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tv   9 News Now at 11pm  CBS  April 30, 2012 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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suburban heroin exposed. the paralyzed teenager tells us everything. also, the local college student who called to say his weed had been stolen. plus, only on 9. >> he is being a doctor, a crime. then i'm a criminal. >> a local doctor barred from helping dozens of desperate patients in pain. >> the story you first saw only on 9, a wisconsin avenue pain physician has lost his appeal of the district's decision to stop him from writing prescriptions from pain medication. now he says some of those patients are threatening suicide. the judge's decision came down today. >> his lawyers told him don't talk about the case on tv, but tonight he spoke out for the first time, and he did it with our gary nurenberg. gary? >> reporter: derek and anita, the district government says he
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prescribes too much pain medication. his patients say they can't live their lives without it. with today's decision, those patients are going to have to go somewhere else or do without. >> i know the moans, the cries, the pain on my patients. >> reporter: he learned of his failed appeal monday. he can't prescribe strong pane medication until at least court proceedings and june and he's worried. >> my god, am i not being heard, that only several years ago when a doctor was forced out of medicine, seven patients committed suicide. so should we wait until a suicide to happen for the judge to intervene? >> it's not worth living. i don't want to go back to the way it was before i met him. >> reporter: some of his patients told 9 news now last week they are unable to function without the strong narcotics. >> i don't know what i'm going to do, you know. i really don't. i don't know. and i'm scared for the first
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time. >> reporter: although the drug enforcement administration just granted a three-year license for him to prescribe the drugs, the district argues he has prescribed highly addictive controlled substances to patients without efficient medical necessity. >> a little bureaucratic board decides i'm a bad doctor so i should be stopped? >> reporter: he says two doctors offered to step in and handle his patients. >> even with the good doctors that i mentioned, the waiting is several weeks. >> reporter: but some of his patients are in pain now. >> my caught of life is going to be nothing without him being my doctor. >> reporter: the district government says it will not discuss ongoing litigation but makes it clear in documents it is trying to stop what it believes to be a doctor who prescribes too much pain medication. some of his patients obviously see it differently. a court is scheduled to examine this in detail in june. derek? >> thank you, guys. tomorrow is the one year
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anniversary of one of the most important milestones in the world on terror, that is the killing of osama bin laden. earlier today here in washington, white house counterterrorism adviser johnbrenham spoke about how bin laden's death has created a hole in the network and he says although bin laden is gone, al qaeda remains determine to plot against america and the rest of the world. >> we've always again clear that the end of osama bin laden would neither mark the end of al qaeda floor our resolve to destroy it. along with allies and partners we have been unrelenting. when we assess that al qaeda of 2012, i think it is fair to say that as a result of our efforts, the united states is more secure and the american people are safer. >> he rejected criticism from some who say targeted strikes in pakistan are wrong because it's a sovereign nation. instead he says such acts are constitutional by such rules but in place after the
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september 11th attacks. we are learning more about the information gathered by the nave seals the night they killed osama bin laden. they grabbed five computers and 100 storage boxes. bin laden complained about disaster after disaster. the former terror leader was also worried about the inexperiences of his lower leaders. we also learned that bin laden had no idea the seals were after him but knew his organization was on the brink of defeat. >> you're not going to stop america. we're going to rebuild and keep on going. >> rising from the ashes of that deadly terror attack, the new one world trade center is now the tallest building in new york city. that brand-new building, which by the way is still under construction is being built on the original trade center site. one world trade center is now taller than the empire state building, if you don't include the empire building's antenna. it will soon be second tallest building in the country. the willis tower in chicago currently holds that distinction. in the last 20 years, we're
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seeing more babies born addicted to crack, alcohol and now opiates. new research shows the number of united states babies born with signs of opiate drug withdrawalprescription drugs has tripled in a decade. 13,000 infants were affected in 20019, they estimate -- 2009. if you don't think the problem affects your community in particular, think again. matt jablow joins us live with a story of one part of montgomery county that has been especially hard hit. matt? >> reporter heroin use has long been a problem associated with inner cities, but many suburban parts of washington are finding out the hard way. heroin is no longer just a big city problem. >> there can never be a good out come from drugs. >> reporter: 18-year-old lea spends a lot of time thinking about a day in 2009 when she had a heart attack and was paralyzed from the neck down after using heroin for the first and only time of her life. >> i think back and i'm like,
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you know, why did i ever do that? >> reporter: since that day, she and her mother, lisa, who live in germantown, have made it their mission to reach out to young people in hopes of convincing them not to use drugs. >> when she came home from the hospital, she felt the reason her life was saved was to save others. >> reporter: tonight she attended a forum for parents at at damascus high school put on by the drug advisory council of montgomery county. >> i think a lot of people had their head buried in the sand before us becoming public. >> reporter: according to get organizers of the event, 14 teenagers and young adults in the damascus area have died of drug-related causes in the past seven years. >> it's a pretty big problem, if you ask me. >> reporter: a number that she believes should serve as a wakeup call for teenagers and parents throughout the washington area. >> before you pick up a drug, imagine yourself, you know, where i am now. think of, you know, your family
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and people who love you and care about you. and think of what you're going to do to them. >> reporter: after several years of intense physical therapy, she has regained some use of her right arm and hand. and she's now able to hold her head up. if all goes according to plan, she'll graduate from high school in 2013. anita? >> hopefully somebody here's that story and listens, matt. thank you. new at 11:00, the fairfax county police department needs your help tonight bringing a fugitive to justice. take a look. this is a man last seen at the barnes & noble on tyson's corner on saturday. around 12:30 p.m. officers spotted him and tried to chase him down but owe gave them the slip. the # 39 year-old is armed and dangerous. he's wanted on a slew of charges, including assault on an officer and felony larsony. well, if harold and kumar of movie fame stumbled into an
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episode of csi, you might be approaching what happened today at delphi maryland. students hanging out at their home. three guys bust in. all three wearing masks. two of them have guns and they want money and they want marijuana. and according to the 911 tapes, they got both. >> he took my weed and took my rent money. >> yeah, in case you missed that, he said they took my weed and took my rent money. according to the cops, the suspects also took cell phones, a laptop and an suv. fortunately, nobody was hurt, but at last check, no arrests. tomorrow, we're expecting closing arguments in the child sex abuse trial of michael gardener. the falls church businessman is accused of molesting three young girls, invited to his daughter'sslumber party last summer. he took the stand in his own defense and said on one occasion his daughter asked him to come into her bedroom when a loud thunderstorm was moving through but denied repeatedly
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ever touching any of the girls in an inappropriate way. he's a blind lawyer, once imprisoned for exposing forced abortions under china's one child policy. now he's escaped from house arrest in china and u.s. agents are allegedly protecting him in beijing. the issue has potential to strain already tough relations between the two countries. hillary clinton leaves for beijing tonight where she's scheduled to speak with chinese officials about the economy. supporters think a deal for his release will be worked out before hillary clinton arrives. how would you feel about a surface to air missile installed on top of your apartment building? it's an idea officials in london will soon begin testing in order to keep people safe during the summer olympics. security experts there insist the plan is knows to deter or prevent a 9/11 style attack. many residents fear the sites will actually become a target for terrorists. the state may need a little federal help to clean up its
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air. that is the finding of a new report by the maryland department of the of the environment. that study finds the percentage of days with good or moderate quality rose more than 91% last year, however it goes on to say that maryland is not likely to meet stricter new ozone standards because much of the air pollution actually comes from out of the state. zookeepers at the national zoo artificially inseminated the panda. everybody was hoping they would get things going the natural way, but apparently those two are just good friends. so the zoo officials have turned to science to keep the species growing and we ought to find out if the insemination was a success within the next few months. >> that would be nice, wouldn't it? >> it would. we need that. >> we need that. all right, speaking of things that we need, the series between the caps and the rangers now all tied up. >> that's right. kristen berset has a look at what went down in tonight's game. hey, kristin. >> reporter: hey, guys. what a game it was. i don't know if my nerves can
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take much more of this. this script is playing out like the last series against boston. lose game one, win game two on the road. the caps did everything they said they needed to do. play with more intensity. check. get out to an early lead. they did that, too. the stars needing to step up their game and get back to that in just a second. but first, holtby getting back to the impressiveness we've seen so far. he made some incredible saves tonight, 26 in all. then that star comes through when the caps need him most, off the power play. he sends a rocket past for the lead. we'll have a lot more on this win coming up a little later in sports. derek. >> thank you, kristin. a d.c. cop is being called a hero after coming to the aid of a mom in distress. >> it started this afternoon with a mama duck and her baby
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crossing 9 street northeast. a concerned citizen saw one fall into a storm drain. they called police and from there it was all hands on deck. >> i requested assistance of the water authority, the animal control and the fire department. and when the team got together, we came up with a plan and saved the duckling, saved the day. >> and that plan, well, slightly flood part of the drain to force the duck out. then an officer grabbed the bird with a net pulling it to safety. lieutenant timothy has elton has been -- hazelton has been on the force 20 years. he said this one rankings right up there as one of the most rewarding. >> i knew you were going to go all hands on duck. but anyway. >> i missed it. still ahead tonight on 9 news now, the new law that will have women reaching inside their blouse for a cell phone. we're going to talk about that. plus caught on tape a flash mob in a convenience store. and it's not hilarious what ensued.
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wounded warriors, but a military policy says dogs like suzy aren't allowed into army installations. i'll tell you why heads are turning. temperatures a little below average. we topped at 67 today. here's your wakeup weather. you might want to bring an umbrella. there might be a few showers around, even in the morning. 58 to 68 by 9:00 in the evening. we'll come back and talk about a warm front that rolls through. you'll be surprised what that does to temperatures.
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have been on my game, i probably would have picked something up. >> it was supposed to be a joyous day for this father, but it turned into a howlingnightmare. tomorrow night at 11:00, only on 9 news now, he talks about the vicious crime that took d.c. and the nation, and see the video that haunts him 20 years later. a new u.s. army policy being started at u.s. installations all across the country has wounded warriors with ptsd and one particular dog trainer up in arms.
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>> why the taint to give the dogs a warm welcome rather than a cold shoulder has reached washington. our ken molestina explains. >> i lost all feeling. i lost the ability to walk. >> reporter: private first class brandy of fort bliss, texas, was near suicide. the ptsd she developed while serving in afghanistan was too much to bear until she was prescribed tasha, her military service dog. >> i'm gaining the love back. >> reporter: she was trained by debbie, the founder of much assisting soldier heroes or mash. she trains the dogs in fort policy in el paso, texas. the volunteer dog trainer recently traveled to washington to meet with officials and protest a new policy that prohibits her canines from being recognized as service dogs. among other things it says dogs trained by anyone other than a private company called assistance dogs international
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doesn't meet army recognition as a service doc. candle isn't affiliated with a.d.i. and her dogs have been banned from certain army posts. >> they are not wanting to allow them. it varies according to the commander. the commander has the ultimate authority. >> just so you know, to get a dog like suzy q trained by debbie it costs $150. to get one trained the other way could cost $2,000 to $3,000. the wounded warriors depend on the dogs that she trains and the outrage from soldiers who have had to deal with it is growing. >> we didn't ask for these problems, and they're making paperwork so (bleep) hard to get a dog that helps you. >> reporter: candle is hoping her presence in washington will get army brass to rethink their policy and allow her canines to be recognized as service dogs. >> so will someone with the
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power to change this expeditiously, so no more warriors have to die. step up to the plate and be a hero. >> she's the reason that i live every day. >> reporter: we reached out to the u.s. army regarding this policy. they responded in an e-mail saying in part, quote, it would be premature for us to speak with you about this policy while active discussion is taking place regarding it. army officials are expected to announce what changes, if any, they are planning on making to their policy later on this week. i'm ken molestina, 9 news now. >> and ken, as the soldiers at fort bliss with mash-trained dogs had to make the decision to give up the dogs or move off the base. private first class, brandy, who we met, the first soldier chose to move off base to keep tasha. she said it was the army housing allowance that made the decision because she had to. for her, living without tasha is now impossible. crazy video. this is a flash mob wreaking havoc inside a convenience store in portland, oregon. started off with a large group
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chasing a brother and sister into the store. the clerk went to call 911 just as the crowd came in. he tried to stop one of the suspects, but he was repeatedly punched in the face. the mob took over from there. get this. it's the third mob in that city for the month of april, the third mob theft. ladies, you're dressed out for a night on the town and ready to hit the dance floor. where to put your phone, credit card. take a look at this. it is called the joey bra, a side compartment to hold the valuables. the brainchild of a couple of university of washington students, the joey bra will soon begin selling for about $20. my guess is joey as in kangaroo, the pouch. >> you're a lady. what do you think? >> i tend to have a purse with me most of the time, and i don't spend a lot of time on the dance floor. >> fair enough. >> i usually end up carrying two cell phones. it's my job, my life. >> i can see this on college campus, big hit. >> big hit. >> i think so. >> all right. we were a little below
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average today with temps, but don't worry. we're going to make it for it in a big way tomorrow. across the board, making up for a big way through the week. a couple of ups and downs. a live shot outside. it's still pretty mild out, 62. high was only 67. we have not fallen that far. pressure falling a little bit, speaking of falling, 30.15 inches of mercury. the winds out of the south at 9. that actually is a good sign, because no longer did they have an easterly component to them. when they have that, that will keep temperatures down. that will happen to us wednesday night and thursday. satellite picture radar, big thunderstorms through ohio, kentucky, just entering west virginia. now, a little bit of this activity gets in here tomorrow. again, not everybody sees a shower or a thunderstorm, but some of us will have some wet roads on the way to work tomorrow. in fact, at 6:00, futurecast is showing showers through town up toward baltimore. up i-95. heavier activity down to the
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southwest. down 95 south towards fredericksburg. this may be a little bit overdone, but that said, you'll see some areas will have showers in the morning. that's the warm front pushing through. a couple of showers by lunchtime. these should be light and primarily south of town. by evening, most of the showers dissipate. can't rule out an isolated shower. most of the showers move south and across the bay. again, showers and storms with the warm front. that's a small price to pay for temps in the 80s. all right, warmer on tuesday. a few showers on tuesday. especially in the morning and also in the early afternoon. we're looking at temperatures by wednesday and thursday with showers a little bit cooler. okay? a little cooler on wednesday. still warm. and then a little cooler on thursday as the warm front goes back to the south of us. it goes back to the north again and we're very warm again on friday. so overnight, looks like this. mostly cloudy. mild. couple of showers possible. low temperatures in the 50s. and winds southeast at 10 to 15. now, by tomorrow morning, the
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winds turn and they become southwest early at 10-15. temperatures in the 50s and 60s. yes, we start going in the warm sector of air, but a shower or thunderstorm possible in the morning. by afternoon, partly cloudy, warmer, shower or storm possible. high temperatures around 80. that's a pretty good deal. next seven days. again, upper 70s on wednesday. so we're looking at temperatures still pretty warm, but not as warm. shower possible. better chance for showers on thursday. more clouds, only 75. then we go back in the mid-80s on friday. saturday, mid-80s, maybe a shower or thunderstorm. and a little cooler on sunday and monday. kristin will be back and a caps win after this.
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when you look at the regular season, the caps played great at home, but poor on the road. their post-season play has been the complete opposite of that, which made tonight's game even more important avoiding a two- game hole in hope that they can turn things around at home. they talked about the need of getting off to a fast start. they did that tonight. mike knuble getting the first
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goal of the game. jason tamara sneaks it in, 2-0 caps. rangers cut that in half. in the third, on a power play, we're all tied up. but cue the great eight. oby shoots a rocket past lundquist. caps win 3-2 and tie up the series at one game apiece. >> those are our big game players out there on the power play. it's been a bit of a struggle on the power play. he got one when he needed it. those guys cashed in at the right time. >> tonight we did a third drop. did a better drop. we can do little things that come up. from every aspect, we were better tonight. talking about brady holtby, he's yet to lose back to back games. he said that's thanks to his teammates. >> i'm very confident in our group here, that they're going to make the right plays in order to give me a chance to
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stop the puck. i'm confident they'll be there to back up. >> now the series heads back to d.c. for game three wednesday night. we will be live at the verizon center. then game four on saturday, they'll head back to madison square garden for game 5 next monday. the nationals had a much needed day off returning from the west coast twinge before opening up the home stand tomorrow against arizona. fans are in for a treat. it is the home debut of the nats young fee no, ma'am bryce harper. the 19-year-old made his major league debut in weekend in los angeles going two for six at the plate and making some impressive defensive plays. we will be live from nats park tomorrow night. orri else up -- orioles up in new york. down one, eric chavez with a two-run homer. >> yankees win 2-1. looking forward to that game tomorrow night. >> that's going to be exciting. weather's going to cooperate? >> i think so for the most
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part. >> good. >> we'll be right back. [ male announcer ] are you paying more and more for cable
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