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tv   9 News Now at 5pm  CBS  June 1, 2012 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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to affect. here's what we have. this is brand-new. capital view, 4:59. that's like now. deanwood, 5:01, chapel oaks 5:02, yorkshire nolls at 5:03. this is the path of the storm. this is the projected path of the storm. if you're in this fan, that's the problem. out towards 32, maybe towards sykesville, but bowie, lanham, all these neighborhoods in here are potentially in the way of the storm, or in the path of the storm, i should say. so please be advised, take cover, if you know somebody, call them, say, you need to kind of not go home, especially if you're going down 50. 50 is a mess right now. in between town and in between town and davidsonville it's a complete mess.
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it's better now down 5 past clinton, and it's better now down 301 past upper marlboro, but the problem is, it's now getting worse points north. college park, beltsville, bowie, and also up toward 32. so that's not a good thing with heavy rain. so right now, they let the other tornado warnings expire, just the district of columbia and prince george's county under a tornado warning now until 5:15. the rest of us are under a tornado watch until 9:00. i will zoom back out a little bit. we will add the severe thunderstorm warnings, and there arrest bunch of those as well. they cover -- they also cover the district, anne arundel county, they also cover charles county and also cover prince george's county as well as st. mary's county, arlington, which includes city of alexandria, and also fairfax, and manassas
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and fauquier and prince william and stafford. so most of us are under a tornado warning or a severe thunderstorm warning at this hour. everybody is under a tornado watch until 9:00. so i want to zoom in one more time. i'll take the severe thunderstorm warnings off. i just want to zoom in and just show you where this storm is going and places you need to kind of take cover. hopefully you already have. out in laurel, oh, take cover. beltsville, college park, come on, kids, get inside. bowie, lanham, woodmoor, okay. those are your points where you really have to sort of be careful, keep your eyes to the sky. we'll keep you posted here and of course at, because the warning itself goes on until 5:15. if i pop a shear marker or things change, i will be back. right now we'll sent over to the guys. >> we want to thank our viewers as well who have been posting some major -- some interesting
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pictures on our facebook page. a funnel cloud in sterling, virginia, 413 comments so far. clearly a funnel cloud formation there, so please visit our wusa 9 facebook page as well. >> one of the first areas to be hit was mount airy, maryland. >> scott broom joins us live from there with a look at the damage those storms have left behind so far. what are you seeing now, scott? >> reporter: i'm working out of my live view vehicle right now. let me take you outside the vehicle right new and show you just some of the typical damage with the dashboard camera. i'll point it out for you. you can see a branch down on top of acknowledge. elsewhere throughout mount airy there's been quite a bit of flash flooding. this area was hit by two storms in suck session. here's an example of the flooding. this is twin bridges road in mount airy.
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>> it's still coming up. all we can do is wait and see if it's going to drop down or not. >> it's getting black, darker and darker, finally come through between 27 and orterville that storm come through here. >> the storm, i don't know, i was sitting in the closet. my daughter, she was on the school bus. she said, mom, i think you better get somewhere. so i went and got in my closet. >> and that was scott broom reporting. >> live from mount airy, maryland, where the storms have hit hard and quickly and left behind a lot of water in the wake, and that seems to be right now in that part of the world anyway the most damaging thing. so much water, so quickly. flash flooding, as attorney likes to talk about. >> we saw so many shots earlier from damascus where people were literally trying to drive through streets that were flooded, and topper and i kept
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saying, please don't go through there, and a couple of folks did eventually turn around. >> back to topper with the latest on the track. >> back to live doppler 9000. we still have the tornado watch that covers the entire metro until 9:00. tornado warnings for the strict and prince george's county until 5:15, so another 10 minutes or so. we do have this cold front back out to the west. that's going to roll through. that's going to produce another line of showers. a little bit more organized than these because these are coming up from due south, and they get kind of spotty. there's all kinds of big storms is prompting all kinds of warnings across the metro area, and they're going to keep coming up from the south until the front gets a little closer to us. again, the good news, the front will clear out. bad news, it will probably spawn another round of severe weather. i can't imagine being any worse than this. i think when the front comes through we'll probably have straight line winds as opposed to tornadic activity. warnings are stibble effect for
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the district, southeast part of town, and for prince george's county essentially the west part of prince george's county until 5:15. so i'm going zoom into this symptoms, and hopefully you folks in college park and in greenbelt have sort of heeded our warnings and kind of taken cover, even up into beltsville and laurel, pretty serious situation here. still straddling 50, and the beltway is a mess between -- well, really between beltsville and lanham. it's just a bunch of heavy rain. we don't see much hail with this, but our radar may be having a hard time going through that storm as it is right over the storm. so what i'm going do, i'm going to give you a different look of the storm from the different radar. no, our radar is doing just fine. that looks about right. the good news is i don't see much hail now. we don't have any shear markers so that's g. the bad news, rainfall rates probably one inch to two inches per hour
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with this storm. and the storm itself moving off to the northeast at 29. so bowie get ready, lanham get ready. here are some of the places it is going to be impacting. we talked about this. deanwood park at 5:06, that's about now. highland park 5:08, huntsville 5:09, sheverly 5:09, columbia park 5:10. please, if you're in any of those areas, take it easy. go down to the basement, go to an interior room and get away from windows. we cannot stress that enough. get away from windows, because that is flying debris, number one source of injury. other places i'm going to highlight southwest of bowie. i don't know if you can see my occur sore. good luck at 5:22, we're also looking at springfield at 5:24, in between bowie and lanham now. glendale heights at 5:21. he we'll go over toward lanham
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here, and we'll do haines borough at 5:18, and also rolling view at 5:16. we'll goa past bowie now. we've got -- bowie, you're already getting heavy rain in bowie. huntington 5:27. up past beltsville now and thou we've got something else going on here. hang on a second. looks to me like we've got -- okay now we've got tornado warnings in effect for fairfax county and prince william county until 5:45. so let's widen it out. 5:45. this is doppler indicated tornado. let's just see where it is headed. it is for northern or central prince william county and southern fairfax county. again, until 5:45. these are some of the areas.
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ready? lake ridge, burke, lorton, newing ton, springfield, and the i-395/i-495 interchange as well as franconia. so those are the towns in its path. lakeridge, burke, lorton, newing ton, springfield, 395/495 interchange, and also franconia. that is a new warning. that just popped out. 5:45. it goes until 5:45. so i want to try to track these storms. i think the storm itself is in central prince william county right now. that's probably it right there around manassas. and it is headed toward burke and springfield and fairfax and it has heavy rain. this is 2 right now. hat heavy rain and it also has the potential for producing a tornado. again, tornado warning, prince william and fairfax until 5:45. we'll go back and see if we can
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see any rotation with this particular storm. we've got 30 miles per hour wind toward the radar site, so we know we have some winds in there. 12 miles per hour wind away from the radar site, there's a 30 miles per hour wind away from the radar cited so there is some rotation. 41 miles per hour wind toward the radar site and a 30 miles per hour away from it. that's not good. if you're in hoadly, i would take cover immediately go to the basement or 18 tear your room. again, preferably a basement, but hoadly, yeah, i would go ahead and take cover if you're in hoadly. even if you're in woodbridge or lore top, you've got some time. put your umbrella down if you're in burke or in fairfax, because you probably have about 20 minutes, and get ready. manassas, you are getting pummeled right now with a tremendous storm, and perhaps some strong, gusty winds.
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this storm itself moving off to the northeast at 36. this storm down to the south moving off at 36, and this storm is also moving to the northeast at about 36 miles per hour. this one down towards quantico is moving north-northeast at 33. this is a dangerous storm, too. in fact, woodbridge, lorton, get ready. this is a dangerous storm. both of these storms, this storm and this storm are capable of producing a small tornado. they certainly have heavy rains, and they certainly have frequent lightning and also they have damaging winds. so, please, be vigilant. go to the basement, go to an interior room if you're in places like fairfax or burke. i'll zoom up to the north. annandale, vienna, all these places are going to eventually be in the path of the store. even chantilly, northwest washington, springfield,
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annandale. both of these storms are pretty serious storms. this one hammering manassas right now, this one coming up from woodbridge. this is going to essential cross over 95 and go right towards springfield and go right toward annandale, then this storm is going to keep going northeast, right toward vienna. so if you are going out 123, i don't know what's at wolf trap tonight, but that would probably not be good to be on the stage tonight. we'll -- we have a trained spot where said thunderstorm wind damage from a trained spotter in clinton, one mile east in prince george's county. so we know it has wind, even if it's not rotation we know it has wind of 40, 50 miles per hour. that's all you need to bring down some small trees and cause some power outages. i'm going to zoom the radar back out. all i have turned on now are the tornado warnings. that's why you're seeing the red underneath the rainfall.
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so we'll go back. the good news, we're about to expire for the district at 5:15 and western prince george's county. bad news, new warnings for fairfax county and prince william county. kind of a sidebar here, we have new radar at the weather service called dual pole. you might have heard about it. it can pick up and detector neighed dose that we would not have seen just two years ago. so it may be that some of the algorithms are a little more sensitive because of the dual- pole radar and we're seeing more tornado warnings go off. i'm not seeing any shear markers. it may be a case where it's going to be a small, little tiny tornado, and it would have been chocked up to just severe thunderstorm damage one, two years ago, but as technology continues to be able to dissect these storms, both in vertical and horizontal, we're able to detect a little smaller tornado
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that we wouldn't have seen just a year ago, or two years ago. so just sort of keep that in mind when we keep hearing tornado warnings are being issued. it's just simply we can detect them better, we have better equipment. we can see now. let's talk about this storm around manassas. still some very heavy rain. fairfax get ready, it's coming your way. burke, get raid. springfield, lorton you are about to get hammered. woodbridge, you've had heavy rain. all these storms are moving due north or north-northeast at 35 miles per hour. that's actually the good news because that will cut down on the flooding somewhat. i won't garen teeth won't have some flash flooding but it will cut down on flooding somewhat. we're still looking at fairfax and prince william until 5:45. my concern is if it's in fairfax and it just shrugs
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through fair fan, they're going to have to issue another warning for montgomery county as it crosses the river. we will keep you posted. it doesn't look that strong to me right now, but it does look like a dangerous storm. it has big winds and heavy rains. so they don't have to practices tornadoes to have a severe storm. you can still have high winds, you can stiffly hail, frequent lightning and flash flooding. so the rest of you, don't let your guard down, just buck ear not under a tornado warning at this point. everybody is under a watch until 9:00. i am going to go back to see if we can see any rotation with either one of these storms, and we'll see what we have here. 30 miles per hour wind, 41 miles per hour wind, that's pretty strong away from -- toward the radar site, then some more wind, 30 miles per hour wind away from the radar site. that shows me a little bit of rotation, certainly some strong winds. there's no doubt about that. there's some 5-mile-per-hour
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winds in there easy. whether or not it's a tornado or not. so burke, springfield, annandale, fairfax, come on, get in the basement, go to an interior room, text somebody, let somebody know it's heading your way, and it's worth it. go in there for like 20 minutes. stay away from the windows. the warning should expire shortly in the district. in fact, it's now gone in the district so all we have now are fairfax in prince william county until 5:45. for now the something like that is cleared of the tornado warning. we'll follow this store. it may end up crossing a river and triggering a warning. one week ago everybody was on their way out of town on this friday evening. >> yep. >> and it would have been so much worse had we had the tornadoes then. still out at dulles, arrivals only. if you are trying to get out of there, kind of tough.
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surae chinn is live with that story. >> reporter: derek, we just got off the phone with the airport authority, and the officials there, and they're saying that there are delays. the number one thing is you want to check with your carrier before you leave the house because there are delays here but we're told that some planes are leaving and some planes are landing. they have called what's called a ground stop, and the faa goes ahead and coordinates this, but they tell other airports and planes that are coming into either dulles international or reagan national airport to not come to delay the plane at that location, don't come in, because it will be too crowded. a lot of planes are on the tarmac now. i did see one plane coming in as we were coming up on the eight, but again, so far there are delays. there are a number of them. but not severely affected in terms of planes coming in and out. they're saying at both airports, at dca and dulles
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international airport. that is the latest here. we're continuing to talk with airport authority, but we're seeing a lot of passengers. all the airports are open. crowds are thickening up here, but so far that's what we're seeing. but again, qlek the carrier before you leave home and check with those flights first, derek. >> i've got to think that the flights at the very least are beginning to back up and even if they get the all clear it's going to be a long night at dulles air. >> reporter: exactly. they've called what's called a ground stop at those other airports around 3:30 and it's only about 5:00 so you can only imagine that there will be a bottleneck. >> sounds like we're losing surae. >> which is what you expect on a day like this when you're counting on the technology which is, of course, inhibited when the weather is bad. >> this was just after 3:30 in
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damascus as folks were still trying to push the envelope and get through this water. but as the day progressed, less and less of that road, clarksburg road near bethesda church road in damascus looked even like that, and a few folks eventually stopped, turned around, and went in the other direction before police ended up blocking the road off. but that water was filling up that area at a fast clip, and we watched, and we watched, and there's even more flooding, anita. >> that's right, from sky 9, taking a look in that same area around damascus you can look at how saturated that whole area is with the storms moving through. again, all of this starting about 3:00. topper even yesterday had already declared the severe weather alert day. and we can see how ominous some of the clouds looked, the formation and the dark thickness of the clouds.
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and, in fact, we were talking about a funnel cloud that was posted on our wusa 9 facebook page, or at least the formation of sun. topper, talk to us about the clouds and what people should look for when they see something like that. >> well, anytime you see clouds hanging low, that's never a good sign. and sometimes it's just a scud cloud. sometimes it's a case where the whole tornado is rotating and it's trying to spin up a tornado, but when you see clouds that darks you know they're intense, heavy rain, probably have some hail. they probably have gusty winds whether or not they have tornadoes or not. they probably will have gusty winds. so this is -- the warm front went through, the atmosphere de stabilized, and that's why howard and i declared a severe weather alert day yesterday. this is pretty unstable for us. it's never a sure fire bet to get severe weather ahead of time in metro. it's not as easy as it is in
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the plains states but we felt today was going to be vurn stable. we had a lot of ingredients coming together. we had winds from different directions at different levels in the atmosphere, and we have a lot of moisture in the atmosphere, and we have a lot of instability in the atmosphere. so all that combined, we were confident we'd see something today, and it's been pretty impressive. anny has all the warnings turned on. still looking at a lot of severe thunderstorm warnings. prince george's county, fauquier county, bag to the south and west, over toward leonard town, down into st. mary's county and anne arundel county. these are just the tornado warnings in effect still for prince william and also for fairfax. this storm has heavy, heavy rains with it. we've not seen a shear marker on it. this guess back to my point that the radar is better than it's ever been, so we're going to have more tornado warnings. it doesn't mean there's more tornadoes. it just simply means we're able to detect them.
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they wouldn't have been detected a year ago. we do have a little bit of a shear marker now just to the west of burke. we talked about burke. take cover in burke. take cover in fairfax. go in closer. this is annandale, vienna. if you are to the north of a storm like this you need to take cover. so we do after shear marker. there could be a little bit of rough. we're just west of burke. that's the fairfax county parkway. there's burke, there's the fairfax county parkway, then down to the south is state highway 123, then state highway 641 off to the west here. likely to have strong, gusty winds here. we could see, we could see, a small tornado in this particular area. so fur just west of burke, wow, get ready for -- you should already be in the basement, quite frankly, and certainly away from windows, because flying debris is the number one
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cause of problems. notice the winds. 30 miles per hour toward the radar site, 12 miles per hour wind away from the radar site. we see a 23 miles per hour away from the radar site and a 30 miles per hour toward the radar site. some rotation there. and again, that's just sort of an indication that it could be rotating and could actually drop down a small tornado in that area. you're west of burke. get ready. you should already be in the basement. if you're in fairfax or vienna you should be on your way to the basement if you're not there already. certainly an interior room and essential away there windows, because it's the debris that we keep talking about that causes all the injuries. harmless little objects, not a big deal. you start pulling those objects at 30, 40, 50 miles per hour, then they become deadly projectiles, and that is one of our main concerns. so this is fairfax. we're south of 66 now, west of burke, and this is kind of the bull's-eye, if you will, for the potential for some rotation and for some strong winds.
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we know it has rainfall rates one to two inches. we know it has pocket of hail as well. we'll highlight some of the neighborhoods and if i call you out, take cover, all right. lewis park 5:24. let's see. lincoln park, 5:26. glen alvin about 5:27. lehigh village 5:27 as well. so thou we're seeing more sheer here, and we're seeing a certain number of -- it's hard to see little ticks on the circle there. that just means what levels they are in the atmosphere. sometimes we'll see the shear markers, and all the sheer will be above us. oftentimes all kinds of stuff going on above us. you have no idea how crazy it is. the question is, will it get down to the surface. and that's what we're concerned about. we could see a little tornado spin up as it moves off to the
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north and east. vienna, you're in the path. the storm is moving northeast at 24 miles per hour. we're looking at pretty good size hail, inch and a quarter. so that's bigger than a quarter. we try to do hail now in terms of change, currency, if you will. so that's pretty good-sized hail. earlier we showed you tremendous hail in alexandria. hopefully someone took a picture of that and will send it to us because i want to see. that this is lanham, woodmoor. this is a little shear marker. poo. certainly strong winds. 30, 40, 50-mile-per-hour winds pretty much a given with all of these storms. this is moving off to the north and east. it will cross 1934. winds 30 miles per hour, 41 miles per hour away from the radar site. and that's a pretty strong wind. we don't have as much going toward the radar site but there's some big-time winds. now we have two circles.
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the two areas, shear markers, and this indicates even more potential for a tornado and even more wind sheer. and that is something we are really concerned about. if you're in lanham now or bowie or know somebody on 13, not a good time to be on that road right now, or even coming around the beltway. not a good time to be on the road. in fact, wouldn't surprise me if they extend this warning a little bit longer as we go through the next few minutes, because we're looking at a tornado warning in effect still, looks like for prince george's county and that is probably the most shear markers we've seen actually over the past hour and a half, two hours. now we have another shear marker here, south of 40, south of middletown, up 270 past frederick. this could have a small gustnado with it. we're not talking about massive storms. they're very small. they might be 75 yards wide,
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that's it, and they may skip up, skip down. so again, we're not talking about a wide swath of destruction, but you've got to take this seriously if you are around some of these areas. mount zion road, jefferson pike, and that is south of middle town and north of frederick. we're seeing again some possible wind sheer. this is away from the radar site, 23 miles per hour, toward the radar site at 23 miles per hour. so that indicates some rotation with the thunderstorm, and if the thunderstorm rotates, then it can drop down a small tornado. so at the very least big winds there. again, south of 40, southeast of middletown, okay. just to the southwest of frederick. this actually could affect frederick in the next 20 minutes so be advised about that. anny, have they extended the tornado warnings in prince george's county or is that my imagination? >> prince george's county tornado warping until 6:00. anne arundel county, maryland,
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also tornado warning until 6:00 p.m. also howard county now, maryland, tornado warning until 6:00 p.m. so anne arundel, howard, prince george's, 6:00 p.m. >> is fairfax and prince william, are they still going until 5:30? >> no, those have all been canceled. we only have three remaining. >> prince george's, anne arundel, and howard until 6:00. not too surprising that the storm wouldn't get through prince george's county that fast. this is getting a little more serious now around woodmoor and lanham. you need to take cover. bowie, take cover as well. this storm is going to move off to the north and to the east and is going to cross 193. so bowie, lanham, eventually we talked about up toward 32, sykesville. here are some of the neighborhoods. ardmore 5:27, ardwick park at
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5:28, sherri grief at 5:29. this is serious. this is probably the worst we've seen so far in terms of potential for a tornado. so again, basement, interior room, away from windows. lanham at 5:30. buena vista at 5:30, sea brac at 5:31. those are some of the areas we're concerned about with this particular storm. moving to the north-northeast. holland at owe 0 hauling at 45. maximum hail inch and a half, no surprise. lanham, bowie, points in between, take cover because this is pretty serious stuff. they've reissued the warning now and extended it until 6:00. so again, prince george's county and also howard county, until 6:00. but between lanham, greenbelt, and bowie, that's the area we're most concerned as the storm really begins to lift up. if these storms start moving
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faster, we get something called traps lagsal wind so maybe hat a 40 miles per hour wind, then all of a sudden you've got an 80 miles per hour wind. when it moves faster, it cuts down on flash flooding. the bad news is it increases translational wind, and that can increase damage. we'll go back into this area. right around lanham, 19 3, southwest of bowie, winds away from the radar site 30 miles per hour, and 41 miles per hour wind away from the radar site. so hat wind. we know hat 40-mile-per-hour winds. the question is does it have any rotation. if we're getting shear markers like that, odds are it does have a little bit of rotation. and again, our radar is much more sensitive than it used to be. a lot of times what we would have chocked up to severe thunderstorm damage, now we're actually going to get a tornado warning, the algorithm will be triggered and it will issue a
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warning. of all the warnings we've seep, except for the one through damascus this is probably the most sheer that we've seen with a storm, and the most potential for a small tornado. i'm most concerned about this storm. it's critical. get away from windows, interior room, preferably a basement. but this is a pretty big storm headed right for bowie. eventually up toward bwi and jessup and laurel. so folks going up 95 north and 29 north, not a good time to be on those, either. hail and rainfall rates one to two inches per hour, and you might have a little tornado. you can have gusty winds with this storm anyway, because that's the direction it's moving. we know it's really beginning to haul now, and we're seeing more and more shear markers pop up. let's go through some of the
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neighborhoods. we're looking at sea brac now at 5:31, which is right about now. bell 5:32, good luck at 5:33, huntington at 5:36. this storm itself is headed really through a populated area of the metro area. another concern of ours. it's moved through the southeast part of town, and it's moved through western prince george's county, now it is going to go up toward bowie and eventually up 95 and up the bw parkway toward baltimore. so tornado warnings in effect anne arundel county, prince george's county, and howard county until 6:00, and that has just been extended. so that's the storm we're tracking. hopeful havely you've downloaded our weather app by now. you can track this along with us. will you also get the bulletins along with it. this storm moving east-
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northeast. this is a heavy storm, too. we're out in walkersville, past frederick. this is capable of producing some strong winds and essential some hail. war field at 5:33, village estates 5:34, and west hills about 5:34. so we are going to toss back to derek and anita and lesli for just a minute. but remember, the entire metro area is under a tornado watch until 9:00. when these pass, we're not done. back to you. >> we're not done calculating the damage of what's been left behind. we're already seeing some flash flooding but that's probably not going to be the end of it. >> we have our 9news reporters covering. this it is dicey to get live shots in when weather is this severe but we have bruce leshan in adelphi, maryland. bruce. >> reporter: hey, anita and derek, we're almost up to the beltway on new hampshire avenue right now. what we're seeing pretty much, and let me get out of the way of these folks. i wanted to give you a better
5:34 pm
picture of the road. i want to get out of the road of traffic as well. so what we're seeing right now is really pretty much light rain but very, very heavy traffic. i mean, you know, this is rush hour anyway. you can see what it looks like on new hampshire avenue as you approach the beltway. back there towards piney branch, some of the low-lying areas, we did get some significant water buildup, and we did see some vehicles kind of hydro plank through it, but we haven't seen any kind of evidence of any kind of tornado activity. the sky is dark and threatening, but there's actually some significant darkness over here to the left of me, and felix, try and get it, but it's a challenge to shoot from inside the truck as we bring this to you live. i'm not seeing evidence of any kind of rotation around here, but, of course, the warnings are up, and topper has been sharing those with you. and if you are in the warning area you need to go down and take cover and take this pretty
5:35 pm
seriously. but right now it's actually stopped raining exactly where we are, and we're going to drive around. we'll stop, we'll park, and we'll show what you we see, and we're going to head kind of southern prince george's county, because we understand that they've had more significant area, but here we've had patches of heavy rain, but mostly light rain and heavy traffic and right now no rain at all. >> bruce leshan, live, any sign of power out there, bruce? >> reporter: the houses right around me are pretty dark, but their lights are clearly on so the signals lights, you can see the signal light to the beltway, that's on, so clearly those guys are getting power. i suspect that the only reason that we're not seeing any lights on in these houses is that people are still struggling to get home in the traffic. >> good luck with that on a
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friday with rain and everything else. bruce, you take it easy out there. >> reporter: check it out. here's some folks just getting off the bus. one guy has still got his umbrella up but these other young women are just walking along without anything for rain but probably not a great day to take the bus home. >> bruce, thank you. we are going to go to fairfax county government. we know their tornado warning expired around 5:45, but can you give us an idea what the county is dealing with at this point? >> we do have severe weather here. it hasn't rained very hard. we did have the tornado warning. we east just been recently informed that we can expect perhaps three to four inches of rain later on tonight. that's the next band of weather. based on that forecast we could have significant street flooding. at this point we have our emergency operations center opened up. it's monitoring the situation.
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we are just dispatching teams of people to various areas of the county to monitor the conditions, and we're encouraging everybody to stay off the roads if possible, and absolutely don't drive in wet conditions. don't drive through the rain if there's flooding. >> are you dealing with any accidents at this point or severe bottlenecks in any areas you want to let people know about? >> there are several areas of the county that always flood, and this, of course, is in the middle of rush hour. so it's a bad rush hour with the weather. we have so many miles of roads, i'm not going to mention any one in particular that's busy, but with the heavy rain, the winds, the possible flooding, everybody needs to be as safe as possible and absolutely turn around and don't drown. never drive in flooded roads. >> that's the advice we've been giving out all evening long.
5:38 pm
thank you for your time. i'm sure that when things unfold we will be getting back with you later on. right now back to topper shutt with the latest on the tornado warnings and where things are extra bad right now. top. >> reporter: now we have a tornado warning in frederick county until 6:00. i think this is sort of a case of this radar being so incredibly sensitive in terms of picking up all these tornado warnings at this time. i'll run over them again. we still have tornado warnings in effect now. they're all until 6:00. anne arundel county, frederick county, howard county, and prince george's county. we're seeing waves and waves of storms move through the metro area. this storm is the one we tracked just a minute ago that actually does not after shear marker any more. it doesn't mean there's any winds, but still a pretty heavy storm and still a dangerous storm pushing through bowie, laurel, also back toward 32. let's go to the weather
5:39 pm
computer for a minute. and we can talk about the lightning with these storms, okay. we'll kind of zoom in here. you can see tall lightning right around the district and points west around 270. now i'm going to pan a little bit to the east. you see the skinny line of showers and storms from cumberland down through petersburg. that's the cold front. once that goes through, we can sound the all-clear. the problem is, it's not going to go through until probably 9:00, 10:00 tonight, where we're completely out of the woods. so these storms here were from the warm front. you can see all the lightning with the storms. that's as dangerous as anything. get inside if there is lightning. here's thunder. these storms back to the west, these are the storms associated with the cold front, and that is going to produce another round of severe weather for us later on tonight. so, yes, we're not out of the woods yet. yes, flash flood doing be a
5:40 pm
problem. it already has been a problem in frederick county. frederick, howrksd st. george, until 6:00, and a tornado watch until 9:00 for the entire metro area. back to live doppler. here are the warnings now. again, anne arundel, frederick, howard, prince george's. the good news is there's no severe thunderstorm warnings right now. i guess that's good news. the bad news, four tornado warnings out. i'll go back into this storm now, straddling. we're talking a tremendous amount of rain around mclean, vienna, fairfax, bethesda, great falls, also potomac. so it is indeed going to be a slow drive home tonight, no doubt about that. i will zoom back out a little bit. and i think we have some good news really to report in terms of this storm that is exiting
5:41 pm
prince george's county. into howard county. i don't see any wind sheer with it. it has some winds with it. i don't see anything to indicator neighed dose. it's moving northeast at 18. it is going to hit -- we'll try to give you some neighborhoods, but i feel a little better about this storm. i was concerned awhile ago. i feel a little better about the storm, at least in the last 30 minutes or so. patuxent, 5:46. odenton park 5:49. admiral 5:53. that's the arrival time of that storm, but really some kind of good news. i don't see any -- i see heavy rain, possible flash flooding. i don't want to down play that but i don't see the rotation that we had earlier. i just don't see the possible tornado that we had earlier. this storm is going to hammer a
5:42 pm
lot, a very populated area. be they say darks mclean, potomac, great falls. if you are going out 193, tremendous rains. if you are going out route 7, tremendous rain. the dulles toll road tremendous rain. out 66, you are going to go through some hail and rain. just a mess. and this storm itself is moving off to the north and to the east. we'll lapse this for you. it is going to head toward wheaton, going to cross the beltway, georgia avenue, going to affect places like wisconsin avenue and connecticut avenue, all the radiating avenues going out are going to be affected with this particular symptoms, even east-west highway as well. so there's the latest. we'll toss it back to you guys for a little bit but some good news. less shear markers, but some new tornado warnings including frederick county, maryland, until 6:00. >> thank you so much, topper. we've been talking about what a rough commute this. let's go to dan on the phone to talk about the orange line.
5:43 pm
>> good evening, guys. we've got a downed tree on the orange line just outside of sheverly station. and as a result we've had to suspend orange line service in both directions between stadium armory and sheverly. that is also causing delays on other trains as these orange line trains have to turn around. if you're planning on traveling anywhere on the orange or blue lines you do want to give yourself plenty of additional time. those lines are delayed end-to- end but fur traveling in that section that's affected between, stadium, armory and sheverly, we have buses enroute. they will bridge you between and around the downed tree, making all intermediate station stops movement so buses are on the way but are crews on the way to get that tree off the track? >> crews are absolutely on the way to get to the. obviously the traffic conditions are very challenging
5:44 pm
today. we're seeing metro bus delays also as a result of the traffic conditions systemwide but crews are doing their best to get there as quickly as possible so we can restore service. >> dan, how did the tree get on the track in the first place? did it knock something else over if how did the tree literally get on the track? >> it appears to be weather related, and just like trees, i would imagine all around the region, it came down in the wind and rain of that cell that passed through that area just a short while ago. >> all right, dan, thanks for keeping us updated. any other issues on the other lines that you need to tell us about before you go? >> as far as metro rail is concerned, no, it's blue and orange that are delayed, but metro bus really systemwide delays for all bus routes as a result of the traffic and weather conditions and folks will want to give themselves plenty of extra time, and actually if you can delay your travel to avoid the severe weather. that's good advice. >> any time line on when that tree might be off the track,
5:45 pm
dan? >> i really wouldn't put a time line on it, derek. it all depends on how the crew design responding in this traffic that's out there. >> this is just round one, and this is folks trying to get home on a normal rush hour day, and you add a little rain and these other elements, and you've got a recipe for a mess to get home. dan, thank you for keeping us updated. a lot of folks are at home right now watching us, telling us their storm stories. robin ellis cunningham says she's watching us in the basement. a good place to be. >> a good thing. >> i've got another person who told us she's stuck in the library. we're sorry about that but glad you're safe two. people wrote us from west virginia saying it's cloudy and breezy and they want some of the action. so be careful what you ask for, right. >> all of this is on our wusa 9 facebook page. >> you don't want this kind of action. this is a big deal. >> after a mailed winter and no real action to speak of, this
5:46 pm
is the one thing that's getting topper and the crew all -- >> worked up. >> worked up. >> we are going to take a look at some of the storm photos you have sent to us at this is from justine bryant. this is springfield-lorton, virginia. flash flood warnings are still continuing, you can see across the bottom of your screen. we move on to another picture from steph flee at the pentagon. the cloud formations. >> we've got some other pictures. this is from our own howard bernstein who lives in that area. this is from burnt hills road. we saw this picture earlier today of some flooding. you are libel to come into a lot of roads that look like that tonight, so take it easy. what else do we have? we've got this shot from daniel bauer. >> this is taken along belmont ridge road at goose creek, virginia. you can see in the distance the funnel formation of that cloud. so hard to know what time of day this was taken but we thank
5:47 pm
daniel bauer for sending it in. you can all upload your photos at do we have any more? >> we have more storm clouds buzzing about out there tonight, and they're, of course, really hitting hard in prince george's county but as topper mentioned they're headed around to fairfax as well. as you can see in ashburn, virginia, donna beckhard had a storm cloud over somebody's home there looking very ominous, indeed. >> that's like a movie set picture. there's another shot. it looks just as ominous. jimmy from leightonville, maryland. when you see something like that, i guess you do just want to go back inside. >> as you should go back inside. as topper warns us over and over, if you can hear thunder, you can be struck by lightning. if we can go back to topper, if he has the lightning radar to show fuss there has been any
5:48 pm
lightning, later on in our broadcast. >> before we do that we do want to mention this is from thomas in virginia, we saw at picture posted on our facebook page of a funnel cloud formation in sterling. so we really appreciate everyone reaching out to us and sharing their pictures. >> just for you to note that one of the big things you deal with, of course, is not just the flash flooding but the possibility of power outages. we've been at the bottom of our screen showing you the information, the numbers to dial if your power is out, which, of course, you wouldn't have television, but if you can get it on our website we've got the numbers for you, that you can call your various power companies and let them know that you, in your neighborhood, are without lights. >> as you look at these pictures, the reason why it's so important to give those power companies a call is because they rely on you to let them know. don't just assume that they know. give them a call and let them know. more shots here, giving you an
5:49 pm
interesting vantage point of what's happening all around our area. this is scott taking this picture from colonial beach. here's another picture. >> a lot of photos. >> from sterling, virginia. >> let's also remind folks about the situation at the airports. we heard earlier tonight from surae chinn. not a complete stop but a lot of delays. more arrivals than departures. flights are backed up. you have to remember, we're not the only city having some bad weather. as it goes across the country the delays will mount up. what you need to do, of course, is call, make sure your flight is taking off on time or taking off at all. >> you've been a frequent traveler, derek. once you know that that flight is delayed, if you can get to a train station or something -- >> i've been through sought many times. don't wait, because once a plane doesn't take off, then all those passengers are shifted on to the next plane. if that one doesn't take off, then they're on the next plane so there may not be a seat for you. if you can get out of there, get another mode of transportation, maybe it goes
5:50 pm
more slowly but it gets you there, it's almost always worth it. >> topper has declared a severe weather alert day. topper, why don't you fill us in on where the storm system is right now. >> a couple things to do first. we want to show you a new feature. this is d.c., german town. we're going to show you some storm reports. here we go. thunderstorm wind damage, okay, this subpoena near woodfield road near laytonsville and damascus. damage up there with that store. we also have funnel cloud. it's been a pretty common storm report. you saw all the pictures. multiple reports of funnel clouds as well. and we're looking at a flash flood. this was near clarksburg. we showed you video of this on bethesda church road, and we showed sue all the cars going through it. finally one car turned around. thunderstorm wind damage around clinton, prince george's county. 5:04. so even if it doesn't after tornado in it, it can still
5:51 pm
produce wind damage. we've tried to talk about that and kind of hammer that through. here's live doppler. frederick county, prince george's county, anne arundel, howard county, still under a tornado warning until 6:00. so another 10 mince or so. we are still looking at another line of storms to the west, but we'll zoom in on these. they're past beltsville, past bowie, up toward odenton and baltimore. so this storm had a history of strong winds and some hail. we don't see any shear markers, but fur north of laurel i would take cover. heavy rain from gaithersburg down 95, through the spurks around the beltway into, virginia. this is just tremendous rain, possibly some hail, but look at the size and the area this encompasses. this is going to cause some flooding, no doubt. heavy rain from rockville, down 270, across the bridge, over toward mclean, heavier rain on the east side of 270,
5:52 pm
colesville, out georgia avenue. so this is a very heavy storm. not tornadic but it has lightning and it also has heavy rain and perhaps small hail as well. heavy rain ex stundz down to fairfax and vienna. so we're not done just yet. we're on the east side of 1 now, and we see some hail here. again, this is hail, then this is heavy rain in the red. you see reds, it's probably three quarters to an inch of rain per hour. you see a deeper red, surrounding this, it could be as much as an inch and a quarter per hour. we're also concerned an bowpt -- that's a whole other kettle of firn terms of another thing we have to worry about. the entire metro is still under a tornado watch until 9:00. that's not going to change. frederick county, howard county
5:53 pm
and prince george's county, anne arundel county are under a tornado warning technically until 6:00. the good news is we don't see many shear markers. let's widen it back out. this line of storms, that's from the cold front. that's going to sweep through tonight. i think this is going to be more in terms of heavy rain and straight-line damage as opposed to tornadic activity, but that is still severe and still quite dangerous. so is. we sort of see a line of showers and storms developing, and that will be with the cold front. the good news is, we talked about this, it is going to be a more organized line from north to south. heavy rains, strong straight line winds, but it will clear everything out, as opposed to this type of a situation, it is so unstable because the warm front is pushing through that we have thunderstorms popping
5:54 pm
up everywhere, most of which are severe, some of which are tornadic. so it's kind of two different chapters in the severe weather. the first chapter is this chapter, the warm front going north, and all the severe weather breaking out all over the place. the second chapter is going to be later tonight when the cold front sweeps through. so this storm fairfax, get ready. vienna 6:01, bethesda 6:1-r7bgs college park 6:28, colesville out new hampshire avenue 6:30. so this is a big storm, too. it is going to just produce more heavy rain, lower visibility, and if it could make this commute worse, i can't imagine why. derek add good point. if this were last friday it would be a complete mess. it's still a big enough mess as it is. so tornado warning still inesque for frederick and prince george's, anne arundel, howard county until 6:00. these are with the warm front. this is going to come through with the cold front and then
5:55 pm
we'll be done when the cold front clears this out. not going to be done until probably 9:00 or 10:00 tonight. the watch runs until 9:00. so here is the severe weather. this is a watch that covers everybody. it goes across the bay to easton, covers all of the mountains. this is a tornado warning poor parts of prince george's county, also howard county as well and up toward battle moyer. so that's the latest. we'll keep you posted. we are still looking at that time potential for flash flooding. there are some flash flood warnings out. righted thou we're going to concentrate on tornado warnings and severe thunderstorm warnings. back to you guys. >> all right. we've got patient now of that tree that's down on the tracks with the metro train hit between the deanwood and sheverly stations. i think we can show that to you now. derek, we were taking a look at the route there. >> it's between stadium armory and sheverly. there's actually three or four
5:56 pm
stations. minnesota avenue, deanwood, then you get to sheverly. >> it looks like the. >> that's from the inside of a metro train. that's why you can see the tree on the outside looking very strange. >> this is from laura size more with the d.c. metro blog. when you go to metro's web page it says rush hour reinvented coming june 18th, 2012. i'm sure they didn't envision this kind of craziness. >> this is actually pretty rare. when do you ever hear about a train being stopped by a tree on the tracks in metro? it doesn't happen very often but it goes to show you what kind of weather night we're having. train on the tracks, and metro's spokesman told us a few minutes, a be prepared for a long delay. he had absolutely no idea when they might be even able to get there to clear that tree. those folks might still be on that train, for all we know. >> this could take awhile. >> speaking of delays, back to surae chinn at dulles to give
5:57 pm
us a viewpoint on the travel in and out of the airport right now. >> reporter: so far the airports are open and operational. that's what airport officials want you to know. in fact, people are being dropped off here. they're heading to their flights. there are delays, however. just like the storms we are looking at, they are sporadic and so the pilots are also looking at heavy downpours. just 15 minutes ago a heavy band came through so the pilots will wait until it passes or the rain will lighten up, and that's what indeed has happened here. and so the planes will take off, and they are coming in as well. but the faa has also called on a -- what's called a ground stop, and that means where the plane originates from that will stay there until they're told to come into dulles or reagan airport, because they just don't want overcrowding on the tarmac or up in the skies as well, but right now we actually
5:58 pm
have seen some lightning in the sky. even blue sky and some rain coming down at the same time. we don't want to move the camera too much because of all the electrical cables that we have, because of these conditions. but airport officials want you to know that they are open and operating. there are sporadic delays. they just to have see what the rainstorms and things are going on. if it's heavy rain they will delay. but again, the best bet is to call ahead and make sure your flights are on time, because you don't want to be here stuck here for a long time. back to you guys. >> surae chinn, thanks for. that nice to see a little blue sky behind you. >> even though topper warns us that if there is sunshine, that powers up more thunderstorms, making for the second round. >> could be a long night. >> we've been following it throughout the afternoon. and as we have been telling you all day, severe weather alert day here on 9 news now. thanks for staying with us
5:59 pm
through our coverage. let's go right to chief meteorologist topper shutt. >> we have an extended tornado warning for anne arundel county until 6:30. that's the only change. so the extended warning until 6:30, which makes sense with the storm still south. let's start with the computer. i have in one radar with lightning, and this is something else we've got to worry about. these are pretty heavy storms rolling through the metro area now. i'm going pan over and look at that line. that's getting a little more impressive in terms of the line, and that's the cold front. once that clears us, we can sound the all-clear. the problem is we can't sound the all clear for awhile. we'll zoom in. this is the storm right now that's hammering anne arundel county. it is going to head up towards baltimore so that's why they've extended the warning there until anne arundel county. so that's the deal with that. now, we are looking at a severe -- actually a watch all the way


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