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tv   9 News Now Tonight  CBS  May 14, 2012 7:00pm-7:30pm EDT

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they're armed with semiautomatic handguns, a fairly new dodge charger gray in color like this one may be their get-away vehicle. >> they'll take this newer model dodge charger and park it either on the side of the business or in the back of whatever business they're targeting. >> reporter: this videotape and there could be more was taken inside the shell station which is located in the 13800 block of annapolis road in bowie. customers were still inside and forced to get on the floor along with the cashier. >> you hear about the holdup here over the weekend? >> i heard vaguely about it. >> reporter: the gunmen hit the mcdonald's on ritchie road in capitol heights. doesn't bother you at all? >> no. but that's the way we live down here. >> reporter: they robbed the 7- eleven in the 7400 block of central avenue in capitol heights and a second 7-eleven on watkins park drive in kettering. the chesapeake market in bowie may have been their last target hit at 4:00 sunday morning. the same two gunmen are believed to be responsible for three separate street robberies
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in southeast washington beginning may 4th. they're believed to be driving that same gray dodge charger. this is bruce johnson reporting from lanham, maryland, for 9 news now. the widower of a woman shot and killed by a culpeper police officer is suing that officer for more than 5 million bucks. gary cook says he wants justice for his wife patricia who was shot six times on the morning of february 9th. it happened in a school parking lot while she was driving her jeep wrangler. officer daniel harmon-wright was sent in to investigate a suspicious person. cook was unarmed. state police first said the officer fired in self-defense because cook had caught his arm in the window of her jeep and was dragging him, but an eyewitness says that officer's arm was not caught when he fired. do you believe he had any reason whatsoever to shoot your wife? >> no reason whatsoever. i mean the deadliest thing that she had on her and the state police investigators pointed out was a ball point pen. >> a special prosecutor is
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handling the criminal investigation which is still underway. a special grand jury has met and has interviewed nine witnesses with information about the case of officer harmon-wright. gary cook hopes to see an indiameter soon. talk all about -- an indictment soon. talk all about raising taxes in maryland tonight where the legislature came back in session for a rare special session today. lawmakers' second try of passing the budget without starting the doomsday cuts which looms in second days. protestors gave their legislators an earful. >> reporter: i'm scott broom in annapolis where the legislature is back to decide whether to raise taxes on some of us or impose the doomsday budget cuts. >> no way doomsday! >> we're here as part of 100 organizations who have said that the doomsday budget is unacceptable. >> reporter: it's that or sock high income earners with a tax
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hike and squeeze more out of tobacco, too. >> that's what the tea party is all about is taxed enough already. >> it's no big deal. you know, it's just a small amount to pay for living in this great state and this great country. >> there's only 16% of the marylanders who will be asked to pay more and they're the ones hurt the least during the recession. >> reporter: examples of the bottom line include a couple making $175,000 a year who would pay more than $250 more per year. a couple earning 1.1 million could pay nearly $3,200 more. on income tax hikes of between 1/4 of 1% up to 3/4 of 1%. in annapolis, scott broom, 9 news now. >> and the budget will be the prime topic tomorrow on the d.c. city council as well. that is when members are expected to cast their first vote on the city's spending plan for 2013, but today councilwoman mary cheh of ward 3 released her recommendations to her colleagues and some are pretty eye catching. councilwoman cheh joins us now to talk about some of her ideas
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and some of this is pretty shocking or i guess it would be if they were real. you recommend, for example, prohibiting the sale of gasoline in d.c. beginning january 1st, 2014. in the meantime you'd raise the gas tax to 8.75 a gallon. there's $12 million to build a rat sanctuary. what is going on here? >> well, every year i released a budget memo. some think about it as a joke budget memo, a satire budget memo, but it's an opportunity for for us to poke fun at ourselves and some of the things that happened over the years. that's what it's about. >> some of this is about a bit of a feud between you and ken cuccinelli, attorney general in virginia, who got on your case about your wildfire protection act of 2010. in fact, i think he said it allowed for transporting rats across the border to virginia. >> right. and so we put aside money to create a rat sanctuary in virginia and we were hoping that the attorney general would come through with his what we felt was a promise to establish it at his estate in fairfax.
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we also set up a requirement for attorney generals around the country that if they're going to give their opinion about d.c. bills that, they're going to have to pass a certain test. one of the questions would be which of these sentences don't include the word rat to see if they could see if they could really read it. >> any response from the attorney general? >> no, i haven't had any response. it was not meant to be a provocation, just to have a little fun. >> no problem. let's get to some of the things you are considering in the budget. one of the things you're looking at is a parking summit. who do you want to hear from and why? we know this is a very touchy subject for d.c. residents. >> that's not to be taken up in the budget. i have floated that idea because there's so many aspects of parking that have annoyed people or concerned them that i think, you know, instead of continually having these policies put out by the department of transportation we really ought to have them come
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forward, let people hear what the reason is for some of the things that they're doing. so what i'd like to do when we get passed the budget is bring together, you know, the executive branch officials and let people come and explain. i have a huge file of complaints of people. >> sure. dealing with parking. >> right. >> let's get to one other question. monday the owner of the town square market on macarthur boulevard goes on trial for selling alcohol to a minor. police cited 45 minors for buying booze there, the local a and c in your ward and this guy ought not to have a license. we've been trying to reach out to you to talk about this. you've been quiet about it so far. how come? >> i support what the a and c has asked for. it's just that it not up to the council member to decide. they have to go before the abc board and a determination has to be made and i just think it's inappropriate for me to inject myself in it in terms of a decision that they're making. >> okay. a lot of folks are very angry. i guess they wanted to hear from their council members. >> they just heard from me,
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then. >> fair enough. thank you so much for coming in tonight. >> you're welcome. and then there was one, the final republican challenging mitt romney for the gop nomination has all but dropped out of the race tonight. ron paul now said he is done spending any money on his campaign. the texas congressman issued a statement today saying he would still try to win some delegates but added he'd no longer be spending many tens of millions of dollars we simply don't have. paul has won just 104 delegates, fewer than romney, santorum and newt gingrich. the process for getting on the ballot in virginia may be headed to court. today the aclu and libertarian party of virginia filed a lawsuit against the state's petition requirement. state law requires only virginia residents can circulate the petitions to qualified candidates for the ballot. the lawsuit says that violates the candidates' first amendment right. the requirement became an issue during the republican presidential race when newt gingrich and rick santorum failed to meet that requirement and were therefore left off the
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republican primary ballot. this is the type of rain we need, especially with so many counties in our area now facing drought conditions. top, will we get enough? >> i think we will by the time we get into wednesday. i mean it's light right now, but it's going to be a wet commute home. just get used to some wet commutes for a while. let's start with live doppler. you can access this any time notice everything is moving north, northeast, light activity headed toward warrenton that will cross 66 the next half hour and we have some activity in fairfax and loudoun county and a lot of activity on the east side of 270. it's going to be scattered showers and storms through the evening and the night. temps uniform, not bad, 68 downtown, 66 manassas, 64 gaithersburg and also in frederick. for tonight what you see is what you get, mostly cloudy, comfortable, perfect sleeping weather with showers and thunderstorms, lows 58 to 64. we'll come back, derek, talk about when things begin to dry out and cool off.
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>> thank you, top. the job market may be a little cloudy out there, but the future is looking bright for a pair of local graduates. here's what happened at their ceremony and they're internet superstars. we'll tell you why coming up. >> police head out in search of a hardened criminal who is hoarding library books? this is a little odd.
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the famous marching 100 at florida a&m university now off the field for all of next year
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as well. the university's president said today the band will remain suspended through the spring of semester 2013. he says that will allow florida a&m to come up with a new set of rules for band members. the marching 100 has been suspended since a drum major was beaten and died in a hazing ritual in november. police in pittsburgh rescued sleeping beauty and dora the explorer from the clutches of a 4-year-old little girl. little katelyn jagland checked out those two books and some others and never brought them back. the library sent out some certified letters and finally the library called the cops. >> we're here to serve the community and we try to do it as best that we can and all we really want is to have our library materials returned. >> well, the cops paid a visit to kate lip and her parents and that did -- katelyn and her parents and that did the trick.
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her mom brought the bookses back, apologized to the -- books back, apologized to the library and paid the $81 fine. >> stick around, topper tells us when the rain will finally move out, the full forecast coming up. >> but first yet another bike owner talking to fox 5 news about some stolen wheels and a lack of help from
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it appears a local bike thief has been at it again stealing a bike and then trying to sell it on craigslist. a second bike theft victim has come forward, merriam jones, and her bike was stolen outside the boston metro in arlington and sure enough she spotted it on craigslist. >> i can't really imagine there are too many people around here who have that particular make and model of bike with studded tires on. >> the phone number listed in the ad is the very same one 9 news now saw for another stolen bike featured on craigslist last week. that bike's owner called the number, met the alleged thief and then stole his bike back by asking to take it on a test drive. as for miriam jones and her bike, police are investigating. graduation day, most students walk away with a handshake and diploma, but yesterday an american university student walked away with a diamond ring, kristin fisher with more on the
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proposal gone viral. >> reporter: this is the moment that sam miller on the left has been waiting four years for. >> it's such a big decision that you're sweating bullets. >> reporter: the 22-year-old met sarah cooper on campus a week before their first day of college. sam says he knew she was the one just three months in. >> there's this sense of completeness that comes with finding the person you want to spend the rest of your life with and when i looked at her that day, i just felt that sure, it's cheesy. >> i know. i'm laughing. >> you look at her and you see a wife, mother, best friend and someone you really can -- you see them at all stages of their life. >> reporter: but sam had to wait, mom's orders. >> my mom just put her foot down, no engagement until after graduation and he took it literally. >> reporter: so sam waited but not a second longer than he had to. >> everything takes over and the words kind of flew out of my mouth. i had no idea what i was saying. >> something about i have a question for you and i've
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waited long enough. it was just like this -- i don't know. it was phenomenon a. >> reporter: one yes and four kisses later the two walked off stage with a diamond, nome as and the entire au community cheering them on. >> to be up on stage and have them cheering, it's so amazing to be able to share that with them and it's closure for us and we hope it's closure for them and good things happen and love does exist and if you open your heart, it's so easy to find. >> reporter: sarah and sam still haven't set a wedding date, but they plan to settle here in washington. sarah is looking for a job teaching and sam just accepted a position at a p.r. firm in town. at american university i'm kristin fisher, 9 news now. >> the old alma mater has a great graduation day, doesn't it? sarah and sam still have not set a date but plan to stick around town and sam has a problem at a p.r. firm. sarah wants to get a gig at a teacher before she starts to plan the big wedding. so congratulations to the two.
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>> very nice. memorable, too tell the kids, grand kids. >> in fact, nobody who is in the audience will forget. they won't remember a word about the graduation speech, but they will remember that. >> who spoke at the graduation? i don't know. >> keep an umbrella handy, looking at periods of rain and showers and even thunderstorms through wednesday, but the payoff will be nice, derek. let's start with live look outside from our live weather cam brought to you by michael and son. we're looking at temps in the 60s, still light rain, dew point 64, pressure falling a tad in the last hour 30.03 inches of mercury and winds east, northeast at 6. the winds should eventually become more southwesterly tomorrow and that will give us a little drier air and better chance of seeing a couple breaks in the cloud cover. a live doppler 9000, zoom into the south now and nothing is particularly heavy. mainly just green, shades of green which is light from manassas towards woodbridge, essentially on the west side of 95. a little pocket, something a little heavier, a little yellow
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dot just north of cromwell, just brief moderate rain. that's about it. everything is moving north, northeast at a pretty good clip. in montgomery county just some light activity, enough to keep the roads wet quite frankly, germantown, gaithersburg to rockville and towards seneca across the river into virginia around drainsville and great falls. this is a pattern we'll be in for a way. payoff will be worth it. 65 bethesda and arlington, temps uniform, 67 college park and in beltsville and out west we're looking at mid-60s in reston and sterling, 63 leesburg and 66 in manassas, just about perfect sleeping weather. keep your umbrella handy, wet commute home, probably a wet commute tomorrow morning, more sun wednesday and a nice change on thursday. it's going to be pretty nice. here's your futurecast. 11:45, midnight tonight hopefully you're done walking the dog because more showers around, just light activity, heavier activity to the west. we'll put this into motion. everything rolls through during
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the morning. so most of us will have a wet commute going to work. then it kind of is a bit of a respite, light activity, breaks in the clouds tomorrow afternoon giving way to more showers and storms in the evening and afternoon, but a little better day tomorrow and a little better day still wednesday. tomorrow mostly cloudy, comfortable, showers and thunderstorms, 58 to 64, winds south, southeast 10 to 15. tomorrow morning mostly cloudy and mild, showers and storms, wind turning now south, southwest at 10, temps in the 50s and 60s. by afternoon partly sunny and warm, but with showers and storms, high 75 to 80. the next seven days now, more of the same wednesday with highs around 80 and then just spectacular thursday, friday, saturday, sunday, sunshine, mid- 70s, that, my friend, is average which is nice this time of year. next monday temps around 80 with just a few clouds coming in late. so it's great. >> let us party, my friend. let us go to the weird news as
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well because most of the time as the summer heat begins to come down, some of us might think that going topless is the best way to stay cool, right? >> not really. >> but sadly for guys like me and topper not anymore. to tokyo where an underwear company is out with what they doubled the ice bra designed to keep the ladies cool even if there's no ac. the super cool bra as they've called it features built-in gel ice packs to stay soft and supple even when they are frozen and what's more, the other side of the bra holds a convenient mini fan and each cup designed to look like a fish tank which the manufacturers say makes the bra look cool as well. the only question here, what about some cooling underwear for us guys, maybe an icy jockstrap or a man's ear with fans? i'm just saying. >> i think that would be too cool. >> yeah, probably. >> we want to hear what you think. send your e-mails to mcginty's mailbag, the address mailbag at 9 news now will be right back.
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[ hawaii 5-0 theme song ] >> in the mailbag tonight great tv theme songs, the debate goes on. tonight pete from maryland chimes in on my contention of what we just heard, the theme from hawaii 5-0 is the greatest
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ever of all time. pellet says i think the hawaii 5-0 theme -- pete says i think the hawaii 5-0 theme song may be getting the attention it is today primarily due to the new tv show airing, but if you give it some thought and go back over the years it's hard not to put one of my favorites on top. that would be the rockford files' theme song. it's not only well known for the tv series, but it was also a commercial success reaching the top 10 of the top 100 hits. try listening to both with an open mind and decide which you'd rather listen to. >> i did get reacquainted with the rockford file theme and i stand my ground. i say this is objective and old rockford isn't even in the top five theme songwise, here of my top five picks in no particular order, hawaii 5-0, mission impossible, the theme from
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s.w.a.t., the greatest american hero and from way back in the '50s peter gunn. yeah, okay, miami vice ought to be in there somewhere. got your own list? we'd love to see it. send it to mcginty's mailbag, mailbag at well, that is our report. i'll be right back here at 11:00 along with anita brikman and topper shutt. don't forget, long on any time to i'll see you a bit later. have a great evening. bye bye.
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now, entertainment tonight, the most-watched entertainment news magazine in the world. >> john travolta. the massage scandal. the new men coming forward. >> did you feel uncomfortable? >> the shocking new allegations. >> he was naked in front of me. he gave me a big hug. >> but are they telling the truth? we investigate the evidence. >> britney spears versus howard stern? is the battle of the new reality show judges on? then reported mom-to-me drew barrymore celebrates her engagement. plus, ashton or charlie. who is on, who is off the new "forbes" list. >> a "modern family" star's life threat yeng illness. the secrets. >> i would be in a lot of pain if i didn't get 12 hours of sleep. >> her condition. her second chance at life. >> charlize theron in


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