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tv   9 News Now at 5pm  CBS  June 6, 2012 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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fraud. the three-page charging documents brown provided industrial bank of washington falsified documents that overstated his income by tens of thousands of dollars to allow him to obtain a home equity loan to purchase a boat. sources say brown falsely forged a signature and falsely claimed in the application to have an outside job that did not exist. >> we want to let the invests run its course. >> reporter: the 2008 -- the investigation run its course. >> reporter: the 2008 campaign has under investigation for leaned irregularities. brown has denied any -- alleged irregularities. brown has denied any wrongdoing. >> i have done absolutely nothing wrong, bruce. >> prosecutors were prepared to bring at least one misdemeanor charge from the campaign. brown insisted that charge be dropped as part of the deal. prosecutors agreed, but the chairman's resignation is also part of the deal. it appears he will resign before entering a guilty plea in federal court. that way he's not convicted while in office and could be
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eligible to seek public office again. >> a lot of private backdoor meetings going on now down at the wilson building. ward 3 council member mary cheh will take over temporarily. at some point after that there will be an election among council members and they will choose among the at large members to finish out the chairman's term. vincent orange, phil mendelson, the democrats at large are expected to vie for that position. for now our other bruce leshan joins us live from the wilson building where kwame brown just came out and spoke behalf with reporters. what did he say? >> reporter: he came out after huddling behind closed door for most of the day with his staffers and he said he would have more to say tomorrow. he refused to say whether he is still chairman and to say if he has already submitted his resignation. now before he came out we heard
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shouting and we peered through a shaded glass door and saw his staff holding hands and chanting kwame. then he came out and waded into a crazy media scrum, his staff scream and yelling at photographers who were furiously back pedaling and trying to get out of the way. his colleagues on the council say they are distraught by his indictment on this felony bank fraud charge, but here is all kwame brown had to say. >> i'll have a comment tomorrow. thank you, no comment as of now. i appreciate you for waiting in the hallway all this time. don't have a comment. i'll have a comment tomorrow. thank you. >> reporter: are you still chairman? >> what are you doing tonight? >> reporter: how's your staff doing? >> i'm distraught. i'm very concerned about the future of this government. and the changes that we are facing are profound and i believe, though, optimistically that we have the resources
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within the council, within this government to pull out of this and to reach a point very rapidly where something positive is going to happen. >> just again very sad for the district of columbia and very heavy heart, but i know the most important thing is we assure everyone our city will continue to move forward. >> reporter: are you going to resign at this point? >> kwame broke did speak with fellow council members, but we do not know what he said because we were kicked out of that council meeting despite our objections that the council members might be violating the district's open meeting law. we understand that kwame brown with his fellow council members was businesslike, open, forthright. council members as you heard are hoping this is a little bit like pulling a scab off a wound and that the city can now start healing but, of course, the federal investigation of mayor vincent gray and his campaign practices, that is continuing.
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lesli? >> bruce leshan, thank you. to talk more about all this is bruce johnson who is back now to give us perspective. first, though, chairman brown says he's going to speak tomorrow. should we assume that tomorrow he will resign and then go into that place? >> i think that's exactly what our councilman harry thomas did is resigned from office before entering the guilty plea to leave open the door to open public office again. >> at the end of the piece bruce talked about the fact the mayor's investigation is still out there and you know there has been a wide ranging corruption investigation going on netting all kinds of folks. >> it's interesting the council members now talking about heal and mending fences. we still got a ways to go. the mayor issued a statement about the plea deal saying, "i'm shocked, disappointed, saddened by today's news. i served alongside mr. brown on the council and never would have imagined something like
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this," as a lot of people i would imagine couldn't imagine something like this, a felony. >> you're saying okay, so you got him on a home equity loan and a boat, but wasn't this supposed to be about diverting campaign funds? what happened? >> it's supposed to be about whatever the u.s. attorney says and the law says and you're right this, did start out as an investigation into his 2008 campaign and my sources say they were going to bring misdemeanor charges stemming from that campaign. part of the plea bargain is to let those misdemeanor goes to the side, but the specifics are they're saying he forged a name on some documents and fraudulently claimed to have an outside job of his council job that he didn't have and this is a federally insured institution. you can't lie on these applications. it's a felony. they've got him. he admits that. >> more to come on that and what this means to the mayor as well, i'm sure. thank you. the washington redskins are
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moving their training camp. virginia governor bob mcdonnell and gm bruce allen made the big announcement. the team will begin to hold preseason workouts in richmond beginning next summer. we've got team coverage tonight. surae chinn is at redskins park with reaction, but first kristen berset has details on the deal itself. >> the state of maryland and the district have been trying to entice the redskins to move their training facility to their respective areas, but virginia offered something the team couldn't refuse. the redskins will get money from both state and loudoun county to stay in the commonwealth. starting next summer the team will open training camp in richmond, but their main headquarters and year-round facility will stay in ashburn. they'll get $30 million to expand and renovate that facility. the move will allow players to focus more on practice and prepping for the season by separating them from the distractions of family life at home. regarding the move virginia
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governor mcdonnell said today virginia considers the redskins our team. the team is based here and trains here, the players live here. virginia is committed to keeping the redskins here in our state for years to come and today we've taken significant steps towards accomplishing that goal. now the redskins have held their two a days in ashburn since 2003. before that they spent four years at frostburg state in frostburg, maryland, and originally their training camp was held at dickinson college in carlyle. a., talk about a flashback. here's our own jc hayward. we had to pull this video out of archives at '94 in carlyle and redskins throwing and frying to catch the football, playing a little football out there -- trying to catch the football, playing a little football out there. virginia governor said today the redskins' commitment to richmond will be for about eight years.
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so you might have to be taking that 100-mile trek from the district to go see your team. >> virginia says it's our team. thank you, appreciate that. by the way, surae chinn is live at redskins park where the team has been holding its training campus in recent years. what are folks saying about all this? >> reporter: fans are hurting now, fans and nonfans alike saying they want their team to stay for the preseason training camp, the hustle and bustle. you can just imagine next month when it's going positive. this entire area will be packed with the cars and people lined up to see their favorite team, but next year a lot of fans will have to drive all the way to richmond for a couple hors to see those team highlights. team -- hours to see those team highlights. >> i wish they would staith. >> reporter: edith ray loves the redskins but is not a fan of training camp moving to this
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area next year. training camp brings in nearly a million dollars in revenue during the three week practice. >> these are people who go to their games and pay for tickets and a lot more paraphernalia i'm sure than the people in richmond do. they should honor that. >> reporter: jack lekelt is not a skins fan but roots for ashburn. >> if it will help them win, i guess it's okay. they need some wins in the win column. >> reporter: you're not even a fan, though. >> i know, but i still like to see the home team do something good. >> i'll probably wait for them to play and watch them then. >> reporter: besides resident fans restaurants and hotels will feel their absence. jarrett zigler helps manage the buffalo wing factory a couple miles from redskins park. the late afternoon rush is slow, but that's not the case during training camp. >> we support the redskins in whatever they have to, do but if that's something they have to, do it stinks on the
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business end, but whatever. as long as they win the super bowl, go redskins, right? >> reporter: well that, big bubble there, that's the training facility and the governor announces that it will underbe go a multimillion dollar -- undergo a multimillion dollar expansion. the training facility obviously stays put and so does the headquarters and also by upgrading this huge facility it will bring in hundreds of jobs and millions of dollars to the economy. so that's what the governor says will offset some of the training camp dollars. we talked to a lot of fans. they say they won't make that trip to richmond. they'll have to wait for the team to come back here for practice. >> from what i hear the players are glad for those upgraded facilities they'll have a chance to practice in as well. >> reporter: for sure. a jury of seven women and five men has been chosen to hear the sex abuse case against former penn state assistant coach jerry sandusky. what could be key evidence from an accuser caused a stir for the defense in the courtroom.
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manuel gal gas gay gallegos is in bellefont, pennsylvania. >> reporter: many of the jury have ties to the school. the defense is getting the local jury it fought for. >> it can't be denied that this jury intimately close to jerry sandusky and penn state even if they don't know him. >> reporter: sandusky is accused of molesting 10 boys during 15 years. defense attorney joe amendola questioned one female juror who has a 6-year-old boy. >> i know with my son there are a lot of sides to a story. amendola replied so i guess what you're saying is that you recognize kids don't always tell the truth. and she said absolutely. >> reporter: eight of sandusky's accusers are expected to testify against him. one referred to as victim no. 4 reportedly has love letters
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from sandusky. word of those alleged letters of leaked to the news media. sandusky's defense asked the judge to postpone the trial saying the gag order had been violated. >> the judge vehemently denied that because he wants to keep this trial on schedule. >> reporter: the judge is determined to begin the trial monday. >> we, of course, will be watching it close lift sandusky faces life in prison if convicted -- closely. sandusky faces life in prison if convicted on all charges. coming up the space shuttle enterprise gets a lift onto a u.s. aircraft carrier. >> also ahead are maryland speed cameras legal? a whole lot of folks wish they weren't. today the state's highest court takes up the question whether many of them actually are not. >> i'm andrea mccarren with a new chapter in the case of a local liquor store owner convicted of selling alcohol to minors. i'll have that story coming up.
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9 wants you to know about an update on a story we've followed sun was last december. you remember richard kim -- since last december. remember richard kim who was convicted last month for selling alcohol to minor? he's got even more trouble on his hands. what's going on with him? >> today had he a key hearing
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at abra and we know now a that on july 25th that board will determine whether he loses hiss license. richard kim sat quietly with his korean translator and left without comment after learning abra's proceedings were moving forward. 9news has been documenting alcohol sales to minors at kim's town square market for months. more than 40 teenagers from d.c., maryland and virginia have received alcohol citations after allegedly buying booze there, yet kim's store has remained open for business. >> it's more than just one isolated incident. this is a situation where it has been a continuum of violation of the law. >> reporter: the advisory neighborhood commission of the 3rd district is spearheading the effort against kim's liquor license renewal. simply put, the neighbors near his town square market on macarthur boulevard don't want
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him there. >> if your restaurant gets shut down because there's a health issue, it doesn't open up until you've cured the health issue. here we think that there should have been some effort to try to shut the store down. >> reporter: while today marked the start of kim's proceedings with d.c.'s alcohol control board, tomorrow marks the conclusion of his criminal investigation. you will recall kim was convicted of selling alcohol to a minor back on may 21st. well, tomorrow a d.c. superior court judge will sentence him. he faces up to a year in jail and a $1,000 fine. >> if you think about that defense that his attorney mounted basically saying they weren't knowing for sure if that was alcohol because they hadn't looked inside the bottles he sold -- >> and sniffed them, too. i've never seen anything like that. >> he seemed to be in denial, but how does this look for him now in terms of keeping his license? >> not looking good. in fact, the a and c and 3d had
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a unanimous vote to protest his renewal. see you tomorrow. a young mother and one of her daughters is dead after a high speed crash in fairfax city and police say the mother was at fault. the collision happened at east lee highway near jermantown road just before 11:00 last night. 27-year-old dayquan williams was driving with his two daughters in the car when it collided with a minivan and it burst into flames. officers say williams was driving twice the legal speed limit. >> i've never seen an accident that bad, never. it's something that you'll never forget. it's always going to be in the back of your mind every time especially when you drive past this area. >> williams' 6-year-old daughter faith died at the hospital. the daughter who survived the crash has critical injuries and man who was driving the other vehicle has critical injuries, too. police have made an arrest in last night's deadly shooting at the southern avenue metro
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station. think the 2-year-old norman bonds is charged with first did he -- 32-year-old norman boneds is charged with first degree murder in the death of a 43- year-old mandarin detter. investigators don't know what led up to the violence. the army private at the center of the wikileaks case was back in a military courtroom at ft. meade today. lawyers for private bradley manning are asking 10 of the 22 charges be dismissed. 24-year-old intelligence analyst is charged with aiding the enemy by leaking hundreds of thousands of classified documents. the defense claims the government used unconstitutionally vague language in some of the charges. manning's lawyers say other charges are simply untrue. thousands of people in new york had their eyes glued on quite a sight on the hudson river today. the space shuttle enterprise was towed from jersey city to its new home in manhattan. on the flight deck of the intrepid sea, air and space museum. the enterprise left kennedy
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airport on a barge sunday morning. it was at airport since it was flown there from washington on a 747 in april. . >> not as cool as seeing it fly overhead, but that's pretty cool. >> you don't expect it on the hudson. >> and this weather is pretty nice, too. >> you like it, don't you? >> i do. it's cool, comfortable, no breeze, no sun. >> no humidity. let's take a live look outside. we are hosting the mets tonight, the nats, and i think it will be great night for baseball. this is our live weather cam brought to you by michael and son. there are a few clouds around and a few showers we'll get to in a minute. 72, dew points in the 40s, fantastic. you can keep the windows open. winds have turned. we talked about this yesterday, winds turning from more of an easterly direction to a southwesterly direction. here's live doppler 9000. we've seen a few light showers much of the afternoon and evening out to the west of us around warrenton and up toward
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winchester. now they're moving southward down toward harrisonburg. in the past hour we've seen this thunderstorm pop up, pretty heavy rains around wall cover. this will give you heavy rain about -- wall cover. this will give you heavy rain about 20 minutes. -- waldorf. this will give you heavy rain about 20 minutes. this will go through st. leonard's in the next 30 minutes, down towards lusby and they'll weaken. it's going to be a wet commute home for you folks going down 3 and 5 into southern maryland. you can still see a lot of clouds to the north of us. we're still sort of unsettled. i'll keep the chance of shower or thunderstorm in tonight. good news is we'll have warmer drier air tomorrow. right now 71 in bethesda, 77 rockville, 76 springfield, mid- 70s in college park and beltville. here's the deal. warming up, a shower possible for the nats game, but now i
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think they'll stay south of the nats game. more sun and warmer tomorrow, afternoon storms, though, tomorrow and beautiful on friday, no doubt about that. for tonight partly to mostly cloudy, cool, shower or thunderstorm possible, lows 52 to 62 with light winds. by morning we're looking at temperatures comfortable, talking around 52 downtown but 53 tonight in gaithersburg, 56 for a low in reston. next three days looks like this. we'll go code yellow, alert code yellow tomorrow because of the afternoon thunderstorms upper 70s and green friday, code green saturday, low 80s friday and mid-80s on saturday. the next seven days look like this. we're looking at temperatures warming up. we'll be near 90 sunday, isolated thunderstorm possible sunday and also monday and tuesday, a little better chance wednesday. we do stapple. we lowered temps a bit from -- stay warm. we lowered temps a bit from
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yesterday still in the lower to upper 80s into the middle part of next week. it is quite nice out here and great night for baseball. they're playing some ball now, exciting and good. singer sheryl crowe revealed she has a brain tumor. find out what doctors are saying about the type of tumor coming up. >> up next we're just hours from the opening of maryland's largest casino yet. when it comes to gardening, we're, well, inexperienced.
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it expands when you water it. and improves your soil. for big beautiful plants that grow up to three times the flowers and vegetables. guaranteed. we were so bad at this before. particularly you. [ laughs ] everyone grows with miracle-gro. sky 9 takes us high above hanover, maryland, where the state's newest casino is set to open its doors. maryland live! goes public for the first time tonight. the casino located near anne arundel mills mall has 3,200 slot machines available now, another 1,500 to be installed this summer. gambling begins at 10:00. investigators are trying to figure out what cause an apartment fire out of suitland that hurt 1 firefighter and bunked out several families. that fire broke out early this morning at andrews ridge complex on regency park court. investigators believe the fire began in a terrace level unit
5:26 pm
and spread up the upper floors, took about 45 minutes for firefighters to knock it down. a woman now being treated for smoke inhalation after a fire in her northeast d.c. apartment. the flames broke out earlier today in the 200 block of 61st street. firefighters also rescued a black cat from the home and they actually treated the little thing with some oxygen. the cause of this fire is under investigation as well. today adventis healthcare broke ground on the first free standing cancer center in montgomery county. services will range from chemotherapy to rehabilitation and nutrition counseling to be located on the ground of shady grove in rockville. still ahead tonight on 9news a health alert, flesh eating bacteria has been getting a lot of attention in the news lately and 9 wants you to know what the danger is in our area, the local body of water that could be a breeding ground and why summertime is
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extra risky. >> reporter: i'm scott broom live outside the maryland cot of appeals where today maryland's speed cameras were on trial. when i come back, you'll get a taste of some of the harsh questions maryland's highest court had for montgomery county.
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montgomery county speed cameras were on trial today in the state's highest cot and those justices had a lot --
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court and those justices had a lot of questions about the private contract that turns out the tickets by hundreds of thousands. >> we hate the flashing lights. scott broom is live from the court of appeals with more. >> reporter: a lot of interesting facts today, one of them, montgomery county during just one month back in 2009 paid that contractor acs a half million dollars for its service, a half million in just month. it's an example of how the cash register rings every time that contractor kicks out a ticket. >> they have encouraged their employees to digitize 180 events per hour '. >> reporter: it's a class action lawsuit by drivers against montgomery county claiming a bounty system for producing speeding tickets is against the law. >> they have a financial incentive to issue tickets which may or may not be have. >> reporter: let's lawyer timothy leahy who filed the suit in 2007 after he got one
5:31 pm
of those infuriating tickets. now the whole thing has been appealed to the state's highest court. the heart of the case say $16.25 fee earned by camera contractor acs every time its system kicks out a $40 ticket even though state law says the contractor's fee may not be contingent on the number of citations issued or paid. >> it doesn't make any sense to me. then why have a bounty system? >> reporter: the judge lynn battaglia was among the judges starrily questioning the lawyers who claim -- sharply questioning the lawyers who claim it's all legal because while acs provides the pictures and data from a processing center in new york they don't make the final call on who gets a ticket. >> acs has no control over our law enforcement decisions of when to issue a citation and what constitutes a citation. there shall be no contingent feet. >> reporter: it's legal hair splitting that defies common sense according to the team
5:32 pm
fighting the cameras who say they're not opposed to enforcing speeding laws, but the job should not be outsourced to a for profit corporation. and the financial stakes are huge in this. by one estimate speed cameras in maryland last year collected $77 million from drivers. it's going to take the judges several weeks to render an opinion and depending on the outcome the county might have to renegotiate its contract with acs, the speed camera contractor, and it could even mean that the county just might have to pay damages to tens and thousands of drivers throughout who have received these tickets in the past. we'll just have to see. scott broom, 9 news now. >> a lot of people have fingers and toes crossed on this one. in today's health leat worries about ct scans increasing cancer risk have been confirmed. a study out today shows radiation from a couple ct
5:33 pm
scans to the head in childhood could triple the chances of brain cancer later in life. 10 to 15 scans can raise the risk of leukemia in the same way. while the absolute danger of cancer developing after ct is still pretty small, experts say radiation doses should be kept as low as possible. frightening cases of flesh eating bacteria getting national attention. there's a new mother of twins in south carolina and then there's a georgia grad student who got the tissue devouring disease from a bug that lives in many waterways. in fact, a local scientist tells me it's also in the chesapeake bay, a warning. tonight's report contains some graphic images. amy copeland is beginning to speak again and has been taken off a respirator, all good signs for her eventual rove, but the damage caused by flesh -- recovery, but the damage caused by flesh eating disease has been done. both her hands, part of her abdomen and one of her legs and
5:34 pm
her remaining foot have been amputated. >> the support and prayers we've got i believe are the only reasons that amy is alive today. >> reporter: in most casesser in eating disease or necrotizing fasciitis is triggered by group a strep bacteria, what caused lana kukendahl's infection that started with a painful spot on her leg. doctors performed seven surgeries and have not needed to amputate fortunately. copeland's case is different. this bug got into her body through a gash sufficiented in a zip lining accident on a georgia -- suffered in a zip lining accident on a georgia river. it leaves in a brackish environment, meaning a mixture of saltwater and fresh. >> they live there normally. they're a big part of ecosystem and their numbers increase in the warmer months. >> reporter: dr. amy horner
5:35 pm
marne has studied aeromonas for 30 years and says of the 29 species eight are known to cause illness in people. in most cases it's a mild diarrhea if a swimmer swallows water, but if one of the virulent strains gets in a cut, it can cause horrific damage. she says people who work and relax on the chesapeake bay need to know about aeromonas because it thrives there. >> boating, swimming, crabbing, we ingest water or get a cut or wound while we're in that aquatic environment, there's the potential for certain strains to cause stephens. >> reporter: dr. gary simon is chief of infectious disease at george washington university hospital and the says aeromonas infections through cuts are pre tin usual but they happen. he says -- pretty unusual, but they happen. he says any wound should be washed out immediately. >> if you start getting fever
5:36 pm
and chills, you better come in. >> some of these cases of nitro cueing far yates can expand very -- necrotizing fasciitis can expand very quickly. >> it is also important to know this about aeromonas. front line be antibiotic antibiotics don't work against this infection from the start. you need to go to the emergency room. singer songwriter sheryl crowe reveals she has a benign brain tumor. the 59-year-old said she was diagnosed months ago with a fairly common type of noncancerous tumor. crowe said she found out the tumor was there when memory problems prompted her to get brain scan, thought about may just be a coincidence. -- but that may just be a coincidence. >> first i think it's unlikely the tumor caused the memory
5:37 pm
loss, especially if they're just observing it at this point because usually that's associated with a larger tumor. >> menigiomas are twice as common with women in their 40s and 50s. crowe is a cancer survivor and is expected to undergo periodic scans to monitor the size of this tumor. coming up hannah montana is getting hitched? we'll have the details of the teenage star miley cyrus' engagement. >> but first a new recall on a popular high chair. >> don't forget we're always on at stay with us. we'll be right back after the break.
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we kick things off in our consumer alert with a recall that was prompted by children falling from a popular high chair. so parents should stop using the even flo convertible high chair. it turns into a toddler's side table and chair, but 18 children have tumbled from the higher version of it because that tray can detach unexpectedly. you want to contact even flo for a replacement tray. we'll have more on the model numbers on our website taco bell is turning up the heat on its competitors. the mexican chain is going
5:41 pm
upscale. starting in july you'll be able to sample new menu items created by celebrity chef lorena garcia, black beans, cilantro race, herb marinated chicken and some new flavors coming to the side items, too. taco bell is trying to compete with casual restaurants like chipotle. science fiction fans are kind of sad tonight. arthur ray bradbury died. he wrote classics like fahrenheit 451 and the martian chronicles, more than 27 novels, 600 short stories to his credit and elevated science fiction into the realm of literature. the author died last night in southern california. ray bradbury was 91 years old. miley cyrus is engaged. people magazine reports the pop singer was popped the question by her celebrity boyfriend
5:42 pm
hunger games star leon helmsworth. according to people, the 19- year-old former hannah montana star is sporting a 3.5-carat diamond ring. this month's at&t national golf tournament supports the military and our wounded warriors. coming up we'll introduce you to someone named dewitt osborne and you'll learn how golf turned his life around and how he's using it to help others. >> reporter: i'm kristin fisher at stratford landing elementary in alexandria where an 8-year-old student is being hailed a hero for calling 911 saving her mom's life. i've got the tape from 911 you will not want to miss coming up. when it comes to gardening, we're, well, inexperienced.
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imagine falling down a flight of stairs. you've got a concussion, you're bleeding and the only person with you is your 8-year-old
5:46 pm
daughter. >> that's what happened to a mom in alexandria a month ago and it's a good thing her daughter was there. kristin fisher tells us more about how she helped save her mom's life. >> that's right. this is a textbook example of why it's so important as parents to talk to their kids about why and how to call 911. hopefully they'll never need torque but if they do, they'll want to take -- to, but if they do, they'll want to take notes from 8-year-old katie lee. >> my mom fell and she can't talk right now. >> that's the voice of 2nd grader katie lee during the most scary moment of her young life. her mom had just fallen down the stairs and lay bleeding on the floor. >> i'm thinking am i going to die from this? >> i just wanted to save her life. >> her head is busted open and she fell down a flight of stairs. >> okay. let me get somebody started. >> okay. can you come right away, please? >> i can. hang on one second, okay?
5:47 pm
>> i was absolutely amazed. i was very surprised how calm and cool and articulate she was. >> three weeks after the accident that 911 dispatcher presented katie with a citizen life saving award in front of the entire student body at stratford elementary. >> i think it's really awesome because i'm going to be on tv and i'm a little bit nervous. >> it's a teachable moment for katie's classmates. >> we're going to learn about the phone number you call when they have an emergency. >> they even listened wide eyed to the call. >> i had to step out because i can't go back to that moment. it's a lot to stomach. she's beyond a hero to me. >> you did a great job. >> i learned about this in school. >> very good, very good job. you are great.
5:48 pm
>> now in seven years the county has only given out three of these awards and that's because they only give it out to people who are truly life savers. katie's mom had a concussion, a bad head wound, needed stitches. you can see him happy to report she is almost back to 100% thanks in large part to her daughter katie. >> katie was panicking, but she pushed through it and she really saved the day. >> calm under pressure. >> absolutely. good for you, katie. thanks. back to you. >> i love that, i'm panicking, but i'm talking softly. >> and then excuse me. that's precious reporting. >> we have a couple showers and storms popping up, should not affect the nats game. let's start with live look outside. this is our live weather cam brought to you by michael and son. there's the capitol. notice the clouds have increased since we last spoke. temperature 72, do want in the upper 40s, actually -- dew point in the upper 40s, actually pretty nice, winds out of the south at 6 and pressure
5:49 pm
now steady. live doppler, we'll zoom in. there's a new storm not far from national airport and then this storm we've been tracking. it's a pretty heavy storm north of waldorf. there could be some small hail this. will move off south and east. this is a pretty heavy some, too. again this just popped up in the last hour or so, about 40 minutes. may even see hail around wilson boulevard just to the southeast of falls church. this is state highway 244 and this is 50, could be hail there, too. with the red that is going to be very heavy rain, rainfall rates about 1, 1 1/4 inches per hour. essentially both storms are moving south and east. this is more to the southwest. it will track toward vienna out toward 66. that weakens a bit and this also weakens going down 5 south of waldorf. 74 in rockville, 68 arlington because of the shower there and
5:50 pm
74 also in great falls. the next three days look like this. tomorrow will be a code yellow because of afternoon thunderstorms, all right? then it will be code green, code green friday and saturday, near 80 tomorrow, low 80s friday and mid-80s on saturday. next seven days heating up over the within, but still nice. almost 90 -- weekend, but still nice, almost 90 sunday, isolated storm, back to the low 80s monday, mid-80s tuesday, isolated storms and better chance of storms wednesday with highs creeping back up to the upper 80s. all in all, a nice night for baseball. >> thank you, topper. now 9 sports with kristen berset, the best sports in town. >> this sunday the international boxing hall of fame will induct its newest class and i am honored to be joined in studio now by one of them. d.c.'s own mark too sharp johnson. thanks so much for being here.
5:51 pm
we were just talking. you said you found out you're the first born and raided d.c. in the hall of fame -- raised d.c. in the hall of fame. >> i'm very excited. it's something no one else has done in the city. so i'm the first to do that, so i'm very excited. >> the induction is this sunday. are you getting nervous at all since it's come up or is the excitement building even more? >> it's very nervous, but it's almost like getting ready for a fight. you can't wait till it gets here, very excited, a lot of people who have been behind me my whole life. i'm just nervous and ready to go. i just hope i don't cry when i make my speech. >> nobody will hold it against you. rumor has it some of the big names in your era avoided fighting against you is. that true? >> yes. the big name guys avoided me. michael carbohall, but people
5:52 pm
understood my talent. >> you as we just said represent d.c. just like sugar ray leonard. what kind of impact did he have on your life and career? >> i think looking at a guy like that you always wanted to do better or be better, just to see guys like them on the stage. you wanted to do the same thing and i try to eye domize some of his boxing -- idolize some of his boxing skills. i wanted to try to be better. >> have you talked to each at all about your induction? >> i haven't, but i heard that he's supposed to be there, so one of my idols. i'm looking forward to it. >> when it comes to just like you said born and raised here never leaving d.c. what has this community been like? what kind of reaction have you gotten from your own community? >> d.c. is a tough place to live no matter who you are or what you do. they make you had. yourself, but i'm looking forward. -- humble yourself, but i'm
5:53 pm
looking forward. i was one of those guys who took my career west, but i still had d.c. with me and born and raised in d.c., the first guy from d.c. to go in the hall of fame of boxing. i'm very excited about that. >> your family, i'm assuming, will there be to cheer you on. >> yes. >> congratulations, a much deserved honor, mark too sharp johnson here in studio. thanks so much for coming in. >> too sharp is too sharp. all right. coming up on 9 news now at 6:00. >> reporter: after months of pressure and scolding the metropolitan washington airport authority finally removes the biggest stumbling block for phase 2 of the dulles rail line, but there's still one big hurdle left. i'm peggy fox. coming up i'll tell you what that is. >> this is the 60th anniversary of d day. we'll visit with some vets who came to see the world war ii memorial in town, many of them for the very first time. >> plus we are counting down the days to the at&t national golf tournament at
5:54 pm
congressional country club. this event benefits wounded warriors. we're going to introduce you to a vet who is using the game to help bring his life back on track.
5:55 pm
5:56 pm
there are about three weeks to go until the start of the at&t national golf tournament at congressional country club. this event benefits wounded warriors. over the next few weeks you'll
5:57 pm
meet some of the men who use golf to help themselves and others to rehabilitate. tonight dave owens introduces us to sergeant dewitt osborne. >> we always talk about our friends that got killed or us getting severely wounded, but we never talk about the guy that we killed. >> reporter: few can man dewitt osborne's mental -- imagine dewitt osborne's mental anguish. >> it haunts me every day. >> reporter: couple that with the physical injuries sustained in baghdad when a vehicle he was driving hit a roadside bomb. >> six titanium anchors in my right shoulder, a plate in my pirate foot and two prosthetic vertebrae -- right foot and two prosthetic vertebrae. >> reporter: it equaled pain and depression. >> i ballooned up to 218 pounds. >> reporter: because he couldn't exercise, something he says killed three of his friends who were trying to recover with him. >> something told me i needed to do something. >> reporter: a friend of his
5:58 pm
introduced him to golf. >> i never had a club in my hand. >> reporter: but he kept swinging and swinging and swinging. >> it gave me a sense of accomplishment. so i started to slowly come out of that dark depression. i had something in my hand that i could do without anybody's help. once you hit one good shot, it keeps you trying to repeat that. >> reporter: the game helped him recover from war. those aren't my words. they're his. he was even featured in the may, 2012 edition of golf digest. >> hue's it going? >> reporter: nowadays -- how's it going? >> reporter: nowadays you'll find him mentoring over wounded warriors. out here pity is not part of the vernacular. patience and understanding are. >> we're good warriors and fry to hide it under our chest, but we're human. >> we will have another wounded warriors story at this time next wednesday and when the tournament gets started the end
5:59 pm
of this month, join me every night after 9 news now at 11:00 for the at&t national clubhouse report. we'll have highlights and expert analysis from the tournament. this is 9 news now. d.c. council chairman kwame brown left the wilson building tonight hours after federal prosecutors charged him with ban fraud. sources say it was part -- bank fraud. sources say it was part of a plea agreement. chairman brown is going to resign from office. our bruce johnson has been on top of this story. >> an incredible day and we just found out kwame brown will be arraigned friday 11 a.m. before judge richard leon. kwame brown left his offices late this afternoon at the wilson building perhaps for the last time as chairman. the 41-year-old met behind closed doors with his colleagues and council staff before that and revealed he entered a plea agreement with federal prosecutors. brown told them while refused in negotiations to


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