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tv   9 News Now at 11pm  CBS  June 1, 2012 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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pounding our areas, packed with heavy downpours,ing strong winds, dangerous lightning, triggering flash flooding, may have even spawned some tornadoes. tonight, the threat still remains. our entire area is under a tornado watch until 2:00 a.m. the we'll go straight to topper for the latest. >> this is new information. it has been trimmed now.
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essentially the watch is over for the metro area. that's good news. the problem is that the flooding is not. we'll start with the watches for you. we'll see that the tornado watch is still covering the counties here with a little sliver of southern maryland, but that's it. we have talked about the front going on through for you. that will be it for us in terms of severe weather. if you're west of town, then your threat of severe weather will be over. and again the eastern shore, yes, and down towards st. mary's county until 2:00 a.m. the watch keeps getting them back further and further. the reason being, the cold front is pushing on through, east of i-95. the heaviest activity right now, right into prince george's county. no severe thunderstorm warnings, no severe tornado warnings either at this hour. we have not been able to say that for quite some time. take a look at the lightning, east of town with the last little batch of rain showers. that's the good news, just a little bit of the leftover showers back to the west, which is light and inconsequential. all the severe weather is now east of town.
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we'll come back, we'll talk about how much cooler it will be behind the system and take you all the way through the weekend. buildings were damaged, cars flipped over. all from what many were saying was a possible tornado. it sent folks scurrying for safety. scott broom is live for us with some reports on how bad the daniel got. it was a storm with warehouse buildings. the strength to flip a pickup truck. >> i'm not worried about the truck. i'm worried about the building. >> split trees, shattering power lines. leaving the horse trailer offended. >> your mind that this was a tornado? >> yes, no doubt. the thunderstorm would not do what we heard. >> reporter: putting the fear of god in jeff stoltz. >> it was like you were in an airplane. all of a sudden your air
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pressure will dissipate and it goes away. it was a loud noise and then it stepped out with the building going down. >> the roofs are over on our parking lot over there. the whole thing collapsed. >> reporter: and here is a small concrete building that collapsed. to men, auto detailers were injured here. one seriously when they were trapped underneath the concrete wall and rescued by the landscaping crew. rescuers rushed into the area, searching dozens of areas, marking the orange x's as they moved on through. no deaths were reported. >> jeff, are you feeling pretty lucky? >> yes, i am. >> yeah, i really am. >> well, scott, it would work if you knew we were on tv, but he does not know and we'll get back to scott broom later if that is called for. that is scott broom reporting from maryland. the storms also reached havoc in baltimore.
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heavy runs created a major mess with the flood waters leaving all, but two lanes unpassable, damaging homes, crushing some cars. the good news so far, no injuries reported. and at the height of the storm, tens of thousands of people in our area, they lost power. but the lights, they are all twinning to come back on -- but the lights are coming back on tonight. about 6,600 customers still in the dark. all but, 1,000 of those are in washington, d.c. montgomery and howard county with the fewest outannals in northern virginia -- outages in northern virginia where the customers don't have power. deliveredded by the storms quickly triggered some fierce flooding. some of the worst in upper montgomery county with a flash flood that quickly colored the road that is in damascus, just as people were heading home. that scene repeated itself throughout the night as line after line of storms pushed on
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through, especially in frederick county where rising waters, they caught some off guard in the rushing water itself. our armando trull is live in frederick with the details of a dramatic rescue. armando? >> reporter: considering just how fierce this flooding was, they were very lucky that there were no serious injuries reported, but plenty of close calls. rescue crews, of frederick county, they have been busy tonight. the run-off water from several hours of heavy rain from the second round of storms flooded this low-lying bridge, leaving this young driver standing on the roof of its car. >> well, i was just driving and i definitely did not see the water or anything. and i just kind of got stuck. >> they called it home, yeah. it you know when he gets in trouble, we get the phone call. >> reporter: and what did he say? >> he said i'm stuck in water and i'm scared to death and he was panicked. and he said that he needed us to come get him out. he thought the water was rising. we told him to get out and get
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on the roof. >> reporter: the first round of storms flooded some parts of damascus, including a small bridge on the road. the drivers were lucky that they were not swept away by the rushing creek waters, which were less than two feet below the asphalt. at least one driver, they decided that the caution was the better part of it all. >> we're not out of the woods or the water yet. frederick county remains under a flash flood warning until 3:15 this morn and so does montgomery county. reporting live, i'm armando trull, back to you. >> thank you, armando. >> in the meantime a close call for the trio of teen, almost swept away. tonight, they are being treated at the ware -- at the area hospital. >> reporter: a close call is absolutely right. this all happened earlier today at about 7:15 out if many mt. rainier -- out in mt. rainier. there's a canal that runs right underneath the bridge. that's where the teens were stuck. i want to show you the video as
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you can see the dramatic videos. being rescued, on to the water rushing water. he's got one of those three teens, one by one, hoisted up. we understand from prince george's county as they were seen walking near one of the banks near the canal. at some point they got swept up from the rushing water. they became trapped underneath the bridge and thankfully they were able to make it on top of the concrete pillars where they were rescued from. one by one they were plucked on out of there. they were taken to children's hospital and tonight, they are being treated for hypothermia. the good news here is that they are all eed to be okay. but again, a very close call, derek? >> all right, thank you, kenmolestina. a couple of bridges on the d.c. line, but again, everyone is apparently okay. bruce leshan, however, he did talk to one man who had to swim for it.
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>> reporter: the rain is calm and gone and calm again. but the picture will tell the story. look at how intense it has been. and that gmc yukon right there belongs to a young man who nevada even realized that -- who never even realized that this was five or more feet deep. >> get out of the car. that's the first thing that went through my head. it went from three feet to five and a half feet like that. the luckily for me the car windows were down. >> yes. >> reporter: you swam to the side? >> yes. >> reporter: after richard son caught his breath at the side of the lake, he realized that there was a nissan in the water as well, so he swam over there to it. and he was worrying that there might be somebody submerged inside. >> we worried about that. we went back out to see if anyone was back in there. >> reporter: when the firefighters arrived, they were unsure about that either and they went on into the water,
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they broke out all the windows in that vehicle. they pulled out this car seat here as well. and you know, they realized that everybody in that car and in the yukon, they had gotten out safely. >> what is the message that goes out to people from what happened to you? >> be careful, you know when it is raining. just really be careful. >> in maryland, bruce leshan, 9news now. >> you know, richardson figured that the truck was a total loss. but at least he and the other families in that nissan, they are all okay. all this friday night flooding and down trees created quite a commuter headache. and one that isn't over for everybody yet. right now, the train is stopped west of the barnville maryland station because of multiple trees down on the tracks. we have no word on when it will start moving again. train 883 runs from union station to martinsburg west virginia on the brunswick line and it was suppose to have arrived at 9:14 p.m. tonight. but over on amtrak, the service is slowly getting back
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to normal. earlier, all the service north out of union station had to be cut off because of the trees down on the wires. but now, they have one of the two tracks clear and they are working to fix the other set of the lines. the trains are running about 45 minutes behind and between d.c. and new carlton. the severe weather extended far north and far south of the d.c. region. take a look at this amateur video. this shot down in hampton. they confirmed that a tornado did hit the area. if you needed anymore proof, well there it is right in front of you. there are reports of trees down, damaged the homes in this area as well as the hampton yacht club. a line of severe storms, they also hit greensboro, north carolina and kept the region under a tornado watch for much of the evening. several massive oak trees were uprooted and fell on cars, homes, streets. powerlines, they got taken down, fortunately no injuries were reported there. and we want to know about the weather that has hit your area tonight. you can submit your storm
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reports for just click on weather. and still ahead on 9news, the clock is ticking for the man charged with murdering trayvon martin. we'll tell you why george zimmerman has a deadline to go back to jail. what kind of a person steals a wheelchair? that's what the woman who lives here wants to know. and more importantly, she would like it back. i'm peggy fox in northeast. coming up what it looks like in case you have seen it.
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the effect that it will have as to where it is in our economy at this point and where we're going to two from here, this is very -- go from here, this is very troubling. >> it dropped more than 270 points, enough to push it into negative territory for the entire year so far. prosecutors are deciding whether or not to file charges against a woman who backed up and hit five children. killing her daughter and injuring her son and three other kids.
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it happened last night in maryland in the driveway of the home where the family lived. the children were playing in the driveway. police say that the mother apparently stepped on the gas and instead of the brakes by mistake. a judge today, they revoked the bond of the neighborhood watch volunteer charged with with killing the 17-year-old trayvon martin. the judge ordered george zimmerman to go back to jail within 48 hours. the judge said that he mislead the court about how much money he had available when his bond was set at $150,000 in april. and after that april bond hearing, the judge learned that zimmerman had raised more than $200,000 through a website. >> mr. zimmerman refused to tell us about how much money he had and let his wife testify falsely when he knew how much money they had. >> at this point there is no word as to when he plans to surrender to authorities, pleading not guilty to second- degree murder and claiming self-
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defense. well, who would steal a wheelchair? that's what the people who live in capitol hill neighborhood are asking tonight. a woman there at her expensive mote -- a woman there had her expensive motorized vehicle swiped right outside her home. it is now nearly impossible for her to get around as peggy fox found out. >> reporter: melissa can walk, but not very far. >> and i got meningitis, which you know, the oxygen deprivation resulted in a wheelchair. >> reporter: it was no problem for them to walk up and down the stairs to get to her motorized wheelchair until wednesday evening. >> he looked and he said honey, your chair is gone. >> reporter: her husband noticed the empty space under the porch where her chair should have been. >> i was like okay, you know, i guess i'll call the police. and i thought, you know, we should have locked it or, you know, who would steal a wheelchair? like what do you need it for? >> reporter: she was hoping whoever took it was somebody
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that needed it, but she's not sure that's the case because they left the charger and they won't get far without it. >> reporter: here is what her chair looks like. it's dark red and light gray with black armrests and gray wheels. it cost $5,600. >> we use a cable lock for a bike, and i just wasn't as vigilant enough about it clearly as i should have been. it is very difficult because i only have one chair that works well. >> reporter: here she is taking part in a wheelchair dance last year at john stewart's rally to stop the insanity. >> it really changes my life. i don't even think most of the time, you know, how much i need it until it is not here. >> reporter: her neighbors are disgusted with the theft and they are hoping whoever took it will bring it back quickly. >> i think it's a tragedy and it's sad. i mean who steals a wheelchair. is there a big secondary black market for wheelchairs? >> reporter: peggy fox, 9news now. >> my goodness.
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melissa and their husband care more about getting the chair back. it's made by a company called mobility solutions in silver springs. it's got white and black service stickers from that company on it. perhaps if you have seen it or perhaps see someone trying to sell it on the web, please call the metropolitan police. the owner of maryland's biggest casino, which opens up next week is now asking state lawmakers to hold off on adding new gambling venues. maryland's owner was speaking to the special gambling work group. he said that building the six casino at national harbor would take away 40% of maryland's lives revenue. the panel of lawmakers are considering proposals to expand gambling during a possible special session in july. a prominent congressman is now joining president eisenhower's family, calling for a delay in the memorial to the 34th president. he sent a letter to the memorial commission about his concerns, saying more questions need to be answeredded about
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the design than approved. this comes two days when they say it still doesn't support the newest design. we're not out of the woods yet. topper's got the latest. man, this is an all-day adventure. >> reporter: yes, the end is in sight. and check this out. this is a great picture, sent to us here in damascus, maryland. damascus and, upper montgomery county, they got hit real hard. that looks like a tornado to me. we can't prove it's on the ground. again, it'll take a few days. and they will go out to these sights and confirm that there actually was a tornado. look at the debris pattern. we'll keep you posted on that throughout the storm surveys. but that looks to be like a tornado. that's damascus, the elementary school. so it is just behind that. and it will be a very good picture. i would like to thank all the facebook views as well. it really helped us out. all right, we're still looking at a tornado watch way east of town and towards the
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delmarva area. not so much here, but to have it in place as the frontal system went across the bay over the next couple of hours. so back to the west we're fine. a couple of severe thunderstorm warnings out near hagerstown, but that's about it. now, we still have flood warnings in effect for you until 11:30. this area is shaded in blue, essentially the entire metro area. and it is shaded in blue with the flash flooding. that means it's occurring at this hour until 11:30. we're looking at a flash flood watch. and that also is kind of cut back as well. essentially from the river eastward and northward until midnight again. flash flood watch until midnight. these warnings expire in about 20 minutes or so. and so a live look o. this is brought -- and so a live look back outside, this is brought to you by the system here. the front will be through here for the severe weather is just about over across all the metro area. so cooler, but nice this weekend. we're looking at temperatures here. a little bit below average. partly cloudy tomorrow.
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it stays dry. they had to cancel the nats game tonight. they will get the game in tomorrow. open up the windows tomorrow night. even cooler. sunday, it is going to be nice, but a couple of showers are possible. not enough to change your plans, may i remind you, but a couple showers will be possible. nothing severe. just a little run of the showers. overnight showers and storms are ending in cool. open up the windows. 58 to 66. winds are north-northwest at about 10. tomorrow morning, some early fog will be possible. other than that partly cloudy and pleasant. and 60s and 70s. winds again are at north- northwest by about 10. partly cloudy, pleasant. and we'll need your shades tomorrow. high temperatures are at 75. the average high is 82. that's a little bit below average, but we'll take it. the day planner is in the upper 50s to the upper 60s to start. noon, perfectly nice. i mean, 70 to 75 is pretty nice and the evening, 74 to about 78. under the next three days, we have some drops on sunday and
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monday. we also have the word pleasant. but those will be essentially pleasant. upper 70s tomorrow, quite nice and on sunday, mid-70 on monday. nothing severe, nothing heavy. and the next seven days. a little different story when you get into tuesday and wednesday. now we have a little better chance of the light rain or the showers here for you. nothing severe and it will be more light rain and showers. kind of a cold rain. temperatures are in the lower 70s on tuesday. we dropped to 69 for the high. >> wait a minute. >> i know. >> yes, stay with me here. >> then back up to 74 on thursday and then back to about 78 for you here under partly cloudy skies on friday. and we're basically done. >> yes, we were sizzling on memorial day. >> and all the way back down here to march. >> yes, no. >> you're such an exaggeration guy. >> yes. and the rain washed out the nationals tonight. the team did get some good news though.
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in new york, the mets were celebrating tonight as if they had won the world series. we'll tell you why coming up in sports.
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one look outside and you probably figured out that the games against the braves wasn't going to take place. it was postponedded with no make up date announced. and this is the scene rather at the park just before the game time. the ground's crew is hard at work and a number of fans did show up, hoping that the rain would stop, but it did not. at least not in time for the games to be played. as there was good news for the nats. activated from the d.l., scheduled to start tonight, playing right field. he has been on the dl all seasoning long with the strain lat muscle. batting .381. and in tampa tonight, for the orioles, the rays were getting to chen early. he would not show it if it was not fair, but it is. and they score all five of their runs in the first. they beat them 5-0. and the
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o's have lost six in a row. in new york tonight, santana making history in the ninth inning, striking out david. and that is a no hitter, not tom's fever, not nolan ryan has ever thrown a no hitter in the 51-year history of the team. isn't that unbelievable? >> yes. that's hard to imagine. >> with all the great pitchers that the mets have had, santana becomes the first to do it. the second round of the memorials, tiger woods is working his magic early on here in the fifth hole of this. this is for a birdie and this is vintage tiger. it would put them at 5-under par, finishing at 5-under one shot in the back of the leader. tiger is here to keep the thing, not as good as he once was, but he is still pretty darn good. >> it sounds like he still might be regaining the mental edge to make the shots like that when he really needed it.
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>> he has won on tour with a lot of major rounds. the major is still there. can he catch jack? i don't know if he could do that. >> you think he can? >> yes. >> i think that he's got one or two, but i don't know about four. >> i don't think that he has the same as last time. >> right. >> but he still has the invince ability. >> that's true. >> and now they believe that they could beat them and they have. >> yes, it will be interesting. >> yeah right. >> we'll be right back. [ mechanical humming ]
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but really, the severe weather is gone for us, good news. the next seven days. look at braves coming in here on sunday and monday. >> yes. >> he was suppose to pitch tonight. but he's going to pitch on saturday. >> yes, cooler next week with some rain on tuesday and wednesday. >> thank you for all your hard work. >> that's it for 9 news now tonight. good night. [ male announcer ] olympic tennis players bob and mike bryan
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