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tv   9 News Now at 6pm  CBS  May 14, 2012 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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perform their duty for the shareholder value. it drivers competition to other places in the world. >> reporter: ceo jamie diamond says the bank lost $2 billion when it tried to hedge its bets and balance financial risk. the executive who oversaw the group that made the deal is out of a job. ima drew, the chief investment officer, retired and there are reports two more high level employees are on the way out. the security and exchange commission is now investigating wet jpmorgan's actions violated rules and the company's stock is lower a second straight day. jpmorgan is the largest bank in the nation and some politicians say better monitoring is needed. >> the banks cannot regulate themselves. they are financial institutions that run the risk of taking down everyone's job, run the risk of taking down everyone's pension, run the risk of taking down the entire economy. >> reporter: ceo jamie diamond will likely face tough questions about the bank's policies when he faces shareholders at the company's
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annual meeting tuesday. alexis christophorous, cbs news wall the free. >> some have called for jamie diamond to leave his post at the federal reserve bank in new york which allows him to have some say on financial policies. the founder of best buy, richard schultz, stepping down as chairman, this after an investigation found he knew that the ceo was having a relationship with a female employee but did not alert the proper people about it. in march best buy hired an outside law firm to investigate then ceo brian dunn who resigned himself in april. the committee found dunn had a relationship with a female employee that showed poor judgment. today marked the first day of a special legislative session to try and settle on a budget for the state of maryland. >> reporter: i'm scott broom in annapolis where the legislature is back to try to decide whether the raise taxes on some of us or impose the so-
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called doomsday budget cuts. >> no way doomsday! >> we're here as part of 100 organizations who have said that the doomsday budget is unacceptable. >> reporter: it's that or sock high income earners with a tax hike and squeeze more out of tobacco, too. >> that's what the tea party is all about is taxed enough already. >> it's no big deal. you know, it's just a small amount to pay for living in this great state and this great country. >> there's only 16% of the marylanders who will be asked to pay a little more and they were hurt the least during the recession. >> reporter: examples of the bottom line include a couple making 175,000 a year who would pay $250 more per year. a couple earning 1.1 million could pay nearly $3,200 more. on income tax hikes of between 1/4 of 1% up to 3/4 of 1%. scott broom, 9 news now. now to virginia where the house of delegate vote down amendments to the state budget
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offered by governor bob mcdonnell. one mcdonnell amendment reject wood have made a 3% bonus -- would have made a 3% bonus to state government workers this december contingent upon state agency savings of $70 million by the end of june. voters in d.c.'s 5th district head to the polls tomorrow to choose a new city council member. they'll be filling the seat that had been held by harry thomas jr. he resigned in january after pleading guilty to two federal charges. the winner will serve out the rest of thomas' term which runs out in 202014. you can -- at 2014. you can find a complete guide on our website don't be surprised if you see the guardian angels taking the streets after a man was attacked near a condo on w street next week focusing on
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alleys and surrounding areas. two suspects with automaticwomens had quite a weekend and as bruce johnson reports, police believe they hit six businesses in prince george's county just since friday. >> someone must have seen or heard something. they hit six establishments. >> reporter: their faces are covered, armed with semiautomatic handguns, a fairly new dodge charger gray in color like this one may be their get-away vehicle. >> they'll take this newer modeled dodge charger and park it either on the side of the business or in the back of whatever business they're targeting. >> reporter: this videotape and there could be more was taken inside the shell station which is located in the 13800 block of annapolis road in bowie. customers were inside forced to get on the floor with the cashier. the gunman also hit the mcdonald's on ritchie road in capitol heights. does it bother you at all? >> no, but that's the way we live. >> reporter: they robbed the 7- eleven in the 7400 block of central avenue in capitol
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heights and a second 7-eleven on watkins park drive in kettering. the chesapeake market in bowie may have been their last target hit at 4:00 sunday morning. the same two gunmen are believed to be responsible for three separate street robberies in southeast washington beginning may 4th. they're believed to be driving that same gray dodge charger. this is bruce johnson reporting from lanham, maryland, for 9 news now. only on 9 the husband of a woman shot to death by a culpeper police officer is now talking about his $5 million lawsuit against that officer. gary cook tells our peggy fox he's frustrated with the pace of the investigation and wants justice done. >> i know what i've gone through and the pain, the anger, the frustration, the tears, i don't want somebody else to have to go through this. i don't want be in to have to go through what i did. i mean it. >> gary cook has a hard time talking about his deceased wife patricia who was shot multiple
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times by a culpeper police officer. she was unarmed in her jeep wrangler sitting in this school parking lot annex. cook has filed a $5.4 million wrongful death lawsuit against officer daniel harmon-wright. do you believe he had any reason whatsoever to shoot your wife? >> no reason whatsoever. i mean the deadliest thing that she had on her and the state police investigated to point it out was a ball point pin. >> reporter: at first virginia state police said the officer fired at cook because she rolled up his arm in the window and drove away dragging him. an eyewitness says the is of's arm was not caught. >> the win -- the officer's arm was not caught. >> the window was halfway up. he said some or i'll shoot. really didn't think he was -- stop or i'll shoot. really didn't think he was going to do it, but she got the window up and he shot. >> why the man should feel to draw a gun on an unarmed middle aged woman going shopping is
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beyond me. >> reporter: cook questions why harmon-wright's patrol car a allegedly had no working dashcam. he hopes this special grand jury will soon indict harmon- wright not only for patricia's sake, but for others. >> i want justice. >> a special prosecutor has been appointed in the case and a special grand jury met two weeks ago and interviewed 9 witnesses. cook is hoping an indictment will be coming soon against the officer. the nuclear regulatory commission said it's going to start doing more inspections at the north power station. there was a white safety violation for safety procedures. it's something the nrc describes as being of low to moderate safety significance, but the agency wants to do some additional inspections just to be sure. coming up tonight at 7:00 on 9 news now library larceny? overdue library books have the cops hunting down a 4-year-old girl. >> plus a new lawsuit could
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send virginia's ballot requirements to court, all that at 7:00. still to come in this half hour a fan favorite as a player, didn't last too long on the bench. we'll tell you why dale hunter is already done with the caps. >> i got the umbrella out again. we'll show you the numbers for today. clouds kept temps down a little, 73 and 62 going in the books. 703 is below the average high of 76 -- 73 is below the average high of 76. we'll come back and talk about making some dents in our rain deficit and talk about a wet commute. >> a recommendation that could break the impasse in bringing metro out to dulles. we'll be right back. if you have copd like i do,
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nothing can reverse copd. spiriva helps me breathe better. does breathing with copd weigh you down? ask your doctor if spiriva can help. tonight the dulles corridor rail association is urging progress in efforts to bring metro to the airport. the group sent a letter to the
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metropolitan washington airport authority urging them to draw up language requiring union labor to be hired for the second phase of the civil line project. it also want to explore new funding sources for all this to try and keep tolls from going up too high. a commute alert on what's called the worst bridge in our area. the virginia department of transportation says the bridge that carries washington boulevard over columbia pike was rated poor in recent inspections because its concrete is deteriorating. now work is set to begin to repair the span that carries an estimated 80,000 cars each day. starting this week one lane in each direction will be closed each day between 9 a.m. and 3 p.m. and starting tomorrow a lane in each direction will also close from 9 p.m. until 5 a.m. between the entrance to fort meyer and i-395. the $51.5 million reconfiguration project is set to last about three years. still ahead a stolen bike, a craigslist posting and little
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a marriage proposal at american university is going viral in a big way. >> reporter: i'm kristin fisher at american university where over the weekend two seniors graduated with a whole lot more than just degrees. this is the moment that sam miller on the left has been waiting four years for. >> it's such a big decision that you're sweating bullets. >> reporter: the 22-year-old met sarah cooper on campus a week before their first day of college. sam says he knew she was the one just three months in. >> when i looked at her that day, i just felt that this -- sure, it's cheesy. >> i know. i'm halving. i believe you. >> you look at her -- laughing. i believe you. >> you look at her and see a wife, mother, best friend. >> reporter: sam's mother put her foot down.
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>> no edge gainment until after graduation. >> -- engagement until after graduation. >> the words just knew out of my mouth and didn't know what i was saying. >> something about i have a question for you and i waited long enough. i don't know how to describe it. it was phenomenal. >> reporter: at american university, kristin fisher, 9 news now. another victim finds her stolen bike on a craigslist ad by the same alleged thief featured in a story we brought you last week. anny hong has the story of how the guy is still on the loose and what police, if anything, are doing about it. >> reporter: the victim left her bike here at the boston metro stop two weeks ago on a friday evening for a couple hours. when she returned, she found someone broke through her cable lock and stole her beloved bike. >> i was really mad and frustrated and angry that somebody would steal my bike that i had just had on the roof of my car 5,000 miles from alaska. aarp mary ellen jones moved to
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arlington a few -- >> reporter: mary ellen jones moved to arlington a few years ago and estimates her bike's value to be 6 to $800 on. thursday she saw it on craigslist for $150 recognized the studded tires she installed meant for riding in the snow. >> i can't imagine there are too many people around here who have that particular make and model of bike with studded tires. >> reporter: the phone number on the ad is the same one 9 news now saw in another stolen bike listed on craigslist last week. danny lesh found his stolen bike on craigslist, met the alleged thief and stole his bike back during a test ride this, after failed attempts to get d.c. metro police involved. >> i had served them up a criminal on a platter and for whatever reason she weren't able to do it. >> reporter: jones -- they weren't able too do it. >> reporter: jones posted her craigslist ad just like lesh did to warn other bike owners and victims, but she hit a roadblock with the d.c. metro
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police. >> they told me nothing they can do first because i'm an arlington resident and second, the woman said we can't just go to this guy's house. >> reporter: to worsen her day, jones tells us the night her bike got snatched her bad luck continued during her walk home. >> i got mugged at knifepoint on the way home. >> chef has had a tough road. -- she has had a tough road. after she filed a report with arlington police, a detective followed up with her today. meanwhile d.c. metro police said jones should not have been told they can't help her because she's from arlington but that she should contact metro transit police. by the way, jones never got her bike back. she texted the number and was told the bike was not available. >> this guy has to be stopped. when severe weather hit topper and the rest of our 9news weather team declare a severe weather alert day, but when you can't be near a tv or computer, the government can help warn you bad stuff is coming. starting today wireless emergency alerts will start being sent to people's cell
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phones if there's a tornado, flash flood, hurricane, blizzard or other natural disaster. it's free service. you don't have to sign up. it's through your cell phone carrier. it starts today. >> i think it just starts with the two, the tornado and the amber alert goes on and one other, uses gps, won't bother you if you're not in the geographical location where the warning. >> anything that get our attention about something serious is good. >> phone has to be on, though. nothing severe now, just nuisance stuff like showers and a few thunderstorms. that will continue tonight, tomorrow and into wednesday. keep your umbrella handy. let's take a live look outside at our live weather cam brought to you by michael and son. we're looking right at our building wisconsin avenue in the lower portion of your screen looking northeast. it's cloudy, kind of cool. temperature 68, winds calm, 30.04 the pressure steady. that has not changed in the past couple hours. thermometer has the dew point still in the low 60s.
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-- neither has the dew point still in the low 60s. live doppler 9000, a wet commute going up to frederick and going down 95 towards fredericksburg. the good news is nothing really heavy is going on. exception, we'll zoom in, a little heavier activity, see the yellows and bit of orange between wilderness. this is essentially moving north, northeast. there's the arrow direction of motion. it's going just to the west of crown well in the next 20 minutes or so. we'll zoom up north now. this is just all light to occasionally pockets of moderate activity, great falls out route 7 on the east side, up on the west side of 270. that's going to probably cross over up through gaithersburg and clarkburg in the next couple minutes. it's going to be a wet commute home, nothing severe and crazy heavy. temps uniform because of the clouds, 65 in rockville and bethesda, 65 in great falls and reston and 66 in springfield, pretty uniform temps. keep the umbrella handy, no
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doubt about that, a wet commute home, probably a wet commute in the morning, a little more sun wednesday and a nice change on thursday. now want to walk the dog late tonight, we might have a respite just long enough before 11:00 and then we see another round of showers and storms roll in between 6:00 and 8:00 in the morning. probably a slow go to the commute. then we see a little breaks in the clouds and some scattered showers around lunchtime. then a little better chance for another round of showers and storms in time for your evening commute. for tonight mostly cloudy, comfortable, showers and storms, lows 58 to 64, wind south, southeast at about 10 to 15. next seven days we got to get through wednesday with some showers. we actually need the rain. we're about 5 inches behind for the year. showers on wednesday, then gorgeous thursday, friday, saturday, wow, mid-70s and sunshine. next monday we're back up to 80 with just a few clouds. we have a little carrot at the end of the week for you. >> we do. just get it moving.
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>> yes, ma'am. the caps learned today they lost more than just their playoff chances. >> we knew there was a 50/50 chance dale hunter could be gone. he did look kind of the happiest i've seen him in a long time, not to be leaving the team but to go back to his family. the caps say good bye to their head coach. we have reaction from today's announcement, but that's not the only change. find out who else is leaving the team this year. sports is next. -dad, why are you getting that? -that's my cereal.
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now 9 sports with kristen berset, the best sports in town. >> dale hunter agreed to replace bruce boudreau he left his family and old stomping grounds and established a different more defensive style of play, a mindset all the players bought into this season. many today reacting to the news of hunter's departure were disappointed. they felt that because of him this team is playing better than it ever had, but, of course, they do respect his decision to go back, be with his family. hunter said it still wasn't an easy decision. >> i've loved to bring a stanley cup here and the fans deserve it here. they've been great and i'm proud of these guys for sacrificing and doing what it
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takes to win. >> we're all fathers and sons and husbands first before anything else and if we have our priorities right in this life, that family comes first. >> now this wasn't just about hunter today. the players coming in, their season over after losing game 7 to new york. they're to clean out their lockers. upon hearing the news today, players addressed the media one last time all while look, they're signing autographs for folks, getting ready to pack up and head to their respective homes for the summer. despite being proud of the team's success, they still can't believe their season is over so soon. >> we were pretty cool. so it's the biggest thing. that's why it's so painful. i think a lot of guys are bought in doing the right things to win. >> we learned a lot about what it takes to win and i believe we took a good step in the right direction. >> another guy we now know will be gone is alexander semin. his agent said see minimum has
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no interest in signing -- says semin has no interest in signing a contract extension. pitcher wong could be returning soon. pitching into the 9th inning wong suffered a torn hamstring in march. the nats open up a seven- game homestand with san diego tonight. ross detwiler on the mound for washington. tim stauffer makes his first start of the season. finally a familiar face to gw fans and sports fans in d.c., pops mensa bonsu. he's gone from the basketball court to the face of subway just like rg3. this is an ad for subway in england which is his home turf and it's all a pro mowingal thing for the olympics, but -- promotional thing for the olympics, but all of a sudden his face pops up on a subway
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ad. >> wonder if they'll make a big sandwich for him. >> that's all for us. cbs evening news is next and derek is back at 7:00. good-bye. ♪ an old man shared some fish stories... ♪ oooh, my turn. ♪ she was in paris, but we talked for hours... everyone else buzzed about the band. there's a wireless mind inside all of us. so, where to next? ♪


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