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tv   9 News Now at 5pm  CBS  May 11, 2012 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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try to do everything possible to make sure they are arrested and prosecuted for their involvement. >> reporter: the motive behind mayes' alleged actions is unconfirmed. his mother-in-law says he believed the youngest bain girls were his. >> the officers who found the two girls say they told them they went for three days without food or water. investigators still have not yet commented on mayes' exact relationship with the bain family. we learned of a shocking story out of alabama tonight. a 14-year-old boy is charged with murder after a 9-year-old girl was found hanging from a tree. investigators say the girl was the boy's half sister. her body was found last night outside her house in ragland. that is about 40 miles from birmingham. it's not clear how or why this all happened. time magazine's cover at the very least caught your attention sparking controversy and conversation about
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attachment parenting, a concept made famous by author pediatrician dr. william sears and his wife. now time magazine was honoring the 20 year anniversary of the publishing of their baby book, but it's the cover of time that's really causing a stir. >> of 1 is a critic and let's face it -- everyone is a critic and let's face it, time magazine shows this picture to get people talking. who's to say a 3-year-old on mommy's breast is wrong? well, apparently a lot of people think so. what are your thoughts? >> oh, my goodness. i don't think that's appropriate at all. >> he's too old. >> the cover was late night fodder. >> they put it out for mother's day and this is what it looked like after our top notch censor got ahold of it. >> some moms say this cover goes to show you that our society has sexualized the breast instead of looking at nursing as something natural, but even some moms said this is a bit much. >> i worry about that kid when he's a little bit older what he might think when he sees the
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cover of his completely walking eating running self nursing. >> we're doing it because it feels right to us. >> we caught up with an attachment parenting group meeting at reston library. the principles behind this kind of parenting can be controversial itself, co- sleeping, baby wearing and extended breastfeeding. >> i just don't like the idea that we have to defend ourselves for something we're doing that's biologically intended for our children. >> i don't think a child that age should be breastfeeding. >> they probably don't know how long a child is supposed to breastfeed for. they probably don't know how long children go in a lot of other societies. >> new mom chelsea scott says she'll be breastfeed little holly for as long as her baby wants to -- breastfeeding little holly for as long as her baby wants to. about. >> my focus is more shifted to when she wants to be weaned. you feel like you are always kind of having to stand up for your child and i always will, but it's unfortunate. >> comments online have been
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pretty harsh and i've got to say being your new mom you're your own worst critic and you have something like this and it adds to it. everyone has their opinion. having this here brings up the conversation. it gets people talking. it can be positive. >> it really can and nursing we know is good for a baby's start. the issue is how long should it go and we as moms are the ones who beat up on ourselves the most. hopefully women will at least stop doing that. >> i think it is an individual decision. each mom has their own choice. >> back to you guys. we're going to talk about moms. the younger brother of two nfl players michael davis was found incompetent to stand trial for murder today. davis is charged with killing a tourist from colorado and has been linked to at least two hammer attacks in washington's petworth neighborhood, but the judge in the case said today he based his rulings on the psychiatrist's recommendations and davis as we know is the 19- year-old younger brother of vernon and vontae davis. fairfax county police say they have caught the man who
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vandalized the chantilly mosque in january. the suspect, 18-year-old trenton carter. he's accused of vandalizing the ahmadiyya muslim community mosque in late january and police say about every window was smashed or cracked. they're not calling it a hate crime. tgif, the weekend is here and today's weather could not have been nicer. top, we got graduations this weekend and, of course, mother's day. the pressure is on. >> i know. you may want to celebrate mother's day saturday. it's going to be okay the first 3/4 of the derek but let me show you the next three -- of the day, but let me show you the next three days, just spectacular, sunshine up to 80 and then mother's day showers possible late in the day and get into monday, grab your umbrella. you'll need it. showers and thunderstorms, temperatures in the mid-70s. so a spectacular saturday and probably a 75/25 weekend on the whole. temperatures right now 73
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downtown, 70 gaithersburg and 73 manassas. if you're headed out tonight, you're out late, grab a jacket. clear skies, chilly, lows 44 to 54 downtown, winds northwest at 10. we'll come back and talk about the timing of those showers on mother's day and show you some video of, well, some incredible funnel cloud video in texas. now to a warning in northern virginia after a woman is attacked by two men in the middle of the night and that 50- year-old fairfax county woman is telling a terrifying tale tonight. she says two men attacked sexually assaulted and robbed her early this morning in the 2400 block of gallows road in merrifield. we have the story from the scene. >> reporter: fairfax county police say the attack happened underneath that portico and after that the victim staggered, basically dragged herself into traffic on gallows road and flagged down a motorist for help. this was the sight that greeted
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some students, parents and staffers at holly brook montessori school in the merrifield neighborhood of fairfax. detectives spent hours looking for evidence linking two male suspects to this morning's attack. >> she was beaten by these two assailants with some type of blunt object to the point where she needed to be taken to the hospital. in addition, she was sexually assaulted and robbed. >> reporter: police aren't identifying the 50-year-old victim, but she may be a homeless woman who sometimes sleeps under the school's portico. >> she doesn't seem to be completely in the right mind. i'm not a psychiatrist, but she seems to be somebody who is troubled and i know the pastor across the way has tried to get her into a fairfax coordinated benefits. >> reporter: neighbors are understandably shocked. >> that's very scary being right over less than a block from here and it's always been
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such a safe neighborhood. >> i'm shocked and scared. definitely going to keep my doors locked until these two persons are caught because that's something that does not happen in this area. >> reporter: fairfax county police say the victim did not know her assailants and they're looking into the possibility that those two attackers could also be homeless men who live or hang out in the dunn loring park just a few blocks away. in fairfax county i'm armando truell. back to you. >> that woman is still in the hospital recovering from her injuries. montgomery county police are searching for two masked man robbing a 7-eleven caught on tape. surveillance video from the store in the 10000 block of new hampshire avenue in silver spring those the two suspects come in and confront two employees. the two suspects hold the workers at gunpoint demanding they open the registers. the suspects got away with an undisclosed amount of cash and merchandise. >> now it's gorgeous outside. great weather means motorcycle
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season is back in full swing along with some of the reckless drivers hitting triple digit speeds on our highways. today many maryland there was a solemn reminder of the cost. scott broom reports on today's tribute to a fallen trooper. >> left, right, left! >> reporter: this was a dedication held today to remember maryland state trooper shaft hunter, a father of 6, who was killed on i-95 at this time last year in a terrible clips hunter, his colleagues believe, was trying to -- collision, hunter, his colleagues believe, was trying to stop a motorcycle speeding down the rote ad high speed when the trooper hit trach tore trailer on the -- down the road at high speed when the trooper hit a tractor trailer on the shoulder of the highway. today hunter gathered with his colleagues to remember the former marine officer, state trooper and mentor, a large sign to be placed on the interstate at the site of the collision was unveiled. >> i hope you will render a salute. >> reporter: with speakers at
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times on the edge of emotion. >> i hope when they see this memorial that they take a moment and realize a young trooper named shaft hunter gave his life here making the most dangerous place in this country the u.s. highways safer. >> it's a safety hazard. >> reporter: afterward hunter's mother shared these thoughts about reckless motorcycle riding. >> i don't think they're thinking clearly. i shudder. i cry. the tears fall. i can't look at certain things and especially when i see people that are driving in an unsafe manner. >> reporter: motorcycle deaths in maryland are up slightly according to the latest available data and today's dedication is a reminder that sometimes it's not just the motorcyclists who end up losing their lives. at the waterloo barracks in maryland, scott broom, 9 news now. >> the investigation into trooper hunter's death remains an open case. a north carolina judge today said no to a request to dismiss the charges in the john edwards case and that means the jury will get to decide. on monday lawyers for the
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former presidential candidate are expected to start calling witnesses. edwards has pleaded not guilty to six counts related to campaign finance violations. prosecutors allege he was the mastermind behind a scheme to use about a million dollars in secret payments from supporters to hide his mistress and their baby. the former editor of the british tabloid the news of the world was on the hot seat today at a judicial hearing into press ethics. rebekah brooks is the main figure in the phone hacking scandal that's already rocked rupert murdoch's media empire and its relationship with top politicians. today brooks heed she often exchanged text messages with prime minister david cameron. >> he would sign them off lol, lots of love, actually until i told him it meant laugh out loud and then he didn't sign that anymore. >> well, brooks said her contact and friendships with cameron and the former prime
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minister tony blair never compromised her work as a journalist. brooks has been arrested a couple times in connection with the scandal and has been questioned about illegal eavesdropping and obstruction of justice, but she has never been charged. coming up on 9 news before you make your weekend dinner plans we'll show you some local eateries that were closed for health violations within the last week. >> plus did you know one student quits high school every 26 seconds in the u.s.? just ahead the uplifting story of a local group turning around the dropout epidemic. >> but first the bullying story that has presidential candidate mitt romney on the defensive. we're back with that in 90 seconds.
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voters still say the economy is the no. 1 issue in the presidential campaign, but president obama is now all wrapped up in this same sex marriage issue and his republican challenger is responding to a report that he bullied a classmate in high school. today the president was in reno, nevada, addressing the mortgage crisis after raising a record $15 million at george clooney's hollywood mansion last night. meantime republican mitt romney trying to get back on message after allegations that he helped to pin down a fellow student and cut his hair some 49 years ago. romney says doesn't even remember the incident, but he did apologize for anyone he may have harmed or offended. joining us now live is cbs news chief white house correspondent nora o'donnell. let's talk about the president can. we tell at this point if this
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stance favoring gay marriage is a net plus or net minus? i know it's early in the game. >> i don't think the issue will be determining in the election come november, but the president himself admitted that embracing same sex marriage could hurt him in some important swing states, but it certainly has also helped him raise a lot of campaign cash. you mentioned that $15 million fundraiser at george clooney's house. there's another group of fundraisers coming up next week and we're told online they had a surge in donations. so i think it's rallied his base, especially young voters who their enthusiasm level had been down, but it also rallies conservative voters. you know, a lot of republicans didn't think mitt romney was a true conservative. they thought he was a moderate. now there's a lot of conservatives hearing mitt romney's conservative position on same sex marriage have rallied behind him. >> any number of them are black voters, of course, president obama's most loyal supporters so far, but we did find out perhaps something new about
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mitt romney this week. the washington post says he's a former bully implicating him in a particularly mean prank back in high school. does this really matter? are we going back to high school now? >> i don't think anybody wants to be judged on what they did in high school. i think everybody can agree on that, but look, what you're running for president, it's like getting a colonoscopy without the anesthesia. it's a full examination. you know, barack obama, when he ran for president, he talked about using drugs in the past. mitt romney now has talked about how he liked to play pranks on people, on his own kids and obviously in school and now the washington post went back and they talked to five people who went on the record to describe this particular incident where it looked like mitt romney bullied a student, cut his hair, a student who later said he was gay. voters will look at this as a youthful indiscretion, example of bad behavior or maybe it's a part of mitt romney's character. mitt romney, his team saw it as an issue and respond quickly
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and you saw mitt romney did not dispute the event happened and apologized for doing stupid things in high school. we'll talk about all these issues this sunday on face the nation because this was a lot of news this week. >> indeed there was. you'll be on face the nation this sunday to talk about the woman's vote and various other issues on that mother's day show. i will be trying to get that colonoscopy visual out of my head. thank you so much for being here. >> nice to see you. >> that was descriptive, yup. okay. now what you're about to see may make you queasy. we found new places and new food dangers. >> in tonight's restaurant report here is investigative reporter russ petossic. >> we uncovered health violations in the district, montgomery, prince george's and fairfax counties so serious investigators ordered them closed last week until they fixed the risk. at mary's kitchen carryout on martin luther king jr. avenue
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southeast they were cited for a dirty commode, unclean food services, a dead mouse in grease and mouse feces on the floor. >> we wanted to see if you got these problems cleaned up. at the order window we found an empty bottle of high alcohol wine grand canyon gate on the walls and trash on the floor. the -- wine, ya fave on the walls and trash -- graffiti on the walls and trash on the floors. the manager wasn't there. little far east 2 on ridge road in damascus was closed. in fairfax county moby dick house of kabob was also closed. in prince george's county inspectors report walking in on a sewage overflow and ordering a closure at wendy's on annapolis road in hand lap. lanham. it's not just restauranted. this cvs was caught operating with no hot water in the bathroom.
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the closure of hamilton liquors cited no hot water and shut down circle 7 express on martin luther king jr. avenue southeast because of the presence of vermin. if you want to be first to know who is on our list, follow mow twitter and facebook. all the places just mentioned passed reinspections and have since reopened. >> russ is exposing the dirtiest places, but we also want you to know the cleanest spots to eat, so tell us about them or tell us about a restaurant owner that knows something about this. if you run a restaurant that has zero critical violations, you degrees mail russ at tips -- you can e-mail russ at tipswusa9. this is awesome. >> it doesn't get any better than this, top. >> maybe tomorrow might be better, a couple degrees warmer. >> got a little breeze thing happening here. i like this. >> as nice as it is here,
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there's some storms in texas and this is the same system that could give us a shower late mother's day. this is pawnee, texas which is 60 miles southeast of san antonio. this just a funnel cloud. it did touch down in pawnee but no damage there. now we'll move to wymer texas which is 150 miles east, north east of san antonio. i think it was probably the same storm or certainly the same system where it did touch down and flatten some homes and cause some serious damage. no reports of injuries or fatalities now, but pretty serious damage in the bleachers around the track, the whole half of that building gone. light poles are down. so looks like winds this were at least 90 miles per hour. for us, we're in good shape right now. we're looking at clear skies, our live look outside brought to you by michael and son, 73, tough to beat, isn't it? dew point 34, very dry air mass, relative humidity 24%,
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30.10 inches of mercury and the winds are northwest at 10. temperatures, 72 arlington, 70 bethesda, 74 in rockville and 70 in gaithersburg. now with that relative humidity so low when the sun sets tonight temps will fall like a stone. if you're going out late, grab a light jacket. 70 leesburg, 73 manassas, 72 beltsville and 74 up in laurel. so temperatures just about average for this time of year. 80% of the weekend will be nice, chilly tonight, just spectacular tomorrow and just cool saturday night. so really just comfortable, no ac, no furnace, good deal. some afternoon showers for mom, try to get the cookout done by maybe 2:00 or 3:00. for tonight clear skies, chilly, a one blanket night, mid-40sed in burbs, mid-50s downtown, winds northwest at 10. tomorrow morning sunny, chilly start but a rapid warm-up. we'll be 73 by noon and then by
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afternoon sunny and warmer, just spectacular. keep the shades handy, high temperatures tomorrow near 80 and winds southwesterly at about 10. next seven days here's what we mean. by the time we get into late sunday mother's day showers are possible, still warm, upper 70s and then put your umbrella by the door because monday, tuesday, wednesday, showers and maybe thunderstorms, temps loving in the mid-70s and even thursday and -- hovering in the mid-70s and even thursday and friday next week showers are possible but not a washout, highs in the mid- to upper 70s. all in all the weekend will be pretty darn nice, just that little last bit of mom's day a little unsettled. >> it's okay. >> you moms are happy. coming up the toddler that was pulled off a flight because she was on the no fly list. >> up next how a popular department store is going to use technology to better compete with online retailers.
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sunday is a special day for mom and retailers are expected to take advantage of that. they're going to get about $18.6 billion this mother's day. according to the national
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retail federation, we will spend 3.4 billion to treat mom to a nice meal and spend 2.2 billion for nice flowers and 1.6 billion on clothes and accessories and don't forget that 1.8 billion for gift cards. the nrf says in spite of the economic uncertainty mother's day spending has increased every year since 2009. macy's is developing some new ways to change how you shop. reports macy's plans to ad new technology to their physical stores -- add new technology to their physical stores. free wi-fi service may eventually help them marry the virtual and in-store shopping experience making the department store even more competitive with other online retailers. the smithsonian's dillan ripley center is offering up a new exhibit honoring the late steve jobs featuring technology patents and trade marks that change the way people communicate. the apple computer founder got more than 300 patents and trade marks in his career. the exhibit features a display of 30 panels made to resemble
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iphones and a special display case featuring the 1985 apple computer and a 2010 apple ipod. washington gas is billing it as a first in the nation. today the utility held a ribbon cutting ceremony in four of its new state of the art eco friendly center in springfield which features compressed natural gas filling stations and a fleet of natural gas vehicles. almost 1/3 of the building materials are made from recycled stuff and it is located on 20 acres of land just inside the beltway. h2o everywhere at one local elementary school. d.c. water held its annual children's water festival at ann beers elementary southeast. coming up a high school baseball team from a catholic school forfeits the state championship because of who was on the opposing team. >> reporter: i'm kristin fisher on the bethesda naval base where military moms are getting made over for mother's day. i've got before the and afters
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coming up. >> but first 340,000 children dropped out of high school last year. it hurts their future and their country's few. up next how some adults are helping local students reverse that trend.
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with high school graduation right around the corner we wanted to remind you there are thousands of children dropping out of high school and not only are they risking their futures,
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they're a financial drain on the system. they cost you billions. >> that's right. but as delia goncalves shows us, one group is helping to change that 1 student at a time. >> i don't know that. >> okay. this word is he is eschewing. >> reporter: you can call it a failure of our school system, a 17-year-old high school senior living in poverty stricken ward 8 just learning how to read for the first time. >> i was in a state of shock. when we first visited anacostia they said there were about a dozen kids reading at 3rd grade level or less. >> reporter: that's why resources for inner city children or rich moved in to tutor students at anacostia high school literally turning lives around, including christian holmes. >> you can't put a price tag on that type of reward. >> you can see that belief in himself. he was relentless about making sure that he achieves and of adult in the building wanted to make sure we supported him. >> reporter: he is now set to
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graduate from anacostia high where he's had perfect attendance at a school struggling to fill the classroom seats, but his goal has not been an easy one. this is an old neighborhood? >> yeah. >> reporter: what are the nicknames of the neighborhood? >> 24th and bang back. >> reporter: christian grew up in one of the most notorious neighborhoods. >> there's no positive energy around here. >> reporter: christian and the eight members of his family only lued here in this building for about a year -- lived here in this building for about a year where his father smoked crack in the house. his brother consistently stole from him. even though those issues still remain they left the neighborhood under threats of their lives. >> i lived -- i stayed with my friend to go to school. >> reporter: the family bounced around among several different hotels before relocating. it's safe now, but by no means a positive family environment -- safer now but by no means a positive family environment, his father still smoking crack, his brother still stealing. is that hard to talk about? >> yes. >> reporter: because is it
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still happening? >> yes. >> reporter: does it make home uncomfortable for you? >> something like that, but it's just -- i can't feel it because eventually i'm not going to be around it. >> reporter: but it's your family. >> yeah. but some people, they just love family from a distance. >> if you'd like to learn more about the tutoring program, helping kids like christian go, to our website speaking of mentoring, first lady michelle obama delivered the commencement speech this afternoon at virginia tech university. during her remark the first lady praised the students for using the power of service to help those around them bounce back from the 2007 massacre on cancer. she urged the students to continue to serve -- on campus. she urged the students to continue to serve their communities as adults. >> you all haven't just taught us about the power of service to lift up our families and heal our communities, you've also shown us that through
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service we can heal ourselves. >> the white house has said the first lady chose to accept the invitation to speak at virginia tech because of the resilience the school has shown in such difficult times. jetblue has now issued an apology for pulling a toddler off a flight because crews believed her name was on the no fly list. the airline blamed it on a computer glitch. the 18-month-old girl and her parents wanted fly from florida, new jersey, tuesday evening but little rihanna and her parents were kicked off the flight due to terror concerns. the parents claim they were targeted because they were of middle descent but don't plan to take any legal action. a man accused of trying to open a door on a commuter plane out on bail. the attorney for the north carolina man said his client has a neurological order that causes confusion and the lawyer expects the charges to eventually be dropped. u.s. airways express was on route to philly from maine at the time. crew and passengers restrained
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the man and the pilot made an emergency landing in boston. military moms at bethesda naval got an early mother's day gift today, free makeovers. kristin fisher was there to catch the before and of after. >> i am a single mom of five amazing daughters. >> reporter: julie bishop is one busy woman. she has five girls. she's been in the navy 19 years and is a week from getting her masters in social work. >> pretty full life. >> reporter: so today she's taking a time-out to get a free makeover for mother's day. >> i need to keep it professional, easy to do and quick in the morning when you're trying to run out the dear to get to work on time. >> reporter: the makeovers -- door to get to work on time. >> reporter: the makeovers are compliments of the salon. >> at the end of the day you talk to a woman, she feels good. she is good. this is the least we could do was make them over for all the work they do. >> reporter: by the end of today about 20 military moms will get made over, hair and
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makeup, although most of them are having to keep their hair pulled back because you got to go back to work, right? >> yes, i do. >> reporter: so does this 20- year-old, but her work is to go to a doctor's appointment. she lost her vision while in afghanistan last january. >> they believe i have a disease that's causing blindness. they can't explain the cause and there's no cure for it. so they really don't know what's going on. >> reporter: at least today she'll feel beautiful. she can't see her makeover, but her mom can and she says it's the only mother's day gift she needs. >> she looks beautiful like always from the start she was born. >> i owe her a lot for raising me the person i am today. i love you, mom. >> reporter: kristin fisher, 9 news now. >> after their makeovers the military moms were also treated to a performance by d.c.-based recording artist rasheeda. still ahead on 9news hormonal changes in men and what they can do to their relationship. it's not just menopause that affects mood, sex drive and
5:36 pm
more. >> up next employees fight back against a cross-dressing robbery attempt and the melee is caught on tape. >> don't forget we're always online as well for you at stay with us. we will be right back.
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caught on tape a man opened fire at a dollar store in texas after he allegedly tried to rob the place. check out the surveillance video in a place called plain plano. the suspect dressed as a woman. the clerk got impatient and that is when home boy pulled out a gun. another worker ran to the front of the store and pushed the guy down and the struggle ensues. the worker hit the suspect with the gun, fires a shot and nobody was hurt but somehow he still got away. in philadelphia the search is on for a man caught on tape throwing hot coffee at a donut shop worker during a dispute about whether he'd pay for his order. the attack was caught on police surveillance camera. during the dispute you see it there, the man grabs the cup of hot coffee from the worker and throws it right at her. she suffered severe burns. other people inside confront the guy, but he got away. a voter is lucky to be
5:40 pm
alive tonight after his 30-foot motorboat went up in flames in washington state. that's it. it happened yesterday between bainbridge eye behind and kitsup peninsula. a friend was following the -- island and kitsup peninsula. a friend was following boat and noticed it was on flames. a dog on the burning vessel died. investigators are trying to figure out the cause of the fire. a baseball team at an arizona private school is garnering national ridicule tonight for for fitting a championship game rather than face the other team that had a female player. >> this school is our lady of sorrows in phoenix. its team was supposed to play mesa prep, but it didn't happen because our lady objected to mesa's second baseman 15-year- old paige solzbach. >> it takes tremendous moral courage to stand by what it is you believe and they're doing what they think is right. >> i don't believe anyone wants
5:41 pm
to win by forfeit or lose by forfeit. >> our lady of sorrows is a fundamentalist catholic school. their administrators say students are taught to treat girls with deference and say it would be difficult, if not impossible, for them to play in this game. >> the ironically named lady of sorrows. well, typically it takes three strikes to be out, but coming up you'll see how one player managed to get three players out with one play. >> but first a 9-year-old boy's name is on one of the top topics trending on twitter. we'll talk about why. that's up next.
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one of the hottest stories trending on twitter today is fulfilling a dying boy's wish. 9-year-old ryan kennedy has been through seven surgeries, two rounds of radiation and four different kinds of chemotherapy since 2007. he's fighting a rare form of brain cancer and the 4th grader recently told his mother he's
5:45 pm
had enough. even though doesn't have a twitter account, the hashtag of ryan kennedy is spreading around the globe. even some celebrities have joined the worldwide push to raise awareness during national brain cancer awareness month. mood swings, low sex drive, forgetfulness, it sounds like menopause, very typical symptoms. it can also be manopause and tonight's health alert is for the men and the women who love you. >> i was feeling tired. didn't have a lot of energy. >> and jack mayo's fatigue signaled the start of a much larger issue of. >> reporter: were you surprised? >> yeah. i guess i -- you know, it's oh, that sex thing and we guys can't talk about that. >> i said, you know, i think it could be something more. >> reporter: after 28 years of marriage jack's wife donna knew something wasn't right. she urged him to see a doctor. blood tests revealed he had low testosterone levels which causes andropause also known as
5:46 pm
manopause. >> i said that's a hormone imbalance and i said i'm not used to thinking of men having that problem, but because for myself i'm going through my own hormone difficulties. >> reporter: doctors say manopause is real and unlike female pen pause which usually -- menopause which usually runs its course in a few years manopause can last decades and while mayo is not suffering from low libido 90% of men with this condition do. this live talk show style event at anne arundel medical center tackles the issue of hormonal changes in men. it's part of an effort to raise awareness of men's health and encourage guys to get regular checkups and discuss personal issues with their docs. >> so low testosterone can lower the libido, sexual interest, lower sexual functioning, erectile dysfunction can cause bone loss. >> reporter: jack was beginning to lose bone mass before seeking help. there are several treatments for low testosterone, biweekly
5:47 pm
injections, paetsch and the most popular treatment, a testosterone gel. this is the treatment jack is taking. >> so if i have a problem, i want to address it and get over it and move on. >> more common than you'd realize and i had no idea the numbers of marriages that fail at this point in life. >> reporter: not an option for the mayos and they say it doesn't have to be for other couples either. >> an important footnote, some men can be allergic to the testosterone gel. it is known to have some side effects including depression, rouge in some people, nausea and changes to skin -- rage in some people, nausea and changes to skin color. men who use it need to keep in close touch with their doctors, but it all starts with the blood test. with the unrelenting fatigue, he had it checked out. >> does this happen to everybody? all the young disguise out there like dave owens have this to look forward to -- guys out there like dave owens have this to look forward to? >> no.
5:48 pm
for most guys it goes down naturally over time so not man pause for everybody. menopause for all of us. >> thank you, ma'am. >> go outside. it's a gorgeous day. >> it couldn't be nicer except maybe tomorrow, a little warmer tomorrow. you might like that. got down to 39 this morning at dulles, 52 downtown, not as cold tonight. temps will fall like a stone when the sun goes down. let's take a live look outside at our live weather cam brought to you by michael and son. temperature downtown 73, the high so far today. the dew point is in the 30s, so the winds won't be that strong tonight. they kept us up a little bit in terms of temperatures last night. they'll pretty much be dead calm after midnight. look for temperatures falling quickly after the sun goes down. 71 arlington, 70 in bethesda, 74 rockville, 70 gaithersburg, 71 sterling, 69 in reston, one of the cool spots and 73 in beltsville and even over by the
5:49 pm
bay it's 72 in annapolis. now here's the deal. 80% of the weekend will be nice really. chilly again tonight, not quite as cold, just spectacular tomorrow, just cool saturday night. so we're talking about a perfect night for sleeping weather. you can even have your windows open. then on moms day showers late afternoon, may want to fire up the bar-b early or have a contingency man to move inside. tonight clear skies, chilly, one blanket night, 44 to 54, winds light northwest at 10. tomorrow morning sunny, chilly start but a rapid warm-up. you get up 6:00, 40s and 50s, but 11:00 we'll be in the 70s, winds northwest at 10. by afternoon what can we say? sunny, warmer, keep sunglasses handy, high temperatures upper 70s, near 80 and winds southwest at 10. so zones, sunshine from the mountains and coast, even oakland making it to 68. there are some frost advisories west of the divide tonight.
5:50 pm
705 in cumberland, upper 70s for -- 75 in cumberland, upper 70s for hagerstown, martinsburg and winchester. in warrenton, manassas and leesburg 77, support of 8 fairfax it, 79 down -- 78 fairfax, 709 downtown. gaithersburg and rockville -- 79 downtown, gaithersburg and rockville 78. winds will be well below small craft advisory criteria. we'll break it down. 44 to 52 to start, 7s by noon and by evening 70 -- 70s by noon and by evening 76 to 81, picture perfect. next three days, mom, maybe showers late in the day, upper 70s. certainly grab your umbrella for monday, temperatures in the mid- s with showers and also some thunderstorms -- mid-70s with showers and also some thunderstorms. next seven days. each day progressively we get a better chance of showers and storms, tuesday, wednesday, mid- 7s, even thursday and friday leftover showers, not a big, do
5:51 pm
temperatures in the mid-70s. we need to focus on 80% of the weekend being almost picture perfect. >> that's what we'll do. we've got breaking news right now out of chicago where the verdict has just come down in the murder of three members of jennifer hudson's family. the jury has found william balfour guilty of killing the singer's mother, brother and 7- year-old nephew. prosecutors say he killed them in a jealous rage after his marriage to hudson's sister fell apart. now he's facing a mandatory life sentence. we'll lighten things up a bit because you may have heard of some really nice guys named steven strasburg and bryce harper. >> well, the young nat stars have nothing on a 6-year-old in atlanta. >> ross burnett turned a triple play single handedly. he catches a pop fly for the first out, steps on third base to get the second out, then he tags the runner out who was trying to come to third for the
5:52 pm
third out. he's a bad boy. we like that! >> 6 years old! >> he says he's always wanted to get a solo triple play and he's really worked up because it has finally gone town. we like that, man. >> dave, can you -- down. we like that, man. >> dave, can you imagine? that boy has a future. >> they could use him in the major leagues and we could use hum on the company softball team. >> do we have a company softball team? >> we do. >> that's pretty cool. on this 40th anniversary of title 9 we go to st. stevens st. agnes high school for one of the most remarkable accomplishments we've seen. couple that with how it was done and you've got quite a story. to alexandria, virginia, we go for this week's high school profile. kathy jenkins has been at it for 37 years. >> i think it's a long time. >> if you believe this 61-year- old young lady is slowing down, you've got another thing coming. her career actually began in
5:53 pm
the 1970s, title 9 was in its formative stages. >> i was taking a class at a thaw asked us to start a new program -- at au that asked us to start a new program in our school. >> kathy told me she'd been told she had to start a lacrosse problem, did i know anything about it because she didn't? >> well, these golden girls have done all right. 24 conference titles, six state titles. generations have come and gone. >> my mom went to st. agnes, too and was in high school when coach cushing started coaching here. >> how does coach continue to connect with players 40 years her junior? >> you have to know the new music and you have to know the boss and i say oh, i like that song. >> so i guess you could say she's keeping up with the times almost, that is. these metal sticks are commonplace in a lacrosse game. jenkins doesn't let her players use them until they've earned
5:54 pm
their stripes. case in point, jv players have to use old wooden sticks. >> everyone always kind of looks at us and it's like what is this team with these wooden sticks? >> answer, a darn good 1. jenkins said her own school equipment improves stickhandling and as she notched her 600th win as head coach last week, who could argue. now the only question how much longer? >> the day she quits, i quit. >> the day alex quits, i quit. >> together forever, i guess. just to put jenkins a success in perspective, we've been only able to find two other coaches ever who have that many wins and you heard jenkins say she never played the game. she says she read books and went to catches. that's how she learned the game and i'd say it turned out pretty well. >> sure did. thank you. still ahead the candidates trying to get back to basics on the campaign trail, find out what president obama and mitt romney both want to address tonight. >> then a little later new
5:55 pm
charges for the man accused of opening fire on the white house. >> but first a small family of sorts has taken roost or residence up at a local school. why the neighbors think these guys all showed up. we'll tell you about it up next.
5:56 pm
5:57 pm
mothers weekend is off to a very night start down in sterling, virginia. this mallard gave birth to 11 ducklings last week. they were born in the newly
5:58 pm
renovated courtyard at sterling elementary. the school's green team has been working to maintain the area the last few years and they installed a small pond in there. teachers believe it was the addition of the pond that attracted the mama duck to the courtyard in the first place. while one son in new york gave his mother a gift a little early this year. >> and it's pretty hard to top this one. >> reporter: craig lamont would do anything for his mom dorene. for this mother's day went all out. what do you usually get from your son on mother's day? >> maybe a flower or a plant but not a kidney. that's pretty special. >> it's a first for us. >> reporter: dorene's kidneys were failing, the result of the radiation treatment she received for leukemia back in the 'serves. her husband and oldest son -- '70s. her husband and oldest son offered their kidneys, but her other son was the perfect match.
5:59 pm
like any mom dorene was concerned about her son. >> that bothered me more than anything, that he was going to have this surgery. >> reporter: but it was nice to know the kidney was coming from the whole some boy she raised. >> i know his background. he has not been taking nasty things that he shouldn't. he's been well fed. >> reporter: last year there were 5,769 kidneys donated by living donors in the u.s. 880 of those were from a son or daughter to a parent. dorene's doctor says some 93,000 people are waiting for kidney transplants in the u.s. >> there's a huge gap between the organ supply and the organ demand and that gap is growing greater and greater every day. >> reporter: two days after surgery mother and son are up and about. >> i'm just really grateful that i could do it, you know. it worked out really well and here we are and it's mother's day and mom is feeling pretty good. >> this is the ultimate mother's day gift. >> reporter: a gift for mo


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