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tv   9 News Now at 430am  CBS  May 31, 2012 4:30am-5:00am EDT

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transcends jazz. you have bob marlly who develops a general reand -- genre. you have chuck brown who develops a genre and transcends that. >> reporter: paying homage to chuck brown will be a host of stars like donny simpson and huggy lowdown. the chuck brown bands will also perform. >> his death should change people's minds. >> reporter: the people who will be performing at the washington convention center tomorrow for chuck brown's funeral tell me this town has never seen the type of musical sendoff we'll see. add to that much of the world still don't know much about go go music and tomorrow could end up being one for the history books. >> gospel, jazz, blues, go go. especially go go will send chuck off in a manner that's fitting of a king. >> reporter: doors open at 10:00. the funeral is set to begin two hours later after 14,500 people have entered the doors, the
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doors will be closed. bruce johnson, 9news now. >> on wednesday d.c.'s congressional delegate eleanor holmes norton introduce add resolution to the house of representatives that would create a chuck brown day this year. it would be set on his birthday, august 22. the contributions to music in d.c. and the united states. our time is 4:31 the. >> once again the memorial service starts at noon at the washington convention center. be prepared for some traffic delays. there are several streets in the area that be closed during the service. if you can't make it down there, don't worry. we'll broadcast it live right here on channel 9 and stream it on culpeper police officer daniel harmon-wright remains in jail this morning. he's charged with murder of the shooting after woman in february. a special grand jury handed down the indie.s late -- indictments late tuesday. he's accused killing 54-year- old patricia cook who was just sitting in a parking lot.
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cook and harmon ended up in some sort of confrontation. he claims she caught his arm in the window and was dragging him when he shot her six times. the special prosecutor in the case says that isn't the way it happened. >> terms "trapped "and dragged" were used. these were not distributors i would have -- descriptors i would have used. >> harmon-wright is currently on administrative leave without pay. his mother is also charged with altering records at the police department but they are not related to the shooting. a man is accused of trying to buy an ak-47 and possibly making threats against president obama. >> federal agents busted the story tuesday in and undercover sting operation. >> reporter: his neighbors say douglas story has never made a secret of his views about president obama and gun
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control. indeed his pickup truck parked in front of his manassas apartment is plastered with bumper stickers against obama. >> i was afraid to put a bumper sticker on my car for obama afraid i'd get my tires slashed. >> reporter: according to the f.b.i., story has recently posted statements on a white supremacist website saying he would kill any law enforcement officer who tried to stop him if and when martial law was imposed and hoping president obama and attorney general holder would be removed from office. >> that was matt jablow reporting. for now story has only been charged with trying to buy a
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fully automatic assault rifle. if convicted he could face up to ten years in prison. a silver spring woman found tied up and screaming inside a hotel room of a cincinnati reds baseball pitcher. this is claudia monrique you see here with the pony tail. it started in pittsburgh tuesday night when someone knocked on the door registered to the reds pitcher chapman but chapman was still at the ballpark. the guy said he was a maintenance man to fix the toilet but when he came into the room, the man demanded certain items in the room. monrique refused. the man allegedly tied her hands with cloth napkins and then ransacked the room taking items. >> i literally just got out of my room and came down here. >> reporter: what do you think about something like that? >> i think it's terrible. >> i never heard of this
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happening before. this is all news to me. >> the woman is 26 years old and originally from colombia. chapman is 24 years old and defected from cuba in 2009. well, there is growing pressure this morning on syria's president to accept the united nations peace plan and real in his troops. >> but new video released shows more attacks by loyalists. >> reporter: smoke rises from rooftops in homes. syrian rebels say this amateur video is proof government troops have no intention of halting attacks on civilians. the shelling follows the new discovery of 13 bodies in eastern syria and the massacre of more than 100 people in houla last week. president assad refuses to implement the united nations peace plan and blames the violence on terrorist.
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but others soy forces loyal to the government are responsible. >> we feel there neds to be -- needs to be justice for those who imposed the atrocities. >> reporter: some republicans and democrats on capitol hill say military intervention is necessary. senator john mccain has been calling for u.s.-led air strikes. >> are there dangers and risks an uncertainties in this approach? absolutely. there are no ideal options in syria. >> reporter: another option is to arm the rebels, but lawmakers say that also comes with risk. >> i'm not one that believes we should be arming the rebels right now. we're having a difficult time getting a complete picture of who they are. >> reporter: rebels release add video giving syria 48 hours to comply with the u.n. peace plan or face consequences. susan mcginnis, cbs news, washington. >> syria does have a pair of influential allies. china and russia so-so far
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oppose -- who so far oppose any intervention or u.n.-backed penalties. the world's first commercial supply ship heads back to earth this morning after its maiden voyage to the international space station. live pictures right now from the crew. there it is. it's going to use the station's robotic arm to detach the expais x dragon -- the spacex dragon capsule. it will release this morning and return to earth and it will splash down if all goes as well off the coast of california and be recovered later this morning. our time right now is 4:37. coming up at 4:50, see how a little girl from northern virginia fairs against kids twice her age in this year's national spelling bee. >> so cute. plus, body odor and aging. a new study suggests we stink less as we age. who knew. >> howard is up next with the forecast and we'll have today's question of the morning.
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>> if you plan on attending today's memorial service, the doors will open to the public at 10:00 a.m. once the center reaches capacity which is 14,500, the doors will be closed. >> officials urge you to take public transportation. the closest station is mount vernon square on the green and yellow lines. you can also watch the funeral live right here at noon and online at we will be right back.
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. a great day ahead. highs 80 to 85. i'll be back talking about a severe weather threat tomorrow and a look at weekend. police on the scene of a crash. you want to take route 4 instead in prince george's county. i'll have more on that coming up in my next report at 4:50. 4:41. time for the first your money segment ever the morning. >> hello, roller coaster. >> let's just get may over with. this has been the worst month for wall vote since september. -- wall street since september. the markets sank yet again yesterday continuing worries about europe. companies that are heavily dependent on sales from overseas, they have been falling the most. investors dumping stock fleeing to the safety of the bond market. they've also been unloading
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risky commodities so this is actually a good thing for drivers. oil prices fell to a seven potts low. -- seven-month low. crude oil on track to close out its worst month in more than three years. checking the numbers from wall street, dow standing this morning at 12,419, lost another 160 points in trading yesterday. nasdaq was down by 33 points and the s&p 500 was down by 19. well, he's far from broke, but mark zucker burke no longer one -- zuckerberg no longer one of the 40 richest people in the world. facebook's c.e.o. has seen his fortune shrink after his company's stock lost 20% of its value since going public on may 18. his personal wealth on paper has dropped from -- dropped to $14.7 billion from $16.2 billion. >> oh. >> i know. we feel sad for him. in the meantime apple's latest ipad could soon be coming to
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china. regulator there is have just approved apple's third generation ipad. that's been sold in the u.s. for a while now. china is apple's second largest market next to the u.s. the company is in a legal battle with the manufacturer using the ipad name in the chinese market. that's a problem for them. >> they have manufacturers in china but they can't sell it there? >> yeah. >> we do feel badly for mr. zuckerberg. >> we're crying for him. >> he better put the money in a 529 for his future children for college. >> thanks, jess. our time right now is 4:43. howard is up next with the forecast. monika is keeping an eye on traffic. it's been busy already this early hour. >> see how a northern virginia english teach our taught a thing or two to his students about civic.
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. good morning. we're going to stick to the good news about today's forecast. >> it's going to be a fantastic finish to the month which like the stock market it has had its ups and downs. we start with the bus stop forecast. partly cloudy conditions. really very comfortable out there this morning. some areas in the low 60s. still holding on to 71, 27 in a couple of spots. we'll call it 60s at the bus stop under partly cloudy to mostly clear skies the next few hours. our day planner, we'll see a good deal of sunshine. 71 by 9:00. by noon 79. a gorgeous, gorgeous lunch hour. north winds at 10 miles an hour. they'll be north to northwest at 10 this afternoon. maybe diminishing a little bit by 4:00. 83. high today about 84. at 8:00 p.m. 79 degrees. if you have plans outdoor
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today, this evening, little league, it's going to be fantastic. >> this is what's left of beryl. it's a nice morning. temps running in the mid-60s. college park 65. columbia 66. some low 60s from lovettsville and manassas. our weather camera, partly quiet, 72 degrees, calm winds. there's actually some drier air moving in behind beryl that we're seeing for the day. in the middle of the country, notice the storms line up from minnesota back through texas. several clusters of storms. there's a lot of energy. that's marching off toward the east. we'll see some of that as we get into the day tomorrow. today however, a nice area of high pressure building in. we'll be in great shape for the day with beryl leaving us. lots of sunshine around and very little to tell you about. tomorrow, however, we've got to worry about the threat for
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severe weather. look at this. the appalachians, pennsylvania all the way down to the east coast, down here through even south carolina and georgia, the threat of severe weather, hail, damaging wind, even isolated tornadoes can't be ruled out in this area. this is something we'll watch and when we get into tomorrow, we may actually raise that severe weather alert day flag probably for your friday. but we'll have to see exactly where the severe weather threat lines up. it might be a little bit west, might be on top of us. we'll know better tomorrow. today a beauty. 83 degrees in annapolis this afternoon. cape grin one of the -- cambridge one of the warm spots at 86. look at these temps tomorrow. winchester, martinsburg 81. tonight we're dipping into the 60s. might even see a couple of spots north and west in the upper 50s. as we look at forecast for the next three days, today 84. just a great looking day. tomorrow after we start in the 60s for the most part, some upper 50s, a threat of severe weather in the afternoon and evening.
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83 degrees. cooler saturday. maybe a lingering shower early. temperatures in the mid-70s but a nicer afternoon. sunday, monday through wednesday, isolated showers here and there with high temps generally in the 70s. let's go to monika santami at 4:48. had a rough overnight. >> it really has been especially for police. first of all, a high speed chase ended in a crash on the northbound side of 395 right at the 12th street tunnel. let's go to a live picture of the 14th street bridge. this will affect your drive a little more than normal if you plan to head across the 14th street bridge. i know it's light right now but you only have one right lane getting by once you cross the bridge span at the 12th street tunnel. only one lane getting by with the crash and police activity and i think it may be there for a little while. let's go to a major accident that occurred overnight in district heights inside the beltway. a car into a pole ended up in one fatality with police on the scene right here at marlboro pike between forestville and
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district heights. use route 4 as your alternate route. we'll end with a live picture on the beltway. this is fine on the south side of town. in my next report, another update at 4:57. she's only six years old but a little girl from woodbridge, virginia has created a huge buzz at this year's national spelling bee. >> she's lori anne madison and she competed against kids twice her age and she breezed through the first round yesterday of the national spelling bee. but then she ran into trouble. >> glove glove, glove e-n-g-l-u- v-i-e-s. >> that is incorrect. >> ingluvies. it starts with an i, not an e. chances are we've not seen the last of lori anne madison.
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she has youth on her side. congratulations to her reaching the second round. a civics lesson comes to life for students at kent garden elementary. >> they got to watch one of their teachers become a u.s. citizen. kristin fisher has more on the naturalization ceremony from mclean, yesterday. these are the final moments before richard gordon becomes a u.s. citizen. it's been a moment 20 years in the making. >> i came to america in 1993. i brought my wife and two young daughters. >> reporter: the australian has been teaching history for 11 years. >> he's a great teacher. he always makes learning fun. >> reporter: for the last nine months his students have had a special assignment. help mr. gordon pass his naturalization test. >> we went through the
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questions. they quizzed me. i quizzed him. >> if he got it wrong, he had to bring us donuts. he only got one wrong out of a hundred questions. >> i passed the test and here i am today, a new american citizen. it was touching. i had no idea it was going to be this big. a u.s. citizenship, i'm proud. it's a wonderful country and i hope i can give back to america what i've given to my family. >> reporter: he was certainly the star today but there were 18 other people from 18 different countries who also became citizens at this ceremony. >> you look through the audience and you thought, it is actually living history and it is awesome. >> i hope the kids take away how special it is. it is something to be cherished and loved. >> that's enough, guys. see you. >> congratulations. >> some are naturalized, some are born but we're all american
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citizens. >> thank you. >> reporter: in prosecute lean, kristin fisher, 9news now. >> what a great lesson. last year the united states welcomed nearly 700,000 citizens through the naturalization process and ceremonies around the country. it is 4:53. time for our first look at today's question of the morning. according to a recent magazine survey, 50% of american women had one of these as a child. what is it? >> do you think it's an es bake oven, a nickname or an imaginary friend. -- easy bake oven, a nickname or an imaginary friend. we'll have the answer in our 6:00 show.
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. welcome back. your weather first on this thursday morning. it's pretty nice out there, especially north and west where drier air has been filtering n.
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we'll have a lot of sunshine and a very comfortable day. rising into the upper 70s by 11:00. around 80 for lunch time. highs about 84. could be some issues tomorrow. more on that coming up. right now here's monika with time saver traffic. on the southeast southwest freeway northbound or eastbound at the 12th street tunnel, watch out for police activity and a crash with one right lane getting through. i'll have more on that in my next report at 5:01. in this morning's health alert, there's a new study that shows a simple supplement could save infants from deadly infections. doctors in india have shown that zinc is easy to take, low cost and apparently it can save babies' lives. it shows adding zinc to antibiotic treatments given to infants with pneumonia, sepsis or meningitis, made it 40% less likely that the drugs would fail. we asked an infectious disease specialist at children's medical center about this and what it could mean to children around the globe.
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>> the infections are very serious. they're actually probably 25% to 30% of children in these countries die of these infections so it's a very large proportion of children that are affected by this. therefore, the impact of the study is obvious. >> she says zinc also helps fight life threatening diarrhea in developing countries and it's something that's already widely available in a syrup or tablet form depending on the age of the child. >> a study suggests a person's body odor changes as they change. researchers in philadelphia took underarm samples from young, middle aged and elderly people. participants were able to guess the age group according to the odor. well, they said the smell from older people was less intense and unpleasant than among the younger groups. experts believe because our bodies produce fewer pharomones
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as we age. >> i smell better than you do. the makers of et marked the movie's 30th anniversary and they do it in a big way. >> cbs is celebrating a major victory. we explain in eye on entertainment. >> reporter: a private funeral service will be held for robin gibbs who died after a long battle with cancer. he was 62. no details about the funeral has been revealed. a public memorial service is in the works for later this year. et, the extraterrestrial is coming out on blu ray for its 30th anniversary. >> et. >> phone home. >> reporter: a special edition of the stephen spielberg classic will be released this october. cbs is celebrating a big victory. they won the 2011-2012 television season by the largest margin in 20 years. cbs had nine of the top ten dramas including ncis which was
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the number one drama for the third year in a row. >> how long has this been going on? >> reporter: the network also had eight of the top ten comedies including the number one sitcom "the big bang theory." no doubt will perform at the teen choice awards. it will be the band's first live performance since 2010. the awards air july 22. that's your eye on entertainment. cbs news, los angeles. good morning. thank you for watching 9news now at 5:00 a.m. we're talking about children and odors and things of that nature. we're not naming any names. good morning. i am andrea roane. i'm mike hydeck. my kids are still little. they smell great. here's monika santami. >> good morning. >> she has a lot to talk about already this morning. stay tuned for her report if you're grabbing the keys heading out


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