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tv   9 News Now at 11pm  CBS  April 27, 2012 1:35am-2:05am EDT

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. a landmark moment in the history of redskins football. we'll take you live to new york where the drafting of rg3. also 9 wants to know how the caps playoff classic has now turned into a story rated in racism. plus the restaurant reports that will have you thinking twice before you visit
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washington's most popular places. this is 9news now. >> the washington redskins select robert griffin iii. >> those were the words redskins fans have been waiting to hear. the team slegting rgiii to be their franchise -- selecting rg3 to be their franchise quarterback. derek mcginty is up there and he joins us live. i can't imagine the excitement. >> reporter: the sitement was here, excitement was here. the anticipation was here. all of the excitement for robert griffin iii. no surprise. after all, the skins gave up three first round draft choices to get their man. so when the time came to get him, they wasted none of the time. washington dc, welcome rg3, your brand new franchise quarterback. after i asked robert lee griffin if after all of this he can live up to the hype?
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>> are you trying to make anything anti-climatic even know i knew where i was going. when i heard them say robert griffin iii has been selected by the washington redskins, it meant something to me. so i tried to live in the moment and i just cherish everything that happens. >> reporter: the fan expectations are so high and you know all about that. is there anything you want to say? hold up a little bit, guys. don't buy your super bowl tickets just yet. >> you never come out and say you're going to go to the super bowl. but every team's goal is to go to the super bowl. so that's our goal. i think. i haven't even met the team. i'm already talking on behalf of the team. i want to meet the guys. get to know them. let them get to know me. and see if we can gel. and i think we'll be able to. >> reporter: what do you think is the toughest part of the transition to the program. >> just going from top dog to the bottom of the tote em pole. in college -- totem pole. in college i was the top dog. you have to start down here.
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you still have to start here and prove to the veterans that they can trust in you. because if they don't trust you, they won't play for you and they definitely won't play with you. >> reporter: is it your expectation to be a starter. >> i guess everything has expectations. everybody has a goal. i'm going to go out and try to make it happen. >> reporter: so speaking of expectations, the small town boy from coppers cove is he he, texas says he doesn't have any problem staying out of trouble. he is as nice and down to earth as you ever believed he would be. and, of course, if you're a redskins fan, you have to root for him. but there are so many expectations on those young shoulders, even if they are 6'2" and 220 pounds and run the 40 in 4.4. back to you in the studio. i know we'll be talking to christian in a few minutes about -- kristen in a few minutes
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about what they have in mind for rg when he comes to washington. as the caps get ready to move forward to the next round of the stanley cup playoffs, some bigots from boston are trying to take to the web hurlg racial slurs at joel ward, the hero of last night's game. reporter matt jablow joins us now from the satellite center with more on this disturbing story that's tough to believe. >> reporter: one day after the game, we should be talking about the incredible hockey. instead, thanks to several apparently hate filled bruins fans, here we are talking about racism. >> score. on the rebound. joel ward. >> reporter: it was one of the finest moments in recent washington capitals history. joel ward back handing a game seven goal fo knock off the defend -- to knock off the defending champions boston bruins, in boston, no less.
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>> joel ward, right place, right time. >> reporter: but from the fine moment emerged a stream of posts, poisonous postings marked with racial slurs. washington coast columnist mike wise was in boston for last night's game. even when you consider the city of boston's historically mixed race relations, the online venom directed at ward is hard to believe. >> it's sad, disheartening on many levels. you wonder who would do this stuff. >> reporter: he is well liked by teammates and well-respected by opponents. a few months ago he told dave owens on a black man on a predominantly white man's game he has some experience with racism. >> in minor hockey it's a little tough at times. kids can say cruel things. >> reporter: ward was not available for an on camera
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interviewing today but referring to the postings he told usa today" i think it's just kids. it has no effect on me. "in written statements, the capital's organization said they were outraged by the postings calling them totally unacceptable. while the bruins management said it was classless and ignorant. >> it's rot own n 20 different -- rotten on 20 different levels. it devalues a hockey game and a guy that scored a game winning goal who happens to be black. >> reporter: the caps practice tomorrow in preparation for their second round series against the new york rangers. the team says ward will talk about the online uproar sometime after practice is over. anita. >> matt, thank you. many of you have been sounding off about this story all day long. you can still join the conversation at our wusa9 facebook page. what is going on in dc's petworth neighborhood. three people attacked on the
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streets all bashed in the head, all in the span of 26 hours and all within a few blocks of one another. a tourist killed, another man in critical condition and a woman badly beaten. the chief of police is warning people in petworth don't go out alone. >> all three of the victims did suffer pretty significant blunt force trauma to the head. and preliminarily, it appears that the victims may have been attacked suddenly and without prove vation. >> police can't -- prove indication. >> police can't say for sure it's the work of one person, but it's a pretty good guess right now. there are reports the attacker is beating his victims with a hammer, but the chief says she cannot confirm that. the department also isn't saying something about a federal bulletin warning local law enforcement to be prepared for a possible terrorist attack next week. gary nurenberg is it's the fear of osama bin laden's death on wednesday could trigger a hard to detect lone wolf. >> remember what it was like that night. if you're a terrorist who wants
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to retaliate for bin laden's killing, images from that night might help you pick a target. >> usa, usa. >> thousands took to the street of washington celebrating with joy after bin laden's death was announced reportedly infuriating the terror bosses followers. the fbi and department of homeland security have issued a new intelligence bulletin for local and state law enforcement nationwide showing officials they're worried that a terrorist group intends to advance plots along multiple fronts, including renewed efforts to target western aviation. asked if special precautions are being taken, dc police responded with we maintain a heightened sense of security. they have seen extreme traffic on websites but claim no hard evidence of specific plots. >> at this time we have no credible information that terrorist organizations,
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including al qaeda, are plotting attacks in the u.s. to coincide with the anniversary of bin laden's death. >> note that he said terrorist organization. the real fear for terrorism experts is the lone wolf acting on his own, much harder to find before a strike. and this footnote, a judge today ruled that the death pictures of bin laden sought by news organizations will not be released. the reason, national security concerns. anita. new at 11:00, gary, when soldiers sign up for the service, most would ever dream they would be attacked by their own. but specialist jared wright claims he was sexually assaulted in an afghanistan war zone by fellow soldiers. apparently it was part of some bizarre hazing ritual. two others describe similar attacks while serving within the 9th cavalry regiment. one officer is already in prison in connection with the attacks. another awaiting trial. more alleges tonight about secret service agents paying for
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sex. these new reports come out of he will salve -- el salvador. the man says he saw men exchange money days before president obama and his family arrived. secretary of defense says an investigation is under way. new tonight, trying to bridge a gap between the police and the public they serve. that is what a forum in prince george's county was all about. they led the discussion talking about race relations and the public safety of the community. state's attorney angela brooks says tonight's events was not about the trayvon martin shooting but was sparked by it and the aftermath. >> it's about time we would welcome an opportunity to have a conversation like this with county leaders. this is what we want. transparency. honesty. this is an effort towards building trust. >> the county's police chief says the department places a
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high priority on community outreach. it's about to cost you more to ride metro. today the transit agency voted in favor of the first fair hike in two years. the average rail fare will go up 5% and bus fares are being raised a dime. those new rates, by the way, take effect on july 1st. after delays all week long, the enterprise practice shuttle will head to new york city tomorrow morning just like discovery it will be strapped to the top of a 747 when it blasts off from dulles at about 9:30 a.m. folks in the apple will be seeing a fly by tomorrow. they will be in a museum in new york. still ahead tonight on 9news now, the price of gas driving all of us nuts. but one motorist takes things to the extreme. we're going to show you what happens. >> plus 9 wants you to know that some of washington's most popular places can also be dirty and dangerous. see why you might not want to take mom and friends to those
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tourist hot spots. it's the restaurant report coming up next. . >> and i'm topper shutt. the temperature got up to 65 today. a little below average. still mild right now but big changes heading our way. here is the wake up weather. you need a jacket tomorrow. 44-52 tomorrow. 42-50 by 7:00. by 9:00 temps in the mid 40s and 50s. it's going to be chilly. we'll come back and tell you how
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caught on tape 9 wants you to know restaurant violations. we want you to see violations of where you have likely eaten. we have tracked 16 months worth of restaurant inspections in an around dc. okay. >> well, you know, as you know, restaurants are only inspected maybe once or twice a year on average. >> yep. >> so we went back all the way to january of 2011 taking our cameras to popular dc spots looking for food risks that
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could make you sick but we were not always welcome. >> no. >> no media here. >> but we already recorded this inside the museum's main mcdonald's and this at that kiosk. >> right here she is touching the windshield. our video exposes serious risks. >> i think this is a potential danger that could make consumers sick. >> in january 2011, the dc health department temporarily shut down the erin space museum's mcdonald's because of 8 critical and 18 non-critical violations, including rodent droppings, no hot water at a staff faucet and a worker wiping her nose and not watching her hands.
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these are really old inspection reports. since then, all health inspections have been fine. however, in may 2011, inspectors cited mcdonald's again with 28 violations and just this past march inspections identified two violations, including a roach in the kitchen. >> there is a possibility for cross contamination there. >> that's the same months our cameras recorded this worker handling food after touching that ledge, which this worker had just touched after putting his hands on or near his face twice. she also reached down into a bucket of rags then moved her hands off camera for six seconds beforehand willing the food again. >> you need to step in and first of although that food away. >> it's pretty bad. >> mcdonald's issued this e-mail saying we take these matters extremely seriously. we have taken action to correct the issues. reinforcing our stringent standards to ensure the continued operation of safe, clean restaurants. across the mall at the museum of natural history, inspectors shut down the atrium cafi for several
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hours in july 2011, a re ridge rator left -- refrigerator left unclean, rodent droppings and a strong urine odor. >> that is a real risk for food-born illness. >> so we took our cameras there too. >> the gentleman is preparing food with his hands and just rests them on the counter there. >> that's the same counter where diners put their hands and breathe and speak over when making owners. >> any bacteria on the counter could transfer to his food. >> our video documented health code violations. >> she is putting on gloves but hasn't washed her hands before that. >> officials temporarily closed
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cooked rice in an unclean container. at the same year, they shut down bagel express temporarily up on finding roaches and mice and unclean conditions. all the restaurants shut down by inspectors were required to be re-inspected. we're not just looking for dirty restaurants but also dirty politicians. contact you can also follow me on twitter. >> dirty hands, food hand letters is one of the easiest -- handlers is one of the easiest ways to pass on germs. >> the problem is one sick pair of hands at a high traffic restaurant can sicken thousands of people. >> yes. so we have to know about these things and hopefully stay on top of it and motivate restaurants
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to, again, retrain, retrain, retrain. >> a big part of the education. >> all right. thank you. caught on tape, a man going ba zirk at a gas station -- berserk at a gas station over the price at a pump. take a look. he goes inside the store and starts swearing at the clerk. and he said he wanted his money back because he put premium gas in his car and not regular. hence the price difference. that's how it works. >> and when you buy a car that says premium, i ignore it and put in regular. >> he is such a rebel, and you wouldn't know it. we have some good news about the weekend. nothing heavy is coming our way on saturday for maryland day. but it now looks like it's going to be lighter and a little bit later in the day, which is good news. let's start with a live look outside. live weather cam brought to you by michael and son. and we're looking at temperatures still mild. the front not through the
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immediate metro area. 61 downtown. winds out of the west at 7. there is the big tipoff of the pressure rising now to 29.67 inches of mercury. we'll look at the live doppler 9,000. little shower moving, week now. looking at a couple of sprinkles around bowie, atlanta, everything pushing over towards annapolis. but it is very, very light. and that should be pretty much dried up within the next hour or two. now, the winds, well, can you figure out where the front is? yes. see the northwest winds here. see the southwest winds here. there is the front right there. winds gusting to 22 miles per hour in leesburg. 25 off wind gusts in martinsburg and also hagerstown. so it's going to feel a little bit more like march tomorrow than april because of these persistent northwest winds. but it will be bright tomorrow. you'll need a jacket and shades on friday no doubt. bright but risk as we say. breezy and rather cool with
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temps about 10 degrees below average. highs around 60 or 61 tomorrow. dry and chilly for tomorrow night. that's the good news. the showers and rain, well, it's going to be light and mainly in the afternoon on saturday for maryland day. it doesn't really matter because there is a ton of stuff to do inside. and we're going to be inside. the campus is open from 10:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. and there will be a night hall and we'll show you how to do a weather call. howard will be there in. morning. i'll be there in the afternoon. overnight, we'll keep a chance of a shower until midnight, then clearing, breezy and chilly. winds picking up behind the front 10-20. by monday mostly breezy and chilly. 40s and 50s. still northwest winds 10-20. and then by afternoon, partly cloudy, breezy and cooler. i would keep the jacket handy. high temperatures low 60s and winds still northwest at 10-20 and gusty. next seven days, saturday clouds come in. most of the rain after lunch time and light so nothing like
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last week's nor'easter. better on sunday. a bright but brisk day. then we start seeing improvements in terms of temps. 70 on monday. maybe a shower or thunderstorm on tuesday. we're into the 70s. and don't look now, wednesday and thursday a couple of showers possible, but we'll take that, with high temperatures in the low 80s. >> thanks, topper. >> thanks, topper. we're going to have more [ female announcer ] the laughing cow. rich and creamy cheese in indulgent, mouthwatering flavors you just can't resist. and at 35 tiny calories per wedge, you're free to indulge in every last bit. the laughing cow cheese. have you laughed today? it's the tasty -- whoa! [ laughing ] it's the tasty 100% natural little cheese that --
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the washington redskins select robert griffin iii. >> the nfl draft 2012. they drafted rg3. rg3 says the toughest transition is going to be being a freshman again. starting all over again. do you buy that? >> not particularly. that's kind of the vanilla response. i think it all comes down to him learning the play book. last summer i saw cam newton about three days after his arrival in carolina training camp and he told me one of the toughest things for him was being able to regurgitate the play book. stuff he learned on day one, he
2:02 am
had forgotten by day two and day three. >> reporter: okay. so very tough. do you thik it will be a short or long honeymoon for rg3 if he does struggle a bit at first? >> well, mike shanahan says he won't get into the lineup until he's ready. you don't go as high as the redskins did in the draft not to have this guy ready. so the honeymoon will be sweet, but it will be short. >> reporter: so he'll be starting on day one to your mind, and he better do okay. >> well, not necessarily starting on day one. but that's got to be the goal. >> reporter: all right. >> but, again, it gets back to the play book. steve young told me when you play for mike shanahan, he's going to kill you on the detail. >> reporter: he better know his stuff. jared bell, usa today, nfl writer. thank you. we appreciate your time. we are live in new york city just outside radio city. draft day goes on tomorrow and saturday. let's go out to kristen who is live at redskins park where mike shanahan has some plans in the works for rg3 as we just heard. >> reporter: yes, derek. you did. shanahan said tonight he has
2:03 am
been excited about rg3 since march 13th when they were able to trade up to st. louis and get the second pick in the draft. he spent about a month looking over all of the film from rg3's career. was impressed then. and even more so when he got to spend a few hours with the kid. so now that they have their quarterback, though, shanahan does realize there is still a lot more work to be done. >> he has you look for in a quarterback. hopefully we can get the supporting cast around him and start playing very well as a football team and give him a chance to do some special things. >> reporter: and rg3 will officially be announced to the washington media on saturday at fedex field. we'll have full coverage of that at 6:00 and 11:00. i want to switch gears to other sports tonight. the caps are moving on. we now know who they are going to be facing in the next round. it will be the new york rangers. the third time and four years these two teams have faced each other in the playoffs.
2:04 am
we're still waiting on confirmation of dates and times. now, the caps, the wizards wrapping up their season against miami heat squad. the wizards win and finish the season on a six-game win streak. time now to announce our high school game of the week winner. you chose a matchup of the undefeated damascus versus shorewood. we'll have highlights for you tomorrow night at 11:00. that will do it from redskins park. rg3 is going to be coming to the dc area tomorrow to meet with coaches and then, like i said, he'll be introduced to the media on saturday. and, of course, we'll have that for you. live from redskins park,


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