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tv   9 News Now at 11pm  CBS  May 9, 2012 1:35am-2:05am EDT

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♪ what did we learn on the show tonight, craig? ♪ [meow] [meow] [meow] >> ♪ [applause]
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>> new at 11:00, a surprising new policy has the government asking workers are you gay? 9 wants you to know why many popular products not healthy after all. a man impersonating a cop pulled her over and robbed her. >> she tells us how it all went down in front of her own
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church. it has been a week since a maryland woman was robbed by a want to be cop. the police impersonator stole her belongings. it's where and when it all happened that has the victim still in shock. >> our ken molestina spoke to the woman. >> reporter: this is where the crook victimized the woman. the act was both bold and daring. now that victim is most upset because it happened right in front of her church. >> reporter: she's still frightened. the el salvadorian victim didn't want to be identified in fear of it happening again. she says it was just before noon last thursday when she was on her way to church. the man in this composite sketch, she says, was chasing her and the car behind her. he continued to pursue her up the street. he was honking his horn and motions her to pull over. at some point he flashed what appeared to be a police badge.
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the woman eventually did stop her car. the crook had fooled her into thinking he was a cop. >> when you were stopped, what happened next? >> reporter: she says once he managed to get her to stop, he pulled her out of the car and made her take a seat on the curb. it was at that point that she realized the man wasn't legit and instead was out to rob her. he took her belongings, she says, cell phone, purse, credit cards, everything of value she had on her was robbed. thankfully she wasn't hurt. she says she's still shaken up and wants the man caught fast. here's another look at the man montgomery county police say is behind all of this. take a good look at him. he is out there tonight. police do need your help in finding him. if you have any information, you're being asked to call authorities. we're in silver spring, ken molestina, 9 news now. >> police say if you fear you're being tricked by an
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impersonator call 911 right away and give your location so another officer can be sent out. never pull over in a dark area. instead go to the nearest gas station or a well-lit parking lot. there is new information tonight in the foiled plot to blow up a u.s. airliner. the associated press is reporting tonight the would-be bomber was actually a double agent working for the cia. matt jablow has been following this one. he joins us now. >> reporter: the plot was allegedly developed by al qaeda members in yemen and the underwear bomb is being identified by the fbi. the would-be becomer was supposedly working all along with the cia and saudi arabian intelligence and gave up the bomb well before it was scheduled to be detonated well before the anniversary of osama bin laden's death. the top secret anniversary is being widely praised tonight for its effectiveness, but some
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congressmen are angry about the way information about the operation was communicated. congressman peter king, chairman of the homeland security committee would neither confirm or deny he was a double agent. the normally outspoken king said nobody should be talking publicly about the case and whoever leaked the information to the media was doing the country a disservice. >> i've never seen anything so tightly held. it was held as close as anything i've ever seen. that's why the leak when it broke a week ago really put a lot at risk, including human lives. >> reporter: meanwhile, the chairman of the house intelligence committee says he was upset with the way the operation was communicated even before the double agent aspect of the story emerged. congressman mike rogers has a major problem with the fact he wasn't briefed on the operation before yesterday. >> it raises a lot of questions given the press schedule of this event and how it was released early, and just raises
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a lot of questions unfortunately. >> reporter: according to the associated press, the double agent who was working with the cia is now safely out of yemen. congressman king says it was his understanding that a major investigation will soon begin to find out exactly who leaked the story to the media. anita? >> lots of twists and turns. okay, matt. what do you get when you combine a teddy bear, a bunny and a mickey mouse doll? you get a 40 caliber handgun. each of those three stuffed animals contained parts of the gun. airport screeners spotted them when they x-rayed the dolls in rhode island. the stuffed animals belonged to a 4-year-old boy. the father said he had no idea the gun parts were in there. police let that man go, but they are still investigating. next week, the g-8 sum military comes to camp david in maryland and protesters will be allowed to gather at baker park in frederick 21 miles away from the big meeting. that's the recommendation from the frederick police department with all of the people streaming into the city, police are advising merchants to be on
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alert. while some businesses will close down next friday and saturday, others welcome the influx of potential new customers. >> new folks in town and tourists. so we're excited about it. >> area schools will shut down on the 18th because of concerns over clogged roadways. police say while they welcome the opportunity for protesters to exercise their right to free speech, law enforcement is standing by in case things get ugly. it is a clean sweep for mitt romney in today's presidential primaries. romney won the indiana, north carolina and west virginia contests, and of course, nobody really surprised by the out comes here, including romney himself. in fact, he spent today campaigning in michigan. >> we have fought back. >> the longest serving republican in the u.s. senate was voted out in indiana's primary. tea party voters rallying instead behind richard murdoch to help him beat dick lugar, elected back in 1976.
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in north carolina, voters approved amending the state constitution to allow marriage only between a man and a woman and that makes north carolina the 30th state to do so. >> do you think it's right for your employer to ask about your sexual orientation? if you're a federal employee, get ready. the government wants to know if you're gay. gary nurenberg is here with that story. >> well, anita, this is something called the federal employee viewpoint survey. it surveys working conditions, what works, what doesn't and how organizations can do a better job. this year nearly 2 million federal employees will be asked about their sexual orientation. the office of personnel management is conducting the survey. advocates for gay rights see it as providing useful information. >> when discrimination might be happening in the work force. when teams might not be functioning as well as they could because there could be some discrimination. >> reporter: but asking a worker about sexual
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orientation, the federal center southwest metro. >> i would say to stay out of it. >> i don't think it's a bad idea. i think it's a good idea. okay, to find out, as long as it's used in the proper fashion. >> i think it would probably be a good idea to get the information, but i would keep it optional. >> reporter: we asked the office of personnel management why it's asking the question, but it did not grant our interview request. instead, issuing this statement. the specific question at issue here will provide information about the level of satisfaction that employees who are lesbian and gay, bisexual or transgender experience with respect to their work environment or employee organization. they are not required to provide their sexual orientation and can select to to say i prefer not to answer in response. what are the benefits? we do not know what it will tell us because we have not done it before. what we think it will tell us is what is their level of satisfaction with employment satisfaction and does it differ from other employee groups.
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gay advocates see another advantage and cite the marriage act about which prevents the feds from offering spousal benefits to same sex candidates. >> once we have sexual orientation data it would give us a better handle on how much people need those benefits. >> reporter: we got an answer at 9:56 p.m. tonight. we put the lengthy response on our website, the survey is underway right now and should be completed in june. senate republicans blocked a bill today proposed by the democrats to stop student loan interest rates from doubling. the plan would have been paid for by raising taxes on corporations. republican senate minority leader says lawmakers will not allow interest rates to go up. both sides just need to sit down and negotiate a deal, something they haven't been able to do thus far. george zimmerman waived his right to a speedy trial in the death of trayvon martin. he would have been tried within six months. now there's no word on when the trial will begin.
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he's charged with second degree murder after shooting the unarmed teen in february. zimmerman is free on bail. in montgomery county, an issue that just won't go away. ambulance fees. the voters said no to county ambulance fees back in november of 2010, but county executive has proposed collecting them anyway and tonight the county council held a public hearing about it. leggitt is pushing a program to let the ambulance get reimbursed from insurance so the individuals pay nothing. a former teacher convicted of sexual misconduct with a 12- year-old student. he is 34-year-old lawrence luciti. he taught gifted and talented students in the dale city area. prosecutors say he placed his happened underneath a girl's shirt. he will be sentenced in september and faces up to ten years in prison. new developments tonight in the case of a man wanted for kidnapping and murder. investigators say adam mays had help from his wife and mother
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when he kidnapped a tennessee mother and her three daughters. the fbi believes mays who was a family friend called joann obtain and her oldest daughter and buried them in a shallow grave in mississippi. now, detectives are still optimistic the other two younger daughters are alive and with mays right now. a groundbreaking pill designed to prevent hiv infection could soon be available to people most at risk for contracting the disease. the fbi gave it a thumbs up before a meeting to discuss the final approval. the scientists say the pill works best when taken on a daily basis. still ahead, i'm not sure i've seen anybody get hit like this. and actually survive. check out the vicious hit-and- run when we come back. plus, facts versus fiction. health food, the level screams healthy, but let's look at the truth. we're going to find out what's behind the hype in thiseth alert.
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i'm meteorologist. you might want to back this tomorrow morning. another round of showers and thunderstorms on the way tomorrow morning. 58 to 68 to start. mostly showers tapering off in the morning. 54 to 70 by 9:00. but showers and storms could impede the evening commute. we'll talk
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caught on tape, unbelievable. surveillance video of a hit-and- run driver plowing into a teenager. this is last week in buffalo, new york. you can see the young man just go flying through the air. get this. the teenager wasn't really badly hurt as expected to be okay, despite the harrowing pictures. wow. and if you ever wondered how dangerous teenage driving is, consider this. they've got the highest crash rate of any group in the country and teen drivers are four times more likely to be killed in a car crash when driving with three or more passengers all under the age of 21. >> i think that a lot of them just feel that they're a little bit invincible, that it's not going to happen to them sort of mentality, when obviously sometimes that one choice can have a huge impact.
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>> some cell phone service provide irs offering new products to keep the teen drivers safer. sprint offers a service that automatically holds calls and texts while driving. at&t has an application that automatically replies to incoming texts letting people know that somebody is busy behind the wheel. anita? as we strive to live healthier lifestyles we also look for foods that show us their nutritional status. are they really good for you? that's the question. in tonight's health alert i go shopping and get expert advice on seeing through marketing hype. vitamins, whole grain, fiber, heart healthy. these buzz words are appealing to rush shoppers trying to make good choices. but local food coach says the word that really matter aren't on the front of the package. >> as a smart consumer you need to understand when you're purge a product you're purchase ago lot of other ingredients in there. it's a health food.
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look at the ingredients label to find the truth about your food. >> for example, this chef boy aredee product, the salt added is more than 30 percent of what you should consume in a day. >> this is 30% of your daily sodium in this little can. >> she says here's a simple track. look for foods in the milligrams of sodium are an even rash she owe of calories per serving -- an even ratio of calories per serving. >> vitamin water has a lot of sugar in it. the american heart association recommends 25 to 30 grams a day. vitamin water has more. stick to plain water. >> you can flavor your own water. if you would like you can use a little bit of grapes, frozengrapes in your water, cold apples, whatever you care
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for. moving to smoothies, another popular health food. >> here i have a little packet to make my smoothies better. >> this is nothing but filler, extra sugar, corn syrup solids, artificial flavor and xanthum gum. you don't get that in a natural made smoothie by mom. pop chips are healthier than the fried version but the smaller bag and diet conscious games can still be misleading. >> the problem with these kind of foods a lot of people think they're healthier so they automatically eat a lot more. >> three servings in this at 120. i could eat this whole bag. >> most people do. >> the message, of course, reading thelabels. know how many calories you're eating and how many servings. vargas says the real health food is usually deep in the aisles of the grocery store, not on the ends of the rows.
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think whole foods instead of health foods, you guys will be set. >> whole foods, what are we talking about here? >> not a store name. but more, again, natural oatmeal instead of the prepackaged stuff already extra sweetened. whole nuts, fruits and vegetables. the less processing the better. >> twinkies don't count. >> no. >> if you can't pronounce the ingredients, probably not good for you. >> again, even some of the stuff labeled health food has some of those ingredients. you look at it and think why? >> still thinking about that xanthum gum. we're looking at another round of thunderstorms ending tonight, then another round tomorrow evening. and that could impact the evening commute. may take longer to get home tomorrow. let's start with a live look outside. showers here in the northwest. live weather cam and brought to you by michael and son. temperatures haven't moved much. it's only down to 70.
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we have light showers. wind south/southwest at 14. pressure steady over the past hour, 29.83 inches of mercury. here's the wide view of the satellite picture and radar. we had this batch of showers and a couple embedded thunderstorms p. primarily rufnt mill garden showers. the front iforts is still out to the west of us. that will run through tomorrow afternoon and tomorrow evening. yes, just in time for the evening commute. here's live doppler 9000. generally light. you see all the green, that's generally light. we see a little yellow north and east of town. a little bit of moderate rain mixed in. you go down 301, a little yellow there and out 50, some light activity toward annapolis. for the most part, we're looking at light activity. tomorrow afternoon and evening could change. we could see big thunderstorms, especially south of town. in fact by 11:15 tomorrow night, we see the showers south. we put it into motion and we're looking at we get a break. i think most of us will be dry
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by the morning, at least north and west. maybe some residual wet roads but generally dry. we get a break at 9:00, 10:00. lunchtime by the clouds, yes, but not many showers. then by 6:00, 7:00, we see a line of showers and storms developing. down south of fredericksburg, that's the heaviest activity. that rolls through during the evening hours. some residual showers last until this time tomorrow night. then eventually drier air rolls in. we will clear out rather nicely. dry morning commute for most of us. maybe not in southern maryland. thunderstorms for the evening commute. strong finish to the week, but a cool finish to the week. temps about 5, 6, maybe even 7 degrees below average on thursday and friday. so overnight mostly cloudy. breezy and mild. showers and thunderstorms, 58 to 64. wind south/southwest 10-15. by morning, partly sunny, breezy and mild. showers and storms still possible, especially south and
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east. temperatures 60s and 70s. by afternoon here comes the front. showers and storms a good bet. partly sunny and warm. high temperatures 75 to 80. winds calm down southwesterly at about 10. next seven days, once we get through tomorrow, we're in pretty good shape. the showers will linger until midnight tomorrow and then clear out late tomorrow night setting the stage for a nice thursday. sunshine around 70. only 70 on friday. want to say 69, but we'll say 70, make everybody happy. milder on saturday, mid-70s. mid-70s for mom, maybe a shower but not a big deal. okay, what does that mean? >> that's my nattitude. >> lots of baseball tonight. the texas rangers have the sports world buzzing tonight. plus the new york rangers make a bold statement today regarding their future. sports is ne
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nationals general manager mike rizzo had harsh words for the pitcher after he admitted he meant to hit the hitter. major league baseball fined him for those documents. nationals taking on the patriots. rick rifles one to right field bringing in bryce harper. 2-0 nats. pittsburgh coming back. 3-2 in the ninth. adam laroche's first game off the injured list. a two-run walk off homer. pirates win this one 5-4. >> we had the right guy in there, didn't play too good in the 8th inning. we should have got out of that
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inning. but it was interesting ballgame, both closers giving up. that was kind of rare. the rangers, josh hamilton making history tonight in baltimore. five at-bats, four homeruns, tying the league record as the 16th player ever and the first texas ranger to do that in a single game. all the while, single-handedly crushing the orioles as texas wins this one 10-3. the washington mystics back at work hosting media today. as they prep author their 15th season, debuting an almost completely new roster. the mystic season opens may 19th. the capitals know how to make it hard on themselves. they're no strangers to rebounding after a tough loss. they've been doing it since the regular season, finding a way to come together as a team and win. but it's not just losses that seem to strengthen that bond after a late game penalty by joe ward gave new york the advantage, fans blacked twitter with racial comments but his
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teammates refused to place any blame. they said we win as a team and lose as a team. that's their mind set heading into game six. >> we're going to approach tomorrow's game the same way we approached game four. we lost game three and we were desperate, hungry bunch. >> our mentality and focus is the same. we'll go out and play hard tomorrow. finally tonight, how about this? the new york rangers getting a little cooky, getting ahead of themselves. the rangers sent out an e-mail today. this one advertising tickets for the eastern conference finals. they haven't even made it yet, they're still playing in the semifinals and they haven't won yet. >> that's the kind of thing you put on the bulletin board if you're the capitals and they say, they think we're done. are we done? not done yet. >> getting a little ahead of
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