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tv   9 News Now at 6pm  CBS  May 31, 2012 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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the white house. the democrat or the republican. they all invited them there. not just to perform, but to be there and they got the kind of send off that most of us could only dream about. >> i love chuck bruin. he's been an idol of mine. >> and thousands thank the washington convention center for the memorial convention center. which from the beginning, seemed more like a revival or the go go concert or funeral. >> what would you say about the show of support? >> i mean, you know, he would be so humbled that you would be smiling. i love all of you. >> and they would say it in d.c. to give them the music. you're going to love them. >> i have been playing with chuck for about 12 years. >> reporter: they have been the founder of go go music. the biggest star. >> to me it is not a bad event. it will be a big blessing.
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because now you get to realize how strong and powerful that they will be. >> and the words will be from here. >> are you looking down on this? >> yes, definitely. he's inside of all of us right now. for all the groups coming in behind them. they will be well prepared finish the spotlighting moment. you know, it's a beautiful thing to see them too and the music and the legacy, being celebrated in this way. >> the memorial service lasted for just over three hours. it ended with chuck brown's signature song. >> that's the thin that i liked about it. he didn't spell it out, you know, to try to take it to the world. they had to come and get it, you know, it stayed here.
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you know his kids were a part of the on-stage performance. they will continue to perform two of them here, outstanding football players with the big careers ahead of them. you saw the send off, probably won't be another one like them. chuck, thank you, thank you. and not a single tear in there. and they would have wanted it that way. they wanted them dancing and singing. that's what they got. >> and it started out with wind them up, chuck. they just kept going and going and we could feel the electricity here. and it must have been absolutely over the top for you being on the inside. >> oh, i don't know if you have been in the room with the great hall for the washington convention center. but they were rocking it at one point. the floor was rocking it up. and people jumped up and down and you could feel the floor rocking. i mean some people, they never said that. it was an incredible event and it is certainly this at the top.
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>> and it was a big send off and a tribute and all a part of them. bruce, thank you. >> now, we heard them during the funeral, honoring chuck brown by renaming the d.c. park after him. it is silver springs maryland. just search r.i.p. god father of go go. >> we'll turn away from a place you wanted to be this afternoon to where you wouldn't want to be this afternoon.
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they have just reopened one lane of the southbound connecticut avenue. but the work on the pipe clearly is continuing. and he awoke this morning to a night mare. >> this is where the power will come in through the building. this is where the water is coming in today. >> yes, how the water got in. it followed the electrical line. thousands of water poured in at the building theying manage. and flooding the bottom two levels of the parking garage, drowning two cars that were parked down there. the water at one point, they came maybe two and a half feet up on the main house switchboard. it is amazing that it has not shorted out yet.
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they ordered everyone out. and they shut off the power to many of them, leaving the big money downtown lawyers and lobbyists, cut off from their clients. >> i mean, you cannot build your client if you cannot do the work. >> and traffic through downtown crawled throughout most of the day. >> yes, that's the problem. i'm late for work. >> it is just terrible. that's the worse thing about washington. and the left cars. and at d.c. waters, they are trying to figure out if they could safely reopen the other lane of southbound connecticut avenue. but look at that. that will be blocked for a while and they are not clear how much longer it will take them to finish the work. back to you. >> a very rough time. thank you very much. and they will average between 400 to 500 water main breaks every year. they are redoing an awful lot of infrastructure, but they are
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far from done yet. lesli? >> all right, now to an even bigger water issue. about six years ago, 2,300 people living around the lake had to scramble to evacuate. they were in trouble as the water rose about 23 feet after several days of the heavy rain. fortunately no major breach occurred and the incident has become a model for other threats. today, representatives from several government agencies went back to the 56-year-old dam to talk about future safety. >> it is critical for our country to continue to strive and to improve our dam monitoring. and prepare for those bad days that we hope would never come. >> the average age of the dams in this country is 53 years. the oldest is in maine, built back in the 1600. well, up on capitol hill, the house rejected the bill that would have outlawed rejections, based on the gender of the fetus. they said that they could actually lead to the racial
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profiling of the asian american women since the gender-base abortion is not uncommon if many asia. and supporters of the measure say that it was aimed at saving the baby girls. a federal appeal's court will be rejecting a part of the defense. and they find marriage as the union between a man and a woman. that the judge panel said the law discriminates against the gay couples because it does not give them the same rights and privileges of the same-sex couples. today's ruling will not be enforced until the supreme court will weigh in. a verdict today and just one of the six counts against john edwards. they were accused of campaign fraud by using money from the presidential races, here to hide the extramarital affair. but today, they returned one not-guilty verdict, telling the judge that they were deadlocked on the rest, which lead to the decoration of the mistrial. >> while, i do not believe that i did anything illegal or ever thought i was doing anything illegal, i did an awful lot, that was wrong.
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and there is no one else responsible for my sins. none of the people who came to court to testify are responsible. nobody is working for the government is responsible. i am responsible. >> no word yet if the prosecutors will plan to retry the case on the mistrial count. tonight at 7:00 on 9news now, it is all about chuck brown. we dedicate the entire newscast for you to chuck's funeral and the final farewell to the god father of go go. that's at 7:00. >> you'll be rocking some more. thank you, derek. and still to come in this half hour, you may want to avoid the beltway this weekend on maryland and virginia. we'll tell you why, top? >> well, it's a nice way to close out. i mean, they are a little below average. but it will be a nice day. you cannot argue those perfect days. those are just the numbers. average at 81 and 62. not quite as cool as you should be. the record high is 89 and 94. we're glad we got those records.
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we'll come back and talk about the severe weather alert day on what's for tomorrow and what time they will develop and what time they will move in. i never saw a time when he was without energy. chuck could get a crowd going, and it could be raining outside and chuck could get people going. even the d.c. mayor vincent gray was up on his seat today at chuck brown's funeral. we'll bring you more from today's farewell and plus more in this half hour. [ breathing heavily ] we hurried.
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delays. the orange juice tropicana market their brand as fresh from the grove. it is so heavily processed that it should not be called natural. lawyers came to washington today to argue before the panel of judges about where the lawsuits should be heard as a group. tropicana issued a statement saying they are committed to full compliance with the labeling laws. still ahead, bob barker used to make a plea to have your pets spayed or neutered. how could that play a big part in our neighborhood. when it comes to gardening, we're, well, inexperienced.
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chuck brown rescued homes, towns, that he has seen from the image of a government town that couldn't keep a beat. >> they are rushing the crowd
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today at his memorial earlier this week. calling on august 22 to be declared chuck brown day nationwide. the fairfax county animal shelter has stopped, accepting the cats. they are saying it is too many to handle and they will need to start euthanizing them if the population does not come down. make sure that your pets are spayed and neuteredded. surae chinn made a visit to the overcrowded shelter. the sign says it all. >> right now we have more animals in foster care than we currently have in the building. >> reporter: they are maxed out beyond capacity for the cats. the fairfax county animal shelter is counting on people for them to provide a forever home. >> actually, i would want to see milk shake. looking at them the most. >> they are experiencing at influx of the lines. they come in sick and injured.
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i feel bad that there are too many cats. >> reporter: a big reason why the shelters are overcapacity. it's kitten season where there is a huge number of the births happening to cats that are not spayed or neuters. >> and because this is a very mild winter. you can see that the breeding section was much longer. >> reporter: just $15 to adopt, that's half off and plus free spayed and neuters for cats five years and older. >> i just came in here by myself and i'm so upset. looking at all these cats because they don't look happy. i mean they are definitely happier than i'm sure where they were before, but i mean, i really feel like they need a home. >> reporter: but in the end after meeting with several cats, she walked away, still looking for the perfect match. and leaving milk shake behind. in fairfax county, surae chinn,
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9news now. >> oh, poor milk shake. if you're going to surrender a cat, the shelter says to try to hold off until the fall or spring to give them a better chance at finding a home. >> a gorgeous day today. and no questions asked. but tomorrow it will change. >> yes, it will. i know it's hard to believe. and tomorrow this time, we'll probably see them lightening it up with severe thunderstorm warnings. declaring tomorrow as friday severe weather alert day because of that. we'll start with a live look outside. it is just gorgeous outside. i mean 85 is the high. look at the dew points down to the 40s. i know you guys are not scientists. >> that is good hair. >> yes, open up the windows. turn the a.c. off and enjoy. >> yes. f >> it might be enough for the static electricity. you usually only get that in the wintertime. the pressure is steady. really, just a great evening. now here is the satellite
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picture. we'll zoom in to this today. the storm has movedded eastward, producing pretty big showers and thunderstorms, and especially south, down into kentucky and tennessee. and these are our friday storms. we see the front, it will generate the storms between 4:00 p.m. and 8:00 p.m. tomorrow. in the meantime, some high clouds will get in here by dawn. so we're clear right now. we'll be clear for most of the night with the lower dew point, it will be pretty cool. temperatures will fall pretty fast after the sun goes down. 85 in rockville. it sounds a little bit high. but we'll say hello to everybody in rockville. 84 in college park and 82 over in andrews. 77 in reston and 81 rather in sterling. out to the west, 79 in leesburg, but 82 still in manassas, it's pretty nice. okay, severe weather alert day for friday. cool again tonight. a dry morning commute. critical times tomorrow. 4 p.m. to 8 p.m. just in time for the evening commute, which is good.
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some storms could be heavy and severe. so early tomorrow morning, clouds are on the increase, but we'll be dry. we'll get a break in the clouds because of the warm front pushing on through. that will get us unstable and increase your humidity. the dew points will come up tomorrow and then the cold front will approach from the west and by again this time tomorrow night, you can see the reds and the yellows. those are not good. those are big storms by this time tomorrow night in the metro area. so for tonight, clear skies early. some clouds by dawn. comfortable again. a 58 to 68 for the lows. tomorrow morning, maybe a late shower, but the morning commute, it should be dry for you, 60s and 70s. by the afternoon, a different story. the showers and thunderstorms, they will develop. some could be heavy and severe. high temperatures are still pretty warm. 80 to 85. the next had seven days, behind the front we'll cool off on saturday. a beautiful day. mid-70s on sunday. a shower is possible, but not enough to change your plans. then kind of cooling you have it with a few -- cooling up with a few showers. the problem is tomorrow.
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we'll keep you posted. >> we know that you'll be following it all day long. >> yes, kristin is out at redskins park. today was soccer, today is the kind -- yesterday was soccer and today is the kind of football that you want to bring redskins out. >> reporter: yes, some football being played today. a glorified practice. the redskins wrapped up this week's ota's. rg3 addresses his relationship with mike shanahan, even coming to his defense. i'll have that coming up. plus, the nba under some serious scrutinies tonight. those and more coming up next in sports.
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welcome back. we are live here at redskins park. and the redskins are wrapping up their second set of the off- season workouts today. saying that he is getting a lot more comfortable with the scheme of things around here. when asked about getting the chance to play for them here, he said that it was like a dream come true. a lot of that is having to do with the fact that he grew up a broncos fan when he was the head coach. but he also addressed the comments made to him by the former quarterbacks. he would not specify who or what. but maybe he is referring to mcnabb throwing shanahan under the pus saying he -- bus saying he would not be good for washington. >> you know i'm on the inside.
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i'm not really looking out. but i get to experience who he is. and what is not true. putting me in the best situation for you to succeed and to help in the same way. >> reporter: the popularity is soaring, in the month of may, the first full month of sales for the rookies jerseys. rg3s was the number one seller, beating out everyone including the number one draft pick. and now the battle for the backup has officially begun for the draft pick. they signed the redskins contact. even though the terms for you were close and it will soon to be in the four-year $2.5 million range. and right now, they are still owned by the league. nabbing the overall pick jumping from 4th to 5th. arguing that the lottery is rigged. and the one that will also have a tense pick. obviously it's a debate that
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will continue. now, that's it for the redskins park. we'll expect you back in studios. >> thank you. that's all for 9news now at 6:00. stay with us for the cbs evening news next. and at 7:00, derek will be here with the only local newscast and as always, is always on. tonight though, we'll leave you with two of our favorite moments from chuck brown's funeral, first the montage in his honor and then a portion of the tribute, sung by brown's own brother. good night. ♪[ music ]
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