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tv   9 News Now at 6pm  CBS  June 1, 2012 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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area. it covers everybody until 9:00. that has not changed. it is going to be with us until the front goes through, and in terms of live doppler 9000, we'll talk about where the warnings are. frederick has been cleerksd prince george's has been cleared and howard has been cleared. now we're just looking at -- i take that back. howard and an arrangements they extended it now until 6:30. two lines of stores. one to the west. we'll talk about that. then we'll talk about the cold front. anne arundel county, howard county until 6:30, tornado warning. everybody else is in the clear in terms of the warning. the watch covers everybody. there's your warning. here are your severe thunderstorm warnings up near cumberland. that's not a good sign because those are the storms that are now being produced by the cold front which is going to march through here in the next couple hours. let's go to live doppler 9000.
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we'll kind of pinpoint some of the activity. this is the heavy shower and thunderstorm activity just on the west side of 95 from fredericksburg north. we're still getting hammered in fairfax and now in parts of montgomery county in terms of rainfall. so flash flooding is going to be another concern. we've already had our problems and dealing with it earlier in damascus but heavy reign vienna, bethesda, wheaton, gaithersburg, now on the east side of 270, toward olney, if you go out 97, and eventually headed toward colesville. that's a heavy storm. not a tornadic storm but a heavy store. you still need to take cover. you may not have to go in the basement but i would certainly stay away there windows and get the kids inside. some of the area, vienna, woodley, pine spring also at
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6:0 4. now we're going get rid of these, and we're going to zoom out and move the radar back to the west because now we're going to show you the storms beginning to fire up and kind of make a pretty good line of showers and thunderstorms, kind of a straight line with the cold front. now we're stretching from cumberland, back on the west side of 81, new market, all the way down to harrisonburg. this is the front, the cold front that will sweep through tonight. so again, we're looking at a good thing with the front, when it sweeps through ox we're going to be over. the problem is it's already producing severe weather in cumberland so chances are when it rolls across 81 we're going see severe weather again, especially in the form of severe thunderstorms. maybe tornadic, i'm a little less concerned about tornadoes with this, but we'll keep you posted. it's certainly possible. the atmosphere is very unstable. so we have to get rid of this line first. this is going to move essential north. these are going to move northeast but the whole line
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will move east as the cold front rolls through. so again, right now at this moment, a tornado warning for anne arundel county, howard county until 6:30. and a tornado watch for the entire metro area until 9:00. we'll come back with an update and show you storm reports in a second. >> thanks a lot, top. >> our armando trull has been out in damascus, maryland. he sent us this report. >> reporter: i'm standing near the intersection of clarksburg road and bethesda church road and behind me is a bridge that was almost totally flooded over just less than half an hour ago. if you take a look you can see the water is still pouring, very dark brown from all of the mud that has been ripped off from the bottom of the requirement you can see some downed trees around the base of that bridge. this goes to show you how quickly things have changed during this very stormy day. you can hear thunder underneath my voice, and we expect another
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round of very heavy showers, very heavy rain coming in our direction within the hour. we'll keep you updated on what's going on here in damascus, but as we have been telling you all day, if you can stay at home, do. so we should also mention that we drove into this area and saw very few buildings with lights on so we suspect there could be power outages, at least through some of these areas here in damascus. armando trull, back to you. >> thanks, armando. power outages is the big fear we've had around here for a long time. pepco has been working really hard to reassure us that the power will stay on a little longer this time around. this might be the first acid test of all that work they were doing over the wintertime. >> they've been trimming trees. >> back to top. >> let's start with the computer. so cg-17. we will start with storm
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reports. anny is going to run the storm reports. we have numerous reports of funnel clouds, some tornadoes, and thunderstorm wind damage. this subpoena near burnt hill road in clarksville. tree damage. this is -- this was about 2:30 this afternoon. now we have thunderstorm wind damage, and this is damascus. now, this is near remington and fauquier county. so this is our little storm reports. this receiving that we have so far. funnel cloud, multiple reports of a funnel cloud, a little bit off the ground, up near damascus. now we are going add radar and lightning. and this is one line of storms going through but the warm front, the second line that is going to go through from cumberland, stretching down i- 81. we just saw a little rotation or some sheer rather up near cumberland. so that's not a good sign because the second line is already producing twail some severe weather. in fact, this is the storm in
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cumberland. a little bit of rotation there. we still have the tornado warning for anne arundel county or howard county until 6:30. the rest of us are under a watch until 9:00. anny, let's see how much sheer we have. it's possible with the cold front that we could see individual spinners kind of spin up. at the very least with the cold front we are going to see heavy rain, and we are going to see strong winds as it rolls through. this is an indication of some rotation now, and we're pretty far west of town. we're south of cumberland, and we're northwest of green spring. so let's back out just a little bit, and we'll see, here we go we'll talk about -- you see the red and the green. red toward the radar site at 23 miles per hour, green away from the radar site at 30 miles per hour. that's not a good sign. that's the rough thaings storm. again, not a big tornado. we're talking about little tiny tornadoes but enough to cause
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some damage, trap some trees. that's where we're most concerned about the possibility of a tore that i had dose. there's pumpkin center. that's all headed this way. so it's headed toward pumpkin center. the whole line is moving east toward paw-paw. if you're in green spring, you should have already taken cover. pumpkin center, take cover. places like, let's see, old town, 6:11, picardi 6:20. paw-paw about 6:24 with this storm. and again, this is the line of storms that's going to be produced by the cold front, and that's going to march its way, then across the immediate metro area. it will probably take until 9:00, maybe even a little longer to get everything east of us. but the good news is, when the cold front goes through, that's
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it. the problem is we still have severe weather ahead of the cold front because the warm front went through. the warm front has been the focus of the severe weather today, quite frankly. we see heavy rains out 66, out 123. numerous reports of hail. i'd say 50% of these storms had hail in them, which is kind of unusual for us also in terms of one day. that's pretty incredible. and really probably the worst outbreak we've seen since last april of 2011. that was a big time outbreak fours, too. there's north lee highway, north of falls church. big-time hail just on the north side of 66, then. in addition to the rainfall of one to two inches per hour this is going to just hammer fairfax county and lower montgomery county, it looks like, the.
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heavy rain. that's a pretty good line of storms and down 95. so we kind of have two lines. one up and down 95, and one up and down i-8 1. until the one on i-81 comes east a ward, we're going to be in severe weather. tenth he. it's heading to the northeast at 38 miles per hour. falls church at 6:09, so that's 6:09. tyler gardens at 6:10. it's going to hammer fairfax and arlington countyk cross the river into lower montgomery county, bethesda, chevy chase,
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the spur, then work its way northeast to olney and out 650 and out route 97 which is georgia avenue. so this is a heavy storm. again, not tornadic. it is going to cause a lot is problems as it moves northeastward. so we're looking he. individual warnings anne arundel county until 30e6789 these are new severe thunderstorm warnings out to the west. we showed you this earlier. that's a severe thunderstorm warning around cumberland. more severe thunderstorm warnings down to the south. so we are not done yet. the good news is, we've not seen anything in terms of shear markers or shears except for the storm in cumberland. we were kind of concerned about that, but for the most part, thou we're just.
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at least we're not dealing with tornadoes in the immediate metro area. the only warning is anne arundel county and also howard county until about 6:30, and, again, the watch covers everybody until 9:00. this storm, this is getting a little more interesting now with two shear markers. so pumpkin center get ready. green spring, get ready. you are already getting hammered with big-time rains, and probably these winds are probably a little bit behind. that the winders probably now between pumpkin center and green spring. we're looking at 30, 40 miles per hour winds with this particular storm. this is 30-mile-per-hour winds toward the radar reds. so there is a little rotation with that particular storm. and again, it's probably in between pumpkin center and green spring now, probably a line closer to where the radar is itself, that patch of heavy rain or maybe some hail. so this is going to move more east toward paw-paw, and it is
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going to produce some flooding, no doubt about that. produced some strong wind. even if it's not tornadic, to have 40, 50. kypher 6:31, fair play 6:31. there is a warning on this but it's a severe thunderstorm warning. there's not a tornado warning on that storm just yet. this is the front that is going to roll through eastward. we don't have time fort but once we get through tonight we will be rewarded with a pretty good weekend sold. there's a carrot for you guys. i'll sent over to you. >> i think we want to go to pumpkin center. >> we're figuring out exactly where you're taking us. pretty far west. >> pretty far away. let's check in. when we last saw our friend bruce leshan he was at the wheel in adele file.
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we hear he has moved his location and is now near greenbelt somewhere near the beltway. bruce, how's it look there? >> reporter: hey, derek, a sign of how bad traffic is from new hampshire avenue over here to kenilworth avenue, i don't know, it seems like it has taken us about an hour. so the traffic is terrible, and you can see it. topper says we've got more traffic to come -- i mean, more weather to come. we definitely have more traffic to come. you can see some poor guy, who knows if he ran out of goods or what, pulled over there on the side of the road in the construction zone with the emergency vehicles trying to help him out with the state troopers there trying to help him out but how would you like to run out of gas in all of this nightmare. it is not raining right now, but you can tell from the road surface how intense the rain has been off and on here. and let me show you, this is back down towards 95 and so
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forth, and the traffic has just been nonstop all along through there. i think it's significantly worse than your average rush hour, but it is not definitely one of those snowmageddon days just yet. check this out. look at this guy up here actually barrel clear, almost blue. if you come over this way, felix, i want to show you what's coming. topper has talked about this continuing to come and to come and to come, and we had to be careful, we only have so much cable here. there's a since of the dark clouds. you can see the stuff coming down from the sky so far. so no danger at this point here of any kind of tornadoes or anything like that. but definitely not a rush hour
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to enjoy, and we are going to keep on going down this way on the inner loop. this is kenilworth avenue. we're going to go down 50, try and get to the sheverly metro, check out that tree situation on the metro train and bring you a bit more pictures of that if we can get down to the. it may be awhile. >> bruce leshan we appreciate your intrepid efforts out there in the traffic where it's obviously been a very rough inc. >> let's go back to attorney shut with some new warnings. >> it's getting actually worse. we'll show you love doppler. that one storm out toward pumpkin center, now we have a lot of tornado warnings. so it includes allegheny county, maryland, it includes frederick county, virginia, this is all until 6:45, page county, virginia, shenandoah county, warren county as well until 6:45, and also hampshire county west virginia and morgan
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county, west virginia. so this is essentially the area that has been issued, now a tornado warning. it may be part of the case where our doppler is a little more sensitive than it used to be, a little better, but we've seen this storm kind of grow in intensity, really in the last half an hour. we've seen shear markers on it for 20 minutes so this storm i will take very seriously around pumpkin center. that storm, hopefully you're taking cover. paw-paw, hopefully you're taking cover. lar gent, taking cover. i'm going to scoot the radar off to the east and give you folks a little bit of a chance to take cover. piney grove, hancock, no doubt it's coming through. we're talking gusty winds at the very least, possibly a small tornado. this is 522. this is, of course, the interstate highway 68 out toward western maryland. so not a good time to be on that road as you get up toward garrett county in maryland.
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i'm going move down a little bit. now, they've also issued this entire line of storms, okay. so from paw-paw, south to blainsville, down to capon bridge. this is going to come out of the mountains and go into the shenandoah valley, then act crouse our western suburbs. tornado warnings have been issued on these storms. frederick county, virginia, page county, shenandoah county, warren county, until 6:45, and hampshire and morgan county in west virginia until 6:45. the only county in maryland right now with these -- with this particular set of storms is allegheny county, and that is until 6:45. so these storms are going to affect places like hagerstown and martinsburg and charles town and winchester. they are going to cross i-81, and they are going to be severe if not tornadic, then marv their way through leesburg and
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warrenton, probably take until about 9:00 to get them through the entire metro area. so these are serious, this is with the cold front this is kind of what we were worried about, a second line of storms, and they are developing. we'll keep you posted at the bottom of the screen with all the warnings, but these are new. allegheny county in maryland, frederick county, virginia, page, shenandoah in virginia, and then hampshire and morgan county, west virginia until 6:45. take this seriously. and if you are in places like hagerstown and martinsburg, winchester, take cover now. go to the basement, go to an interior room, and if you are further east, okay, you can kind of use your noggin a little bit. if you're in leesburg now or out in loudoun county or out in fauquier county, they are going to get to you in a an hour and a half to two hours, so you might be able to take some precautions you maybe didn't have time to take before, but they're coming your way. at the very least, strong gusty
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winds, rain and hail. >> top, besides the fact that i am interested in this geography lesson, we're seeing something you don't see all the time, which is storm after storm after store. we get through one, next thing you know, tornado warnings are just popping up. what's going on out there? >> i think it's two things, derek. one is, we have a warm front that pushed through this morning. that's produced the first round. thou we have a cold front from the west that's producing the second round, an i think it probably bears repeating. we have this new fancy dual- pole radar that can actually change its pulse and give us a better idea of the vertical structures. so it is going to -- we had meetings about this at the weather service. it is going to release more tornado warnings than in the past that we would have just chocked up to severe storms. so keep that in mind. there are going to be a lot of issues. i don't want to take anything away from these warnings. i want everybody to take them
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seriously, especially near paw- paw, but it's a combination of almost the perfect storm. two fronts going through, very unstable air, and then, hey, a pretty sensitive radar, too. >> top, thanks for keeping us up to date. we talked about being stuck in traffic, and robert altman has the view across our area. i know we need to know this. i don't know that we want to know it, robert. >> reporter: certainly nobody really wants to know but we've had major problems throughout the afternoon. a lot of those coming in the form of flooding. right now flooding is blocking a portion of northbound i-95, right near the 11th street bridge. the accident we're seeing here is northbound i-95 at ed zell. for awhile that was blocking everything. a lot of activity off to the right shoulder. the medic and fire equipment has now left, only the police and the accident vehicles remain. going back to some issues, the outer loop near 450√°eu7b prince george's county, two right lanes are blocked, two left lanes actually blocked for flooding, major delays all over the beltway as you can
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definitely imagine also along northbound 395, right near washington boulevard, still very slow on that northbound side. at times we've had 270 slow, basically from the capital beltway up through frederick county, and that remains to be problematic. also very heavy traffic on 95 south of town heading up toward baltimore. northbound i-95 has been closed on and off north of white marsh boulevard. if you're traveling up to the baltimore area plan your trip. you might want to delay it because things are very, very busy where storms moving through in the white marsh area north of baltimore city. that's the latest from the traffic center. back to you. >> robert, very quickly, and i may have missed this, forgive me if i'm asking you something you've already told us, but our bruce leshan is on the inner wloop trying to get around to sheverly. he may end up on bw parkway or some other way. how is that traffic holding up at this time of the evening? >> right now actually, believe it or not, that's kind of the
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best part of the beltway, just going past 450 on the inner loop. now, the outer loop we do have two left lanes blocked with flooding conditions, but it's solid all over but it does sort of break up just beyond route 50 if you're heading on the inner loop heading out toward that area over towards sheverly and towards the woodrow wilson bridge. >> so he may actually get there. >> at some point. >> we should tell people that amtrak is reporting that trains are not moving north. there apparently are trees down, and jessica, are there also wires dunn on the tracks? it sounds like trees on wires. so that's not a good combination when the train is coming through. so if you were planning to take amtrak so much for that plan going from the air to the rail. >> not going to work out now. >> they're working on it now. >> the net trough situation on the orange line there was always tree down on the orange line that has affected service,
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and they're talking about buss also being delayed because of weather. let's take a look at a picture. here we have the picture that came in from laura size more on that train on the orange line headed out. i don't know if either one of you guys have that handy, where that -- >> that was taken between the deanwad and sheverkz rly station. >> metro tells us the orange and blue line delays as a result, and buses delayed across the. let's take another look at a photo. this is actually from beltway plaza in greenbelt. this is via twitter. you can see a funnel cloud formation right there at the beltway plaza behind the marshals, and you can seat moving down toward the ground, very clearly delineated. we've been getting all afternoon via, our facebook page and twitter as well. >> it's been quite a night, and this is just round one.
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>> it sure is. our armando trull has been out in some of the thick of it in damascus where we saw the flooded roads. i think it was clarksburg, near bethesda church road. you can't get through there at all any more, armando. >> that's right. i was in the thick of it just a few minutes ago, but it's such a strange, stormy day i'm in the thin of it now. take a look. it stopped raining, but if you take a look at the skyline, look at how fast those clouds are moving. and if you can see behind me, there are some cloud formations that are moving in the opposite direction, very, very strange indeed. but don't let this weather or the look of the weather fool you, because there are more storms coming this way. we are going to take a look at whether that bridge just a few miles down the road has flooded again or is in the process of flooding. it had been flooded less than an hour ago. and folks were driving across it. we can't stress enough why people should not go over
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standing water. it's a miracle no one was washed away that i know bridge because it's the distance between the water and the edge of that bridge, less than two feet. very, very dangerous. right now we're just waiting to see when the next band of storms hits this portion of montgomery county, and as you have been reporting there are trees down all over the place. we also believe there may be power outages. we've seen a lot of cherry pickers placed in strategic locations up and down bethesda church road. they're probably waiting until the find band of storms moves through the area later this evening so they can go out and assess the damage and then begin repairing it. reporting live in damascus, armando trull, back to you. >> the calm in the middle of the various storms for sure. thanks, armando. >> our own topper shutt has been all over this one all evening. i guess he's got more storm reports and more tornado warnings. >> yeah, we do. all the tornado warnings are to the west. this is concerning because it is going to march east as we go
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through. the entire area is under a watch until 9:00. we've got warnings out to the west in allegheny county, now south of winchester, and those warnings go until about 6:45. so we're not done yet. we're just not done with the next batch. now, here's live doppler 9000. you can see that the two lines of storms, and this line actually had kind of weakened, the one that's over 95, kind of good. it is not as strong, not as heavy, but now we've got this other line that's really heavy, and we see a tremendous amount of energy and a little bit of wind sheer out here in the mountains. tornadoes can occur in the mountain, yes, they can. it's not out of the question. so if i were you, and if i
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lived in warfordburg or piney grief or hancock i would take cover. even our friends in bedford and franklin county, pennsylvania, you have got to take cover because this storm could have a little tornado with it, and certainly has some strong winds and some very heavy rains with it. there is no doubt about that. now, we'll talk about the lightning with the storms. you can see all the lightning with the storms now pushing through the immediate metro area, up and down the i-95 corridor. then you see the second line of storms now stretching from cumberland, approaching winchester, back into harrisonburg. so this is big time storms. we are going to actually put on the storm reports now and numerous reports of funnel clouds, okay, with these storms, especially up to the north of us. especially up into frederick county, up around damascus and that area. we have got reports of tornadoes, of trees down of
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funnel clouds. this is a funnel cloud, and this 16th jefferson city and frederick county, about 5:27. funnel cloud about 500 to 1,000 feet off the ground. we talked about this earlier. it is not always the fact that the damaging winds actually make it to the ground. sometimes they do, sometimes they are at the very tops of the trees which is actually good. you don't want them all the way to the ground. another funnel cloud, no damage, buddha mass cuss and monte months county, 2:33. that was one of the earlier storms. now we see in prince george's county, rather, we also have reports of wind damage around clinton. that was at 5:04. they have strong winds and heavy rains and quite possibly some flash flooding. this is more damage in loudoun county about 2:00 this afternoon.
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these are just the ones that are in. we are going to more than likely see another round of storms as we go through the next two, three hours because of the next round of storms. these are the warnings. we're going to go back to doppler here. you can run radar, anny. i are go back to the key. this is the second line of storms. tornado warnings in effect for clark county, virginia, allegheny county, maryland, jefferson county, west virginia, and these have been prompted by the cold front that's pushing through to the east. my big concern is these are going to hold together, cross 88, then get into our western suburbs and we kind of do it all over again. more than likely when you get a cold front that rolls through you get what we call spinners. so we'll get a line of storms, then we'll get spin thears kind of spin up, and they're very,


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