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tv   9 News Now Tonight  CBS  June 1, 2012 7:00pm-7:30pm EDT

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that is a nissan, and back on the far side, i don't know how well you can see it, but just behind the nissan there's another vehicle. it's buried so deeply i can't even tell for certain what it is. my suspicion either a truck or an suv or a minivan, but you can see the water is almost up to the roof. and the questioning a gain, whether there were people in that or whether it was parked down here. my suspicion is not really any parking down here, that there were probably people in that, too that had to be taken out but we can't find out exactly what's going on. there are some police officers who were here but they were here mostly just concerned about traffic and concerned about other folks coming down eastern avenue and just driving right down here. so they just put up that yellow tape, put up those flares, then they left to go handle some other emergency situations. and i can show you one of the reasons why they are so darn busy. look at the traffic lies up
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there. they're completely dark. 50eu8 telling you this is really a scary picture down here about would can happen with this kind of storm. the bizarre thing is is it's not even raining that significantly right now, but clearly it was raining and they got this huge flood down here. still a ton of water, and you can bet that that was awfully, awfully frightening for the folks in those vehicles. back to you. >> hard to know how much water is out there but we talked earlier with topper who said six inches of water can take your car and move you, and you can completely lose control, and bruce, that's a lot of water covering those vehicles. >> reporter: yeah, the vehicle in the back there, if that's an
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suv, i'm about six feet tall. i could have an suv up above me. there's maybe less than a foot of it sticking out from there. so we're talking at least five feet of water, and he's probably in about the deepest point here. but, i mean, i just -- we were shocked. we were kind of driving along, we were trying to get to the sheverly thing and we ran into this traffic, started down eastern avenue, and i said, something is going on. i looked, and there's the picture of what i have seen. so we're going to call the police and fire department see if we can get some more details but what a scary scene. >> it is a scary scene. bruce, we want to remind our viewers that you're watching 9news now at 7:00, and we plan to stay with this at least through 7:30. we are still awaiting round two. we just saw some of the carnage left behind. >> i know we need to get to topper but there's a quick
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update from amtrak. initially we said trains weren't moving north of union station. now it appears that one of the two tracks is open, the trains are moving, and that the crews are working to remove the trees from the overhead power lines, so that's a bit of welcome news but topper surely we have a long night ahead. >> the tornado warnings to the west are no longer in effect. they've just issued severe thunderstorm warnings. a couple of things, nats game is postponed. no surprise. if you are going to the nats game tomorrow, the braves are in town, of course, big and rich will take the place of dirks bentley for the concert after the game. big and rich will perform tomorrow after the game. but tonight it is canceled, or postponed. let's talk about live doppler 9000. we have tornado warnings for anne arundel county, howard county and prince george's county until 7:30. the biggest concern here in that area is northern parts of anne arundel county, okay, and
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up into howard county and extreme northern part of prince george's county. so if you are down to the south, woodmoor south, or south of 50, nothing to worry about with this storm. so this is the storm that has prompted the warning. i see heavy rain with it. i don't see much in terms of any kind of wind sheer but it is moving off to the northeast at 29, and we're looking at the potential for, let's see, settlers landing at 7:0 4, lakeview at 7:0 4, high ridge at 7:04, cardinal forest 7:04. if you are in any of those areas, and we're getting closer to baltimore now, you need to take cover and take it seriously, because it is a tornado warning. it is a doppler indicated tornado warning. it is not one that has been crated by a trained spotter but the al go rite thawm was triggered, the warning simply went out. i want to go back into town.
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bruce was sort of in southeast d.c., is that correct? incredible pictures, by the way. what we're going to do now is we're going to actually see if we can get some rainfall amounts. we know the rainfall rates were about two inches per hour, and we'll just see what the doppler is showing so we can give you some idea. an inch, an inch, .6. not crazy amounts, really. i thought it would be a little higher. it may not all be counted yet. but you get an inch of rain in 30 minutes, and that's all you need. and you get the flash flooding. i think bruce had a pretty good contains point there of whatnot to do in a flash flood. i want to move the radar back out, and we'll talk about these storms to the west and again, go over the warning. anne arundel county, howard county, prince george's county, you are under a tornado warning until 7:30. i want to put in all the severe
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thunderstorm warnings, and there's a bunch of those. allegheny county in maryland, you are under a severe thunderstorm warning, okay. washington county, up near haggers town, you're at a severe thunderstorm warning. now they've triggered them up in bedford, pennsylvania, franklin and fulton which makes sense, going across the border. clark, virginia, you're no longer under a tornado warning. you're under a severe thunderstorm warning until 7:15. frederick county, virginia, again, severe thunderstorm warning until 7:15. and also king george in virginia, a severe thunderstorm warning until 7:15 as is stafford and berkeley and hampshire county, morgan county, west virginia, severe thunderstorm warnings until 7:15. so we're not done just yet with the severe weather. we're looking at, anny, i'm going to go to the key. i'll put storm tracker up. you see the lightning. you see two pretty distinct lines. you can zoom out a little bit
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if you want, and you can see the two lines. one going through right now, and these have prompted the severe thunderstorm warnings, and then the second line which thankfully has not prompted any additional tornado warnings. that's good. that said, it's still all lit up like a christmas tree out here in terms of severe thunderstorm warnings. you can see all the lightning, tremendous amount of lightning with these storms and the reds and yellows. that's rainfall rates, half an inch to an inch and a quarter per hour. the good news is, cumberland, petersburg, notice it's just green. that's good. that's light rain. so once this front goes through, we're going to be in pretty good shape. but right now win chert is getting hammered, front royal. fairfax is getting hammered, as is the district with heavy rain. you can see all the lightning down 95, and that's going to head across the river into collaterals county and eventually waldorf. so we are not done just yet. there's your tornado warning until 7:30.
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but you can see the watch covers everybody. they have not shaved the watch just yet. i was waiting for them to shave the watch off. they have not done. that again, they're valid until 6:00 p.m. this is the latest line with the frontal. that's the cold front that's producing those storms. this is the warm front that's prompted the warning for, again, northern prince george's county, anne arundel county, and also parts of howard county until 7:30. i'm not really super concerned with that, but look at the lightning with these storms as well. flash flooding, hail, and i really want someone to send a picture. i know somebody in alexandria saw the hail that we saw on radar, and you've got to have a picture of it. send to the me at least by monday but hopefully tonight. that was some of most defined hail i had seen on doppler ever. so hopefully you got a picture of that. this will still produce some flooding and heavy rain along i- 95 and up toward baltimore and this is going to produce some
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heavy rains along i-81 and eventually move into our western suburbs so loudoun county, fairfax, prince william and fauquier. really in the next 40 minutes. this is the last bit of severe weather. it will probably take three hours or at least two-and-a- half hours to get east of 95 and through the entire metro area. now we've got the storm reports up here. we're looking at, again, these are reports. you see the little thing on frederick? that's a little tornado. that was a little funnel cloud or possible tornado. floods in there, reports of hail, you've got all kinds of reports with this system. it's had everything. electrical fair in baltimore on the right portion of the screen. that is. never a good sign. we just saw that awhile ago. maybe 40, 50 miles per hour wind went through there.
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that's what normally takes off siding. there's some debris. maybe a little bit more than that maybe. i could see 60, 70-mile-per- hour winds looking at the debris and the path of the debris there. okay so funnel cloud injefferson around frederick county. that was at 5:27. so numerous reports of funnel clouds. numerous reports of flooding and also hail. this was over at washington old dominion trail and fall church. flash flooding at 6:22. hopefully that has gone back down. thunderstorm wind damage in clinton and prince george's county at 5:04. so these storms have had everything. hail, funnel cloud in severn, anne arundel county. it's just been a nonstop show. look at all the lightning with the storms up toward baltimore, especially up toward baltimore and back toward the beltway, our beltway. so we're not done yet but the good news is there are no
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tornado warnings west of town. there are still tornado warnings east of town, anne arundel county, northern prince george's county and howard county until 7:30. back to you guys. >> thank you topper. we want to get back to bruce leshan looking at some severe flooding, some cars submerged. we understand, bruce, you have caught up with someone involved in all of this. for viewers just joining us can you please establish your exact location for us? >> reporter: we're on eastern avenue at olive street in the deanwood area, right on the d.c./maryland line, prince george's county line. the metro line runs right on top of us. you can see the picture of the two cars that were trapped in the water. and the guy who belongs that gmc yukon that you can just see about a foot of it stick out of the water is standing right here next to me. tell me what happened, ricardo richardson. >> well, when i was coming around this corner i made a right, and it was -- vision was
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very limited, but i came around here, about where my truck is, it stopped about like -- it had to be like three feet of water, then it went from three feet to five and a half feet just like that. luckily for me, my car windows was down, so i jumped out of the car. >> you swam to the side. >> yes. >> you had to swim out of the car. >> yes. >> tell me, you went in, it went from three and a half to five and a half? >> to five and a half feet, like that. >> reporter: and what happened? your engine just died? >> yeah, it died once it got to that point right there. it died. >> reporter: and then you realized that there was this nissan, this sedan rate here next to us. tell me what was happening with that. >> the nissan was almost completely submerged almost. by the time it got to five and a half feet so when i swam to the side, i regained a little bit of breath or something is, and swam back out to see if anybody was in there. >> reporter: was there anybody in there? >> no, it was nobody in the car. >> reporter: but there was at some point. >> yeah, i'm sure it was.
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i'm sure they probably just left the car and vacated it. >> reporter: but you never found out? >> i mean, i never found out who it belongs to or anything. >> reporter: did you ever see any rescue personnel, firefighters? >> yeah, firefighters were on the scene, as soon as i got back to this point, as soon as i swam out and got myself to the dry spot, that's when they came. they pulled this car out of the water and made sure that nobody was in there. >> reporter: so your suspicion is that they -- that the car, the people got out. >> they must have -- >> reporter: because i'm looking at the windows on that vehicle, on the nissan. >> right. >> reporter: and the windows are all broken open. so what happened with that? >> the rescue squad broke the windows open to see if anybody was in the car, because the car was almost completely submerged. they had to break the windows out to see, just to make sure. >> reporter: but there was nobody in there, thank goodness. >> thank goodness, thank goodness. >> reporter: yeah, that's terrifying.
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so we hear these warnings over and other again about do not drive into high water. but for you, you just didn't even realize. >> right. i didn't see it until it was too late. >> reporter: what went through your head? >> get out of the car. that was the first thing that went through my head, to get out of the car. >> reporter: was that hard to get out of the car? >> my window was down. >> reporter: and they were open before you wept in? >> before the water got to the battery. >> reporter: wow. >> when the water got to the battery, you couldn't do anything. >> reporter: so, ricardo, come stand a little bit more over here and tell me what is the message that guess out to people from what happened to you? >> be careful when it's raining. really be careful. >> reporter: listen to topper when he says do not drive into
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standing water. >> exactly. >> you couldn't really see it. the vision was so limited, you couldn't even see it. >> reporter: i will car dough i'm so glad you're okay. >> i am, too, man. appreciate it. >> reporter: what happens next? >> new car. >> reporter: and the d.c. water folks are hoping to drain this out. >> oh, yeah. >> reporter: holy mackerel. and this is in the middle of eastern avenue. >> i know, it's crazy, man. i heard that it was the same way down there, the bridge not too far down there, same thing. >> reporter: holy mackerel. okay. thank you for talking to us. >> no problem. >> reporter: glad you're okay. hope it works out with your car. >> thanks, man. >> reporter: let's take it back to you guys. >> that's the happy ending. that's what you want to hear. >> that is a happy ending but there's a lesson there. sometimes that things happen so fast that even the best advice in the world can't help you. sometimes you just get caught up, as they say. >> poor visibility and rising water. >> let's take a look at the pepco power outages that we
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were talking about earlier in the newscast. looks like they made some progress in reestablishing some of the customers in the district, about 8,292, down significantly. montgomery county actually has more than what we saw earlier, 373. prince george's county, 3,33, but overall numbers down from an earlier high, sought looks like there are some definite outages out there but reestablishment of power pretty quickly. >> lehai anderson is on the phone. when we talked earlier, you really wanted people to call in if they were in the dark. are you getting a lot of calls and where are they coming from? >> yes, we're still getting some phone calls about power outages. right now 1200 customers without power. that changes. that's been fluctuating. but we have plenty of resources and people to respond to power outages. we do still encourage our
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customers to call us and report an outage when they have one. and also we want our customers to realize that we are bracing for a second round of storms that could potentially impact us. so we are ready. we are here, and if power does go out we will respond quickly and safely. >> i'm struck by the fact that you and pepco and the other providers have not been hit as hard as we are used to seeing you hit when these sorts of things happen. any idea why this time around relatively few people are in the dark tonight? >> well, we feel that a lot of our work year-round is to harden our system and make sure that our facilities are ready for ents like this. and so we believe that we're ready because we've worked all yearlong to make sure that our right of ways are clear that we're doing proper tree trimming, that we're maintaining our equipment. >> we're going to hold you to that next time around. >> thank you, dominion virginia power. we'll be checking back in. let's go to surae chinn at
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dulles. we had some stoppages of flights leaving our airports earlier in the day, only arrivals, but hopefully things have improved at dulles, reagan national, and bwi. unfortunately we did just lose surae at dulles, but she had to us us there were delays. now we have here. >> technology. gotta love it. >> surae. >> reporter: hi there. yeah, things are business as usual right now but you talked about some delays. there's still a handful. i checked the boards. i want to show you now planes are coming in because one is just about to land, a continental flight right there coming into dulles international airport. so things are running right now. there have been delays throughout the afternoon. >> there we go again. >> did we lose her again? >> yep, we're running into the issues that come our way when there are storms and live shots. it's not always easy to maintain. >> we should just go to topper because he never stops.
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he's like the energizer bunny of weather. >> not only that he can probably tell us what happened to surae. was there a storm at work? >> well, there is, although i can't guarantee that was the reason, but i tell you what, we have some good news. things are quieting down somewhat. we can't let our guard down, but somewhat. we do have still a tornado warning for anne arundel county until 7:30. but i'm not altogether that concerned about that storm. it's moving up toward baltimore and we have no shear markers on it. so that's some good news. the other good news, i'm going to pop the severe thunderstorms on, not that many. severe thunderstorm warning now for howard county in maryland, franklin, fulton county, pennsylvania, until about 7:45. so that's some good news. again, the second line, right here, all right, we've not seen the steady progression of the tornado warnings. that's a good thing. and the storm will continue to
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move off to the east, okay, so still going to get hit again. you are going to get hit again regardless. depends on how hard we're going to get hit actually. we do have a severe thunderstorm warning now up into anne arundel county until 8:00. they just put that up as well. so that's kind of new, and i think we're looking at baltimore city also under a severe thunderstorm warning and a tornado warning until 7:45. but the good news is really back to the west, it is a lot quieter. yeah, these are still pretty heavy symptoms, and there's still some pretty heavy rain around the districts, right around national airport, heavy rain, up toward college park, south of bethesda, and out toward annandale. the good news is it's just yellow out here. so definitely rainfall rates half an inch per hour. but this skinny area, that's pretty good rainfall toward national and toward alexandria. that's rainfall rates of about three-quarters of an inch per hour, if you will. we'll go to computer for a
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second. and we'll talk about the watch. the watch hasn't been trimmed just yet, but we are looking at i think the back edge will slowly but surely be trimmed off as the front clears. so again, the watch goes until 9:00. these are your warnings. severe thunderstorm warnings, martinsburg, winchester, clark county, virginia, and this is your tornado warning and your severe thunderstorm warning in extreme northern anne arundel county and southern baltimore county. so that's the deal. this is live doppler. there's the heavy rain we had showed you earlier. we'll go on to the lightning. you can see the storms. a tremendous amount of lightning, near baltimore, right now not as much lightning with this little second round that is now over d.c. and back toward alexandria but still some lightning. not as much lightning to the west which is good news. there's some lightning with the second round of stores. certainly some heavy rain, but for the most part we're looking at good news, okay, so we're looking at severe thunderstorm
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warnings instead of tornado warnings. that's a good try. we'll take thacht it will probably take, again, another hour or so to get the second line into our western suburbs, maybe fairfax, probably another hour to get to the district, probably another half an hour to get east of i-95, and then we will be in the clear, but not going to let our guard down. the watch continues until 9:00. back to you guys. >> all right, thank you, top. we have noted for you that metro has been having some serious orange line problems ranging from the deanwood station. >> tree down. >> there's the picture of the tree down near the deanwood sheverly minnesota avenue station. let's talk to dan, the spokesman for metro. >> good evening again, derek g. news to report. we had to actually -- let me first say we had multiple downed trees at sheverly so they had to work their way through with chain saws, but we do have one track restored.
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rail service has been restored on a partial basis. but at least you can take a train now all the way to new carrollton and vienna and back. single track zinckesque between stadium armory and sheverly so customer will want to give themselves 20 to 25 minutes of additional time. we do have residual delays on the blue line because of its overlap with the orange line. >> hey, dan, at would point did the folks that were the on that train where the tree dropped and we saw the picture, at what point did they get off there that train? >> well, let's see. the train came in contact with tree at 4:58 p.m., and they were safely off-loaded to the platform at 5:24 sore. that will be 26 minutes. and during that time the train operator has to make sure that the train is safe to move, that it didn't encounter any damage. they've also got to change the wheel direction of the track and there were other trains behind that train that had to be reversed out of the way
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before tint train could be backed up into the station. >> dan, i have to ask you this, anybody hurt or anything beyond shock when a train -- with a tree falls on a tree like that? >> no, sir, no reports of injuries whatsoever, so very good news on that front tonight. >> what about your other lines? earlier you were saying bus service has obviously been slowed down. how about the other train lines? >> other train lines are still holding their own, all three the remaining lines red green and yellow are all doing okay. you do obviously want to give yourself extra time if you're headed for the station. we have heard reports of local road flooding blocking access to certain stations like might be so that ave and deanwood. there are going to be other examples of that as we head through the night. >> no flooding on the tracks? >> not at this point. we have crews that would normally be in for the evening
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round. >> dan, we wish those crews well because we know there's another round to come tonight so keep us posted and let's hope you don't have to deal with any more drama with trees down on railways. >> i also want to mention, dan, you talked about the track that was supposed to go on this weekend. >> that event canceled that but they will be using crews certainly for anything that needs to be done tonight so that work may start later than it otherwise would have but at this point we're not planning on canceling it. >> thanks a lot. back to armando trull in damascus. he's been surveying some of the flooding. we've been getting quite a few pictures of flooded out bridges and things from there. where are you right now armando? >> well, i'm still in the parking lot of it damascus elementary school, and we were telling that you we were expecting that second round of storms to be coming in, any minute now. it's begun to rain right now,
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but the most -- the clearest indication that that second round of storms is approaching is the fact that this is a round of storms that's coming in on a cold front, and the temperature has dropped significantly in the last hour. it is now 66 degrees here. that is a lot colder than it was just a few hours ago. the first signs that that storm is heading this way again. it brought a lot of flooding in this area. a bridge just a mile down the road was flooded. we expect that could happen again. we've seen power. we've seen trees and branches down on the road. folks have basically taken to the streets again. i guess they're taking advantage of this lull, but let me tell you, the best thing they could do is head back home, because that storm is going to hit, it's going to hit soup, and it's going to be hard. damascus, armando trull. we'll leave you with one scene, a very sad scene.
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this lady is out here waiting for a bus. hopefully that bus will get here before the storm does. in damascus, i'm armando trull. back to you. >> thank you, armando. >> topper. we still have a tornado warning in effect for anne arundel county. that will continue another three minutes or so. we do still have severe thunderstorm warnings. that also includes anne arundel county until 8:00 as well as howard county, maryland until 8:00, washington county, pennsylvania, franklin, fulton, and berk. in west virginia berkeley and jefferson. now, to confuse you more what i will do is take the severe thunderstorm warnings off and put the flash flood warnings on. so everybody in the metro area is under a flash flood warning. that includes montgomery county, howard county, and prince george's county, the district and also fairfax county. so you still may come across some flooding, and as armando mentioned the second round is not here yet. it's on the way.
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this is the second round for the cold front. so until that goes through, we are not out of the woods just yet. the good news, i think it bears repeating that we're not seeing tornado warnings issued any more with this second round. not to say they can't spin up as they get closer to us but the air has cooled a little bit, but really there's still quite a bit of energy, if will you that could still spawn another round of small tornadoes, he is special as this gets closer to us. so again, this is going to probably be through here, you know, in an hour or so then another hour, should be over the bay. so two more hours to go before everything is in the clear, but the good news, the only tornado warning right now is anne arundel county until 7:45. yes, there are a bunch of severe thunderstorm warnings, but again that is a good trade. we would much rather have severe thunderstorm warnings than tornado warnings. that said we still have the
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flood warnings. don't let your guard down because we are looking at the potential for flash flooding for awhile. so just keep that in mind. see all the lightning with these storms, too? less to the west, with the second line. that's actually a good thing. but a lot of lightning pushing up to the north with that last wave of storms. (please stand by for change of captioners) again, here are the warnings. severe thunderstorm warnings charles county. charles county, st. mary's county. also severe thunderstorm warnings up into berkeley and jefferson county as well. that is the latest. the watch continues until 9:00. we'll keep you posted. we're always on at


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