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tv   9 News Now at 6pm  CBS  May 11, 2012 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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manuel gallegos, cbs news, new york. >> donors actually regain much of their kidney function because the kidney they have will still actually grow. this is 9 news now. breaking news right out of arlington where the harris and davis highway has been shut down because it is flooded with sewage. that's a block and a half from the county's water pollution control plant, a plant some work was being done on today. we've got a crew on the way to scene. on to politics, key swing states on the schedule today for both president obama and mitt romney. as randall pinkston reports, both men trying to get their presidential campaigns off of social issues and back on the economy. >> reporter: anita, a new usa gallup poll today shows 51% of americans who were polled say they agree with president obama's decision to announce his support for same sex
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marriage. 60% say it will make no difference in how they vote. as the president wraps up his western swing, he's staying away from social issues focusing instead on the core issue of his campaign and so is his challenger mitt romney. president obama campaigned in nevada friday, home to the second highest foreclosure rate in the nation and record unemployment. after meeting with homeowners in reno who refinanced with the help of a white house program the president promised more help is on the way. >> there are things we can do right now to help create jobs and help restore some of the finance security that too many families have lost. >> reporter: the president is wrapping up a west coast swing that included a glitzy fundraiser at actor george clooney's home. guest praised his support for same sex marriage and he collected nearly $15 million. social issues dominated the week for both candidates. president obama was forced to clarify his position on same
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sex marriage and republican challenger mitt romney had to answer questions about an alleged bullying incident when he was in high school. romney apologized,-worked to put the episode behind him. at -- then worked to put the episode behind him. at campaign in north carolina he focused on the president's campaign record. >> by his own record his policies hasn't worked. they're a throwback to the liberal ideas of the past. >> reporter: as both candidates zero in on the economy, social issues are likely to stay in the headlines. romney is preparing his commencement address for graduates at an evangelical university in virginia and the president plans to raise more money with high profile supporters of same sex marge. as president obama prepares to return to washington, two national polls show him trailing mitt romney among likely voters. randall pinkston, back to you. >> thank you. romney will be in virginia tomorrow speaking at liberty university. president obama will deliver
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the commencement address at barnard college in new york before attending a fundraiser hosted by singer ricky martin. in baltimore a mixed verdict for a campaign consultant accused of sending out robocalls to try and suppress black voter turn out. julius henson worked with bob ehrlich in the 2010 election. a jury found henson guilty of conspiracy in not providing an authority line on campaign materials but he was found not guilty of using fraud to influence the voters' decision whether to vote. henson will be sentenced on this split verdict next month. police are working on creating descriptions of two men accused of attacking a woman in merrifield. this happened early this morning behind a school in the 2400 block of gallows road. >> reporter: i'm armando trull in fairfax county and this is the scene that greeted parents, teachers and students at this montessori school, fair fact county police investigating the assault and robbery of a woman
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on the steps of that institution. detectives spent hours dusting for fingerprints and looking for evidence ling two male systems to this morning's -- linking two male suspects to this morning's attack. >> she was beaten with some type of blunt object to point where she needed to be taken to the hospital. in addition, she was sexually sawed and robbed. >> reporter: police aren't -- assaulted and robbed. >> reporter: police aren't identifying the 56-year-old woman, but she might be a homeless woman who has been seen sleeping under the school's portico. >> i'm shocked and scared, definitely going to keep my doors locked until these two persons are caught because that's something that does not happen in this area. >> reporter: in fairfax marijuana dough truell, 9 news now. armando trull, 9 news now. a judge ordered a man incompetent to stand trial, 19-
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year-old michael davis, the younger player of nfl players vernon and vontae davis. in addition to murder, michael davis has been charged in attacks of two other people in addition to the tourist from denver. a man charged with trying to assassinate president obama faces two more charges. he is oscar ra mira ortega hernandez, an indictment adds firearms in a dwell and he's pleaded not guilty. by now you've probably seen this, controversial time magazine cover that sparked controversy and conversation about what's doubled attachment parenting. the magazine is marking 20 years since a book by dr. william sears and his wife made the concept famous. it's time's cover people are talking about. is it appropriate? is it not? surae chinn got reaction today. >> i just feel like we have to defend ourselves for something that we're doing that's so right for our kids and i hate that. >> reporter: the topic of
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disposable diapers at this attachment parenting group in reston was overshadowed by a picture of a 3-year-old standing up and latched onto mom's breast. >> i saw it was a picture of a mom breastfeeding her kid. so it wasn't like oh, wow. there was nothing shocking about it. we're moms. we know what we have. >> reporter: moms can already feel the pressure of being judged and they say having this cover doesn't help. you feel like you kind of are always to have to stand up for your child and i always will, but it's unfortunate that i have to. >> reporter: everyone is a critic. >> i don't think a child that age should be breastfeeding. >> i think it's awful. >> reporter: why? >> well, i'm a little bit insulted by the way she's dressed, no. 1, and secondly, by what the child is doing. >> reporter: late night made fun of it. >> i thought it was racy until i see the whole -- oh, my god. look at that. >> and how breasts have been sexualized and how people think it's disgusting or child molestation for extended breastfeeding.
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>> as moms we all try to do our best and whatever works for your family i've always thought that. however, i worry about that kid when he's a little bit older. >> reporter: time magazine shows the provocative picture to get people talking and that's just fine for these moms who say they'll continue doing what works best for their families. in reston souray chin, 9 news now. >> lots of opinions and you can -- surae chinn, 9 news now. >> lots of opinions and you can add yours on our facebook page. coming up while the politics of same sex marriage is debated there is one thing that's undeniable, states who permit them are cashing in. that story and a lot more enoughs at 7:00. still -- news at 7:00. still to come, new concern about neighbors planning to move in. >> we just had a beautiful day. it's a little below average, but that's okay, 73 and 52 goes in the books. again it was 39 this morning at
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dulles, 75 and 55 the averages. sometimes it pays to be average. we'll come back, talk about the weekend and tell you when the showers roll in. >> but first saying good-bye to an nfl legend, a look at what's planned for junior seau and the concern his death is raising for other players.
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a public memorial will be held at qualcomm stadium tonight for junior seau, the former san diego charger's linebacker who shot himself earlier this month at his california home. seau played 20 seasons in the nfl, 13 of them in san diego. there's been a lot of speculation that concussions may have played a role in seau's death. >> one of his former teammates gary plummer estimates that seau could have suffered some one thousand five hundred of these brain injuries in a 20 year career. three lawsuits have been filed by football players against the
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nfl for concussions since seau's death. the most recent was yesterday and it includes hall of famer art monk. we spoke with one of the class action lawsuit attorneys today. >> there has to be some massive changes with respect to this game. some of these guys can't work. they're 45 years old and they can't hold a job because of the concussion syndrome. some of these players have difficulty remembering their kids' names, for example. >> we've tried reaching out to art monk himself for comment on the case. so far he's not talking publicly. in all more than 2,000 former players are suing the national football league over concussions. still ahead police officers take the two wheels to honor the memory of some of their -- take to two wheels to honor the memory of some of their colleagues. >> i'm steve hartman. in advance of tomorrow's big rocketry competition in virginia we've come to one of the most remote parts of the country to meet one of the most
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unlikely people for one of the most unbelievable stories. catch us tonight on the cbs evening news.
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we wanted to update you now on that breaking news out of arlington. a sewage flood that closed the harris teeter at gleek road and jefferson davis highway. we are live there with the details. >> reporter: people have within in the building involved in the clean-up say there's 2 to 3 inches deep water throughout the store coming from the backed up restrooms. they say it could be weeks or months before the store is open and the floor has to be replaced. unfortunately harris teeter is not responding to talk about this. residents in the area say they've seen these big trucks here pumping out the sewage from the store is really not unusual. they say they have seen some kind of difficulties with the plumbing in the general area for some time. jason lindstrom is a civil engineer who lives directly over the store. tell me about what you've seen before and what happens in your batesment when you go to park in your garage. >> sure. every so often a pumper truck
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shows up and they clean out the system. so obviously there's been some issues with plumbing for a while. when we go home and our garage sometimes, we're on the third floor and there's water coming out of the drains there, sometimes when it rains and other times just miscellaneously. >> reporter: i know you're a civil engineer. do you think there's an underlying problem here? >> yeah. without really seeing how it's all networked together, but i guess, you know, we're right next to the water, so it's a low point and that's where most of the sewage goes. >> reporter: a resident that lives over the store, thank you very up. if we find out more from the company or what's happening inside, we'll let you know. it appears this harris theater won't be open for at least some period of time. for months we heard the concern about traffic along i- 395 once the mark center opened in alexandria. today our guys went to falls church where residents are worried that what didn't happen
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along i-395 will happen along route 50. >> at night there's just a huge aura of height. it's like being in the middle of a city. -- light. it's like being in the middle of a city. >> reporter: that's the view from her driveway. >> the light comes through the trees into our bathroom. >> reporter: a major annoyance all because of the lights from a huge defense department health processing center constructed next-door. >> i'm going to have to buy those blackout and soundout curtains. >> reporter: by july over 3,000 employees will work here in a building that once housed an electronics lab. >> 1 gentleman said look, this is so much light here that when i get up during the night to go to the bathroom, i don't have to turn on any lights. >> reporter: high intensity lights installed at this security gate have riled up the pine spring neighborhood. >> i'm apprehensive. i really am. >> reporter: but it's not just the lights that have the residents up in arms. it's traffic. >> traffic is going to back up.
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people in this neighborhood are not going to be able to get to work. >> reporter: a possible solution? use a smaller entrance on fairview park drive, but that's on a narrow two-lane road. neighbors claim they can't get answers to their concerns. >> and everybody passes the buck to the next person. >> reporter: a frustration the congressman shares. >> i understand they aren't carrying out orders. but again this isn't an unreasonable thing. >> reporter: department of defense officials on the screen wouldn't answer questions from the press. nearly 100 bikers are taking part in this year's police unity tour. the ride covers 275 miles from valley forge, pennsylvania, to the nation's capital. today the riders passed through howard county for the first time in the event's 15 year huff. they ride in honor of -- history. they ride in honor of officers killed in the line of duty.
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they to arrive in d.c. tomorrow. maryland state police paused today to honor a trooper killed in the line of duty nearly one year ago. >> reporter: i'm scott broom with state police in maryland where today there was a solemn reminder of the cost of reckless motorcycle riding. this was a dedication to remember maryland state trooper shaft hunter, a father of six killed on i-95 last year at this time in terrible collision. hunter his colleagues believe was trying to stop a motorcycle screaming down the road at high speed when the trooper hit a tractor trailer on the shoulder of the highway. that mystery motorcyclist has never been found. today hunter's large family gathered with his colleagues to remember the former marine officer, state trooper and youth mentor, a large sign to be placed on the interstate at the site of the kissing unveiled. afterward hunter's mother shared these -- of the collision unveiled. afterward hunter's mother shared these thoughts about reckless motorcycle riding.
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>> i couldn't think they're thinking clearly. i shudder. the tears fall. i can't look at certain things especially when i see people driving in an unsafe manner. the clock is ticking on your chance to win a brand-new ipad. you have until 11:59 tonight to log onto facebook and like our wusa9 page. we'll announce the winner of that ipad and a university of maryland survival guide next week. lots of cool stuff from college and an ipad. >> a gorgeous day to be outside. >> tomorrow i think could be nicer. i really do. a couple degrees warmer. now i can't promise a rain-free weekend. we'll talk about that in a second. let's take a love look outside at our live weather cam brought to you by michael and son. crystal clear, 73 downtown. look at the dew point in the 30s. that means temps can really tank when the sun goes down. you're out late tonight, grab a jacket. temperatures now comfortable, no jacket required, 72
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arlington, 70 bethesda, 74 rockville, 72 great falls and 72 in beltsville. so here's the deal. 80% of the weekend will be nice and about 60% will be fantastic. chilly again tonight, just spectacular tomorrow and not as chilly saturday night, just comfortably cool and then some afternoon showers possible for mom, maybe fire up the b-b early sunday. clear and chilly again tonight -- the bar-b early sunday. clear and chilly again tonight, not as chilly as last night. these are about average temperatures for this time of year really. 45 gaithersburg, 47 rockville, 52 downtown, 48 college park, 46 in bowie, a little on the cool side, but actually about average. we've just been spoiled. morning, sunny, chilly start but a rapid warm-up, 40s and 50s at 6:00 but by 11:00 temps are back in the 70s. high temperatures near 80 and winds out of the southwest at
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10. a spectacular day, a perfect 10 ray. the next seven days we do have to have a shower. we've had it all weekend for moms day. late in the day temperatures still warm, upper 70s and grab your umbrella next week, showers and storms possible monday, tuesday, wednesday in the mid-70s and even leftover showers possible thursday and friday with highs in the mid- 70s. >> okay. looking forward to the weekend. would have been here about. the caps take us here. we get a little nervous and then they excel. >> i'm calling it, caps 4, rangers 2. you heard it here first. >> won't be long now can the caps shoot down another opponent? the men in red taking on a rather interesting approach to game 7. wait till you see this, laughter apparently the best medicine and look outfield, here comes tiger next in sports.
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and now 9 sports with dave owens, the best sports in town. >> one of the most unlikely runs in the nhl playoffs thus far caps on the precipice of the eastern conference finals. remember a month ago this team was left for dead by a lot of us including me. proves how much i know. game 7 tomorrow will wrap up what truly has been an amazing series. every game except one was decided by a goal, two overtime game, one four hours long. the caps are enjoying the drama, though. check out how many times they reference the word having fun
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in this soundbite. check it out. >> talking about having fun, more having more fun, we started playing better and we have to keep the right atmosphere for them to think that it transitions into better hockey. >> you've got to have fun with it and have fun on the ice. >> it's a fun time of year and no better place to be playing hockey than in game 7. >> i just like those things. holtby has been the story of this playoff. he also recently became a dad. the 22-year-old and his fiancee welcomed a baby boy into the world. the middle name of the kid hunter as in dale. he says no. all right. how about that. j.b. and his knee will be a game time season. it will be the story of the summer. do you sit stephen strasburg when he nears his unofficial innings limit which has been scoffed at by gm mike rizzo
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which says the whole thing has been concocted by the media. imagine that. he is arguably pitching the best baseball in the national league right now. last night he blew away 13 pirates, undefeated, leads the league in strikeouts. 13,000 of you voted on our website for the game of the week, girls softball for a second straight week. robinson at herndon, playoff seeding on the line, highlights tonight at 11:00. finally for the second consecutive week tiger woods in jeopardy of missing the cut until he turns back into old tiger, back to back to back to back birdies. tiger following up his pedestrian 74 with a good round, 2-under now. looks like he's going to make the cut. >> that's a great little saying. we'll do that to you next time we want you to be quiet. time to go, dave, ding. >> we need one for derek. >> oh. >> that's it for us. cbs evening news is next.
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>> derek is back at 7:00. good night. have a great weekend, everybody.


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