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tv   9 News Now at 5am  CBS  June 7, 2012 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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>> didn't that sound sincere? >> i do hope he enjoys it. if it can't be me, might as well be mike. weather wise, let's get you going on this thursday morning before i get into some trouble, even deeper than it already is. nice morning out there. we have temps in the 50s in most areas. 59 at national. by noon mid-70s and still partly to mostly sunny. then this afternoon some scattered showers and storms will dot the landscape. that can slow you down at times. temperatures at 5:00 after topping out around 80 will be at 78 degrees a. few showers and storms mainly south of town yesterday afternoon and evening. this morning all quiet. temps in the low 50s in luray. upper 40s in cumberland and out toward harrisonburg. it's 61 in annapolis. 54 in cambridge and la plata and 58 at the pax river naval air station. we're going to be in the upper 70s to around 80. 81 this afternoon. again a scattering of showers and storms. it's 5:00 a.m. monika santami is here.
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she has an update on time saver traffic. >> i do. no problems to report all around town. running smoothly on the major thoroughfares including 95 out of virginia. if you're heading out the door, you'll be just fine over the occoquan river into springfield. these are the early risers. i think they also get to work on time. no issues for them or for you if you're heading out the door right now to this point and on to 395. let's go back over to our maps, this time crossing the 14th street bridge along 395 you'll be fine. all the potomac and anacostia river crossings are fine. we'll take a live look in the northeast corridor. coming in from route 50, all lanes are open. for the second time in just five months, a member of the d.c. council is facing criminal charges and has now resigned. >> and this time it's the
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council chairman kwame brown. he's expected to plead guilty to bank fraud charges tomorrow n. his resignation letter, he wrote, i hereby resign mying as chairman of the council of the district of columbia effective immediately. i've made some very serious mistakes in judgment for which i take full responsibility. 9news now reporter delia goncalves is live at the wilson building with more. such a disappointing story, delia. >> reporter: absolutely for a lot of d.c. residents and folks on the outside looking in. you know, there are some parallels when you consider harry thomas, jr. and kwame brown how this all went down. they denied the rumors circulating for several months, even years at this point. and then ultimately they admitted wrongdoing. so in this case kwame brown admit to bank fraud and he leaves the wilson building just like his colleague in shame. according to prosecutors brown lied about having a second job and extended tens of thousands of dollars to his income so he could get a home equity loan to
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buy a boat. we're told in exchange for his resignation, a misdemeanor charge stemming from his 2008 campaign will be thrown out. he stepped down officially from his position as chairman of the council in a closed door meeting with his colleagues yesterday. >> i convened the meeting. then we met in closed session and then kwame came in. he apologized to us because he has a deep institutional concern and personal connection to all of us. and then we talked among ourselves with him. all i can say this is extraordinarily emotional. i think i even had tears in myees. >> reporter: that's council member mary cheh speaking to anita brikman for our 11:00 show in studio. supporters of kwame brown deeply disappointed and
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saddened by the turn of events in this case. kwame brown is likely to serve some jail time in federal prison. however, far less time than the 30 years this bank fraud charge carries. coming up at 5:30, mary cheh addresses d.c. residents and how she should feel now about their local government. back to you. >> delia goncalves with that update from outside the wilson building in downtown d.c. other news now, the court records show the woman who died in a crash late tuesday had reckless driving and driving with a suspended license conviction. the 27-year-old died at the scene in fairfax. her 8-year-old daughter victoria later died at the hospital. so sad. her 6-year-old daughter and the driver of the minivan she hit are still suffering with serious injuries. police say speed was definitely a factor in this wreck.
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a potential obstacle to building phase two of metro's silver line to dulles airport is out of the way. the airports authority voted to get rid of the controversial project labor agreement. that agree includes incentives toward work performed by labor unions. virginia's governor and leaders in loudoun county had opposed such union incentives. well, if opening night is any indication that maryland's new casino, it is a huge hit. people lined up for blocks to get into maryland live when it opened last night at 10:00. the state's largest casino next to anne arundel mills mall in hanover is where it is in case you want to get in line. the maryland state highway administration is advising drivers -- look at the traffic there -- is advising drivers to expect high traffic volume along maryland route 100 and 295 throughout the weekend. look at all those headlights. >> wow. 5:05. time for the latest your money report of the morning. >> talking about cashing in, wall street did that yesterday. >> man, it's been a wild ride
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the last couple days on wall street. three days since we had the worst trading day of 2012. the dow and s&p 500 yesterday posted their biggest gains of the year sending the market higher, hope that new stimulus could be coming from the fed. checking the numbers this morning, happy to do it. the dow jones industrial average surged 268 points in trading yesterday. stands this morning at 12,415. nasdaq jumped by 67 and the s&p 500 rose by 30 points. do you know how much your 401(k) is costing you? according to a new report, the average american couple could pay nearly $155,000 in fees for their 401(k) plans over their careers. that is a reduction of their eventual nest egg by more than 30%. a government -- or rather a study by the government accountability office found many employers did not understand the fees that 401(k) providers charge their workers. the labor department will begin
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requiring extensive disclosures of fees starting in july. if you're passing through dulles today or tomorrow, check out the party at united. the airline celebrating two new routes with events. there will be live music, dancing, food, and beverages. a little bit of riverdanceing at the gate tonight. >> what do we have in the next half-hour? >> it's going to get easier to find your way around town and find things to do thanks to your cell phone. we'll talk about that coming up. >> sounds good. thanks, jess. today the u.n. security council will try to make progress towards ending the fight against syria. that story coming up. >> plus, more record setting campaign fund raising as president obama snags millions at a stop out west. >> ahead in sports, the redskins make a deal to move next year's training camp out
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of ashburn. we'll be back.
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. a touch of fog toward warrenton, culpeper, cambridge and toward cumberland in the mountains. we'll look at the visibilities in a few minutes. your day planner a nice one, at least through lunch time. we'll have temperatures rising through the mid-70s with sunny skies. we'll see a scattering of
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showers and thunderstorms develop this afternoon. highs could approach the 80- degree mark. more heat in that seven-day. that's coming up at 5. right now monika with time saver traffic. things are looking great on the northbound side of town. no problems at college park as you approach the 95 interchange and heading around the bend to silver spring. lanes are open. we'll take a look at 270 at 5:17. here's what's making news now at 5:10. today envoy kofi annan will appeal to the united nations security council to come up with new strategy to end the conflict in syria. activists inside the country say there's been another massacre, this time in hamas. 78 people, most of them women and children reportedly killed. a judge has granted a new bond hearing for murder suspect george zimmerman. its set for june 29. he's charged in the february death of florida teenager trayvon martin. the judge revoked zimmerman's earlier bond after learning he
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misled the court about his income. viva las vegas. the president heads to sin city today. he will be delivering a speech on the economy when he's there. he attended three fund-raisers yesterday in california, including addressing the lgb leadership. the council gala in los angeles. mitt romney says the failure to recall republican governor is good for conservatives. there are a couple of big 100 anniversary events planned this weekend in d.c. more on that coming up at 5:38. one team advances, the nba finals. find out who at 5:23. >> next at 5:15, howard has warmer temperatures headed our way in his seven-day forecast.
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good morning. welcome back to 9news now. it is 5:14 on this friday eve, thursday, june 7. howard is here. he has a 50-50 kind of forecast for us. >> we're going to have a couple of storms around this afternoon. that could interrupt your plans a little bit as you head home or maybe you have outdoor activities. this morning no problems whatsoever. so if you like to take a run outside, i'd say do it early as opposed to late. the heat is going to build as we head toward the weekend. it will feel like june if not july by the time we get to saturday and sunday. here's a look at the bus stop forecast. we'll be putting this to bed sometime next week when we'll be pretty much done.
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i know some kids who are out already. 5:43 the sunrise. we go through the day we start out fine this morning. lunch time it's still pretty g. the nats have a 1:05 game with the mets. that should be pretty good although a slight chance after shower during the game as we will see a few showers and storms pop up this afternoon with the temperature of 78 by 4:00 p.m. and even this evening we top out near 80 by the way. we'll be down to 75 by 8:00. looks like temperature wise pretty good. unfortunately, though, we are going to see some showers and storms pop up. fog a little bit of a problem in warrenton and culpeper. visibilities a half-mile in warrenton and in the mountains. peters bug a half-mile. cambridge had fog a moment ago when i was making the graphic but their visibilities have come back. they're now at 5 miles. so patchy fog on the eastern shore at that with 57 in easton. 54 in gaithersburg. cumberland with your fog you're in the upper 40s while culpeper with the fog is 52. here in washington pretty nice
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looking morning out there. i'll just step out of the way for a moment on our michael & son weather camera. show you a pretty shot of the capitol dome. humidity 83% and light winds once again west, southwest at 3. the winds will generally be out of the west at 5 to 10 miles an hour. a wet time in texas. also down in florida. the last couple of weeks a lot of rain down there. we're still dealing with this upper storm system which is really back off the map out here but it's dragging down these little disturbances. more rain in parts of maine and new england and pennsylvania, new york. that stuff has dissipated for the most part. a quiet start but still enough instability around, a little bit of cold air in the upper levels will make the atmosphere buoyant let's say. so anything that is heated at the surface will have a chance to rise this afternoon. there you see the scattering of showers and storms that we're expecting for the afternoon. here's a look at the forecast. today. we're going to go yellow on this because some of these storms could impact your plans
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or your commute home. about 80 for the high so a warm day. tonight we're back in the 50s and low 60s. 84 tomorrow. slight, slight chance for an afternoon storm tomorrow and saturday. look at these temperatures rising into the upper 80s by saturday. 90 on sunday and monday. the isolated afternoon storms through tuesday although by wednesday as the front approaches, a better chance of storms on flag day with a high of 86. monika samtani, 5:17, what's happening? nothing much and i'm happy to say that. nothing much with traffic is a good thing. on the beltway you'll be absolutely fine. lanes are open pretty much across the area. no problems out of frederick on i-70. let's go outside live. southbound on i-270 here's what it looks like at father hurley boulevard. this is the southbound side leaving injuremantown down to the point -- germantown down to the point where the lanes divide. all lanes are open. let's go back over to our maps, this time over to the bw parkway and route 50 through cheverly. everything is fine.
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a little bit of slow stuff right here in the northeast corridor. no problems on route 50 out of annapolis and we'll take a live look outside at the beltway. here's what it looks like in the new carrollton area on the beltway. traffic is moving well in prince george's county. coming up in my next report, we'll go to 66 in virginia at 5:24. the redskins heading to virginia's capital for next year's training camp. we have more on that coming up. >> plus, the nationals go for a sweep today against one of their division rivals. stay tuned for sports. >> here's another look at the question of the day. 96% of one of these things purchased by women, is it a, candles, b, shoes, or c, cosmetic supplies. >> john olson wrote on our fan page, tough choices here but i will go with a, candles. i know this because our house always smells like cookies or apple pie yet i never get to eat them and i know my wife can't make them either. >> we'd love to hear what you
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think. we'll have the answer to the question in our 6:00 show.
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. it's 5:21. pretty nice out there. a few upper 40s in the mountains. we'll go through this morning with patchy clouds here and there. 67 by 9:00. toward lunch time looking nice, in the mid-70s.
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thanks, these are the showers and storms that will be across the landscape for your afternoon. >> one hamp of the nba finals are set -- one half of the nba finals are set. >> we have details in your morning sports. good morning, everybody. there are changes coming to ashburn. over $30 million worth of expansions and renovations at redskins park will happen over the next few years. everything from the weight room to the training room to the cafeteria will be overhauled. after this summer redskins park will be quiet during much of the preseason. starting in 2013 the reds scints will hold their -- redskins will hold their month long training camp in richmond. team officials had exploring moving the training camp away from ashburn and according to virginia governor bob mcdonnell, this year took over a year to negotiate. redskins will be in richmond for eight years. jackson getting the start for the nats last night against the mets. more from him in a moment. nats getting things started
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early. adam la roche, a three-run bomb in the bottom of the first. nice for him. bottom five, mat morris welcome back, buddy. getting back in the swing of things. he drives in ryan zimmerman. jackson picked up his first win since april 14 as the nats hand new york their third straight loss 5-3 the final. game four stanley cup finals kings trying to close out and win their first cup ever. 11 minutes left in the 3rd, l.a. down one. kings and devils tied at one. but with four and a half to go, david clarkson with the pass to adam henrique. devils win 3-1 but trail the series 3-1. western conference finals in the nba. the thunder trailed by as many as 18 in this game but they came back. the tough layup in the 4th to give okc the lead. they hold that to go on to win
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107-99. kevin durant and oklahoma city thunder are in the nba finals for the first time ever. congratulations to them. that's a quick look at sports this morning. we'll be live from redskins park today for otas. have a great thursday. the dx city council will be -- the d.c. city council will be elect add new chairperson next week. >> that's all thanks to kwame brown's sudden resignation and expected plea deal. that story is coming up. here's monika with the story on the roads. not too bad this morning. inbound on i-66, a little dark here but that's just the camera. things are looking great 066, nutley street to the beltway and inside all the way to the roosevelt bridge. in my next report another look at the big picture at 5:29. we'll be back in a couple minutes. you're watching 9news now. this country was built by working people.
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the economy needs manufacturing. machines, tools, people making stuff. companies have to invest in making things. infrastructure, construction, production. we need it now more than ever. chevron's putting more than $8 billion dollars back in the u.s. economy this year. in pipes, cement, steel, jobs, energy. we need to get the wheels turning. i'm proud of that. making real things... for real. ...that make a real difference. ♪ good morning. welcome back to 9news now. happy thursday. i'm andrea roane. i'm mike hydeck. monika will be right back with
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traffic. how you doing? >> mr. bernstein, a nice, pleasant morning but we have the heat switch coming soon. >> especially by the weekend. if you're not liking it too cool, the heat is on the way. today a beautiful start. the afternoon, though, that's going to feature the threat for some showers and a couple of storms around. that could slow you down on your way home this afternoon or maybe interfere with some of your outdoor plans. >> i keep getting into your shot. >> i saw your nose there. >> any time you want. let's get to weather. we have another beautiful shot other than andrea. everybody is -- i love this time of morning when you have the lights on the buildings and the sky is getting light. it's a beautiful morning. temperatures in the 50s with mid-70s by noon. upper 70s by 5:00. then this afternoon, yes, some showers and even a couple of thunderstorms will be possible. that's why this is one of our yellow alert weather days. it could be a nuisance and slow you down.
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yesterday we had a couple of showers off to the south but a fairly quiet day. this morning it's nice out. the storms that develop will be drifting to the south, southeast. look at temps in the 50s to around 60. touch of fog toward warrenton and culpeper and the mountains out west. it is now 5:28. monika samtani, time for your shot with time saver traffic. thank you, howard. want to share? want to come in my shot? things are looking great. no problems to report all around the beltway. most of your construction was cleared up about half an hour ago so you're good to go. if you're planning to head to the beltway out if the west, we're going to take a look now at the gw parkway. no problems as you leave the beltway all the way inbound this morning. same story on 66 to the roosevelt bridge and we'll take a live look right at the entrance for georgetown and whitehurst freeway at k and 27th. looking fine here as well. just a few people out in the downtown area. now we'll go back to our maps and this time inside the beltway 395, 64 miles an hour
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right around duke street so you know you're going to be on time right now leaving springfield to the 14th street bridge which is where we'll go now. all the potomac and anacostia river crossings are running incident free. in my next report, we'll go to the east side of town at 5:38. the d.c. city council just swore in a new member to replace harry thomas, jr. after his guilty plea. and now they need to replace council chair kwame brown. >> brown has been charged with bank fraud and is expected to plead guilty tomorrow n. his resignation letter, he writes, i simply will not hold this body and its important work hostage to the resolution of my personal indiscretions. very behaved in ways i should not have. i was wrong and i will face the consequences of that conduct. 9news now reporter delia goncalves is outside the wilson building with more. good morning, delia. >> reporter: good morning, andrea. disappointment, betrayal and utter shock, just some of the emotion that many of kwame
5:31 am
brown supporters, constituents, and his colleagues are feeling this morning after his very public fall from grace. 41-year-old kwame brown will plead guilty on friday to one count of bank fraud. that is submitting fault documents that inflated his income in order to secure a loan so he could buy a boat. analysts say his quick plea deal indicates prosecutors have much more damaging evidence against him. brown has been under investigation for possible campaign finance violations connected to his 2008 run for office. many say from harry thomas, jr. to the mayor's investigation, now we see kwame brown. residents certainly have a reason to doubt their local government. >> i do want to assure the public of something. we will carry on with the work of the council. these are body blows but we will absorb them and we have a process that's in place.
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nothing will go undone. >> according to the city charter, the next person in line for the interim chair will be one of the council members at large. that person will be assigned and will be sitting in the interim chair as of next week and then there will be a special election coming in november for a permanent replacement. so does d.c. government have a problem with corruption? hear what marion barry has to say coming up at 6:00. back to you, andrea, mike. >> delia goncalves reporting live from outside the wilson building. in other news, police in maryland are still trying to figure out what's behind a stabbing at a crowded montgomery county park. investigators say two men who knew each other got into a fight last night at spencerville park in silver spring. one man was stabbed twice through his chest and his back. he's expected to recover. a police canine unit captured the suspect after a foot chase. charges against him are now pending. this afternoon the man convicted of selling alcohol to
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minors after a series of 9 wants you to know reports will be sentenced. richard kim owns the town square market in northwest d.c. he was found guilty last month facing up to a year in jail and $1,000 fine. yesterday he also had to answer questions before the district alcohol control board. that board is scheduled to decide july 25 whether or not kim will lose his liquor license. adventist health care has broken ground on the cancer center, the first free-standing cancer center in montgomery county. cancer patients will be able to receive services ranging from chemotherapy to rehabilitation and nutrition counseling. the center will be located on the grounds of shady grove adventist hospital in rockville. it was named after michael aquilino who made donations to the center following his wife's death from cancer. time for another your money report. >> jessica doyle is back. capitol hill is looking at big bank losses. >> that's right.
5:34 am
jpmorgan chase back in the headlines after a big grilling on capitol hill yesterday. senators questioned top bank executives. at the hearing, a top federal regulator blamed the recent $2 billion trading losses on inadequate risk management. now investigator -- now investigations are under way to see if other gaps exist in other areas of the bank. the multimillion severance package given to the outgoing chief executive officer is also going to be studied to determine whether some of her pay should be called back. a war over maps is breaking out between google and apple. le "wall street journal" reports apple plans to launch a new app sometime this year. the iphone defaults to google maps for help to get around. upping the antee, going the hassen veiled an expansion of google maps and google earth
5:35 am
and this includes 3-d images. kind of cool. youthe mobile app is getting a make yoamp. in an update, four squares is revamping its app so users can find nearby spots without having to search for them. the apple -- the app will recommend bars, restaurants and shops based on places you frequent or what your friends like. so it's kind of like a customized to do list for things in your neighborhood. >> if you have an iphone you connect it with seri and tell me where to go. that's pretty wild. the celebration of 100 years of girl scouting comes to the nation's capital in a big way this weekend with two major events tomorrow and saturday. we'll have details coming up. still ahead, a special live edition of cool schools today. we'll tell you more about this
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humongous bus. it's actually a mobile learning lab with cool technology. we'll be right back. people really love snapshot from progressive, but don't just listen to me. listen to these happy progressive customers. i plugged in snapshot, and 30 days later, i was saving big on car insurance. i was worried it would be hard to install. but it's really easy. the better i drive, the more i save. i wish our company had something this cool. yeah. you're not... filming this, are you?
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aw! camera shy. snapshot from progressive. plug into the savings you deserve with snapshot from progressive.
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welcome back. 5:58. very pleasant this morning but we do have a threat for showers and storms for your afternoon that may slow you down on the way home and interfere with some of those outdoor plans later today. looking at the day planner, nice this morning as temperatures are running into the 50s in most areas. we'll be in the 60s pretty quickly and mid-70s. lunch looks great. watch out for the scattered showers and storms as highs approach the 08-degree mark. we'll go inside to monika. on the northbound side of i- 95 you can see the volume building now at 5:38 in the morning. this is what it looks like in springfield trying to either get to the beltway or on to
5:39 am
395. in my next report, we'll take a closer look at virginia roads at 5:458. -- 5:48. did you know this is the 100th anniversary of the girl scouts? there's a big event on the national mall this saturday and tomorrow night the washington mystics and geico are hosting girl scouts night at verizon center. this morning we have ashley robinson of the mystics and 9- year-old girl scout aerial wright to tell us more. welcome to all of you bright and sunny. arial, how was it getting up this morning? >> very well. >> good. that's a girl scout. confidence and courageous about getting up early in the morning. how long have you been a girl scout? >> two years. >> what do you like most about it? >> i'm able to do things with my friends as a troop and help each other to learn more things. >> are you excited about what's happening tomorrow and this weekend? >> yes. >> exactly. the big thing tomorrow, the
5:40 am
mystics are hosting girl scouts night at verizon center. what do you have planned for the scouts? >> definitely we want to win. >> that's a good thing, victory. >> we definitely want to make sure we have a good outing for the girl scouts and celebrate the 100th an verse. >> were you a scout? >> i was a scout. i wasn't as cute as aerial. i was a -- ariel. i was a girl scout. it was fun to get badges and hang out. >> it's growing leaders of courage, confidence and character to build a better place. you also were a girl scott and top executive at geico. is that where your drive came from your family and from being in the scouts? >> absolutely. i think being a scout creates for you so many opportunities to express yourself. to lead and to follow.
5:41 am
but to find your voice and get out there and do something knowing you're going to be somebody. >> why is geico taking this kind of leadership role? >> well, we thought many, many years ago that if you provide the opportunity for young women to envision themselves as leaders, that that was something that would be supportive of our own corporate culture. we want everyone in our organization to succeed and women especially. we find that women are both leaders in our organization. they are women who buy our product of course and young girls of tomorrow hopefully will buy our product. we hope this will be a geico policy holder or executive. >> we're talking nationally
5:42 am
250,000 girl scouts will be on the mall for a sing along. will the former scouts be joining them? >> oh, yes. >> ariel, have you been practicing singing along? >> yes. >> you're ready? >> yes. >> i love that smile. why should somebody be a scout. >> because it's fun and it expands you to more things you never tried before. >> she could be sitting in this chair in just a few years. we applaud that best of luck. have fun this weekend. rynthia, ashley, thank you for being with us. >> she could not be cuter. she's absolutely adorable. thank you for coming out. you ready for save some money. jessica will have the daily deals coming up. plus, a new place to pick up fresh produce and listen to live music at the same time over the next several months. we'll explain where that is. >> tom jones is one of the stars celebrating today. he's 72. you'll see him this summer in "the dark knight rises."
5:43 am
if it's your birthday, happy birthday. we'll be right back.
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good morning. welcome back to 9 news now. it is 5:46 a.m. a special good morning to william fleming who did a facebook posting for the morning show. he's in the hospital but he says watching us makes his recovery go a little bit better. so we wish you the best of luck, mr. fleming and thank you and we'll say hi again on facebook later. >> good morning and have a great day. >> hopefully you'll be watching
5:47 am
us from home very, very soon. hi. good day out there. >> good start. what do we have? 59 degrees. >> i was just down on the weather terrace-- >> what about all the scouts on the mall this saturday. 250,000. >> it's going to be a warm day. drink plenty of fluids. temps in the upper 80s. >> they will be prepared like their male counterparts. >> don't forget the sunscreen. in the few weeks we'll be at the highest sun angle of the year. you can burn easily this time of year. this morning it is really pleasant out there. we start with the bus stop forecast. tefers in the 50s to low -- temps in the 50s to low 60s. we're under mostly sunny skies and winds fairly light. the sun will set at 8:31. i think we're good through lunch time. i think it's going to be a great lunch hour with temperatures in the mid- to upper 70s. as we get into the afternoon we'll introduce the threat for some thunderstorms. some showers to pop here and there. this may slow you down. coming home, after school or
5:48 am
after work activities outside, this may just interfere with that as well. so you'll have to stay up on this. not expecting anything severe but even showers and storms will be enough of a nuisance with a west wind at 5 to 10 miles an hour. also high tides we're talking about with coastal flood advisories for the tidal potomac and chesapeake. this goes till 2:00 p.m. they've been running one, one and a half feet above normal so there could be minor coastal flooding. as far as the fog, no real problems east of town. west of town warrenton still reporting a half mile visibility. in the valley harrisonburg about a quarter. petersburg in the mountains one half mile. that's t. everywhere else it is just a really nice morning. temperatures in the low 50s in reston at 51. we're down to 50 in haymarket. so another crisp refreshing start to the day. columbia, craftton 55 along with college park over toward baden we've got 55. here in washington this morning pretty sky out there. this is tysons corner. looking out to the west, there's the dulles toll road so west, northwest. just a few high clouds in the
5:49 am
distance. west, southwesterly winds at 3 miles an hour under mostly sunny skies. you see how this flow is tracking from the north to the south. any storms that pop will be tracking that way as well this afternoon. there will be enough instability so as we get into the afternoon hours, not so much around here but the afternoon hours, you see the showers and isolated thunderstorms that are going to pop. they're going to drift off to the south as we lose the daytime heating and quiet start to friday. it looks warmer friday and even warm over the weekend. today about 80. upper 70s north with the afternoon showers and storms. that's why we're going yellow on our weather alerts. the storms again could be a nuisance and interfere with some of your afternoon plans. tonight 50s and 60s with low to mid-80s tomorrow. upper 80s saturday to near 90. if not low 90s on sunday and monday. isolated afternoon storms here and there picking up by wednesday into thursday. monika? >> i'm going to start off with virginia traffic and then give you some news about maryland traffic for the summer in just a minute here.
5:50 am
but first, everything is looking final. if you're planning to head in from the south, dale city into woodbridge where you're going to hit the brakes across the occoquan river and it's okay into spring field. we'll take a live look on the northbound side of i-95. it's just that heavy volume as you head up toward 395 which is where we'll go next at duke street. that's fine still to the 14th street bridge on our vdot camera northbound 395 is looking great. up toward shirlington and the 14th street bridge. back over to the maps and this time the west side of town. you'll just hit the brakes in manassas and centreville and you're fine as you travel through fairfax and vienna to the beltway. over to the beltway live at the american legion bridge, west side of town things are looking great between 270 and tysons corner. also if you're planning a vacation north of baltimore this summer, you want to avoid the baltimore harbor tunnel. work is starting this month to replace the concrete decking just south of the toll plaza so drivers should use the fort
5:51 am
mchenry tunnel or francis scott key bridge. the worst clays will probably be during the first two weeks of august. my next report is coming up at 6:00. back to you. making news now at 5:51, science fiction fans are mourning the death of author ray bradbury. he wrote dozens of noarveles and hundreds of -- novels and hundreds of short stories. he's credited with elevating science fiction into the realm of literature. he was 91. a jury has been seated in the jerry sandusky sex abuse trial. the former penn state assistant football coach is accused of molesting ten boys over a 15- year time span. many members of the jury do have ties to the university. lawyers will give their opening statements monday. army private bradley manning will be back in a military courtroom in fort meed, maryland. the judge announced she will double the number of pretrial hearings from three to six. he's accused of leaking
5:52 am
classified documents to wikileaks. wednesday's farmers market has returned to montgomery county in rockville in fact. every wednesday through the end of october, east montgomery county avenue will be transformed into a farmers market and a street festival. you can shop for fresh produce, baked goods and live plants, and during the summer, there will also be live entertainment each week from noon to 1:30. the market will be closed on july 4. i've been combing through the day's daily deals, e-mails and retailer websites to find you deep discounts. here are some of my favorites. a makeup deal that is hard to beat from smash box. you get the award winning photo finish foundation primer, a blush, a lip gloss, five eye shadows and an eye pencil. this is a $140 value now going for 39 bucks. look for the beauty exposed kit on best has a way to cool down. today's deal of the day, a
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honeywell for in one floor fan. these are two independently controlled fans all in one. $31.99, 32% off. plus you're getting free shipping. and free cupcake tasting anyone? that's happening for del ray's first thursday tonight in alexandria. artfully chocolate is hosting the cupcake tasting. if you have an offer you've seen or you're a local merchant with a deal for our viewers, i would love to hear from you on facebook. over to you. >> thank you very much. coming up, we'll have the latest on the resignation of d.c. council chairman kwame brown and what happens next. >> an exciting live cool schools. we a more on this hugh -- this humongous mobile learning lab coming up.
5:54 am
5:55 am
5:56 am
enjoying another glorious morning out there. if you like to take a run or exercise, do it now because this afternoon we could get some showers and storms that might make it just a little less pleasant. temps in the 50s, even near 50 in spots. about 60 this morning. we'll see a few clouds passing across the region but still partly to mostly sunny here by 9:00. 67. your lunch hour, eat that outside too with temps in the mid-70s. don't forget the sunscreen. this afternoon we're going to watch as the showers start to develop here mid- to late afternoon. a couple of thunderstorms as well. with high temperatures close to the 80-degree mark. but this morning it is cool and
5:57 am
comfy. outside with more here's mike hydeck. >> reporter: cool schools time. we have a special live version of cool schools. look at where we are. this is actually outside in front of the tv station in a mobile learning lab. this goes from all around the area. schools in d.c. to try to help kids do better in school and get ready for college, too. melanie is your name, right? >> yes. >> reporter: pleasure to meet you. we just met moments ago n. is a three-part interview. you're one of the teachers. tell us about the bus. >> it cools to coolidge high school every wednesday and works with tutors at howard university and our seniors to complete essays and writing and things for their college application and admission process. >> reporter: this whole bus seems like there's computers. what's the technology? it's wi-fi capable. >> the entire bus runs on the
5:58 am
verizon wireless 4g network and samsung tablets. students work with tutors from howard university. they upload all of their writing and samples and work products to the tablets. then they work together sort of interactively to revise, adjust, improve the piece of writing. when it's finished they very quickly send it right back to a shared drop box where they can continue to work on it with teachers at coolidge or on their own. >> reporter: very cool. let's talk to some of the students. this is charles. good to see you. tell me about this bus. you have ipads on here, laptops. what are some of the things you try to accomplish? >> ipads, everything you need. >> reporter: you're working on what? essays? getting ready for college prep? >> college prep, essays, personal statements, whatever you need. >> reporter: what is it like trying to connect with howard university students. >> they are pretty cool. they helped me. they come to the school also,
5:59 am
come into the classes and help me with everything i need, advice. >> reporter: we have about 30 seconds. we want to get to this young man over here. emmanuel, good to see you. some of the things you work on. you have an essay going on here. what are some of the things you've enjoyed about the bus. >> some of the things was me coming over -- them coming over to help with my sats to improve my vocabulary words and they helped with my math problems. >> reporter: you have hopes of moving on to college after this? >> yes. them coming over to the school, trying to help us, trying to get the kids to learn something instead of just hanging out in the street and doing whatever. >> reporter: you going to college? >> i'm going to central state in dayton ohio to play football and major in nursing. i learned a lot. >> reporter: congratulations now. is that cool or what? coming up at 6:00 we'll have more on this and actually how it involves instruction in the classr


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