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tv   9 News Now at 5am  CBS  May 30, 2012 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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i'm andrea roane. i'll do my best to enunciate clearly. good morning, monika. >> good morning. >> good morning to you at home. good morning, howard. >> every syllable counts. weather wise we are looking at a couple of showers still this morning. we still have about a 5-inch rain deficit at national. we've been maintaining that number. we're going to dry out here later today and tonight and tomorrow. here's a look at your day planner. isolated showers this morning. this afternoon maybe another shower as the front actually comes through but some midday sunshine and around 80 at noon. highs today low to mid-80s so not as hot as it has been when we had the 90-degree readings. you can start to see the back of the showers here coming towards the west virginia- virginia border. that's going to be coming through over the next few hours. down south, look at this toward the northern neck, watch out. you could even hear a rumble of thunder. your temperatures this morning are running in the 60s, low 60s north and west.
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71 still here in d.c. it's 5:00 a.m. a smiling monika santami with time saver traffic. you know, if you're planning to head outside, i think you'll be smiling too. that's because overall generally speaking, things look great. look at the beltway. it's green all around. let's zoom in first to 95 on the northbound side coming out of dale city. if you're one of those early risers that heads to work early out of woodbridge into springfield, you're going to be fine. let's take a live look and i'll prove it to you. things look great on 95. as you can see everyone is moving at the speed limit in both the main and hov lanes heading to 395. let's go back over to the maps this time to southern maryland. route 5, 3 on 1 and route 10 out of accokeek, oxon hill, the wilson bridge everything is clear sailing. we'll take a live look coming up from this point to the beltway. you're going to be fine. coming up in my next report, we'll go over to the beltway in silver spring at 5:09. >> thanks, monika. see you in a bit. the culpeper police officer who shot and killed a woman
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back in february has now been indicted on murder charges. >> the special grand jury in the case also returned charges against the officer's mother. 9news now reporter delia goncalves is in our satellite center with more on this story. good morning, delia. >> reporter: good morning, andrea. it is a highly unusual indictment. the grand jury really coming down hard on this police officer. now we learned his mother stands accused of trying to erase negative job reports from his personnel file when she worked as the chief secretary. 32-year-old daniel harman- wright is behind bars now accused of shooting to death 54- year-old patricia cook. patricia cook, the unarmed woman was sitting in her car inside a school parking lot back one february morning. the officer responded to a call to a suspicious vehicle and reported when he approached the driver she rolled up her window pinning his arm inside and then she drove away allegedly
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dragging him behind. he said that's when he shot her but the grand jury did not buy the officer's story. >> what i'm saying is the terms trapped and dragged are not terms that i would have used based upon what i know of the evidence. >> i know what i -- [indiscernible] it's the anger, the pain, the frustration, the tears. i don't want somebody else to have to go through what i did. >> reporter: coming up at 5:30, we'll have much more from patricia cook's widow you just heard from. he's filing a multimillion dollar wrongful death lawsuit against the police department in culpeper. back to you. >> all right, delia. >> delia goncalves live in our satellite center. doctors are treating a metro mechanic with serious injuries this morning because he was hit by a train and pinned underneath it for more than an hour. this was yesterday afternoon at the metrorail yard near the
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shady grove station. a surgical trauma team was brought in to help to get him out from under the train. metro is now investigating how this happened. meantime it is reviewing safety procedures at the shady grove rail yard. aviation officials from canada will be brought in to investigate monday's deadly mid air collision in fauquier county, virginia. that's because the surviving pilot who landed his plane in a field works for the federal aviation administration and the second plane that plummeted into a wooded area is owned by an employee of the national transportation safety board. the two people on board that plane both died. bringing in canadian investigators will help prevent any interagency conflict. thousands of d.c. music fans lined up yesterday to pay their respects to the late chuck brown. the viewing for the godfather of go go took place yesterday inside the howard theater while a block party of sorts went on outside to celebrate his life. while he was in prison in lorton, virginia, brown swapped
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a case of cigarettes to get a guitar and that changed his life. a decade later his fusion of several music styles had a name. it was called go go. and lots of loyal fans around washington. generations of fans in fact looked up to brown. >> his work is what d.c. is all about if you're from washington. >> brown died two weeks ago. he was 75. last night's viewing was interrupted by a major thunderstorm. but after the rain passed, the remaining fans got their wish and they were allowed back into the theatre. tomorrow on 9news now, we'll have live coverage of a public memorial service for chuck brown. it's taking place at the washington convention center. maryland's recently passed same-sex marriage law is almost certainly headed to a public vote this november. the maryland marriage alliance and other opponents to the law have submitted more than 113,000 signatures to get a referendum. that's more than double the required apartment. maryland state board of
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elections now has 20 days to verify the signatures are valid. if they are, there will be a referendum on same-sex marriage on november's ballot. it is 5:06, time for the latest your money report. >> jessica doyle is here with today's headlines. are we still saying greece is the word? >> greece is the word but really this is the last trading day of the month so investors are hoping to turn over a new leaf potentially. maybe we can get rid of greece for a little while. that remains to be seen. so far this month the dow is down almost 5%. of course we can blame worries about europe's financial problems. checking the numbers, the dow stands at 12,581 after adding 126 points that was a gain of about 1%. but only the dow's fifth up day this month. the nasdaq meantime added 33 points and the s&p 500 added 15 points. rough time for one highly touted new stock. facebook closed below $30 for
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the first time since going public on may 18. shares of the social networking company are now down 23% since making their debut. that makes facebook one of the worst performing initial public stock offerings of the past decade. it has lost $25 billion in market value in less than two weeks. consumers of a new line of computers to consider. the next generation chrome books have just been rolled out and google is hoping to build a business by selling a computer operating system that revolves around its popular chrome web browser. a new line of lightweight laptops built by samsung don't have a hard drive. they function like terminals dependent on an internet connection. the chrome books haven't made much of a dent in the market since they debuted a year ago. they basically operate like an ipad. there's 3g version, wi-fi version. not a lot of computing built into the box itself. >> we were focused on apple because of all the reports. i've never seen one of these
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things. >> consumers haven't latched on to them so they're hoping this time around. we'll see. >> what do you have for us in the next half hour? >> as seen on tv products. we'll get you a review coming up and take a look at some of the as seen on tv products our viewers have loved, some of the ones they've hated [ inaudible ] >> put it on facebook if you like this. another unique sound from the world of music has fallen silent. >> in politics california hasn't even had a say but the text primary last night put mitt romney over the top in the convention delegate count. >> ahead in sports, apparently the nationals have met their kryptonites. that would be the miami marlins.
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it is 10 after 5:00 on this wednesday morning. we still have a couple of light showers out there, except in the northern neck heavier stuff. we'll be looking at live doppler in a few minutes. your day planner features the early clouds, midday sunshine and an isolated shower or storm this afternoon. highs low to mid-80s. i'll come back with the seven- day forecast. look ahead to the coming weekend when i see you in about five minutes. let's go to monika with time saver traffic. on the inner loop of the beltway northbound 495 before the american legion bridge, you want to be aware of a disabled vehicle in the right lane. crews know about t. they're on the scene but you want to scoot over to the left to get around it. in my next report.
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we'll take a look at the north side of town at 5:17. >> thanks, monika. here's what's making news at 5:11. the death toll in northern italy stands at 16 right now after yesterday's earth qairk. many buildings damaged in the may 20th quake collapsed yesterday. rescuers are combing through debris with hopes of finding survivors. ♪ it's said you could hear the mountains of north carolina in doc watson's music. the flat picker won a handful of grammys and contributed his sound of blue glass, folk, country and gospel. he had been hospitalized after a recent fall at his home. doc watson was 89 years old. campaign 2012 now. mitt romney has the delegates he needs to get the republican presidential nomination after winning in texas, the primary
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there yesterday. he now has two items to focus on. convincing americans he's a better choice for president than mr. obama and raise something more money. it is 5:12. funding battles are threatening the future of metro's silver line to dulles. now virginia's governor bob mcdonnell is offering his thoughts on what should happen. that story is coming up at 5:50. >> at 5:24, we have wizards coaching news coming up in sports. >> next at 5:15, howard has a couple of beautiful days in his seven-day forecast. we'll be right back.
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good morning. welcome back to 9news now. 5:15. we've had some pretty miserable days and humidity but we get a break coming up in howard's forecast. >> i love the heat and -- some love the heat and humidity. i'm not in that camp and neither are you. tomorrow night is a thursday, going to be gorgeous. really going to be nice. this morning we have a couple of showers still to deal with, especially southeast of town. and then this afternoon an isolated shower there. but we'll get it. we'll get a nice break just to keep andrea happy. here's your bus stop forecast. if andrea's happy, everybody is happy, right, mike? >> you got that right. >> bus stop forecast. we've got a couple of showers out there. temperatures are running in the 60s to low 70s this morning. sunrise about 5:45. sets about 8:25 this evening.
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day planner 73 at 9:00 with mostly cloudy skies. sun and clouds mixing in by noon, around 80. as we head into the late afternoon, evening hours, a slight chance after shower coming through. that may be 3:00 out toward i- 81, 5:00, 6:00 here in town. a little bit later than that south and east with a high of 84, 85. boy, there were big storms last night. had some hail up in frederick county, maryland and virginia. eastern western maryland had heavy storms. we had that come through. this morning just the isolated showers all you're seeing left out here west of town. this stuff is becoming pretty sparse. however, south and east of town, we've got showers in calvert county. got some showers also down toward waldorf and la plata and in southeastern areas of prince george's county. maybe a few sprinkles there on 301 as well as especially south of route 50. but in the northern neck, you see around tappahannock and newland coming up toward st. mary's county, heavier showers will still be possible for the next hour or so.
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your temps, they're in the 60s. leesburg, lovettsville low 60s along with haymarket at 62. we're still holding on to 70 in college park. it's 70 in baltimore. 65 for rock ville. outside in washington this morning, a quiet this morning. a little bit of light showing up on our michael & son weather camera. still a dark morning for the most part with sunrise about half an hour away. cloudy skies and 71 then north, northwesterly wind at 6 miles an hour. not too bad right now. there goes the front. this is better earl coming just around charleston -- beryl -- this is beryl coming just around charleston. the thing we're going to watch is this front back here producing a couple of showers as we head into the afternoon hours. she should be fairly isolated. so today about 84. midday sunshine. the afternoon shower, isolated coming through. tonight we'll be down in the 60s, maybe 50s in the cool spots north and west. 80 tomorrow. gorgeous thursday. friday features more showers
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and storms in the afternoon and evening. high around 80. saturday looks okay, 78. sunday may see a late day storm around 80 degrees. monika, how we doing so far? really not that bad, howard. things are looking pretty good outside on all of our major thoroughfares. nothing big to report i'm happy to say. i'm going to start off first with the north side of town. if you're planning to come in from any of these major corridors, route 29 out of burtonsville, you'll be fine down to the beltway. we'll take a live look in college park. here you're going to be fine. i'll step away just a bit. on the outer loop leaving the 95 interchange between silver spring, still no delays to talk about. let's go back over to our maps, this time to 270. coming out of frederick, i-70, 270 fine into clarks burke. we'll take a live look up north. here's what it looks like on 70 east of 270. as i said everything is fine. all the way down south on 270 toward rockville and the point where the lanes divide. your lanes right now are open.
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in my next report at 5:24, a look at 95 in virginia. instead of going to the sweep, the nationals will try to avoid getting swept later today. >> but an offensive explosion keeps the spurs perfect in the nba playoffs. highlights coming up in sports. >> here's another look at our question of the day. according to a new study, the average person will do this six times in their life. is it a, fall in love, b, travel overseas or c, renew their driver's license. >> our facebook friend sharon simmons says a. i fell in life at least twice a year when i was a teenager. what do you think? post the answer on our facebook page. we'll have the answer to the question in our 6:00 show.
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5:22 on this wednesday morning. isolated shower may come through in the next hour or so but south and east of town, better chance of that. we'll head toward 9:00. there may still be a shower well south of town. we'll be cloudy, 73. midday more sunshine starts to mix in from west to east. 80 degrees for lunch time. we'll have partly sunny skies through the afternoon. then you'll notice some isolated showers coming through also later this afternoon and evening. andrea and mike? >> thank you, howard. if you like offense, last night's game two of the western conference finals was right up your alley. >> defense not much of a factor. san antonio took a double-digit lead in the second quarter and
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kept that for most of the game. spurs beat the thunder 120-111 for a 2-0 series lead. kristen berset with the rest of your morning sorts. good morning, -- sports. good morning, everybody. for the first half of last night's game against miami, we had a pitcher's dual going o. edwin jackson able to finagle his way out of a few jams but the nats offense couldn't get anything going against sanchez. cory brown, he got his first start for washington since being called up monday. he gets the nats on the board first to face suicide squeeze bunt. hey, however you can do it, you do it but that's all they could do. the next inning, stanton gets an rbi single to left field to tie things up at 1. the fish would tack on another before ramirez, he knew what he did as soon as he hit the ball. a rocket to left field.
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marlins win this one 3-1. sanchez giving up just one earned run, stayed perfect against the nats 19-0. nats look to avoid the sweep tonight. mike morris inching his way back to the nats lineup taking his first rehab start in potomac. before the rain took over and suspended the game in the 5th inning -- [indiscernible] expect him back in the bigs by june 8 at the latest. whoever the wizards end up with in the lottery tonight, randy whitman will once again be there to lead the guys. whitman will reportedly stay on as head coach since taking over for flip saunders in january. the whiz discards posted an 18- 31 record that included a six- game win streak to end the season. that's a quick look at sports this morning. i'm kristen berset. have a great wednesday. a big announcement coming from d.c. high school athletes. today vincent gray will announce the creation of the district columbia state
5:25 am
athletic association. beginning in the fall they'll have a chance to compete in the first ever d.c. state championship game. coming up, what you should know before you buy one of those products you see on tv. that's in your money segment. >> plus, we'll have more on why the mother of an area police officer is now charged with murder. >> if you're planning to head in from the north, here's what it looks like on the beltway at central avenue on the east side of town. no problems to report the entire stretch of the prince george's county beltway. coming up in my next report, we will take a peek into virginia at 5:29. you're watching 9news now. stay with us. dad look, you can get eggs,
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good morning. welcome back to 9news now.
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i'm andrea roane. i'm mike hydeck. andre is back on track. good morning, howard. welcome back. >> wednesday is a good day because we're that much closer to the weekend. we are going to get rid of the heat and humidity slowly but we'll get rid of it. today will be another warm day, mid-80s for us. but the isolated showers this morning will be even fewer this afternoon. we're starting to see some light out there. sunrise comes up. isolated shower or storm this afternoon. high temperatures about 84, 85. big storms last night. this morning we're left with some isolated showers. most of the activity now is actually east of i-95. there are just a few sprinkles here west of i-95 with temperatures in the low 60s. in fact, leesburg very comfortable 61 this morning while cumberland is 59. but still a little bit on the
5:30 am
muggy side in annapolis, easton, cambridge all 70 or better. 71 down in southern maryland as well. let's check in with monika santami who i must say you are in good spirits this wednesday. >> why not. you know what? it's going to be a great day. there's no big problem to report right now i'm happy to say that as well. time saver traffic and that means if you're planning to head over here on the northbound side of 395, looking good as you head for the 14th street bridge. look at that. if you're heading out the door right now, you're going to get to work on time across the 14th street bridge and into downtown. let's see if we can take a look at our maps. no issues to report on the beltway all around town. i'm dooming into the northbound side of 95 coming into dale city and woodbridge and springfield. i saw a little volume leaving route 64 but no big deal. heading in from 66, manassas into centreville and fairfax, you're going to be okay. we'll take another look outside. what a pretty shot. no problems to report into our beautiful downtown area. coming up in my next report, we'll take a look at the north
5:31 am
side of at 5:39. a new phase of campaign 2012 gets under way today. >> that because mitt romney now has the convention delegates he need to claim the republican presidential nomination. he won the texas primary last night putting him well over the threshold of 1144 delegates. the former massachusetts governor spent the night in las vegas at a fund-raiser hosted by donald trump. romney told the crowd president obama doesn't deserve a second term. >> we need to have presidents who understand how this economy works day to day, small business, middle size business, fake business. i do. i want to use that experience to get us to work again. >> supporters of the president criticized mitt romney for him appearing with donald trump. trump has often questioned whether or not the president was born in hawaii. so obama supporters released an internet video showing clips why john mccain defended the
5:32 am
president's u.s. citizenship. it's been more than three months since a culpeper police officer shot and killed a woman during an altercation. now a special grand jury has returned murder charges against the officer and indicted his mother on some unrelated counts. 9news now reporter delia goncalves is in our satellite center with more on this unlikely family affair. >> reporter: certainly a strange twist in this very unusual story. the officer is behind bars this morning accused and indicted on four counts, including murder. and now daniel harmon-wright's mother is accused of trying to forge bad job objects from his -- reports from his personnel file when she worked in the chief's office. she left that job about two years ago. the 32-year-old police officer said he thought his life was in danger when he pulled the trigger of his gun shooting and killing unarmed patricia cook back in february. the 54-year-old woman was in her car when the officer claims
5:33 am
she pinned his arm in her window and dragged him by driving off. >> there's no reason whatsoever. the deadliest thing she had on her as the state police investigators pointed out was a ball point pen in the chest, the leg, the arm, twice in the back and the head. i've had my cries. i'm at the point now i'm angry. i want justice for my wife. >> reporter: gary cook is filing a $5.4 million wrongful death lawsuit against the culpeper police department. coming up at 6:00, we'll have more on the case against this officer who now is behind bars. andrea, back to you. >> delia goncalves reporting live from our satellite center. the trial is under way in a murder case where investigators say one killer pretended to be a pepco employee. john has kin is accused of killing david williams last july at williams' home in bowie, maryland. investigators say haskin went to the home with an accomplice
5:34 am
where they robbed and then murdered williams. the second defendant craig brooks had already pleaded guilty. brooks admitted he posed as a pepco employee the day before the murder in order to case out williams' home. the newest member of the d.c. city council will be sworn in this afternoon. mcduffie won the special election for the open ward 5 seat earlier this month. he is replacing harry thomas, jr. who resigned in january after pleading guilty to embezzling more than $350,000 from the city. 5:34. time for another your money report. >> have you ever bought one of those chia pets or any of those other things? jessica is here to talk about it. >> as seen on tv products is what we're talking about here. we've all seen the tv commercials. these are products that promise to change our everyday lives. maybe you've seen them on store shelves but did you ever buy any of them? we turn to an expert. >> good girl. let's get a treat. >> reporter: the magic measure,
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the perfect meatloaf, the trendy top. lisa gordon has reviewed dozens of as seen on tv items like these for websites like ooh and house lodge -- like a.o.l. and house she says consumers can sort out the winners by looking for certain qualities. >> the ones that become blockbusters are the ones that work. the ones that are usually under $20 and the ones that solve the problem that you either didn't know you had or you've had for a long time but always wanted solved. >> reporter: while a tv ad will tell you to order now, resist impulse buys and do your homework. >> find a reviewer you trust and see if you can find their videos or their review and then take it from there. >> reporter: think about other solutions, items already in your home that might solve the same problem. calculate the real cost. don't forget about shipping and handling when you order by phone or internet. you can cut those costs entirely by looking for the most popular items at major retailers. and the upside? most items sell for under 20
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bucks so if they don't work out for you, at least you're not breaking the bank. >> we want to know what you have to say about as seen on tv products that you've purchased and you've been telling us on our facebook page wusa9. here are some of your favorites. you guys really loved the orgrenic frying pan, the flip and fold personal portable fan. the bender ball for your abs. you absolutely love the magic meatloaf pan and the furm naturor -- the furminator, a special comb for pet fur. a lot of people disliked the eggies for making hard boiled eggs. another said the sham wow sucks and finally this is from an expert. bill griffith, one of the founders of cnbc wrote to me i once bought a can't miss deicing fluid you were supposed to spray on your driveway before it snows and then no
5:37 am
shoveling necessary. it smelled just like barbecue sauce. it clogged the spray gun and when the snow arrived, we had brown gravy on our driveway. i have never lived it down of the here's from a business news expert for you so sometimes these things blow up in our face. >> oh, my gosh, that's funny. >> i want some reviews. please let me know if you ever bought the one with the paperhangers with everything is included. >> i don't know what that is. >> you know, put up and tape down without damaging the walls. >> we're keeping this going. go to our facebook fan page and give andrea a review if you bought those. >> i'm curious to see if the doggie curtain thing works with the magnets. >> i believe somebody mentioned that does work. >> that was good. >> that was fun. coming up, a groundbreaking graduate at the u.s. naval academy. >> and can you name the actor who was on happy days, the love boat and married with children?
5:38 am
the answer will be revealed in celebrity birthdays today. we'll be right back. [ mechanical humming ]
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5:39. it's damp out here. it's humid -- 5:0 out here on the weather terrace. it's damp out here. it's humid. you may have a stray shower pushing through today. we're looking at a couple showers early south and east of town adds sunshine by midday. that will boost temperatures up to 84 for an high. again an isolated shower possible this afternoon as well. i'll be inside the next five minutes and we'll have your seven-day forecast. right now inside is monika with time saver traffic. there had been a disabled vehicle on the inner loop of the beltway before the american legion bridge. now crews are telling us it has turned into an accident. so be aware of that as you head northbound on 495 approaching the american legion bridge. i'll have more on that and other area roads coming up
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again at 5:49. i've been combing through the day's daily deals, e-mails and retailer websites to find you deep discounts on this wednesday. target's daley deals on a car seat for your precious cargo. it's the britox. it's pink and brown, adorable. right now $99.99 for this car seat. works for infants all the way to toddlers weighing 35 pounds. a 36% savings. plus free shipping. daily deals tom reached out to me with this offer now. you're going to pay $50 and get $100 gift card for hotels on travelocity. this deal is good through june 1. and you want more control over your life? who doesn't. how about this deal? control up to 15 desighses from this -- devices from this universal remote from logitech.
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$13 -9d.99, a 30% savings. if you have an offer you've seen or you're a local merchant with a deal for our viewers, i'd love to hear from you on facebook. an effort is under way to make maryland restaurants more crabby. in a good way. the state's new true blue program is certifying eateries that primarily serve homegrown maryland crabs and crab meat. the department of natural resources has been taking chefs out on to the chesapeake bay and to crab picking houses to convince them the superior quality of maryland crab meat. so far 84 restaurants have signed on to the program. more than a thousand midshipmen are now commissioned officers in the navy and marine corps. they tossed their caps at the u.s. naval academy graduation ceremony in annapolis but amid so much tradition, there was a first at yesterday's commencement. kevin hillary became the first paraplegic to graduate from the naval academy. he was paralyzed in a biking accident last year. while he can't fulfill his
5:43 am
dream of becoming a navy seal, he plans to take his economics agree and head to law school. virginia's governor talked about what he would like to see happen with metro's silver line. that's coming up. plus, our round of storms yesterday doesn't measure up to what happened in the plains late last night. we'll show you that. >>it's birthday time. who's celebrating today? discovered after a modeling gig landed him on the pages of "gq," actor ted mcginly has had rolls on the love body, happy days and married with children, he's 54. wine known that judd is 48. we'll be back.
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good morning. welcome back to 9news now. 5:47. naming rights to my kitchen if howard wins the lottery. >> if i win the lottery, i'll build you your kitchen. good morning. everybody. we're having fun this wednesday morning. weather not nearly as serious or dangerous as it was yesterday afternoon and evening when we had those powerful storms knocking out power and doing damage. but this morning much, much quieter. this trend for quieter weather will be with us for a couple of days. here's a look at our bus stop forecast. there's some isolated showers still out there this morning. temperatures are running anywhere from the low 60s to the low 70s. it's muggy. definitely humid out with the sunrise happening just a moment ago at 5:45. we'll go throughout the day today starting with the clouds and 72 this morning at 8:00. by noon sunshine mixing in, especially west of town,
5:48 am
although i think some sun will be here in the metro also, 80 degrees. as we get into the afternoon, maybe a chance for an isolated shower or storm. 82 at 4:00. expecting a high around 84. give or take 3:00, 3:30, 4:00, sometime in that time range. at 8:00 back to 79 degrees and any showers should have passed through us. big storms yesterday. they came through the evening hours. this morning isolated lighter stuff north and west of town. want to show you live doppler 9000 hd. we have the showers in southern maryland. lighter ones here. central and southern montgomery, portions of northern fairfax county. isolated showers along 66. i know this looks bad down here. this is ground clutter, false return. you can see it bouncing around, no real structure. when you see this on radar here and it and it just changes like that, that's noise that we see. you see that sometimes when you've had rain or early in the morning when you have a temperature inversion. not to worry west of 95, east
5:49 am
of 95 is where we are seeing some of those showers. 71 degrees at the pax river naval air station. also in washington. north and west we've dropped to the low to mid-60s so some slightly, slightly drier air trying to work its way in. the real dry stuff won't be here till tonight. looking outside on our michael & son weather camera, we've got daylight now. 71 degrees and cloudy. humidity 78% and a north, northwesterly wind at 6 will become southerly later before the front really pushes through with some much drier air moving in. up toward chicago now. not dry at all across charleston, south carolina and into north carolina, wilmington. this is the depression or the low pressure that was beryl. pretty good chance this will be upgraded again and intensify once it gets back over the atlantic. this may take another day or two. we'll watch that carefully. for us we just got the front coming through. other than an isolated shower this afternoon, looks pretty quiet tonight and especially tomorrow until we get another
5:50 am
system here late friday. 84 today. isolated shower or storm this afternoon. 60s tonight. mid-60s in town. smuper 50s in the -- some upper 50s in the cool spots. a gorgeous thursday with highs around 80 with showers again later friday, highs around 80. friday night nats come back for a home stand. maybe dodging some raindrops friday night. saturday looks good. sunday could be a late storm, highs around 80. it's 10:00 to 6:00. monika santami, good morning. good morning, howard. good morning, everybody. we have one issue and that's on the inner loop of the beltway approaching the american legion bridge. on the northbound side of the beltway here, first there was a disabled vehicle. now there's an accident and crews are on the scene. you want to be aware of that heading northbound on 495 west side of town. now here's northbound 95. you've got your initial slowdown as you leave the fairfax county parkway to the franconia springfield parkway. we'll take a live look a little further north heading north of route 644. you can see the volume building at 5:50 in the morning heading no the beltway or on to 395.
5:51 am
we'll go to duke street and traffic here is still moving at the speed limit heading toward seminary road and the 14th street bridge. no issues to report into downtown. i'll show you a graphic. if you take marc brunswick line 870, that's running 15 to 20 minutes late this morning. in my next report we'll go into maryland at 6:00. back to you. making news now at 5:51, that is hail pounding and there's a lot of damage to clean up after all of this hail hit oklahoma city last night. three people went to the hospital, all with nonlife threatening injuries. thousands of people also lost power. the judge in the case against jerry sandusky will hear some more pretrial motions this afternoon. yesterday four of the alleged victims in the case asked the judge to keep their identities secret. the child sex abuse trial for the former penn state defensive
5:52 am
coordinator is scheduled to get under way on tuesday. today britain's supreme court will rule on the extradition of wikileaks founder julian assange. he's wanted in sweden on sex crime charges. two former volunteers with the website are his accusers. he has been fighting extradition for 17 months. virginia governor bob mcdonnell made several stops in the area around tuesday, and he fended off questions about possibly becoming mitt romney's running mate for the presidential election saying the campaign is not -- [indiscernible] another topic closer to home is the fate of metro's silver line to dulles. peggy fox asked the governor about his support for the project. >> reporter: governor bob mcdonnell congratulated marymount university's newly named school of health professions for creating more educational opportunities in health field. but as students practiced their life support techniques on dummies, the largest project under way in northern virginia
5:53 am
is on life support itself. the $2.6 billion phase two of the silver line from reston to dulles and two stops in loudoun is in limbo. yet the governor has no specific plan to get it on track other than to pressure the airports authority board which is building the rail line. >> we've got to have more transparency and more accountable in the way the board acts so that virginia taxpayers are protected because most of the money to pay for that silver line is coming from those toll pairs on the dulles toll road. >> reporter: the project rail preference gives a bonus. >> it's putting a preference on union labor that will be more expensive than labor you purchase in the free market to the contracting process. it's going to exacerbate the cost. i don't have any firm estimate but what i do know is we can't have policies in place that violate virginia's right to work laws. >> reporter: even though virginia has committed at $150 million toward phase two of the silver line, that money can't go anywhere yet thanks to a new law that passed in the last
5:54 am
legislative session. it states no virginia money can go to projects with project labor agreements. loudoun county is also threatening to opt out of the project. >> but if loudoun says no, then we have a delay and won't the delay cost more than what a pol will cost? >> it may or may not. i'm encouraging i think lou you down, fairfax, i'm encouraging all of them to stick with this, let's get this done. >> the loudoun board must decide whether to opt out by july 4. governor mcdonnell says the state has more time to put up its share. it is almost certain marylanders will get to vote on same-sex marriage this fall. that story coming up. >> plus, the nats' recent success inspires a video from guys we usually see mocking politics. you'll want to see n. we'll be back -- see this. we'll be back. this country was built by working people.
5:55 am
the economy needs manufacturing. machines, tools, people making stuff. companies have to invest in making things. infrastructure, construction, production. we need it now more than ever. chevron's putting more than $8 billion dollars back in the u.s. economy this year. in pipes, cement, steel, jobs, energy. we need to get the wheels turning. i'm proud of that. making real things... for real. ...that make a real difference. ♪
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5:57. some isolated showers still out there this morning. just isolated. southern maryland seeing a couple more. probably won't need the umbrellas today. 9:00 73. there's the shower well south of town. by noon still partly cloudy to mostly sunny. just an isolated shower coming through with the front toward 5:00, 6:00. still 81 for the drive home. andrea and mike, back to you. we often show you jim jabs political videos during election years but with the nationals recent success, there's now a new video you can
5:58 am
put in your photo to celebrate your natitude natitude. ♪take me out to the ballgame take me out to the crowd buy me some peanuts and crackerjacks i don't care if i ever get back oh, root, root, root for the home team, if they don't win it's a shame. one, two, three strikes you're out at the old ballgame. ♪ take me out to the ballgame, take me out with the crowd ♪ [
5:59 am
indiscernible ] >> aweawesome. >> that's great. >> i'm surprised to see a ball in topper's hand and not a golf club. >> that's cool. thank you for watching 9news now at 6:00 a.m. i'm andrea roane. happy wednesday. >> i'm mike hydeck. go nats. we've got to get them on the winning side again. those dang marlin people. good morning, monika santami. >> it's the weird green on the wall. >> miami has a new stadium. they built a new stadium. it's smaller, cozier. it's better than the one they used to play in. >> it's ugly. >> it kind of has different colors. it's great for the marlins. they're doing well. 70 degrees right now


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