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tv   9 News Now at 6am  CBS  May 3, 2012 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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weekend? >> no. maybe a few showers but not a washout. 57 degrees right now with cloudy skies. there's a little drizzle or mist in spots. clouds break up midday, 74. could be a late day storm and anything that pops will be strong to severe like yesterday. highs in the low to mid-80s. you can see how everything blew up last night in pennsylvania. came down toward northeastern maryland. some other storms hanging back from pittsburgh to bedford there. locally we're looking at some of these showers just east of columbia over to bwi, across caroll county. everything moving southeast. nothing imminent. cloudy skies. it is 60 in luray. we're going into the 80s if we get enough sunshine. if you're planning to head to the northbound side of 95, if you're one of those
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commuters, you'll want to know about a delay. on the the northbound side this accident has been sitting on the shoulder before route in leaving quantico -- route 234 leaving quantico. we'll take a live look on the northbound side of i-95. this is the best camera shot i could get. you can see the accident right here on the left shoulder. it's very slow and heavy getting by. beyond that you're okay into springfield. we'll take a live look there which is looking fine n. is just your normal volume for 6:01 in the morning. looking fine up to 395 and the 14th street bridge. let's go back over to the maps. this time we'll head over to the north side. southbound 275 is incident free. slow out of frederick and clarksburg. we'll take a live look at the beltway at georgia avenue. outer loop is beginning to slow down into silver spring. in my next report, we'll take a look at the accident again on 95 at 6:15. >> thank you, monika. capitals fans are rocking the red. >> because they were up late. the caps took the rangers to
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triple overtime. the game ended with a heartbreak after midnight. >> he passes if t for a store-- >> he passes it for a score. >> capitals lose 2-1. they trail in the series now two games to one. hear from goalie bradden holty at 6:23. new at 6:00 a.m., the plans are now selected to make over the national mall. the trust for the national mall will officially announce the winners today to overhaul three sites on the national mall. the associated press knows two of them. one group will get the design for the washington monument. it includes a wooded canopy, an amp theater, a pavilion with a cafe and there will also be a walkway to the tidal basin. there's another group that's going to transform constitution garden cross is on the north side of the -- garden which is
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on the north side of the mall. there will be a new water basin for the boat and ice skating along with a restaurant and pavilion there. a third group is yet to be announced to redo the capitol reflecting pool. sounds good. you don't have to go home but you can't state here and you can't stay any later. a d.c. city council committee wednesday rejected a plan to push back closing time at some bars and clubs. right now last call is at 3:00 a.m. the plan was to push it to 4:00 in an effort to raise more money through alcohol taxes. one tax that is closer to reality is the one on food trucks. those trucks have boomed in popularity, especially around office buildings. if approved by the mayor, food trucks will pay the same 10% sales tax as other restaurants and mayor gray is expected to sign off on the bill. now to annapolis. maryland lawmakers are going to hold at least one special session this month to figure out the new budget. you remember in april the legislative session ended without any agreement. that put the so-called doomsday
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budget into effect. a spokeswoman for governor martin o'malley said the house and senate leaders have agreed to a special session the week of may 14. this is video from a bill signing session yesterday. no word if lawmakers will also take up a plan to expand gambling in the state. 6:04. jessica doyle is watching your money and your privacy. >> something else important came out of the governor's bill signing yesterday. >> remember several weeks back we add all been talking about this story, potential bosses asking of people applying for jobs for their facebook passwords. governor martin o'malley signed a law making it the first state denying employers to ask for passwords. the washington examiner reports that the bill signing comes just over a year after the maryland department of public safety and correctional
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services stopped its own practice of asking officers to provide log-in information for facebook or other social media websites. you're not going to be able to find the kindle at target. they're facing out the e-reader this spring. it coincides with the discount store planning to open smaller shops. right now spirit airlines carries 45 bucks for a carry-on bag. customers who wait to pay the fee at the boarding gate will fork over a hundred dollars. a small bag that fits under the seat is going to stay free. they are also raising some other fares. spirit says our tickets are so cheap, we're being transparent. we're telling you what we're charging you for and if you don't like it, fly somewhere
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else. >> go fly a kite. it's cheaper. it's such a shell game. >> charge me the price for the ticket and stop all this other nonsense. >> thanks, jess. how about this? more money. it's only the first week of may but the summer blockbuster movie season begins at midnight tonight. "the aving jers" -- "the avengers" will be shown in our area at 12:01. the live action comic book thriller has already netted $100 million overseas. meet some high school students who are making a job for disabled people a lot easier all because of their engineering skills. >> howard says we could have some more storms roll through today. your weather first is straight ahead right here on 9news now.
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we are back at 6:11 on this thursday morning. here's a look at some of the stories making news. secretary of state hillary clinton is in china for a series of meetings on the economy. she's also urged china to respect the rights of its citizens. she's referring to the dissident who escaped house arrest and fled to the u.s. embassy in beijing. investigators are treating the death of former pro bowl linebacker junior seau as a suicide. the 43-year-old died of a
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gunshot wound to the chest apparently. investigators say they found the gun near his body in his california home. thousands of facebook users have signed up to become organ donors this week. the popular social network just began giving users that option on tuesday. a link on the site connects you to online donor registries. howard is here, 6:09, 57 degrees, pretty warm. >> damp, though. we have a little drizzle outside. i think you'll need a jacket this morning. should be a much milder, warmer afternoon as we should be getting into the 80s. yesterday we held in the 70s as a little front from the atlantic kind in of pushed in from the east and never was able to dislodge it. i think we're going to sneak some air later on but this morning not so nice. temps in the 50s. showers north and east toward parts of the eastern shore, baltimore seeing that with the drizzle around. and the warm spots will be in the low 60s. sunrise happened a few minutes ago at about 6:06 this morning.
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so the day planner, we start with clouds. could be showers north even at 9:00. noontime 74. mostly cloudy. sunshine in spots this afternoon. i think more so than yesterday with temperatures in the low 80s by 5:00. a spotty thunderstorm or two and like yesterday anything that pops could be on the strong side. this morning we've been watching thunderstorms in southwestern pennsylvania drifting slowly off toward the south and the east. another one has drifted down into northeastern maryland down the eastern shore into delaware, getting toward denton. you can see in the baltimore area just off to our north and east, we're watching that. these storms in southern pennsylvania, these could be making their way toward hagerstown if they hold together in another hour or so. 90 minutes. we're watching some of this action coming close to northern howard county, southwestern baltimore county tracking toward bwi. it's tracking down even toward parts of northern anne arundel county almost to annapolis. so we'll be watching those areas but around the metro, so
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far so good. 55 in columbia. bwi with the showers around, 55. most temperatures are in the mid-50s. here in washington as we look outside on our michael & son weather camera, the cloudy skies. still kind of dark this morning. temperature 57. east winds at 7 miles an hour. the barometer stands at 30.15. we've been watching clusters of storms. everything moving northwest to southeast. you can see them here back in the lakes, back in iowa. one thing that's different, ath gulf moisture. we have high pressure just off to the south and west and that has been a very warm area of high pressure. i think that's going to build just a little bit this afternoon so we'll get back into the warm air, back into the 80s but also back into the threat for some pop-up thunderstorms which depending where they form, they'll move southeast. that will determine who sees a storm or doesn't see a storm late this afternoon. today 84. if we don't get into that arm ware, we'll be in the 70s like yesterday with a chance of an
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afternoon storm. 60s tonight. winds pretty light the next couple of days. friday the afternoon thunderstorm, hot, 87. warm on saturday with just a stray storm, 80. sunday and monday cooler and drier, temps in the 70s. could be more showers and storms late tuesday into wednesday. it's 6:12. i throw it over to monika santami. she has your time saver traffic. the jiang of getting to -- the advantage of getting to work the hour that we do? >> no traffic for us. >> on the northbound side of 95, the accident sitting on the left shoulder has been cleared. left a lot of slow traffic coming up from quantico. then pretty much continuous up into newington. we'll take a live look there and it's going to look pretty much like this in newington heading to springfield. luckily 395 is just heavy in landmark. no big deals on that interstate heading to the 14th street bridge. slowing down now as you leave college park into silver spring. all of your lanes are open.
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we'll take a live look at 270 on the southbound side. here's what it looks like at 109. you see all that slow traffic. it's going to be through this area as you head to 121 before the pace improves. in my next report another look at the major thoroughfares at 6:25. in just a few hours former d.c. councilman harry thomas, jr. will learn his fate. he pled guilty to stealing hundreds of thousands of dollars in city funds. >> it cost him his job and now it's costing him his freedom. delia goncalves is live in northwest. she has a preview. good morning,. >> morning. harry thomas, jr. facing anywhere from 18 months to three and a half years behind bars for pleading guilty to two felony counts of theft. after months of denying the allegations, the disgraced former council member admitted to stealing more than $350,000 meant for kids. he used the money to pay for vacations and high priced vehicles which were seized during an f.b.i. raid of his home. court documents detailed just
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how he hatched this plot days after election. he set up two end if is, including his youth baseball league. when they got city money, he got kickbacks. hirs first kickback? -- his first kickback? $25,000. it came just months after he took office in 2007. but a possible council investigation to look into how he got this money in the first place and why it never made it to the kids, that council investigation was blocked. we'll tell you why coming up at 6:30. back to you. >> delia goncalves reporting live in northwest washington this morning. 6:15 now. >> this man admits he set a fire in a silver spring apartment. he's 24-year-old abraham kiflou. tuesday's blaze forced more than 100 residents out of their apartments on terrace drive. firefighters say he confessed to setting the blaze early
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yesterday morning. he's been charged with first degree arson and more charges could follow. to firefighters suffered minor injuries battling the blaze. 6:16 now. poolesville, maryland is where the cool schools bus is stopping this week. we're highlighting national award winners. their design is making life easier for some men and women who have some serious challenges when they go to work. these high school juniors showed us how science can have a heart. >> reporter: it started with an aha moment. >> we're in my living room and my dog had a dog cone on her head. we were like oh, that's what we should do. >> reporter: these wiz kids from poolesville high were on a mission. win the design contest. the challenge? invent a device to make someone's job easier. >> they took us to see the workers and the process for packaging. we saw problems we wanted to fix. >> reporter: in this case the workers have autism, muscular dystrophy and some are blind.
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they work at community support services in gaithersburg. their job? try to fold the newspaper, slide it into a plastic bag so it's ready for delivery. after their visit, the teams took their design to the next level. >> we ended up with a traffic cone and then just pieces of wood and tried to figure out to stick it to a table. >> reporter: a red clamp did the trick. then they had to field test it. with a minor adjustment, it worked. >> some were like this is helpful, sure. others were, i love it. >> reporter: now it's time to present it at the national competition in arlington, virginia but not before their teachers made them rehearse it in front of almost the whole school. >> we tell them make sure you know your product, you know what you've done. you have spent weeks and weeks with this product and just talk about it. >> reporter: did they ever, well enough to win the whole contest. >> we were screaming.
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we were a little hysterical. >> reporter: they got a lot more than the $5,000 prize. the mother of one of the workers they helped approached them after the presentation. >> she was saying richard loves this. it really helps him. >> when you see how it affects their lives and improves their lives, it's a cool thing. then you want to go out and do it again. >> reporter: another aha moment occurred again. designing medical devices is where this young person would like to make a living. >> being able to use what we know to help others and see their lives improve. i think that's what we strive in life to help others. >> if you have a cool school, please send me an e-mail. i had a great time with those young ladies. 6:18. more on the caps heartbreaking loss. first, another check of the question of the morning. 71% of us guys will not let our
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significant other do which one ever these things? a, cook, b, go to our cell phone, or c, propose? >> facebook friend joanne guesses it's b, go through their cell phone. i wish mine wouldn't let me cook, though. >> keep your guesses coming. you'll have the answer at 6:53. we'll be right back.
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welcome back. 6:22. your weather first. we've got some showers off to the north and east around the baltimore area. columbia headed toward you, the bay bridge even toward easton. clouds right now. i think those clouds are going to break for some sunshine as we head into the middle ever the day and the -- of the day and the afternoon. that will allow temperatures to get above the 80-degree mark. also the threat for a strong storm in one or two spots late this afternoon. the good news for caps fans, last night only counted for one game in the series.
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>> which is kind of amazing considering the caps and rangers essentially played almost two full games. game three in their series went to triple overtime. >> d.c. trailed by a goal in the second period. john carlson went top shelf for the first goal of the playoffs. that tied the game at 1-1 at 8:55 last night. let's fast forward to 12:14 a.m. and triple overtime. marian gabrick sitting right in front of the goal and gets it past bradden holtby. they now trail two games to one but are staying optimistic. >> a special game but it's just one game and we've got to bounce back. >> if i -- i played to the best of my abilities. with the group we have, you know, i'm confident we'll win four games out of seven. >> bradden holtby's parents were among the big crowd that
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stayed till the very end. game four saturday at verizon center. the nationals and diamondbacks wrap up their three -game series at nationals park. last night the nats were able to snap their five-game losing streak. drk trailing in the bottom -- d.c. trailing in the bottom of the 9th. then the double off the wall. three for four on the night. three batters later, eeon desmond at the plate sends the pitch into the bullpen. his third home run of the year is a walkoff. bryce harper scores. first place nationals win 5-4. the angels derek weaver became the second pitcher this year to get a no hitter. la topping minnesota 9-0. his parents, wife and brother were in the stands to watch that fantastic game.
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d.c. united's winless streak is over. they were out west last night visiting san jose earthquakes. united falls 5-3. they visit toronto on saturday. our time is 6:25. next a check on the presidential campaign and both sides are focusing on virginia. part two of the metro's silver line l it get built or not? hear what the u.s. transportation secretary has to say about that. >> hear ma what monika has to -- hear what monika has to say about traffic. >> it's not too bad. just got a lot of slow traffic on the major thoroughfares. the potomac and anacostia river crossings are just fine. another look at 6:30. you're watching 9news now.
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we're back at 6:29. this is always the place to get your weather first. this is a live look at the washington monument. yes, it's there in the cloud cover. you can see the top of the monument right there. 57 degrees. it was on this date in 1802 that washington officially became a city. >> neat. thank as lot for joins. we're glad you're here. i'm mike hydeck. i'm andrea roane. meteorologist howard bernstein is live on the weather terrace and he's calling it "mithly."
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>> yes, misty, drizzle. your day plan forethis thursday, i expect we'll goat into warmer -- we'll get into warmer air. i think we'll make the low to possibly mid-80s. south and west of town best chance to be in the upper 80s with isolated thunderstorms. could be a thunderstorm late this afternoon. this morning we've been watching a line of showers and storms from pennsylvania which has dropped into northeastern maryland, delaware, southern jersey. some of that could be tracking towards hagerstown the next hour or so. baltimore, columbia, just north and east we have some of shows showers. crossing the bay bridge, too. kent island seeing a hefty shower at the moment. that's it on the rain now. your temps are running in the mid-50s in many areas although a little milder. luray is 60 with fog. visibility at one-quarter after mile. we're looking at highs later today from the 70s east to the upper 80s toward culpeper. let's go inside to monika. she'll let you know what's
6:31 am
happening at 6:30. a lot of slow traffic but no major incidents. affect to find some long, slow delays but not on route 50. coming in from annapolis you're fine all the way to the beltway and inside the beltway in cheverly. a live look at new york avenue at bladensburg road in northeast d.c. you'll find the brake lights on the inbound of new york avenue but that's doing fine as well. back over to the maps, this time all the way to the west side of town. no problems to report inbound i- 66. someone is making me laugh. inbound 66 manassas into centreville, no problems to report. all just slow traffic. you're going about 50 miles an hour here at route 234 so that's not too bad for this time of the morning. a live look inside the beltway. slow traffic again as usual through the falls church and rosslyn areas. all lanes are copy. coming up in my next report at 6:42, we'll take a look at 270. back to you. >> thank you, monika. owning a pit bull has been
6:32 am
illegal in prince george's county since 1997. a new statewide ruling is holding pit bull owners more accountable for the pets. >> it's a controversial decision being watched by our partners at cbs this morning. charlie rose joins us live from new york with more. good morning, charlie. >> good morning, mike and andrea. we're looking at that first of a kind ruling from maryland court of appeals declaring pit bulls to be inherently dangerous. the court pointed to a series of pit bull attacks on people that caused death or even serious injury but others believe the ruling went too far. we'll show you how the decision could have a far-reaching impact on dog owners, renters and land lorpds. that's coming up when we see -- land lorpds. that's coming up when we see you at 7:00. the campaign shifts for campaign 2012. mitt romney will get the backing of former candidate and minnesota congresswoman michele bachmann. the tea party favorite dropped
6:33 am
out after the iowa caucus. romney will campaign this afternoon in portsmouth, virginia. he'll be with governor bob mcdonnell. romney was in chantilly yesterday talking about the economy. >> people ask me what would you do to get the economy going. i say well, look at what the president has done and do the opposite. >> lateolst pl shows mitt romney eight points behind president owe obama in virginia right now. oweobama is making the reelection push in the area as well. he will be at lee lie school on friday. the president will campaign in richmond on saturday and he'll be joined by senate candidate and former governor tim kaine when he's there. it is sentence drag for former d.c. councilman harry thomas, jr. he admitted to stealing $3w 50 -- $350,000 in funds. delia goncalves is live with a
6:34 am
preview of today's sentencing. >> reporter: good morning. i was here four months ago when harry thomas, jr. admitted guilt to these counts. he stood on the courthouse statements reading a statement. he apologized to his family and his constituents. today come comes back to court and faces up to three and a half years behind bars. though from mass -- though thomas' defense attorneys have already asked the judge for a more lenient 18-month sentence asking thomas to consider his years of public service. but we have since learned that thomas hatched this plot to steal city moon soon after getting elected to office. using that money meant for kids for his own personal game. council member jim graham wants to conduct an investigation into this matter, but d.c.'s attorney general actually blocked the idea saying that his office, the u.s. attorney and the d.c. auditors office have their own vexes going on,
6:35 am
-- vexes going on and they believe -- investigations going on and they believe the council investigation would interfere in that as well. it was also strongly subjected that the council members -- suggested that the council members stay away. the administration is already involved in a number of scandals since they were first elected to office. ed the special election to -- the special election to replace and fill the vacancy left behind by council member harry thomas, jr. will be held in less than two weeks. >> delia goncalves with that update live outside u.s. district court. a falls church businessman is now a convicted sex offender. yesterday a jury in arlington county recommended a judge sentence michael gardner to 22 years in prison. a jury found gardner guilty of sexually abusing two young girls in his home during a slumber party for his daughter
6:36 am
last june. jurors deadlocked over the claims by a third accuser. she came forward after the first two went to authorities. transportation secretary ray lahood is optimistic that metro will reach loudoun county at least one day. and he's now pressuring local lawmakers to make sure it happens. he held a sitdown meeting yesterday with all the sides. the silver line will go from reston to dulles airport and ashton. loudoun county residents are mad at the costs and they want some incentives. ray lahood the issue will be resolved. >> this pro joact is -- this project is going to move forward. the one sticking point i think can be worked out. i think it will be worked out pretty quickly and we will proceed ahead. >> right now the second phase is slated to open by 2018 but at this point it's looking less and less likely that that will be an accurate date. the city of diser der ya is moving -- the city of alexandria is moving forward with a metro expansion of its
6:37 am
own at potomac yard development along route 1. it would be on the yellow and blue lines between national airport and braddock road. the money would go toward road work needed to prepare the station. the city hopes the new station would be open by 2016. it is 6:37. howard says we're in for another warm day with highs near 80. and another chance of storms. we'll have a timeline for us next. jessica doyle joins us with a way to save parents big money in prom season. >> you bet. it is prom season. let me show you some of the looks behind me. thousands of dollars worth of clouds over here. we're going to tell you, parents, how you can get your princesses these dresses for a fraction of the cost. that's coming up on 9news now.
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welcome back. monika here with time saver traffic. the commute started a little rough. we had an accident in clinton, maryland.
6:42 am
everything since then has been okay. just a lot of slow traffic to deal with. on the beltway outer loop side, on the north side of town into silver spring. once you're here, you're okay. a live look there right now. this is going to abgood indication for you. the entire stretch of the western half of the beltway looking good here in montgomery county and fairfax county. back over to the maps this time all the way south of town. northbound 95. that's slow as you head for the occoquan river. then off and on lorton into newington. pretty solid into springfield. taking a live through there. a bit of a dull, dreary morning and slow traffic trying to get to the beltway. we'll go a little further north on to 395. again the brake lights begin here at duck street most of the way to -- to duke street most of the way to seminary road. we'll take a look at 270 at 6:58. for those of you who wanted the summer temperatures, we're paying for it with a little humidity. howard's hair is drooping. >> it's flat and frizzy at the same time.
6:43 am
>> he has droopy hair. >> monika doesn't like it when it's like n. eight not a good hair morning out there. >> we've got the moisture in the at lamp tick and cool air -- atlantic and cool air to the west. i want to show you the washington monument. >> where is it? >> advice ibilityds are -- visibilities are a mile or two in town. about 5 at reagan national. monika is frowning at me. got cloudy skies out there. some drizzle, some mist. showers north and east. temps running in the 50s to low 60s at the bus stop and sunrise happened at 6:08. check out our day planner, clouds to start. 60 at 8:00. midday we should be looking at still some clouds, a few sunny breaks, 74. we may stay in the 60s east through the morning hours. then this afternoon into the low, possibly mid-80s with enough sunshine but also we'll have a threat for a late day shower or thunderstorm.
6:44 am
like yesterday could be a strong one developing whatever does pop up. won't be too many. by 8:00 we're still in the upper 60s. here's a look at the doppler in motion the last few hours. you can see the storms in pennsylvania which has sunk into northeastern maryland, the eastern shore. getting closer and closer to places like hagerstown right now and in toward western maryland. this stuff is weakening but it's just starting to get toward green castle, pennsylvania. watch out there. to the north and east, i want to switch it to live doppler 9000. showers from baltimore southeast toward the bay bridge, queens town. these are the showers approaching wanes borrow and they -- if they hold together should get north. 60 in luray. mid-50s at the patuxent river naval air station.
6:45 am
outside it's closer to the capitol so it just looks cloudy right now and is. east winds at 7. the barometer stays steady at 30.15. i want to point out the warmth in chicago. 72. there's a lot of warm air in the middle of the country. eight been trying to move into the northeast but a battle is going on between the cool air off the atlantic pushing in this way. that battle has been right over us. with the boundary nearby we had a big range in temperatures. yesterday baltimore in the mid- 60s. culpeper mid- to upper 80s. this morning we're still with the coolness. expect the clouds not to be as stubborn as yesterday. so with some sunshine early, we should get into the 80s. we're going to pop some storms north and west of us late this afternoon. this stuff moves south and east. some will see a storm. most will not. but anything that pops could be strong. 84 today. chance for the afternoon storms. might be evening storms tonight. we drop into the 60s. a very warm if not hot friday, upper 80s. a late day storm or two. then saturday just an isolated
6:46 am
storm possible around 80. cooler and drier for sunday and monday, temps in the 70s. jess, i remember my properly like it was yesterday. >> they were good -- my prom like it was yesterday. >> they were good times. an important story for the parents of teenagers headed to the prom this spring. teenagers are finding new ways to hide alcohol on prom night, and police are out there making sure they aren't breaking the law and stay safe. watch andrea mccarren's report on the front page of it is prom season and the cost of going to the prom nowadays can be shocking. a recent survey finds some families will spend as much as $2,000 on prom costs. obviously you don't have to spend that. a big place to save is on the dress. consignment sales, you can borrow. what about renting? we have a prom fashion show. you're here to talk about rent the runway. what is that? >> this is a netflix of fashion. this is fabulous. this is a great way to get red
6:47 am
carpet styles for a fraction of the price. >> let's take a look at some. >> we have some great looks. first up we have kateland. this is kateland from style within she's wearing a carmen marked volvo. isn't it show stopping? >> it's gorgeous. it really is beautiful. >> can you believe you can rent this for $125. >> how would it be normally? >> it retails for $745. >> that's quite a look. it doesn't push the boundaries too much. it's still modest but shows the skin that girls want to show. >> one shoulder trend. it's classic with great accessories. check outed bengals on her arms. those went for $25. true price is $220. >> she also has a bag so you can do the jewelry, bag and the dress. >> the bag runs for $25.
6:48 am
next scup we have -- next up we have skye. look at that. a northeasterly masterpiece. she looks stunning. this rents for $100. >> we've got one minute to go and two looks. >> that runs for $615. next up we have liz and liz is from so much to smile in a heritage goddess gown. >> how much does this cost? >> retails for $595 and you can rent it for $1 12k5. i want -- for $125. i want to go to my prom again. >> the jewelry as well is rentable. one final look. >> this is sophie from guest of the in a graphic mod dress. i love this. >> you're getting the color blocking on that. >> you are. you're very on trend.
6:49 am
>> it rents for -- excuse me sells for $2,000. you can rent it for $200. i'm ready to go shopping. >> this sounds great. we want to let folks know that our viewers are being given an exclusive deal. all viewers are getting 20% off on the rentals through may 31. you go to the website and enter the code 20wusa at checkout. >> your cinderella moment. it is 6:49. a check of the news before you go is next. [ male announcer ] are you paying more and more for cable
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6:52. we have clouds, drizzle, temps in the 50s. should be in the 60s and 70s by noon. 80s this afternoon. partly sunny with a stray thunderstorm or two. this morning showers and storms will stay north and east. andrea? >> thank you, howard. today is thursday, may 3. here's a check of the news before you go. fairfax county police hope you've seen this girl. 12-year-old ashley o'brien hasn't been seen since friday. she left her home near mount vernon saying she was going to a friend's house but no one has seen her yet. she's 5'4", 130 pounds. if you know where she s please contact fairfax county police. the capital bikes per chair program has the green light to expand into montgomery county. don't expect to see them for another year. they'll end up in friendship heights and takoma park. d.c. and new york went to triple overtime. capitals lose 2-1. game four is
6:54 am
saturday afternoon. just about 6:54. time now to reveal the answer to the question of the morning. the question one more time was 71% of guys will not allow their significant other to do one of these things? is it a, cook, b, go through their cell phone, or c, propose? >> thinking how it got into tiger woods into trouble, the answer is b. they don't want them to go through their cell phones. >> not a surprise. now over to jessica who has daily deals. >> thank so you much. i've been going through the e- mails and websites to save you money so we're getting right to it. need to unwind? you can get a 60-minute swedish massage for $45 at bella luna day spa in mclean. it usually runs you $90. you can find the deal on google offers. there's limited availability. gilt city has an idea for mother's day. a mother's day brunch or four- course dinner at dirty martini in dupont circle. the deal starts at 35 bucks, a 41% savings. finally best buy's deal of the day is for a nikon coolpix
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digital camera. the price $129.99, a hundred dollars off and you're getting free shipping. if you have an offer you've seen or you're a local merchant with a deal for our viewers, i'd love to hear from you on facebook. one more check of traffic and weather is next here on 9news now.
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one more thing before we go. two rare things happening here in washington, d.c. all of the hype surrounding somebody who has been in the minors for so long and the fact that he lived up to it. we're talking about bryce harper of the washington nationals. >> we're talking about that arm. >> 19 years old. the man can throw a baseball. deep center field or left field, strike to home plate almost every time. super, super. >> it was a temporary call due
6:59 am
to injury but you have to wonder does he go back? >> he's hitting over .300. >> i say keep him. >> a lot of fun. the forecast a keep senator. >> showers north and east. sun this afternoon. with enough sun we get to the low 80s. late storm possible. warm tomorrow and cooler over the weekend. very serious accident involving a bicyclist. he was killed and authorities are on the scene there. route 108 at zion road just north of olney. you will definitely want to choose an alternate route with that investigation ongoing. we'll take a quick look at 270 southbound slowing down out of frederick most of the way past route 109 in clarksburg. as for wall street we're looking higher now. we still have economic data we're waiting on, namely the jobless figures ahead of tomorrow's big unemployment report. newt gingrich is out of the race but deep in debt. bob schieffer stops by cbs this morning to talk about that. howard and i will be back in just 25 minutes with a live update on traffic and weather. don't forget us


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