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tv   CBS Evening News With Scott Pelley  CBS  June 1, 2012 6:30pm-7:00pm EDT

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tornadoes at all, but they will probably trigger the algorithm. we'll probably see more tornado warnings tonight. they will produce 40, 50, sit, maybe 70-mile-per-hour winds. they can do some damage. so that's what i'm thinking what is going to happen as we get this solid line with the cold front rolling through. we'll get what we call little spinners along the front. there could be quite a few of them. at the very least we're going to get some strong winds. winchester, front royal, you're under a tornado warning at this hour until 6:45. the good news is these storms have quieted down. still some pretty good rains, down 95, past woodbridge, del city. this is the new line of storms. paw-paw, largent, that storm itself is moving off to the east-southeast at 38. i kind of question that direction. we'll go with that for now. hail, yes, inch and a quarter, and, you know, the storm is headed toward or leans
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crossroads at 6:34, lion berg at 6:37, wood line 6:39, forest bark 6:44 as well. now, if you are in hedgesville, okay, or martinsburg, or even clear springs, you need to perk up. these storms are just to your west, and they are bearing down on you. so at the very least you're looking at winds 40, 50 miles per hour, and also some small hail and some very, very heavy rains with these storms. so again, hancock, clear spring, hedgesville, then eventually, okay, it gets closer to town, we're talking about loudoun county and prince william county and fauquier county, then eventually we're going to talk about storms crossing through the district. i think what will happen is it probably won't make it through the district until 9:00 or 10:00 tonight. when it does so, it will take all the severe weather with it until it is -- as long as it is to our west we have problems. and we definitely have problems out in the mountains with all the tornado warnings, down toward winchester. so martinsburg, charles town,
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get ready. frederick an leesburg, get ready. in the next hour and a half to two hours, as the storms move east, you can do some things, have a plan, go to the basement, get away there windows, put your umbrella down. probably taking out of the table and lie it down on the ground. steven city, get ready. winchester, you are getting hit. purserville, will you lovettsville. the storm itself is moving north east at 36, and it is headed toward meadow mills at 6:50, middle town at 6:52, reliant at 6:52, and bunker hill at 6:56. so you have to take these storms seriously. the most wind sheer was up around pumpkin center but you all are under a warning west of us which includes winchester, stephens city, middle town.
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jim is out unmiddle town. send aus picture jim if you have something going on but don't put yoursifnl harm's way. leesburg get ready, chantilly get ready. this storm has shrunk a little bit but pretty heavy rain out if you hampshire avenue, out toward wheaton, georgia avenue. that's heavy rain. that's red. back into town, that's east- west highway, that's heavy rain as well. into silver spring. this will plying great over towards college park and beltsville as we go through the next hour, 45 minutes. so that's the latest. the entire metro area is under a watch until 9:00. we will keep you posted, and again, western suburbs, get ready, round two is on the way in the next hour, hour and a half. back to you. >> thank you, top. a little rough out there. >> sure is. let's take a look at some of the photos our viewers have sent in. actually, right now what we're looking at is a sky 9 shot near
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joint base andrews. a wall of rain literally moving in. this was taken at 4:41 from sky 9. you can see where there's like sheets of rain literally falling near joint base andrews. >> we've got another photo for you from daniel bauer. this is right along the belmont bridge road. at goose creek. you can see a funnel cloud forming. we've not had any reports of touchdowns that we know of but we've been seeing the fum clouds so we know, as top hear said, tornado warning, you've got to take them seriously. >> he has said there's been some tornadic activity so there's the sense that something is going on. thanks so much for taking the time. this is from scott in colonial beach, virginia, with those really ominous clouds in the middle there. man, that is --
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>> like in the potomac. >> another photo of a tree down on the orange line which has made a real mess of the trip home for some folks trying to get home. this fell between the deanwood and sheverly station. as a result, a lot of problems. >> it's right at the stadium armory. if you are going that way, they are going take you off the train, put you on a bus to get you to the deanwood stay, but uneven on a good day this takes awhile so it's going to be a little rough out there. once again, no word there metro on how long it is going to be before they can get that tree off the tracks to clear the all- clear and get the trains running again. and get those folks home. they're stuck on the train. >> i eve got to think they've got them off by now but they haven't told us. >> we've also been getting a lot of pictures in from damascus. this is video of water
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overrunning clarksburg road in damascus, somebody turning around, doing the right thing, and not going through that flooded bridge there. but we've seen a lot of pictures of the water rising and with more rain expected. >> absolutely. that is clarksburg road, or what used to be clarksburg road. now it's sort of water clarksburg road in damascus. there's also video of a bus going through some high water on that same road. we've got it posted on our facebook page. we've had some interesting comments from you, seeing this bus driver going through that water. did that bus driver make the right call? that's not for us to say. let's certainly hope people don't do that, though. >> a rough evening in the washington, d.c. area. we told you yesterday we were going to declare this a severe weather alert day, and this is the time when the weather did not disappoint. it came very strong is and it's been this way all afternoon
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long. we've been letting you know that there have been tornado warnings throughout. topper told us minutes ago that was round one. round two is yet to come. >> surae chinn sat dulles airport where there's been some delays, significant delays there. >> hopefully the last tame we saw you, surae, things looked like they were improving. how are things as far as travelers? >> reporter: well, things are continuing to improve. we've actually seen the flights taking off. they are departing and arriving here as we speak, and we've also seen folks being dropped off here at the term. >> skies have lightened up a bit. but throughout the afternoon since 3:00 we've been seeing heavy downpours, lightning, and thunder but so far things seem to be clearing up. there have been sporadic delays as the storms moved through. pilots have been on the tarmac waiting it out. but for now we are seeing
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things going smoothly. there have been ground stops, planes that have stopped at the origin, point of origin but those have been few and far between at this point. so for now things look to be pretty good, but still the safe bet is to go ahead and call for your flights and to see your carriers. we are seeing delays at this hour. back to you. >> thank you, surae. we mate take note of the fact that dulles airport is far west of town. these storms have been moving west to east so when they hit again they may be in the bull's- eye. >> let's take a look at the latest round of storms with meteorologist topper shutt. >> couple reports now, new reports in. flash flooding around falls church in fairfax. one foot of water running over washington arched old dominion trail. please don't try to cross that.
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let's go to the computer. we'll show you the lightning along with the storms. still two lines of storms. now we're seeing the second line come through. that's what we're concerned about. look at the lightning around -- in between cumberland and hagerstown. that's some serious lightning. we'll go because to the severe weather, then go to doppler. the entire area is under a tornado watch until 9:00 tonight, even across the bay. the tornado warnings in maryland, allegheny county, but then in virginia, it's frederick, virginia, frederick county, page, shenandoah, warren, hampshire, west virginia, morgan west virginia. those go until 1:45. another six minutes. so it will be interesting to
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see if they extend these warnings eastward. we'll have to see if they actually extend these eastward. but hagerstown and frederick and leesburg as derek mentioned, they're moving west to east. you are going to be back in the bull's-eye in the next hour or so as the storms push to the east. still very heavy rain right around northwest, also up around the beltway, around 270. this is still some pretty good rain. the employ news is? reports of any kind of wind with the storm but the rains are now pushing to the east and north but still beltsville heavy rain, dover springs, heavy rain, 29, heavy rain, also out 650, new hampshire avenue, burtonsville, some very heavy rain as well. so we're not done with the storms here in terms of rainfall. the good news is, the first line of storms is calming down with severity. the bad news is back to the west we see another line of storms rolling through the metro area, and these have
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prompted tornado warnings until 6:45. we'll see if they -- if they reissue the warnings east ward. right now hancock, there is some sheer. there's something going on just southwest of hancock. we showed you this earlier as it came out of pumpkin center. so hopefully you folks in hancock are taking cover. i would certainly take cover in fulton county and franklin county, pennsylvania as well, because this storm is headed right for you. this is still moving north- northeast. so if you are on the other side of the border in pennsylvania, we've got to take care of you, too, so take cover. interior room, preferably a basement if possible. i think the winds -- now they're 30 miles per hour away from the radar site, and then anywhere from 30 to 35 miles per hour toward the radar site. so there is some sort of spin there. and again, we're not talking about a la play that-sized tornado. we're talking about little taken knee spin thears can spin
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up and come away, go back down, go back up. they can produce some damage. they're not big tornadoes. they're not wide, in other words. and they're not terribly intense. we're talking about winds 40, 50, 60, maybe 70 miles per hour. some of the neighborhoods with this storm, let's see, blue murray at 6:41, which has just passed. glen gary at 7:01. goose neck at 7:11, and penry at 7:14. that's the storm that's going to head up toward hancock and eventually into pennsylvania. please be advised that right now, i think is the most severe storm we have on doppler. that said, we still have tornado warnings down to the south. i think more than likely these are just looking at severe thunderstorms now with winds 40, 50 miles per hour and some hail, but pretty good activity right around front royal and also, essential up and down i- 81. we are going to see these
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storms cross i-81, then get into our western suburbs, roll in 66 and roll down 50 as we go through the next hour or so. the good news, these storms kind of on the wayne a little bit, but these storms moving essential east. the whole line is moving east. individual storms will spin up to the north. the we will line with the cold front will move from west to east. so again, we're probably talking about another hour or so before it gets to leesburg, maybe an hour 20 minutes, then probably another couple hours, two-and-a-half hours before it gets toy-9 56789 we're not dunn yet. the watch continues until 9:00 we'll keep you posted. remember a couple things. do not cross a flooded street by car or by foot. that's as dangerous as anything else. if you hear thunder, you need to go indoors, and again, get away there windows. it's just not worth it. i know you want to watch but get away there windows because flying debris is the number one problem. back to you. >> thanks, top. armando trull is out in the
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midst of things. a short time ago he said things had calmed down. that still the view? >> it still. aus mentioned this is the calm before the next storm, but folks have headed out into the streets. traffic quite, quite heavy now in comparison to would it was just a few hours ago when the rains were really coming down in this portion of damascus and where just a few miles away there was a flooded bridge over a small creek. folks have decided to go out and see what's going on, even delivering pizza to folks that have decided to stay home. don't know how smart that is right now because as you have heard topper mention we're expecting another round of storms headed in this direction. once again, take a look at just how fast those clouds are moving over the skyline, over the tree line. it is amazing the speed at which they're moving. that tells you how fast that -- those storms are going to be coming in and how fast when the rain hits with wind, how fast that's going to happen.
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but at this point here in damascus, things are quiet now. that's good news. but again, we cannot stress enough the issue about standing water. we saw people driving over a bridge that was partially flooded over, and the distance between that bridge and the water, less than two feet. a big shift in the bridge or even the water speed could have knocked a car into the creek with very, very dangerous results. so please, if you see standing water, don't go over it. stay home, order a pete sarks let the pizza guy take the risk. just give him a big tip. armando trull, back to you. >> let's hope people take your advice and watch out for that standing water and go around it, but not go through it. we've got more pictures from our viewers if we can take a look at some of them from earlier in the day. we've had people posting on our wusa 9 facebook page, dakting us on and via
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twitter. jason took this picture at dupont circle. we've seen several shots of these ominous clouds and the storm fronts rolling through the d.c. metro area. >> dupont circle has already had a tough couple days. first the water main break yesterday, and now this madness. this is from brandywine, maryland, a good distance out. does that look like a funnel cloud, derek? >> i'm thinking it may be a hint of one. it's very ominous and scary looking regardless of how well it's shaped or not shaped there. >> topper had mentioned anytime you see those thick low-lying clouds that's a sign of severe weather. >> take a look, it almost looks as though the air force memorial is holding the clouds up. >> it does. >> either holding it up or piercing right through it, the spires going through the clouds. thanks for sending that to us. that's an interesting view. >> this is dan bauer again in ashburn, virginia, where we've
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already talked about the possibility of a funnel cloud. there it is. pure evidence that it's a very serious day out there. that there are funnel clouds out there, and any time, anyplace, we see a tornado warning, a tornado could touch down. >> we also had a picture from the beltway plaza in greenbelt. there we go. another funnel cloud formation. topper, you can jump in at any point. we've seen a lot of this. when does it actually then become a touchdown as far as -- is it picking up velocity and at the same time going down? >> well, it just depends. the parent thunderstorm is rotating enough to kick it to the ground. sometimes this stuff is going on above us all the time, we don't know it, maybe 1,000 feet above us, we may seat, but we may be okay. the one report we had in damascus from a trained spotter said it was 500 feet in the air, then it did drop down. so it's not a tornado until it touches down on the surface. that's when it's really a
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tornado. it's simply a funnel cloud up until then, and not to get -- not to confuse the area, but a waterspout is a tornado over water. same thing. a funnel cloud, we can't tell if it's touching down behind marshall's or not. if it were, that would be a tornado. some of the pictures i've seen, one previous to this i think they were on the ground. they were pretty big, pretty well formed. >> but we haven't heard reports of damage that you would think would go along. >> they are going to be small, little -- we're not talking la plate tax we're talk 50, 60, 70- mile-per-hour winds, maybe 30 yards, 50 yards wide. if it touches down and it's 50 yards, it might go in between light poles. it might miss whatever could it hit. it's so small. >> and at 5 miles per hour, it might not do a lot of damage. >> you've been warning people we have a second front moving through. we have those -- a lot of people worried about that coming through, and we'll be talking to you about that in a
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moment. but first the traffic. robert altman has his eyes on the very wet roads tonight. >> very wet and very deep in some places and that's what we're finding here on the outer loop of the beltway. >> reporter: right near 4506789 that's the shot at good luck road. it's only the left lane blocked. earlier with flooding conditions it was two left lanes but flooding seems to be the major issue we're finding. most of the accidents that are coming in are very minor because most people can't really get up to speed at this point in time. but thou we're getting word of very slow traffic, also because of flooding not too far away from here along westbound 50 between 202 and columbia park. also expect delays solid delays leaving 395, near the pentagon, all the way down toward the beltway. there is just a brief grange action right near the beltway and springfield approaching the mixing bowl, but we're solid again all the way down through the area of lorton, building in toward the ramps of woodbridge and then down toward dale city and the harbor.
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the harbor got hit a little while ago with some very serious storms, and that's why everything is so slow extensively down towards the fredericksburg area as well. 395 south of edsel road everything seems to be rung fine but i guarantee south of this shot on the left-hand side of the screen things really start to jam up once you hit the mixing bowl and head down toward the springfield area. closures along 295 northbound between 11th street and eastern avenue. flooding in the lanes there. southbound 270 also jammed up leaving the capital beltway moving in toward the spur. also expect delays on the inner loop between indian head and telegraph, not only the long- term construction project, and the local lanes are the only ones open, but flooding in that construction area. once again, major delays moving outbound on 270 and also outbound 66 moving all the way in through centreville and then finally building in from the beltway area. that's the latest check from our traffic center. now back to you.
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>> robert, with all that information hopefully there won't bea test on all those details. where are the worst hit areas? you've got your eyes on our whole area. where are the worst spots? >> the worst hit is pretty much delay-wise where everything was first hit, and that was around 270 and i-70. the beltway has been slow, and normally is on a friday anyway, especially as slow is as it's been. the prince george's county area and howard county area i think have had the most warnings, and we're also getting word of a lot of flooding toward the ellicott city area. ellicott city pretty much abe bowl so a lot of flooding in that area. howard county, frederick county, up toward the north side of montgomery county, that's where we've seen the worst problem with flooding and delays. >> robert, it seems to me, correct me if i'm wrong that on friday rush hour starts early but it can end early as well. now it's almost 7:00 and it's nowhere near done. that's a little unusual. >> it is weather related and it is unusual. you are correct, around 5:45,
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6:00, especially the beltway through college park and down to the south end, towards 395 really starts to thin out, but obvious we're not seeing that today. i actually think a big cause of it, too, a lot of people are leaving work later, and i eve seen even more traffic now heading out of the area than i normally have at this hour building out toward 29, kohl'sville road, out towards 66. i think a lot of people were just being safe and working a little late today. >> they were taking topper's advice and it's not working in their favor, at least traffic- wise. >> a lot of people on a typical friday night would be headed toward the shore point. any update on traffic that way? >> funny you mentioned that. earlier i think a lot of people held off, and a lot is going on, on the eastern shore, nascar is in dover, there's also the ravens roost, big convention, but things along 50 really haven't been that bad. minor slowing on the bay bridge but that's because of the weather. only two lanes instead of three on the eastbound side, but also
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there was a series of accidents near millersville that are now gone but they were jamming traffic up as well and nobody could get to 50. but right now if you're heading to the shore 50 is actually clear if you can dodge the raindrops. >> there's a good chance that plenty of people, or at least a good number of people around our area may have trouble with power at some point. >> actually, it's not all that bad. i have my pepco app. snow are you we looking? >> not that bad. they say they have 16,250 customers out right now. >> who is this? pepco? >> this is pepco customers. 97 active outages, which i guess means certain points of where the power is down. 16,000 people. only 17 of those people are in montgomery county. >> we've got some other numbers as well on our screen. 10,568 in the district of columbia, and 6,584 in montgomery county. but derek that app may even be more accurate, more updated.
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>> again, pepco has been working really hard all winter long trying to make sure that they at least weren't as bad as they have been. >> this is their first real test to see how that's going. >> we've got some damage in the bel air area of maryland to show you. this is going closer to the baltimore area, and i suspect this is the view from wbal's camera. correct me if i'm wrong, matt. this is giving you some idea. this is from the wbal chopper. you are seeing some damage from the bel air area. lots of what looks like are just kind of wet stuff. earlier when we took some shots from the baltimore area there were a lot of trees snapped. >> there we go. >> now a closer look at some siding that came off of a home. and this is -- there was no tornadic activity out that way, top. this is just severe weather? >> well, they were under a
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warning. it could have been either thunderstorm or a thunderstorm with a tornado. >> could that have come through without us having seen the activity, tornadic activity on your radar, especially this new sensitive radar? >> i think this is the same storm we saw over damascus. probably around 4:00 or so. but, yeah, if it's that small and it doesn't happen to go through an apartment complex or a populated area, you're not going to see it. you might see some trees down. >> you do see the debris and a lot of winds down in that area. again, earlier there was a shot of the backyard there in the patio, and you talked about the furniture, how quickly it can get strewn around. >> is that a light pole? >> i couldn't tell. >> i think it was a piece of siding. i don't know. >> is that a light pole? >> there may be pieces of people's gutters blown off the roof. that's what those look like to
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me. that really makes for a nice day tomorrow when you come out to look at your house. >> new warnings. anne arundel county, prince george's county, tornado warning until 7:30. again, howard county, anne arundel county, prince george's county now until 7:30. let's go to the -- let's go to computer. there's the warnings, bright red. the whole area is under a tornado watch until 9:00. all the yellows that is the severe thunderstorm warnings off to the west. but we'll go to live doppler 9000, and we'll zoom into this storm. again, we saw a little rotation, or a little possible wind sheer, but i don't see much right now. that said, i want you to take it seriously. if you are in bowie or woodmoor or forestville i want you to go ahead and take cover, because the warning is out, and it goes until 7:30. some of the areas, fort meade,
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millersville, possible targets for this particular storm. it was, again, a doppler radar indicated storm capable of producing tornadoes along a line extending from laurel to about five miles southeast of laurel, and it's moving east at 20. so that's the lowdown on that particular store. we'll kind of zoom in here and try to get you closer to where the action is. we're north of beltsville, greenbelt, and lanham. and this is the area of concern. if you are in bowie, you probably need to take cover as well. if you are northeast of this area, you certainly need to take cover. you always kind of have to know what's to the southwest of you. there's laurel right there. let's just see if we can find any rotation with this particular storm. and we'll see what the winds are. so we've got winds 41 miles per hour away from the radar site.
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pretty strong, i'll give you. that but there's not any winds toward the radar site. so that's still -- if you're in jessup, up 295, baltimore, washington parkway, i would take it seriously, take cover. it certainly has hail in it. we see that north of laurel. so again, anne arundel county, howard county, prince george's county, a tornado warning until 7:30. let's go to bruce. >> bruce leshan joining us live. bruce, what's happening? >> reporter: well, pretty scary. i mean this is by far the most significant damage that we have seen so far. you can see the flooding. look at that, that nissan right there, obviously tipped over by the force of some of the flooding here on eastern avenue at about olive street. we're near 295, not that far from 50. you can see this is actually under the metro line.
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you can see that the windows on the passenger side of that vehicle have been broken open, the windows on the back side of it have been broken open, and my suspicion is that the firefighters had to come and knock those out and rescue people, but we don't have a lot of details on the scene, but imagine what it would be like to be coming down through here and either having the force of the water tip you over on the side or simply start floating, trying to go through water. topper talks about this all the time. there it is right there, the darning. there's a heavy smell of gas down here on eastern avenue under the csx and the orange line. and i want to show you one other thing that perhaps tells us a little bit about what must have happened here, too. look at the child seat there, the booster seat that's there. you wonder if, was a child trapped in that and firefighters had to bring the child out as well to rescue the folks that were in th


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