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tv   9 News Now at 6am  CBS  June 5, 2012 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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might need a little bit of a rain hat down south where we still have a few sprinkles but overall a accident day ahead. for june, a really nice day as temperatures will be very comfortable topping out in the low 70s. could be a shower in a couple of spots west of town as we get into the afternoon hours and evening hours but for the most part we're going to have a dry, comfortable day. overnight some showers did come down. it's a little tough to see. affecting southern maryland in the northern neck. as we look at live doppler 9000, light showers. heavier stuff 95 south of thornburg and south of newland. so the showers are pretty much over. temps are running in the 50s to 60 in fredricksburg. let's go to monika now with an update on time saver traffic. >> thank you so much. good morning, everybody. overall right now things are looking pretty good for a tuesday morning. the beltway all lanes are open. you can see mostly green and some yellow forming on the beltway but that's normal for 6:00. if you're planning to head
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inbound . /-66, you have the slow traffic. a bit in manassas and centreville. route 50 to 123. we'll take you outside live to nutley street. here's where the pace improves as you head for the beltway and beyond toward the roosevelt bridge. this time all the way to the south side of town. looking good on all of your southern maryland corridors, including 210 out of accokeek to oxon hill. we'll take a live look outside planning to head over to the beltway on the south side, here is the national harbor. traffic is moving well between the wilson bridge, alexandria and this point as well. in my next report at 6:11we'll take a look at the north side. at the top of the hour we're following breaking news. the c.i.a. is trying to take out the number two man in al qaeda in a series of drone strikes. we're still waiting to find out if these hits were successful. the target, abu yahia al-libi.
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he was living if pakistan and responsible for the al qaeda's day-to-day operations there. six drone strikes have taken place in the last 24 hours. it's optimistic he was taken out in one of those hits but we're still following this. police in montgomery county are investigating a deadly crash. >> it has route 28 tied up in the northwestern part of the county. that crashed happened just after 1:00 this morning in the community of dickerson. >> which is about eight miles west of 270. this mangled vehicle is what the scene looked like along 28 at mount receive frame -- mount ephraim road earlier this morning. one person is dead and another taken to the hospital. so far investigators are not sure what caused the crash. the names of the people involved are not being released at this point either and there were traffic concerns earlier but as monika has been reporting, the road is clear now. in just a few hours jury selection begins in the trial of jerry sandusky. >> he's the former penn state football coach accused of
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sexually assaulting children. >> delia goncalves is live with a preview of today's proceedings. good morning. >> reporter: no doubt is will be a very emotional day in court. sandusky himself expected to be in the courtroom. he faces 52 counts of child sexual abuse. at least eight of the ten accusers are set to testify in the trial we're told. according to the judge, they must use their real names. so far they've only been identified by number. prosecutors will give graphic detail on the type of sexual acts that occurred and where. many of these alleged attacks happened on campus, hotels, sandusky's car, even a local middle school. the state's attorney says the most recent case happened in 2009. however, the defense is expected to question the credibility of the accusers' stories and the initial report by then grad student michael mcqueary who told investigators he saw sandusky assaulting a boy in a shower back in 2002 but prosecutors now say he was
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off by a whole year. >> the jury is going to be asking itself if mike mcqueary who has no dog in this hunt is making up a story, could these others witnesses be making up a story as well. >> any humiliating, embarrassing experience in their past life that has a bearing on their believability potentially may be revealed to all the world in this trial. >> reporter: the allegations sparked outrage on campus and this riot when legendary coach joe paterno was let go for his knowledge of the allegations and investigators say he did nothing about that knowledge of the allegations. he has since died of lung cancer. coming up at 6:30, a look back at the scandal and a shocking interview that jerry sandusky himself did with bob kostas. you'll want to hear his words yourself. >> delia goncalves with that live update in our satellite center this morning. today the d.c. city council will take its final vote on the new budget for the district.
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the $9.4 billion spending plan heads to mayor gray for his signature. the budget include as provision to double the number of traffic cameras to extend closing time to 4:00 a.m. and some bars and expand performance parking rates across the city. that would allow prices to be raised in heavily used areas. a $7500 reward is now being offered to help fairfax county police catch whoever stabbed some farm animals on two occasions in recent weeks. the most attack last week at kidwell barn in herndon. someone slashed a calf, two goats and a chicken. recently before that, three horses were stabbed in a nearby field. investigators are hoping by increasing the reward, it will convince someone to come forward with information. >> we don't have a lot of physical evidence we can talk about that would link it but logically it makes sense we'll be working both of them. >> police have increased patrols around the farm until an arrest is made.
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6:06. jessica doyle is here with another your money report. >> your teenagers are just about home for the summer so they need to be looking for work in many cases. >> this is turning out to be one silver lining for that really terrible job market we're dealing with right now. summer employment for teenagers off to its strongest start since 2006. that's according to analysis of the latest labor department numbers. the number of 16 and 19-year- olds hired in may totaled 157,000, more than double last year's numbers. the firm is forecasting 2012 will show continued improvement for teens in the job market compared to last year but despite the improvements, a growing number of teenagers are abandoning the summer job market. may is the first month of the teen hiring system which typically ends in july. verizon communications has offered voluntary buyouts to employees across 12 states. the company is trying to cut
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1700 jobs. verizon asked employees to leave by mid july. it could start laying off workers if it doesn't reach targets through the buyouts. junk food no longer welcome with mickey mouse. the walt disney company will announce today it plans to advertise only healthier foods to kids on its tv channels, including abc, radio station and websites. disney says it's the first major media company to set a standard for food advertising on kids focused tv programming. many foods such as prepacked lunches, fruit drinks, candy and snack cakes will not make the cut. the new standards go into effect by 2015. the first lady expected to be part of this now in washington today. >> if you're taking the meal plan at disney? >> they've made big upgrades to that. you no longer get fries or soda as your default choice. you get low fat milk, vegetables. you have to ask for the junk. >> unfortunately i ask for the
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junk. thanks, jess. >> our big kid here. facebook is allowing even younger children to become members. the social networking site says it's testing a way to allow children under the age of 13 to use the site legally. right now federal law requires anyone under 13 to get parental consent for a site which collects information. this hasn't stopped preteens we know from lying about their age to get online. facebook may link pre-teen accounts to their parents to get around the law. should we be expecting showers? howard has your weather first coming up next. >> tonight is your last chance to see something in the sky that's not coming back till the 22nd century. it's called the transfer of venus. in five minutes learn what it's all about and it's tied to the first space race nearly 400 years ago. [ male announcer ] it would be easy for u.s. olympian meb keflezighi
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it's going to be another unseasonably cool day. high temperatures only in the low 70s and we might see a shower in spots before the afternoon is out. still not to bad on the beltway north of town. if you're planning to heads on
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the outer loop heading westbound on 495, this is what it looks like at university boulevard heading toward bethesda and 270. in my next report, a closer look at maryland roads in a couple minutes. back to you. it is 6:12 on this tuesday morning. here's a check on some of the stories making news now. prosecutors in florida say george zimmerman and his wife spoke in code over the phone. that's how they concealed the $200,000 they had raised. zimmerman is back in jail on charges relating to a shooting and killing of a teenager trayvon martin in february. a cleric is calling for a new iewp raising. thousands flooded to the square in cairo. the protesters say it shows that egypt's police force still holding too much power. five airport security workers are out of a job. they're accused of failing to perform random screenings of the southwest florida
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international airport. 38 other tsa agents are suspended pending an investigation. coming up tonight, will you have a chance to see something probably most of us will ever never see again. it's called the transfer of venus. when this happened 400 years ago, it sparked new interest in science. >> reporter: for astronomers, it's a twice in a lifetime spectacle. this is nasa video of the 2004 transit of venus which won't happen again till the 22nd century. but in the 1700s, the transit ignited the first great space race, the quest for a yardstick of the heavens. andrea wolf was the book -- wrote the book "chasing venus." >> astronomers believed they could use the transit of venus to answer one of the most pressing questions of the age which was the size of the solar system. but they also knew that their
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measurements would improve navigation which was of course important for trading or navy power. >> reporter: scientists decided by measuring the timing and angles of venus crossing the sun from various points on earth, that they could calculate the distance from earth to sun. but this triangulation required dispatching hundreds of astronomers from nearly a dozen nations to far flung corners of the globe. they dragged cumbersome equipment like this to the arctic circle, the tip of africa and siberia. what kind of terrain? >> esk basically. it's -- everything basically. eight a very vicious hostile environment. >> reporter: captain james cook's voyage to tahiti was a mission to report the transit. in philadelphia an inventor was obsessed with planning for the transit. he's written it was a great success except for a mysterious six-minute gap. >> he's so excited that when
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venus finally appears on the sun, he faints missing the beginning of the most important scientific most of his life. those 18 century measurements were in fact pretty close. they projected the distance to the sun as between 92 and 97 million miles. the actual distance we now know is 93 million miles. >> you can check out the transit of venus tonight at the national air and space mao seeup. there's an expert talk inside the museum that starts at 5:45 and then you'll head outside just after 6:00 for a watch party on the national mall. you can also head to nasa goddard in greenbelt, maryland. that begins at 5:00 at the visitors center. if you miss it, december 2117 is the next time. >> when is the party at your house? >> 6:10 is when the transit will start. party at my house.
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>> hors d'oeuvres will be served when? >> you bring them, i'll heat them up for you. your bus stop forecast life is good this tuesday morning. temps are comfortable. a couple of sprinkles out there. that's it. up toward annapolis right now, down in senior maryland. otherwise mostly cloudy skies, a cool start. temps 52 to 62 with sunrise occurring at 5:43. so we've got a lot of light out right now but also mostly cloudy skies. we will turn partly sunny as we head through the morning with temperatures unseasonably cool. we'll be 68 by 1:00. northeast winds 5 to 10. a spotty shower this afternoon with temperatures in the lower 70s and the best chance of showers may be well west of washington. once you get to higher elevations, blue ridge and west of there, better chance south and east. this morning some showers pushing toward the tappahannock airport. there's a lone shower approaching annapolis right now. their temperature is in the
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upper 50s. it is actually 61 at the naval academy. 57 in arrington. 56 for haymarket, gainesville area with 54 in gaithersburg and 57 in bethesda. a pretty morning. here's a view on our michael & son weather camera. mostly cloudy skies out there. 59 degrees. northeast winds at 10 miles an hour so that's keeping us cool and a little cloudy and humidity at 81%. we're watching for the development again this afternoon of some showers out to the west. they'll pop up again wednesday afternoon out to our north and west. by thursday we start quiet but thursday the best chance of showers and storms looks like it will be with us here in the metro. so as we look at the three-day forecast, we've added color alerts to let you know what sort of day we're expecting. today a good day. whenever you see green, very few weather problems, 71. tonight we're in the 50s. tomorrow yellow for the afternoon showers. most of that will be north and west of d.c. i may upgrade this
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to green later on today at noon. 75. a better chance for a yellow day. yellow alert are the nuisancey days that could impact your travel plans or maybe a ballgame. nothing severe but nuisancey. 73 on thursday. beyond that we start to warm up and dry out. friday around 80. saturday 84. by sunday and monday upper 80s to low 90s. could be a few more storms by monday. it is 6:18 this tuesday morning. a busy lady early has been monika santami but she's stepping in now with some better news. i am stepping in with better news. most of your major thoroughfares look good. mostly green all around town. there's a new accident in dickerson on route 28 at 85. there was another accident on route 289 at mount ephraim road and that's been clear. 270 itself coming out of frederick very slow and heavy most of the way as you head
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down to clarksburg. i say off and a at 33 -- off and on at 33 miles an hour. the pace improves as we take a live look at falls road. lanes are open and traffic is moving well down south to the point where the lanes divide. back over to our maps and this time to the other side. 95 coming out of baltimore looks great into laurel and down to the beltway in college park. no issues on route 29 or the bw parkway as well. we'll take a live look outside and tell you what it looks like if you're planning to head here to college park. still looks good till you hit the 95 interchange and then slow traffic toward silver spring on the outer loop. we'll go to virginia at 6:25. 6:19. coming up next in sports, meet the nationals first round draft pick. plus, two teams just one win away from glory. >> we want to give you another check of our question of the morning. according to good housekeeping, the more money you make, the less likely you've done this in the last year. is it a, gone bowling, b, brewed your own coffee or c,
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cleaned your home. >> terry joked, it's a. no wonder we don't go bowling anymore. we make a too much money. >> leave your guess on our facebook page. you'll find out if you're correct at 6:48.
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your weather fir. a comfortable start. most temperatures in the 50s. consume 61s. a -- couple 61s. going to be a nice day. a sprinkle or two around annapolis and southern maryland. a prtly sunny day and a day where temperatures will stay only in the low 70s for highs. upper ofs on lunch time. there could be some spotty -- upper 60s lunch time. there could be some spotty showers this afternoon. in sports another big series for the nationals against the division rival. the mets are in town tonight. >> washington's lead over new york is just a half game. when these two teams met back in april in the big apple, the nats took two out of three. >> let's check out the file on the nationals first round pick in last night's baseball draft. his name is lucas giolito, a
6:24 am
high school senior from california. he went 9-1 with 78 strikeouts. he is dealing with some elbow issues. the nationals know all about guys with those but they hope he will be healthy soon. now to the stanley cup playoffs. the los angeles kings, the two that barely made it into the post-season is now one win away from its first ever stanley cup title game. the devils were in l.a. los angeles tops new jersey easily 4-0. game four tomorrow night. to the nba hardwood, the thunder a win away from its first trip to the nba finals since 1996. d.c. area native kevin durant had 27 points for oklahoma city. russell westbrook had 23. the thunder topped the spurs in san antonio. final score 108-103. thunder lead the series 3-2. game six tomorrow night back in
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oklahoma city. randy whitman coming back as head coach of the washington wizardses. you may remember he took over for flip saunders after a disastrous start to the past season. under whitman the whiz went 18- 31 but they did end by winning eight of the last ten. our time right now is 6:25. straight ahead, find out what -- [indiscernible] -- and why you will want to avoid it. the debate over extending the new silver line metro to loudoun county. find out when we can have a final decision. >> monika has a quick check of traffic. >> 95 in virginia has been incident free. we're still looking pretty good leaving the occoquan river to this point and springfield on 395. i'll have details on virginia roads in my next report at 6:30. you're watching 9news now. pooches and puppies, we are fed up
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we are back at 6:239 -- 6:29. here's a live look at one of the most beautiful memorials. it's the jefferson memorial. our temperature right now is 59 degrees. you might find little raindrops on your commute in depending on where you live. >> thanks for starting your day with us. i'm mike hydeck. i'm andrea roane. meteorologist howard bernstein is live on the weather terrace with our forecast. he says it's a green day no matter what. >> there are light sprinkles down toward the northern neck but they are diminishing and pulling away from us. let's take a look at the day plan other this very fine
6:30 am
tuesday morning. you're looking at tysons corner this morning. we've got mostly cloudy skies out there. temperatures 59 degrees. it will be 67 by noon with highs in the low 70s and a 5:00 p.m. temperature of 70. spotty showers this afternoon, mainly west of d.c. so a good day ahead. got some rain overnight. actually upwards of half an inch towards parts of calvert county. most of the showers have moved away and dissipated. you see that near annapolis. also south of north beach along route 4 in calvert county. very light sprinkles. temperatures 61 in annapolis. those are your 60s. everybody else mid- to upper 50s. a very comfortable morning. let's check in with monika santami and she'll let you know how your morning commute is going. it isn't too bad on the mayor thoroughfares. good morning, everybody. just that slow traffic. the west side of town it's unusual to see this on the west side between the american legion bridge and 270 but it's just the slow stuff. no accidents to report in the roadway. let's go over to the south side
6:31 am
of town. if you're planning to head north on i-95, it's going about 25 miles an hour between woodbridge and all the way to springfield including at lorton at 24 hours miles an hour. that's a slow ride. a little further north on to 395, it's going to be heavy and steady leaving edsall road most of the way past duke street to seminary road before your pace improves. now let's go out west on the inbound side of i-66. once again i'm happy to say at least the lanes are open but your slow stuff begins out of manassas. it will be most of the way to centreville and fairfax as well. we'll take a live look at the american legion bridge on the west side of town. at least here your pace is good as you head down towards tysons corner. we'll go to the east side of town at 6:43. of course you recognize him. stevie wonder, one of several big name physicians last night
6:32 am
performing in london. the list of performer include sir elton john and sir paul mccartney. there's a lot morsel greating going on in london today. somewhere in that crowd was erica hill from cbs this morning. she'll been dealing with a very rough assignment all week long in london. good morning, erica. how is it going? >> reporter: andrea, it's going great. i appreciate you feel for me. good morning to both of you. you played one of my favorite moments there with stevie wonder of the concert last night when he sang "isn't she lovely." to the 86-year-old. it was a sweet moment. it was quite an event. the royal family all there in the royal box. everyone was excited when the queen arrived. we knew just before the concert started that prince philip whom she's referred to so many times as her rock was taken to the hospital. we'll update you on his
6:33 am
condition this morning and show you a little more of that concert. right now, behind me there are a number of people gathered here and they're watching the service. the queen is just leaving st. paul's cathedral followed by prince charles, will and kate and harry. we'll bring you a little bit more of that this morning. the best moments from the jubilee concert last night. all that good stuff when we see you at 7:00. >> we are looking forward to it. hope you enjoy the rest of your assignment. have a great day. we'll catch you at 7:00. at 6:33, police are investigating a deadly crash in montgomery county. it closed down route 28 in the community of dickerson for sever hours but the road is now back open. the crash happened around 1:00 this morning on route 28 at mount ephraim road near the train station. a car crashed near the railroad overpass and caught fire. one person died. a second was taken to a local hospital. we don't know that person's condition right now.
6:34 am
investigators haven't said if speed or alcohol played a role. it was so damaging they can't even describe the race or ethnicity of the driver. it's a story that shook the penn state community and really the college sports world to its core. >> we're talking about the abuse allegations defense former assistant football coach jerry sandusky. today jury selection begins in his trial. >> delia goncalves joins us live from the satellite center with a preview of that. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. day one of a very highly emotional trial that many analysts and folks in pennsylvania around penn state are expecting. the judge has ordered the accusers to use their real names. up until now, they've only been identified by number and at least eight of them will testify in court. 68-year-old jerry sandusky is accused of abusing a total of ten boys over 15 years. many of them coming from his charity for troubled boys called second chance. sandusky has been on house
6:35 am
arrest since december but he has always denied the charges against: he tried to defend himself just days after these allegations came to surface back in november in what is now a shocking and legendary interview with bob kostas. >> i have horsed around with kids. i have showered after workouts. i have hugged them and i have touched their legs without intent of sexual contact. >> jerry sandusky is expected to appear in court later today himself. he will be in cowmpt. his defense tomorrow -- in court. his defense team will likely go after the credibility of the alleged accusers. the trial starts a little later today. back to you. >> it is still jarring to hear those comments. thanks, delia. it is decision day in wisconsin.
6:36 am
voters there are going to decide whether or not to keep republican governor scott walker in offices or oust him in a recall and replace him with democrat tom barrett. he's the mayor of milwaukee currently. democrats organized the recall election against walker after he and fellow republicans stripped state workers unions of most of their bargaining rights. a survey was released over the weekend finding walk we are a three-point lead over barrett. the state is expecting a near record turnout today. today the district begins its involvement in a federal safe communities program. that requires police to share arrest information and fingerprint data with immigration authorities. the idea is to find illegal immigrants who are criminals and deport them. the city is taking part in this despite the objection of mayor vincent gray. he reiterated city police do not arrest people based solely on their immigration status. >> the loudoun county board of
6:37 am
supervisors will vote by july 4 whether to approve funding for phase two of metro's silver line. it ma take that long to hear from everyone who wants to share an opinion. a public hearing went late into last night. speakers were divided over whether to extend the line from reston to dulles airport and ashburn. if approved the project is expected to cost the county about $200 million. work would begin early next year. 6:37. jessica doyle is helping you protect your money from the latest scam. >> it is called smishing. what is it and what is it about? >> it's kind after silly name for something that's turning out to be a nasty scam making the rounds now. here's an example. let's say you get a text message that reads something like congratulations. you just won $1,000 target gift card. >> i got one of those recently. >> don't believe it. this is smishing. it may ask for credit card or other private information and they usually appear to come from a la jilt mat source.
6:38 am
-- legitimate source. gift certificates to best buy, wal-mart, target. but don't be fooled by these notifications. it's very easy. the purpose of the smish text is to steal your identity. sometimes clicking on the link with even install a virus on your smartphone. number one, do not reply. immediately delete any text you think might be a scam. if it include as phone number or a link, do not call. do not click. number to, do not give out your personal information like your home address or bank account number. and three, report it. call your service provider. have them block the number that the text came from. if you think you've been a victim of smishing, contact the better business bureau and they can help you file a complaint. what's really creepy, let's say you link on the link -- click on the link with the virus
6:39 am
installed, they can control your phone. they can log into your bank account, they can listen to ambient sound around your phone. >> that's bizarre. creepy. our time is 6:39. in nine minutes the story about the kindness of straipgers and how it help as local woman get her mobility back. howard says today mostly sunny. highs only in the 70s which is a little cool for this time of the year. straight ahead the 9 on the are making a comeback. he'll tell you when.
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monika here with time saver traffic. a live look from sky 9 here as you travel northbound in virginia. you're going to hit the brakes basically out of dale city. it will be off and on into springfield before the pace improves. once again on 395 most of the way edsall road to seminary road. the good news is the lanes are open. let's go to our maps.
6:44 am
this time maryland southbound 270. look at all that red. it has been slow since early this morning on the southbound side. i'm saying 18 miles an hour right now as you leave frederick past urbana most of the way into clarksburg before that pace improves. once you're further south it actually looks pretty good through rockville. now a look at american legion bridge. here it's fine as well crossing the river between tysons and bethesda. let's go back over to our maps this time to the east side looking good on the b wa parkway, route -- bw parkway, route 50. in the district everything is fine as well. a live look outside once again in college park. the outer roop delays begin -- loop delays begin closer to 95 hitting silver spring. my next report at 6:58, a look at the big picture. we are here with howard. it's going to be a loverly day in the neighborhood. >> its -- lovely day in the neighborhood. >> it's very pretty. if you have the windows closed
6:45 am
in your house, open them up. hopefully the allergies won't get you too much. the grass pollen was a little high but other than that it's all good. here's a look at your bus stop forecast on this pleasant tuesday morning. we've got temperatures returning in the 50s and 60s. skies are mostly cloudy. there's a stray shower out toward annapolis right now. other than that it's fairly quiet and down in calvert county. spb rise was about an hour -- sun rise was about an hour ago. mostly cloudy skies early. becoming partly sunny. winds out of the northeast off the atlantic. that's a cool direction for us. only around 71, 72 for the high with a 4:00 p.m. reading around 70. spotty showers can't be ruled out especially west of d.c. once you get into the higher elevations toward the blue ridge, western maryland, west virginia, you have a better chance of showers here in washington with an 8:00 temperature still in the upper 60s. overnight had some showers. you can see them across areas well east and south of town. had a couple of sprinkles and
6:46 am
drizzle here in d.c. this morning as we doom in, we've got the shower in annapolis. also a little shower in calvert county. the bulk of the rain now is even coming out of the northern neck. it's headed south of fredricksburg and continues to pull away. so i think we're going to be dry for the morning. temps are also great. 54 in easton. 57 at the pax river naval air station. it's 45 at garrett county and oakland this morning. so definitely a chilly morning for them. we've got 55 in hagerstown and 57 up in baltimore. as lieu outside on our michael & son weather camera, tysons corner, we've got mostly cloudy skies. winds out of the northeast at 13. humidity 77%. really a comfortable start to what's going to be a fine day across the region. low pressure has been spinning in the northern atlantic after the canadian and new england coast. that's bringing these little disturb banses toward us. the -- disturbances toward us. look at the storms in ten ten headed for the caroline -- tennessee headed for the
6:47 am
carolinas. looks like we'll start to get a couple of these disturbances toward us the next couple of afternoons. mainly the mountains will see it. this afternoon spotty shower west. quiet tonight and again tomorrow we'll bubble up showers and storms mainly north and west of town. perhaps by thursday a better chance for some storms. as far as the alerts today, no problems even though a spotty shower, 71. tomorrow 75. some afternoon showers. a little more widespread. more after nause sans so a -- more of a nuisance so a yellow alert today. same with thursday, warmer in the upper 70s. by friday we're drying out, warming up, 80 degrees. weekend looks pretty good. upper 80s to around 90 on sunday. even monday could get a thunderstorm. temperatures near 90. mike and andrea, back to you. >> thanks, howard. people living in prince george's county can turn in guns and get a gift card for up to $100. the county is teaming up with the naacp in an attempt to get more guns off the streets. guns can be turned in anonymously. police will be collecting the
6:48 am
guns and handing out the gift cards this saturday from 11:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. at first baptist church in landover. the guns will then be destroyed. a woman who had her expensive wheelchair stolen not only has her faith in humanity restored but her mobility as well. we first told you about melissa last friday. she has cerebral palsy and can barely walk. someone took her wheelchair which was parked outside her home in d.c. stephanie summers of sterling, virginia has a spare wheelchair and she saw our story and knew she could help. >> it was sitting waiting for someone else. it was basically waiting for her. there's always an opportunity to do bad but there's more than a million opportunities to do good and why not do it. >> that's right. all the wheelchair needs is a battery. summer plans to get that battery before she hands the chair over.
6:49 am
6:48. time to reveal the answer to the question of the morning. according to good housekeeping, the more money we make, the less likely we are to do one of these things. is it a, go bowling, b, brew your own coffee, or c, clean your house. >> the answer is a, go bowling. >> make more money, bowl less. it's breakfast time so today's savings are all about food. we're going to start with something cool as the weather heats up. mcdonald' has this printable coupon. buy one, get one free mccafe real fruit smoothie and more. you can find this deal under its promotioning tab on the website. get this deal on living social for dad. pay $130 and you're going to get the mac daddy dinner. two steak and lobster samplers with a total of six servings of lobster mac and cheese.
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six beef medallions and six whoopie pies. this is through hancock gourmet lobster company. finally a deal for one of the best restaurants in the washington area. 2941 restaurant in falls church. pay $49 for an elegant dinner for two. that's up to a $100 value. you can find this offer on google offers. if you have a deal you've seen or you're a local merchant with one for our viewers, i would love to hear from ow facebook. a check -- if you on facebook. a check of the news before you go is next.
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6:53. very comfortable out there. most temps in the 50s under mostly cloudy skies. partly sunny later o67 at noon and low 70s today. will be a spotty shower, areas mainly west of town for the
6:54 am
afternoon. michael? today is tuesday, june 5. here's a check of the news before you go this morning. in a few weeks a judge will sentence john haston on a murder conviction. a jury found him guilty yesterday in the july 2011 home invasion and murder in bowie. his accomplice? craig brooks pleaded guilty last month. the mayor of kensington, maryland has won a fourth term in office. he won an election center around redeveloping the montgomery county sound. he is also deputy secretary of state. the occupy encampment at mcpherson square has all but vanished. there are only a few tents remaining and most protesters meet in a labor building just a few blocks away. cbs this morning begins at the top of the hour. we'll have a look at today's presidential primary and check in with president obama on the campaign trail. before that we'll have one more check of traffic and weather. keep is right here on 9news now. this country was built by working people.
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the economy needs manufacturing. machines, tools, people making stuff. companies have to invest in making things. infrastructure, construction, production.
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we need it now more than ever. chevron's putting more than $8 billion dollars back in the u.s. economy this year. in pipes, cement, steel, jobs, energy. we need to get the wheels turning. i'm proud of that. making real things... for real. ...that make a real difference. ♪
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one more thing before we go. i just wanted to give you a heads up on something very special happening this friday night. we have an hour long prime time cool schools special coming up at 8:00 on friday evening. we're going to focus on some of the great stories we've had throughout the school year and look ahead at how education is going to change. we have all the local superintendents, teachers, students. it will be an absolute blast, this friday night, june 8 at 8:00 on channel 9. very excited about it. we've got temps in the 50s to start. really nice out there. mostly cloudy to partly sunny. slight chance of a shower mainly west this afternoon. mid-70s tomorrow. a few showers possible in the afternoon and maybe a little more on thursday before we dry out and warm up big time by sunday and monday. monika? marc penn line 407 is
6:59 am
running ten minutes late. you might run a little late on 395. this is at edsall road. let's go to the other side of town on the outer loop. looking good in college park. where is everybody? it does slow down 95 to georgia. a quick look at 270. not too bad at shady grove road. we're looking for the sellers this morning. they seem to have disappeared. wall street is looking for a little bit of direction. we have some economic news coming out and we'll see how that goes. cbs news this morning is next. erica hill will report from london on the final day of the queen's diamond jubilee celebration. howard and i will be back with an update on traffic and weather. you can always get updates by visiting thanks for waking up with us on this tuesday. we'll see you wednesday starting at 4:25. have a great day. everybody.


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