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tv   9 News Now at Noon  CBS  June 6, 2012 12:00pm-12:30pm EDT

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. thank you for joining us. i'm jc hayward. a young mother and one of her daughters is dead. another one is in surgery after a high speed crash that occurred in fairfax city. police say the mother was at
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fault. the collision happened on east lee highway near germantown road just before 11:00 last night. delia goncalves has more information. >> i just heard boom. >> reporter: a deadly collision drew dozens of onlookers lining up along the highway to see the carnage themselves. >> it's devastating to know that took place. it's heartbreaking. it really is. >> reporter: police say 27-year- old dejon williams was traveling with her two daughters in the honda civic that burst into flames when it collided into this minivan. police now say the young mother was traveling twice the legal speed limit sideswiping a car before t-boning this minivan. the 38-year-old male driver rescued by firefighters and rushed to the hospital in critical condition. 6-year-old faith died at the hospital. >> i've never seen an accident that bad, never. >> it's something you'll never forget. it's always -- it's always going to be in the back of your
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mind every time, emily when you drive -- especially when you drive past this area. >> reporter: the orange markings on the road tell the rest of the story after the minivan was struck in the far eastbound lanes. it was knocked back tearing down a sign and then landing here in the westbound lane. >> the minivan was turning in and got t-boned. i know the minivan was pushed 45 feet after it got hit. later on as they were cleaning up and opened up the roadway, we found bits and pieces of the actual wheel that has broken into several pieces off of the sedan. >> reporter: the posted speed limit it 45 miles an hour on this stretch of lee highway. police say this is the first deadly crash in the city this year. and fairfax -- in fairfax city, delia goncalves, 9news now. the 8-year-old daughter who survived the crash is undergoing surgery at the moment in fairfax hospital and she is listed in critical condition. police have made an arrest in last night's deadly shooting
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that occurred at the southern avenue metro station. investigators say the unidentified suspect fatally shot a man in the head. the victim died on the scene. investigators have not released his name and they're not saying why this shooting occurred. fire crews in prince george's county are investigating an early morning fire that occurred in an apartment in suitland, maryland. authorities believe the fire started in a ground level apartment on regency park court. neverly 100 firefighters were called out to the scene. several families are now looking for a new place to stay. jury deliberation in the penn state sexual abuse scandal is continuing. more than half the jury has been seated in the case against jerry sandusky. opening arguments could start in just a few days. manuel gallegus reports that new details coming out could prove very damaging for the former assistant football
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coach. >> reporter: jerry sandusky arrived for a second day of jury selection. the process is moving quickly. nine jurors were chosen during the first day of questioning. four of them have ties to penn state where sandusky was an assistant football coach. they include a long time football season ticket holder, a former protessor who taught 37 years at university, a current penn state student, and a penn state graduate who earned both a bachelor's and master's degree. sandusky's defense says it wants jurors from the local community and not from out of town. sandusky is charged with 52 criminal counts of sexually abusing boys. he claims he's innocent. once the trial starts, as many as eight accusers could take the witness stand. there are reports that love letters allegedly written by sandusky to one of his accusers could be entered into testimony. the letters were reportedly written to victim number four. >> the judge will have to decide if they are to be allowed in. do they have the you a incident
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advertisety on -- have the authenticity. >> reporter: mike mcqueary is expected to be a witness for the prosecution. sandusky admits showering with boys but says he never molested them. judge john cleland says the trial will start on schedule monday and last through june. if convicted sandusky could spend the rest of his life in prison. manuel gallegus, cbs news, pennsylvania. the scandal led to the dismissal of top university officials, including legendary football coach joe paterno. the army private accused of leaking government secrets returns to a military courtroom in fort meed, maryland today. bradley manning is seeking to have ten of the 22 charges he is facing dismissed. he is accused of supplying thousands of classified documents to the website wikileaks. his trial is set to begin in september.
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here is video that you only see on 9news now. police put the cuffs on the driver of a man after he struck a maryland state police cruiser. our cameras were there on route 50 near route 193 in bowie last night. investigators say that the state trooper was stationed in a work zone when the driver allegedly hit the car. police arrested the driver. we do not know if drugs or alcohol were involved. you should watch out, speed demons, because beginning today, more than two dozen new speed cameras in the district are going to be in place and fines will be issued. in the last month only warnings were given out. one of the new cameras is on pennsylvania avenue near alabama avenue in southeast washington. there are also two cameras on the southeast southwest freeway. there is a camera in the 9th
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street tunnel, and there are two cameras on georgia avenue in northwest washington. for a complete list of where those cameras are, you go to our website look under morning show. the d.c. city council is meeting behind closed doors to discuss a possible new chairman. they are concerned that chairman kwame brown may have to resign. bruce johnson reports there is a federal investigation into brown's 2008 campaign. here's how brown responded. >> i don't think i broke any laws in the 2008 campaign. that's all i'm going to say about the 2008 campaign. >> prosecutors are looking into whether brown benefited from campaign funds that were steered to his brother's firm and that investigation is growing. brown also raised eyebrows yesterday for allegedly shoving wtop radio reporter mark
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seagraves. brown did not respond to questions about that. in the last month maryland's two casinos brought in more than $14.5 million. most of that money was made at the slots parlor in perryville. well, tonight the state's newest casino will be opening its doors. we're talking about the maryland live casino which is near anne arundel mills mall in hanover. it will have 3200 slot machines and another 1500 machines will be installed this summer. gambling begins at 10:00 p.m. also ray bradberry died at the age of 91. he was the author of such classic books as "fairnts height 451" and "the martian chronicles." he is credited with elevating science fiction into the realm
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of literature. his daughter says that he died last night in southern california. still to come when 9news now continues, if you missed the venus transit across the sun, we're going to show it to you in just a moment. also, a member of the kennedy family is joining us in the studio to talk about how his father shaped him and the united states. mark shriver is here.
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i'm one on one with mark shriver. father's day is just around the corner. we want to celebrate father's day early by an incredible man who really shaped this country. i don't even know what to say about sergeant shriver. so many things. peace corps. ambassador to france, co- founder of special olympics and of course his son has just written a book. it's called "a good man." and i would disagree with you. sergeant shriver was not a good man. sergeant shriver was a great man but i would like to welcome mark here. thank you for being my guest. he was my graduation speaker at columbia university.
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that was an honor and a delight. look at this picture of you and your father on the cover. lieu so cute. >> thank you. >> your brother says it must be him, right? >> my brother said it was him. >> to write a book, why was this so important to you. >> i heard a lot -- from a lot of folks after he died he was a good man. some said he was a great man. but what i really thought was interesting is what made him good. i think it was his marriage to the woman of his dreams for 56 years, my mom. the fact he had five kids, all of them loved him. he had a daily relationship with god, countless friends. i think that is the key at what made him good. he achieved incredible balance in his life, kept everything in perspective. i hope the book has some messages in there that will help all of us be better human beings. my wife and gene are raising three young kids. we're struggling with aging parents. i know a lot of my friends are dealing with this too. i hope the book gives those lessons out to folks as they
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struggle like i'm doing on balancing it. >> my question to you would be how difficult was it for you to grow up in this family where your father was an icon? didn't it put pressure on you? >> there was a little bit of pressure. the family, kennedys and shrivers have been involved in presidential campaigns from 1976 to 1980 and in '84 as well. there's a fair amount of pressure but the great thing about dad is he never talked about the pressure to go into politics or to do great things. he only wanted us to be happy in what we were doing, to pursue whatever we do with a lot of vigor and a lot of energy. but he was a father grounded in his faith. he was grounded in his relationship with his wife and his kids and he never cared about how we made him look. even when we embarrassed him as i did when i dropped out of the peace corps after publicly announcing i was going to join it, he only cared about me. i think that's one of the secrets in the book is to not care about what your kids are
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doing but only to give them unconditional love, to not worry if they embarrass you but to give them unconditional love. >> what other secrets will we find in this book that the public doesn't know about your father? >> i think it's the fact his life is built on three principles. it's faith, hope and love and those became reality as a father and grandfather and all through his work, whether for racial justice in the '50s, chicago, the creation of the peace corps. all of these efforts, special olympics, all of these were efforts to spread home and love. he gave such great advice, even when he was struggling in alzheimer's if it is last ten years of his life. when he was yelling at my kids to do better in athletics, he turned to me and said, did i yell at you when you were a kid? and is ared he didn't. -- and i realized he didn't. >> he certainly is going to be remembered for a long time and your book tells a lot of stories about this good man,
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great to some. mark shriver, thank you for being with us. so nice to have you. >> thank you. coming up, howard has the forecast. stay with us.
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we have just learned that the washington redskins are moving their preseason training camp to richmond, virginia beginning next summer. they will keep their corporate headquarters in loudoun county. they will also expand redskins
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park which is the team's full- time training facility. the team is expected to officially announce details of their new summer training camp later today. i'm not very happy about that. it was kind of cloudy in our area to see the transit of venus last night. i hope you saw it because the next one is going to be in 2117. but this is video of the event captured by sky 9. venus' trip across the sun takes six hours in order to complete. and only people in locations like australia and hawaii were able to witness the entire event. >> it happened about 6:10 is when it started here yesterday and sunset is at 8:30. only two and a half hours of sunlight to see it. >> did you see any of it? >> i tried to see it. it was a little cloudy. but pretty cool and great videos. i posted a great video from
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nasa. has music from some of the satellites in space that saw it. this was really just a very tremendous event. again, won't be seeing another one till 2117. all the allergens are low. that's good news for you. for the afternoon you may just see a spotty shower or thundershower pop up but the clouds here and there. some sunshine. looking at the day planner, temperatures still very comfortable. we'll be climbing into the low to mid-70s over the next few hours. maybe about 75 or so for the high with a mix of sun and clouds and that spotty shower or thunderstorm. winds not bad either. south 5 to 10. i hope you take advantage of the coolness we've been having because when i show you the seven-day forecast, by the time we get to the weekend and early next week, it's going to feel every bit like late june, early july. by 9:00 64 degrees. if you have outdoor plans, they'll probably be okay but you may get a brief interruption. notice the disturbance moving east but locally we're starting to see some showers fire up. we see them across virginia,
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west of town. in southern maryland, we've been seeing a couple of showers pop here in charms and st. mary's counties. let's take you over to those areas. we'll take you south in and around leonardtown, just south of leonardtown we're seeing a shower down there. we know we've got some scattered showers toward mechanicsville and east of stafford. this stuff is not moving much but looks like it wants to drift slowly to the east. farther to the west we'll take you out toward luray now. we have a few showers out that way. just some really light scattered stuff south of olney and far northern prince william county. looks like a few showers popping between a man sas and -- between man fan sas and woodbridge -- manassas and woodbridge. temps are in check right now. very nice. 72 here in town. we've got 68 for frederick and leesburg. frederick and gaithersburg were down to a 46 for a low. easton 72. with the clouds and showers around pax river only 56 right now. manassas at 70.
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you can see these puffy clouds cluttering up the sky a bit in tysons corner. humidity 38% so the air is dry, winds are calm. light showers. some of this will evaporate before it reaches the ground. there's the disturbance coming across this morning. the future cast shows we're going to see the spotty showers from this stuff for the afternoon. it will die down after sunset. then tomorrow likely a better chance for some scat erltd showers and storms across the region before we dry out -- scattered showers and storms across the region before we dry up and heat up. tonight 50s. tomorrow upper 70s. a yellow alert sort of day. some of these afternoon thunderstorms could delay your commute. they might also get you a delay or a cancellation of a sporting event tomorrow. 79 degrees. we turn good on friday, 81. then your weekend is going to be a hot one, mid-80s saturday. low 90s on sunday. we'll northbound the kitchen when 9news now at noon returns. don't go anywhere. we'll be right back.
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i am one on one with chef seth brady. he's in a relatively new restaurant. it's one and a half years old and it's in the bloomingdale neighborhood of northwest washington. it's going -- it is the first sitdown restaurant in that area. it's located 84t street northwest. and he's brought some items that look absolutely delicious to me. but today you're doing what?
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>> today we're going to be doing our raw kale salad. >> i've never had raw kale salad. >> most people don't eat it because it's kind of tough and difficult to eat. but what we do is we massage it. we massage it with some vinegarette. this is our rosemary vinegarette. we put some shallots on here and celery roots. >> i've never had raw kale. let me tell -- you want me to tell you how i fix my kale? >> i put either back fat or ham hocks in there. >> we give it a little massage, salt and pepper. it gets all the herbs and seenings inside of it-- >> seasonings inside of it. >> you've given me this recipe. it's on all of my recipes that my chefs prepare for me here on the 12 noon newscast are on look at that. that makes it nice and tender? >> makes it nice and tender, a
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lot easier to eat. we have some herbs on there. then we top it with some candied almondses. >> oh, wow. >> and then question throw some goat cheese on top. >> oh, my goodness. i'm loving this. this looks delicious. some goat cheese. while you're doing that, you brought -- this is a vegetarian- - >> that's actually a vegan. vegetable risotto cake. >> that looks delicious. >> that's our roasted vegetable salad which is really great for this time of year because everybody has their little gardens. >> that looks good. on the end, now this really looks good. look at this one. >> this is our seared caesar blt. kind of combining two different flavors. caesar, blt into one. >> and this is the finished product. >> this is the finished product. >> okay. i didn't say the name of the restaurant. it's rustic tavern. it's located 84 t street
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northwest in the bloomingdale neighborhood. and say hello to the chef, seth brady, when you go by. some great, great dishes. great for the summer. nice and refreshing. >> light. you're not going to get too full. >> and not a lot of calories. >> not a lot of calories. come back and visit us at 5:00. thank you, chef.
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