrative leave during an investigation. early monday morning, the man charged with second degree murder for killing martin was released from jail. george zimmerman is free on $150,000 bail. he is wearing a gps monitoring device, but his location possibly outside of florida is not being disclosed for his safety. >> now that he's out, he's out and exposed. but i'm just hopeful we can keep him safe and truly hopeful
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people will let it work and let's find out what actually happened. >> reporter: an attorney for martin's family say trayvon's parents respect the law but are disappointed at zimmerman's release. >> they're trying to hope that his freedom is temporary, because of the damage that he's caused to them is permanent. >> reporter: if convicted, zimmerman faces a possibility of 25 years to life in prison. teresa garcia, cbs news. >> incourt documents, zimmerman's attorney entered a plea of not guilty. according to the patriot news newspaper, penn state offered to name the field inside beaver stadium after the late coach joe paterno, but there was a catch. the paterno family would have to sign a statement agreeing never to file a lawsuit against the school or speak badly about it in public. the family rejected that offer. months before he died, paterno was fired by penn state for what the board called a failure of leadership over his actions involving the sex abuse allegations facing former
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assistant coach jerry sandusky. much more to come on 9 news now. >> they're making another movie about elizabeth taylor. guess who's going to play her on this version? a new home in a new neighborhood. neighborhood. the greeting [ female announcer ] the laughing cow. rich and creamy cheese in indulgent, mouthwatering flavors you just can't resist. and at 35 tiny calories per wedge, you're free to indulge in every last bit. the laughing cow cheese. have you laughed today? it's the tasty -- whoa! [ laughing ] it's the tasty 100% natural little cheese that -- oh, thank you! ...goes wherever you're going. mini babybel cheese from the laughing cow. have you laughed today?
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she's the actress from mean girls with the image of a bad girl now set to play one of the all-time glamour girls. lindsay lohan has signed on to portray elizabeth taylor. it's a tv movie chronicling her on-again, off-again romance with richard burton. shooting is set to begin in june. here at home the next three weeks, washington, d.c. will relive one of the most brutal crimes in city history. the murder of 48-year-old catherine fuller back in 1984. but this time the court will be deciding if the men convicted of the crime were themselves the victims of a terrible miscarriage of justice. tonight, derrick says if there is vindication for these men,
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there must be credit for onelonely crusader. >> former washington post reporter says the catherine fuller murder was one of the first stories she ever covered and she was haunted by it. haunted because even then the evidence against the so-called 8 and 8-street crew just didn't seem to add up. first of all, if the gang were such terrors, how come she couldn't find anyone who even heard of them. the police said fuller was killed in a busy street on broad daylight, but gains found no one who heard or saw anything. there was much, much more to it. later on she would spend two years investigating the story all the time becoming more and more convinced that the 11 menimprisoned for this hideous crime were not the ones who committed it, and that the prosecution perhaps had evidence to that effect that it never revealed to the defense. in 2001, patrice gains left the post and turned the evidence over to the innocence project. a decade later, they are in court. let's be real.
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the prosecution still argues it did nothing wrong and that the right men went to jail. but patrice says no matter what happens, she's at peace because she did the best she could to get at the truth. and in a system that is far from perfect, she asks, isn't that the least we ought to expect from our law enforcement? anita? >> journalism at its best. thanks, derrick. a georgia family sales instead of a welcoming committee, they were greeted by neighbors with guns as they moved into the home their son just bought. they went to their new place near atlanta thursday night and changed the locks. that's when two men mistook them for burglars and confronted them. >> they said to get off from the house or they were going to shoot us. >> i get out and my hands up and they put us by the wall. >> the neighbors with the guns, a man and his son, called the sheriff's office. deputies then arrested them and charged them with loitering and prowling. so now those charges have been
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dropped. prosecutors are investigating the neighbor's actions and the sheriff is looking into his own deputies. more incredible video to show you tonight of the late- season snowstorm. this comes to us from avery county in western north carolina's mountains. along with snow, they had wind gusting up to 30 miles per hour. they may have forgotten what the wind chill is like, but they got a tough reminder down there in north carolina. >> it was really kind of to the west of us and then up. how did it go? >> we had snow in blue mont, virginia. six inches in garrett county. five inches in upstate new york, 5-12 inches of snow. we got the rainfall. we really needed the rainfall. that's a good thing. it took us out of the abnormally dry category and took us out of the slight drought east of town. that's good. a live look outside. our weather cam brought to you by michael and son. 44 downtown p. if you average
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today's highs, 50, and last monday's high of 89, all comes out in the wash, doesn't it? winds southwesterly at 7. pressure on the rise at 29.57 inches of mercury. satellite picture radar combined, look to the west. once we get rid of this storm, things will improve. it's going to be slow to get rid of. it's meandering its way back to the west/northwest in new york state. it was a true nor'easter. came up the coast. it went across new jersey and into the hudson river valley. it will sit and spin. little disturbances will move around. we'll keep the chances for showers in tomorrow but a much brighter day and not as cold. the winter storm warning now lifted in garrett county. we have freeze warnings in effect between cumberland and hagerstown with temperatures falling into the upper 20s tonight. 20s will hurt the plants. cold start on tuesday. showers possible on tuesday. few and far between. i think you'll have a much brighter day. you can probably leave your umbrella at home. bring your jacket and your
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shades though. milder on wednesday. even more sunshine on wednesday. each day goes by, get a little milder and brighter. now, overnight, here's what we're going to do. mc, breezy and -- mostly cloudy,breezy and cold. temperatures 42. winds west/southwest 10-15. tomorrow morning, variable cloudiness, breezy and cold. you can see a shower or flurry. temperatures in the 30s and 40s. not much happening tomorrow in the morning anyway. winds southwest 10-15. by afternoon, variable clouds which means some sun and some clouds, periods of both. breezy and chilly. a few more showers possible. high temperatures 55 to 60. winds west/southwest at 10 to 15. so we break it down. 36 to 44 to start. again, sprinkle or a flurry. then some sun by noon. breezy, maybe a sprinkle in the 50s and some sun by evening, maybe a sprinkle. temperatures between 56 and about 61. next three days, temps go up. 65 on wednesday.
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showers still possible. 73 on thursday. maybe a thunderstorm possible. next seven days. friday looks nice and dry. upper 60s, where we should be this time of year. for maryland day on saturday, not bad. sunshine, temps in the 70s. slight chance of a shower late. middleburgh, maybe a thunderstorm, not a washout. 77. sunshine next monday. >> busy weekend. >> very busy. looking forward to game 7. >> caps are day off today, getting the much needed rest they need after back to back games. it is now do or die time for the caps after a heartbreaker of game six, is the caps confidence shaken? plus, the lady terps
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the caps bruins series is going, it's fitting that they're heading into a game seven. this has been an intense nail-
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biting series where all six games have been decided by one point, for the first time in history. they would have liked to close it out at home yesterday and it's never good to go on the road especially for pressure- cooker game 7, but the caps have fared well posting a 4-1 record until heading into wednesday's game. >> nothing's impossible in these playoffs, and i think both teams know that. i think that we've come back and they've come back, so no one's giving up. >> you have to prepare, go have fun with it, enjoy it. nothing better than being in game 7. >> other playoff games heading to game 7, new york ottawa, rangers on the brink ofelimination. rangers hold on to force game 7 the series head back to madison square garden. despite another losing season, wizards president will
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remain with the team. michael lee of the washington post is reporting the two sides agreed to a tentative deal that will keep him around at least another year. this news broke while the wiz were thrashing the bobcats at the verizon center. the rookie putting on a show. look at this ali oop from john walt to close the half. then a bounce pass for a two- handed shot. 16 points. wizards win big, 101-73, which isn't tough against the bobcats. this is the first time the wizards won four in a row since december 2011. >> to go out and take care of business right from the start is a sign of some growth. i was happy for the guys. get four wins in a row for the first time in, i don't know, five years. four years. >> okay, here's a lacrosse game for the history books. maryland facing north carolina in the acc championship for the third straight year. for the first time in a long time, the lady terps are not
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one of the top two seeds. that didn't matter tonight. maryland not top north carolina wins by four becoming the first acc team to win four consecutive conference titles. in the nfl draft just a few days away. we'll be following robert griffin, iii all week. we'll bring you live coverage from the event thursday night where derrick will be. >> i will be


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