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tv   9 News Now at Noon  CBS  May 2, 2012 12:00pm-12:30pm EDT

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. we have breaking news from arlington county regarding the
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child sex abuse case against michael gardner. we've just learned the jury has reach add verdict on three of the four counts. he's accused of molesting three young girls who attend add sleepover at -- attended a sleepover at his daughter's slumber party last june. there is d.n.a. evidence from the two girls who attended the slumber party with three charges connected to them. the third girl who was at the sleepover did not have her clothes tested since she came forward later. the judge has requested that the jury continue to deliberate. you actually can follow peggy fox' tweets on this trial at and she'll have the latest at 5:00 p.m. thank you for joining us. i'm jc hayward. newt gingrich is expected to
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suspend his campaign in just a few hours. lemake the announcement this afternoon and the -- he will make the announcement this afternoon and the move clears the way for mitt romney to capture the republican presidential nomination. danielle nottingham has more on the campaign. >> reporter: newt gingrich is calling it quits. at an event this afternoon, he plans to officially end his presidential campaign. the former house speaker released a video for supporters on his website tuesday. >> i want to take this opportunity to give you an insider advance notice that on wednesday, i'll be officially suspending the campaign as part of a precedent. >> reporter: gingrich scaled back his campaign last month after a series of primary losses. he vowed to stay in the race until the convention, but donations dried up leaving his campaign $4 million in debt. >> i'm announcing my candidacy for president of the united states. >> reporter: gingrich got off to a rocky start when he entered the race last year. most of his staff quit almost
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immediately over differences about how to run the campaign. he battled back with a surprise win in south carolina, but he couldn't keep up with mitt romney's campaign spending, and he performed poorly in the larger primary states. gingrich will make his announcement here in his adopted home state of virginia. in the coming weeks, he is expected to endorse romney. but during the race, gingrich repeatedly attacked romney. >> the massachusetts moderate who created romney care. >> reporter: president obama's campaign is trying to take advantage of those attacks in a new video. >> as a man who wants to run for the president of the united states who can't be honest with the american people. >> reporter: gingrich says he's leaving the race but will continue to help republicans defeat president obama in november. danielle nottingham, cbs news, arlington, virginia. bruce leshan is covering the gingrich announcement and also mitt romney's visit to the region. we'll have more details on the
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two of them coming up on 9news now at 5:00 p.m. montgomery county authorities have arrested and charge add suspect that they say -- charged a suspect that they say set fire to an apartment building in silver spring. 24-year-old abraham kiflou reportedly confessed to arson. meanwhile more than 100 people are now being housed by the red cross and two firefighters suffered minor injuries. thorpts say that the -- authorities say the suspect was advice finishing a -- was visiting a relative when he started that fire. hundreds of residents in four prince george's county towns woke up without water this morning t. took several hours of searching and more than 250 angry telephone callings from customers before crews actually found the problem. a 64-year-old copper pipe in an industrial park off columbia park in cheverly, maryland is to blame. crews are working to repair the 16-inch water main break near
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the beaver dam creek. officials say the break went undetected because of its location. >> in this case as you can see, we're an industrial park area. nobody noticed anything. it was only through a little bit of sleuthing by some of our people in the operations or control center that noticed some of the water levels lowering in storage tanks. it's out in this area. >> homeowners may still have to stock up on bottled water because crews say it could take several more hours before water is restored to that area. the d.c. city council on expect -- unexpectedly voted down a $64 million supplemental budget proposal. this is just days after the mayor and the city council chairman appeared to have reached a deal. the proposal centerpiece is a $22 million plan to pay city workers for four furlough days that they had to take last year. it was a big defeat for labor
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unions. the f.b.i. is getting leads in its search for a former d.c. teacher accused of producing child pornography. eric toth taught at a private elementary school on the ground also of the washington national cathedral. he was fired in 2008 after another teacher reportedly found pornographic pictures on a school camera in toth's possession. an f.b.i. spokesperson says that the agency has received hundreds of tips since placing toth on the ten most wanted fugitives list last month. president obama is returning home today from afghanistan after visiting troops addressing the nation and signing a pact that lays out america's future. manuel gallegus has more on the president's surprise visit. >> reporter: president obama returned to the white house this morning after making a surprise visit to afghanistan. a series of explosions rocked the capital city of kabul less than two hours after he left.
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a taliban spokesman tells cbs news the terrorist group launched a suicide car bombing attack after learning the president was in the country. they say the attack was meant to show the taliban is still strong and still a threat. despite the violence, the president says the u.s. can see what he called the light of a new day in afghanistan. >> our goal is to destroy al qaeda, and we are on a path to do exactly that. >> reporter: combat troops are scheduled to pull out of afghanistan in 2014, but some american forces will remain. president obama signed an agreement with president karzai to help train local soldiers and provide support in counterterrorism efforts, potentially keeping troops in afghanistan through 2024. >> but we must finish the job we started in afghanistan and end this war responsibly. >> reporter: there are still questions about the readiness of the afghan forces to take control of their country, but u.s. commanders are starting to see progress on the ground.
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>> for the first time i felt as though there was some sense of nationhood there that frankly i hadn't felt for maybe the previous eight years. >> reporter: but this latest attack serves as a reminder the taliban intends to keep fighting. manuel gallegus, cbs news. the washington nationals' usher who fought off vicious dogs has been honored. we'll have details when we come back.
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we're getting ready for the innovations in aging expo. it starts tomorrow. by the way, marilee asher is going to be 100 years old in november. she moved from chicago to washington. a defining moment in her life was being present at the congress hotel -- [indiscernible] she says the secret to her life is exercising and eating well. i've seen some of her work, an artist. she's fantastic and a lovely person. you can get more information on anyone know visions in aging which is being held at the gay lore national hotel starting tomorrow through saturday. i'm going to be there. please come out and see me. but go to my website and you can get
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more information. today i would like to welcome dr. john thompson. he is the director of the d.c. office on aging. and of course the d.c. office on aging, maryland office on aging and virginia office on aging, all three have come together for this expo which is unique and it's wonderful. it's free so seniors can come out and get lots of information. and if you're a senior, why is this expo so important to you? >> it is so important for our seniors, first of all, because it's an opportunity for them to lead a healthy and productive life in the community and also to bring your family members there as well. because aging is all of our business. we know a senior in our community, whether it's a family member or somebody in our church so it's an opportunity to gain the valuable resources from the three different jurisdictions, an opportunity to meet with social workers and participate in different wellness programs as well as understanding how to cook healthy foods. so it's going to be a great opportunity. >> exercise? >> exercise, absolutely.
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>> you know what i found so unique? the fact that there's going to be a job fair for seniors. >> yes, tomorrow. >> that's incredible. from 10:00 to 4:00. >> yes, ma'am. >> if you're looking for a job, come out to the gay lord. >> yes. that will be the place to be. >> i find it interesting. seniors really want to work, don't they, because they're living longer lives. they're in better health. and as long as they can work, they want to work. >> an opportunity to gain extra income and also to socialize with other people. >> that's right. get up, have a destination, have a place to go, and of course seniors have illnesses that their family members have to deal with, alzheimer's is one. we're going to have experts there talking about what to do with a loved one whom you have to take care of. so it's going to be lots of information. please, come out to the gaylord. i' the innovations in aging expo at the gaylord national hotel starting tomorrow until saturday. i'm going to be there. so come and see me. thank you so much for being
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with us, dr. thompson. >> thank you. coming up next, howard has the forecast.
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that were attacking children in his northeast neighborhood. hawthorne was severely bitten while fending off the dogs. >> automatically i said i've got to sacrifice myself. i'm no hero. it's just something i had to do. >> d.c. mayor vincent gray declared yesterday andre hawthorne day in the district. he also received an autographed team jersey. by the way, if you're heading to the nationals game tonight, you should try and get there early. tom willis will throw out tonight's first pitch and will do so with his foot. he was born without arms. he learned to use his legs to do everything. he's incredible. by the way, willis is a motivational speaker and he's going to ballparks around the country as part of his pitch
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for awareness tour. tom willis, incredible. >> a lot of inspiration. if we get them to maybe get the bats sin paired, we'll get -- bats inspired, we'll get a few more wins. weather wise, we're trying to get into the warmer air. there are some areas in the 80 'ish degree reading. a lot of areas north and east of town are still in the 60s. we're struggling. we've got a boundary across the region and it could be the focal point for thunderstorms later today. anything that pops with the heat nearby could be on the strong side. first the allergy update. the tree pollen, grass pollen, those in the high category while our weeds and mold are low. this afternoon we'll see a mix of clouds and sunshine. temperatures will be climbing here into the mid-70s by 3:00. this afternoon as we approach 80, that's when we'll have that chance even to the evening hours of a couple of showers and storms here and there. winds will be sort of variable depending on which side of the front you're on.
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that front, you can sort of see it here. big storms. dropped an inch of rain in lexington park. they're well off shore. you see this little line here, that's a boundary. cloudy and cooler north and west. look at the difference here. philly is in the 50s. 84 in charlottesville. locally that boundary is sort of cutting across the region. we have 830 in -- 80 in fredericksburg. we've got upper 60s in gaitdersburg. low 6 -- gaithersburg. low 60s on the bay. we mix this out a little bit, we'll take off temperature wise but right now a little bit of haze in the air as you're looking at the white house. sun coming down. temperature outside on our michael & son weather camera, 68 degrees with cloudy skies. and a northeast wind. those areas in the 70s and 80s, winds out of the southwest in the warmer air mass. that warmer air mass is going to fuel some thunderstorms. west of us, we're also going to watch because we have another disturbance coming into the lakes. northwesterly flow is bringing that weather that forms in
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michigan and ohio through pennsylvania like it did this morning across our region. and that pattern is not going to change much over the next couple of days. so we'll have that front nearby. and with that front and the heat, well, that's when we've got the threat of severe weather this afternoon from around d.c. especially across virginia where the heat is popping right now. it's going to be in the upper 80s in some spots. 84 in richmond already. looking at the future cast, isolated showers and storms again on that boundary. we may not have too many but what we do get has that potential for wind gusts and hail. isolated showers coming through overnight into the day on thursday. thursday i think we'll be back into the low 80s, but look by middle of the day in the afternoon, scattered showers and storms again. then on friday, i think we'll be in the upper 80s potential with the isolated afternoon storm. right now friday looks to be the warmest day. today i've actually lowered the temp in d.c. from 83 to 80 but south and west, you're going into the mid-80s.
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we do have the threat for a couple of storms. tonight low 60s. 50s in the suburbs. a passing shower or storm not out of the question. 83 tomorrow. 88 on friday. as we head toward the weekend, that front is going to be coming saturday. so saturday still warm, showers and storms. sunday should be drier and cooler with temperatures in the mid-70s. stick around. we're coming back with more 9news now at noon in just a moment.
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today i'm one on one with
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the professor of psychiatry at george washington university school of medicine. i wouldn't think a professional athlete committing suicide but they do apparently in large numbers. she can give us some of the reasons why it happens. why does it happen and is it prevalent? >> well, to say it's large numbers, i don't know. the fact is it does happen. most people would have your reaction as did i when i first started to investigate this. you think of an athlete who is honing their body, perfecting it, spending all their energy and attention on making their body the best it can be and then to do the utmost act to destroy one's body seems difficult to fathom. but it does happen. it happens probably for some reasons that are unique to the athletic arena and maybe even unique to the the professional sporting word. one would be the extreme
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pressures that these athletes are under. so in the context of injury which is certainly one of the areas where we have seen some suicides occur, including in professional athletes is that their livelihood depends on their body. when they become injured, it's a significant problem because they may not be able to compete any longer. they're in a lot of pain. there's a lot of uncertainty about their athletic future. it might lead to their retirement which is another area where we've seen suicide occurs, particularly in the professional sports world. >> what can we do? how can we prevent this? >> one way is literally for people to be aware that athletes can go in that direction. to educate people about the kinds of areas where athletes get into trouble so we can kind of start to try to effect some change before things get to such a dire point, recognizing that athletes do get depressed and that they need treatment
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for depression or that they have anxiety disorders or eating disorders that can lead to depression and suicide. eating disortds are associate -- disorders are associated with the highest mortality rate of any psychiatric disorder. when you have let's say a young gymnast who is struggling to keep her weight down so that she can perform optimally and her eating disorder gets so far out of control, there have been cases of deaths. >> dr. im au -- dr. baum, thank you. i hate to cut you off but we just got breaking news. there is a verdict in the michael gardner sex abuse case. he has been found guilty of four charges and apparently the trial is not over. three of the four counts in that sexual abuse case where he was charged with touching young girls inappropriately who had a sleepover at his house. we're going to be following the
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story throughout the afternoon. peggy fox is following it covering the trial. she'll have the latest on 9news now beginning at 5:00 p.m. we thank you for being with us. women, don't forget to get your mammogram. i'll be at the expo in prince george's county this weekend. come back and visit us at 5:00. bye-bye.
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