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tv   9 News Now at 5pm  CBS  May 16, 2012 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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entertained generations upon generations in washington. derek, i don't think it's an exaggeration to say he's the most popular figure in this city. he is the d.c. what elvis is to memphis. >> you wondered what is keeping this guy going? he was performing in his 70s. tell us about the man you got to know and some of those conversations you had with him. >> it dawned on me six years ago that no one has done a profile on chuck brown. i have been here over 30 years. so i said chuck, can i do a profile? he said of course. nobody asked to talk to me. we stood on u street. you can see some of the shots. people wanting a hug from him. chuck is the man. he started out, he went to lorton. that's where he got a chance to get his life together. he learned to play guitar, he
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got some education. he started this go go thing, except for busting loose, didn't go much further than d.c., but everybody samples their work. but chuck brown, you know, we love him and i got to show you this piece we did, derek, six years ago on chuck brown. that first piece that was done on him in a long time. >> when i say chuck brown, what do you think of? >> god father of soul. >> i thought that was james brown? >> no, that's chuck brown. >> he's been around for years. since i was a little boy. >> okay, i'm just happy to be here. i'm pushing 70. chuck brown, the father of d.c.'s go go sounds. he entertained three different general generations.
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he is right up there with luke elington, and marvin gay. chuck discovered back in the 1960s and 70s that his audiences would hang around and include them in the songs. go go movement was a hit with d.c. club owners. go go has seen limited commercial, radio success outside the area. >> go go is continually going on and on and on, and might take a break inbetween, you know, and everybody could join in. >> the city has changed tremendously. look at all the new stuff they have coming up. >> it's not just the music. people have been drawn to chuck brown. >> let me shake your hand. >> because of his personal boot strap story, so many of d.c.'s working class and poor can relate to. >> shine shoes and i -- you
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know, and i may change like that and i did that for a number of years. you know, get out on my own. >> chuck brown spent a lot of his early years incarcerated. the d.c. jail where he got his ged, learned how to play guitar and formed his first band. eluded him on the streets. >> at that point in time, they wanted to rehabilitate and straighten their life out. that's the place to do it. ♪ [ music ] chuck brown and the soul searchers performed in the 70s. a record deal, national tour, and appearance on soul train
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soon followed. the unsuspected singer and song writer signed away his rights. busting loose, his biggest hit earned chuck $1200. >> were you naive? >> at that point in time, people were, i trusted anybody. >> it's working. chuck brown has a new record label and new management. tom -- >> yeah. all right. >> he has the ability to call the shots on some of his music and the music is his creation. >> 59 chuck brown performs up to five nights per week. street festivals, even the white house. >> president bush invited me to the white house three times. >> did you turn the place down? >> no, we didn't play. he just invited us, me and my wife. >> oh, not to play, just to be there. >> are you republican? >> no indeed. i was wondering why he invited me. >> it's a good life, says chuck brown and he's thankful
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for every day. >> how do you want people to remember chuck brown? >> just like they see me. because right now, i'm just enjoying every minute of being on this planet. so if you can remember me as a nice humble guy that is still around, still trying to kick it, you know what i mean? >> the great now late chuck brown, amazing story. we are shocked all the more because his family kept a tight lid on the information. we had no idea he was this sick. >> we didn't know officially how sick he was because the family wasn't saying anything and tom wasn't returning our calls. obviously it was a lot worse than we thought. on the internet, they had already said that chuck was dead and we were able to confirm that wasn't the case,
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although we knew he was gravely ill. for whatever reason, when you don't come out and talk, you get those rumors. we have heard from the mayor, we'll hear from the council chair. >> and we'll hear from folks with lesli and anita back in the studio. >> thank you gentleman. joining us live by phone with more on chuck brown is d.j. from wpgc radio. we sure hope this wasn't something wed we'd have to talk about, are you there? d.j.? you there? i can hear you now. you can't go anywhere in this city without hearing the definitive sound that is clearly came through the vessel of chuck brown and he had such a range performing with eva cassidy, prince, all these different kinds of artists. he really was very, very am dexterous as a musician, wasn't he? >> yes, he created a genera of music what we know today as go
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go music. he raised so many generations. you guys, family that we talk about, their grandparents. and then amazing how many decades of fans he has created. he raised up so many musicians. it gave us so much joy in music. >> why do you think the go go sound didn't really take off nationally? because he is clearly influenced, so many musicians and has so many fans. >> um, it's several days why it never took off nationally. it's a lot. unfortunately, it did go national as it could have, but it is one thing that with my life that i'm blessed to be a part of that i had go go in my life growing up. for me, being a resident of this area, i could not understand my life without go go music. >> you know what? chuck brown may be gone, but
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his music, thankfully, will always live on. thank you so much for your time. we'll have more on chuck brown coming up later in the show. >> yes, we will. now on to our other big story. if you live in the state of maryland, your taxes are going up. today, lawmakers approved the first income tax hike in five years. >> the vote raises income taxes on individuals making more than $100,000 and families earning more than $150,000 a year. it is a controversial move that legislators say was the only way to avoid a doomsday budget of job cuts and college tuition hikes. take a look at this map, maryland counties that are in the d.c. suburbs are going to feel the most pain. montgomery county is hardest hit. 27% of households will see their taxes go up. scott broom is in annapolis tonight with more on this very touchy vote. scott. >> well, it was, as you just reported it, target's six figure income earners, which means for instance, if you've got a yacht down here on ego
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alley in annapolis, you are definitely in for a maryland income tax hike. >> i think the state of maryland has gone completely crazy with the taxes. >> jean pagely and husband ed facing a new rising tide of taxes. >> i think there's some risk that the state will drive people out of the state. >> maryland's house of delegates voted 77-64. targeting six figure income earners. >> it's what these spending decisions are going to do. >> most democrats lining up with party leaders, looming about cuts, and an immediate 13% hike in college tuition without more money. the so-called doomsday budget. >> i think we are judged as a society by how we treat the least among us. >> government has run a muck. >> republicans work unified in opposition. >> so the line has to be drawn. if we continue on this path, if the republicans were not in this body, the silence would be
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deafening. >> the tax hike hits individuals earning $100,000 and couples earning more than $150,000 with income tax hikes of a quarter and 3/4 of a percent. translation, a couple making $175,000 would pay over $250 a year more. million dollar earners would pay over $3200 more. college students are among the beneficiaries. >> it's tough to go through school and pay for it. now they will be all right with that extra quarter percent. >> the number of legislators i talked to today said hey, it's not fair to characterize this. it's targeting the set, like the yacht people here in annapolis who if you figure a couple of senior level teachers in montgomery county at $75,000 each, they will be hit by this income tax hike as well. another important point of news today, the state legislature also shifted the cost of teacher pensions over to the counties. and almost each and every
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county says they can't afford that, which has a lot of people speculating that perhaps that shift is going to cause local taxes to go up eventually as well. reporting live in annapolis, scott broom, 9news now. >> scott, thank you. now to a congressional inquiry and possible hearing as the result of a 9news now investigation. >> it is getting a fire storm of response. a lot of people are angry with our investigation into government salaries and bonuses. they say it's their private information. >> investigative reporter joins us now with some new information and the reaction from the capital. >> hi guys, i just returned from the capital where i met with a subcommittee chair. he wants to know why there's so much bonus discrepancy between employees. by law, every federal worker's paycheck is part of the public record. we work with our sister publication who filed a freedom of information request to get the 2011 federal payroll. many express concern of the
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ease as which you can enter names. in a split second, out comes his $199,700 salary. we also found more than 100 workers with bonuses in excess of $40,000. some as high as $62,895. >> far too excessive. no way. >> they seem high to me for your government federal employee, employee. i believe about $43 million less than the previous year. >> reporter: steven analyzes government pay at our sister publication, federal times, and contributes it to a white house order reducing bonuses. >> reporter: this shows indicates having some effect already. the white house declined an on camera interview, but the elimination of bonuses and a pay freeze will save $3 billion by the end of this year. many of the workers who received the high end bonuses
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were the recipient of a award program. >> if there was some type of check and balances and follow up from their work, that's not so bad. >> reporter: we analyzed the largest bonus pool, $67.9 million. the a the department of veterans affairs. uses bonuses to reward positive performance. but averaging $214 a person, the va didn't make our list top five for average individual bonuses. the general services administration awarded the highest bonus at over $1,000, followed by the interior and agriculture. in last place, department of education workers had bonuses of $81. >> reporter: 99 paychecks come from here at the department of veterans affairs.
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attributes that to medical pay up to $342,000 for a small percentage of its doctors. on base pay, nasa pays the most on average at over $112,000 followed by transportation, energy, education, and hud. department of agriculture receives the lowest amount. >> it covers 70% of employees. the 30% who are not on the list, the white house, department of defense, and a handful of other agencies. coming up tonight at 6:00, we'll give details on the 16 largest individual bonuses we found over $60,000 a piece. >> wow. at the top of this story, just that people were upset with you for doing this story. talk about those comments. >> i think a will the of people felt violated. their personal information was on this website. they were upset that we provided information on how to find out where this information is. others thought it was a good
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deal to have the transparency of it, to prevent corruption. now we got a particular e-mail from one of our viewers. this is from mark. he writes quote, i'm really disappointed in wusa for posting that article on federal employee bonuses. i devoted 28 years of my life to federal service helping to protect public health and safety. we deserve better from our local news. coming up at 6:00, we'll have more reaction from this story, specifically a congressman now considering a congressional hearing. >> thank you. still ahead on 9news. under age kids buying booze from room service. see which hotel our cameras caught selling to minors and which wouldn't do it.
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we take you back to the sad breaking news of the day. chuck brown, the godfather of go go has died. the music legend had been hospitalized at johns hopkins in baltimore for some time now. he hadn't performed in more than two months. joining us to talk live via the telephone is sugar bear, who we know is the lead singer with experience unlimited. known know as e.u. hey sugar bear. are you there? >> hello. >> sugar bear, are you there?
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can you hear me? >> i'm here. >> can you hear me? >> hello. can you hear me? >> i can hear you just fine. can you hear me? we're going to put sugar bear on hold for a minute and get this together. in the meantime, let's go outside on the weather terrace where it's been a gorgeous day. folks. >> it has. something is right on a day like this. >> the cold front is to our west, so we might see a shower or storm and we are going to have a great effect on the rest of the week. let's start with another live look outside. much better looking. look live outside to the capital. this is our live weather cam brought to you by michael and son. and temperatures about 80 downtown. now the winds are still out of the south. so the winds will turn and become northerly after midnight. and that will signal the front going through.
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dew point is 60. 81 arlington. 83 in college park. look at this. 85 in rockville. 81 in gaithersburg. 81 in sterling. 82 in manassas and even over in college park, we're talking low 80s. low 80s in beltsville. really nice outside. all right, cold front moving through. isolated thunderstorm tonight. breezy and cooler over night. grab your sunglasses tomorrow. you might want a light jacket in the morning on thursday. we'll be a little bit cooler tomorrow. we'll lose 10 degrees between today and tomorrow. we can afford to do that with temperatures in the 80s. early isolated shower and clearing, breezy, and cooler. 52 to 62. winds out of the north at 10 to 15 once the front goes through. by morning, mostly sunny and pleasant. 50s and 60s. winds north, northeast at 10 and by afternoon, just great. mostly sunny and cooler yes, just beautiful. high temperatures 75 and winds northeasterly at 10.
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so we'll break it down for you. upper 60s to low 70s by lunchtime and mid to low 70s by evening. just a great day. next three days, it gets better. 76 on friday. pure sun. 80 on saturday. mostly sunny. great across the board. next seven days, well, we're going to carry it into sunday. temperatures on sunday, low 80s, but still great. even monday we're in good shape. temperatures in the low 80s and a lot of things going on. the nats are in town. we have the air force show, join arm services at andrews saturday and sunday. perfect weather then. now maybe a thunderstorm on tuesday. back in the upper 70s and then clearing out next wednesday with temperatures also in the upper 70s. so just a very slight chance of a shower tonight. i think if you'll go to the game, don't worry about it. we are hosting the pirates and support the nats. back to you guys. >> oh man, a lot to look forward to. thank you, topper. >> through the versions of the iphone, one thing has gone
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unchanged until now. the latest on production of the newest generation is just ahead. more shares will be available than first announced when facebook goes public on friday.
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at least 16 people suffered minor injuries today during a nearly simultaneous bus crash. actually multiple crashes in maryland. sky 9 out over the beltway in green belt this morning where one bus rear ends another one and moments later, a truck runs into the back of another bus in that convoy. the driver of the bus and the box truck received citations for following too closely. the buses were carrying middle school students from pennsylvania to washington. with investors scrambling to own a piece of facebook, it is increasing the number of shares it will sell. a filing with the the securities admission, increase to 420 million. facebook raised its price to $38. at that price, facebook's initial share sale could reach
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$16 billion. here's something that may have investors thinking twice about buying into facebook. gm, general motors announced plans to stop advertising on the social network site. the auto maker says not enough facebook users are clicking on its ads to justify the expense. the news comes as facebook tries to convince investors that its ad business makes it worth being a $100 billion company. >> talk about big, well known companies. apple fans get ready. the next version of the iphone will reportedly finally have a bigger screen. sources tell the wall street journal, the company ordered 4- inch screens from asian suppliers. apple has never changed the size of the iphone screen in subsequent generations. production on the new version set to begin next month. apple is expected to debut the newest iphone later this year. coming up, president obama presents the nation's highest military award to an army specialist killed more than 40 years ago during the vietnam war. up next, under age kids
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buying booze from room service? see which hotels were caught by our cameras selling to minors and which ones did not.
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this prom and graduation season, 9 wants you to know about another way teenagers are sneaking alcohol into celebrations. >> andrea mccarren went on a recent sting operation with police and the liquor control board. >> i'm almost scared to ask
5:29 pm
what you found this time. >> they are not old enough to drink in bars. they aren't allowed to drink at home. many teenagers are actually pooling their money and paying cash to rent a party venue of their own. a local hotel room. >> hi, i want to order a bottle of red diamond mer merlo. >> yeah, that's fine. thank you. >> she orders alcohol through room service at this gaithersburg marriott near the rio entertainment complex and waits behind the door of room 827 to see if it will come. minutes later, it does. the server brings a bottle of wine right inside the room, no questions asked. that's when police emerge. >> hi, how are you? >> good, how are you? >> the server is asked to call her manager. >> will you send nicole up to 827 please. 827 right away. thank you. >> police explain that
5:30 pm
checking for identification is especially important at this time of year. during prom and graduation season. >> she's actually a front desk filling in tonight. >> the manager consoles her employee who burst into tears. >> i explained to her everything. >> thank you very much. our next stop, the hilton washington north in gaithersburg. room 904. the young women who order the wine are 17 and 19 years old. and look their age. again, wine is delivered, but this time the server asks for id and the 17-year-old hands over her driver's license with her real birth date. 1994. >> she left with my id. the girls are caught offguard. when the server goes to call her manager. but leaves the bottle of wine in the room. >> i couldn't believe it. she left the wine with the kids. >> the server returns and asks
5:31 pm
for another id. by then, it's too late. >> where is the wine? >> right there. >> i went to make sure the id was okay. >> where did you leave the wine? >> i left it over there. >> police issue her a citation and again call in a manager. >> the server did a great job up until the fact that she took the under age person's id and left the wine in the room. >> the manager and his server are defensive. >> i told her i wasn't sure, so i came back. >> all you have to do is take the wine. you can't give them the wine and leave it here. again, both the server and the hotel are sited. >> the kids could have left with the bottle of wine. >> this is the hilton's third violation in the last four years. which means a mandatory hearing before the liquor control board. where their license could be suspended. >> kids rent the rooms and
5:32 pm
have all their friends in and they party. >> police say parents seem to have no clue their kids are pooling their cash for a $100 hotel room. >> they can be anywhere from 5 to 10 kids to 15 or 20 kids. >> i would like to order a bottle of merlo. >> our final spot, the holiday inn gaithersburg. this server asks for id and refuses to deliver the wine when she realizes the girls are under age. >> that's exactly what we want. >> okay. very good job. thank you. thank you very much for carding them and not serving them alcohol. >> she earns high praise from police. the same server was sited in the past for serving to minors. she clearly learned her lesson. and we asked the hotels that were not in compliance for interviews and each issued us a statement. first from the marriott. the hotel takes its obligation to comply with liquor laws very seriously and we will be
5:33 pm
reemphasizing and retraining our associates on the responsible service of alcohol. and this from the hilton in gaithersburg. we are aware of an alleged violation has occurred and currently are investigating it further. we take all such matters seriously and are reviewing our procedures and policies with all associates. now with three violations, the hilton faces a liquor board hearing. that's expected to happen in june. and joining us now is joe, the president and ceo of the american hotel and lodging association. that's the largest trade group representing the industry. first, your reaction to our report. >> it's unfortunate. hotels take a lot of pride in their service standards and serving alcohol is very important in all parts of the hotel. >> and we saw that first server from the marriott. she was actually pulled into duty from the front desk, clearly it was a training issue there. >> i think the good news with
5:34 pm
this incident is that it serves as a training exercise for everyone. take a look at what happened and then go back and start training your staff, you know. she was a warm body put into a situation, at least it seems to be that way. and, but the hotels will take this and they'll take it very seriously. >> the bottom line is, if you're a manager, no matter who you pull into service, you need to tell them to id people. >> id is the number one thing you have to do. we see it in ballparks and hotels, in the restaurants and bars and everything. you have to do it in room service because this is an area where young people can come in to a hotel, rent o room, younger than 18 can rent a room so you have to be diligent. >> were you surprised at the lack of training? apparent lack of training by some of these hotels?
5:35 pm
marriott, hilton? >> well, you know, the hotel companies take training very seriously and you know, these are issues that again, it was a very, you know, they needed a warm body to go into room service. she was never trained. all of their staff in food and beverage outlets are trained in it. but training is repetition. and if you don't see it on the continuing basis in room service, it's very, very few times that you see young people there. during this prom season, what we have done is we sent out a directive today as part of our e newsletter that goes out on the 15th of the month. 15th or 16th and we sent it out today with a paragraph about this reenforcing some of the training materials that we have. >> terrific. it's great to see that your industry is being proactive, particularly during prom and graduation season. and joe mcer mcinerny, thank
5:36 pm
you very joining us. tonight at 11:00, we don't know too many parents that would want their children exposed to a morgue. but one group of troubled teenagers, it's a reality check. a controversial tactic in hopes of saving their lives. that's coming up tonight at 11:00. >> thanks, andrea. still ahead, three new dramas and one new comedy headlining cbs's brand-new fall lineup and we'll bring you a preview. the defense in the john edwards trial rests after a last minute surprise. that's after the break. and don't forget, we're always on at stay with us, we'll be right back. i should be arrested for crimes against potted plant-kind.
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crews are attempting to prevent a fire in arizona. there are worries the flames could get past the fire line a mile west of the town of crown king. the so-called gladiator fire consumed more than 2,000 acres, destroyed three homes and forced the evacuations. closing arguments will begin tomorrow in the john edwards corruption trial. >> defense wrapped up its case today. anny hong joins us with a surprise in the defense strategy here at the end. anny. >> reporter: john edwards defense team wrapped up earlier
5:40 pm
without calling his former mistress, his daughter kate, and edwards himself. court watchers expected the former u.s. senator and trial lawyer to testify in his own defense, but his defense lawyers felt they made their case with 2 1/2 days to the jury that edwards was not guilty of using campaign money. knowingly and willingly accepting large amounts of money from wealthy campaign donors to hide his mistress and her pregnancy in an effort to remain a viable presidential candidate during his 2008 campaign. >> the advantage for not putting john edwards on the stand is it takes away the government's ability to say john edwards lied about everything and got on the stand and lied to you. >> if found guilty on all charges, he faces up to 30 years in prison and a $1.5 million fine. closing arguments are scheduled to begin tomorrow and the jury could get the case as early oz friday. anita. >> we'll be watching it
5:41 pm
closely. a newlywed soldier killed during the vietnam war was awarded the metal of honor. president obama gave the country's highest military award to army specialist. he was killed way back in 1970 while serving in cambodia. he and his wife had one month together before he was killed in an explosion. filling up on more than fuel at the gas station. you'll find out what else one family came away with. >> but first, after two days of accidents involving kids and cars, a look at a checklist that just might keep your child safe. [ male announcer ] get to subway® for the new smokehouse bbq chicken. a smokin' new $6 footlong™ special! slow cooked chicken in tangy, sweet bbq sauce
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does breathing with copd weigh you down? ask your doctor if spiriva can help. a six-year-old boy is expected to be okay after being hit by a car this morning. the accident happened just after 7:30 near 7 oaks elementary school and the driver did stay on the scene,
5:45 pm
again a six-year-old child hit, but is expected to be okay. >> this comes less than 24 hours after a three-year-old boy died after being struck by a car in waldorf. he managed to get out of his car seat while his mother stopped to hand mail to a postal carrier. it was a freak accident in a split second. joining us now to talk about car safety and your child is kate. she is president and ceo of safe kids. thank you so much for joining us, it's a heartbreaking story and any parent could have done the same thing. let's talk. what's the first thing parents need to know about car safety? >> most of all, never leave your child alone in a car, not even for a minute. >> now the child was sitting in the car seat when mom got out of the car, she did not lock the car doors. what should parents know about that? >> if you do have your child in a car, check your car manual to make sure you know how to properly check the safety lock because that will make sure
5:46 pm
your child can't get out of the car even if they are sitting in the backseat. >> one of the things you talk about is safety inside and outside of the car and that parents need to really be educated about the dangers. >> right. well in a car, you want to make sure your child is always in a car seat. or a booster seat, depending upon their size and their age. mostly about their size and weight. how tall with they, how much do they weigh? make sure they are in the proper seat that will protect them. >> it sounds like make sure that harness is properly installed, because kids can get out of these things easily. >> they see us, tuck them into that car seat in the morning, pick them up in the night, kids learned. they learn by watching us do things, so good behavior, setting a good example. making sure they are buckled in properly. >> we hope this tragic accident is an opportunity for parents to reeducate themselves about safety. kate, thank you so much and we'll have a link to the safe
5:47 pm
kids website on our website, where you can learn more about their spot the tot program. back to you. >> great job, thank you. okay folks, a question for all you dads out there. did you perhaps deliver your own child? of course not. did you want to? probably not. well, a man in florida had no choice in the matter. his wife started having contractions. they leaped into the pickup, headed for the hospital, they only made it as far as the gas station. >> trying to make it to the hospital and it didn't work. i had to deliver that baby in the truck with the aid of a 911 caller. so it was a pretty wild night, buddy. >> neither he nor the front seat of that truck will ever be the same. mother and child are doing just fine. that guy deserves a beer and a lot more. >> he looks so shaken, like what did i just do?
5:48 pm
>> he was rattled. >> yeah. all right, i cut the cord, by the way. i didn't deliver. >> do they let dads do that? >> they do. you have to cut it, it's not as easy as you think. >> probably a lot of information. >> it's the life blood. i could tell you more, but i won't. cold front to the west, we'll keep the chance of a shower or thunderstorm in early tonight and the stage for a nice finish to the week. looks like that will carry into the weekend. let's start with a live look outside. brought to you by michael and son. temperatures topped out in the low 80s. it's 80 downtown. winds out of the south at 8. that tells us the front is to our west. dew point is 60. that's comfortable air mass and the pressure is steady. that will begin to go up after the front goes through. temperatures, 79 in bethesda, but 85 for some reason in rockville. 81 in gaithersburg. upper 70s in reston and looking at temperatures, 81 in leesburg. 83 in college park. low 80s in beltsville and low
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80s toward laurel. we have a cold front moving through. isolated thunderstorm tonight. breezy and cooler overnight. grab your sunglasses for tomorrow and you might want a light jacket for the morning on thursday. temperatures will be on the cool side. if not for tomorrow morning, you will need it friday morning. for tonight, early isolated shower or storm and clearing. breezy and cooler. 52 to about 62 for lows. now much cooler than it's been. winds become northerly when the front goes through. by morning, mostly sunny and pleasant. grab the sunglasses. 50s and 60s. winds turning north, northeast at 10. by afternoon, mostly sunny and cooler. just beautiful. high temperatures around 75 and winds northeasterly at about 10. let's break it down. 52 to 63 at 6:00 and by noon, perfectly nice. and by evening, 72 to 76. pretty much with full sun.
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the next three days, it gets better. full sun on friday, 76. great on saturday. mostly sunny, high temperatures around 80. now the next seven days, it stays nice. we're looking at temperatures 83 on sunday. 81 on monday with sunshine. 78 on tuesday. maybe a thunderstorm and then 77 with sunshine returning on wednesday. today is the last day you can enter the chip for the tiger contest. we are talking about tiger woods. go to our facebook page. you can play the blue course and you get all access pass to the at&t tournament in late june. two passes all week. back to you guys. >> sweet. >> real sweet. >> thanks top. nfl players participated numerous charitable events throughout the season. >> they sure do, it doesn't stop once the season is over. >> kristen berset is here to tell us how one redskin spent his season getting to know america's heros. kristen. >> much of what the military does when they are deployed, we
5:51 pm
only see on television. very few of us actually know what goes on. these men and women are away from their families for long amounts of time. they work 24/7 and put themselves in harm's way to protect all of us. this offseason, redskin, derel young, got a first-hand look. >> something i always dreamed about being able to put a smile on people's faces. >> for a week this winter, redskins fullback, young, traveled the areas of el salvador, it was all part of a humanitarian military mission. >> excited to go there because my brother is in the military. something that is important to me, you know, any way to get back to the troops and just to show them that i care about them and appreciate what they do for this country. >> joined by florence and now new redskins teammate, james lee, derel got an up-close
5:52 pm
look. >> they let us put on the gear and stuff like that. we got to experience what they do. we don't realize as a society what they go through. i had no idea they fight every day. they battle, they are over there to survive and come back to their families. >> the guys had fun showing what they do every day. >> we did play seven on seven with the troops. i was the quarterback. but it was fun to be out there. we put them through the warmups that we do. >> it's what the troops taught derel that he'll cherish for ever. >> i said this to the colonel, comrade, that's what i felt. it made me build up and want to show that it is very important. >> he already signed up for next year's trip to guam and hope some of his fellow redskins will join him.
5:53 pm
9sports now. thank you. coming up, a fire storm of response to a 9news investigation and now it might lead to a hearing on capitol hill. >> plus, the bionic woman. plus, news about sketchers that has led to a huge court settlement. we'll be back. i stepped on the machine, and it showed me the pressure points
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we are back on 9news now with a consumer alert. something sketchy about those sketchers. the shoe company agreed to pay a whopping $45 million in an out of court settlement. d.c., virginia, and dozens of other states sued sketchers saying the company misled customers when it claimed the shape up shoes could tone you without ever going to the gym. can't get anything done without hard work. >> everybody wants the easy way. >> four new series. >> but the lineup also brings some time slot changes to some of america's most watched shows. and here's a preview. >> reporter: america's most watched network is adding four new shows this fall, including the tuesday night crime trauma, vegas. >> i'm the law here. >> series is set in the 1960s, dennis quade portrays real life sheriff, ralph lamb, as he
5:57 pm
fights a gangster who plays for control of their city. >> he represents the mob. >> another new drama is elementary, johnny lee miller plays a modern day sherlock holmes fresh out of rehab. >> get comfortable. >> he's a recovering addict. i don't think they have any character like that on television. >> a new legal drama called made in new jersey. janet montgomery plays a working class jersey girl who brings her street smarts to a law firm. >> you put me on a case already. >> i responded to this, but i knew it was a far fetch from me. >> cbs is shaking up its powerful lineup of comedies. two and a half men are teaming up for a new thursday night comedy block while two broke girls follows to monday nights. >> i got news. i got new news. >> this new comedy is from the
5:58 pm
cocreators of will and grace, david and michael are architects, one straight and one gay. >> i didn't want my drama to get in the way of our work. >> some of our best friends are strait and it's a relationship you don't see very often on television. >> in addition to the new show, 19 of the network's current hits are returning. cbs news, new york. >> a couple more tidbits, csi new york moves to friday night at 8:00. this is 9news now. >> i am enjoying every minute of being on this planet. so if you can remember me as a nice little humble guy that is still around, still trying to kick it, you know what i mean? >> tonight, we are remembering the life of chuck brown, the godfather of go-go died after several of his organs failed. it's hard to believe we're talking about him in the past
5:59 pm
tense. bruce johnson, you've been working on this story and doing several stories and talked with chuck and formed a real relationship with him through the years. >> he's not pretending to be objective. i love the guy. chuck brown is one of the most beloved figures in all of d.c. some say he is to d.c. what elvis is to memphis. chuck died this afternoon between 2:00 and 2:30 in the intensive care unit at johns hopkins hospital in baltimore. his manager told me by telephone he was surrounded by his wife and his four children. chuck had gone into the hospital some weeks ago complaining of arthritis, but they discovered blood clots and pneumonia, and eventually he died of organ failure. he never came out of intensive care. the family kept a lot of people guessing. there were rumors that he had already died. i mean, i'm told that he was ill for a very long time, maybe even in a coma, you know, at the very end. >> it sounds like


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