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tv   9 News Now at 5pm  CBS  May 15, 2012 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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throws her to the ground. >> the suspect in this case did grab her, tried to cover her mouth with the same gloved hand and was sexually assaulting her. >> the 24-year-old woman fought back. punching the man who had attacked her as she tried to escape. he picked her up, threw her in the bushes, and fled. >> trust your instrict. be aware of your surroundings and try to travel in groups or pairs. don't walk home alone after a night out. carry your cell phone with you. >> people love arlington, precisely because it is so full of life. but neighbors say it is important to keep up your guard. >> people walk from the bars, i don't know how much they've had to drink, and they are walking down this road to get to their cars or to get to their homes or whatever they're going and it is an urban environment and have to keep themselves safe. >> reporter: police have a vague description of this guy.
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they think he's about 30 years old. 6 feet tall, 200 pounds. dark complexion. short hair. and those black gloves on a warm spring night. lesli and derek. >> that would certainly catch anybody's attention. bruce, thank you. >> we have the threat of storms hanging over our area once again tonight. topper is in the weather center tracking those beasts. top. >> small beasts right now. most of them are south of town. but we run the next few hours, we run the risk of big storms. let's look at live doppler 9,000 and show you where we've been watching most of the activity. southern maryland and now we are seeing growing activity south and west of town. that's more troubling because the storms are moving off the north and to the east. we'll zoom into this storm now around northern sections of charles county and also southern prince georges county. there's some heavy rain in here. this is going to move off to the north and east.
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eventually up toward anne arundel county. we'll zoom back out. right now, these are just heavy. we thought we saw hail in one of them earlier. now we are looking at heavy rain near boston and just to the west of culpeper. but these are going to move into our western viewing area in the next few hours. we're going to watch these carefully. indicate heavier rain, but no hail right now around boston, around 5:22. we'll keep you posted. there's not a watch yet and no warnings, but the main threats are going to be hail and strong winds and we'll be under the gun for the next four or five hours. thank you, topper. sky 9 flew over a tragic accident this afternoon. a six-year-old boy was hit by an suv in waldorf. it happened around 2:00 on sugar berry street. the child's mother said she just gotten out of her car to give a letter to the mailman. she had no idea her child also got out of the vehicle.
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he stepped out into the path of the suv. the driver remained on the scene. the child's name has not been released. john edwards' daughter did not testify today as expected. kate edwards, if she does, will be the first family member to take the stand as the defense presents its case in the campaign finance corruption trial. dick brennan has the latest from outside the court in greensboro, north carolina. >> reporter: arrived at the courthouse with her father. she's expected to testify in his defense. john edwards is charged with violating campaign finance laws. it's unclear how the jury would reaction to testimony from the defendant's daughter. >> if the jury smells or senses that there's disingenuous, it will destroy this case. >> reporter: in the second day presenting its case, the defense did its best to discredit andrew young.
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elizabeth nicholas said young was considered dishonest. also tried to show a warmer side with stories about his devotion to his kids on and off the campaign trail. a private investigator also testified that wealthy donor deposited $74,000 in payments directly into rielle hunter's bank account. >> page this money for what appears to be the purpose of hiding it from elizabeth edwards. secondly, we never heard about it from the government before. it's a shocking revelation that it hasn't come out before. >> testimony could wrap up this week. the defense will have to decide if john edwards takes the stand. in greensboro, north carolina, dick brennan for cbs news. >> edwards could face up to 30 years in prison if he's convicted. derek. >> we have a face to go along with the name of that police officer who fatally shot an unarmed sunday schoolteacher. now we know, officer daniel harmon wright changed his last name from sullivan two years ago and he's a former marine.
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now, he's being sued for millions by the husband of the woman he killed. both the officer's lawyer and the lawyer for the victim's husband are comparing this case to the killing of trayvon martin. officer daniel harmon wright has been on paid administrative leave from the police force since february 9, when he fatally shot patricia cook. today, we spoke to him briefly at his apartment in gainesville. >> is this where wright lives? >> that is daniel wright, but the police officer would only open the door after we agreed to turn off our camera and put down our cell phones. >> are there any cameras on? >> he opened the door and told us he could not comment on why he fired patricia cook, who was unarmed, sitting in a jeep wrangler. he asked us to call his attorney. >> officer's attorney with
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virginia legal defense, says his client is standing by his original claim that patricia cook caught his arm in her window and beginning to drag him when he fired. the shooting was justifiable because he had reason to believe he was about to be seriously harmed. but patty cook's widower doesn't buy it. his wife's wrangler had crank windows. cook's $5.4 million civil lawsuit is mostly based on witness chris buckel's account who says the officer's arm was not caught and he was not being dragged. >> he had his hand on the door handle. one hand here. >> reporter: the only known witness to the shooting itself. says cook's attorney, greg webb, but he says his account matches the evidence and with what other witnesses say. >> we have other witnesses that will support the fact that the officer did not appear to be injured in any way. >> the lawsuit accuses harmon wright of deliberate and cruel
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use of excessive force. that civil lawsuit has not been served yet to officer harmon wright. cook's attorney says it will be served soon, but they are waiting to formulate questions directed at officer harmon wright. in culpeper, peggy fox, 9news now. >> and state police and a special prosecutor are continuing the criminal investigation and they have cook's jeep wrangler. upset he is continuing to have to make monthly payments on the vehicle, even though it will be considered totaled. he hopes the grand jury will come up with an indictment. got into a shootout. when it was all done. the officer was wounded. the suspect was dead. investigators say that officer responded to a report of an armed man walking two dogs last night in the 4200 block of 6th street. suddenly when the officer got there, the man opened fire. the officer fired back. the man was hit several times, he later died. the officer should be okay. and police say they have
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caught up with two men wanted for raping a woman in virginia. the suspects are valeno and castro. both are believed to be homeless. police say they attacked a 50- year-old woman last sunday in the 2400 block. he was sexually assaulted, hit with a blunt object and robbed. >> outrage stay at home moms took to the streets to fight a law they say sets women's rights back some 50 years. it's a law that requires stay- at-home parents to get their working spouse's permission before they can get a credit card. i bet a lot of people didn't realize this existing. >> absolutely. this is an unintented consequence of the card act. the law was to keep credit card companies from going after college students. now these women can't get their own line of credit without
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their husband's permission. >> as a mother who chosen to be home with her children is demeaning and devaluing that i can't get my own credit card. i started this campaign to fix that. >> holly is a stay-at-home mom who says she has a high credit score, a high household income, yet denied. the problem, the application only asks for her individual income, not household. as a stay-at-home income was zero. ashley void with agrees the card act is to blame. >> rule has been unfairly, broadly interpreted. >> started a petition to fix the law they call unfair. they collected more than 43,000 signatures. and today, they are dropping them off at the consumer financial protection bureau. >> they accepted the petitions and gave us every indication
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that they are intending to look into this issue. >> just in case, they left behind a few of these mock vintage play fliers. it's 2012 and i have to ask your father's permission to get a credit card? >> what about the woman who faces abuse at home? without the ability to secure her own credit without the husband giving permission. the abuser, where can she turn if she needs to leave quickly? >> now supporters of the card act say its intention is good, it's trying to prevent people, young people in particular, from putting themselves into too much debt. and lesli, these women say they get it, they understand what its intention is, but the unintended consequence is that they have to ask their husband permission before they can get a credit card. >> they need to revisit this in some way, shape, or form because that would not fly. >> i don't know that it would fly in many households. i'm not sure many women would have to ask permission for a
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credit card. derek. lesli, changes are in the works for debt sign of a new memorial. the president, dwight d. eisenhower, all this after a barrage of complaints from his family. they objected that focusing on his childhood. the new design was unveiled today. the plan is to feature a statue inspired by a famous photo of general eisenhower on the eve of d-day. the memorial will be built near the mall. comedian and talk show host, ellen delaware ellen degeneres is the award winner. makes her wonder, why didn't i get this sooner? david says the comedian was chosen for the honor for finding hilarity in the mundane. she will receive the honor october 22. still ahead, our cameras are there once again as cops
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bust an under age drinking party, this time in the woods. this is bruce johnson in northeast washington. we'll talk about this special election that filled the seat of former d.c. councilman. for the first time, we'll talk about the cost of the scandal, and talk about the pain that is still going out here among the people. i'll have that story coming up. up next, a protest at pepco headquarters in downtown d.c. really takes the cake.
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protesters delivered a message to pepco today. you can't have your cake and eat it too, and they meant it. the protester smeared pepco's logo and entrances. this happened at the utilities downtown headquarters days before pepco's shareholders meeting. the activists are members of our d.c. the group is pushing for corporate reform to create
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jobs for what they call the 99%. voters in the district's ward 5 are deciding today who will take over. >> you remember thomas' seat ha has been vacant. that's when he resigned and pled guilty to embezzling from the city. more on the high cost of filling that seat. bruce. >> reporter: yeah, i'm told out here the cost is higher than the number we ended up with because we didn't factor in the cost of the investigation. going to get to that in a minute. right now, we're outside precinct 66. it's off of south dakota avenue. as you say, residents were turn finding a replace for harry thomas, jr., who is awaiting a prison sentence right now. we should also point out it's been a very light turnout. early morning turnout. only 2,000. somewhat less than 2,000. that is going to favor those names and get to those four
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people in a moment. take a look at this. never had there been so many candidates for one seat on the d.c. council. this is a special, expensive election. the first council member forced out of office, the first council member headed to prison. >> we haven't gotten over it, that's why they are out here today, to pick the best candidate. >> costing $318,000. add to that, $353,000 that thomas stole from youth programs and another $100,000 he steered to an improper inaugural ball. there are federal and local taxes he failed to pay. >> you look, probably around a million dollars. ward 5 has been on pace for five months. they are voting on the budget as we speak. and we don't have an active voice. >> reporter: that could have given 800 senior citizens $1,000 each to pay their
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utility bills. 400 families could have gotten $2,000 each to help with college expenses. 200 first time home buyers could have gotten $4,000 for closing costs or down payments. >> we can blame mr. thomas. when he came and before he was sworn in. >> as for the former councilman, harry thomas, jr., he's at home awaiting as to where he's going to be serving that 38 month prison sentence. it's going to be a prison camp in montgomery, alabama, or pensacola, florida. the winner of today's special election will no doubt come from their ranks. the winner should be known later tonight. the healing will take a lot longer. >> no matter what when wins, we have to focus on pushing this ward forward. >> we haven't seen anything on the turnout. and if it's only a few people turning out, it doesn't take a lot of people to turn them in.
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these names have been out here for a long time. people waiting their turn. we'll see if one of these guys gets in. back to you guys. >> bruce, thank you. derek. now we get to maryland's legislature, that special session they have going on. the state senate approved higher income taxes for the wealthiest 14% of maryland citizens, but tax hike is not a done deal. now the bill moves to the house of delegates for taxing high income earners is hitting their constituents too hard. >> from the tax proposal on the table right now, 40% of the new money comes from montgomery county. that doesn't seem quite fair. and it doesn't raise enough money to meet our needs as a state. >> charles barkly says adding another penny to the sales tax is a far better way to go because more people will share the burden of the tax hike. that is not expected to pass. the special session was called to half a billion dollar budget gap and expected to end
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tomorrow with the final approval of the tax hike on families with more than $150,000 a year in earnings. okay. so those storms are bubbling and boiling out there, top? >> they are, especially southwest of town. we have today, and one more day of the same type of activity. as we said all week, a very nice payoff. let's start with a live look outside. we talked about seeing more sun today and that has been the case. temperatures will have reflected sunshine, 77 downtown. we even have some low 80s in some spots. winds out of the south at 5. pressure falling, 29.91 inches of mercury. live doppler 9,000. we are looking at most of the activity south and west of town. we're looking at, actually the heaviest activity has been southeast and southwest of town. we'll zoom into this storm which is actually not far from calvert county and kind of on the edge of extreme southeastern. right now indicating some heavy
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rain around baden and north of malcolm. this is sliding to the north and east. it will head over toward north beach. we'll zoom back out and go to the south and west. and this is a little larger area of embedded thunderstorms. i think it's going to move through our western suburbs in the next hour or two. fauquier county and loudoun county and maybe prince william county and fairfax county. heaviest activity toward boston and this is indicating heavy rain in red. here's where the computer is going to track it for the next hour. going to move across culpeper. really across 29. but it does weaken these a little bit. so, we'll keep you posted. i think these are going to hold together and become relatively strong. maybe not severe, but strong for the next few hours. there's the 82 i was talking about. 76 in reston. 81 also in college park and in beltsville. all right, here's the deal. strong storms are possible.
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storms until 8:00 or 9:00. threat is hail or strong winds. some will have heavy rain. and another round of storms possible tomorrow, but the end is in sight. that's going to be with the cold front. 6:45 tonight, the computer has taken most of the heavier storms south of town into southern maryland and the northern neck. they are hefty. a couple storms possible until 8:00. fairfax, montgomery county, rockville and into reston. we see some breaks, so grab your sunglasses tomorrow and perhaps a second round of showers and storms as we get into 24 hours from now as the front itself goes through. so for tonight, showers and thunderstorms early. some heavy. some severe. lows 58 to 64 and winds southwest at about 10. all right, next seven days. thursday and friday spectacular. mid 70s. looking at sunshine, upper 70s on saturday and sunday. even into next week we're in good shape. a few clouds come in next tuesday, but after that, maybe
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some showers tuesday night. but nice stretch of weather. >> that's looking great. coming up, an overweight man in virginia, they told him he couldn't ride the roller coaster. how much weight did he lose so he could get his thrill? more people are going to pack up their cars this memorial day weekend. [ male announcer ] get to subway®
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for the new smokehouse bbq chicken. a smokin' new $6 footlong™ special! slow cooked chicken in tangy, sweet bbq sauce on freshly baked bread. it's a barbeque-licious $6 footlong™ special! come and get it! subway. eat fresh. more of us will be traveling this memorial day weekend. aaa estimates that nearly 35 million americans will take trips of at least 50 miles or more next weekend. that is up more than 1% from the summer's opening weekend last year. but despite gas prices, economists and tourism experts predict only a small uptick in travelers over the course of the entire summer. >> the overall distance traveled by americans is
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expected to be 150 miles less than last year. this indicates that many people are attempting to save money by staying closer to home. >> aaa says road trippers will reduce food and entertainment expenses in order to keep their travel costs down. here's a deal military families may be hard to turn down. you may be able to get into every national park for free. free annual passes starting on saturday, that is armed forces day. the usual fee is $80. military members have to show a current valid id to get their free pass. and looking for some incentive to lose weight? try this on for size. a virginia man weighing in at 300 pounds was not allowed to ride the roller coaster. park workers at the volcano said the harness wouldn't fit him and he wouldn't ride. ambrose was embarrassed and decided to make some changes.
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he lost 105-pounds over nine months. back at park, he was a new man and he rode that roller coaster. >> great for him. coming up, three local cities make the top ten list of the nation's most red. also ahead, a man shopping at wal-mart bends down to pick up what he thought was a stick until it bit him in the hand. but up next, 9 wants you to know about a disturbing trend among teens. our cameras were there when police busted up another underage drinking party. this time we head to the woods. if you have copd like i do,
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something you have probably never seen before. a dramatic police chase and what a surprise to see who the cops were running after. >> it was a group of teenage partyers at the lakeland's neighborhood in gaithersburg and andrea mccarren was there for the chase and the subsequent arrest and she's here now to tell the story. andrea. >> we happen to be with montgomery county police and a completely different story when we got a tip about teenagers partying in the woods. even we were surprised to see just how young they were. >> river runs back through here. >> reporter: an unanimous tip leads us through the woods. >> they started running. >> reporter: teenage parties leave behind a backpack and beer cans in their rush to get
5:31 pm
away. >> we had a younger female hop the fence on us. >> reporter: police surrounded woods on all sides so the teens have no place to run. under arrest, six teenage girls. students at frost middle school and prince orchard and gaithersburg high school. the 14 and 15-year-olds tell police they had been playing spin the bottle as a drinking game. >> is anybody going to be a 0.0? >> also detained, a 15-year- old boy who tried to run from police, so did this 15-year-old girl who is defiant. but wait until the preliminary breathalyzer results come in. >> she is 14 years old and she's a .17. twice the legal limit. >> reporter: another girl tries to minimize what she had to drink. >> one beer. >> reporter: when the girls
5:32 pm
mouth off, police separate them. the 18-year-old had rum and coke in his backpack, taken from his own home, he says. >> you didn't supply any of the alcohol? you just brought that? >> yes, sir. >> so if i ask these kids, they'll tell me just that, right? >> reporter: this isn't the teen's first run in with the law. just two months ago, he was busted for marijuana possession. only one of the girls is visibly upset. her father is in federal law enforcement. the 18-year-old is released with a court date and one by one, fathers come to pick up their underage daughters. some are angry, like this man collecting his twins. others appear indifferent. >> some may act surprised, some may discipline their child right there. other say it's the police's
5:33 pm
fault. they say so and so, you violated my child's rights. >> four of the six girls were drinking, two were not. all six will be sited. and those two girls still did receive alcohol citations because of something known as constructive possession. it means that they were so close to that illegal activity they knew it was happening and could have easily been participating in it themselves. by the way, we made the decision to blur the faces of the girls fathers because showing them could potentially identify their daughters. so we did both. andrea, you talked about students from various schools there. what are the schools doing about this? >> it's interesting. in montgomery county, it's up to each individual add min administrator to decide if there's punishment. since the activity was not on school property nor at a school sponsored event, punishment is not mandatory. it would be a completely different story. kids would have suffered
5:34 pm
consequences and we did offer the school system and the individual principals a chance to comment, they did not. >> coming up tonight, you have another investigation and this turns up some pretty disturbing stuff too. >> we keep talking about how creative kids are. tonight we are going to expose yet another way they are getting their hands on booze, working with police. we had minors order alcohol from room service at some of the area's well known hotel chains. you'll be interested to see who served the under age kids and who did not. >> this is why you have to give young people stuff to do. >> absolutely. when you have too much time to think, you can get yourself into trouble. >> and a lot of supervision. most of the parents had no idea kids are pooling cash to rent these hotel rooms. >> we'll look forward to that. thank you. we have breaking news now from maryland where i-270 southbound closed just before tuckerman lane. take a look at this live
5:35 pm
picture. you know this time of day, i- 270 is a zoo anyhow. so it's backing up. police tell 9news now, five vehicles are involved in an accident. the hov lanes are up. blocked just before tuckerman lane. you might want to plan accordingly. >> the national police week tribute to fanal first responders. president obama and congressional leaders joined with the families of law enforcement officers killed in the line of duty for this month's national peace officer's memorial service on capitol hill. the president praised law enforcement officers and their family to take on quote, the burden of protecting citizens every day so ordinary americans don't have to worry. >> because even in the face of tragedy, i know that so many of you will return home and continue to do what you've always done, some of you will kiss your husbands or wives
5:36 pm
good-bye each morning and send them out the door not knowing what would happen each day. some of you are children and parents, sisters and brothers whose pride is mixed with worry. the ceremony honors law enforcement killed. 362 names were added to the national law enforcement officer's memorial in 2012. >> alexandria comes out on top when it comes to being well read. that's according to amazon's latest survey of the most well read cities in america. cambridge, massachusetts. arlington, virginia, ranks seventh. the district comes in number nine. all the book, newspaper, and magazine sales since last june. metro is billing its new bike and rail facility as a one of a kind opportunity. it opened today at the college park metro station. it's a secure, enclosed parking
5:37 pm
structure that has space for over 100 bikes. the bikers will need a personal access card to get into the facility, but there are no monthly or annual fees. a one-time, $5 charge is applied for new customer id verification. coming up next, a truck smashes through a brick wall and into a pawnshop and police are trying to track down the two people who ran from all that mess. and don't forget, we're always on at stay with us, we'll be right back. ♪
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caught on tape, a stolen truck crashes into a pawnshop. surveillance video shows the truck as it speeds through the front door and comings to a stop inside. it is surrounded by crumbling
5:40 pm
concrete, broken bricks, shattered glass, and the two men in the truck get out and make a run for it. police say the men didn't steal anything, but they still think it was an attempted burglary because they were in the precise area where they crashed the truck. those suspects are still at large. an idaho man who was bitten by a rattlesnake is expected to go home from the hospital today. >> mika craig was shopping in the outdoor gardens department over the weekend when he thought he sue a stick lying in the aisle. it wasn't a stick. it was a rattlesnake. he didn't realize it. he picked it up and it latched on to his hand. >> i reached down to grab it, it turned around and got me. i went to swing it off and it stayed on. when it hit the ground, it curled up and i saw kids out there, i stomped it dead. >> i left my husband in the pickup there at wal-mart. so i had to call him on the way
5:41 pm
and say, i'm driving some other person's car and driving him to the hospital. >> wow. craig says he was treated with six bags of antivenn no , antivenom. other snakes have been coming up. wal-mart says we're sorry. >> the nationals look to sweep a short series against the padres. highlights from nats park. up next, should you buy shares of facebook when it goes public this week? the better question may be, can you?
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facebook is raising the price at which it plans to sell stock to the public. the social networking company now says it expects the stock for between $34 to $38 that. is higher than a previous range of $38 to $28 to $35. facebook's initial public offering is expected at friday. you may log on to facebook
5:45 pm
every day, but does that mean you should be adding the stock to your portfolio? >> jessica doyle has what you need to know. >> reporter: there's a ton of buzz, but just because 900 million plus people logged on to this social network, should you try to jump in on the stock? if you're a facebook insider or a big money trader, buying shares before they hit the public market is a no brainer. >> it's going to rocket on the first day and that will be an automatic gain. >> if you're like the rest of us, some argue you may want to watch this stock offering from the sidelines. >> do not buy on the first day. one strategy is to wait up to six months. the so-called lockup period expires. >> insiders like company employees can cash in on their shares. when they're allowed to sell, the theory goes, the price will likely drop, giving smaller
5:46 pm
smaller investors a chance. >> understand how the company makes its money. in facebook's case, 85% of its sales come from these apps that they sell alongside your social network. now critics say many users don't even see that they're there and they certainly aren't clicking on them. then there's that little problem of a growth company not actually growing its profit. >> first quarter earnings fell 12%. because of higher expenses. >> higher expenses are a sign of a more mature company. pair that with mark zuckerberg's fresh faced world view in the visual video pitch for the stock offering. >> we think people's lives are going to be better and the whole world will function better when there's more information and understanding out there. >> a message of social connection that is hard not to like. jessica doyle, 9 justice of 9news now. >> here are a few other things if you are planning to buy
5:47 pm
shares, be aware, you could miss them, because the price could jump significantly by the time you place your order. investors buying at the offer price, you will likely see a gain, though most of the shares start to trade, the stocks are likely to go down. but one other advantage to waiting six months or longer to buy your shares, you will get a good look at a couple quarters of earnings and they'll know if the stock is too expensive or a good buy for you. think about that. >> lots to think about. >> i think it's for the big boys. >> all the big boys will get the chance to get in first anyway. make all the money. >> exactly. >> you're going to make good on a promise to make things beetedder this week? >> things -- better this week? >> we'll show you that in a second. let's start with a live look outside. it is brought to you by michael and son. we have some breaks in the clouds. temperatures responded to that.
5:48 pm
we made it into the upper 70s. 77 right now. winds out of the south at 5. and the pressure is steady. 29.91 inches of mercury. live doppler 9,000. you can down load our weather app. it's really pretty cool. go to the app store and search for wusa radar. we will zoom into the south and west because that is one area we are concerned about. and it's a growing area in terms of coverage. so, the activity is fairly heavy. not severe, but fairly heavy east of madison and orange and everything is pushing off towards culpeper and 29. so as we go through the next few hours, folks in the western suburbs should see heavy rain and strong wind and this just popped up recently inbetween woodbridge and stafford on 95. we'll put this into motion where these storms are going to go, mainly off to the east, i
5:49 pm
think they are going to remain a little stronger than the computers. so we're going to keep the chance for strong storms in until 7:00, 8:00, 9:00. temperatures, 77 at bethesda and arlington. 82 in rockville. 81 in college park and up in beltsville. so, strong storms are still possible. the threat, hail and strong winds and some are heavy rain. we have seen a few with heavy rain already and afternoon storms again on wednesday. that's with the cold front and that will bring an end to the unsettled pattern. by tonight, 7:00, 8:00, some showers and storms. southern maryland, st. mary's county, calvert county, we aren't going to see completely clear skies. still some showers possible through the evening hours, then a break and looking at sunshine tomorrow. tomorrow is going to be much warmer. more sun on wednesday than we had today and temperatures will respond. talking mid 80s tomorrow and more showers and storms
5:50 pm
possible back out in the mountains tomorrow and they should roll through tomorrow evening with the front. for tonight, showers and storms early. some heavy, some severe. 58 to 64. and by morning, partly cloudy and mild. patchy fog early. 50s and 60s and by afternoon, a little warmer. partly cloudy, but another round of showers and storms. high temperatures near 85 tomorrow. next seven days. looks great. i mean really. we haven't changed thursday or friday, sunshine mid 70s. upper 70s over the weekend. we are in good shape. upper 70s monday. a few clouds on tuesday. so far, making good on my promise with a strong finish to the week. >> all right, finish strong. that's what you always say, topper. >> the weather held up this afternoon's baseball game at nationals park. >> and kristen berset is here. >> there were some highlights. it wasn't a pretty game because of the rain early on, but they got through it. if i told you stephen strasburg
5:51 pm
would give up three runs in the first inning, you might say it would take an act of god for that to happen. well, you'd be right on that one. it was pouring early on. stephen strasburg having trouble keeping his hand dry. the game was caused for an 8 minute rain delay, but when he came back, yikes, gives up a bases loaded single up the middle. two-run score. strasburg went four innings today. one and only bright spot though, there's your one highlight, derek, bryce harper. that was the nats only run today as they lose to san diego 6-1. joining me now, danny, host of the holden and danny show. cleanly shaven, sorry about the caps man. we got an app to talk about today. stephen strasburg, his shortest inning by far this season. is this something because of the rain or maybe we saw him more human today. >> he didn't look comfortable.
5:52 pm
i'm not going to say anything but discomfort. you start the game, you have to warm up again. after an 8 to 10 minute delay. i'm going to make no comments about icy hot, whatever people are going to call it. , there are rumors flying around, i'm here to talk about how he couldn't get a good grip on the baseball. >> we'll stay away from that one. bryce harper, when he came up to the bigs, started off well, plumped a little bit. now he has homers in back to back games. as he is starting to get comfortable. >> we saw him when he was scuffled against cincinnati. we watched him try to hit that five-run home run. you have now seen him take better at bats. that patient comfortable approach. that's going to lend him well. as a 19-year-old rookie, you aren't going to see 30 home runs. some of the greats of all time,
5:53 pm
when he was a 19-year-old rookie, if we got that out of a 19-year-old kid, that would be phenomenal. good to see him break out and be a comfortable major leaguer and make good baseball plays. >> you look at today, he was the only bright spot. he was the only offense they had going and of course the schedule isn't getting much easier. battle the beltway is this weekend and it's going to be a tough weekend for them. >> first place orioles. it's going to be exciting. danny, thanks so much for coming in. lesli, derek, back over to you. >> exciting baseball to look guard to this weekend. thank you. still to come tonight, metro opens doors that used to be the transit agency's slogan. why that wasn't the best thing on a couple of cars today. a bartender walks a woman here late at night and sets in when she gets mugged. i'm anny hong in southeast d.c. with how this good samaritan gets stabbed several times and is now facing huge medical
5:54 pm
bills. >> a new way for people to test for hiv at home. i'm teresa. details coming up. [ male announcer ] this was how my day began.
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often have to rely on waiters to not only know what's in their food -- rates 50,000 restaurants based on how well they handle food allergy specific orders. and dozens of them are right around here. you can find links at the first at home hiv test could soon be available for consumers. an fda advisory panel voted 17- 0 to recommend approval for the in home hiv test. here is teresa garcia with more. >> the in home hiv test takes just 20 minutes. a person swabs the upper and lower gum. its hiv antibodies are present, lines appear. >> it's another option for people to know their hiv status, to test more frequently and do so in the comfort and privacy of their home. >> company study shows the
5:58 pm
test is 93% accurate, identifying people who are hiv positive. the fda standard is 94%. it would miss 38 people each year. it was better determining people who didn't have hiv. >> it is estimated that 1.2 million people are infected hiv. many hope this test will prevent new infections, but some experts are concerned for those who test positive without a doctor close by. >> you probably have lots of questions. there's no one available to help you answer them to comfort you, to reassure you, to tell you that care is available, to talk to you about prognosis. >> the company said they created a customer support center that would help 24 hours
5:59 pm
a day. teresa garcia, cbs news, los angeles. >> there are tests that you can do at home, but they require a blood sample and send that out to a lab. >> this is 9news now. >> today, maryland senate approved higher income taxes for the wealthest 14% of its citizens. it is a debate that will continue tomorrow in the house of delegates. outside the historic state house, hundreds of angry pit bull owners and an wall welfare advocates advocates tried to steal the spotlight. scott broom is in annapolis with that story. >> the dog owners are outraged by a recent maryland court of appeals ruling that declares pit bulls are inherently dangerous, which makes it easier to sue pit bull owners and makes landlords who rent to them liable, too. >> plus, the outpouring of anger outside the maryland state house as legislators hear the session to solve the crisis got blind


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