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tv   CBS Evening News  CBS  May 6, 2012 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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crosswalk. jim: that is a good 15-20 yards past fowler's drive. 25 yards past d.a. points. the playoff continues, all three outstanding tee shots.
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jim: we are back at the wells fargo championship, south of downtown charlotte and the quail hollow club. what a good one it has been. watching a three-man playoff, mcilroy, fowler and points. they are all battling for the title here. not going to believe the yardage on this 3-wood by rory mcilroy. he will be the last to hit the approach. nick: it is all to do with his hip action. on the backswing they are 30 degrees closed. at impact they are 48 degrees open. get it.
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rory is 49 degrees and 62 degrees for an impact. >> it is like working with stephen hawking. nick: do the math on that nick: do the math on that folks. jim: you can even get it close, i think so. you have to go for it and land it right on the number. >> if you are going to win it with a shot here, you have to risk losing it. nick: yeah. there is no bail out. you can't bail out. it will fall down the false front. we have not had a single putt made from the middle of the green. >> a lot has to do with the yardage. is it an exact yardage with a
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hard sand wedge or wedge. jim: d.a. points ranked 107th in the world. rickie fowler, 39th world ranking coming into the week. rory was already assured because of his finish regardless of what happens. >> full pitching wedge. nick: he has belted it. knocked the living daylights out of it. >> a little adreniline there. jim: a very tough down in two with all of the considerable break he will face. fowler will be next. >> he has 132 yards. i have to think as jumped up as he is, he can hammer sand wedge
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and get it there and maybe spin it. nick: soft wedge. that is a long way to get a 54. but when you have that much lost and you are into the sand wedges, you can't really hit it wedges, you can't really hit it that far. jim: on the left rickie fowler's girlfriend, alexandra brown. and rickie's mother on the right. alexandra the daughter of long time pga pro olen brown.
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>> this is a gap wedge. 51 degree. nick: that is not bad. that is all right. that sounds about right to me. oh, there is the shot. there is the shot. he pulled it off. jim: he is on the perfect side, too. just an uphiller. basically facing the same putt mcilroy had coming back for his par. nick: so, rory that's control his adreniline as well. he had a few where he blasted these wedges long. >> he has made this shot easier. 126, take dead aim. nick: follow that. jim: starts right. staying out to the right. >> that is way out to the
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right. nick: you are kidding. oh. very surprised at that. >> i think that is the reaction to having to take some off of it. jim: rickie fowler, trying to get that break through american win, number one. best wedge shot of his career. what did it look like from the blimp? it looked like a dart. the reaction -- nick: what an amazing week that
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rickie had. went all the way back down. went to three over. back to 3-under. clawed his way back getting back to six. that was the big turning point of the week for him. jim: we were talking about it last night at dinner. it is the perfect place that makes sense. nick: you are right. jim: to be the place to get that first one. , we said in the tower here that this course is so darn good that have you no options to switch off. you have to have 100% concentration and commitment on every shot. your mind wanders. you will spill shots instantly in. a way that helped him. just concentrate on his own game. play his own game. make a score. only time to worry about it is fellow competitors right now in the playoff. jim: remember rickie fowler was out there watching bubba watson win the masters? here is ben crane again.
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there it was. the scene on april 8th. rickie and ben. 3 of the 4 golf boys, along with hunter mahan. now ben crane is coming out to be in the audience to see if rickie can finish it off. i have to think that d.a. points, we have david feherty and peter kostis down there. i think points will have a hard time getting this one inside of rickie's. >> absolutely. >> well, it is going to be a problem. he has to go through so much of the fringe grass to control his speed. you know you assume he will make it but you are not guaranteed he will make the putt for birdie. you have to leave yourself something for par. jim: you always talk about it peter when a player gets under pressure and goes back to their old swing habits. what about putting habits?
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this is the second week rickie has gone to the left hand low. >> we will find out how instinctive it is. he putted this way in high school. jim: he did not full time it. he had past experience as a kid with it. >> yeah. it is something you take comfort in it because you focus on a mechanical thing that deflects the pressure of the moment as well. we have to just wait and see. jim: you have to go this high? way too much. nick: careful. careful. rory knows he had a 15-footer. he now has a 25-footer. best he can do is hole it or
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just get it inside rickie's. >> it would be a good fouth get it inside rickie's. going back to his second shot, shot out to rickie's caddie. they are in between clubs. joe put the right wrench in his hand and boy did he hit the right shot. jim: joe is a long time friend from southern california. a year ago this week rory started to work with dave stockton on his putting stroke that. led to that incredible performance in the u.s. open. nick: that is gone. >> you got to be kidding me. nick: that is gone. >> i am right behind him. for all of the world that looks like it should go left.
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nick: that makes it very nervy. he will have it hang around for a lot longer. rory that's brush it in. >> it would be nice to have 2-putts from there. >> well that , is what rickie would like in the back of his mind. >> d.a. is back a little into his rushing mode. go through his normal routine. jim: oh! d.a. points, don't count him out. nick: well. >> nobody is going away. >> yeah. jim: rickie actually that's move his mark.
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one putterhead length as rory will try to secure his four. it is all adding up to a long wait for rickie fowler to win it. >> if rickie will learn from this, rory that's hit a good putt, meaning that he has to make it. jim: he is in also with a four. so, we are down to one putt. rickie win its and they move as a group of three over to 16. wisely returns the mark. i was wisely thinking that there are enough eyes around there to remind him. your mind can be in a million places. this is for that first ever u.s. professional victory. nick: it is an easy read. >> you can almost see the will
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pour out of the crowd. they want it. jim: number one for rickie. what a way to do it. birdieing the 18th hole at quail hollow. all set up by a wedge shot of a lifetime. nick: no options, just have to go for it on this hole location. jim: a little glimpse into the future of the game here today. rickie fowler takes the wells fargo championship.
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rickie's mom. they know how much it means as we go down to david feherty. >> thanks, jimmy. down here with the new champion. it was a long wait. it had to be worth it. >> well worth it. playing against two great guys down the stretch there. looking ford play against rory for a long time. d.a., good buddy of mine. felt good to make birdie here. >> i got my hand on your shoulder. i can still feel the energy. has to be an amazing moment for you. >> it is. it is awesome. nice to have my girlfriend, alex and my mom here. it is a long wait but well worth it. >> well done. first of many. jim: right you are, david. there is no doubt that there will be many more to come. we are here to see the first one.
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rickie fowler moves to 15th place in the fedex cup standings. here is the lineup tonight on cbs. fowler wins it under carolina blue skies that no doubt tonight at sunset will be orange. rickie fowler has his first victory on american soil. a memorable one at quail hollow. jim nantz, nick faldo and the crew saying so long from charlotte, north carolina.
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>> jeff: and good evening, everyone, i'm jeff glor, as election season heats up in the u.s. t now over in france. and the world's fifth largest economy just chose to make a major change. francois hollande will become france's first socialist president in 17 years, defeating nicolas sarkozy in a runoff. mark phillips is in paris tonight, mark, good evening. >> reporter: good evening. well, france's new president is a man few would have predicted this little of a year ago. but a combination of europe's economic woes and the personal affairs of others have catapulted francois hollande into power. his election will have consequences well beyond france. there's nothing like victory to get a crowd cheering, especially when it's a crowd that hasn't tasted victory in a long time. francois hollande is the new president of france, only the second socialist president-elected here in more than 50 years. he had campaigned on a
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platform of reversing the cost-cutting austerity measures that france and the rest of europe have adopted. and tonight he said he would keep his promises. the outgoing president nicolas sarkozy was gracious in defeat telling his supporters to respect the people's choice. they took some convincing. hollande's margin was smaller than the polls indicated. in the end based on exit polls it was only in the 3 to 4% range. hollande profited from frustration with france's stagnant economy and from the fact the french electorate had tired of a president that never fully embraced. sarkozy was criticized for his high-living lifestyle and his glamourous wife carla bruni. >> five years of sarkozy is enough. >> reporter: hollande, though, has made his own tabloid headlines. his current partner is french journalist valerie trierweiler who he met when she interviewed him. his previous partner for 30
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years was the socialist candidate in the last election here segolene royal who is the mother of his four children. hollande, though, is from the lucky school of politician. he only became his party's candidate because the man who was thought to be the shoe-in for the nomination, dominique strauss-kahn became embroiled in that sex scandal in new york. if he keeps his election promises, francois hollande may dramatically change europe's approach to its economic problems. he's promised for government spending and more government jobs. that puts him very much at odds with germany's angela merkel and that is likely to unsettle the euro and to rattle financial markets. tomorrow will be a nervous day. >> jeff: mark, thank you very much, speaking of nervous, the markets could also be rattled by greece tomorrow. in parliamentary elections angry voters punished the two major parties. neither got enough votes to form a government. instead fringe parties that fiercely oppose severe austerity cuts paid big gains. officials in yemen say fahd
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al-quso a top al qaeda leader has apparently been killed in a drone attack in shabwa province. the u.s. did no immediately confirm. but he was on the fb a e's 10 most wanted list for the bombing of the uss cole which killed 17 american sailors and 39 others. the five as cused 9/11 al qaeda terrorist was disrupted their military tribunal hearing yesterday don't have another court day for five weeks. but the aftershock from their actions extend far beyond guantanamo. that's where chief legal correspondent jan crawford is tonight. >> reporter: the five 9/11 suspects sat silently taking breaks for scheduled prayers. but the hearing ended late last night with outrage. with family members watching from the back of the courtroom ramzi bin al shieb accused of helping facilitate the attack turned around with a smile and thumbs up. one family member responded to him with an expletive.
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the exchange captured the family's feelings of rage after watching the suspects sitting in silence. stonewalling the proceedings and refusing to look at the judge or answer his repeated questions. james connell the lawyer for accused moneyman called the respect's courtroom behavior peaceful resistance and said it was deliberate. >> i cannot give you outside information about any strategy. i will tell you that certainly there appeared to be a coordinated strategy. >> reporter: the defense lawyer as clashed repeatedly with the judge turning a routine court proceeding into one that stretched late into the night centralling the trial could drag on indefinitely. >> i don't have confidence that this proceeding will ever come to a resolution. >> cheryl bore mann a lawyer for one of the men accused for helping train the hijackers urged female prosecutors, most in military uniforms with skirts, to dress more
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conservatively. >> there was somebody dressed in a way that was not in keeping with my clients' religious rights. >> speaking to the press today brigadier-general mark mar tins the chief prosecutor defended his team. >> the women on the prosecution team are dressed in an appropriate and professional manner. >> reporter: the defense lawyers also said they would seek to make the trials about for ture the suspects allegedly endured when interrogated after their capture an before they arrived at guantanamo. the mention of torture lead to one of the most dramatic episodes in the hearing when boremann said that benatash had scars from his mistreatment. he removed his tonic to show his bare chest. the judge immediately order him to put it back on. jan crawford, cbs new, guantanamo. >> we'll be right back. my first thoughts were about my wife, and my family.
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>> jeff: tomorrow's vladimir putin will be inaugurated as russia's matt once again. today the head of russia's russia's matt once again. today the head of russia's orthodox church congratulated putin on his return to power. but that sentiment was not shared by everyone outside the service. here's elizabeth palmer. >> reporter: a battle erupted in central moscow. tear gas filling the air as political protestors fought police with shields. in the end more than 200 demonstrators were arrested and roughly hauled away. sunday's demonstration began peacefully enough when some 20,000 people turned out to protest against vladimir putin who was in march lech protest against vladimir putin who was in march lech ford an unprecedented third term as russia's president. but the people in this crowd believe the elections were unfair. and they're infuriated by widespread corruption and and they're infuriated by widespread corruption and cronyism in government. veteran opposition leader boris nemstov spoke when he
6:28 pm
said we are against putin's group stealing power. but a short time later, nemstov and two other opposition leaders were arrested when a group of protestors peeled away from the main event and tried to march toward the kremlin. they made their point. but neither the violence nor the crowds will stop vladimir putin from take pog the crowds will stop vladimir putin from take pog we are tomorrow for six more years. elizabeth palmer, cbs news, london. >> jeff: the new film "the avengers" has shattered the weekend box office record. marvel's superhero action movie took in $200.3 million in its opening weekend, far exceeding the old record, $169 million con injured up by the final harry potter film last year. that is the "cbs evening news" tonight. later on cbs, "60 minutes." i'm jeff glor, cbs news in new york. scott pelley will be herement to. good night.
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