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tv   9 News Now at 5pm  CBS  June 7, 2012 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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predicted the federal probe would find nothing improper about his 2008 campaign. >> you are totally innocent of any wrongdoing. other members of your campaign totally have done nothing wrong? >> i have done absolutely nothing wrong, bruce. >> other members of your campaign, your father, your brother? >> i don't think. so. >> federal prosecutors wouldn't comment on the new misdemeanor charge today. kwame brown, now the former council chairman, was unavailable but is expected to talk tomorrow after his appearance in federal court. the deal calls for brown to admit to a felony bank fraud charge from when he submitted false documents to industrial bank to acquire a home equity loan and buy a boat. meanwhile outside the council chairman's offices kwame brown's name has already been taken down. his staff of about 20 or so people have also been terminated. their jobs ended the moment kwame brown's resignation took effect last night. >> we're disappointed. this is one more stain on the city. >> barbara lane, president of the d.c. chamber of commerce, business leaders and council members today are reacting to
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the latest charge against the once power of chairman. >> the council does not realize i believe still that there's an ethical crisis in the council. it's just not the people that stepped down. >> there are so many good things going on in this city. this is not something that we're going to let get us down. >> now we're also hearing while kwame brown faces zero to six months in prison after pleading guilty to the two charges he may actually do no time. >> as you've been telling us, so many components to this deal. looking forward last night the washington post ebb dorised phil mendelson to take his -- endorsed phil mendelson to take his place. when do you think will take over his chair? >> i've heard thus far phil mendelsohn only has three votes and he need seven votes to go against vincent orange. they will vote on wednesday. >> the whole council? >> we'll have more on this at
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6:00. >> bruce johnson from the very beginning, thanks. derek? the resignation of kwame brown as d.c. council chair just another blow to a constituency that's already replaced one council member this session. bruce leshan is live from southeast d.c. with reaction to what's just been an ongoing crisis of corruption. bruce? >> reporter: yeah, derek, just a great sense of disappointment here at anacostia. kwame brown, of course, spent much of his childhood actually down in prince william county in virginia with his mother, but he came back to the city in high school with his dad, marshall brown, a long time political organizer here in the city and, of course, kwame brown made his political career here in the city, but mark fisher wrote in the post today that brown presented himself as a young african american who was equally comfortable in living rooms in anacostia and in chevy chase, a politician with street distribution ranks
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ekes d.c. and boardroom savvy -- with street -- with street smarts and politician savvy. >> reporter: what do you think of this? >> send him to jail. >> well, i really didn't know him. >> reporter: you don't feel a strong connection? >> no. >> reporter: even though he just lives a few blocks from here? >> that's right. >> when he first said that he knew nothing about it and he wasn't resigning, everybody knew that it was coming to an end and it's really sad. you know what i'm saying? that d.c. got to go through this time after time and they say we're not finished yet. it's still more people involved and it's already hard on us d.c. now for something like that to go on. i mean it's like have you at a loss for words and it's a sad situation. >> reporter: kwame brown resigned from office last night reportedly in part so he could keep his political options
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open. he pled guilty to a felony -- if he pled guilty to a felony while in office, that means wee never run again this. way -- he could never run again. this way he keeps his political options, but the voters around here, there is no way they're voting for him again. >> those voters have been through a lot and apparently more to come. it is going to be a wet trip home for some area commuters. that's why our weather team declared today a yellow weather alert today. topper shutt is here to show us where the storms are and what to expect this evening. >> we have talked about this yesterday. yellow alerts, kind of a nuisance type of deal, not everybody seeing a storm. earlier today we had severe weather warnings, severe thunderstorm warnings in berkeley and jefferson county and washington county, maryland. we'll zoom up to a couple storms, still pretty hefty, no warnings just yet. this is a pretty hefty storm south of hancock west of
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hedgesville straddling i-70. a good storm south of percyville. everything is pushing south and ease this. will cross 15 -- south and east this. will cross 15 and go south of leesburg and scoot across into montgomery county. this some moved down 270. now it's on the east side over toward olney around 108 and 97 and near hatch shire avenue, nothing severe but pocket -- and hampshire avenue, nothing severe just over toward olney. we'll come back and talk about how long these storms will last and look ahead to the weekend. 9 want you ton about a major development in the 9news investigation -- to know about a major development in the 9news investigation that we've been working on more than six months now. remember that fellow? a d.c. superior court judge has decided the sentence for richard kim who is the owner of town square market in southeast d.c. convicted of selling alcohol to a minor.
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andrea mccarren has been with this one for months now and is live from the courthouse with what may be the final details on this fellow. >> reporter: at least in terms of his criminal issues, derek. it was a somber richard kim that told the judge he was sorry and he later told us he wants to sell his northwest washington liquor store. >> i'm still -- i regret i even opened the store. >> reporter: richard kim expressed many regrets after being sentenced for selling beer and vodka to a 17-year-old high school student. police witnessed the transaction in february and arrested the teen-ager and kim minutes later. >> i don't want to stay here anymore. i want to go back to construction. >> reporter: the judge gave kim a 30 day suspended jail sentence, a $550 fine, 24 months of unsupervised probation and 20 hours of community service. >> i'm just wondering now you're 16 years old and you're buying. >> reporter: the teen-ager who purchased alcohol at town
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square market used the expired pennsylvania driver's license of an acquaintance who looked nothing like him. the id also had two holes punched in it, something the judge said should have been a red flag. >> i can't express right now. >> reporter: kim says he would like to sell his store as soon as possible, as early he said as tomorrow. after the sentencing the judge told kim if it happens again, you will spend a month in jail. kim's troubles aren't over yet. on july 25th d.c.'s alcohol control board abra will decide whether the town square market owner loses his liquor license. live from d.c. superior court andrea mccarren, 9 news now. >> sound like he's hoping to sell it before that happens. it's construction season on the roads, but despite the cones, signs and flaggers workers still face extreme danger and today there was another reminder of just that. two tree trimmers working on the ground were struck on new
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hampshire avenue at the intersection with brighton dam road in the ashton section of montgomery county where our scott broom is live tonight following up on what happened. they are really in such precarious situations, scott. >> reporter: they are. in this case a truck driver has been charged with negligent driving after somehow some way he completely blew past a flagger and plowed into this crew on the ground. sky 9 was over the scene as two tree trimmers struck by a truck while working on the ground were taken to ambulances, one to shock trauma in baltimore, another to suburban hospital. >> then i saw one down and then the other went down over there. >> reporter: pat lyons and her daughter kelly rushed to help the two downed men. >> the driver was very apologetic to both of the individuals. >> reporter: what did he say? >> he said that he had saw the sign, but he said he didn't see the flag and it just came up on him. >> even though the workmen were here directing traffic, he just
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didn't stop. one of the workmen said he thought he was going to stop for him, so he probably just wasn't paying attention. >> reporter: it's the latest example in a metro area plagued by worker deaths and injuries on the road. in 2010 the u.s. bureau of labor statistics reported 10 fatal highway incidents in the d.c. area. nine were workers hit by vehicles, a higher rate than average in the u.s. maryland is fighting back with speed cameras in work zones which are writing tickets by the hundreds of thousands, but the danger remains. >> it's just dangerous out here. you have to be on your guard. >> reporter: in this case the tree trimming crew working for bge was protected by warning signs, cones, flaggers and neon vests. it still wasn't enough. the truck drives hit with three traffic charges include -- driver was hit with three traffic charges including negligent driving and was released. the injured workers were identified as jose hernando a healthcare -- hernando and you
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drive around and see these work zones all the time. there are human lives on the line and this is one reason where you got to stop and think and slow down, don't text, get off the cell phone and pay attention to what's going on. we hate to see more of these this summer. reporting live in montgomery county, scott broom, 9 news now. >> let's hope for their speedy recoveries. another roadside accident made life miserable today for commuters in bethesda. a pepco subcontractor knocked down traffic lights near the intersection of cedar lane and rockville pike, a busy area anyway. the rush hour congestion was made worse by a graduation ceremony at nearby stone ridge school for girls. repairs are complete. traffic is moving again through the area tonight. there's a horrifying story out of woodbridge, virginia, an 18-year-old man being held without bond accused of sexually assaulting a 3-year- old girl at home daycare. the suspect's name dayquan miller and police say he lives
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at that daycare. unclear right now whether he worked for the center. miller faces two counts of forcible sodomy and one count of aggravated sexual battery. two loudoun county virginia parents blamed for their children being late to school repeatedly are off the hook tonight. this afternoon the judge dismissed the case against mark and amy denicore. mark tells 9news he's very pleased with the commonwealth's decision. the parents were charged with a misdemeanor and were facing up to $3,000 in fines. the county claimed the students' lateness was distracting other students. thousands of people were back in line this morning waiting to try their luck at the new maryland live! casino at anne arundel mills mall. some were turned away last night. it was just too full, but that didn't stop them. would be gamblers stayed in line overnight and more came back this morning. the casino says it's been at capacity since it opened and that's about 15,000 people. maryland live! features thousands of slots along with electronic table games and several restaurants.
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first lady michelle obama travels to northern virginia campaigning for her hubby in that key battleground state. >> also three years after her father's death michael jackson's only daughter sits down for an interview with oprah winfrey. >> will the feds step in to boost the economy? i'm on capitol hill, what the fed chair told lawmakers coming up. >> everybody knows about severe weather. we all pay tech. you know, the red alert -- pay attention. you know, the red alert weather and there's yellow alert, the kind determined to mess up your day. 9 weather alerts are all about this, a heads up when the weather isn't so severe but bad enough to maybe make us overdress, make us late for work or snarl our long commute, nuisance weather. that deserves a 9 weather alert, too. yellow alert weather is what affects us most often.
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on wall street stocks really rallied this morning, but then gave up much of that gain after the chairman of the federal reserve gave no sign the fed would help boost the economy despite signs it's slowing down. the dow finished the day up 46 points to close at 12,460. so after weeks of lackluster news about the economy and especially unemployment, ben bernanke headed to capitol hill to offer his economic forecast. >> he expects economic growth to continue at a moderate pace but says there are some threats
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to our fragile recovery. we have more from capitol hill. >> reporter: federal reserve chairman ben bernanke outlines the three big risks facing the u.s. economy, the debt crisis in europe, growing debt in the u.s. and what is being called the fiscal cliff, the scheduled expiration of bush era tax cuts combined with major cuts in federal spending. >> are you telling us if we allow nothing to happen and we see all of these taxes increased, the bush tax cuts, the obama tax cuts go away, there is going to be a direct impact on economic growth and job creation? >> i'm looking not just to the taxes, but also the sequester and the end of the payroll tax and everything else, yes. >> reporter: bernanke told congress the federal reserve is ready to act to boost the economy if need be, but he gave no hints the fed has any immediate plans to intervene. in the past the fed has injected cash into the financial markets and lowered
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interest rates to try and stimulate growth. bernanke's testimony did nothing to end the bickering on capitol hill. >> the bush tax cuts just increase the deficit, do not create jobs and they should come to an end. >> you're looking at a giant tax increase come january the 1st. this would be the largest tax increase in american history. >> reporter: the fed meets in less than two weeks but may face some pressure not to take any new action because it could be viewed as helping president obama win reelection. cbs news. >> now bernanke acknowledged unemployment is still high and he says new hiring may have slowed down last month because companies did their hiring in the winter to make up for the job cuts they'd made during the recession. he says stronger economic growth is needed to significantly bring down unemployment further. three state department officials testified today at the pretrial hearing of private bradley manning. he is the army private accused of the biggest leak of
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government secrets in u.s. history. the focus today was on how much actual damage was done by manning's alleged release of these classified documents. the defense says it was really minimal. manning's lawyers are asking 10 of the 22 charges are dismissed. that hearing is going on at fort meade. a sat update to report from tuesday night's fatal crash in fairfax city claiming the life of a third person today, 7-year- old victoria williams. her 5-year-old sister and mom were also killed in the accident on lee highway. 27-year-old dejon williams was speeding when her car sideswiped another car, hit the median strip and plowed into a van. the driver of the van was also badly hurt. the street and sidewalks along d.c.'s popular u street corridor are getting a bit of an upgrade, but traffic could be a mess in the meantime. construction will take place o street between ninth and 14th streets. -- on u street between ninth
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and 14th streets. traffic could be limbed to one lane each direction. curbside parking will be even more restricted. safety investigators are looking into why two freight trains collided this morning in a railyard in houston. union pacific says about five cars and two engines jumped the tracks. some of the cars slammed into concrete pillars holding up an overpass. no one was hurt. all train traffic came to a halt for hours. >> we knew it would be a yellow alert today, so i guess we got one. >> it's a hit or miss type deal with thunderstorms, some of which have been heavy earlier this afternoon. so we're not done with the storms yet, but it's going to be nice getting into the weekend. speaking of thunderstorms, check this video out. let's see if this expresses the doctor here, mr. mcginty. this is hail in colorado springs and pretty big flooding and pretty good sized hail. you can sort of see the hail floating there. >> a little bit there, yeah. >> i was told this was better
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video, okay? i'm asleep. i hope you're all not asleep. >> no. there's a lot of flooding there. >> but it's not hail. >> no. maybe a piece is floating by. >> wait a second. we did see that woman sweeping some water. did you see that? i'm excited. you excited? >> sweet mother of pearl, let's go outside and have a live look outside because i'm asleep. i need to wake up again. >> sweep, sweep, sweep. >> this is our live weather cam brought to you by michael and son and it is very nice around the immediate metro area. again there are a couple pockets of some showers and a few thunderstorms here and there, but for the most part most of us will have a pretty good evening. 81 now, dew point 50. that's good, low. winds out of the west at 10, pressure 29.95 inches of mercury. live doppler 9000, you can access this any time, we'll zoom up to this storm just to the other side of hagerstown, probably the heaviest storm we have, pretty big storm south of clear
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springs south of 70 and that's going to move through hagerstown in the next 20 minutes. get ready for some heavy rain there. we'll move further south, another storm down i-81 toward middletown and another storm toward percyville at route 7, although that's weakened in the past 30 minutes. we've got a code yellow day. not everybody will get hammered and some of you will. you may have to make a little change in plans, may take a little longer getting home in these areas with the storms if you're headed west or north of town. this is what's left of the storm in montgomery county. you saw scott broom with an umbrella in ashton. that's why. this is colesville and got some light activity toward olney and ashton, but it is weakening, indeed good news. let's talk about temperatures because we are in pretty good shape in tens of temps. that. , we're still a -- in terms of temps. in fact, we're still a little below average as we go through the afternoon. this is still another line of showers and storms in
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pennsylvania. that's why we'll keep showers and storms in till 9:00 or 10:00 tonight. now temps. 76 great falls, 77 bethesda, upper 70s hearing ton, pretty nice really -- arlington, pretty nice really, 78 in college park and beltsville. so early thunderstorms, a wet evening commute possible, a fabulous friday, warmer and nice saturday and downright hot sunday, but i don't think we'll see any complaints. showers and thunderstorms tonight ending by 10:00, then clearing and school, 54 to 64, winds north -- and cool, 54 to 64, winds north and northwesterly. 50s and 60s and by afternoon, mostly sunny, season panel, high temperatures 80 to 85 -- seasonable, high temperatures 80 to 85, winds northwest at 10. the next three days, a string of greens, low 80s tomorrow, upper 80s saturday, 90 sunday, a slight chance of an isolated storm. we'll keep it code green. another chance of a storm monday, looking at temperatures
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around 90, 85 on tuesday with some showers, better chance as we get into wednesday and maybe a morning shower thursday and temperatures back into the mid- 80s. it is thursday, it is best shot and i did kick out a few last night. please remember to include your name and town. this shot is just awesome, a spider web which i think is just done great from dave black in virginia. we talked about this in years past how strong spider webs are like 16 times the strength of steel in terms of its size. that's pretty cool stuff, nice shot. we appreciate that. go to our website click on weather and please include your name, location and description. i hate saying it. it sounds stupid, but people yet don't include their name or location. back to you guys and i'm going to put that incredible hail video on youtube. >> you do that, topper. coming up a high school graduate is being punished for something his parents did at graduation. we'll explain. >> but up next the d.c. area's
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largest amusement park shows off a thrill ride they want to break you, but can they do it?
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sky 9 out over maryland this morning where six flags america is offering up a new adventure featuring hairpin turns in what the park calls pulse pounding inversion. we're talking about the new roller coaster called apocalypse it. goes for two minutes. you're standing up going about 55 miles an hour, scary stuff. michael jackson's only daughter is speaking out in public three years after her father died. paris jackson is opening up to oprah winfrey. during this interview 14-year- old paris was asked why michael jackson required her to wear a mask when the two went out in public. >> i was really confused. didn't get why i was wearing a mask, but i understand it now why my dad would want our face to be covered like when we went out without him, we wouldn't be recognized and we'd have a normal childhood. >> beautiful girl. paris jackson also said she and her father loved to go to chuck e. cheese's and toys r us.
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the interview airs sunday night 9 p.m. on the oprah network. every year distracted drivers kill about 3,000 people. now the federal got is calling for a crackdown. we've got details on what they want to do. >> also ahead how a mother who cheered her daughter for making it through high school ends up in handcuffs.
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the presidential race is
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too close to call and within the state of 7 say it's closer than that. >> that's right. the first -- state of virginia it's closer than that. >> that's right. the first lady is trying to energize volunteers in virginia. >> reporter: the first lady kicks off her solo campaign tour this week with a stop in virginia for her husband's reelection bid. she's trying to energize supporters and volunteers at veterans of foreign wars post in dale city. >> we have to keep moving forward. >> reporter: virginia is not only a battle ground state, but prince william county is a swing county in virginia. >> i think it's going to be very difficult because most of northern virginia is a melting pot and that's what we have going on here. we're going to center to work hard to bring it all -- have to work hard to bring it all together. >> reporter: volunteers know they have an uphill battle in one of the toughest counties in the country. many obama won virginia in 2008, the -- mr. obama won virginia in 2008, the first in more than three decades, but
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with its high unemployment rate and economic struggles virginia could turn back to a red state and so could prince william county. >> i remember back in 2008 watching the electoral vote come in and when prince william turned blue, it was a moment filled with fear. this time it's going to be much harder to make that change happen. >> reporter: according to the latest rasmussen poll taken this week, the candidates are in a dead heat, mr. obama with 47%, the same with mitt romney. the undecided are 3% with a 4.5% margin of error. >> so, virginia, let me ask you one last question. are you in? >> yes! >> reporter: in dale city, virginia, surae chinn. >> another poll released just today shows the president with a five-point lead with virginia voters over mitt romney. with more and more mobile devices attracting more and more attention from drivers, the federal government unveiled a new plan to crack down on distracted drivers. we have the details.
5:32 pm
>> reporter: from texting to phone calls, sometimes the greatest dunks on the road lately are inside -- dangers on the road lately are inside vehicles. with new technology popping up every day the department of transportation thursday unveiled a new plan to end what they call a distracted driving epidemic. >> americans have gotten into very dangerous behavior with their cell phones and their texting devices to think they can use them behind the wheel of a car and drive safely. >> reporter: among their goals, encourage 11 remaining states without distracted driving laws to enact legislation and enforce it. push the auto industry to reduce dashboard and other in- vehicle distractions and better educate new drivers about potential dangers. the announcement came a day after a massachusetts jury convicted a teenager of motor vehicle homicide after a false crash that happened while he was texting. the closely watched trial was considered a landmark in distracted driving cases. speaking at the department of transportation's press
5:33 pm
conference, one crash survivor explained how another driver's distraction, altered her life. >> i sustained a traumatic brain injury, spinal cord injury, neck, rib, hip injuries and some emotional stuff, too. she should have been focusing on the road, but instead she was on her phone and hit me. >> reporter: the federal government found distracted driving accounted for one in 10 overall roadway fatalities in 2010. >> check out. this according to a new cdc survey more than 1/2 of high school seniors admit that they text or even e-mail while driving. the first ever national soda summit is going on in washington. experts came together to talk about the proposal by new york mayor michael bloomberg to limit sugar sweetened beverages to sizes 6 to an ounces and smaller. health experts say these -- 16 ounces and smaller. health experts say these drinks are a major contributor to
5:34 pm
diabetes, obesity and other health problems. >> what we think about the connection between sugar drinks and obesity, roughly 200 to 300 more calories per capita per day. of that maybe 120 or so calorie increase is from sugary drinks alone. >> today's conference was organized by the nonprofit center for science in the public interest with support from the american heart association and other groups. some prince george's county graduates say they can't believe what's on their diplomas, a glaring typo. the word program is spelled wrong. county officials noticed the error after the graduations were underway. the fairfax county vendor that printed the 8,000 diplomas says sorry and the vendor is promising reprints for free in a little over a month. >> i think it's too late. to cheer or not to cheer, that is the decision of parents of high school graduates. they had to make it in the next two stories and now they're paying the price for apparently making the wrong choices. >> first to cincinnati where mount healthy high school is
5:35 pm
withholding a diploma because school officials say his family's cheering disrupted the ceremony. the school is requiring anthony cornis to perform 20 hours of community service in order to get his diploma. >> i didn't do nothing wrong but walk across the stage. >> he cannot be held accountable for me or his father. >> had i not said to the people who are calling names stop, this child's name would not have been heard. >> the school superintendent said all families must agree to avoid disrupting the ceremony in order to attend and she says it's unfair to others who want to hear their student's name called and then cheer, but anthony's mother said the cheering wasn't unusually loud or disruptive. new to florence, south carolina, where it was a parent who got a much harsher punishment. police put shannon cooper in handcuffs when she cheered at her daughter's graduation this past weekend. shannon said the parents were warned don't cheer or you will be thrown out, but when her
5:36 pm
daughter walked across the stage, she couldn't help herself. >> don't scream, don't cheer? i'm thinking in my mind i'm going to cheer because, you know, i went through too much to get her to this point. i can't show my excitement? i can't cheer? i can't applaud and let her know, you know, yes, i'm so proud of you? like all the other years when people graduate. how can i not cheer for my child? >> it's all i could picture me crying looking at the police van knowing my mama in there. >> i couldn't talk to her or nothing, nothing at all, just a look from me in van in handcuffs for cheering. >> apparently you could cheer. it's just the consequences that were kind of tough. shannon was charged with disorderly conduct and spent several hours in jail and now she and her daughter say graduation day will always be a bad memory. coming up in tonight's cool schools, a classroom on wheels.
5:37 pm
we'll take you on tour of the mobile learning lab nicknamed the magic school bus. >> up next a toddler dangling by the head from the fourth floor. that is scary. >> if sure is and don't forget we're always for you at stay with us. we'll be right back after the break.
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caught on tape, a toddler dangling from the side of a building in china. the child slipped through the railing on a fourth floor balcony. all that prevented him from plunging to the ground was the youngster's head stuck in the railing. you can see a neighbor from the apartment below climbs out and tries to push the little one back through the railing. the toddler was eventually able to pull up and get back inside with no help. it's not clear where the
5:40 pm
child's parents were during that ordeal. >> thankful the kid had a big head. >> derek. the bride and groom raced off in a stolen golf cart. >> after the wedding reception in western pennsylvania mike mitchco and his best man missed the shuttle back to the hotel, so what's a man to do? you commandeer a golf club from a local country club. they made it 3 miles before the cops caught up with them. the new bride was less than pleased. >> she was upset. i think it was mostly concerned that he might not be coming back to the hotel that night, but he did. so by morning like i said before, i think everybody just thought it was a really good story. >> i think she was more concerned that her husband might not be that bright. the country club declined to press charges. i mean what about the kids? police, however, not as kind. the groom and his best man were cited for disorderly conduct and public drunkenness, although the cop who pulled them over posed for a picture.
5:41 pm
also caught on tape a michigan man busted for taking a joyride on a motorized wheelchair. looks like he's going pretty fast. oh, there he is. >> that's not him with the camera. that's is many else. >> police -- that's somebody else. >> police say the chair was stolen and the man suspected of taking it was drunk. officers stopped and questioned him and a field sobriety test revealed his blood alcohol level was three times the legal limit. we have kind of a theme going here. >> yes, we do. beverages in abuse. still ahead lots of us want to keep our bodies in beach going shape this summer. we'll help you navigate store shelves to find some of the best foods and beverages to keep calories in check. >> but first he went skydiving to celebrate his 75th, his 80th and his 85th birthday. up next find out why the former president h.w. george bush's skydiving days will be done. when it comes to gardening, we're, well, inexperienced.
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is this right? right here, like this? ♪ turn that off! plants can smell our fear then miracle-gro expand'n gro made things a lot easier for us. it expands when you water it. and improves your soil. for big beautiful plants that grow up to three times the flowers and vegetables. guaranteed. we were so bad at this before. particularly you. [ laughs ] everyone grows with miracle-gro.
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how is his health today? >> it's good. mentally he's slower. he can't walk. he has to -- he's held up by a stroller. so that's hard for a guy that's been so violates and vigorous in life, you know.
5:45 pm
-- so vital and vigorous in life, you know. >> that's the former governor jeb bush talking about the health of his dad, the former president george h.w. bush who turns 88 next week. the 41st president was in d.c. last week when his son's portrait was unveiled at the white house. i revealed last year he's suffering from -- he revealed last year he's suffering from a form of parkinson's which is having an impact on his leg. the fight between the nfl and its former players over football-related head trauma like concussions hit a new level today. lawyers representing over 2,000 players with more than 80 pending lawsuits took all of those existing suits and consolidated them into one big huge master complaint. the players believe the league withheld how head injuries could turn into permanent ailments. former redskins art monk and mark ripen are parties to those lawsuit. summer is here. lots of us tend to focus more on healthy diets now than any other time of the year. so this is a time that health magazine puts out its annual winners of the 2012 healthy
5:46 pm
food award. in tonight's health alert why these food beat the competition. eating healthy really doesn't have to break the bank and these food chosen by the editors at self magazine can help you maintain a rock solid summer figure. >> what we really want is food that tastes good, makes us feel good and hopefully keeps us in shape for summer. what we've got over here is hint water, not flavored with sugar or anything artificial, all natural essence and in fruit flavors. >> reporter: you probably heard to give up the bagels because of the calories and carbs but not this time. >> thomas who we all know and love from english muff fins make 100% whole wheat bagels, first ingredient is whole wheat flour. these have about 1/3 of the calories. >> reporter: on to lunch and a peanut butter with only one ingredient. >> as far as taste, i think
5:47 pm
it's delicious and my favorite thing is the ingredient list because the only ingredient in there is peanuts. that's it. >> reporter: dinner time, the 2012 healthy food award goes to this pasta that packs good carbohydrates. >> it's got the healthy carbs that we've talked. about so by eating the healthier carbs it gives you added fiber, it makes you feel fuller. >> reporter: and for dessert a classic treat with a healthy twist. >> jell-o has a 100-calorie pudding pack and each cup is fat free. it gives you the taste of chocolate and more importantly, especially if you're thinking about kids, it is a great source of calcium. >> reporter: sure is and don't forget all the great fruits and vegetables in season in the summer. you can find the article for the 2012 health food awards in the june issue of self magazine. parents in d.c. and alexandria, keep doing what you're doing. compiled a list of cities that spoil their kids the most and these two are near the bottom. out of 36 cities d.c. finished
5:48 pm
28th, alexandria 29th. new york city ranked no. 1 and madison, wisconsin, i guess those kids are the least spoiled, no. 36. the rankings were based on things like households with children and how much money they spend on their toddlers and teens over the past three years. spring fever was hot this year. today the national oceanic and atmospheric administration announced march, april and may this year hit the highest temperatures on record. in fact, temps in the lower 48 states topped the previous record by a full 2 degrees. it was warm. >> so you like to believe in hope. >> hope springs eternal as they say. >> topper shutt's mind. >> a great evening, just a couple showers and storms and we issued a code yellow on our 9 weather alert scale. a couple were severe earlier and now a couple are heavy. we'll take live look outside. it's nice downtown, sunshine, looking at temperatures about average for this time of year,
5:49 pm
81 now. this is brought to you by michael and son. dew point 50, comfortable, winds westerly at 10 and pressure steady over the past hour at 29.95 inches of mercury. all in all most of us will see a nice evening. however, there are some storms, big storms northwest, big storms off to the southeast. we'll look at these again up near hagerstown and some heavy rain with these storms, nothing severe, but pretty good rains south of hancock around paw paw everything moving south and east. a little activity around martinsburg has weakened, but this is still pretty strong, moved through hagerstown, going to roll down 40 over towards woodsboro in the next half hour. that will produce some heavy rain over the course of the next 35 to about 50 minutes or so. we have three storms in southern maryland, one around newburgh, one around chesapeake beach and one into southern sections of calvert county entering st. mary's county. these two will produce some very heavy rain. where you see the red is
5:50 pm
rainfall rates about an inch per hour with this particular storm, yellow is about 1/2-inch per hour all moving southeast at about 15, 16 miles per hour. at least they're moving which is a good thing. we'll widen out the radar. still have more showers and thunderstorms upstream. we'll keep those in the forecast until 9:00, 10:00 tonight and then we'll again to clear out and set the stage for a very nice finish to the week. temperatures, 71 rockville. you had a shower earlier. 75 bethesda, 76 college park, upper 70s in arlington, 75 springfield, 74 in reston. so here's the deal. early thunderstorms, some of us will have a wet commute this evening. a fabulous friday, grab your shades. warmer and nice saturday and hot sunday, but i don't think we'll have too many complaints sunday. it's going to be a pretty nice weekend, showers and thunderstorms ending by 10:00, then clearing and cool, lows 54 to 64 and winds out of the northwest at 10. by morning mostly sunny,
5:51 pm
pleasant, a great start, 50s and 60s but in the 70s by lunchtime. air quality code yellow, moderate. by afternoon mostly sunny and seasonable. grab your shades, highs 80 to 85 and winds northwesterly at about 10. so pretty darn nice day tomorrow. cool to start, 54 to 64, upper 70s, low 80s by noon and low to mid-80s with sunshine by evening. don't forget the sunglasses. the next three days green, green and green, that's good, low 80s tomorrow, upper 80s saturday. yes, we have an isolated storm sunday around 90. i'm still going to keep it code green. next seven days looks like. this on monday, well, isolated storm possible, hot again, highs around 90, storm possible tuesday, back in the mid-80s, much better chance of storms wednesday. that's with a cold front in the mid-80s and maybe a sprinkle early thursday but nice, temps falling to the low 80s with sunshine next thursday. >> very good. >> maybe that's setting the stage for another fabulous finish next week.
5:52 pm
>> we're loving these weekends. >> thank you, top. players all talking now about the redskins' big announcement yesterday they're moving training camp to richmond next year. >> kristen berset is live at redskins park with more from them and coach shanahan. >> reporter: today was actually kind of like a light day of training camp. there was a lot of season ticket holders out here watching the final day of otas, something we don't normally get here, but it was also the first day to talk to players about the move to richmond. i wanted to know how they felt about leaving the comforts of home. for the past nine seasons redskins' fans have come to ashburn in droves to see their team during training camp. start next summer they'll have to drive just a little bit further. >> pipe excited to have camp in richmond. obviously it's -- i'm excited to have catch in richmond. obviously it's -- camp in richmond. obviously it's not going to be till next year.
5:53 pm
players just spend more time together in. my experience through the years even though it's only three weeks it's really a great time to bond together and for teammates to get a chance to know each other. >> reporter: wednesday's announcement is drawing mixed reaction from the players themselves. >> i loved it being here. i ain't never been to richmond ever. so i don't really look forward to it, but i guess we'll see next year. >> i'm still going to have someone knock on my door at 11:00 and say are you in there? i think it would be easier if i'm a long way away from home to have someone wake me up than if i'm eight minutes from home. >> it's kind of what training camp is supposed to be about going away, just the guys, getting that comradery and then coming back home. >> reporter: the move has an added bonus for rg3. his grandmother lives in richmond. so even though he'll be far from home, he'll be closer to family. >> change is a good thing, i guess. it's not like i said hey, my grandma lives there, let's move it. it will be fun. it's something we have to go with. >> reporter: hey, if they get
5:54 pm
a little homesick or a little stale, they can have rg3's grandma cook them some dinner perhaps. today was also the final day of otas for the third week in a row before minicamp starts next week. rg3 looking more and more comfortable every time we see him. you'll hear from him coming up a little later at 6:00 plus mike shanahan addresses the renovations to this building, this facility here. i'll have that for you later in sports. live at redskins park. i'm kristen berset. back to you in the studio. >> i hope they get a contract for that fellow pretty soon. still ahead a railroad worker jumps into the path of an oncoming train, but it's for a good cause, it's a rescue and we'll tell you what he was getting to trove. >> reporter: if the rail stops here at dulles, loudoun county saves hundreds of millions of dollars, but will it lose a lot more in the long run? i'm peggy fox. we'll take a look. >> but first instead of going to a cool school, one came to
5:55 pm
us. we'll take you inside it next.
5:56 pm
5:57 pm
as you just saw, what we usually bring you cool schools, mike hydek heads out in the community in search of the coolest ideas in education. this morning this cool schools report came to mike. students at coolidge high school nicknamed this program the magic bus. this full size school bus is actually a mobile learning lab,
5:58 pm
but it made a stop here at wusa9 during our morning show. the lab makes the run ons at four d.c. high schools. the -- rounds at four d.c. high schools. the students use laptops and wireless internet service to improve their writing skills, do college applications and get ready for their s.a.t.s. they get help every wednesday when they climb aboard. >> there's great tutors from howard university. they'll have the chance to work on personal statements and get the inside scoop on what life as a! student is like. >> to let me know how tough college is. it's a time you have to get serious because if you play with college, you won't get picked. >> i will be majoring in social services and i'm also playing football. >> these young men have improved their writing and public speaking so much they'll both address their fellow graduates at commencement this year. the bus is sponsored by verizon wireless. if you like that story, you don't want to miss the primetime special tomorrow night cool schools, the future
5:59 pm
is now. you'll see amazing teachers and students taking education to a whole new level. mike highlights new technology, great teaching techniques and has interviews with decisionmakers about the future of our children's education. cool schools, the future is now airs friday night 8 p.m. to 9 p.m. right here on wusa9. this is 9 news now. tonight sources tell 9 news now former d.c. council chair kwame brown will enter a guilty plea to the latest charge against him in that federal corruption case. today federal prosecutors added a misdemeanor charge breaking local campaign finance laws. yesterday brown stepped down from the council after making a deal with the feds to plead guilty to felony bank fraud. our bruce johnson has been on this from the start and joins us now with more. >> got a lot of new information. kwame brown appears before a federal judge tomorrow on the bank fraud felony and sources tell 9 news now the former chairman of the d.c. council will plead guilty but he won't be doing jail time. until that's part


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