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tv   9 News Now at 430am  CBS  May 14, 2012 4:30am-5:00am EDT

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undermined by this huge effort to weaken the rule by putting in a huge loophole which is called portfolio hedging. >> reporter: but some lawmakers, including republican senator john thune are against tighter rules for banks. >> we need to make sure we have all the facts before we jump to conclusions for more regulation. >> reporter: he says more regulation could make it harder for banks to do their jobs. susan mcginnis, cbs news, washington. >> jamie dimon is going to face shareholders at the company'sage meeting which is tomorrow. maryland lawmakers will be in annapolis for the start of a three-day special session to debate and possibly approve a budget deal between governor martin o'malley and leaders in the house and senate. it calls for tax ?ks on people who make -- increases on people who make $100 thown or --
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$100,000 or more. the future of gambling in the state was another key issue which divided lawmakers. that's expected to be the subject of another special session later this summer. some d.c. residents head to the polls tomorrow for a special election to fill the ward five council seat. that seat was vacated bihari thomas, jr. who was sentence -- by harry thomas, jr. who was sentenced for stealing $350,000 from youth sports programs. he was forced to resign as part of a plea bargain with prosecutors. the winner will serve out the remainder of thomas' term which runs through 2014. tomorrow county council members will begin debating ambulance fees in montgomery county. on friday the county council's public safety commission voted 2-1 not to recommend a bill which calls for the fees. the measure was reintroduced
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last month by county executive ike leggett even though voters rejected the fee in 2010. scores of law enforcement officers from around the country are in washington for the start of the national law enforcement week. >> they were joined by national and local leaders to remember those who gave their lives in the line of duty. bruce johnson has more. >> reporter: hundreds gathered at the law enforcement officers memorial in washington to remember the fallen police officers. this year the heroes include maryland state trooper shaft sydney hunter. he was killed while chasing a speeding motorcycle in howard county. also derek krause killed by a student from a nearby college during a routine traffic stop. names of the fallen were added to the memorial wall. u.s. attorney eric holder was among those to speak. >> we come together to pay special tribute to the 362
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remarkable individuals whose stories are a testament to the endurance and the strength of america's law enforcement officers at every level and whose names are now permanently carved into this memorial as a reminder of their ultimate sacrifice. >> we light a candle for each life taken from us in the line of duty over the past year. and we honor every officer who has made the ultimate sacrifice for our country. each of these candles will burn a single small flame but its light will join all of the others to illuminate this sacred ground. >> reporter: bruce johnson, 9news now. >> this weekend president obama and vice president biden honor 34 of the nation's top cops in the special ceremony at the white house. a busy day for the president on the campaign trail in new york today. a commencement address at barnard college, a fund-raiser hosted by sing ericy martin and
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he'll tape an appearance on the view all in the same day. same-sex is expected to be one of the issues he will discuss. it's been a hot topic since he announced his support for it last week. mid romney got a standing ovation this weekend for his opposition to same-sex marriage. the former massachusetts governor gave the commencement speech at liberty university in lynchburg, virginia yesterday. >> marriage is a relationship between one man and one woman. >> romney's invitation to speak at the christian university caused a little controversy among some of the students critical of his mormon faith. a denial the taliban says it did not kill a key member of the afghan peace council in kabul. the member was gunned down while riding in his car in one of the capital's most secure
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areas. it's seen as another setback for the u.s.-backed effort to negotiate a political resolution to the war. four people were killed during a series of bombings which targeted iraq's security forces. one of the bombings occurred in the western city of ramadi as a policeman was killed and seven others were wounded. ours later a suicide bomber blew himself up at a security check point in baghdad. the attacks come as the u.s. embassy announced it is scaling back efforts to train iraqi police. at 4:35, here's a look at some other things making news now. a grizzly discovery 49 capital at a timed and mutilated bodies stuffed in bags have been found on a highway connecting monterey, mexico to the u.s. border. military officials say the bodies were missing heads, hands and feet making it difficult to identify them. police also found a banner containing a threatening message from a drug gang. three boston university
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students are dead after a van crashed in new zealand this weekend. five other students are injured and one of them is from the d.c. area. students are all a part of a study abroad program and the van they were in rolled over. alice mcalpine of washington, d.c. was one of the survivors of the her injuries are believed to be minor. four others is hospitalized but one is in critical condition. boston university is flying family members of the victims to new zealand. ryan mcme, roger clemens former trainer and friend is set to take the stand this morning in clemens' perjury trial. he has testified before he supplied steroids to clemens and eninjected him. clemens is accused to lying to congress when he testified on capitol hill he never used steroids. howard will have more in what is expected to be a pretty wet start to the workweek. >> jessica will have more on what is adding up to be major changes for companies. they say you never can
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repay your mom for everything she's done for you. we have a story of a man who comes pretty close. we're back in two minutes with your weather first. you're watching 9news now.
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4:39. we've got some showers around. that's going to be the case all day long. some showers around, maybe some thowndzer at times. -- thunder at times. temperatures won't be moving very much. unsented weather to start the week but we've got better days ahead. i'll let you know when they're going to get here with your forecast in a few minutes. monika is off but watching time saver traffic for us, here's beverly farmer. we have construction to worry about on the outer loop out of springfield. they're still at 236 with one
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lane squeezing through. so early on that's a tight squeeze to get up towards 66. the road work that was southbound 95 here in springfield is gone and northbound 95 lanes open coming up from quantico up to the beltway in springfield. another check of time saver traffic at 4:47. mike, andrea, back to you. >> thank you, beverly. it is 4:40. time for the first your money segment of the morning. >> happy monday to jessica doyle. >> happy monday to both of you. big busy week for wall street. we'll start with sort of the data that's coming up. we're looking ahead to retail sales figures later this week. many retailers are encouraged by reports that shows consumer sentiment is at its highest level before the recession. the survey found many americans are upbeat about the job market and lower gas prices. don't know if you checked them out lately. they look pretty g. the dow stands at 12,820, dropped 34 points in trading on friday. the nasdaq was basically flat on the day and down 1.6% for the week or rather down 1% for the week and the s&p 500 dropped by more than 4.5
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points. another major story today, three of jm morgan chase's top traders are expected to resign. published reports say the company's chief investment officer will step down today and two of her lieutenants will follow her out the door soon. the bank announced last week it lost $2 billion in complicated trades in just six weeks. c.e.o. jamie dimon said he was wrong to dismiss concern about the bank's trading practices just weeks ago. regulators say that the loss could lead to tighter regulations at all banks. yahoo's crea scott thompson is out. thompson agreed to resign after the company learned he listed a computer science degree on his resume which he never earned him. the internet company board as appointed an interim c.e.o. today c.e.o. mark zucker burke turned -- zuckerberg turned 28. the ipo could value fast book
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at nearly $100 -- facebook at nearly $100 billion. a rare recall for a high end automaker. ferrari, the company is recalling 200 all extra expensive -- ultraexpensive cars because of a defect that could lead to engine trouble. only about a hundred of these cars are in the u.s. because prices start around $200,000. finally more women than ever before are paying their ex- husbands alimony and killed support. mike is happy about this. 56% of divorced lawyers say they've seen an increase in mothers paying child support in the last three years. they say it's proof more women are the major bread winners in their family. >> i was going to say income equality is approaching. >> everybody says how brilliant jamie dimon is, so brilliant he won't step down?
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>> most likely not. i would be shocked to see him step down but who knows. >> you have all those people under you. thank you, jess. still ahead, why you should tell your child to sit down when they drink, especially if they're younger than five. >> we'll see if that works with mollie. back with more on that story and your weather first when we return in two minutes.
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good morning. welcome back to 9news now. howard bernstein is here. the weekend turned out to be really nice for mother's day. got in everything we wanted to do. >> showers came in late northwest for the post part. but they're going to be around today, tonight, tomorrow. a couple still possible by wednesday afternoon. but wednesday does look better. second half of the week looks really good. the preakness is coming. the big air show over at andrews is coming this weekend. i know there are a lot of folks
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who are looking forward to it. got people opening their pool this weekend. it looks much better by friday and saturday. here's a look at your bus stop forecast. we do have some wet weather around this morning as we go to our weather graph ins eventually here. one -- graphics eventually here, one, two, three. we don't need graphics. temperatures are running in the upper 50s to upper 60s out there this morning. winds not too bad but we do have those showers around with -- you're going to need the rain gear. you'll need the rain gear for the next couple of days as temperatures will slowly get toward the 70-degree mark this afternoon. winds out of the southeast at 10 miles an hour. at times there will be lulls. other times moderate showers. might get a rumble of thunder. any outdoor plans could be tough to get in. notice the rains around us. they're sort of broken and light but off to the south and west, we have heavier rains coming into southern west virginia. this is all going to move
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northeast. give it another six, eight hours and you get the idea we're going to northbound on probably heavier showers. locally on live doppler 9000hd, loudoun county, western fairfax, out west on 66, haymarket, out toward the plains, front royal, the big rocket festival at great meadow this weekend. that was a great day for that on saturday. la plata you've got showers toward dahlgren. quiet through much of montgomery county, howard and prince george's counties all of this moving to the north and east. easton 63. same with fredricksburg. winchester 59. 64 in gaithersburg and also here in washington this morning. still have good visibility under cloudy skies on our michael & son weather camera. south winds at 9 mile an hour and the muggies are back. humidity up to 77%. there's a lot of moisture on the eastern part of the country. also some energy in texas producing some showers and storms here. it's going to help feed into this as well. so we've got this with us and we'll get an extra kick tomorrow. looks like this will be with us the next couple of days.
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improvement, though, by the middle and especially the second half of the week. 70s today. scattered showers and storms. tonight we dip into the low 60s. mid-70s tomorrow. showers and a couple of storms. 81 on wednesday. could be afternoon or late day thunderstorms. thursday and friday look much better, mid-70s. in fact, we'll take the nice weather into the weekend. it is 4:47. time saver traffic with that. here's beverly farmer. starting the workweek in pretty good shape. most of the overnight road work out of your way. the beltway between new hampshire avenue and university boulevard, they've pulled up all the road work. everything is looking good here. outer loop on the right side of your screen at new hampshire avenue, broken down truck on the outer loop near 214 central avenue was along the right side waiting for the wrecker. if that's still a factor, they were still doing overnight work on the 231 benedict bridge, alternating traffic for that overnight project. northbound 95 lanes are open as you make your way heading past
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quantico into springfield. everything open on 95 northbound. inner loop at 236 midday or overnight crews rather were still working inner loop at 236 as you head up towards tyson. only one lane was able to get by. they're in the process of picking that up. 66 cruise out to westbound falls church should be out of your way. eastbound lanes have been open front royal on into man fan sas -- manassas. back to you. >> thank you. women are more likely than men to have post-traumatic stress after being treated in the intensive care unit. researchers say receiving life saving treatment can cause ptsc in many patients but women are more at risk for long-term problems, like depression and anxiety. the journal of critical care also reports that those at high risk do respond well to psychological treatment. every four hours a child goes to the emergency room with an injury from a bottle,
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pacifier or sippy cup. that's according to researchers nationwide at children's hospital. they get hurt when they fall when they're using one of these items. the most common injuries are cuts and bruising to the mouth and face. experts suggest parents try to use the bottles and cups when children are sitting. this may be just the best mother's day gift ever from a son to his mom. >> as manuel gallegus reports, it helped give her the gift of life. >> reporter: craig would do anything for his mom doreen. for this mother's day, we went all out. what do you usually give for your mother's day? >> usually a flower or a plant but not a kidney. that's pretty special. >> it's a first for us. >> reporter: doreen's kidneys were failing, the result of the radiation treatment she received for leukemia in the 70s. other other son and husband
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offered but her younger son was a match. doreen was concerned about her son. >> that bothered me more than anything that he was going to have this surgery. >> reporter: but it was nice to know the kidney was coming from the wholesome boy she raised. >> i know his background. he's not been taking nasty things that he shouldn't. he's been fell fed. >> reporter: -- well fed. >> reporter: last year there were 5,069 kidneys donated by living donors in the u.s. 880 of those were from a son or a daughter to a parent. doreen's doctor says some 93,000 people are waiting for kidney transplants in the u.s. >> there's a huge gap between the organ supply and the organ demand. that gap is growing greater and greater every day. >> reporter: two days after surgery, mother and son are up and about. >> i'm just really grateful that i could do it. it worked out really well and here we are. it's mother's day and mom's feeling pretty good. >> this is the ultimate
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mother's day gift. >> reporter: a gift for mom and son. manuel gallegus, cbs news, new york. >> even though they lose one of their kidneys, donors actually regain much of their kidney function because the kidney they still have will actually grow. it is 4:52 and time for the question of the morning. >> 152 of these are sold every minute around the word. is it a, a cup of coffee, b, a car or c, a cell phone? >> log on to the wusa9 facebook feign page and leave your response. we'll reveal the answer drg the 6:00 hour. -- answer during the 6:00 hour.
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welcome back. your weather first on this monday morning. temperatures will be struggling really to get much toward 70,
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maybe in the low 70s. occasional showers, some light, some heavier, could be a rumble of thunder, a couple of lulls as well with a southeast wind at 10. looks like we'll see some improvement by mid week. more on that coming up. right now beverly farmer is in with time saver traffic. back to work. got the rain on monday but the weekend was gorgeous, especially for mother's day. we'll have to take comfort in that. on the roadways a pretty good start too. outer loop of the beltway as you head west through college park to silver spring legion building volume -- silver spring only building volume. no problems to report 95 corridor or 66 in virginia. a complete look at your traffic comes up at 5:01. back to you. 4:55 now. d.c. alleys are getting a brighter look. >> this is something else. >> let me do the other one. smithsonian dilly riply center is offering up a new exhibit
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honoring steve jobs. the apple founder received more than 300 patents and trades marks during his career. smithsonian exhibit feature as display of more than 30 panels that look like iphones. and there's a special display case featuring a 1985 apple computer and 2010 apple ipod. a popular summer vacation destination for many in our area has a new noise law. the mayor and town council in dewey beach voted to tighten noise limits on businesses after year round residents complained about disturbances from bars and restaurants. bar owners or managers could be fined $500 and arrested for violations. restaurant owners say the limits are too restrictive. it was another super size weekend for the avengers. the film grossed $103 million. it's the first film ever to earn more than $100 million
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domestically in its second weekend. disney estimates the film earned a billion dollars in ticket sales worldwide in just 19 days. it becomes the 12th film in history to pass the billion dollar mark. "dark shadows" came in second with $28.8 million in ticket sales. "think like a man" still hanging in there rounding out the top three pulling in $6.3 million. new sole survive has been crowned. >> it's a big weekend for new movies on dvd. teresa garcia has those stories and more in this look at entertainment. >> reporter: the tribe has spoken and named a new soul survivor. kim of san antonio, texas is the winner of the $1 million prize. >> my first reaction when i found out i was a winner was like no, this is my worst nightmare. being a stronger woman it almost made me like a man in the tribe. it gave me this role i might
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not have had. i think it worked out in my favor. >> reporter: some of hollywood's biggest stars will travel to the south of france for the cam film festival. brad pitt and angelina jolie will make their first red carpet appearance together since announcing their engagement. nicole kidman will also be there for the premier of her new movie "the paper boy" which also stars john cusack. actress zoey dishaknell is headed to broadway to play loretta lynn in the new movie "coal miner's daughter." the movie "albert knobs" is out on dv starring glenn close as a woman who dresses up as a man in order to work and survive in 19th century ireland. lian kneeson's suspense movie is also coming out on dvd.
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he leads a group of oil rig workers after their plane crashes in the remote alaskan wilderness. that's your eye on entertainment, teresa garcia, cbs news, hollywood. good morning. thank you for watching 9news now at 5:00 a.m. happy monday. i'm andrea roane. >> liam's accent is so cool no matter would he's in. >> i love him. i had a chance to interview him. it was like wow, he's really a nice guy. he's a very nice man which was nice to see. >> i'm mike hydeck. i have no accent. >> you're still a nice guy. >> thank you. you're okay too. beverly farmer will have traffic in a minute. mr. bernstein says it's going to be a wet monday. >> and a wet tuesday the way it looks but it's okay. we got through the weekend nicely. the upcoming weekend looks pretty good as well. we'll take it when we get it and the timing is going to be pretty good for most of us of the here's a look at the day planner here on this monday


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