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tv   9 News Now at Noon  CBS  May 18, 2012 12:00pm-12:30pm EDT

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hello, thank you for joining us. i'm j.c. hayward. president obama is hosting the leaders of seven of the world's most powerful economic nations for a weekend summit at camp david. scores of protestors are expected. their causes range from the ongoing fighting in asia to the
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world banking system. danielle nottingham has more. >> reporter: president obama is announcing $3 billion in private donations to help wipe out hunger in africa. >> as the wealthiest nation on earth, i believe the united states has a moral obligation to lead the fight against hunger and malnutrition. >> reporter: the fight plans to take the same message toiletedders of world's wealthiest nations this weekend at the g-8 summit in camp david. >> donor countries including g- 8 members and international organizations agree to more closely align our assistance. >> reporter: lift 50 million people out of the poverty over the next 10 years. president obama left the g-8 summit with $22 billion in pledges for food aid. this year he will press his counterparts to make good on the promises.
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g-8 leaders will be focused offends the spirals -- on the spiraling financial crisis in europe. before heading to camp david president obama is welcoming france's new leader, francois hollande to the white house. they're expects the talk about afghanistan ahead of the nato summit this weekend in chicago. >> chicago is a critical milestone in the next step towards a responsible ending of this war. toward our achieving very importantly our goals in the effort in afghanistan. >> reporter: the new french president wants to pull all of his troops out of afghanistan ahead of schedule. danielle nottingham, cbs news, the white house. sky 9 was over the scene of a deadly crash in bowie, maryland. this was the scene early this morning in the northbound lanes of route 197 and route 50. police say speed and alcohol played a role in the crash. investigators say that a passenger in the red car was killed when the vehicle was struck from behind. and police say the man who
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caused that crash has been hospitalized and listed in critical condition. so far, he has not been charged. jury deliberations in the john edwards' trial have gotten underway. ed wards is facing six criminal counts for campaign corruption. the former presidential campaign -- candidate is accused of using contributions for his 2008 presidential campaign to finance an affair that he had with his mistress. edwards faces up to 30 years in prison if convicted on all six counts. former d.c. council member harry thomas jr. has about one more month before he reports to prison. our bruce johnson reports that thomas will serve his time in the federal prison camp in montgomery, alabama. thomas must report by june 20th. he resigned from office and then he pleaded guilty to corruption charges. thomas admitted to stealing $350,000 in city money that was
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intended for youth programs. new data has been released from the census bureau and it shows that the black population in the district of columbia is below 50%. it is the first time this has happened in over a century. the numbers are from july of last year. 49.2% of city residents identified themselves as black. 35.3% identified themselves as white. and that's the highest percentage since the '60s. the census bureau report that is 40,000 black residents have left washington, d.c. over the last 12 years. it is an exciting day for investors. facebook began trading publicly this morning. the shares are initially priced at $38 a share. however, none have been traded. experts expect facebook's stock will close at $45 a share or higher. edward lawrence has more from the company's headquarters
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where many employees are now very, very rich. >> reporter: facebook ceo mark zuckerberg rang the nasdaq opening bell from the company's headquarters in california. [ cheering and applause ] thousands of employees packed the square to celebrate the company's initial public offering. many of them are freshly made millionaires. the offering price was $38 a share. the ipo makes the social networking site worth $104 billion. >> the prices are going to shoot up right away and then shoot right back down. i don't think it's worth buying shares right now. >> reporter: there's new problem with -- pressure with that much cash. the 28-year-old zuckerberg will have a network of almost $20 billion. he will retain control of the company. facebook has 900 million users, the company's challenge here at their headquarters so get more and -- is to get more and find new ways to make money. analysts say facebook wants to be a one stop destination where users get directed to website
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tailored to their needs. >> facebook's long-term goal is to try and be the gateway to the internet. >> reporter: to show they're serious facebook programmers stayed up all night at the annual hack-a-thon to come up with the next big idea. edward lawrence for cbs news, menlo park, california. >> facebook is one of the few profitable internet companies to go public recently. it had net income of $205 million in the first three months. of 2012 and shares right now are selling for almost $40 a share. well, watch out for extra people on bicycles. it is the annual bike to workday. you are encouraged to leave your car at home and take your bike to work. or to school. last year, one-third of people who took part were first time bike commuters and that's why there will be dozens of pit
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stops across the area set up for bikers to get a drink and also to win prizes. we're having beautiful weather. howard has details on what we can expect this weekend. >> and we're going to show you a new program designed to help more women in d.c. win the fight against breast cancer. since early desection, we'll be back -- detection, we'll be back. >> there was a peaceful march against home phobia. in the country of georgia. unfortunately it turned violent. so we're going to tell what you that was all about and what protestors had to say.
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bruce leshan is at camp david where the top world leaders are meeting with president obama for the g-8 summit. so let's go to bruce to get a live report. >> reporter: hey jc. we're close to camp david. but we're actually in the city of frederick in baker park. and this is where some of the protests are expected to take place later this afternoon into this evening. and all day on saturday. but remarkably quiet here right now. just people out walking their dogs. and so forth. the cops are prepared for big protests here in the city of frederick and up this thurmont but at this point it's -- incredibly quiet.
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there are about 20 people gathered at the public library having a g-8 peoples' summit. and they're talking about economic issues just as the world leaders will be talking ability. the argument on the part of the protestors is that poor peeve people have suffered enough -- people have suffered enough. enough austerity, time for some stimulus and time for a whole new international economic order. now most of the real serious protests were more likely take place in chicago where they're going to have that nato summit there. there they are preparing for the possibility of what they called the black bloc anarchists who sometimes wreak destruction in cities and so forth. but no sign of that here now. but a big turnout of police and preparations and they say it's costing them a fortune. they want the federal government to reimburse them for some of that. jc? >> all right, bruce leshan reporting live, thank you very much bruce. a peaceful gay pride march turned violent in the country
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of georgia. the march was to commemorate the international day against homophobia. a fight between gay activists and members of the radical orthodox group took place. there were only minor injuries, police intervened as soon as that fight started. coming up next -- howard has the weekend forecast. >> and yc, what -- jc, what a perfect day. maybe a 9.5 if not a 10 today one of the best days of the year. and looks like we can bring some of it into the weekend. but will we make it all the way through? i'll let you know. we go to break with a look at the allergy update and you know that's gotten better from yesterday. tree pollen, grass pollen still high but the numbers are down and mold is low once again. your full seven day forecast when 9news now at noon returns.
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hello. i'm andrea roane. i'll be talking to jc in just a minute about the breast cancer recovery but you may remember when she first afounded the ground swell of sportive she received from the -- support she received from the community. that's a new initiative being launched at howard university cancer center. it's called women of promise. the project is funded over the next two years by a $200,000 grant from komen.
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>> sylvia jones? >> the target group is women ages 20 to 74. with an aggressive outreach to those living in d.c. wards 7 and 8. >> we're especially looking for those women who have not had a screening in the past two years. >> the project director dr. williams says volunteer ambassadors will be buddies to at least two of their peers. they'll encourage and support them in getting a mammogram and educate them about early detection as a healthy choice for life. >> we see that d.c. really still experiences a lot of cancer health disparities especially with breast cancer. so for example a woman living in ward 5 or ward 8 is twice as likely to die from breast cancer compared to someone living in ward 3. so because of that we figured that one of the best ways to reach women was with other women who they already know and trust. >> women of promise hopes to reach more than 2,000 women. having at least 70% of them actually getting a mammogram will be a clear measure of
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success. >> and that's really a tall order because women often times even if we reach them with information they don't make that transition to care. so that's really our beverage mark. how many people are we getting to actually get that screening? >> and howard is jc's alma mater and you were a woman ambassador and you didn't open know it because ever since you made the diagnosis you've been encouraging women to take charge of their health. early detection and screening and mammograms. >> so important. >> how is she doing? >> what has happened? i have the test. it's onxa type dx. it studies 15 queens and what it does is it determines your percentage of whether the cancer will return. and the number is from 0 to 100. my number was 15 so it was good and what that did was number one it said i didn't have to have chemotherapy. that's good. and number two, that my chances
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of having the cancer return was going to be less than 20%. so i'm real happy about that. >> that's really encouraging. >> the only thing about this is this test is very expensive and a lot of insurance companies don't approve of it. >> not all women get it because it's specifically for your type of cancer which was the invasive duckal carcinoma and primarily for women who are postmenopausal. >> you had to put that in didn't you? postmenopausal? >> aside from being expensive there are specific parameters. so that's good news. that means though you still will have to have radiation? >> i will have radiation. i will start that -- i will start that. my doctor, victoria cruz is about this size. she looks like she's in junior high school. at sick lee hospital. she told me that i only needed four weeks of radiation. and guess what i told her?
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bring it on. uh-huh. i want all my radiation. i want six weeks. she said okay. all right. so i'll have six weeks of radiation. >> well, we're glad to know because everywhere i go people want to know how you are. all shades of pink. present this to you. >> this is lovely. >> this is from denise whalen white the founder and executive director. sometimes the rooms are so cold she wants you to have this to wrap yourself in warmth and love from the community watching you and loving you all these years. >> i will have my own plan key. >> all of our prayers and good wishes still. >> you notice my bling? i figured you got to have breast cancer you node some new bling. that's my bling. thank you. >> we'll keep updating so stay tuned right? >> thank you. let's go to howard and get another look at the weather forecast. >> thank you very much. a gorgeous day out there right now and it's going to stay that way all day. our day planner, sunny
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confidentable. boy -- comfortable. boy that felt good. mid 70s here this afternoon. some spots south and west of town may get 77. 78. i think we're going to make 76. 71 by 7:00 and then 67 at 9:00. we're back in the 50s tonight and even a few upper 40s. couple of big things going on this weekend. one of them the orioles in town, first pitch tonight should be good. drop into the middle 60s to the 7th, 8th inning. and the big air show over at andrews the joint service open house and air show today is great. well tomorrow, 78 degrees, sunday could be a few more clouds creeping in here: slight chance soft a shower late but i really think it's going to hold off until monday the way things are lookingment here's the satellite and radar. some high clouds are out there. i mean it's a great day but we've seen the high thin cirrus clouds with a load start. down to 41 in frederick and martinsburg and win chest they are morning. look at the difference with the city and the country. 55 at national.
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the water also the bay. keeps annapolis and the patuxent river naval air station in the mid 50s. but manassas, culpeper, mid 40s for the lows even the air park in montgomery county and right now it's a nice one out there. 68 leesburg but 70 across much of the shenandoah valley. the naval academy. southern maryland is in the low 70s and here at washington at this time as we look outside on the michael & son weather camera, mostly sunny skies. there's a couple of those high cirrus coming across but no problems. 72 degrees. they're reporting mostly cloudy but these are the high thin overcast so i know it says mostly cloudy. it's mostly sunny with an east wind at 8 miles an hour and nice dry air in place. got several areas of storms across the country. out at salt lake city up in montana and up in the lakes but it's this storm system offshore after the carolinas, doesn't look like it's moving much now. and in the next day or so not really going to move that much because of high pressure you have to new york and new england. that's going to block it for
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today tonight and tomorrow. but as we get into sunday, we start to see signs that this stuff wants to move back toward the west. so here we go through tonight tomorrow morning 6:00 a.m. it's all quiet. nothing's coming at us from the west even though some showers and storms popup in tennessee and the mississippi valley. it's going to be by sunday that we start no see this moisture move west and it might be a little further north. the weekend turns out all right and i think we're going to be in pretty good shape. today 76. 40s and 50s tonight. 78 tomorrow. pleasant on sunday. 80. maybe a shower south and east late in the day or at night. better chance of showers by monday. 77 and a little unsettled tuesday through thursday. highs around 80. smells great in here. we are going to the kitchen when 9news now at noon returns. if you have copd like i do,
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i am one-on-one today with a star chef. that's what he is. chef malcolm mitchell. from northeast washington. you can see him every sunday at 9:00 on the food network. because he's a finalist -- he is representing washington, d.c. >> to the fullest. >> that's right and i mean he is doing us proud. >> make sure everybody goes on and vote for me as fan favorite? >> you got my vote. >> after you have this you definitely are going to -- vote ten times. >> what are you making today? >> i'm making this wild
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mushroom ragu with white wine and garlic. some vegetable stock no this, straight vegetarian. cook down a little bit. and this is where it's really nice and clean now but we going to get a little sinful right here. this is when you add the butter to it. >> you know mushrooms butter. >> can't get no better than that. i have some girlic in there too. >> the recipe is on and i've been saying this for weeks, where's the recipe? they were puts it on -- putting it on i said no, no. put it on there go. this is -- this is his own personal recipe. >> definitely check this out. i already made out some pasta already and you can do it with fettucini if you want to. it's all good whatever you olympic. but this is getting there. >> smells good. have you been cooking all your life? you knew you wanted to be a chef? >> i can't say all my life. probably since about 12 years old with my mom. i took it to pass further and
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went to culinary school and stratford university. i'm representing them for sure too. all right so i got this pasta already cooked off. so this is real simple. you see only five or six ingredients right. >> i know you're so quick. >> add to pasta to there. >> i could do this tonight for dinner. that looks good. if you win what happens? >> if i win, i win my own television show. i'll be on tv like you all the time baby. >> everybody we got to vote for him because he's from washington, d.c. northeast. >> so this weekend sunday. on food network. we're doing a bus tour representing harlem as well. we go up there and we do nice competition. i'm adding some basil to this. >> vote for chef malcolm mitchell. food network star. okay? we want him to win. we really want him to win. >> this is almost there. >> that looks good. putt it on the plate. watch the good network unsapped. see him at 9:00 -- food network on sunday and see him at 9:00.
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come on in here howard. this is fabulous. having a great weekend weather hordes says and we thank you for coming. >> basil oil too. >> all right, thanks for being with us, come back and visit us at 5:00. have a great weekend. >> wow. that smells great. >> mmm. [ captions by: caption colorado, llc 800-775-7838 email: ]
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