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tv   9 News Now at 5pm  CBS  May 31, 2012 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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this case has been declared a mistrial. edwards was found not guilty on just one of the six counts against him. at the heart of the case was the edwards campaign use of about $1 million to hide his mistress. he was also pregnant with her daughter. the prosecution said that money counted as campaign contributions because the goal was to save edwards candidacy. they pinned much of their case on their star witness, andrew young. young was in charge of keeping hunter hidden and paying her personal expenses. he even claimed that he was the father of her baby. but the government witnesses revealed painful details of edwards affairs, how it devastated his wife, elizabeth, as she battled cancer. before the case went to trial, edwards said he was looking forward to telling his side of the story. in the end, he decided not to testify in his own defense. and in fact, edwards' defense team took less than three days
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to present its case. the attorney chose not to call hunter or edwards' daughter. instead, they stayed focus on federal campaign law. he argued that the secret donations were personal gifts, they were not used on the campaign, but to hide the affair from edward's wife that he did not intend to break the law. in his closing arguments, they said that edwards' had confessed to his sin, but not to violating the law. >> and there is no word yet on whether prosecutors will retry edwards. you're looking at the steps of the federal courthouse with all the media out front, waiting for john edwards' and his defense team and possibly prosecutors to come out. the jurors left the building without making any comments. live in greensboro, north carolina, now back to you. >> after the long trial and a lot of deliberations of waiting is almost done. thank you. it was an arousing finale
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to a final farewell to the d.c. music legend. thousands turned out for the funeral of chuck brown. and it was a fitting send off for the god father of go go. part gospel service and part go go concert. >> a whose who of politician -- a who's who of politicians for the three-hour plus funeral at the washington convention center. >> and today, the celebration had so much rhythm and beat. look at that. even the mayor is dancing, well, sort of. bruce johnson was inside the service. he joins us with the rest of the story. >> the nation's capitol have never seen this kind of memorial service. ♪ trouble don't last >> you know what, d.c.. >> chuck was so down to earth.
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he was just seen through and through. >> there are so many stories i have heard that their lives have been turned around with just three minutes of his time. he's just an incredible man. ♪ [ music ] >> it was a combination of gospel revival, happy hours. and go go concerts. it seems to have never end. show your problems. >> this is amazing. this brought the city together. people are just loving it. people are smiling. people are happy. >> we kept him going for soing long. he really loves the people. he loves d.c. >> he is very much too church. he loves the church music. he loves his hand and all that. so it was incredible. >> yes. >> and thousands came to pay
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their final respects to chuck brown at the washington convention center. and he is the 75-year-old father of the d.c.'s original genre of the go go music. >> every time he saw us, he would hug you and say hey baby. that made the people feel good. >> what elvis is to memphis. they were determined to arrive early on. >> and they brought them together, latin, african, and that's what he tried to do for the city. that's what the manned stood for -- that's what the man stood for. >> we know who he was. the god father of gogo. but at the end of the day, he was our dad. >> reporter: the memorial service included chuck brown's children who often appeared on stage with him. >> you all called him chuck baby, but we are chuck's babies, you understand what i'm saying? he was a real father. >> the local elected leaders spoke. >> there are so many things that people have said are the nation's capitol. well, let me tell you this may
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be the nation's capitol, but go go is the district of columbia's music. thanks to chuck brown. >> there were lives of performers. many of them that had played with chuck. ♪ [ music ] ♪ even if my words don't come together. ♪ >> and my top father was on up there with the prince and roots, and rolling stones. >> he was acknowledged worldwide. as you can see out here today, that all of washington, d.c. showed up. >> reporter: the city picked up the entire tab. in the end, it was the city that was sending off one of its favorite sons. ♪ [ music ] >> reporter: we have seen a lot of sendoffs in this nation's capital. this is by far the best send off that we have ever seen. as some guy said to me on the way out, he said bruce, there are a lot of people in there with a lot of money and a lot of people in there with no money. that's the kind of bruce that came together.
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to send off chuck brown and the face of the program. chuck brown, god father of the go go, august 22, 1936, may 16, 2012. rock on, chuck. back to you. >> oh, we're going to miss him a lot. chuck brown. bruce johnson, we thank you for that. for those of you who would like to honor chuck brown's memory, they are asking for donations to be made to the chuck brown foundation incorporated. it's a p.o. box. silver spring maryland. now right now, that foundation is a maryland non-stop corporation, but they are in the process of applying for federal non-profit status. we'll have a lot more for today's funeral throughout tonight's newscast. anita? right now it's a no go through much of downtown d.c. both because of the funeral and because of a big water main break and sink hole near dupont circle. dozens of businesses and buildings are still shuttered in dark. garages and cars were all flooded at connecticut and m street. and traffic has been a mess.
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bruce leshan is live for us with what's happening now. >> reporter: the only music that we have been hearing down here is the jackhammers, back hoses, and beeping car horns. they just started working here on this side of connecticut avenue. they need to send off a valve here to finish work on the broken pipe over there on the other side. they just opened one southbound lane over there on connecticut avenue. this is where the water comes in through the building. it follows the electricallines. >> reporter: that's so scary. >> it's not the optimal situation, that's for certain.
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>> thousands of gallons of water poured in to the building that he manages, flooding the bottom two levels of the parking garage and drowning two cars that were parked down there. the water at one point came maybe two and a half feet up on the main house switchboard. it's amazing that it has not shorted out yet. >> and the whole switch here has got to be torn down here with all the main breakers. >> reporter: they ordered everyone out of about 35 buildings and businesses along the avenue here. and pepco shut off power to many of them, leaving big money, downtown lawyers, lobbyists, cut off from their clients. >> and this will cost me a couple of dollars. i mean, you cannot bill up your clients. >> no, but i will tried to do my best here. >> reporter: traffic through downtown crawled throughout most of the day. >> that's a problem because i'm late for work. >> it's just terrible. it's the worse thing about washington.
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we love the left car. >> reporter: and crews have been working to repair the 65- year-old main that will run along m street. why it broke on the warm late spring night remains a mystery. but the building managers are warning that it may be a while before their tenants could come back. >> and stay home until further notice. >> i just got off the phone over the d.c. water. he said that they are consulting with them about the potentially reopening of the other southbound lane of connecticut avenue. and that's if it is safe. but at this point, the work will continue and m street will be closed for who knows how long. back to you. >> hard to have the picture. all the water, all the cars. bruce, thank you. all right, let's get back to the top stories today. john edwards, the democratic presidential candidate. as of right now down in north carolina and outside the courthouse. >> the evidence in the law, and you know, that's all i could say, thanked goodness that we live in a country -- thank
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goodness that we live in the country that we have. and that will be a great view for what the juries will do. they are very impressive. that's the second thing i would like to say. and you know, it's responsibility. and that this is about me. i want to make sure that everyone, you know, that they will hear from me and from my voice, that while i do not believe that i have done anything illegal or ever thought i was doing anything illegal, that i have done an awful lot. that was wrong. and there is no one else. who will be responsible for you and for my sins. none of the people who came to court and testify. they are not responsible for any of that, with no one working for the government. and they are not responsible. i am responsible. and if i want to find the person who should be held accountable for my sins, then honestly i don't have to go any further than the mirror.
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it is me. and it is me, me alone. the next thing that i want to say a word about is for the people that i love. and because it has been an incredible experience for me to watch it. my parents, my dad just turned 80. my mom who is 78. they would move up here from north carolina every single day. and to be with me. and to support me. and i love them so much and they did such a wonderful job. raising me and my brother. and blake and my sister, kathy. who i also loved dearly. and i also want to say a word about my own children. kate who all of you have seen it, they have been here every single day. she has been here no matter what. no matter how awful and painful. no matter how it was for her. evidence about her dad, and evidence about her mom.
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who she loved. she loved them so dearly, but never once flinched. she would say dad, i love you. i'll be there for you no matter what. and i'm so proud to have her with me throughout all this process. and then finally, you know, emma, who turned 14 recently. emma and jack who just turned 12. and who i will take care of every single day. i have seen them in the morning. i'll get their breakfast ready. get them off to school. then we'll get home at night and we'll all eat supper together. i love them both just so dearly. and they are such an important part of every day of my life. and then finally, my precious quinn. who i love more than any of you
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could ever imagine. and i am so close to and so, so grateful for her. i'm grateful for all my children, including my son, wade who we lost years ago. but you know this is the last thin that i want to say. i don't think god is through with me. i really believe that he thinks there is still some good things that i could do. and whatever happens with the legal stuff going forward. what i'm hopeful about is that all those kids that i have seen, you know in the poorest part of the country and in some of the poorest places in the world, that i can help them. and you know in whatever way i'm still capable of helping them. and i want to dedicate my life to being the best dad that i could be. and to help those kids who i think will deserve help and who i hope that i could help. thank you all very much.
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>> you were just looking live at the former democratic presidential candidate, john edwards, right after the finish of his trial here in north carolina. and with the jury acquitting him of one charge and hung on all the other charges that apparently he is a free man as of right now. we don't know whether or not they will retry them on the five charges, with what the jury could not reach the verdict. thanking the family and the jury and he said that if there is someone to blame for all his troubles, that it is certainly him. john edwards once again walking out of court so far a free man. >> we're going to a break. we'll be right back in just a minute.
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the number of americans failed. even though they added about 133,000 jobs in the private sector this month. it's far less than what the economists have predicted. in what is being called one of the biggest rackdowns in the u.s. transportation -- crackdowns in the u.s. transportation history, they shut down 26 buses. which run between washington, d.c. and new york city. scott broom is live for us in china town with more details. scott? >> reporter: in china town because they call them the china town buses. they are cheap, but according to the federal government, not always safe. we found a lot of passengers walking around, looking for the option. >> reporter: he's a foodist monk on his way to new york that found the new century bus service on east street china
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town today was abruptly closed. >> yes, that's right. >> can i buy a ticket? >> reporter: that's how they found their way further down to eighth street. another curb side bus operator still in business today. and offering $22 rides to new york. eastern, which was inspected and passed this morning, picked up the slack after new century and 25 other bus operators were shut down. by the u.s. department of transportation today in a sweeping crackdown on the alleged safety violations. >> by ignoring safety rules, they put both passengers and other motorists at serious risk and shutting them down will save lives. >> reporter: like this crash on i-95 north of richmond last year that killed four. operator sky express reopen after the crash with another name within days, despite a long record of the driver fatigue violations. the industry's trade group applauded the federal crackdown. >> well within the last year there were 19 deaths caused by
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motor coach companies, operating far outside the rules. they said it's about time. >> it's all locked up. they told me that the feds closed them down this morning. that might have saved my life. >> reporter: and so the main operator here in washington, there was a big loss today and it is called new century. and there are 25 other names there. the industry experts that i talked to today said that the real question about this is whether or not the game here of the whack a mole they described it if they will play with the bus operator and if they are now over. there are three main companies operating these names. when there was an enforcement action against one, one of them would reopen against another name. everyone is hoping that this sweeping crackdown, you know, is going to put an end to that as well. reporting live in china town, scott broom, 9news now. >> as you say because the customer safety will be paramount. thank you, scott. well you know, i have to tell you that i cannot complain about one aspect of the
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marvelous day. but i'm having a hard time getting my head around thed idea that in 24 hours, we're going to be kicking the funky graphics. >> yeah, it's hard to panel, but -- it is hard to panel -- imagine, but it will be okay. yeah, it is just about perfect with the sunshine, a light breeze. the dew point in the low 50s. are you kidding me? at 31%? that means good hair day and just good stuff. winds are out of the north at 7. the pressure is steady for you. and so yeah, you know it is kind of hard to believe, but the cold front will be on the way. in fact, we'll kind of zoom in. this is the same system that we have talked about yesterday. it's going to generate storms for us between 4:00 p.m. and 8:00 p.m. tomorrow. generating cold rain through parts of the lower lakes. south of that it is generating big thunderstorms.
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in fact, there's a bunch of the severe thunderstorm watch boxes here through much of indiana, kentucky, and tennessee and that will kind of be our faith, i think tomorrow afternoon and evening. in the meantime we're clear. a few clouds come in late tonight. and for the most part, very comfortable, open the windows. i mean this is pretty good. we'll zoom in on these showers and thunderstorms all the way down to ohio river. they are getting severe as they cross the river into western kentucky and western tennessee approaching nashville in about the next two to three hours. that's what's going to be here this time tomorrow. temperatures right now, fantastic. 82 in arlington, 84 in rockville. 81 in great falls. we're looking at 84 in both college park. and with the low humidity, it feels comfortable. so the severe weather alert day on friday. cool again tonight. i think that it will be a dry morning commute for you and a warm front that will go through in the late morning and a critical time though. as the cold front will approach for you between 4:00 p.m. and 8:00 p.m. as we may modify that as we get closer to the event. but right now it's in the afternoon and early nighttime
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event. some storms are heavy and they could be severe. so for tonight, clear early, some clouds by dawn. comfortable again. 58 to 68. and winds are east northeast at about 10. friday morning, increasing cloudiness and mild and maybe a late shower or storm. that's primarily with the warm front for you in the 60s and the 70s. by the afternoon, here comes the main event. breezy and warm with the showers. some are heavy and severe and the high temperatures are at about 80 to 85. the next seven days, once you get through tomorrow. setting up the stage for a nice saturday. the temperatures will fall just a little bit on saturday and sunday and the braves will be in town. they may have a problem for you tomorrow night, but they will be fine on saturday and a concert on saturday night. and then on sunday, some showers will be possible. but i would not change your plan in the midtowner 70 -- the mid to upper 70s. yes a big drop with the showers, they are still possible as you go through next week. all right, now talk about a real good shot for you at the center of your screen. that's a black bear, visiting the town here for you in maryland. and about a week ago.
5:23 pm
this is taken by charles kelly. and you know, emmettsburg, which is kind of an unusual picture at the elementary school. all right, now please go to our website on click on the weather tab and include your name, location and description. and i made a listed today for you of the great pictures, okay? there was a lightning picture from frostburg. eight of them with no name. a great storm picture from middletown, no name. a great picture from the store in alexandria, overlooking the potomac river that was so good that i almost made up a name, but i could not use them. please include your name. >> if you are watching, listen to topper, please. >> yes. >> all right, thank you, top. >> all right, coming up, folks, hi, i'm the president. hi, me too. a rare meeting between two presidents to celebrate a white house tradition. but up next, over metro virginia's station will get a new set of stairs. we'll be back.
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it should be less crowding at one of the metro stations. the ribbon cutting ceremony showed off a new view here for you on the oregon line.
5:27 pm
and metro says that the stairs should ease the crowding on the platform. you'll have another way to get from the platform on out here. they have about 13,000 riders who will come through that station every single day. >> we had a commuter alert about the weekend repaving and it's on the beltway. starting tonight, crews will begin closing lanes here. and this is going to affect the lanes here, not the local ones. by 8:00 tomorrow night, all the lanes will be closed. and they will stay that way until monday morning. they are expected to begin on the maryland side of the bridge. if you can avoid this area over the weekend, obviously you should. welcoming up, the raccoon will make a leap of faith from the topsover the light pole and, of course, you know we got it on tape. plus, a 6-year-old girl will make the spelling bee history. i'm in maryland. coming up, we'll hear from the celebrities. despite obesity, is it a
5:28 pm
good idea to ban these large sugar drinks? i'm peggy fox, coming up, what people around here will think about new york city's latest controversy.
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to combat obesity in the big apple, there are plans to ban the sale of the large sodas
5:31 pm
and other sugar drinks. we'll join you with some of the stuff on the hit list. >> well i want to tell you that you could still buy it from the 7-eleven in new york city at convenience stores, grocery stores, they are not included in the proposal. it would only affect the restaurants, movie theaters, and sports arena. they would be banned from selling sugar drinks like sodas and also sports drinks and sweetened iced team. and they are more than 16 ounces, which all of these are. some people, anita, that the government has no place to tell you how much you can and cannot drink. but other people say it's about time. >> reporter: you might think that coca-cola as as american as apple pie, but the diet and nutrition coaches, say that the sugar in it is killing us. >> the sugar is going to the brain, which stimulates the appetite and increases the craving for sugar. >> reporter: this 20-ounce sugar has 78 milligrams of
5:32 pm
sugar. >> by drinking one of these. >> reporter: that's about a third and a cup of sugar. >> we're getting calories or nutrition. and so your stomach is still empty. >> reporter: they support the plan to ban the super sized sodas from restaurants, movie theaters, sports arena. selling any cup or bottle of a sweetened drink larger than 16 fluid ounces would be illegal. they think that the ban should be nationwide. >> i consider it cancer in a bottle, because it increases the acidity in the bottle, which is a breathing ground for cancer and other diseases. >> reporter: but as far as the banned goes, some agree and some don't. >> it's a good idea, it's a start. >> we are definitely in favor of the non-soda route, but i'm not sure that it is the government's place to make the kind of decisions for families. >> i think that banning the soft drinks is crazy. i think it's an overstep, like a growth overstep from the
5:33 pm
government. >> i don't buy it, i don't drink it, i don't like it. but i think that people, they should be able to drink whatever they want. this is america. >> reporter: and now the diet drinks and juice drinks, even though that they have about as much sugar as soda are not included. and neither are milk shakes, the dairy based drink like that, anita. >> so there seems to be a lot of loopholes here. and certain things. when does it go in effect? >> they vote coming up in the fall and if they vote yes, it will take place in march. >> this is probably going to start a nationwide conversation. >> it could. a lot of people think that it should be nationwide and others don't. >> all right, back to you. >> thank you, ladies. president obama hosted two forms of the president at the white house today. george w. bush and his father, george h. bush. it was a private lunch before the country's 43rd president. a portrait was unveiled as well of the first lady laura bush.
5:34 pm
>> i'm pleased that my portrait brings an interesting cemetery to the white house collection. it now starts and ends with the george w. >> well, george w. bush has mostly stayed out of washington politics since the end of his presidency. how do you spell success? just ask the 6-year-old laurie madison, even though she didn't make it to the national spelling bee or the final round, her performance stole the show. and susan was at the spelling wizard's news conference. that's right, today. >> reporter: the 6-year-old said that she will be on stage at next year's national spelling bee. >> oh yeah, i'll be back here next year, but i won't be the youngest. >> reporter: just half the size and age of most of her competitors, she is the youngest to qualify for the competition. and she proved that she could spell words that many adults cannot use in a sentence.
5:35 pm
[ applause ] >> she got tripped up on wednesday on a word that you might have to be a verb expert to know. e-n-g-l-u-v-i-e-s. >> that's incorrect. >> i was very disappointed. i knew the word. >> even though that she did not qualify for the semifinals, she was so strong that she held a news conference to answer questions for the press. >> it's not being on the stage, it's nothing else. it's not even, you know, mostly, the trophy is just something that i like. >> she is home schooled in lake ridge, virginia. and she has big dreams beyond the spelling bee. >> i want to be an astro biologist. speaking of that, i got an e- mail invitation. >> reporter: and she said that all the media attention is a
5:36 pm
little overwhelming, but she is still enjoying her celebrity. cbs news, maryland. >> and that's how the celebrities or the spell ones do it. the feel for this year's spelling bee has been narrowed for nine spellers. none of them are from our area. >> celebrities? >> yes. well still ahead, bee creative. coming up in tonight's cool school, see how a team of montgomery county students will solve the power shortage halfway around the world. people are used to hearing pickup lines in a bar, but not a pick up truck. what caused this truck to go crashing through the minnesotwatering hole. don't forget that we're always on stay with us, we'll be right back.
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5:39 pm
caught on tape. a runaway truck crashes into a bar. this is the surveillance video from the little bar. little canada, minnesota. there is a calm before the mayhem. >> wow. >> the pickup truck just barrels into the place. you can see it happen. the furniture is flying. customers are pinned up against the wall. now, you think that the people would have been killed here. somehow they were not. however, the 51-year-old woman behind the wheel of the pickup had some sort of medical emergency. that's what happened. she took out a light pole and the bartender just missed getting squashed. >> we were talking and we were sitting there. the next thing i know, we have seen a pole fly through the parking lot and i hear a bang and i'm looking and the trucks are flying through the wall. >> this are days that they had not have happened.
5:40 pm
the bartender happened to be at this end of the bar. >> thank goodness that no one was killed. they happened to be working on the bob cat. all of them are expected to survive. >> unbelievable. >> a bare of newlyweds thought their marriage would be short lived after a pole sliced through the windshield of their suv. >> they just got married last week, they are driving down the highway on tuesday when the car in front of them drove over some debris and sent a six-foot metal rod into the rod. you see where it ended up, sticking half in and half out of the windshield, barely missing the newlyweds. they were covered in glass, but otherwise okay. and not clear where that pole came from. a raccoon was the talk of one kansas city neighborhood. now, that's a shot.
5:41 pm
residence set out a bowl of water and they responded to the scene, but said there was nothing they could do. they need to wait for nighttime when the raccoon would come down. that's when a worker was happening to come by to protect the light pole. he poked the animal and the raccoon jumped from its perch, land on the ground, and runs away. a lot of happy endings here. >> the raccoon was just having some fun, right? >> he didn't look like he was having fun. >> and still ahead, back to work for the redskins. we're inching closer and closer to some real football. the first privately owned spacecraft to ever reach the space station will make its return to earth. that story is coming up. i should be arrested for crimes against potted plant-kind.
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he's out there offering the tribute. and he wanted a dozen of them taking part in today's funeral for them down at the washington convention center. we'll bring you more between
5:45 pm
now and 6:30. >> the first private spacecraft has been docked. and he will be back on earth tonight. we'll take a look at the successful 9-day mission. >> reporter: the world's first commercial cargo spaceship ended without a hitch. >> will the team has confirmed that they will be attached. >> reporter: they applauded as the dragon capsule will splash down over the pacific ocean. they glided back to earth, beneath three striped parachutes. completing the pioneer mission. >> and it really couldn't have gone better. >> and launch. >> the california company's space act built the dragon. it is aborted, but the second went off on schedule. becoming the first privately owned spacecraft to dock with the international space station. they carried nearly 1,300 pounds offed old gear back to -- pounds off old gear pack to earth. >> reporter: they guided the vessels decent into the atmosphere. it splashed down about 500
5:46 pm
miles off the coast of mexico. it was done in close partnership with nasa, but in a different way. and the founder would like to launch the next supply mission in september and carry the astronauts in as little as three to four years. >> i believe that they are very close to having you provide that for the services and the station. next, it'll be sent to texas. cbs news, hawthorne, california. they will plan to improve the dragons and the capabilities and the equipment with the helicopter previsions, landing technology. so now the technology is welcoming the visitors to dulles international airport. and it is being called a life
5:47 pm
size hologram helper. she greets the passengers, helping them get through customs. they are already being used at airports in london and frankfort. one of their first landmarks are celebrating the anniversary. and it is 153 years ago today. and that will be for the big ben, they started ticking. >> and now back then, big ben was considered years ahead of their time technologically. but for today, time keepers, they have needed to keep that there adding or using pennys in the clock. and to speed up or slow down the time piece. and it is like putting the paintings on the top of the timetable. you know, whatever works.
5:48 pm
as the warm front goes through late morning, you could see a shower or thunderstorm, but the main event is going to be tomorrow afternoon and early tomorrow night. clear skies right now. a few clouds will come in late. that's about it. that's a different look for you. look at all the storms back
5:49 pm
here in western kentucky and tennessee. these are the ones we're concerned about and already we're seeing a lot of severe thunderstorm watches. i think that will be the faith tomorrow. 79 in bethesda and 89 in arlington. 85 in springfield and still 84 over in college park. now here is the deal. severe weather alert day for tomorrow. cool again tonight. and we think that it will be a dry morning commute. critical time. 4:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. some storms will be heavy. a few of those could be severe with the winds and some hail. the clear skies will be early. clouds by dawn. lows in the upper 50s to the 60s. by the morning, a late shower will be possible. but the commute will be dry. high temperatures, rather in the 60s and the 70s to start. and now by the afternoon, well, breezy and warm for the showers and storms. some will be heavy and severe. and winds will be out of the southeast at about 10 to 15. and in the immediate metro area. 4:00 to 6:00, critical time. but if you're west of town, out
5:50 pm
towards leesburg, then maybe a 2:00 or 3:00 time frame for that. we'll break it down for you. kind of cool to start. 58 to 68 and then 78 to 82 by noon. maybe a shower by noon. much better chance for showers in the afternoon and evening. temperatures are 80 to 85. the next three days. we're in good shape on saturday. you can go back to pleasant. and even sunday is okay. temperatures in the upper 70s. a slight chance for the showers. not enough to change your plans. remember that the braves are in town on saturday and sunday and maybe some problems for you tomorrow night. they should be okay on saturday and sunday and then we'll have the concert too after the game on saturday night too and at the stadium. all right, the next seven days. monday, we're looking at showers, still in the 70s. they will be unsettled for a while. no washouts, but cooler in the lower 70s with showers next thursday and temperatures only in the mid-70s. so we'll be cooling down just a little bit after the severe weather alert day, which will be tomorrow. >> i'm sure that you'll get us through it.
5:51 pm
>> yes. great weather for the football for youd today and for sure. >> indeed. out at redskins park. back at the ota's once again. kristin? >> reporter: hey guys. yeah, it was a beautiful warm day. redskins are wrapping up the latest set of the off season workouts. today, they are saying they feel about 60 to 70% comfortable with the playbook. but the better news is, they feel even more comfortable than that as a redskins as they will be settling in quite nicely. and of course a lot of that will have to do with the chemistry for you. and that they need developed with the offense, especially the line here. those are the guys that will be needed to trust them the most. those are the protecters. they sent them the taxemes substantials, telling them how great it will be to work with them and it gets stronger each time they will hit the field. >> before they got out of town, they sent you a text and they will be glad to work with you and everything like that. and you know, i think that they
5:52 pm
have done everything right. you have a good commander of everything. it looks like it is going pretty smoothly so far. and some growing pains. but we all believe in him and the whole team. >> i always feel like, you know as the offensive lineman that i would not know. but in the past if you could be good friends with them and to show them that you care about them that they will protect you even harder for you. >> the united states here. >> and getting a little football last night at fedex field. one of the rare times that will be a big spectator there. and they presented rg3 with the honorary soccer jersey before their match against brazil. now, although that the u.s. lost, they got a pretty good idea of what to expect come game day. >> it was a great atmosphere, you know, take 60,000 to 70,000. they were all there. and just to see how loud that place could get after one great play. it definitely makes you look forward to it. and also, you know, you'll see that there. so we don't want any scores like that. but we will definitely look to
5:53 pm
get the crowd on into it and to keep them motivated. >> reporter: today, coming to the defense of mic shanahan, coming up later on in sports. back to you in the studios. >> thank you, kristin. and still ahead, imagination could be the key to saving lives. how the local students are making it happen at the cool school. if you're on the fence for adopting, here are a couple of reasons why they will need your help desperately right now. i'm surae chinn coming up with that story. and tonight, we're still paying tribute to the late chuck brown. thousands pack the washington convention center today for the god father of go go's funeral. we'll have more on that coming up at 6:00.
5:54 pm
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5:56 pm
about reaching people, letting them know that they could be anything that they wanted to be. >> the former mayor and the d.c. councilman remembers chuck brown today and they will have more from the funeral at the top of the hour. anita? >> well, the board of regions from the university system, they have approved a 3% tuition hike for most of the in-state
5:57 pm
students. this is the third year in a row. for the students at college park and the tuition in the fees, rising from about $865,000 this year to about $918,908. out-of-state tuition will rise by as much as 5%. >> all right, pulling into a cool high school this week. tonight, we're at the spring book where the students are creating a game that could save some lives. we'll show you how in had the great presentation. >> reporter: inspired by last year's massive earthquake in japan. these four students, they created the big hope for you. the goal is to avoid debris in the rushing water to keep the water wheels spinning, generate electricity and send it to a desperate village. >> yes, i would like to know. >> and they could actually bring the attention to the social causes that the other people, they mite have forgotten about it, or they might not know about it.
5:58 pm
that's what the cup is all about. the digital infinity as they called themselves throughout the program. and they submitted the entry on youtube and then they hoped for the best. >> i clicked it on and they would say congratulations. you made it to the finals. i couldn't believe it at first. >> reporter: to win the national competition, they will be judged on the 30-minute competition in redman, washington. ortiz will be doing the speaking. >> i want them to remember us and our name. and you know, do you remember the digital theme? they are doing it pretty good. >> and they are good. and they are developing the social view and the great skill at the same time. >> now, i have seen that game for you and for the world market. the people are around the world and they could see and play it here. >> it's a life changer. >> yeah. >> 9news now. >> well, the team was not able to win the big prize, but they were the only high school team to make it to the washington state for the big gaming
5:59 pm
division. and if you've got a cool school, then please send mike an e-mail at the washington convention center was rocking today as family, friends, and fans all celebrated the life of chuck brown. the god father of the go go died two weeks ago at the age of 75. today, local leaders and musicians turned out to honor the man who put the d.c. music scene on the map. our bruce johnson was there, joining us live with more. and bruce, this was quite the send off. >> leslie, you know, we know this guy. we watched them over the years. but it is just an incredible story. they barely finished high school. over the years, they got to the point where they just united the city, they spent time at


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