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tv   9 News Now at 6am  CBS  May 31, 2012 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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warm day. just a couple of clouds in the distance. mostly sunny skies. a beautiful start. down to 69 degrees at reagan national. 79 by noon with the sunshine. highs today 80 to 85 with 84 for d.c. at 5:00 p.m. we'll hit 83 degrees. so still a very comfortable evening for you. temperatures down to the low 60s north and west. in fact, a few spots have dipped into the 50s in west virginia and western maryland, even down in the lower shenandoah valley. this afternoon you can expect sunshine. 84 in frederick. 81 in winchester. a beautiful day with 83 on the bay and also 84 here in washington at reagan national. let's check in at 6:00 a.m. with monika santami, time saver traffic. it's iffy in spots. very tough, especially right now on the inbound side of i-66. here's a live look from our sky 9. you're looking at the accident inbound 66 right after route 123. i just got off the phone with virginia state police. they tell me there were three vehicles involved in this. one into the jersey wall. you can see that there and
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apparently now one person being transported to the hospital. two lanes are blocked off. you've got two right lanes getting by with significant delays already forming at 6:00 in the morning inbound i-66 approaching route 123 and passing route 123 in vienna. i'm going to show you where it is on a map so you have a better idea right here. look at all that red. you're going to go i would say maybe 28 miles an hour on the inbound side of i-66 toward vienna. we'll take another live look, a different perspective. again you can see the to left lanes are blocked. let's go back over to the maps. in district heights we had a deadly accident at 3:00 this morning. that closes down marlboro mark between donnell drive and silver hill road. take route 4 pennsylvania avenue as your alternate route as that investigation continues. and we'll take a live look outside in maryland here on the beltway of route 4. traffic is moving well. coming up in my next report, more on those accidents at 6:15. >> thank you, monika gldz
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thousands of people are expected today for a memorial service to chuck brown. it's a final goodbye to the man behind the d.c. sound of go go music. >> the doors won't open for hours but a big crowd is expected to show up early. delia goncalves is live at the convention center with a preview. good morning, delia. >> reporter: good morning, mike. a huge crowd expected. you can see that crews have already arrived setting up the barricades for the event that is likely to draw thousands of people. the doors open at 10:00 a.m. you can expect a rush of fans heading interest the doors to get that prime spot. we're told the doors will close when the capacity is reached and that's at 14,500 people. music will certainly mark the service with artists like sugar bear taking the stage. about 10,000 fans lined up for tuesday's viewing and so many more are expected for today's funeral services. chuck brown died two weeks ago at the age of 75 after four
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decades on the music scene. the creative -- brown taught himself guitar after spending time in jail as a young person. he was released and literally reinvented himself with a sound and a spirit that moved so many folks here in d.c. >> you had louie armstrong transcends jazz. you have bob marli who develops a genre and transcends that. now you have chuck brown who develops a genre and transcends that. gospel, jazz, blues, go go, and especially go go will send chuck off in a manner that's fitting of a king. >> reporter: fitting of a king. certainly that's what he meant for so many people here in d.c. coming up at 6:30, the future of go go music here locally and world wide. mike, back to you. >> we'll see you in a bit live outside the washington convention center this morning.
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well, parking as you might expect is going to be limited near the convention center. so people are being asked to take metro to get there. mount vernon square station is the one that brings you right to the convention center. you can get it on the green and yellow lines. you can also take the red line to gallery place. just walk four blocks north on 7th street. there are also a few metro bus lines which will run past the convention center. of course you can take the circulator bus it georgetown and union station if you want to choose that. a 48-year-old man from manassas, virginia is in trouble with the law. prosecutors say he wanted to remove president obama and attorney general eric holder from office using violence. the specific charge against douglas howard story's involves him allegedly trying to obtain a fully automatic ak-47 and that of course is a violation of the national firearms act. he could get ten years in prison. authorities say they've kept an eye on story because of his violent threats made against the president. the brother of a man
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believed to have carried out a deadly rampage says the gunman was living with mental illness. surveillance video from a seattle cafe shows him holding a gun. police say he shot and killed four people inside that cafe. a fifth person died in a carjacking a short time later. when police caught up with the gunman, he took his own life. investigators are trying to figure out what is behind the violence while seattle's mayor says this is part of a larger problem. >> it's going to also take a full partnership with the community to end the culture of violence where young men believe it's okay to attempt to resolve disputes with violence, including guns. >> with the year not even half over, seattle is nearly matched the number of homicides it had all of last year. we've now learned the names of the two men killed in monday's mid air collision over fauquier county. 60-year-old james dunkin of bethesda and 57-year-old paul
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gardella of burke, virginia died. they were in the same plane of one of the to that collided. the pilot of the other plane did survive. liz name is thomas provin. he got out of the hospital last night. because both pilots worked for government agencies, canadian authorities have now taken over the investigation. today is national dam safety awareness day. fema will use a local dam to highlight the safety improvements it's making over the last several years. you might remember back there was a scare in june of 2006 at lake kneewood dam. thousands were evacuated in the middle of the night over fears that dam was about to break. it followed several days of torrential rain. the dam fortunately held. improvements have been made over the years to the dam itself as well as how it handles safety planning. jessica doyle is watching your money and the people who
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watch your money. >> banks are charging us to close our accounts? which banks? >> a lot of banks. lots and lots of banks. let's say you want to break up with your bank and close your bank account, that could cost you as much as 55 bucks. consumers unions crunched the numbers from the ten largest banks in the country. we're talking jpmorgan chase, city barchg, wells -- citibank, wells fargo. bb&t and citibank charge a $25 fee if the account is closed within 90 days. us bank and hsbc and pnc bank charge $25 to close an account open fewer than 180 days. none of the ten banks will make a free same day electronic transfer. you have to pay for that, too. they all charge for wire transfers or certified checks to get your money to your new account. so that adds up. the best service provider for your iphone in the washington area, this may surprise you. cnn money reports its at&t
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despite long time gripes about dropped calls. this study is based on downloads, speed response time, signal strikes and number of cell towers in our area. at&t had the fastest 3g service. in materials of the iphone experience -- in terms of the iphone experience, verizon was next followed by sprint. mark zuckerberg now the center of another controversy. we're calling this tip gate. when in rome on his honeymoon, dewhat the romans -- he did what the romans did. he didn't leave a tip. the thing to remember here, in italy, a service charge is generally already included in the bill. usually about 15%. you can then choose to tip on top of that but you don't have to. so this has sent tongues wagging on both sides of the atlantic. etiquette experts are coming out of the woodwork to talk about this. >> what about the etiquette of
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already adding it in regardless of the service you get? >> that's what they do there. >> i'm not so wowed by it. >> there you go. >> he is loaded. >> he can do what he wants. it's his money. >> even toe it's shrinking a little bit. >> he'll be all right. >> thank you. finding yourself slapping your arm while you're outside these days? yeah, it's mosquito season. washington ranks as the 18th buggiest in america. that's according to a study out by the makers of off bug spray. number one on the list, tampa, florida followed by -- i knew it would be there at the top, my hometown of new orleans and houston and virginia beach. time 6:09. >> jessica is checking herself. >> i'm covered. cool schools is eight minutes away. being creative to solve a crisis. see how a team of montgomery county students would solve a power shortage halfway around
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good morning. we're back at 6:12. here's a check of what's making news. the head of the united nations is joining the call on syria to
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stop attacking its own citizens. secretary-general says u.n. observers were in the country when more than 100 people were massacred. turkey's prime minister is calling for the world to condemn syria's government. president obama is threatening to veto a veterans spending bill. he says republicans are trying to cut agency operating budgets by 2% equaling $19 billion. the president says that breaks an agreement reached last summer to end the debt ceiling debate. the spacex dragon is its way back to earth this morning. it was released from the space station about 45 minutes ago. it could splash down off the california coast just before noon. this is the first privately built space cargo ship sent to the space station. >> those pictures never get old. >> they don't. >> nasa verified it's on a safe trajectory away. now they have to do reentry and splashdown. opens the door for a lot of things with the private space
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industry here taking off. weather wise, what a beauty we've got for you today. maybe take off yourself. lovely outside this morning. it's going to be a gorgeous thursday around here. we start with your bus stop forecast where temperatures are generally in the 60s. a couple of spots well west have dipped into the upper 50s but with sunshine and less humidity, tough to top this. we had sun up here at 5:45. it sets late, about 8:25 this afternoon. we're looking at the day planner or this evening i should say. we're 79 degrees by noon. lovely for lunch time. this afternoon's highs about 84 or so. 4:00 p.m. we'll be about 83. winds north, northwest 5, 10 miles an hour and by 8:00 we're still in the upper 70s with mostly sunny skies. you see the drier air moving in, especially west where dew points have dipped into the 40s and 50s. the moist air still south and east. in salisbury, parts of the eastern shore, the delmarva, we have visibilities there which are down a half mile or less. temperatures 64 in easton right
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now. hagerstown is 62. and we sit at 69 degrees. as you look outside, there's the sun glinting off the capitol dome. beautiful sunrise this morning. 69 with a north, northwesterly wind at 9 miles an hour and that barometer rising with high pressure building in. it's going to give us a good day today. we're say going bye to beryl as we look at the futurecast. all clear this afternoon and evening hours. then tomorrow even by tomorrow morning, a few showers develop. we'll have to watch out for the afternoon and evening hours to see what pops here. some of these storms late could be strong to severe. maybe a severe weather alert day for your friday. today 84. just great. 83 tomorrow. we'll watch for the threat of severe weather in the afternoon and evening. could be some showers and storms friday night into early saturday but saturday turns out all right with highs in the mid- 70s. then sunday through wednesday, highs only in the 70s. we're going to see some passing showers here and there. timing is a little tough but
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generally it will be a very comfortable temperature range. let's go to monika here at 6:15. she's got time saver traffic. >> thank you so much. it's been a very busy morning both in prince george's county and in fairfax, virginia. this is an accident on the inbound side of i-66 right after route 123. you see all the red. that means you're going 10 miles an hour for four to five miles on the inbound side of i- 66 because of this accident. let's take you there live on our traffic camera on the inbound side. authorities are making progress. they had the two left lanes blocked. now only the single left lane. it was a three-vehicle accident and one person transported to the hospital. about a five-mile backup inbound on i-66 past route 123 before the pace improves. let's go back over to the maps. another accident, this one deadly inside the beltway in district heights. it happened around 3:00 this morning. a car into a utility pole. a fiery crash there. police have been on the scene ever since investigating at the accident scene.
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marlboro pike is closed between donnell drive and silver hill road. maybe used route 4 pennsylvania avenue as your alternate route and now a live look on the the beltway north of -- on the beltway north of town. no issues to report in silver spring. in my next report another look around town at 6:25. >> thank you, monika. here comes itself bus. thursday morning cool schools time is here and we are stopping in silver spring, maryland. this week we are highlighting the imagination of a group of students from springbrook high school. they're showing us how creating a game can translate into saving lives. >> reporter: inspired by last year's massive earthquake in japan, these four students from spring brook high created electra hope. the goal? avoid debris in the rushing river, keep the water wheels spinning, generate electricity and send it to a desperate village. >> it can actually bring attention to social causes that other people might have for
6:18 am
then about or might -- forgotten about or might not know about. >> reporter: teams digital infinity is what they call themselves, wrote the program, submitted it on youtube and hoped for the best. >> it said congratulations, you made it to the u.s.a. finals. i couldn't believe it at first. >> reporter: to win the national competition, they'll be judged on a 30-minute presentation of their game at microsoft's headquarters in washington. ronnie ortiz will be doing the speaking. >> i want them to remember digital infinity, to remember our name and presentation. you remember the digital infinity? yeah, they were pretty good. >> reporter: they are good and developing a social conscience and a marketable skill at the same time. >> people around the world can see and play it. it's kind of a life changer. >> reporter: sounds pretty darn cool to me. >> what a great group of guys. they weren't able to win the
6:19 am
big prize which was a trip to australia for the international competition, but they were recognized as being the only high school team to make it to redman, washington in washington state for the gaming dwig. so con-- division. so congratulations on a great effort. if you have a cool school, send and e-mail to me. a quick programming note. coming up next friday, june 8. we have a prime time hour long cool school special. we'll go through a lot of the things we did this year but we also have a lot of great things coming up about the future of education too. >> very good. 6:19. next in sports the nationals can't wait to leave florida. while it's overtime for the nba and nhl playoffs. >> time for another check of the question of the morning. ladies, think back to when you were young. 50% of you had one of these things when you were a child. is it a, an easy bake oven, b, a nickname, or c, an imaginary friend? >> one person posted mostly everybody has a childhood
6:20 am
nickname and has had an imaginary friend. you know the answer must be a, the old easy bake oven. every little girl wanted them but only half of them got one like me. >> keep the guesses coming. we'll have the correct answer at 6:48.
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it's going to be a beautiful day. comfortable humidity levels, lots of sunshine and warm afternoon temperatures. it's going to be great. 79 by noon. highs today about 84 with a 6:00 p.m. temperature of 82. mike and andrea? >> thank you, howard. in sports the nationals have the day off, thankfully. coming back to d.c. to begin a six-game home stand. hopefully home will be a good thing for them. >> we hope so the big road trip
6:24 am
against the nl east ended with a 5-4 record. not awful but the whole thing didn't end well. nats trying to avoid a sweep by the marlins. it looked good early on. in the 4th an rbi double. danny espinoza scored. d.c. led it but they couldn't contain carlos stanson. he was 2-3 and hit his 13th home run of the season. the nationals' lead in the division is now down to just half a game. are you ready for some football? yes, team u.s.a. hosted brazil in the soccer friendly game last night. hercules gomez had the only goal for team u.s.a. and brazil wins 4-1. the u.s. plays canada on sunday in toronto. it will be a new orleans hornets getting the first pick in the nba. the ways discards get to pick third.
6:25 am
ted leonis and his son represented d.c. at the lottery last night. charlottes which had the best odds to get the pick ended up falling to number two. the eastern conference finals went to overtime in the nba. dwyane wade had eight of miami's 16 points in ot. heat win 115-111 can they're expected to do. they lead the series 2-0. the stanley cup finals game went to overtime. all alone for the breakaway, los angeles tops the new jersey devils 2-1. game two saturday night. our time 16:25. coming up, help for struggling homeowners in prince george's county. >> also, the six-year-old spelling whiz from prince william county will not be the w-i-n-n-e-er but boy, is her future bright. i'll have more on area roads coming up at 6:30.
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welcome back. your weather fir. a beautiful day ahead. it's very comfortable. we've seen lower humidity levels move this overnight. we're going for have a great day. sunny, dry, temperatures which will be warm but not hot. a fine way to end the month of
6:30 am
may. a beautiful shot of the capitol dope. lots of sunshine. generally clear skies. by noon we'll be at 79 with highs today about 84 in town. some lower 80s north and west. by 5:00 p.m. 83 for the drive home. so if you have plans this evening outside, enjoy them. low 60s in the shenandoah valley although it is 65 in martinsburg. cumberland 59. we're still holding on to 72 in annapolis. with the lower humidity levels, temperatures easy to warm so we'll make it to 84. 80 in hagueerstown. could have showers and storms, maybe strong ones friday. ail have more on the forecast in the seven-day when i see you next. right now inside to monika santami. our sky 9 is over top a very serious overnight crash. you can see this car literally wrapped around a pole. it was a fiery crash. it happened at 3:00 this morning and did end in one fatality. you can see crews on the scene trying to remove the car and put it on to this flat bed toe
6:31 am
truck. in the mean -- tow truck. in the meantime district heights, marlboro pike between donnell drive and silver hill road remain closed. it's basically between forestville and district heights. all morning long we've been telling you about this accident and also letting you know your alternate routes which i think should be route 4 pennsylvania avenue inside the beltway. a terrible accident from overnight. now on the inbound side of i- 66. this accident happened i would say about 45 minutes ago on the inbound side after route 123. everything has been moved to the shoulder. i'll show that you in a second but ten miles an hour for about five miles inbound 66. let's take a live look if you're planning to head inbound. all that activity is on the shoulder now. your main lanes are open coming toward vienna. a last live look on 95 northbound. it's been incident free but very slow and heavy coming northbound into springfield. in my next report, another look at the big picture at 6:43.
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ingluvies. >> can i have the definition, please. >> ingluvies is the crop of a bird or inspect. >> ingluvies, e-n-g-l-u-v-i-e-s ingluvies. >> that is incorrect. >> she is so cute. most of us had never even heard of that word let aknown know how to spell it. but that did spell the end of the road for lori anne madison of prince william county. at 6 years old, she was the youngest competitor ever in the national spelling bee. cbs this morning is learning a lot more about lori anne. charlie, could you spell ingluvies? did you know what it meant? >> good morning. that is exactly my question for you. the answer for me is no. and you? >> no for us. >> therefore wep can't wait to see what the future holds for a 6-year-old spelling phenom from
6:33 am
northern, virginia. lori anne madison faced off against kids more than twice her age and size at the national spelling bee. you'll hear how she got so far so fast. also this morning, shooting mosquitoes with lasers and cooking french fries in an ultrasonic bath. we'll take you inside the hidden lab that's working on the next big inventions. all of that coming up when we see you at 7:00. >> a great morning it sounds like. we'll be watching charlie. a final farewell today to chuck brown, but it won't be a somber occasion for the creator of go go music. it is going to be a true celebration of his life and his music. thousands of people are expected to attend. >> that's right. they'll all be headed to the washington convention center today. delia goncalves is there now live with a preview. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, mike, annual dray ya. if tuesday is -- andrea. if tuesday is any indication, there is going to be no doubt an all out block party later today. ddot crews were here a short time ago and set up some
6:34 am
roadblocks at 9th and l. organizers say this is likely to be the largest musical sendoff this city has ever seen before. several bands are expected to take the stage and perform in tribute of the musical icon. more than 10,000 fans lined up outside the howard for tuesday's viewing and an even larger crowd is expected today. chuck brown was the innovator and most successful go go artist. his music and his sound has been featured by a number of national recording artists, like beyonce and jill scott. now some in the music industry say it's time for the younger generation of go go bands here in d.c. to cross over to honor chuck's legacy. >> his death should change some lives some change some people's mindsets when it comes to music. this guy was a king, he was a giant. you know, he did something that no other person in this town ever done and that's created an art form of music.
6:35 am
and he has taken this thing, man, and it went across the world. >> reporter: we've married so many wonderful stories about chuck brown's love of his fans. you can just see the fact he's taken pictures with just about everyone. we're hearing stories that he carved out 30 minutes out of every performance, even the last performances in his final days just so he could sign autographs of fans and take pictures with fans. so family members say it is only fitting that they share this goodbye with those very fans that meant so much to chuck brown. the doors here at the convention center will open at 10:00 a.m. we're told they will close, though, to the public once the convention center reaches capacity at 14,500 people. of course we are going to be here and we'll get inside and we'll have a live report for you when the service begins at noon. mike, back to you. >> thanks a lot, delia. he gave a lot of good vibes out there. the fans will try to give it
6:36 am
right back to his family. she's live jut side the -- outside the convention center this morning. you can learn about what's planned for today's memorial. you can check out a photo gallery of chuck brown there through the years as well. if you're going to the memorial today, send your pictures to us. prince george's county is getting $10 million to help at risk homeowners. it's part of a massive settlement deal involving 49 states and five of the largest mortgage providers. the money will be going towards neighborhoods in the county hit hardest by foreclosures. and those neighborhoods are capitol heights, fort washington, oxon hill, temple hills and upper marlboro. there is a state hot line set up for people who are in the foreclosure process or close to it. it is 1-877-462-7555. of course we have that on our website at experts at that number can help explain what options are
6:37 am
available to you. here's jessica. the time right now 6:36. i am watching your money. women, we're making great financial strides but there are a few things we need to do better at. one of those things is credit cards. joining us this morning, we have jerry walsh. you are the president of a foundation, a nonprofit aimed at financial literacy. you have a fascinating new study that shows women in general engage in more risky credit card behavior. tell us a little bit about that. >> that's right, jessica. we found that women compared with men were more likely to carry a balance every month and more likely not to pay off their credit card and to pay higher rates of interest. >> in terms of paying higher interest rates, are we just picking credit cards that have a higher apr? >> that's how it's working. one of the realities, americans in general, women in particular, don't comparison shop for financial products. we don't look around to compare
6:38 am
rates. that could have a big impact over time if you're not paying your balance on time and in full. >> we're also not paying our balance off month to month, even if we have the money in our bank account. we're still holding on to that credit. >> that's right. one of the things that was so fascinating, though, is that when you looked at men and women with low levels of financial literacy, women were much more likely to be engaging in those bad credit card behaviors. but women and men who had high levels of financial literacy, that gender gap completely disappeared. so it's really important for women to get smart about their money. >> and when we're talking about financial literacy and wep, what specific -- and women, what specific issues do we need to learn more about? >> i don't want to scare you when talking about math but the reality is we have to understand how compound interest works both with respect to savings and with respect to debt. because if you're only paying the minimum from month to month or carrying balances even if you're paying more than the
6:39 am
minimum, the fact is you're adding on interest to every penny that you charge. that means you're paying more for those items that you buy. >> even if you're buying them on sale. thank you so much for coming in this morning. very important stuff, ladies. let's do better. let's pay off that credit card bill every month. back you to guys. >> thanks, jess. time now is 6:39. some people think their dogs and their owners already start to look alike. coming up in nine minutes, learn about man's best friend. >> howard says we'll have sunny skies with highs in the 80s but talking rain for the weekend. learn whether it's going to be a total washout when we come back. this country was built by working people.
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been an extremely busy morning since 3:00 when there was an accident in district heights. it's still ongoing with this investigation and cleanup. basically what you'll need to know is marlboro pike is closed between donnell drive and silver hill road in district heights inside the beltway. and if you're a virginia driver, look at this on the inbound side of 66. nine miles an hour at route 123. why you ask? well there was this early morning accident after route 123. there were three cars involved. it is cleared up but the delay for again about five miles. in fact, we'll take a live look at 66 on the inbunds side here at route a andle the sunshine doesn't seem to be helping much. usually you're happy about that but this morning with that delay, maybe not so good. we'll also take a live look at 395 on the northbound side. this is normal. you've got the slow traffic as you head past landmark up to the 14th street bridge. it's going to be off and on with nothing stopped in the roadway i'm happy to say and in bethesda, we're getting word of
6:45 am
a possible accident on the inner loop of the beltway near 270 and also 270 northbound at route 80 in urbana an accident in the roadway. so coming up in my nethe big picture at 6:58. first i have a commuter alert. new steps to make a busy metro station flow better. literally new steps. today there will be a ribbon cutting ceremony for a new staircase at the vienna fairfax metro station at the end of the orange line. metro says the new stairs will ease crowding on the platform and help move riders through. vienna is the busiest station on the orange line in virginia with 13,000 riders every weekday. so every little bit helps. >> anything to help the logjam. >> thank you, monika. we're going to feel good. you'll want to walk today because howard's forecast is good looking. >> a great day ahead. sunshine, low humidity levels, temperatures in the 60s will rise into the low, maybe mid- 80s in a few spots but it's going to feel so good because
6:46 am
eight not going to be stick -- it's not going to be sticky like it has been for the first part of the week. we start with partly sunny skies. even mostly sunny skies. temps in the 60s. sunrise about an hour ago. sets about 8:25 this evening. we are looking at a good day today with plenty of sunshine. winds north, northwest at 10 miles an hour, even a little bit lighter later this afternoon. lunch time do it outside if you can. 79 degrees. by 3:00 83. i think around 4:00 or so we'll hit 84 and by 6:00 p.m. 82. so beautiful, beautiful afternoon and evening. right now we're down to 59 in northern loudoun county and lovettsville. haymarket you're at 65 with 68 at fort belvoir. restton you're 64. mid-60s columbia. andrews at 67. beautiful outside on our michael & son weather camera. mostly sunny skies. 69 degrees at national. a northwest wind at 9 miles an hour. that's bringing in the drier
6:47 am
air. the barometer is going up 29.79 with high pressure moving in. a beautiful day today. however, storms will return friday. could seen be a few showers around tomorrow morning. it's going to be the afternoon and evening we watch out for the heavy downpours and potentially severe storms. could have damaging wind gusts, hail, and even isolated tornadoes can't be rule out eight cross -- ruled out across the atlantic. no problems today. we'll get into tonight. we start clear. the clouds will roll in. by tomorrow morning we can't rule out a few showers. looks like the heavier weather will be to our west and northwest for the around and evening hours but approaching us. we'll watch and see what happens. later on in the day some of the storms can be strong to severe. today beautiful, about 84. but it's going to be really comfortable with the lower humidity. tonight 60s in town. 50s north and west. some showers possible by morning. showers and maybe some strong storms later friday, friday night 83. for saturday 75. other than an early shower, we're looking good. then this weekend, upper 70s
6:48 am
sunday into monday with an isolated shower possible. andrea and mike? >> all right, howard, thank you. you've seen these people, the ones who start to physically resemble their dogs. >> apparently it's not just people looking like their dogs. they also tend to pick dogs who act like them. >> a new study out of the uk says argumentative people like aggressive dogs. easy people choose friendly, happy dogs. the study is a small one, just 235 adults in the uk and no four-legged participants were asked their thoughts on this. >> poor lowi se. 6:48. let's have the question of the morning one more time. 50% of american women had one ever these things as a child. is it a, an easy bake oven, b, a nickname or c, an imaginary
6:49 am
friend. b, a nickname. i didn't have one but a lot of people did. my mother would call me teresa because my middle name is teresa teresa. daily deals time. we're saving you some money. we're going to start with a little help around the house. this deal from google offers, $40 for two hours of housecleaning by two professional maids. that's a $125 value. this offer is with maid easy. groupon has a deal to smooth your hair. now that summer humidity is out there. $189 for a keratin treatment and you're getting a haircut. that saves you $56% at glynn salons in dupont circle. a deal for wine lovers on living social. pay $60 and get six premium wines from around the world. 50% off n. is through one west dupont circle wines and
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liquors. if you have an offer you've seen or you're a local merchant with a deal for our viewers, i'd love to hear from you on facebook. a check on the news before you go. that's next.
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6:53. beautiful out there. we're in the 60s. upper 70s by noon. highs 80 to 85 with low humidity levels. this will maybe be the best day of the responsibility. -- of the month. today is thursday, the last day of the month, may 31. here's a check on the news before you go. a live look outside the washington convention center. thousands are expected there today for a public memorial to chuck brown. the godfather of go go died to weeks ago. v.i.p.s expected at today's memorial include mayor gray,
6:54 am
donny simpson and a whole lot more. the memorial begins at noon. kenyan mcduffie is officially a member of the d.c. city council. he was sworn in last night to represent ward 5. he's filling the see vacated bihari thomas, jr. his term runs through 2014. the nationals lead in the -- the nationals' lead in the nl east is down half a game. nats fall to the marlins 5-3. d.c. hosts atlanta tomorrow night. cbs this morning begins at the top of the hour. they'll be talking about brian banks. >> it took years for him to be cleared of a crime he didn't commit. now the redskins are reportedly among the n.f.l. teams ready to give him a tryout. >> before that, we'll have one more check of traffic and weather. keep it right here on 9news now.
6:55 am
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6:57 am
6:58 am
the land of the free, home of the brave. >> i heard of it before. maybe our young spelling champ from this area could help whoever put out this app or commercial for mitt romney. a better amercia. nobody caught it. it went out just like that. >> a little misspelling. i'm sure he doesn't have time to spell check the apps getting out in his name but somebody might get in trouble for that i would imagine. >> oops. a big time oops. here's howard. we're looking beautiful today. we have temps in the low to mid- 80s. tomorrow showers and storms. could be severe in the afternoon. back in the 70s for the weekend. southbound connecticut avenue is blocked at dupont circle with a water main break. let's take a live look at the beltway. inner loop right after the 270 spur. an overturned vehicle. to lanes are blocked. you have a delay northbound on 495.
6:59 am
over to the map, district heights, marlboro pike remains blocked at donnell drive with a serious accident. a quick look from sky 9. heavy into vienna because of an early morning accident. as for wall street who knew it was possible. we're actually looking higher this morning waiting on some new economic data. cbs this morning with the latest on syria. plus, president obama taking his campaign to massachusetts. happy birthday to my mom. >> happy birthday. howard and i will be back in just 25 minutes with a live update on traffic and weather. >> don't forget while you're at work, you can get updates on news, weather and traffic by visiting see you for the friday edition at 4:25 tomorrow morning. rest in peace, chuck brown.


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