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tv   9 News Now at 11pm  CBS  May 2, 2012 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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it's painful to watch the weapon that killed my son and other children. >> this man is waiting for justice. now as the verdict nears he shares his emotions. plus 9 wants you to know about the alcohol brawl and all the other tricks your teens are using to get wasted. michael gardner guilty of child molestation. he moe hefted his daughter's friends at a sleepover party. >> peggy fox explains the falls children businessman won't be seeing freedom for a long, long time >> reporter: michael gardner walked in a free man for the last time in perhaps 22 years. a jury found him guilty of sexually abusing two of his daughter's friends at her
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slumber party by fondling their genitals. >> it was the with girls testimony and strong dna evidence on the underwear and pajamas that led to the conviction. >> they are my heros. >> reporter: prosecutor's for the commonwealth credit the girls the falls church police department and the girls' families. >> if one of the little girls hadn't come forward both of the little girls hadn't come forward right away i don't know that we would have had much success gathering the evidence that helped to convict mr. gardner. >> reporter: the jury convicted him on two counts of sexual battery and one of battery penetration. parents of two of the girls say they wanted more, but they are satisfied. >> all i wanted was an end to the violence and safety for us for children and others. we have that until the man is about 70 years old. >> the verdict will help with the healing and we're all going to press forward. the focus should be on these very brave young citizens and how justice was served. >> reporter: during the sentencing phase four jurors
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wiped away tears as they listened to robin gardner on the stand. she cried as she told them about the impact of the case on her and her children. she said i'm in shock the whole experience has been horrific. >> i think you heard it during the sentencing hearing that these children in a sense it's a life sentence because their innocence has been stolen from them. >> reporter: the prosecutors will ask the judge to uphold the jury's recommendation at sentencing on september 7th. in arlington county peggy fox 9 news now. no verdict yet in another high profile case here in d. c. the trial of five men accused in a series of shooting that killed favorite people wounded 9 others two years ago. the trial has taken more than 2 months and the jury has been deliberating for a week now. gary >> reporter: the shootings in southeast in march of 2010 are the deadliest in recent d. c. memory. jordan howe was the first to
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die. norman williams is his father. >> i want to see these murders in jail for life. >> reporter: he's attended the trial in d. c. superior court seen a thousand pieces of evidence. >> it's painful to watch an ak- 47 and watch the projection of the bullet that went through your child. >> reporter: it's a complicated case the jury has been out for a week. the waiting. >> actually on pins pins and needles can't sleep. i haven't been sleeping well at all. >> reporter: how are you? >> not good. not good gary. it's a nightmare man waking up. can't touch a child kiss hug them or play with them. >> reporter: he works at a rec center with lots of kids. it's good and it's not.
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>> you're right very rewarding. i mean i love helping people you know i'm a people person. i love empowering people especially our youth. only time it's painful when i see a dad or a mom playing with their kids that's when it's painful because i can't play with mine. >> reporter: getting a verdict won't change that but getting a verdict will at least end the waiting which has been hell. >> we can only imagine gary. thank you. a cop impersonator turned thief is on the loose tonight. the suspect managed to pull a woman over near the 1600 block of st. camilla drive. he used what looked like a police badge on a vest to fool the woman to thinking he was a ream officer. once the woman stopped police say he got her out of the car and robbed her. >> at that point while she was sitting on the curb he searched
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her entire vehicle took her first and cell phone. >> the only description we have so far. a black man about 190 pounds. the medical examiner hopes to finish an autopsy report tomorrow on junior seau. all signs indicate that he took his own life. his girlfriend came back from the gym and found him dead in bed. he had a gunshot wound to the chest. there was a gun right nearby. however no sign of a suicide note. today though his mother crying out in grief talked about that last phone call she had shared with her son. >> he talking to me. he joking to me. he called me.
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>> he played 13 seasons with the chargers in san diego. fans spent the day remembering the pro bowler. he was 43. to the phoenix area and apparent murder-suicide. sources say reputed neo-nazi shot and killed four people including a toddler. then he killed himself. they identify the shooter at j. t. ready who made headlines when he launched a militia movement to hunts for illegal immigrants. the activist at the center of a diplomatic battle between china and the united states wants to come to this country. he escaped from house arrest and took refuge at the embassy in china. he accepted a deal that would allow him to go to the hospital and be reunited with his family
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in china. he came under fire for calling attention to forced abortions under the country's one child per family policy. a disturbing discovery in a northwest d. c. neighborhood. a wild animal caught in an illegal trap. >> the search is on for other traps like that that could still be out there and pose a serious risk to people's pets. >> i came out to do some gardening. >> reporter: she heard a sound that still echos in her mind. to her great surprise it was a young raccoon walking in pain along the top of her fence. his front heft paw snared left paw snared in a leg hold trap. the raccoon had been caught in the trap for about a week and had been seen wandering the neighborhood chewing at its paw trying unsuccessfully to get the trap off. >> there were tendons and two
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little forearm bones sticking out of his flesh. >> reporter: scott is with the washington humane society. he says leg hold traps which are illegal in washington are extremely dangerous not just for raccoons but for dogs or cats even little kids who could inadvertently get caught in them. >> any animal could fall victim to it. a small child could step into this. >> reporter: they have no idea who set the trap why it was set or exactly where. perhaps even more disturbing for the humane society and for northwest washington residents like cindy snyder they don't know if anymore leg hold traps have been set in this neighborhood or perhaps somewhere else in the city. >> oh, may god. the damage will be just as horrific. if a child or a cat got caught in it. >> reporter: the raccoon caught in the trap has been euthanized. the washington humane society
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is offering a 2,500-dollar rewards for information leading to the arrest and conviction of the person who set the trap. the person convicted of setting a leg hold trap could face up to 5 years in prison. anita. okay, matt. this next man is accused of threatening pharmacist with a blood filled surge tainted with aids and threatening a woman with a taser. a howard county man is in police custody. the first incident happened at the cvs on centennial lane in el could it city. benjamin blessing pulled out the syringe and forced the pharmacist to open the safe. he got away with $27,000 worth of prescription drugs. police also believe that blessing armed with a taser trade to rob a mom at an atm in columbia last october. he is being held on $170,000 bounds. 13 people chinese in the hazing death of the drum major. he was 26 years old when he was beaten to death a boards a bus
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back in november of 2011. there was no one fatal blow. he champion suffered bruises to his chest arms and back he went into shock and died of internal bleeding. >> no one could have expected that his college experience would include being pummeled to death. >> someone lose their life i think they should be punished. >> some of those facing charges haven't been arrested yet and more charges could still be filed. just this week two music professors were fired for participating in bands hazing. the band's director is on paid administrative leave. we are learning more tonight about those lie detector tests taken by the 12 secret service agents implicated in the columbia hooker scandal. according to representative peter king three of the agents flats out refused to take the test while none of the remaining 9 didn't fail the test it did leads to the loss of several jobs.
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newt gingrich suspended his campaign. he is committed to helping mitt romney defeat president obama despite the very bitter primary battle. romney was in chantilly virginia today speaking in front of a crowd of small business owners although obama is pro economy they are against business. washington capitals are in double overtime in their game against the rangers at the verizon center we'll have an update in sports. there is the alcohol bra and it is made for boozeing on the down low. 9 wants you to know it's one way teenagers are using to sneak booze into the prom. we'll show you their newest and most ingenious tricks. that's coming up next.
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. fairfax county police are hoping that you can help to find a missing 12-year-old. >> this is her her name is ashley mayo brian. she was last seen friday on oak leave drive. if you have seen her please contact the police. prom 101 is the focus of 9 wants you to know segment. in montgomery county fatal
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drunken driving crashes were up. >> the average blood alcohol concentration of victims age 21 or over was .17 more than twice the legal limit of .08. now underage 21 the average was 22. three times the legal limit and about the equivalent of conassuming 15 drinks before getting behind the wheel. with prom season underway montgomery county police will be out in full force trying the keep our children safe. andrea shows us how some teenagers have gotten down right clever sneaking alcohol into the night's festivities. >> festivities. >> reporter: sleek limos fancy dresses sharp tuxes are not the only signs that the prom season is here. >> there is an alcohol bra
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that has compartments unless. there's a straw down the strap. >> reporter: every year montgomery county police alert limo drivers of the resourcefulness of teenagers. sandals with a built in flask. >> last year i had a limousine driver come to me and say hey you do you mind talking to this kid? he's got the mintyest fresh breath you've ever seen. and sure enough what he was doing was actually drinking scope. >> reporter: some mouthwash contains as much as 40% alcohol. >> they are very creative. very creative. >> reporter: limo driver lynn joseph remembers one prom night when the kids made what sounded like an innocent request a brief stop at a convenience store. >> i pull in. two of the boys get out, they run in and they come occupant with two big huge bags of snapple. >> reporter: it seemed odd since the limo was stocked with water and soda. he listened closely and didn't
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hear the popping noise that usually comes when bottles are open. >> i said hey you guys got snapple. pass one up to old mr. lynn. you could see the look go over every face. >> reporter: the teens had planned in advance with a friend who worked at the convenience store. each bottle had been opened and prefilled with alcohol. >> i pulled over, grabbed the snapple and said we're going to back to mom and dads and we did. >> reporter: whether in a standard limo or this 32 passenger deluxe model len's company has a zero tolerance policy for underage drinking and drug abuse. >> parents trust us. eye opening indeed. veteran limo company owners say hey parents don't simply book on prays. be sure the company is licensed and has the proper insurance to check out the safety record of
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any particular limo company this prom season go to our web site and look under local news. wow. okay flask and sandals, booze in bras i've never seen anything like that. >> we western that smart. we're looking at another round of thunderstorms tomorrow. two storms tonight both severe. rob had hail in in loudoun county. we'll start with the live weather cam. the president actually in the low 60s. 60s the low so far today. the winds easterly or at least some component from the east has pushed this front farther southwest of us. we're technically in the cool sector of air. so, 60 right now downtown winds still east southeast at 10. the winds should change tomorrow and the warm front should begin to lift to the north. we'll watch that carefully. we're also going to watch this little complex of thunderstorms now through central sections of pennsylvania. kind of extrapolate this it
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should stay to our north but there is a chance it could turn a little bit to the right and get some of our northern suburbs overnight. mr. bernstein will be in tomorrow morning with a look at that. you may hear the rumble of thunder very early in the morning some of us could have a wet commute particularly north and west of town. in fact by 6:00 in the morning here's where that clump of thunderstorm is east of town and north of town toward baltimore. so if you're coming in from baltimore down 95 it could very well be wet thunderstorms around annapolis. begin to break by lunchtime. the sun comes back out the warm front will lift back to the north. that will put us in the warm sector of air. destable the atmosphere and give us chance for another round of thunderstorms and move eastward through the night. we'll watch the next 36 hours
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carefully. we're weighed trading warmth for the chance of showers and storms the next few days. it's going to be warm for the rest of the week with that warmth will mean thunderstorms for rest of the week as well. some could be heavy and severe lake we saw today. two little storms but both were severe with hail. overnight tonight we'll stay mostly cloudy mild shower or thunderstorm still possible particularly now north and east of town. low terms 58 to 64. by morning returning partly cloudy and warm. could be a little fog too in montgomery counties and frederick and loudoun county. isolated storm in the morning with that clump of thunderstorms 50s and 60s. by afternoon they gear up all over again partly sunny and warm. showers and thunderstorms possible. high temperatures and 80. now the next 7 days even warmer on friday we're talking about temps in the mid 80s with showers and storms. more storms on saturday low 80s. nice little break here.
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i got to drop in on sunday just a slight chance of a shower on sunday but really nice. don't change your tee times or bike ride plans. 77 on monday more storms possible on tuesday and wednesday. >> what if we have afternoon plans saturday my friends? >> kind of play it by ear. download our app. >> putting him on the spot dude. >> that's my job. >> we'll be back.
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. man, oh, man kristin burr set is tied up because she is at the caps game which is tied up at the second overtime. it's an amazing game tied up 1- 1. alex ovechkin getting plenty of ice time using some fresh legs making some great shots and big hits period number one. but it's the rangers getting on the board first off the power play early in the second period. shot gets block but the puck is hanging around on the doorstep ryan callahan puts it in. five minutes later john care stan makes an appearance past lundquist ties it all up the game stands there 1-1 double
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overtime. caps will not give our hearts a break. the caps were the only ones in action -- were not the only ones in action. the nationals hosting the diamondbacks trying to stop their five game losing streak. bryce harper and the nats taking on the diamondbacks all the buzz bryce harper is the man. in the fourth inning wilson ramos with a ground ball heating up the seconds baseman. check him out knocks the ball out of the catcher's hand that means you're safe my friend. 9th inning that's down one bryce on second ian desmond says let's do this. two runs walk off homer that's win 5-4. i like that. all right. nfl handed out more suspensions for the bounty gate thing this time players getting punished not the owners not the coaches. four players suspended including star linebacker jonathanville man he's out for the whole season without pay. the players union will fight
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but usually they don't win. >> still 1-1 at the verizon center. >> we'll be back in a minute.
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. is it possible to heal people just by looking at them? a crow asian man who claims to do that are in gateersburg.
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we sent kristin fisher. >> reporter: hundreds of people are lined up to see the man with the magical eyes. he's called many things around the world a healer, a prophet a guru. >> he is someone who is transmitting this silent power that affects people's consciousness. >> reporter: the true believers say he can heel your minds, body and soul all through the power of his silent gaze. >> after i came and saw brasco about three days later i noticed that i didn't need my cane anymore. >> reporter: this woman came all the way from wisconsin but most people are from the area and they are seeing brass 0 for the first time. >> i'm on a spiritual journey. >> there is my first time. i'm going in with an open mind. let's go in and see what it's all about. >> reporter: when he walks out he doesn't say a wordy simply
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stands, turns and stares for 7 minutes. >> i usually feel a lot of heat. >> the love coming out of him is very strong. >> reporter: i attended two segs and honestly i didn't feel much of anything. skeptics say i never will. some people say it takes a few days. others say they felt the power of his gaze right away. >> i've been having problems with my right knee, and during the session i had an intense pain there. >> there's something here. there's something here. >> reporter: in gaithersburg kristin fisher 9 news now. >> okay. if you would like to see brass 0 with your own eyes he's in town for one more day at the hilton in gaithersburg from 11:00 a.m. until 7:00 p.m. >> if i come in tomorrow and i've got hair you know i went
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by to see him. >> first the scream, then the sleek. >> we're sleek. >> it's what you hear what somebody paid for it tonight. $120million. homer simpson posters but mostly it's inspiring somebody's bank book. >> lot of cash. here's the 7-day we have sort of the same day over and over again for a while. warm tomorrow 80. warm front goes north showers and thunderstorms possible there could be a over storms north and east of town in the morning. >> caps game still tied up. >> crazy, good night. ♪
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