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tv   9 News Now at Noon  CBS  May 14, 2012 12:00pm-12:30pm EDT

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. hello and thank you for joining us. i'm jc hayward. well, we're getting some much needed rain. i have my umbrella standing by. howard is here with the forecast. >> yeah, jc. we really do need the rain. we have about a 5-inch deficit
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since the beginning of the year. this is going to calm down in waves. we've seen a nice lull move in. southern maryland has been quiet with peeks of sunshine. look down here. some heavier rains. right now in southern maryland, down 95 we're in a lull but north and west, it's been coming down a lot more. i was speaking to one of my weather watchers and they said it's really coming down toward camp david. d.c. south and southeast, we're relatively quiet. montgomery, frederick county, northern lou down, you have a break -- loudoun, you have a break headed your way. but with the additional rainfall, i think any afternoon plans will be tough to get in. this is what we could be seeing it now and tomorrow morning. could get heavier rains today and tomorrow. maybe more than 2 inches of rain here in spots. when you include the rain potential for wednesday, now we've got a little bit of red west of town and up into
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pennsylvania. some areas may see locally three. i think this computer model might be a little high but certainly one to two with locally more than that not out of the question. one thing the temperature has been doing is keeping temperatures cool. in the low 60s in winchester and hagerstown. but where we've seen the breaks we're already in the low 70s. we'll struggle to get into the low 70s here. when i come back, we'll talk about the rest of the week. let me just tell you, we're paying the price now but we're going to be rewarded a little bit later. jc, back to you. we have new information on the first day of the maryland special session under way in annapolis. republican lawmakers are already denouncing tax increases in a budget deal proposed this morning. democratic governor martin o'malley and the democratic house and senate leaders have hashed out a budget deal that includes income tax increases for individuals making $100,000 or more, and households making $150,000 or more. governor o'malley says the tax
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increases are needed to avoid cuts to education and other critical services. but republicans say the state has a spending problem, not a revenue problem. lawmakers are expected to address gambling issues during another special session expected later this summer. across the potomac, virginia's governor is talking taxes there. republican bob mcdonnell tells the associated press he is considering overhauling virginia's tax system next year. among the changes that he's considering, lowering the state sales tax but expanding it to cover more things. he may also tie gas taxes to inflation rather than the flat tax in place now. the governor says virginia's tax codes were written at a time when the state was made up of farmers. roger clemens chief accuser is expected to testify at his perjury trial. bryant mcnamee, the former trainer for the seven-time cy young winner claims that he
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injected clemens with steroids on more than one occasion. danielle nottingham has more from the trial in northwest washington. >> reporter: roger clemens entered the u.s. federal courthouse for what's expected to be a key day of testimony in the pitching great's perjury trial. taking the stand former clemens trainer ryan mcnamee. his 2008 congressional testimony set the stage for charges that clemens lied about using steroids. >> i injected them into the body of roger clemens at his direction. >> reporter: clemens contends he received vitamin shots, not steroids. the government needs mcnamee to make its case, especially after the other key prosecution witness wavered on the stand. two weeks ago clemens' former teammate andy pettitte backed away from earlier statements that he witnessed clemens
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taking steroids. the defense is also calling into question the handling of vials and syringes mcnamee saved. the prosecution claims the items have tested positive for both steroids and clemens' d.n.a. began yell nottingham, cbs news, washington. today the judge rejected a defense motion to strike andy pettitte's testimony and he also granted a motion to quash the details of mcnamee's divorced proceedings. the defense began presenting its case today in the corruption trial of john edwards. prosecutors say the former presidential candidate broke campaign laws by accepting nearly $1 million to cover up his out of wedlock chill and the relationship with -- wedlock child and the relationship with his mistress. edwards could face up to 30 years behind bars if he is convicted on all counts. voters will be going to the polls tomorrow to choose the
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next ward five council member. the seat is up for grabs following the resignation of harry thomas, jr. thomas stepped down after pleading guilty to stealing money that had been earmarked for youth sports programs. the winner of the election will serve outed remainder of -- out the remainldzer of -- remainder of thomas' turn which will run to 2014. thousands of people lit candles and joined together last night to honor police officers killed in the line of duty. ♪ >> it was the annual law enforcement vigil in northwest. attorney general eric holder paid tribute to those who lost their lives in the line of duty. >> we come together to pay special tribute to 362 remarkable individuals whose stories are a testament to the endurance and the strength of america's law enforcement officers at every level and
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whose names are now permanently carved into this memorial as a reminder of their ultimate sacrifice. >> the ceremony was the dramatic finale to law enforcement week here in the nation's capital. one city in new jersey is cracking down on texting while walking. officials in fort lee have started issuing tickets up to $85 for each offense. the measure was implemented after a rise in pedestrian- related accidents. coming up on 9news now at noon, we're going to have details about one person who is about to come into a lot of money. heads are rolling as a result of the massive trading loss at jpmorgan chase. we'll have those stories coming up in just a moment.
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prince william is about to become a wealthy man. when he turns 30 years old next month, he will inherit half of his mother's estate. lady diana left behind a vast amount of wealth when she died in 1997. her will said that prince william and prince harry would get half of her estate when they turned 30 years old. newspaper reports say that prince william will receive about $16 million. today is mark duckerberg's -- today is mark zuckerberg's birthday. the founder of facebook turns
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28. this is the week of the highly anticipated facebook public stock offering. zuckerberg could stand to make $17 billion in the deal. yahoo has new leadership. creigh scott thompson left his -- c.e.o. scott thompson left his post after reports revealed he lied on his resume. he has been under fire for embellishing his academic credentials. there are reports that he also told board members he's been diagnosed with thyroid cancer. he was with ya look for -- with yahoo for just four months. the chief executive officer of jpmorgan chase is the first casualty of the blunder. ina drew has announced her resignation and more executives could follow. alexis christoforous has more from wall street. >> reporter: jpmorgan chase says its chief investment officer is retiring after a
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trading mistake that cost the bank $2 billion. the trades originated out of the company's british offices. ina drew oversaw that group. two other executives are reportedly on their way out. now there are calls for c.e.o. jamie dimon to be held accountable. >> i'd like to see jamie dimon, for example, resign from his position as a class a director of the new york federal reserve bank. >> reporter: that position allows dimon to have an input on regulations impacting the financial industry. many lawmakers are using jpmorgan chase's trading mistakes to push for tougher rules for banks to avoid a repeat of the financial crisis of three years ago. >> the banks cannot regulate themselves. they are financial institutions that run the risk of taking down everyone's job, run the risk of taking down everyone's pension, run the risk of taking down the entire economy. >> reporter: dimon said the losses occurred while the company tried to hedge its bets and balance its financial risk. >> the strategy we had was
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barely monitored. it should never have monitored. >> reporter: traders say new rules may be inevitable. >> even some of the friends jamie dimon had in washington are now rattling their swords going after increased regulation of these two big -- these too big to fail institutions. >> reporter: wall street has already punished the company for its mistake. the stock dropped nearly 10% friday and continues to lose value. alexis christoforous, cbs news, wall street. coming up on 9news now, howard and the forecast. >> jc, no umbrella needed at the moment but i just got off the phone with a viewer in west virginia. they've had an inch and a quarter so far. we've got more rain on the way and hopefully that will help clear the air from the allergens. check out the allergy update. the tree pollen and grass pollen are high. weeds and mold are low. we'll have the full seven-day forecast when we return.
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in order for a student to succeed in school, it's important for a parent to be involved. for 14 years, a district program has been paving the way for parents, and today on hero central, i'm saluting turning the page. >> if makes -- it makes me feel good. it makes me feel like i'm doing something for my kids and with
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them. >> reporter: tina plants -- pots plants at her daughter's school. >> they're happy to see me when i come into school, waving and say hi. >> reporter: she's a parent leader, volunteering with turning the page, a group that works with d.c. public schools to get parents actively involved in their children's education, both inside and outside the classroom. >> it's real important in this neighborhood because if they're not into after school activities, they would be getting into the wrong things. >> reporter: on a friday afternoon, students prepare plants for a local senior center and the parents supervise. >> what we're trying to do is help the parents really add that value which we know they can add and they really are critical parts of school improvement and we're just helping them find that voice. >> reporter: donna stewart is one of the strongest parent voices and she says through the years turning the page has taught her how to help her seven children.
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>> we'd have workshops on math, signs, and reading. it would help me understand when they bring me those homework packages or those problems that i've never seen or known. i wanted to know how to help them. >> reporter: stewart is just one of parent a year -- has just won a parent of the year award after six years of volunteering. now she says her adult daughter is a parent leader. >> you always talk about how much she's learned, how much she read with her daughter in her belly and how many books she gamed from turning the page, how we build our libraries. and her daughter is very, very smart. >> by the way, turning the page works with over 500 families in the district of columbia. if you'd like more information, go to my website i bet you didn't know that today is national dance like a chicken day. the dance was first introduced
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in the united states in 1981 during the tulsa, oklahoma oktoberfest. the novelty song reached number two on the british singles chart when it was released that very same year. so if the spirit moves you, dance like a chicken. it's your day. yes. >> we've done that at a fair number of weddings and bar mitzvahs. >> not when i was sober. weather wise, we're doing okay. more rain on the way. just getting some word, by the way, pretty reliable twitter sources that i follow saying the caps coach dale hunter is going to step down from the team. they just got eliminated from the playoffs. according to the general manager, it's citing personal family reasons. we'll have more on that assuming that is correct on 9news now at 5:00, 6:00 and
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11:00. that could be big news coming out of the caps world. weather wise, let's talk about that. much needed rainfall we talked about at the top of the broadcast. now we're looking at more rain on the way before the afternoon is out. temperatures may make it into the low 70s. maybe. we're going to get close, at least 70. maybe 72 here in town. and then south of town and southeast of town, you're doing a little bit better but the showers and even some storms will be possible for the evening rush. that could slow you down. you got any plans this evening outside, i'll tell you right now it's probably 70%, 80% it's not going to happen. that means the nationals have the padres in town tonight 7:05. look at the rain coming. you see back toward roanoke, this will be rotating up toward us. i've switched it down to live doppler 9hd. south of town pretty quiet, down 95, southern maryland. to our southwest, this is where we're seeing the rain. we do have a break across much of loudoun, fairfax, even prince william county right now and fauquier county. of course this doesn't want to
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go for me but we have heavier showers here east and west virginia, up near the maryland- pennsylvania border all moving to the northeast. with the break you get the idea more rain is coming because we saw it down south of roanoke. temperatures where it's been raining, cloudier, only in the low 60s. the temps have only moved two or three degrees since this morning but off to the south, had a little bit of sun in spots. 75 in cambridge. it's 37 at the tappahannock airport -- 73 at the tappahannock airport. 68 at pax river naval air station. manassas 64. we've got cloudy skies, dried up lens. no raindrops on it now. we may see a peek of sun the next hour or two before the rains return. 67. dew points in the 60s. it is muggy outside. winds south, southeast at 11. we certainly have a lot of moisture around and with a little bit of energy, we'll see more showers and storms. the energy in west texas producing showers and storms here. this is likely to calm down, around and up toward us again. while we've got this piece of
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energy and low pressure providing all of the showers and storms, we'll have more to add to that for tonight and for tomorrow as well. here's a look at the future cast. you can see the rain coming here for the evening rush hour. we see the yellows to the north, even the south. that's heavier rain. gets even heavier whether it gets orange and red and we'll see more of the potentially heavier rain into northern virginia at 8:00. here we are at 11:00 north of d.c. overnight some showers, maybe a rumble of thunder comes through. we start quieter tomorrow and boom, by the middle of the day, we're popping all these showers and storms across the region. some of the rains tomorrow could be on the hefty side as well as we get into the mid- 70s. we're talking one to two, possibly three inches of rain by the time this system pulls away here later on tomorrow night into wednesday morning. here it goes on wednesday morning with the chance for some showers late in the day. mainly north and west of town. so the forecast today 70, maybe 72. more showers, possible thunder.
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tonight low 60s with showers and possible thunder. tomorrow scattered showers and storms, mid-70s. 81 on wednesday. but there's a slim chance we'll see a shower or storm in the afternoon. after that the front comes through. it looks very nice thursday, friday, saturday and sunday. this is going to be a good weekend around here with temperatures in the mid-to upper 70s. stick around. we'll be right back in the kitchen when 9news new returns. if you have copd like i do,
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i love salami and this is italian salami. hot sal ma'amly. it could -- salami. it could last me a year. well, maybe not a year but i could eat it for two months. i want to tell but a festival this sunday where italians get a chance to meet washington. i have ivan here. he is the man behind the second annual italians in d.c. festival this sunday. it starts at what time? >> at 2:00 p.m. >> at the ronald reagan
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building. the address 1300 pennsylvania avenue. you don't have to be italian to enjoy the food. >> not at all. >> going to be some fabulous food. there will be live music. there will be activities for kids. >> exactly. >> it's going to be so much fun. >> not only salami. >> no, not only salami. a lot of other things. this is the second annual festival like this. >> yes, the second. the goal is to present italy to washingtonians. it's a festival organized -- [indiscernible] a nonprofit. it's to present italian pop culture to washingtonians. it's food, arts, wine. it's lifestyle. we want washingtonians to come and expend a wonderful day from 2:00 to 9:00 p.m. with us. >> bring the kids out as i said because there will be lots of kids activities. there will be wine tasting. ivan brought some wine not for us to taste, just for me to look at. he's teasing me.
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he has a pine know green crow -- he has a pinot gregio and this is a sparkling wine. and as you know, italy is phone for its great pass -- is known for its great pasta. >> this is a wonderful italian imported pasta. the chef will use to make some beautiful pasta salads for the italian buffet at the festival. >> you know what i didn't know you had? i didn't know you were famous for beer. >> italy has great beer. it's one of our -- [indiscernible] it's refreshing beers, stylish. it's wine, beer. it's much more than wine. >> and? >> we have a soccer ball there. we'll have activities for kids and we'll play soccer with them. >> this sunday you want to go to 1300 pennsylvania avenue.
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ronald reagan building outside. the weather i think is going to be wonderful. howard is going to make sure you have great weather and you'll get a chance to taste a little bit of italy. fabulous, fabulous food. thanks for being here. thank you for being with us. come back at 5:00. try and stay dry. keep the umbrella handy. bye-bye.
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