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tv   9 News Now at 6pm  CBS  May 10, 2012 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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ago. randall pinkston explains. >> reporter: the white house says president obama is respectful of those who disagree with him but that his support of same sex marriage came about not because of a policy debate, but because of a personal decision he reached over the past several months. the president is off raising money on the west coast after declaring his support for same sex marriage. he's swinging through seattle before hitting hollywood where other high profile backers of same sex marriage are expected to help him raise nearly $15 million. the obama campaign is already out with a new internet ad calling his republican opponent backwards on equality. lawmakers are weighing how the president's position will play in november. >> it had to do with who he is, what he stands for, what he believes, what he thinks is right for america, our families, our values and our faith in the future. anything about the politics is incidental. >> reporter: the same sex marriage issue took republican presidential hopeful mitt romney off message thursday. he's on the defense about a
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washington post article suggesting that he bullied a gay classmate in high school. in a radio interview romney apologized if he offended anyone with what he called hijinx and pranks. he insisted he had no idea the classmate might have been gay. he stated wednesday that marriage should be between a man and a woman. conservatives say this issue could fire up the republican base. >> i think it will energize all of those evangelical christians who had misgivings about voting for a mormon. >> reporter: and some democrats including catholics who helped president obama get elected say it could change their vote. while the president's endorsement of same sex marriage remains topic a, the white house insists mr. obama is focused on jobs and the economy. i'm randall pinkston, back to you, lesli. much has been made about the timing of the president's declaration and that the vice president's own statement of support may have forced his hand. a democratic source tells cbs
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news the president had planned to announce his support for same sex marriage on the view next week. the justice department is suing the man who calls himself the nation's toughest sheriff joe arpaio of phoenix. the lawsuit follows months of unsuccessful negotiations aimed at settling allegations that arpaio's department racially profiled latinos. >> in our police reform work we have invariably been able to work collaboratively with law enforcement agencies to build better departments and safer communities. maricopa county and their secretary of state and sheriff arpaio have been a glaring exception to our collaboration. >> the secretary of state is accused of punishing hispanic jail inmates for speaking spanish and for sending out controls because somebody complained that dark skinned people were speaking spanish or congregating. arpaio denies the allegations against his department. still no verdict in that robocall trial in baltimore.
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jurors spent the day in deliberations and headed home for the night. julius henson is accused of sending out robocalls aimed at encouraging black voters to sit out the 2010 election for maryland governor. henson was working for former republican bob ehrlich. the killer of an off-duty maryland state trooper was sentenced to life without patrol and 25 years more on top of that. scott broom reports tonight on the emotional reactions. >> justice has certainly been searched, but it provides no consolation to us whatsoever. >> reporter: state's attorney angela alsobrooks took no pleasure in this major victory in court. cyril williams will spend the rest of his life in prison for the murder of off-duty maryland state trooper wesley brown who was moonlighting security at the applebee's restaurant in forestville june 11th, 2010. brown's fiancee is ebony norris. >> wesley was the man that i dreamed of. we were engaged to be married. >> you hear people talk about
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great people all the time and some are good. some are bad. wes was truly that great person. >> reporter: brown's partner that night, fellow trooper carl peoples, said he now faces a lifetime of regret. peoples said he was set to arrest williams who just urinated on the crowded restaurant floor and had taken a swing at peoples outside but brown, the younger trooper who always looked for good in people, talked his partner out of it. >> he said carl, let him go. he's drunk. he didn't mean any better. we can do something else and we walked back inside and i said we shouldn't let him go and he came babb and committed the act he did commit. -- back and committed the act he did commit. >> reporter: throughout the legal process cyril williams hasn't had much today and today when the judge gave him a chance to apologize, to apologize or say anything, cyril williams remained stone cold silent. in upper marlboro, scott broom, 9 news now. >> an accomplice anthony milton
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has been sentenced to five years in prison after pleading guilty to giving williams the gun and driving him back to applebee's. the d.c. council has a new plan to extend bar hours in the city. council chairman kwame brown wants bars to be able to sell alcohol until 4 a.m. on all city and federal holidays. those hours would also apply to the entire weekend for new year's eve, memorial day, independence day and labor day. 28 people are under arrest tonight accused of being part of a cocaine trafficking ring in northern virginia. the fbi says the drugs were hidden in shoes and wooden frames from honduras. investigators believe that raid brought in millions of dollars in the last six years. we're told one suspect jumped from a second story window to try and avoid arrest. he was carrying thousands of dollars in cash. buses catching fire, trains jumping the tracks and unreliable defib laters, today metro's board of -- defibrillators, today metro's
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board of directors got an earful on safety. >> reporter: i'm kristin fisher in washington. last month two metrobuses caught fire just five days apart. both were caused by high pressure hydraulic hoses that either came loose or weren't properly installed and both buses were the same model, the orion vi. all 94 of them in the fleet were taken out of service. at first the plan was to fix them, but now metro's gm says they're buying 95 new buses to replace them. >> we did not want to put them back on the road because we did not want to take the risk. >> reporter: another day, another accident this time at the rosslyn metro station, a train derailment on the blue line. it was caused by an employee. the technician was working on this switch but failed to clamp it closed. >> the person did not follow the standard operating procedures. >> reporter: that someone has since been fired.
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in washington kristin fisher, 9 news now. single tracking will be the phrase of the weekend on metro's red, orange and blue lines. work will be done between the takoma and forest glen and van ness and dupont circle stations on the red line. on the orange market it will be between eastern market and chivalry stations and the blue lien between eastern market and addison road -- line between eastern market and addison road. coming up at 7:00 on fox 5 news they helped to save his life, so why is the sole survivor of a fiery crash in chevy chase now suing the very police force that pulled him from the wreckage? that answer is coming up on 9 news now at 7:00. still ahead in this half hour things like solar flares may make you think the mayans were on to something when they said the world would end this year, but now we're learning even though may not have been super confident in that prediction. >> we had a day below average in terms of temperatures, but still pretty nice. high temperature 70, low 56,
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averages now 74 and 54. we'll come back and talk about how cold it will get tonight and look ahead to the weekend. >> but first as the torch is lit for the next olympic games we're learning about a plot that targeted the 2014 contest, the latest next on 9 news now.
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the olympic flame started its journey to london today. the ton of was lit in front of a crowd of thousands in olympic greece this morning. it has 78 days to get to london ahead of the summer games, 8,000-ton of bearers taking part in the relay one after another. now the winter games will be in russia and today their secret service agency announced it disrupted plans to attack the resort along the black sea ahead of those games. the national anti-terrorist committee said it discovered surface to air missiles,
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grenade launchers, flame throwers and rifles and explosives in a break-away georgia republic. the international olympic committee is not commenting on the terror plot. someone or some group set off smoke bombs that crippled montreal's subway service during the morning rush placed at several different points. subways were shut down a while but no one was hurt. there is speculation the culprits are part of an ongoing student protest over a like in college tuition, but there is no concrete lipping at this point. lots of people dream about a life of leisure in their golden years, but ahead where more of us may have have trouble realizing that dream.
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new information tonight about a virginia principal accused of embezzling nearly $15,000 from prince william county. inside nova reports jenny enrique bought iphones, televisions and curtains for herself and family with a school-issued credit card. in all an auditor identified 42
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items she bought that could not be found at the school. she is due back in court june 13th. just one day after saying it thought it could save some rural offices more bad news for the u.s. postal office tonight. the agency says it lost $3.2 billion in the first quarter. postmaster general patrick donahoe cites a declining amount of mail and health benefits for retirees. today mortgage rate hit record level since records were kept back in the 1950s. freddie mac says the rate on a 30 year fixed rate loan is down to 3.83%, but despite the cheaper mortgage rates home sales fell across the board in march. the reason could be the same as why americans don't seem to be saving. they just cannot afford it. at least that's what people are telling a trade association for the financial services industry. limra finds 49% of us are not contributing to a 401k or an
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ira plan. now the number is highest between those of the ages of 18 and 34 where that percentage jumps to 56%. you got to save. >> yes, you do unless you believe in the mayan calendar and you wouldn't be putting anything into savings because according to it, the world is supposed to end toward the end of 2012, but now we're learning the mayans may not have been so sure of themselves. archeologists found a small room in some guatemala ruins that was apparently a workshop for the royal scribes and in it they found evidence the mayans thought well, maybe the world could last past 2012. no matter when your time in this world is over, people are finding a new place in d.c. to share what is on their bucket list. >> reporter: i'm peggy fox at logan circle where this large chalk board has transformed a construction zone into a wall of hope and dreams. encouraging people to grab some chalk and fill out the public list are these words, before i
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die. >> before i die i'd like to write a book. >> i'd like to make a dent in the world. >> i want to sit on a glacier before they all melt away. >> give me parents back some money they spent on my for my college. >> i want to stay sober. >> reporter: good for you. >> reporter: many people write about love and marriage. >> we're engaged. >> reporter: roger and rod, a couple of five years, hope to soon get legally married in their homestate. >> we're from washington state and we passed marriage equality this year but it's now up for referendum so much we're hoping that it passes in november and we'll be able to get married. >> reporter: the majority of these hopes and dreams have to do with making the world a better place, finding cures for cancer and hiv and helping the less fortunate. >> the will to do more for other people. >> i think this is good for people to see what they want and then strive for it. >> the no. 1 thing i want to do on my bucket list before i go, make amends to all my wrong i done.
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that's the only thing i can think of. >> reporter: peggy fox, 9 news now. >> pretty inspiring. what would you put on your bucket list? join the conversation on the wusa9 facebook page. checking facebook could be a touch away on a new ipad. we are teaming up with the university of maryland to get you one free. log onto our wusa9 facebook page, like us. you have until tomorrow night to enter and we'll tell you if you are the lucky winner next week. >> so, top, we think you're pretty good at what you do. >> absolutely, definitely kind of a weather nerd, loving it and all that, but we found somebody else who might be able to replace you if you don't want to do this anymore. check it out. >> it's an unsettled picture as we head towards the end of the week. this afternoon it will be cold, wet and windy across most of scotland. >> that, of course, is england's prince charles. he and his wife camilla did a brief stint as weathercasters when they visited the bbc
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scotland studios in glasgow. they look great. >> not bad. >> cold, wet, windy that, seems like a pretty regular forecast there. >> yeah, pretty much. >> they didn't have to think hard about that one. >> they could run that over and over luke the steve martin movie l.a. story, sunny, 75, see you all next week. for us we are actually drying out. winds gusted to 38 miles per hour today and the temps will slowly start going back up. we're looking at clear skies, our live weather cam brought to you by michael and son. 66 now downtown. pressure is still climbing up a bit, 29.81 inches of mercury. winds are still a factor, north, northwest at 22 miles an hour. look at the winds, 29 mile-per- hour wind gusts downtown, 33 mile-per-hour wind gusts in hagerstown. we still have some pretty strong winds. they won't be quite as strong overnight, 31 gusts also at andrews. they won't be as strong
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tomorrow, but we'll notice the same northwest refreshing breeze. 64 arlington, 63 bethesda, 64 rockville and also in great falls, 62 reston, one of our cooler spots and 63 in leesburg and 66 in manassas. it's going to be warming up, especially over the weekend. chilly tonight, breezy and milder tomorrow. you will need your shades tomorrow. you need your jacket in the morning. you can probably carry it in the afternoon, warmer saturday. in fact, saturday just looks spectacular. for tonight clear, breezy and chilly, yeah, a one-blanket night, 42 to 52 and winds northwest 10 to 15. now by morning sunny skies, a chilly start, breezy, grab a jacket, 40s and 50s, winds northwest 10 to 20 and by afternoon great day, mostly sunny, breezy, miler, high temps low 70s, a little bit below average and the winds continue northwest at about 10 to 15.
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we'll break it down. 42 to 52 to start, by noon mid- 60s to low 70s, sunshine across the board and by evening 68 to 73. next seven days, look at saturday, sunshine and 78, wow. for mom upper 70s, a slight chance of an isolated shower. do not change your plans and next week we get an increasingly bigger chance of a shower or thunderstorm monday, tuesday and wednesday and dry out again thursday. so that's actually pretty average 70 temperatures. >> good looking forecast. kristen berset is out at the park today where there have been some festivities. >> reporter: that's right, definitely some festivities. you can see the red carpet behind me, the redskins celebrating their 80th anniversary, had a lot of former skins here, including the cheerleaders and the band. we'll show you more of that coming up plus hear from some of those former skins and also late breaking news regarding
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legendary redskin s and the nfl coming up next in sports.
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now 9 sports with kristen berset. it's the best sports in town. >> reporter: welcome back. we are live from redskins park in ashburn. behind me is their new indoor training facility. we'll show you a sneak peek inside in just a moment, but the big festivities here today, the redskins celebrating their 80th anniversary. lots of former legendary
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redskins here, joe jacoby, dexter manly, george stark, guys like that all enjoying reminiscing amongst each other and the redskins unveiling a lot of great activities for their 80th celebration this year. they're going to have a bus that will go all over the dmv really engaging the fans this year and for these former players, though, it was just great for them to be back, see some familiar faces and talk to coach about the upcoming season. >> you look at the history of the redskins and 80 years, it's awesome. you hear it and i think it's not that you just dwell on the history, but you remember the history and respect the history. so it's good to see a lot of the guys from the past. >> reporter: and the bubble i was telling you about, they are calling it the joe gibbs indoor practice facility. when joe gibbs was coaching, he didn't want a bubble. now the redskins have one. it keeps them out of the snow,ed with unand rain and they can pump in sound -- wind
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and rain and they can pump in some sound. >> there are times if you're going to play indoors, this is the time so you get the perfect practice. they also can monitor or pump in sound to get used to that during the week. so it's a great move by the organization to improve their chances, get up to speed with everything. >> reporter: also going on today, some late breaking news in the nfl. art monk, former redskin, filed a lawsuit against the nfl. he joins 63 others as the lead plaintiff arguing that the nfl failed to protect them over concussions and from long term brain injuries. now monk said that he suffers from some short term mammary loss, from headaches and difficult -- memory loss, from headaches and difficulty speaking from concussions in his 14 years as a redskins. i also talked to one of the originals, george stark and he said he'll be joining the lawsuit as well.
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it's just one of quite a few plots out there and we'll be keeping an -- of the lawsuits out there and we'll be keeping an eye on that for you. also a day off for the caps much deserved. they won game 6 last night to tie things up against the rangers. these caps have yet to lose consecutive games this post season even dating all the way back to march. of course, game 7 is saturday in new york, but the new york media maybe getting a little ahead of themselves. look at this headline from the new york post pretty much saying the caps' season was over. hey, new york media, got a word for you, the caps aren't done yet. one last chance to vote for your high school game of the week. we'll reveal the winner to not. 80th celebration here live from redskins park, back to you guys in the studio. >> that's a packed sportscast. >> yes. that is it for us.
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the cbs evening news is next. >> derek is back with our area's only local newscast at 7:00. good night.


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