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tv   9 News Now at 5am  CBS  June 6, 2012 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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there. it's just a little warm inside. i'm not as tough as mike hydeck still wearing a jacket right now. let's get going a a look at our day planner. good visibility out there. mostly cloudy skies. 59 degrees at national. 70 by noon. still mostly cloudy. i can't rule out a spotty shower this morning, even this afternoon. best chances of that are going to be west and southwest of washington where we're seeing an upper disturbance coming across west virginia right now and also down into the western carolinas, southwest virginia. you're seeing the showers down here with the light stuff trying to show up. this is not reaching the ground. i checked some observations. harrisonburg are seeing a couple of sprinkles. a few showers over toward st. michaels on the east side of the bay. temps in the 40s. once again a gorgeous morning frederick to gaithersburg. chilly with the windows open. even martinsburg at 59. let's go to monika santami with
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5 a.m. time saver traffic. it's just the leftover construction. it caused a tiny bit of a delay, especially on the west side of town. you see all this red here especially heading west on i-66 leaving the betway. we'll start off with 95 northbound leaving dale city into woodbridge, the occoquan river and springfield as well. all lanes should be open right now. things are looking good into springfield. let's take a live look outside. here's what it looks like on the inner and outer loops of the beltway there. had been construction. now there's an accident on the inner loop there along the left side of the roadway but apparently not causing much of a delay on the inner loop near the robinson terminal. just be aware of that. let's take you back over to our maps, this time to the west side coming in from the dulles toll road out of leesburg, sterling. no problems all the way inbound this morning and 66 inbound is fine. we'll take a look at the american legion bridge on the west side of town. this is a good indication of the beltway across the potomac river leaving bethesda and tysons corner. in my next report we'll go
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north at 5:09. back to you guys. a fatal crash has led to an all night investigation in fairfax, virginia. >> a woman and a child are dead after two vehicles collided near a busy intersection. delia goncalves is live at the scene with what we know so far. good morning. this is awful. >> reporter: good morning. it really is a sad story. a terrible crash that happened last night. crews just towed away the vehicles just after 4:00 this morning and that was more than five hours after the deadly collision. let's take a look at some video that was just fed into our newsroom. it is pretty dramatic and pretty shocking. you can see that fire crews had to rescue the 38-year-old male driver out of the minivan. he was beaten up and he's in critical condition we're told but was still alive. unfortunately the sedan his vehicle collided into caught fire instantly killing a mother who was traveling with her two young children. police are now telling us her 8- year-old died at the hospital.
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her 6-year-old is in critical condition. those ages are estimates at this point. obviously it's still very early in the investigation so police are unsure and have not made positive identification on the children or the mother at this point. even the 38-year-old male driver. however, we do know he was rescued from the scene and transported still alive as well as that 6-year-old child. both of them in critical condition. at this point, you know, police do not believe -- well, police i should say are unsure rather if alcohol was a factor in the crash. however, they do say, quote, speed is definitely a factor in this crash. we'll have much more in a half- hour. back to you. >> thank you, delia. so sad. police are looking for a suspect in a murder at a metro station. the victim was shot in a bus bay at the southern avenue station around 9:30 last night. officers arrived and found him dead from a gunshot to the
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face. witnesses say a suspect ran through the station and away from the scene. a helicopter and canine units were brought in to help search for the suspect but so far police have not made an arrest. we have learned who was behind the wheel of a car that slammed into an apartment building in riverdale, maryland earlier this week. place say it was 39-year-old david archibald smith around the wheel. they were originally told his wife was driving but turns out she was just covering for her husband who didn't have a valid driver's license. smith now charged with driving without a license. his wife charged with giving a fault report to police. maryland's highest court will hear a case brought by some montgomery county drivers. they say some of those speed cameras are being used illegally. the company that installed the cameras received $16.25 for every $40 ticket. according to state law, the contractor operating the cameras can't be compensated based on the number of tickets issued. the county says it's legal because the company doesn't actually run the cameras. just about 5:05.
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it's time for the latest your money report. >> jessica doyle is here with today's headlines. we saw a little green action yesterday. >> that's right. we can thank some positive economic data in the u.s. for helping to perk up stocks, not just here but also around the world. that data showed american service companies which employ most of our work force grew at a slightly faster pace in may and more economic data is on the docket. checks the numbers ahead of that, the dow rose 26 points. it snapped a four-day losing streak starting at 12,127. nasdaq was up by 18 and the s&p 500 was up by 7 points. a bill designed to help close the gender gap in paychecks as failed in a procedural vote in the senate. republicans voted against the paycheck fairness act. they say these protections are already in place and it would mean more government involvement in the private sector. maryland senator barbra mikulski says she's going to keep fighting for this measure. women earn about 7 cents for every dollar earned by male
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workers according to the u.s. census bureau. warren buffet came to town to speak to the economic club of washington. the billionaire investor says the u.s. economy is not likely to slip back into a recession even though we are seeing some weakness. he also says both political parties deserve some blame for the federal government's failure to reduce the deficit. he said if he were in charge, he would raise taxes and cut spending. a little bit of both. >> a balanced approach. some people are saying that anyway. what do you have us for in the next half-hour? >> a domestic development that could potentially help keep gas prices lower. we'll talk about that coming up. >> it's nice seeing those 4s go away. gl. thank you. testimony could begin later today in the jerry sandusky trial. we have more on that story ahead. >> plus, after last night's sweep, one primary contest remains for republican presidential candidate mitt romney. >> if you're one of those people who are not so fond of
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lebron james. you need to stick around to see what the celtics did to the heat last night. we'll be right back.
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5:08. the weather systems across the country aren't moving very quickly so we'll have the cooler weather for another day or two today look for mostly sunny skies but also spotty showers. toward lunch time we'll be in
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the 70-degree range. not bad. winds light out of the south at 5 miles an hour that will be the case much of the day. highs between 70 and 75. better chances for the showers if you're traveling west out toward the blue ridge and shenandoah valley. you may need the umbrella there. let's go to monika santami and she'll let you know what's happening on the roads. an accident on the inner loop of the beltway near the robinson terminal in the left lane involving a tractor- trailer. we're being told there's not much delay associated with it. stick to the right side to get around it. in my next report, we'll go to the north side at 5:16. back you to, mike. >> thank you, monika. u.s. officials now confirm the death of al qaeda's number two man. abu hahya al-libi has been confirmed dead. officials say al qaeda has no one left with his expertise.
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the court could finish seating a jury in the trial of jerry sandusky. he's the former assistant football coach at penn state accused of sexually abusing several boys. mitt romney swept all five presidential primaries yesterday for the republicans. the big one in california. the republican presidential hopeful already has more than enough convention delegates to secure the nomination. there's one primary left june 26 in utah. but romney's wins aren't the biggest political story of the day. scott walker of wisconsin has become the first governor to survive a recall election. more on that coming up at 5:32. at 5:22 another first. bryce harper as the nats go into extra innings. >> howard is shooting us from the 70s all the way to the 90s in his seven-day forecast. we'll be back. [ male announcer ] it's avocado season, only at subway.
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[ male announcer ] here's your shot to win a free movie ticket to disney pixar's brave! find codes in each royally delish subway fresh fit for kids meal. one in five wins! drop in to subway today. subway. eat fresh. good morning. welcome back to 9news now. it's 5:13. i hear myself in my head. a little echo there. it's wednesday. we're almost over the hump there. ready for your forecast. >> a little warm in the studio. >> you rebel. >> i'm going to step over the line, mike. weather wise, we do have a
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coastal flood advisory to tell you about. even a coastal flood warning in a few spots. the full moon the other night is combining to give us 1 to 2- foot tides above normal. the areas right around d.c., coastal anne arundel, up on the northwest side of the bay up through baltimore could see the two-foot high tides. in the tidal potomac and calvert and st. mary's, you could be seeing tides one, one and a half feet above normal along with eastern shore. at the bus stop this morning, it's not just cool. it's even chilly in a few spots. we have a few readings in the upper 40s. mostly cloudy and just an isolated -- very isolated shower. our sunrise about half an hour from now at 5:43. as we go throughout the day, we're still going to see a good deal of clouds. winds generally light out of the south 5 to 10 miles an hour. 70 around lunch time. 4:00 p.m. 73. spotty shower is what it looks like for us here in d.c. but the best chance of any showers
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southwest of washington. going down toward charlottesville, harrisonburg, culpeper. maybe even fredricksburg. you'll see a better chance for a shower or to than here in washington thanks to this twist in the clouds coming out of southern west virginia. really enhancing the showers in the western part of north carolina, down toward roanoke and lynchburg and while it looks like there's some stuff here in fredricksburg, the best i can tell none of this is reaching the ground. here's a look at our own live doppler 9 hd, we have a shower southwest of easton and south of st. michaels and these areas, got to watch out for a showrp. there's one on the bay but that's it. a quiet morning and a chilly morning. look at the readings. lleytonsville, love -- laytonsville, lovettsville in the 50s. columbia down to 50. andrews 51. really a very pleasant june morning out there in spite of the fact we've got mostly cloudy skies but good visibility and light winds and the humidity at 75%.
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we're looking at a bigger picture now. just give you a perspective here. there's not much going on in ohio and pennsylvania. just this little guy right here coming across the region. that will provide us with again the partly to mostly cloudy skies and spotty shower chance. on the future cast not much in the way of showers. west of town toward lunch time and then it stays mainly out i- 81 and southwest of us out toward the west virginia- virginia border headed toward roanoke or lexington. and for us a quiet night for the most part with a better chance of showers and storms on thursday. so today our weather alert, green. just a spotty shower, 73. back in the 50s to near 60 tonight. tomorrow, though, a yellow alert day. could be a couple of delays or cancellations if the shower or storm would get to your ball field at the wrong time this afternoon. the weekend turning hot. mid-80s saturday. low 90s sunday. we'll be back to 90 on monday.
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there's some june heat. let's talk about traffic. here's monika santami with more. overall things aren't too bad out on the roadways. we had some late clearing construction by the way northbound on i-95 in quantico which left some slow traffic for you. other than that, i think things are improving. out of frederick on 270 all the way to clarks burke, things look great. no problems on i-70 heading out of mount airy toward frederick or south on 270. route 355 here at route 28, this whole entire interchange looks great. the volumes are still light through this area along 3:55 right through rockville. we'll take you back over to the maps and this time to the north side of the beltway. college park into bethesda. westbound 495 looks great. no problems on the eastern side of the beltway in prince george's county and taking a live look on 95 heading south out of route 32 heading down to the beltway or up toward baltimore, you're going to be just final.
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all lanes are open. in my next report at 5:23, we'll take a look at 66. 5:18. the miami heat are now on the ropes in the eastern conference finals. >> come o celtics. -- come on, celtics. sorry. the nats and orioles go in extra innings. highlights in sports. >> first, another look at our question of the morning. women's daily did a poll and found that 15% of women will do this for the first time this summer. is it a, wear a two-piece bathing suit, b, go fishing or c, go camping. >> a regular on our facebook page said, i can just picture andrea and jessica fishing, catching them and asking howard to clean them. how funny is that? >> log on to the facebook fan page and we'll reveal the answer in our 6:00 hour. 3q
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5:21. quiet this morning. mostly cloudy skies. we've had an isolated shower here and there but very isolated. temperatures running in the 50s, even a few upper 40s. we get through about 9:00 this morning. still partly to mostly cloudy and that's going to be the case with the spotty showers popping in the middle of the day and the afternoon. you'll notice the concentration toward the blue ridge and then shenandoah valley more so than the metro. mike and andrea? the celtics get the all important road win in the eastern conference finals.
5:22 am
>> nats do a little extra inning work to claim their victory. kristen berset has your morning sports. lots of extra baseball being played last night. nationals trying to hold on to first place in the nl east. they got a little help earlier in the evening after atlanta smoked the miami marlins. good thing they had a day off on monday because they needed that extra energy last night. plenty of late drama in this one. bottom of the 8th, nats down one. ryan zimmerman scores, ties up the game at 4 a piece. it would stay that way through the 9th inning. desmond again this time around the ball through the shortstop's legs. zimmerman comes around again to tie the game up at 5. in the 12th, tied at 6, bryce harper, a walkoff single bases loaded come through. nats win 7-6 in 12 innings. jim johnson trying to help the orioles close out the red sox in beantown. we'll start all the way at the
5:23 am
bottom of the 9th a. two-run shot over the green monster. we're headed to extra here too. one to left felt. birds break the tie and wind up winning this one 8-6 in ten innings. the celtics trying to steal game five in miami. dwyane wade blocks a shot but the ball is tips. celtics down 3. under a minute left in regulation. paul pierce with ice in his veins. hits the dagger three-pointer. celtics win and take a 3-2 series lead. that's a quick look at sports this morning. i'm kristen better set. have a great wednesday. dozens of new speed cameras start issuing tickets today. we'll tell you where next. >> slow down. but you might be able to afford the ticket if you strike it rich at maryland's biggest casino which opens its doors tonight. it's coming up on 5:24.
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here's monika. >> here's 95 northbound in dumfries. things are looking fine headed toward the occoquan river. in quantico a few brake lights because of earlier construction. in my next report a closer look at virginia roads at 5:29. you're watching 9news now. we'll be right back.
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good morning. welcome back to 9news now. i'm andrea roane. >> i'm mike hydeck. we're glad you're with us. good morning, monika santami. >> good morning. >> traffic momentarily. >> howard is here. he has weather first and connie is out there. i met her yesterday. she starts her day with us. good morning and thank you. >> good choice, connie. good choice. >> keep it coming. >> we had a couple of clouds. not everybody got to see the transit last night but sky 9 was up flying around. look at these images here as venus was tran saying the sun.
5:28 am
-- transiting the sun. this gives you an idea how big the sun is. we won't see it again till 2117 so mark your calendars. >> i'm going to stick around. just hold on. it looks like a beauty mark going across. >> weather wise we have a few clouds out there this morning. a spotty shower. that's about it. another comfortable start to the day. my wife likes to run and she said she had to put on a long sleeve t-shirt yesterday morning. here's a look at your day planner. you can expect a good deal of cloudiness with sunny breaks here and there. temperatures by noon around 70 and a spotty shower. so shouldn't be much of a problem today except if you're going down toward charlottesville or roanoke. they're having more showers down there. we're currently 59. the reason the showers are farther south, that's where the energy is. you can sort of see that little twist coming out of west
5:29 am
virginia right here coming in towards southwestern virginia. that is what's helping to give a little bit more lift and produce the showers, especially down in the carolinas. it's pouring in western north carolina. a lone shower southwest of easton by a few miles tort st. michaels. temperatures, some in the upper 40s. we're in the upper 50s going to the low 70s. wednesday morning traffic is looking good. pretty decent although we've got a bit of slow traffic in some spots where we had late clearing construction, namely on 95. i'll get to that in just a minute. out of manassas on 66, you'll find the usual slow stuff leaving route 234 and in are inville in fairfax, things still looking pretty good. let's take a look at the american legion bridge on the west side of town. all traffic moving well. both loops of the beltway between tysons and bethesda and leaving 270. i think you should be okay right now. let's take a look again at the maps inside the beltway on 395. no problems to report. things are running at or above the speed limit at duke street
5:30 am
and on 66 inside the beltway. late clearing construction was down in quantico. a few brake lights there and again across the occoquan river. all lanes are open heading to this point and the beltway. in my next report we'll go to the north side of town at 5:38. back to you. >> see you in just a little bit. we're following a developing story this morning that started overnight. a woman and child are dead and two other people are injured after a crash. >> the wreck happened at a busy intersection in fairfax, virginia. 9news now reporter delia goncalves is live at the scene near germantown road and route 29. delia? >> reporter: pretty devastating accident and we just spoke to a couple of eyewitnesses. one man who works for vdot roads is with us. you were here on the scene almost instantly. you said you were a paramedic for eight years back in roanoke. you've never seen anything this devastated. >> absolutely not. it's one of the worst things i've ever seen and i've seen a
5:31 am
lot of accidents. undescribable. it really was. >> reporter: we now know that obviously the mother has died. she was the driver of the sedan. her 8-year-old son has died -- or 8-year-old i should say. we don't know if a boy or girl and another child in surgery. tell us what you saw. we know that some of the information that you have has not been confirmed so far by police because they're still investigating although they do say that speed was definitely a factor. what did you see? >> you could see the vehicles several feet apart. obviously the sedan was coming down the road and it appears that it struck the minivan and shoved the minivan across the median. later on as they were cleaning up and opened up the roadway, we found bits and pieces of the actual wheel that had broken into several pieces off of the sedan. that shows you right there that speed definitely played a
5:32 am
factor in it. >> reporter: you're saying the mini van was thrown, knocked down a pole and thrown several feet. >> correct. it appears that the minivan was taking a left turn into the shopping center and then was t- boned by the sedan and then shoved several feet. how many feet i don't know but like i said, they were sitting several feet apart as the paramedics and police arrived on scene. >> reporter: i think about this a lot when emergency crews and first responders, people like yourselves who are on the scene of these kind of devastating accidents instantly. there has to be some kind of healing afterwards because you can't just walk away from something like this without thinking about it. you said you saw crews anxiously and feverishly trying to pull those kids out of the car. >> yeah. like i said, you know, it's something you always remember. you'll never forget it. every time you drive past this intersection, i don't care
5:33 am
fits' five years, ten years, or two weeks from now, it's something you always remember. you'll always picture that. the memory will never fade. like you said, there is a healing process. it's not something you get over immediately. it's just devastating, extremely sad. >> reporter: our best to the 38- yard male driver and that 6- year-old who you think is in surgery but we do know for sure that child is in critical condition. tommy, thank you so much. i hope you'll be safe on the roads as he continues his work to clean up vdot roads and responding to a lot of scenes like this. certainly a very devastating scene. we know the mother unfortunately passed on the scene. an 8 yearldz child died at the -- 8-year-old child died at the hospital, 56-year-old fighting for -- a 6-year-old fighting for his or her life and a 38- year-old man in critical condition. >> delia goncalves giving us live updates from fairfax,
5:34 am
virginia. a funeral service will be held for 85-year-old wesley brown. in 1949 brown became the first black man to graduate the academy. he retired from the navy as rank of lieutenant commander. brown, a maryland native, died in silver spring last month at age 85. his family is donating his class ring and other items to the academy. they've been in place for four weeks now. today more than a dozen -- two dozen in fact new speed cameras in the district will start issuing tickets. drivers have only received warnings for the last 30 days. d.c. police say the cameras are strategyally placed at the -- strategically placed at the highest number of crash sites. kwame brown has met with federal prosecutors according to our sources but tuesday ignored reporter questions about that meeting as well as questions about whether or not he will resign. brown did say he knows nothing about possible charges. prosecutors have been investigating brown and whether or not he benefited from
5:35 am
$239,000 in funds which were campaign moneys steered toward his brother's business they say. every other time it's been tried, the incumbent has lost. but this morning wisconsin republican scott walker is the first governor to survive a recall election and keep his job. the recall effort was started after walker successfully diminished the power of state unions. walker friended off his democratic opponent milwaukee mayor tom barrett winning by a ten-point margin. >> when there had been leaders of courage, what has sustained them is there were good and decent people who stood with us shoulder to shoulder, arm to arp. that's what you have done for wisconsin and for america. >> the wisconsin race is a real sort of preview of what we're going to see which is big money influencing elections and really unchecked spending coming from wealthy folks all around the country. >> political experts say this could be just the beginning of
5:36 am
the huge spending spree for the november general elections. tonight the grand opening of what will be maryland's largest casino. maryland live at anne arundel mills is set to open tonight. the first phase will have 3200 slot machines and five restaurants are expected to open coming up on june 20 and phase two kicks in. it will feature a live music venue, more slot machines and restaurants. that's expected to be finished sometime between july and october. time for another your money report. >> jessica is here with more consumer news. >> we're talking about gas prices, the summer weather is on the way. that means more trips to the beach. pretty much everywhere else. and gas prices are still giving drivers a reason to smile. they keep dropping. the average pies for a gallon of regular gas -- price for a gallon of regular gas stands at $3.56. down 7 cents in the past week. local gas prices have dropped by 31 cents in the past month
5:37 am
with oil prices continuing to fall analysts think we could see something around 20 cents coming off the price of gas. and this could certainly help to keep the gas prices under control. there's an oil boom going on in kansas of all places. oil rigs are springing up in farm fields. exploration southern kansas started more than a year ago with the help of new technologies like hor don tall drilling and tracking. a lot of folks could be asking santa for this, this year. the wii hand held controller on display at the videoconference in l.a. the controller will let gamers play simultaneously on a tv and a second ipad device with its own touch screen. the price has yet to be announced good so the christmas rush is already on.
5:38 am
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comfortable out here. almost cool with temps in the 50s, even upper hoss in spots with part -- 40s in spots with partly to mostly cloudy skies. partly to mostly cloudy. by noon around 70,average highs in the low 80s. there could be a spotty shower, especially west and southwest. seven-day in five minute. right now monika with time saver traffic. on the southbound side of i-
5:41 am
270, things still looking pretty good at father hurley boulevard. you'll hit the brakes before the pace improves. in my next report, we'll take a closer look at maryland roads at 5:49. combing through the day's daily deals, e-mails and retailer websites, we've been finding you deep discounts. here are some of my favorites. forget about girls night out n. is guys night out. living social offering a guy cooking class with beer pairing at 918 f street. you'll get a three-hour cooking class teaching guys how to cook so-called dude food. what is that? bacon and cheddar smashed potatoes and other stuff. groupon offering microdermabrasion. you'll pay $49 for one session or $139 for three sessions.
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google offers has this deal with massage works d.c. 50% off a one-hour swedish deep tissue reflexology prenatal or sports massage. if you have an offer you've seen or you're a local merchant with a deal for our viewers, i would love to hear from ow facebook. over to you. the first lady is out with a new book. >> it's called "american grown: the story of the white house kitchen garden and gardens across america." she brought attention to her work by going on david letterman last night. she gave the top ten fun facts about gardening. >> lettuce is 96% water and 4% lettuce. >> that's right. that's why it's so darn tasty. number two. >> the white house tool shed contains shovels, trowels and weed whacker one. >> weed whacker one. weed whacker one. >> and the number one fun fact
5:43 am
about gardening? >> with enough care and effort, you can grow your own barack- oli. >> wow, look at this. how about that? there you go. still ahead, if your commute only gets worse and you have to search for a parking space, there's a solution. guess what? there's an app for that. >> police investigate a bizarre overnight slow speed crash where the driver came to a stop in the back end of a police car.
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welcome back. it's 5:46 on this wednesday. we're almost through.
5:47 am
>> good resolve and you'll get through the day. we may see a spotty shower. that's about it with partly to mostly cloud eye skies. a look at the bus stop forecast. we're going to retire this for the summer soon. maybe another week or so before most of the kids will be out. temperatures this morning returning in the upper 40s to upper 50s. so even a sweat shirt, you know, would be a good thing to be wearing today, especially north of town. sunrise just occurring a few minutes ago at 5:43. sets at 8:31. for today partly to mostly cloudy there. will be some sunny breaks for sure with 70 by noon. light winds south, southeast maybe 5, 10 miles an hour with a spotty shower. best chance of that is going to be out toward the shenandoah valley, the blue ridge. you guys west and southwest of town with 71 still at 8:00 p.m. at a light south wind at 6 miles per hour. all in all a pretty good day. you go down to north carolina, southern virginia, you're going to have a much better chance of showers as this piece of energy
5:48 am
is coming out of southern west virginia enhancing the lift and the rain showers down there. we do have one shower to tell you about. this is kind of hanging out -- there's belle view road. here's oxford. trying to drift in from oxford. cambridge, it's sneaking in your direction. this is barely moving and it's the only thing on radar. 50 in williamsport. lots of 40s. well down in the 40s in pennsylvania. we're sit neerg 60. locally -- sitting near 60. locally we have 46 gaithersburg. lovettsville also in the 40s. we have 55 in culpeper and fredricksburg right now 58 degrees. looking outside on our michael & son weather camera, look at the beautiful pink colors showing up with some of the clouds this morning. we've got a nice picture. 59 at national with calm winds. mostly cloudy skies and the humidity at 75%. want to show you quickly something kind of neat here in machine machine. this storm -- in montana.
5:49 am
this storm system, butte is 33. mile city 86 at 2:00 local time. that's quite a storm for them. for us we just have a little disturbance or two or three to deal with the next couple of days. heat by the weekend. 73 by this afternoon. tonight we're back in the 50s so a green day today. yellow tomorrow. just want to caution you in the afternoon you may have some delays with travel due to some of the showers and storms that may be around. friday looks good, too. back to 81 degrees. the seven-day forecast going to feel like summer. hey, sunday. 92 after being in the mid-80s saturday. still 90 on monday. could be a storm on tuesday. let's go to monika now with your time saver traffic. overall the beltway is looking great. no problems to report all around town, north, south, east and west. first a look at 270 on the southbound side where things look fine coming in from germantown and a live look into rockville, the heart of rockville, route 355 here at route 28. volumes are still light
5:50 am
although that will change within the next few minutes. let's look live at the beltway north of town. outer loop slowing down till you get to georgia avenuened you're fine heading toward silver spring and another look at 95 as you head south of route 32. you'll be fine between baltimore and washington. in my next report we'll go into virginia in a few minutes at 6:00. but first, i have an extra mile report. how many times have you driven into the district only to waste tons of time frustrated, looking for a parking meter, digging into your wallet for quarters and wasting all of that time? now there's an app for that. nick miller is the c.e.o. of parking panda which rents out parking spots in the district. thanks for being with us. that happens to me all the time. i sit in traffic and then can't find parking. how does this work? >> it's really simple. what we do is let people driving into the district looking for parking go online on their computer or mobile phone. search for and find a parking
5:51 am
space and book it right there in advance. >> if you have a parking spot, i can make money and if i don't have one, i can find one. is it cheaper to do it this way? >> usually it's cheaper to do is this way. with the garages we work with, they tend to offer discounts to our customers. >> you can walk us through your website and show us how it works. if i go online, what happens first? >> you find a place to park. you type in wherever you're looking for parking. so you want to search in washington, d.c. you'd search in washington, d.c. and this is what you would see. you would see a listing of all the available spaces to book in washington. >> it will give me the closest parking spot available to me as i'm coming into the district. can i do this last-minute as well? >> you can do it last-minute as well. if you open up the app on your phone, it will find where ever you are and give you the closest space at any time. >> you can reserve the spot as you're driving into the district. >> yes. >> i drive into the district a lot and i use the app, i can
5:52 am
pay for parking right at the meter. why would i choose this over something like that right on the street? >> sure, you can pay for parking in the meter and i love that. but it doesn't help you find parking and doesn't guarantee you have a space. when you pay for parking you still have to drive around half an hour in circles looking for that spot first. this gairn tees you -- gairng tees you you have a -- this guarantees you you have a spot once you get into town. it takes less than five minutes to sign up. list your space. you can put in description and photos and set a price and you start earning money right away. >> you already have this set up for two parking garages in the district. are you going to expand this at all? >> we work with two different garage companies which covers about 30 different parking garages in the district as well as a few hundred private spaces as well. >> i know in the district they collected 93 million dollars in parking citations alone in 2011. thank you so much for trying to
5:53 am
help us take the hassle out of parking. i'm definitely going to use in app. if you want more information, you can log on to our website later this morning and find out how to do it as well. making news now at 5:53, prince george's county and maryland state police are investigating a bizarre overnight crash on eastbound route 50 near route 193. construction workers alerted a nearby trooper to what appeared to be a broken down suv. that's when the driver slowly ran into the trooper's patrol car. police took that driver into custody. an abandoned barge started sinking in the southwest d.c. water upon. a salvage company was working on the boat and the crew did not realize there were still fuel tanks on board. it spilled into the potomac. the spill was contained. now a private company has been hired to clean it up. the state fair of virginia may again be for sale just two weeks after it was sold at
5:54 am
auction. the new owner paid just over $5 million for the intellectual property but the company's president says another party has made him a good offer. today maryland's highest court will hear a case challenging the use of speed cameras. that story is coming up. >> plus, we'll show you some of the newest cool gaming devices unveiled on the first day of the e-3 convention. >> can you trust that medicine in your pill bottle this morning? counterfeit goods is a huge problem and now a safety concern. we'll tell you what you need to know coming up at 6:06. you're watching 9news now.
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5:57 am
a few 40s now. it's cool. as we go through the day, 9:00, we'll be pushing in the low to mid-60s. 70 by lunch time. may see an isolated shower mainly west of town as we go throughout the day with highs between 70 and 75. so still cool now but some heat on the way by the weekend. today gamers will see more eye candy at the e3 2012 convention in los angeles. >> while individual players are pretty excited, it is tough times when it comes to these powerhouse gaming manufacturers. they're trying to sell more. >> reporter: this year at e3, microsoft unveiled smart glass, a multijean entertainment platform that cinch nices your music, tv and music across your
5:58 am
xbox, smartphone or tablet. espn, monday night football and hockey are also coming to xbox streaming. nintendo showcase add new tablet like game pad controller for the wie gaming con-- wii gaming console. it's clear hardware consul gaming is suffering thanks to social gaming and apple and facebook's theft of the casual gamer. at e3 2012, that sentiment echoes fire than the gaming demos on stage. >> there were a lot of people who bought consoles before who may only have bought it to play a few games. if you lose those cuts hers who -- customers to smartphones, ipads, how do you get them back? >> reporter: with software game sales down year after year, the industry is hoping it can find the right answer. >> we're all using sportphones
5:59 am
and ipads now. they're all still $60 games. that's a tough pill to swallow. >> reporter: e3 does excite hard-core fans. >> i'm excited to player the zombie games. it's awesome. >> hoping to finalize some crazy fun game i haven't heard. >> reporter: many say next year will be the year to watch. in new york, cbs news. good morning. we begin 9 news now at 6:00 a.m. with this live look at the world war ii memorial on the national mall. it was 6 # years ago today -- 68 years ago today americans stormed the beach at normandy. >> isn't that beautiful? glad you're with us. i'm mike hydeck. she has traffic momentarily. >> howard bernstein is here. he has our weather first. a beautiful morning and nice


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