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tv   9 News Now Tonight  CBS  May 25, 2012 7:00pm-7:30pm EDT

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the tolds getting ready to go over -- tolls getting ready to go over the bay bridge. today would have been perfect to be at the beach, top. will it get better this weekend? >> i think so. there are a couple showers on live doppler 9000 once you get across the p bridge, but let's start with the beach -- the bay bridge, but let's start with the beach and boating forecast. if you're on the bay or tidal potomac, just isolated thunderstorms, 79 to 84 saturday and also sunday and we can carry that into memorial day, waves the a factor because winds are -- waves not a factor because wind are south, southeast at 10:00. you going to the peaches, rehoboth -- to the beaches, rehoboth, bethany, isolated storms possible, southeast wind keeping temps down. the water temperature is only 61 or 62 degrees. don't say in the water too long. the good news is air temperatures will be more reminiscent of july. for us now 82 downtown,
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manassas, down to 79 in gaithersburg and 82 in leesburg. for us tonight we'll keep a chan of an early isolate -- a chance of an early isolated thunderstorm in, a little patchy fog possible, low 62 to 70. we'll come back, talk about our chances of thunderstorms in the met tremendous area and in the mountains in case -- metro area and in the mountains in case you're heading east. what can you expect once you make it through the traffic over the bay bridge where we just saw those tolls? we sent our scott broom out to find out what's new at some of our favorite summer vacation destinations. >> reporter: i'm scott broom on the road at the beaches this memorial day holiday weekend. expect lower gas prices on your way down to the beach this recall remember is and on this side of the bay -- early summer and on side of the bay bridge it's even cheaper. once on the other side of the delaware coast you'll find a new $150 million bridge at indian inlet all lanes now open finally clearing years of
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construction delays. in rehoboth beach legendary parking hassles might be easier if you have a smartphone. the town starts with a park mobile pay by phone this weekend, the same system used in downtown washington. in dewey beach police are warning underage drinkers about harsh penalties and the town has tightened up noise regulations on businesses and in ocean city, maryland, visitors this weekend might be surprised to see acres and acres of smooth new boards from the north end of 17th street, the first half of a $6 million project to rebuild the famous boardwalk. so the beaches are ready for summer and they're hoping you are, too. scott broom, 9 news now. >> as you heard scott say, whether you're headed to the beach, mountains or to visit family, you will find lower prices at the gas pump this holiday weekend. overnight average price of gas in the d.c. metro area fell another two cents to $3.63 for regular unleaded. that's a lot lower, 23-cent to
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be exact, than one month ago. since so many of us are heading away from d.c. this weekend, we'll be providing gas prices throughout the show along some common holiday routes. we start with a trip out to the maryland and delaware beaches along route 50 which is backed up now. you'll pay around 3.53 in annapolis, but over the bridge prices are four to five cents lower in both stevensville and salisbury. here in d.c. summer officially kicks off this weekend at the city's public pools and today mayor vincent gray got into the public by getting to go to the ribbon cutting on the the rosedale community center. at the rosedale community center >> reporter: i'm surae chinn at the rosedale community center where 19 pools are set to open for the unofficial start of summer. >> we weren't allowed to swim in it and play in this playground back in the '40s. it was all white. >> reporter: but that didn't stop rosa lee clemens from
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having a good time. >> we used to go around gail street on that side and slide in at night. >> reporter: you used to sneak in. >> yes, we did. >> reporter: nor did it stop mamie peanut johnson, one of the few women who played in negro league baseball. >> we've come a long way, but we still haven't gotten there. with this happening i think it's a wonderful thing. >> reporter: the community center will house a new library and gym. for a woman who broke so many barriers today's opening is close to her heart. >> i'm proud of rosedale, very proud. >> today is also a time to remember our military veterans and the sacrifices they have made for our nation. coming up we'll preview some of the many events scheduled to honor those who served. tonight d.c. councilman marion barry is clarifying his comments about polish people. the former mayor made the comments yesterday as he was publicly apologizing to the asian american community for
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offensive comments to them. barry was asked about racial tensions in the united states and during his answer he used a term that some consider derogatory when describing people of polish descent. today barry released his brief statement. he said i misspoke. i should have said polish. the executive director of the polish american association has demanded an apology as well. now to the campaign for the u.s. senate seat in virginia, now in falls church the republicans in the race are holding their final debate before next month's primary. tea party favorite jamie radke and bob marshall are challenging george allen for the nomination. a new poll shows former governor and democrat tim kaine beating allen should allen win the republican nod. that was released by marist university. it shows 46% of registered voters would pick cain. just 40% would pick allen. cain is running unopposed in the june 12th primary. the man arrested in the
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killing of etan patz 33 years ago is now charged with second degree murder. he is pedro hernandez and was charged late today. even though he was admitted to the hospital earlier in the day after talk of suicide. dick brennan brings us more. >> reporter: the new jersey man who confessed to murdering etan patz was hospitalized this morning to get medication for an undisclosed condition. he was also given a psychological evaluation. hours later the wife and daughter of 51-year-old pedro hernandez arrived at the courthouse refusing to answer questions. >> were you surprised by this or did you know? did you expect his confession? >> reporter: hernandez admits to luring the boy into the store where he worked, taking him into the basement, choking him to death and throwing away his body in the trash, but police have not revealed a motive. legal experts say the lack of physical evidence and eyewitness testimony makes it almost impossible for investigators to verify hernandez's confession. hernandez was arrested after police received a tip. authorities say he told
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relatives years ago that he killed a child in new york. the suspect's brother-in-law says the confession can help bring closure to etan's parents. >> they don't have to suffer anymore waiting whether he's alive or what happened or who killed him. >> reporter: dick brennan for cbs news, new york. >> etan's parents are said to be surprised and overwhelmed with the arrest but they were not expected toed an today's arraignment. all this comes on national missing children's day established on may 25th, the day little etan disappeared. former uva lacrosse player george huguely is asking for a new trial. ly attorneys filed a motion in circuit court today arguing the george hastily pushed for the trial to end and gave improper jury instructions. the court scheduled a hearing on this motion for july 29th. if it's denied, huguely will be sentenced in august. still to come on 9news
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plans are finalized to say good- bye to the late great chuck brown. we'll tell you what you need to know in order to pay your final respects in person. >> but first space history is made as the first private spacecraft docks with the international space station.
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with no nasa shuttles in operation anymore, it was a privately owned spacecraft that docked with the international space station today. yes, that is a first. the unmanned cargo ship is called the dragon built in california by a firm called spacex. this morning it hooked up with the space station to deliver supplies after years of work and anticipation spacex having reason to celebrate. >> i don't have words enough to express the level of excitement and elation that we feel here at spacex. there's so much that could have gone wrong and it went right. >> for now spacex is only in the supply delivery business, but one day they may carry passengers up there. engineers are working on plans to allow the spacecraft to carry seven people into orbit. the memorial day weekend is off to a great start at least when it comes to weather. will it last for our monday barbecues? our fate is in topper shutt's hands, his full forecast coming up. >> but first what better place to honor our veterans on
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memorial day than right here in washington d.c.? we'll preview some of the top events going on this holiday weekend. >> as we head to another break, another check of gas prices for our holiday travelers. if you're heading north towards philly or new york, in baltimore the average price for a gallon of regular is $3.56. a little further up 95 wilmington, delaware, 3.59. if you hold out till south jersey, prices are about 3.49 a gallon. we'll be right pack with more 9 -- back with more 9news.
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back on 9 news now with a reminder of who, ha and why we are celebrating -- what and why we are celebrating this memorial day. look at the volunteers who came from across the nation to help the memorial day foundation distribute red rose bouquets at war memorials around the washington region. it all fan this morning on national mall with a ceremony to salute the troops. there they are at the vietnam veterans wall. rolling thunder rolled into d.c. today marking the unofficial start of the memorial day weekend festivities in washington. these guys, their day started in cranberry, new jersey, and a few hours ago thousands of riders arrived at the hyatt regency in crystal city. kristin fisher has a preview of the annual memorial day ride. >> reporter: i'm really at the headquarters for rolling thunder this memorial day weekend. manufacture these guys just got
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in this -- many of these guys just got in this afternoon. how was it coming in? >> it was hot. >> reporter: all of this culminates in their big ride on sunday. last year nearly 800,000 people rolled into washington for the annual ride for freedom, but this year they're expecting even more riders for the 25th anniversary. making way for almost a million motorcycles means major road closures. parts of washington boulevard and the memorial bridge will be closed sunday as the riders roll from the pentagon to west potomac park. if motorcycles don't get you in the mood, this will. it's the national memorial day concert. it starts at 8:00 sunday night, but get there early when gates open at 5:00. the concert is co-hosted by actors gary sinise and joe montanya.
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memorial day morning expect motorcades near arlington national cemetery. at 11:00 it's the annual wreath laying cemetery at the tomb of the unknown soldier. then it's time for the main event, the national memorial day parade on constitution avenue. last year it seemed like the headliner was the heat. >> get your ice cold water and gatorade. >> reporter: this year should be slightly cooler, but temperatures will push 90 degrees. the parade will feature a special tribute to the u.s. air force and the grand marshal is none other than retired major general chuck yeager, the first person to break the sound barrier. now if traffic is not your thing, there's a lot of surrounding cities and towns that have their own memorial day parades, rockville, vienna, falls church to name a few. if you do want to get down to d.c. memorial day, leave early. you don't want to get in all
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that traffic. there's a lot of street closures to watch out for. >> good advice. if you are staying in town this weekend planning to take metro, be prepared for delays. there is track work that will affect service. all of it starts at 10:00 tonight and lasts through closing monday. green line has four stations closing completely, greenbelt, college park, prince gorge's plaza and west hyattsville. metro is providing schultz buses to the fort totten station. on yellow line no trains running north of mount vernon station. riders must take the green line between that stop and fort totten. >> i guess there's no good time to do that. >> no. but i think over the holiday weekend if you're going to have to. okay, the man of the hour. >> boy, you put so much pressure on me. >> need a little drumroll? >> we're looking at really a nice weekend. i can't promise you won't see a thunderstorm, but temperatures in the upper 80s to near 90 is pretty good for the unofficial beginning of summer. you're going west to the mountains, you probably will see a shower or thunderstorm
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every afternoon and evening. let's take a live look outside at our live weather cam brought to you by michael and son. we're looking at clear to partly cloudy skies now. temperature 82, again after a high of 86. the dew point has gone down, 68 degrees. winds are out of the south at 10. we've lost that easterly component. that will help us and the pressure is up a bit, 30.10 inches of mercury. we'll show you radar. these shower and thunderstorms have been confined essentially to the eastern shore. we'll keep the chance of a shower or thunderstorm in. that's about it. each afternoon we've run the risk of an isolated storm, not enough to change your plans. 84 great falls now, 85 in rockville, 80 bethesda, 84 college park, 83 beltsville, even 80 by annapolis, 82 in leesburg and also in manassas. we are looking at sort of a summer-like weekend almost like a july 4th. isolated thunderstorm tonight,
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late fog again after midnight and rather hot and humid through the weekend. that includes monday, memorial day, just a few afternoon and evening storms. for tonight early isolated storm possible, then clear to partly cloudy and mild, a little patchy fog late, lows 62 to about 70 downtown. now tomorrow morning partly cloudy and warm, grab your sunglasses, 60s and 70s to start. we'll make it into the low to mid-80s by lunchtime, winds south, southeast at 10. by afternoon partly cloudy, hot, isolated storm possible. remember the sunscreen. high temperatures 86 to 90, winds again southeast at about 10. so everybody is running 8 to almost 10 degrees above average in terms of highs, 88 gaithersburg, maybe 90 in arlington, 90 springfield, fort belvoir and off to the east 89 college park and also in bowie. the next seven days it stays pretty much as a summer-like weekend sunday and memorial day. we'll call it hot, temps around 90, isolated storms.
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tuesday we have a little more aggressive icon there because we have a cold front pushing through, so better chance for showers and storms late tuesday, maybe a leftover shower wednesday, cooler and still nice, 82 thursday and isolated storm next friday and still 84. >> we will take it. let the summer get going. >> so much pressure on me. >> you can handle it. up next plans are set to honor the life and legacy of music legend chuck brown. we'll tell you how you can be a part of it. >> as we head to break another check on gas prices for holiday travelers, this time for people heading south toward the virginia beaches and the mountains. in richmond the average price for a gallon of regular is $3.47. in norfolk it's 3.409. out west in roanoke -- 3.49. out west in roanoke you'll pay right around 3.41. not bad. we'll be right back.
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we're back with one last check on gas prices for travelers. this time it's for people heading west of d.c. up in hagerstown, the average price for a gallon of regular is $3.56, further west it's 3.61 in cumberland and in front royal and the shenandoah mountains you pay 3.36. if we didn't cover your trip, no worries. you can find it on just click on features and then pump patrol. preparations are now underway for next week's public farewell to the godfather of go go, chuck brown. it starts with a public viewing for the d.c. music legend on tuesday. it's all day long from 11 a.m.
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until 10 p.m. at the howard theater on t street northwest. then the community can attend a public memorial thursday from noon to 3:00 at the washington convention center. bruce leshan has more about what you can expect if you plan to attend next week's chuck brown tributes. >> reporter: chuck brown used to play here at the howard theater on t street when it was a run down old dump back in the 1980s. ♪i feel like busting loose >> reporter: he was actually scheduled here for a homecoming concert in june. instead a full circle moment, his viewing here on tuesday about 11 hours. no photography is allowed inside, no photography even allowed right now, but they did send us some pictures. very, very little parking in the neighborhood and so organizers are recommending that you take public transportation, the shaw howard university metro stop just
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within a few blocks. one of the really cool things about chuck brown was his ability to bring all kinds of different people together. he played the go go clubs. he played the kennedy center. he brought in whites, blacks, asian americans, everybody. his funeral will be here in perhaps the most establishment of spots, the d.c. convention center. great deal of secrecy still surrounding this. rumor has it that there are going to be some big stars coming and speaking, but at this point we don't even know which hall it's going to be held in. we do know that they're ready if there are huge crowds, ready for people to camp out out front if they do, ready to stage people coming up the stairs, still recommending that folks take public transportation and if you can't deal with the hassle, we will be broadcasting it live both on air and online. at the d.c. convention center, bruce leshan, 9 news now.
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>> you can pay your own tribute to chuck brown's life and legacy on a special facebook page we've created. log onto facebook and type in rip godfather of go go. that's our report on this local friday. i'll be right back here at 11:00 along with topper shutt and don't forget you can find us any time at see you later and have a safe and happy memorial day weekend.
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now, "entertainment tonight," the most-watched entertainment news magazine in the world. >> did britney spears storm off the set on her first day as "the x factor" judge? new controversy today. and some advice for britney from "the voice's" adam levine. >> tv's weird, britney, good luck. >> then, new mom beyonce getting ready to return to the stage. >> trying to get back into shape. >> the intimate new behind the scenes video. "csi new york" star gary sinise and his emotional concert for u.s. soldiers in the middle east. >> when you see the joy you're bringing. >> it's fantastic. >> bulimia and the olympics. >> how often were you purging a day? >> one of america's all-time greatest swimmers has an eating disorder she kept a secret. >> i just thought it was a gross habit to have that i was embarrassed.


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