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tv   9 News Now Saturday at 6pm  CBS  May 5, 2012 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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two couples having a chance to share the house this week at the simpson resident. the simpsons actually stayed at the watneys house during the las vegas tournament last fall. so it was just a matter of returning the favor. david: do you think there's any gamesmanship? you know, at 2:00 in the morning? jim: there was some talk that maybe the air-conditioning could be dropped extremely low in that guest area of the house. david: you know, the clock alarm comes on on a pollingtsa station. -- polka station. nick: put the sprinklers on early outside his brm. jim: would you do that david? david: oh, yes. i have an air compressor in my garage that will come on
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garage that will come on intermittently. telling them that that's the room that the smelly dog always sleeps in. nick: ryan moore had this putt 40 feet. doesn't do much i would say. just judging all the different colors to have green. the burnt bits and the green bits. jim: wow, that is really ugly. it's been a lean year for nick. he's been very surprisingly -- it's been very surprisingly slim pickings for him. only one top 10 finish, after last year winning at two
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prestigious sites. doral and then aron mick. nick: he started the year with a very strong grip and was blocking his shots right. that's what he's been working on with butch. trying to ease that hand around. that's quite a big change in your grip slowly through the season. jim: webb simpson. this is a good way to come in again, he's not birdied very often. but let's see what webb can do with it. it can get a little speedy. nick: yeah, if you just think of tracking it, as we would say. just get it on line and hope it's got the right speed. just crawl in. no. jim: he respected that speed too much. nick: yeah, that was a pretty short stroke on that one.
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jim: watney with a bogey build on the way. nick: yeah. he needs to hole it for our mcilroy-fowler sunday afternoon. jim: your dream pairing. nick: so i'm pulling for him to hole it. jim: plus, who wants to send a guy off into the night with a six on the last hole? we've already seen it with stewart cink. nick: probably one of the few putts on the golf course you actually can just aim right half and firm. jim: watney's got it.
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even with a penalty shot on the 18th, he escapes with a five. 36 out, 36 in. 72 for watney. he drops back into a tie with mcilroy for fourth. nick: so that does upset things, then. so that would be mcilroy-watney and then cink-fowler. what were we thinking with our math? jim: i told you. nick: got it all wrong. jim: webb simpson for a round of 69. he's going to to be the he's going to to be the overnight leader.
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watney had the lead after friday night and now it will be simpson's lead tonight. it's going to be some final round tomorrow. we look forward to having you back with us. here's the lineup tonight on cbs -- jim nantz, nick faldo and the crew. we'll see you at 3:00 tomorrow back here in charlotte, north carolina.
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hello, everybody. i'm bruce johnson. we begin with the upset minded cavs that beat the rangers at home to tie the playoff series at two games apiece. dave owns has highlights.
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and this is one tough cavs team! >> yes, bruce, they showed grit and determination. here's the good news. they won. here's the better news, it didn't take 4 1/2 hours this time! to the verizon center. both teams with a couple well deserved cases of rest after playing two in one night, wednesday. guess who struck first? factor this, he makes it 1-0. watch this play. he keeps moving, gets in front of the net and keeps working. good things happen. 2-1 washington. but the rangers tie it and in the third the second worst power play. caps get the win. series tied at 2. >> you know do-or-die game. we were playing desperate, and we wanted to come on hard and play from the beginning, and we did. >> we really needed this one, but i thought our guys really,
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really worked hard and we're rewarded for it. >> we definitely understand what it takes to win now, and under his system, and it works. >> so now the series becomes a best of three. the scene switches to new york for the all-important game 5 monday night. winners of game 5 normally win semifinal series about 80% of the time. coming up, we'll look at mike green, been awhile since he's maid the rid light go off. we'll talk to him and about 15 minutes. >> dave, thanks a lot. turn to presidential politics, president barack obama kicked off a re-election campaign today at back-to-back rallies in states that he'll need to win a second term, virginia and ohio. the president told supporters the nation has to keep moving forward. >> we've got to move forward to that future where everyone gets a fair shot. and everyone does their fair share.
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and everyone plays by the same rules. and it's time to stop denying citizenship to responsible young people just because they're the children of undocumented workers. >> that was the president at virginia commonwealth university earlier in the day at ohio state university the president told a crowd of 14,000 that the country is on the rebound from recession and the country has come too far to turn back now. >> so if you're willing to stick with me, if you're willing to fight with me, and press on with me, if you're willing to work even harder in this election than you did in the last election, i guarantee you we will move this country
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forward. we will finish what we started! >> president obama says if re- elected, republican presidential candidate mitt romney would just rubberstamp failed policies that were championed by extreme house republicans. six months before election day the polls point to a close race between president barack obama and the presumptive republican nominee, mitt romney. romney was campaigning in virginia just last week. there's been a drama inside a guantanamo bay courtroom today. the self-proclaimed mastermind of the september 11th attacks and four others face a military judge today. he refused to answer any the judge's questions. a co-defendant was nut a restraint chair. at one time two of them got up and prayed. the five are charged with terrorism and for the 9/11 attacks, they killed nearly 3,000 people. some family members of the victims have traveled to cuba for the hearing. we talked to one family member who decided not to travel to
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watch the arraignment. >> i talked with thomas, his wife was killed at the pentagon on 9/11. he said he stayed behind because the trial hasn't even started yet, and he says none of the court proceedings will bring his wife back. >> it's not going to change anything. >> thomas's wife michelle was on flight 77 that crashed into the pentagon. she died just of their 30th wedding anniversary. >> not just a lover, but my best friend. >> a long legal process. >> we're now in many respects having to relive that day. you've had 3,000 families who are having to relive the months, the days, even the years of pain and suffering. >> the trial could still be months away. >> i would be naive if i said it didn't affect me. it affects us all, whether you lost somebody that day or whether you didn't. >> after the loss of his wife,
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he helped build a pentagon memorial as one of the projects board of directors. since 9/11, michelle has missed their daughter's marriage, the birth of their grandchild and other milestones. he has also remarried. >> on a beautiful day, not a cloud in the sky. i think of that day. or i think that michelle will come walking into the side door. and she's going to go, look at yowhdoing here? what has gotten me through these years is my involvement with the pentagon memorial and then focusing on my children. in order to survive, you have to live. and to live, you have to survive. >> family members here at home have a chance to watch the military court proceedings at four different military bases, including at fort mead in maryland. the five accused face execution if convicted. still ahead on 9news now,
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it's been a quarter century since he died but tonight lin bias is honored by the dc basketball hall of fame.
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it's bin 25 years since lin bias died from a drug overdose after being drafted by the boston celtics. at this hour he is being inducted into the d.c. area basketball hall of fame. armando is there. >> reporter: one of tonight's inductees into the washington, d.c. basketball hall of fame is no longer with us. and we can only think what could have been had he ever played pro ball. >> spinning move into the lane! she was looking at the official! >> moves like these made lin bias one of the greatest college basketball players ever. he was the acc player of the year in 1985, and 86. that year bias was the second overall pick in the pro draft.
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the youngster pin never got to play for the celtics. he died of a cocaine overdose while celebrating his move to the pros. tonight he will be inducted into the washington, d.c. metropolitan basketball hall of fame. >> i thought this would be a perfect time to recognize him as one of the great players ever to come out of the washington area, both as a high school player and a college player. >> several others will also get this beautiful crystal trophy. >> we're honoring gary williams with a lifetime achievement award. since he retired i thought it would be nice to recognize him for his body of work over those many years he's been a coach. >> one honoree didn't make it to tonight' event, that's earl lloyd. he was the first african- american to play pro ball in 1950. but he wasn't feeling well. so he'll be inducted next year. back to you. 25 years ago! back with weather in a minute. stay with us. [ glass clinks ] [ mom ] it's mother's day.
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okay, a great day to get out and do stuff. not too bad. we saw cloudy conditions, little sprinkle here and there around town. more showers and storms the south of us but lot of outdoor activities going on today. and we look like for cinco de mayo celebrations tonight, it should be okay for most of us here in the district. live doppler 9000, around the beltway things are fine. just cloudy conditions, south of us that's where we see some
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of the more heavier showers and a couple slow-moving thunderstorms. that's going to stick around for the evening hours, and so we'll keep a chance of showers and storms in the forecast for tonight. right now 75 degrees, cloudy skies, winds coming in out of the east at 15 miles per hour. temperatures leesburg 76. we got up to 83 degrees, that's the high in downtown earlier today. so mild and pleasant finish to the weekend. showers and storms tonight, mainly south and southwest of town. check out these super-moon, the biggest full moon of the year tonight, and looks and like your sunday and monday looking to be pretty nice. so tonight we'll expecting mostly cloudy conditions, tomorrow morning mild, temperatures starting out in the 50s and 60s. by the afternoon, i think we'll get some breaks of sun here and there, becoming partly cloudy, it will be a little cooler. highs in the lower 70s compared to the 80s for today. and cumberland, 76 the high.
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winchester, leesburg around lower 70s, manassas 73 degrees. in downtown, 73. else that our average high. and annapolis 69 degrees. here's your next seven days. monday looks good, still partly to mostly cloudy conditions. then a chance for unsettled weather comes back for tuesday. we're talking showers and maybe some thunderstorms, bruce so you want your umbrellas by then. wednesday unsettled will you look at thuss, friday and saturday, sunny, storm-free and pleasant! >> cool. i'm looking like -- >> i don't know about that. this is a series that has been going back and forth. and it have been off, turns out the caps and got some life at the combination many have gotten used to, ovechkin and grown both scoring, and lifting washington to victory! jason with battle damage as the nats take the series from philly. rg3 part duh, more work for the
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heisman trophy winner, all that and more coming up next! it's time to get going.
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it's one thing to love hockey, but after 4 hours and the clock stroke, midnight it was time to stop. game 3 could have been called games 3 and 4. it lasted nearly 6 fears a two-day rest between was appropriate and necessary. game 4 this afternoon. alex ovechkin's ice time has been an issue. when he was on the issue today he did good on the ice. hit me with your best shot! second goal in two games, fourth of the playoffs. oh, nicky you're so fine! his second of the series, that made it 2-1. rangers kept coming back though. he thinks it's icing. no, marion taking advantage and sneaking it between the five hole. so we're tied. overtime again, five minutes to go. power play. mike green winding up. that's your game-winner! caps with the big one, 3-2!
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>> we need to get a goal, we get a goal. when we need to turn up the intensity, we turn it up. >> start of the game and it continued for most of the night. i thought our guys had the better jump. maybe less motivation for losing game 3. the fact we really needed this. >> a lot at stake and they came out with a big ferst and big push that we generated a lot of offense and power play was good and kind of got us going. >> all right. so the series tied at 2 apiece. back to green real quick. what a way to get back in the scoring column. his first goal since october 22nd. he was injured a lot. that had something to on with it. but only scored once in the boston series and was scoreless in the rangers series before today. it's about time. >> yeah, i mean, it's just good to get win. >> really been want to go score
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really bad, and i don't think he scored as much a as he'd like to. lot of great chances, and it was awesome. >> good seeing him back in the scoring column. redskins ramping it up on day two of rookie mini camp. the 60 plus players breaking into position groups and the coaches introducing more complex drill sets as they attempt to make the team. bruce, this guy will make the team. robert griffin iii will make the team! i can say that with assurance. getting his first opportunity this weekend to show what he can do on the field. we'll hear from him tomorrow. that's when we will hear from the rookies. take back the park, 40,000 at nats park. his first extra base hit. he also struck out seven in seven. jason three-one shot on the old club, part of the 5th. nats take it 7-1 this
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afternoon. tonight at 11 we'll talk about d.c. united and the kentucky derby. >> got a feeling. come on, skins! i'm just saying! >> championship town. >> i'm just saying! okay. we're back at 11. see you then! it's time to get going. to put more giddy-up in our get-along. it's time to start gellin' with dr. scholl's... ... and mix a little more hop in our hip-hop. with the energizing support and cushioning of dr. scholl's massaging gel insoles ... you'll want to get up and go.
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