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tv   9 News Now at 5pm  CBS  May 1, 2012 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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>> i said that i'd go after bin laden if we had a clear shot at him and i did. >> the president's trip to afghanistan is officially to sign a new security agreement. his republican rival accuses the president of exploiting the anniversary for political gain. mitt romney, along with former new york mayor, rudy giuliani brought pizza to firefighters. romney once again criticized the president for trying to turn the killing of bin laden into a campaign issue. >> i think politicizing it was -- and try to draw a distinction between myself and himself was an inappropriate use of the very important event that brought america together. >> romney also scolded the president for suggesting he would not have ordered the raid that killed bin laden. the deal pledges u.s. support to afghanistan after the troop withdrawal in 2014. afghanistan will be sovereign, but the u.s. will still have a presence in the country.
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at the white house, danielle nottingham, now back to you. >> thank you, danielle. president obama is expected to be on the ground and live coverage tonight at 7:30 right here on wusa after 9news at 7:00. louisiana la fayette park -- thousands spontaneously gathered in that park in front of the white house to celebrate. andrea mccarren was there that sunday night and she has more on what happened in the year since. what a memorable night that was. and one manmade a lasting impression on us, a father who felt compelled to be here to honor his fallen son. amist the sea of flags and patriotic in la fayette park stood thomas. he emerged as the faith of our all night coverage.
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a proud, grieving father whose son served in iraq, returned home, and ended his life two years later. >> i miss him every day. >> reporter: sumner had fallen through the cracks. his physical injuries healed, his emotional scars did not. >> invisible wounds. the mental trauma and the aspect, like in sumner's case, he wanted to serve. being thrown out, being a thrown away hero. >> worldwide attention from that night led to dramatic changes in the military's treatment of men and women getting out of the service. >> there wasn't any handoff for sumner and he wasn't ever contacted and yet, they were able to use his case specifically to close the loop so they can address the situations in the future. that's phenomenal. >> should be watching over him. >> it is a proud moment for thomas cowen, that his son is
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still serving. >> thanks so sumner and others like him, there are several programs to help veterans transition from military to civilian life. in la fayette park, andrea mccarren, 9news now. >> he would have been 30 years old this november. five self-described anarchists are behind bars for plotting to blow up a cleveland area bridge. the suspects were caught in an fbi sting. their arrest is not linked to the anniversary of osama bin laden's death and not connected to any foreign terrorist groups. investigators say the men wanted to make a statement against quote, corporate america. >> the threat we face is a diverse one. that terrorism can come in many hughs and from many homelands. >> the suspect range in age from 20 to 35. authorities say there was no real danger because the explosives were inoperable and controlled by the bureau.
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we are following breaking news out of silver spring. montgomery county firefighters continue to work a major apartment fire in the 2800 block of paris drive. the captain tells us the fire appears to have started in the attic of the apartment complex and then quickly spread to other buildings there. we're told no residents have been hurt, but one firefighter did suffer serious, but nonlife threatening heat related injuries. the firefighter was transported to a local hospital. another firefighter suffered minor injuries. they are trying to figure out what caused that fire. the fate of a falls church community activist and businessman on trial for child sex abuse is in the hands of a jury. michael gardner is charged of molesting three young girls. peggy fox joins us with more. peggy. >> reporter: the jury has been deliberating two hours. if they find michael gardner
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guilty, he could find the rest of his life in prison. his attorney told the jury his life is already ruined, no matter what happens. mr. gardner, are you feeling confident? michael gardner forces a smile. this is serious business, defense attorney told the jury, three girls accused him of fondling his genitals. for close to two hours, he raised doubts, pointing out his good reputation. he said the commonwealth wants you to bely common sense, to be a deviant pervert, to be someone you have not been in the first 47 years of your life, why would michael gardner do this? greene attacked the dna evidence implying any of his dna doesn't mean anything. he said if you're in someone's house, you are swimming in that person's dna. he criticized the falls church
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police department's investigation, saying quote, a whole bunch of material was not tested. what is the truth, he asked? can you determine the truth? the police just took what the kid said and didn't consider whether they had made it up. but commonwealth attorney, nicole whitman said three little girls came in with one thing. one after another, they told you with all the courage they had what the defendant here did to them. speaking about one of them, she was nine years old. not in her house, not with her parents, he's a lot bigger. this is his home. concerning dna evidence from another girl's underpants, she said quote, right in the area where she says the defendant touched her, the lab finds the defendant's dna. the highest concentration is right on her interior panel of her underwear. that is his dna. prosecutor whitman called the swimming pool of dna theory complete nonsense. she said if that were true,
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then another man, a friend of the gardner's who lived there said his dna would be all over the girl's clothing and it wasn't. none of that was found. also, she said the defense never refuted that these three girls were sexually abused. if gardner is convicted, each of those counts carry a 1 to 20 year sentence and one count of object penetration carries a 5 to life sentence. we'll be here until the jury decides. it may be tonight. it may be tomorrow. we'll let you know. i'm peggy fox reporting live. back to you. >> wait for that jury verdict. anita. the sudden removal of a popular administrator has a woodbridge, virginia, school buzzing tonight. principal jenny ber, mont has been placed on administrative leave >> reporter: and there are a lot of questions and few answers as to the why the principal was placed on leave
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and is being investigated by prince william county police. this is jenny, who until yesterday was the principal of kilby elementary. the prince william county school system abruptly replaced her. the statement explained that the removal was prompted by an investigation by a school system internal auditor. the result of that investigation were turned over to the prince william county police department. a similar message went out to parents. >> oh my gosh. i know her. she was a nice person. >> she is an excellent person. an excellent person. my son goes to kidergarden here. i don't know what could have happened. we tried to get her side of what could have happened, but no one answered the door at her home. >> now at this point, we should say the principal has not been charged with any crime by prince william county police, that investigation is on going. reporting in woodbridge, i'm
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armando trull, back to you. confirm an investigation is happening, prince william county police have no comment as well. d.c. police are investigating two deadly stabbings tonight. the first killing happened on coral street in northeast. the second stabbing happened a short while later along florida avenue near 5th street northwest. investigators say the victim was attacked after he got out of his car and argued with someone on the street. the wounded man attempted to drive away, but his car ended up crashing into shaw's tavern. we're asking the public's help if anyone was out in that area. if they happen to see anything, to please let us know and call us to give us any information. we are reaching out for help. we don't have a motive. >> the district is seeing a spike in violent crime lately. three homicides lately. >> and a 3-2 coming. he rams it to center. way over the head of matt kemp.
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that will short hop the wall and bryce harper digs his way into his first major league hit. >> that put nats fans were waiting to see. after a successful, but winless major league debuy. washington nationals rookie makes his home debut tonight against the arizona diamondbacks and dave owens is live at nationals park where i guess the bryce buzz is a bruins. >> reporter: what's going on? a lot of people compared this to the debut of stephen strasburg. this is a little different. there haven't been a long line of fans outside of the stadium pining for tickets trying to get in to nats park. they are hoping for a good crowd out here tonight. let's take a look at the video. this is the guy everybody is here to see. talking about harper. he has been as good as advertised. a couple hits, a stellar defensive play in los angeles, now he gets to show off in fans
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that won't be booing him. is he nervous? >> i'm a little bit more nervous here than i was in l.a. playing in front of the home fans, hopefully, you know, i calm down and we can get going tonight. >> i love playing and i wouldn't change anything that happened right now. you know, like i said, i love a game of baseball and i'm going to give it 110% and try to be a game changer and play the game i love. >> yeah, he's going to try to be a game changer. here he is working out some of the cinks. coming up against arizona tonight. he was 2-6 in los angeles. he's going to try to improve upon that tonight. coming up, i'm going to talk to paul white. nobody knows the game better than him. we're going to break down, not only bryce, but these first place nats. we're at nats park live, back to you. >> looking forward to a little offense from mr. harper.
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cash is king, but what if it's funny money and what if you got that counterfeit dough from the bank? one woman shares a cautionary tail. temperatures in the low 80s. there's a price we have to pay for this warm air. check radar coming up. but up next, searching for answers three months since a culpeper police officer shot and killed a 54-year-old woman in a church school apartment. i should be arrested for crimes against potted plant-kind.
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an update on a deadly police shooting in culpeper, virginia. it has been three months since an officer shot and killed a 64- year-old woman in a church school parking lot. >> there are still more questions than answers about the day patricia cook was killed. here is more information outside the culpeper police officer. >> reporter: the officer involved in this shooting is on paid administrative leave
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pending the outcome. many people feel this investigation is simply taking too long. they want answers and they want to know what happened to patricia cook. the flowers may be starting to wilt, but the memory of what happened here is still fresh in the minds of the people that live here. >> no one knows what happened. and i think it's just a cover up. >> virginia state police are investigating. they say the officer was responding to a report of a suspicious person sitting in a car in a church school parking lot. when the officer asked the sunday schoolteacher for identification, she rolled up the window, catching the officer's arm inside and drove off, dragging him down the road before he opened fire. but this eyewitness says it didn't happen that way. >> he got the window all the way up and that's when he shot and she took a left out of the parking lot and he stepped out in the street and fired five more times. >> reporter: the only thing the town spokesman will say is that the investigation is in the hands of a special
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prosecutor and state police. like everyone, we await the results of that investigation. >> patricia could have been anybody's mother. >> reporter: isn't satisfied with that response. >> something didn't add up. how could this woman, who later found out, had no criminal problems, who apparently was unarmed, how could she end up being shot to death while sitting in her vehicle? >> he started this facebook page, justice for patricia cook. he has gotten about 350 signatures. >> my focus is to ensure that the details, all the evidence, all the testimony, all the reports, all the eyewitness commentary, all of the ballistics information is all brought out in an open courtroom. >> other people in town, like wayne, say jennings is causing more harm than good. >> so you think people should just be patient? let the judicial system take its course? >> very much so. >> in the town of culpeper,
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kristin fisher, 9news now. >> police have not given any time frame as to when their investigation will be complete and the special prosecutor in fauquier county says it will be the end of june at the earliest before the grand jury has reached a decision. anita. >> british lawmakers concluded rupert murdoch is unfit to run an international company. the media tycoon exhibited quote, willful blindness toward illegal phone hacking. the lawmakers listed the failings of the chief and his son, james, in a report. the committee blasted news corps' british tabloid for misleading the parliament during a five-yearlong investigation. a judge is permitting a hotel maid's case against dominik strauss-kahn to go forward. in his manhattan hotel suite last year. strauss-kahn denies doing anything violent during their
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encounter. prosecutors dropped criminal charges and an attorney for strauss-kahn argued the civil lawsuit should be dismissed because he had diplomatic immunity at the time of the incident. the testimony continues in the campaign corruption trial of former presidential candidate, john edwards. the wife of the prosecution star witness, andrew young, was back on the stand today. the defense is trying to get her to admit that she and her husband have memory problems. in court today, edwards attorney questions her about her migraines and her husband's drinking. edwards pleaded not guilty to six counts. andy petit took the witness stand at roger clemens perjury trial. his teammate is one of government's key witnesses and petit testified how clemens told him how he used human growth hormones. he said that petit quote, misremembers that conversation. he denied using performance
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enhancing drugs in 2008. it seems like we did a fast forward to summer. >> we did. >> because it's hot. >> at least late may. high 80s. >> it's gorgeous out here. >> with that said, we're going to stay warm. we're going to be unsettled for a while. don't worry if you see a couple showers or thunderstorms. we'll have a live look outside with our live weather cam brought to you by michael and son. we have lots of sunshine. we are in good shape across the board. we're looking at temperatures, well, low 80s. 83 downtown. winds out of the northeast at 3. pressure falling just a little bit. 29.98. that will turn around. we're looking at temperatures, talking 10 degrees above average. 8 degrees below average yesterday. all right, the satellite picture radar combined, that came back, some showers and thunderstorms back in the ohio valley and into west virginia. real big storms passing to our south through charlottesville and south in toward richmond.
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so, we're fine today and early tonight. in terms of showers and thunderstorms. we're in that sunset led unsettled pattern. 84 in great falls. 82 out toward leesburg. so, temperatures well above average for this time of year. 83 in beltsville. 82 down toward andrews. the temperatures, again, like early june. that's okay. warm, but unsettled. mild tonight. a shower or thunderstorm is possible, primarily after midnight. warm on wednesday with, yes, showers and thunderstorms. and yes, more thunderstorms on thursday, but i think it's a small price to pay for temperatures around 80. we actually, you know, need some rain. so, first pitch. harper's home debut. diamondbacks versus the nats. 81 degrees at the beginning of the game and 75 at the end of the game. that a perfect weather day for night baseball. check it out. for tonight, mostly cloudy. a shower or thunderstorm
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possible. lows in the 60s. 60 to 65. that's about it. tomorrow morning, becoming partly cloudy and warm. a chance for a shower or thunderstorm possible. 60s and 70s in the morning and then by afternoon, same deal. partly cloudy and warm. a shower or thunderstorm possible. high temperatures, again, in the low 80s. next seven days, it stays warm. not quite as warm on thursday. temperatures 79 or 80. the better chance for showers and thunderstorms. more storms on friday. we are back in the mid 80s on friday. mid 80s on saturday with thunderstorms. then finally, we are dry on sunday with mid 70s. a gorgeous day. a couple showers possible. highs also in the 70s. speaking of tuesday, this is a fee no , phenomenal picture. rocky top overlook at the national park. of course fog, well, that is clouds on the ground. made up of water droplets. not water vapor, water
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droplets. that's a speck tack ewe lore picture. thank you so much. now you want to send something in, go to our website. click on the weather tab and yes, be sure to include your name and location and a brief description. so rings right , right now it is great. great night for baseball. >> yes, it is. all right folks, coming up, the family that drives to school together sings together. this video rocks. >> but first, jessica simpson delivers her baby girl or boy? we'll talk about it.
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i've been on my game. i probably would have picked something up. >> it was supposed to be a joous day, but turned into a nightmare. talks to me about the vicious
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crime that shook d.c. and the nation. you'll see the video that still haunts him 20 years later. a 110-foot tall building could be going up near nats park and right near that waterfront metro station. d.c. zoning commission has okayed the plan. this even though the usual building height maximum there is just 40 feet. a final vote still has to go through. the site in question is along m street southwest, and some folks are worried. they say there's not enough parking. others are concerned there's big large trees that may have to be chopped down. and plans are underway to address a block long hole in bethesda. a developer is proposing a new 360 luxury apartment complex and grocery store all for the vacant lot in wisconsin avenue. now the 1.8-acre site is next to the campus. earlier plans had to be scrapped when the condo market collapsed. the planning board will take a look on thursday. the developer is hoping to
5:27 pm
break ground in 2013. construction lasting for two years. it's a girl. actress, jessica simpson, gave birth to a baby girl today. her name, maxwell drew johnson. she weighed in at 9-pounds, 13- ounces. it is the first child for simpson and her fiance. the two have said they plan to hold off getting married until the baby's arrival. a 150-year-old home. this is suesieq. a military policy says dogs like suesie aren't allowed with army installation. i'm scott broom in germantown. coming up, if you can't trust a bank to spot counterfeit money, who can you trust? >> to me, it's unacceptable. >> when i come back, i'll have the complaints from one teacher that said she got stuck with a
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bad bill.
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what's in your wallet? this next story may have you taking a second look. tonight, a germantown schoolteacher has a warning for us. she got a $100 bill from a bank that she thinks needs to do a better job of detecting fun money. >> to me, it's unacceptable.
5:31 pm
>> reporter: that's marge walker and this is a photo copy of a bogus $100 bill that was passed to her last thursday. >> if i go to the bank, i expect they will be the authority of giving good money. to go to the bank and hear that you are passing me counterfeit money, too me, is beyond shocking. >> reporter: here's what happened. that wells fargo is over there. so march drives across the street to here. that's the montgomery county teacher's federal union. immediately, the teller here spotted the bogus 100. marge's question, how can one financial institution spot a bill instantly when another one across the street got fooled and stuck her with counterfeit? wells fargo issued a statement today saying we have processes and controls in place to detect counterfeit currency. however on rare occasions, bills may not be identified. in these situations, we work
5:32 pm
with the appropriate agencies to resolve the issue. march is lucky because she's been a customer for 22 years and after arguing, they did credit her back the $100. and the bogus bill has been turned over to authorities. lots of companies sell detech deck dedeck detectors. >> literally washes the ink out of it and reprints it as a $100 bill. that keeps the paper authentic and much harder for anyone without a trained eye, like a bank teller to detect. in germantown, scott broom. >> they have gotten tricky out there. for more information on how to spot those bills, go to our website, now to a story about certain service dogs not being
5:33 pm
allowed. a new u.s. army policy being instituted across the nation have wounded warriors with ptsd and one dog trainer really up in arms. >> ken explains why the fight to give those dogs a warm welcome rather than a cold shoulder has come to washington. >> i lost who i was. i lost all feeling. i lost the ability to love. >> private first class was near suicide. the ptsd she developed while serving in afghanistan was too many to bare until she was prescribed tasha, her military service dog. >> having a service dog, i'm gaining love back. >> she was trained by the founder of mutts assisting soldier heros. candle trains her dogs in texas. the volunteer dog trainer recently traveled from el passo to washington.
5:34 pm
from being recognized as service dogs. among other things, the policy states dogs trained by anyone other than a private company called assistance dogs international doesn't meet army recognition as a service dog. candle isn't affiliated with adi and her dogs have been banned from certain army posts. >> they are not wanting to allow them. it varies according to the commander. the commander has the ultimate authority. >> to get a dog trained by debbie, it costs about $450. the other option would be to go through an organization accredited by the adi. that could cost anywhere between $2,000 to $3,000. the current army policy has been scrutinizing wounded warriors that depend on the dogs. the outrage from soldiers who have had to deal with the backlash is growing. >> we served our country. it's making me mad that they are making paperwork so hard to get a dog that helps you. >> now candle is hoping her
5:35 pm
presence in washington will get army brass to rethink their policy and allow her canines to be recognized as service dogs. >> so will someone with the power to change this expeditiously, so no more warriors have to die, step up and be a hero? >> she's the reason i live every day. >> we reached out to the army, they responded in an e-mail saying in part, quote, it would be premature for us to talk about this policy while active discussion is taking place regarding it. army officials are expected to announce what changes, if any, they plan on making to their policy later this week. we should note that ken says that soldiers at fort bliss, with those trained dogs had to make the decision to give up their dogs or move off base. private first class, the first soldier chose to move off base to keep her dog. she was denied her army housing allowance, but it's a decision
5:36 pm
she had to make. living without tasha is impossible for her. >> d.c. is a great place for women. the rankings are out from the research council and it looked at 25 metropolitan areas. ranked them on life expectancy earnings and d.c. came in number one. followed by san francisco, then boston, baltimore came in eighth. river side, california, ranked at the bottom. we also have some sad news to talk about this evening. last night, a six month old girl with a rare disorder, we told you about her yesterday. her parents created a bucket list blog for their baby. that child has died. avery lynn, who was born in november with spinal muscular atrophy type 1 died of pull pulminary complications. doctors told the doctors she would not live past the age of two. they wrote a bucket list. a list of things to do with her
5:37 pm
before this impending death. normally drafted for adults, though she would make it past age 2. well that blog went viral. the day after her death, the patients had nearly 2 1/2 million views. ♪ ♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] virtual wallet can help you be that person who's good with money.
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see what's free to spend. move money with a slide. save with a shake. feel good about your decisions.
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investigators in massachusetts now believe a fire that destroyed an old mill this morning is suspicious. that fire broke out in the middle of the night at a small abandoned mill. that's in the addle burro area. no reports of any serious injuries. a landmark vegas casino is history tonight. the 23-year-old irish themed casino, one day after customers were urged to quote, drink and
5:40 pm
drive one last time. there will be a retail and dining development in place of oshay's. the project will have live music and beer pong, just like oshay's did. you can call this extreme home makeover military edition. they brought in a tank. it was a crew from company driver tank, hired to demolish their home. this was built 150 years ago. the 432 british tank was driven through the house to make sure it was knocked down really nicely. took about 25 minutes. the new owners planned to build new homes. i didn't know there was such thing as driver tanks, but apparently there is. >> an atlanta family's -- >> every day on the car ride to school, the parkers rock out to queen's bohemian rap city. take a look. ♪ [ music ]
5:41 pm
>> dad says he plays the song to get the kids pumped for class and they can start the song and pull into the school just as it ends. video of the morning routine has gotten nearly 2.8 million hits on youtube. can you imagine that? >> you have to have some theme music. you have to get pumped up. >> i used to sing with my dad. it wasn't the same thing. >> okay, still ahead tonight, whether it happens on the battlefield or the field of play. a new treatment is showing promise in treating pet injuries. the occupy missouri returns with a day of protest here in new york and across the country. i'll have that story coming up.
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never in my lifetime did i think i could walk 60 miles in 3 days. if my mom can fight and beat breast cancer, i can walk 60 miles. (woman) the fund-raising was the easiest part. people were very giving. complete strangers wanting to help. i knew someday i was gonna do this walk. if i can do this, you definitely can do this. we can do this. we can all do this together. (man) register today for the... and receive $25 off your registration fee. because everyone deserves a lifetime. dozens of people turned out to mall malcom park.
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that protest is just one of several taking place all across the country today. and as puray reports, the occupy movement is joining forces with labor unions to spread the message. >> hundreds are on the streets of manhattan protesting economic inequality. this is the first major demonstration for the occupy movement since their camps were dismantelled last fall. expressing anger, but rallying for worker's rights. >> a banker with a spread sheet deletes a row and there goes your jobs. >> may 1 is also known as international worker's day, and occupy protesters are joining forces with labor unions, calling for a general strike. in san francisco, union workers walked off the jobs, forcing the city to shut down golden gate ferry service. >> it's time for big business to step up the plate and pay
5:46 pm
their fair share. >> a small group of demonstrators walked through city street. >> occupy organizers hope today's protest will mark a return to widespread demonstrations like last year. and they believe teaming up with labor unions will attract more supporters. >> may day events are taking place around the world. countries across europe, workers protested cuts in pay and benefits. in asia, thousands of people took to the streets demanding higher wages. and the u.s., critics say the movement doesn't have a clear message, but organizers disagree. >> we do have a clear message. we are the 99%. >> occupy protesters hope it will reinvigorate their movement. >> and check out this video for may day protests in seattle. dozens of protesters dressed in black smashed windows in many businesses and set one of them
5:47 pm
on fire. some people were carrying signs that said freedom. anarchists are believed to be behind those protests. topper is here on a gorgeous day indeed. >> 7 degrees warmer today than yesterday. we are in early may, and feels like early june. if you get your heating bill and you spent more in april than march, it makes sense statistically. let's take a live look outside. this is our live weather cam brought to you by michael and son. we have clouds around, but very nice. temperature 83 degrees. dew point comfortable. nays nice. relative humidity under 50%. we can deal with that. pressure is steady. over the past hour, 29.98 inches of mercury. satellite picture and radar combined, here's the system we showed you yesterday. it's pushing through the midwest. big thunderstorms, in fact, severe weather through much of indiana and into ohio.
5:48 pm
a severe thunderstorm watch is out. that's not going to be a huge problem for us tonight, but that said, the next few days, we're going to be warm and be unstable. so we run the risk of showers and thunderstorms through the week and also through saturday. so, some of the storms have developed could be heavy. some could produce heavy rains and some could produce small hail. in the meantime, a few clouds pushing through. temperatures, 82 in bethesda. 80 in arlington. 81 in gaithersburg. 81 in reston. and 80 also in springfield. so, here's the deal. warm, but unsettled. mild tonight, in fact, almost warm. shower or thunderstorm possible after midnight. warm wednesday, but with showers and thunderstorms. more thunderstorms on thursday, but it will stay warm. going to the game tonight, it doesn't get much nicer than this. 75 for the last pitch. light winds and no rain.
5:49 pm
pretty good deal. mostly cloudy tonight and mild. shower or thunderstorm possible after midnight. low temperatures between 60 and 65. all right, next seven days. looks like this. 79, more thunderstorms on thursday. in fact, that's the best chance for storms. a few storms on friday. we pop back in the mid 80s. mid 80s on saturday. primarily afternoon storms. front goes through, dry on sunday, beautiful, mid 70s. mid 70s on monday. and back to upper 70s with maybe a thunderstorm by tuesday. so again, we trade off the warm for the storms. i think it's a good trade. >> sounds good, we'll take it. bryce harper makes his home debut with the nats tonight. >> on his first day, the rookie was not swinging at nationals park. >> take a look at this. our partners at u.s.a. today posted this video of him taking part in a softball game. right near the washington monument. that first pitch wasn't to his
5:50 pm
liking, he tosses it back and sends one out of the park, or mall, so to speak. >> yeah dave, i bet fans are hoping to see that kind of hit tonight. >> reporter: i was just thinking, let's hope he can hit one. we're an hour away from first pitch here at nationals park. it's been a busy day for mr. harper already. this guy has had a busy day. he has been surrounded by the media and he took to the field to warm up and get ready for the diamondbacks. this is the youngest nationals player to be called up. some think he's the future of the franchise. he's trying to fit in. >> the same game i have been playing. i'm trying to take one game at a time, one bat at a time and not get too excited. trying to stay calm and not, like i said, get too excited. >> not trying to get too
5:51 pm
excited. i'm joined by paul white now. nobody knows it better. i'm talking about baseball. u.s.a. today, national baseball writer, you saw the los angeles experiment. chavez, ravine, how do you think harper handled it all? >> certain guys understand and embrace the role they're going to have. you look back to derek jeter, these guys get it. you're not going to be successful as this megastar unless you understand how to embrace it. >> he didn't get phased by it at all. he seemed like he deserved to be there. and he said i belong here. that's the attitude you have to take. some people get offended because he is cocky. that's the edge that the great players need. >> let's talk about the devil's advocate. they say maybe it's too soon. what do you think? >> well, he's going to prove it over the next week or so. you know, there's room here. there's a lot of guys that are
5:52 pm
hitting and that's why he's here. parts because of the injuries. so they get a chance with less pressure to see, can he handle it right now? if he can, i believe they will be bringing him up here. >> i don't think they have a problem, get rid of some players. >> put on the forecasting hat here. will he stay or go? >> i have a feeling he's going to stay. we're going to find out. the guys that are hitting are not exactly making a lot of money. it's not like they are going to cost the team a lot of money to let them go. the manager says, well, the veteran guy, it's his job. you don't want to put the pressure on the kids. same thing happens here. >> 14-8. nats in first place. a half a game ahead of atlanta. do they stay there or is this fools gold? >> they are a legitimate contender. they are ahead of the curve. they didn't know if it would be this year. harper was going to be part of
5:53 pm
what would make that better. the division is compacted. the phillies aren't as strong as they were. the nats are better. florida is a disappointment. >> they better start hitting and they can't pitch like this all season long. paul white from the baseball writer. nobody knows it better. glad to have you here. it's been a pleasure. coming up at 6:20, full sports report. back to you guys in the studio. >> all right dave. still ahead, it's not quite official, but it is closer to official tonight that newt gingrich is going to call it quits. we'll explain. >> i'm russ on corruption watch. coming up, the half million dollar scam and the fbi unveiled the identity of an official that pled guilty today. >> but first, facebook is not just for finding friends anymore. how this could be a lifesaver. next in our health alert.
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to you're probably on facebook for social networking. what about to save a life? it's the concept behind the website's push to help with organ donation. the idea came from his friendship with the late apple founder, steve jobs who got a liver transplant before he died. now facebook will have a place for people willing to become organ donors. to add that information to their time line on their pages. also tonight, clearing away the americay weather symptoms. whether it's a stroke or repeat
5:57 pm
concussions in athletics. some of the after effect linger for months or years. an experimental treatment is being tested on the younger sis of the jason worth, who purr pseudoa different kind of sport. >> we were in germany. it wasn't a bad crash. i just hit my head just right. >> after that crash, hilary worth spent two nights in the hospital with her first major concussion. >> it took two hard hits and i got back and hit my head again in canada. >> with three concussions in five months, hilary suffered from chronic migraines, dizziness and fatigue that wouldn't let up. >> when you have head trauma like your emotional status changes. i would cry because i didn't know what to do. >> when you have a stroke and dbi, some of the cells in the brains die and those cells are never going to be brought back to life. >> a bethesda area scientist
5:58 pm
and physician whose company enrolled hilary in a clinical trial in d.c. during that trial, mag knees magnesium is pumped directly into her bloodstream. this is the first to deal with the memory, speech, muscle function, and cognitive problems that exist after more traditional brain trauma treatment. >> it's not just magnesium, but it's the magnesium in the oxygen that is the key. >> the magnesium expands the blood vessels. that extra o2 seems to rehabilitate damaged brain cells. >> to be able to get up and say i don't have a headache is great. >> now hilary is regaining both function and freedom from her previous symptoms. she may never be able to rejoin the u.s. bob sled team, but she is making great progress. >> i'm symptom-free. i feel back to my normal self-a
5:59 pm
little bit. >> looking for a pharmaceutical partner to launch studies to get it available to patients soon. >> this is 9news now. >> one year to the day of osama bin laden's death, president obama is making a surprise trip to afghanistan, signing an agreement that extends our commitment to the country until at least 2024. gary is in the satellite center watching all of this unfold. she there with the latest. >> we should make it clear, the agreement does not extend our commitment to have troops in harm's way, but defines the relationship between afghanistan and the united states, after nato forces leave in 2014. >> the president secretly left andrews after midnight this morning. arriving after dark in afghanistan this afternoon washington time. it was after midnight there


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