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tv   9 News Now at Noon  CBS  May 25, 2012 12:00pm-12:30pm EDT

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. hello. thank you for joining us. i'm jc hayward. the unofficial start of the summer is under way. aaa is predicting that there will be a spike in travelers on the roads this weekend. we're going to take a live look at traffic from the bay bridge. traffic is moving briskly as you can see. delia goncalves was there earlier this morning, however, and she filed this report.
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>> reporter: we're here at hemmingway's over looking the bay bridge talking about memorial day traffic and what you can expect when you hit the roads later today if you're not on the roads already. with me is lon anderson from aaa mid at mid-atlantic. you're expecting lots of traffic on the roads, a very busy weekend. >> exactly right. very busy, lots of traffic. we're projecting almost 900,000 washingtonians heading out of town this holiday and about nine when ten of them are going to be on the roads. the fact that gas is 25 cent as gallon cheaper than it was last memorial day and it's been falling for seven weeks, been falling since easter nonstop, that makes it pretty good. stay off the phone, stay awake, stay sober and stay safe. >> reporter: and have a great weekend. you're heading out to the mountains this weekend? >> you bet. west virginia, mountain momma. >> reporter: i'm staying local, party hopping and we're going to have a great weekend.
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>> you bet. but be safe. >> reporter: absolutely. that's the recommendation. be safe. back to you in the studio. >> thank you, delia. be safe. that's so important. by the way, before you get on the highways, why don't you go to our website you'll be able to check live traffic cameras up and down the east coast. you also will be able to get the latest information on gasoline prices. whether you're going to the beach or just going to the beltway. of course you can get the weather forecast. downroad our free app -- download your free app for your an dyed or -- android or iphone device. we've had our fair say of storms this week. lots of rain. hopefully we won't have rain for the holiday weekend. howard has been studying his maps all day. let's get the important information from him now. howard? >> jc, we're starting to dry out. that's the good news.
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had some clouds and even some drizzle this morning. there's consume of showers trying to fire on the lower part of the eastern shore. got some showers ahead of a front. this front is going to have a tough time making it toward us till maybe tuesday or wednesday of next week. out ahead of it we have warmth building over the next couple of days. so temperatures which have been topping out in the low 80s the last few days will be in the mid-80s today and even warmer as we go through the weekend. in fact, right now we're up to 81 degrees. it's 79 in easton. out west everybody is in the upper 70s. cumberland 75. they had dense fog this morning so they're little bit behind us. as far as the beach forecast, a couple things you should know. water temperatures in the mid- 60s. 66 at the ocean city inlet. right in ocean city this weekend, saturday, sunday, monday upper 70s to low 80s for highs. look at that rain chance. about that much. really not expecting much at all. if you're going to be atra hoe both or due -- atra hoe both or
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dewey -- at rehoboth or dewey, that looks good, too. around here we could be pushing 90 degrees in spots as we go through the weekend. i'll let you know about that. plus, that full seven-day forecast is coming up in a few minutes. jc, back to you. >> thank you very much, howard. exactly 33 years ago today 6-year-old etan patz disappeared and today a suspect is expected to answer charges in new york city. dick ben fan has the latest -- dick brennan has the latest now from a court in manhattan. >> reporter: sources kel cbs -- tell cbs news the new jersey man was put on suicide watch. he confessed to luring a young boy into a store where he was working taking him into the basement and choking him to death. hernandez says he put etan in a garbage bag and threw him out with the trash. the one thing he's not revealed so far is why he did it. >> there could be a sexual
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assault involved, but whatever the driver was, he wasn't admitting to it yesterday. >> reporter: cbs news senior correspondent and former deputy director of national intelligence john miller says hernandez' confession alone may not be enough to convict him. >> a jury wants to see evidence beyond that, especially if the defense lawyer is going to challenge that confession saying my client is mentally ill, he made it up. >> reporter: after hernandez confessed to the murder, police brought him back here to the scene of the crime. the store where hernandez once worked is now a designer eye glass shop. hernandez was questioned and arrested after police received a tip. authorities say hernandez told relatives years ago he killed a child in new york. the suspect's brother-in-law wants to know why he waited so long to tell his story. >> why did you confess -- why didn't you confess years before, years ago. he's suffered through all these years. >> reporter: etan's parents are said to be surprised and
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overwhelmed with the arrest. it's not known whether they'll appear at his arraignment today. dick brennan, cbs news, new york. >> etan's parents never moved and kept their phone number hoping their son would some day come home or call them. fairfax county police are investigating a complicated situation from overnight. two men injured in chantilly but they were found miles away. police are telling us that everything started at sully's restaurant and lounge in chantilly. one person was shot and driven to the courthouse in fairfax. and that's where they called police. the second person was stabbed and walked into the fair oaks hospital. both are expected to be okay but they are not cooperating with police. the former financial advisor to d.c. mayor vincent gray could get six months in prison. he pleaded guilty yesterday in another case of campaign
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corruption. howard brooks admitted to sending money from gray's campaign coiffers to then mayoral candidate sulaimon brown. it is believed that brooks will likely become an informant of sorts for federal investigators looking into what happened during gray's 2010 campaign. and d.c. council member marion barry was nice to the asian community yesterday, but he offended another nationality in the process. the ward eight councilman met with leaders from asian american organizations in order to apology for two offensive comments that he made last month. however, council member barry then said the following while explaining how many different groups of people met hostility when they first came to the united states. >> the irish caught hell, the jews caught hell, the pollocks caught hell. the chinese caught hell.
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>> that is considered a derog ter name -- derogatory name for polish people. local asian leaders accepted his apology and they say that they want to work with him in order to ease racial tension. barry now has also apologized to the polish community. musician chuck brown brought washingtonians from all backgrounds together and plans have been finalized to celebrate the life and legacy of the godfather of gogo. a viewing will take place on tuesday at the howard theater from 11:00 a.m. till 10:00 p.m. then there will be a public memorial service on thursday from noon to 3:00 p.m. at the washington convention center. chuck brown died at the age of 75. his unique mix of funk, soul and latin party sounds made gogo a lasting hit in the
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nation's capital. still to come when 9news now continues, history is made aboard the international space station simply because they have a fresh supply of new supplies, a fresh shipment that is. >> reporter: president owe bam pa and governor rom -- -- owe president obama and governor romney go on attack ahead of the weekend. that story coming up.
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opposition and pro
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president deputy got into a fist fight. it kicked off and started during a debate before the ukraine parliament. yesterday's fight was sparked by a proposal to make russian the official language in some parts of the country. the opposition was furious. they believe it is an attempt to divide ukrainians before the parliamentary elections in october. one opposition member had to go to the hospital. his head was bleeding. president obama and his apparent republican rival are not throwing punches. but the gloves have definitely come off. the president and g.o.p. presidential candidate mitt romney fired a few parting shots at each other before both took a break for the memorial day holiday. susan mcginnis has more. >> reporter: mitt romney went to school in philadelphia continuing his week long focus on education. >> we allow more choice for parents. i'd like every parent to have a choice and every child to have a chance. >> reporter: but he faced a
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tough crowd. teachers from the urban charter school criticized governor romney's education proposals and his assertion that class size doesn't matter. >> i can't think of any teacher, mr. bennett, would you want more kids in your classroom? >> reporter: and a shift in strategy, the obama campaign is expected to go after rom if i's record as -- after romney's record as governor of massachusetts. during that time he cut education funding and the state's debt rose. it was the national debt romney used to attack the president. in des moines last week, he said the president added an historic amount to the deficit. >> a prairie amount of debt is sweeping across iowa and the nation. >> reporter: the president campaigned in des moines last night. >> his speech was more like a -- [indiscernible] >> reporter: he says romney's plan would add to the deficit. >> he hasn't told you how he'd pay for a new $5 trillion tax cut. that is like trying to put out a prairie fire with some gasoline. >> reporter: this is the president's second trip to iowa in a month and his campaign has
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poured more than $2.6 million into ads in this key swing state. romney has begun airing ads of his own there. >> day one, president obama announces deficit -- [indiscernible] >> reporter: he and the republican national committee plan to open a dozen or more offices in iowa. susan mcginnis, cbs news, washington. coming up next, howard will have the holiday forecast. we're looking hotter as we go over the next few days. we'll let you know how hot it's going to get and the allergy update is coming. good news there. we've dried out a little bit. that's brought down the level of molds to a moderate category. trees are down. we're talking some heat. 9news now at noon returns in just a moment.
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actor gary sinise will be co-hosting sunday's memorial day concert at the capitol and it's become a holiday tradition. last night he played with his own band in southern, virginia -- in southern virginia.
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♪ >> sinise took to the stage with his lieutenant dan band in martinsville. the band is named after the wowngdzed vietnam -- wounded vietnam veteran sinise portrayed in "forest gump." it's going to -- the funds raised from this concert is going to help one virginia marine. >> i feel honored and proud, especially with the community coming around and coming together like this and stuff and helping out as much as they can. >> marine corporal j.b. kearns was hit by an ied while serving in afghanistan. he lost his right arm and both legs and he spent most of 2011 in the hospital. now his neighbors will be raising money needed to build a custom home for him to accommodate him. isn't that wonderful? >> it is wonderful. very nice. there's so many people who do a lot of great things for
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veterans. the dragon capsule has arrived at the international space station. astronauts used the space station's robot arm to snare the dragon. >> this is really cool stuff. this is a -- this is the first time it's ever done by a nongovernment agency. if all goes well, they'll do a few more flights with food and supplies and they may be carrying some people in a few years. 2015, that's when they're planning on making private flights. cool stuff. not cool but hot. we're turning up the heat for you as we head toward the holiday weekend. going to feel more like independence day than memorial day. here's a look at the day planner. we broke it out from the cloud cover. we're headed into the 80s. already 81. we'll be low to mid-80s in the next few hours. 86 is when i'm forecasting for
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the high with -- is what i'm forecasting for the high with winds out of the southeast at 5 to 10 miles an hour. we can't rule out an isolated thunderstorm or two this afternoon but less than we've seen. less was the key yesterday. less than wednesday and fewer storms today. 81 by 7:00 and 77 at 9:00. tonight we're going it get back in the 60s there. could be some low clouds and patchy fog returning toward tomorrow morning. look at the satellite and radar. i warrant you to focus on the clouds we've had. they're starting to really thin out. but on the eastern shore here, got a few showers that are firing so if you're taking a late trip out toward the beaches, you may run into that east of us. this afternoon i think a better chance than here in town. 77 in annapolis right now. easton is 79 with the sun out. we've got 80 in fredricksburg. la plata, luray 81. here in town look at that you see petersburg, west virginia, 86. there's the son off the capitol dome with fair weather clouds. a little hazy, still.
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81. humidity sup, though. it is -- is up, though. it is up 65%. a southeasterly wind at 5 miles an hour. let's me show you something as we look at national temps. detroit 185. -- is 85. this is all ahead of a cold front which has dropped temperatures in the 60s in minneapolis and 50s in north dakota. this front will have a tough time moving east. high pressure is blocking. the upper level winds aren't conducive to push it through. speaking of upper level winds, they're not conducive for tropical development yet. hurricane season doesn't start till friday but we're watching the tropics here. national hurricane center a little concerned there's a little circulation. if we can relax the upper level winds, this may develop. it could be barreling the next couple of days if it can get its act together. we'll watch that the next few days. around here we're watching moisture mainly to our south and east. as we look at future cast for the afternoon, isolated storm here or there by 4:30. a relatively quiet night.
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could be some low clouds and patchy fog returning late. tomorrow we're going to see some showers and storms popping mainly in the mountains. some of these may drift toward the metro later on in the afternoon, but the isolated nature of the storms here is going to be the rule with increasing temperatures over the next few days as opposed to some of the deluges we had, especially prince william county, fauquier county and manassas the last few days. a spotty shower or two. tonight 60s and 70s. 88 tomorrow. 90 sunday and again on monday 91. about a 20% chance of a storm. a fuse more -- a few more storms tuesday and wednesday before cooling down on thursday. we'll be right back with 9news now in just a moment. [ male announcer ] here's a friendly reminder.
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today i'm one on one with chef nick goff. they have a new summer menu they're featuring starting this week. >> started this week. >> look what he brought me. would you like at this filet mignot. look at this. he wants me to do the rub. >> i'm going to let you start. >> we start with coffee. someone bit your spoon. >> next cocoa. >> you gave me the recipe so it's on our website. this is salt. mushrooms. >> look what he did to the mushrooms. he ground them up. this is cinnamon. >> and cinnamon. we mix it all up real good. >> this is the rub for the filet mignot?
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>> this is the rub for the filet. we char broil it. >> oh, this is great for the weekend. >> i went a little faster. we make a little butter to put on top here. it is a soft butter, cilantro, scallions, roasted garlic. a whole lot of love. lime zest and chilis. we refrigerator. you slice a piece and we melt it on top of the steak. it's new this week. >> you have specialty drinks i found out, too. >> a little bit. lobster mango salad, lobster and mango arve avocado. owe. over here tuna on a sip layian salt block. -- on a himalayan salt block. over here on the menu, too, also is grilled wild shrimp
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this week. mango slaw and coffee sauce on the bottom. a little barbecue sauce on the bottom. this is all edible. this is live. i want you to eat it. >> i am. what about the desserts? i'm a dessert person. >> you have to come by for desserts. >> you have some great desserts i bet. >> i'll make sure you don't take it all for yourself. that's why i came out. >> this is easy. it's on the web side look at this. let's get your seven-day forecast. we're looking hot as we head into the holiday weekend. mid-80s today. upper 80s tomorrow. could be a couple of storms this afternoon. just isolated stuff in the metro. best chance of storms this weekend if you're going to the mountains you'll see them more likely. going to the beach looks mainly dry. 70s and low 80s. really nice going into the holiday weekend this way. we're going to cool off toward the latter part of next week. enjoy this preview of summer. >> okay. thank you for being here.
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go by and visit him on 19th street northwest. get this filet mignot. my gosh. everything looks delicious. have a great weekend. thanks for being here. come back and visit us at 5:00. bye-bye.
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